How tall is CJ de Mooi

CJ de Mooi's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

English professional quizzer who was a long-running panelist on TV show Eggheads. He's mentioned his height a couple of times, saying "Height - 181cm, Mass - 65kg" and "I'm 181cm tall (stopped growing at 13 which really annoyed me)"

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5ft 11.42in (181.4cm)
Slim 6' said on 10/Oct/17
Lmao at 5'11.25-5 at 13 years old, I'm surprised he isn't 6'4" or more!
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Rob, we have roman Atwood the benefit of the doubt and listed him at the full 5'8", can we please give cj 5'11.5"?
Editor Rob: I think since he's mentioned 181 numerous times is enough to list him at 181cm on the nose.
In addition to the 2 times mentioned in his description, he also gave:

"CJ vital statistics as requested by several people (!) Height - 181cm Weight - 67kg Waist - 70cm"

"I'm 1.81 tall and my bmi is about 13"

"I'm 181cm tall (stopped growing at 13 which really annoyed me) and only Chris is taller at about 190cm"
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
PETE said on 1/Sep/17
I probably get my growth spurt in my 20s Cj looks tall to key to growing taller is eating right im 5ft11.5 i could make it to 6ft
On a bad to average diet, I have to disagree, just don't stunt your body with hard drugs and you'll be fine.
I'm crossing my fingers for 186 cm.
Slim said on 27/Sep/17
This guy being nearly 50 years old should weigh a lot more than 65 kgs at just literally under 6'.
Slim said on 24/Sep/17
5'11.5"(181cms) he looks tallish.
PETE said on 1/Sep/17
I probably get my growth spurt in my 20s Cj looks tall to key to growing taller is eating right im 5ft11.5 i could make it to 6ft
Pete said on 31/Aug/17
Im 5ft11.5 haven't grown in a year will i grow in my 20s this guy is tall 5ft11 Cj he looks 6ft
Nik said on 27/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hey Sandy!

Yes, it was hilarious, particularly as she always used to look up at Rodney, and he always had an awkward look about him! Couldn't anyone tell he was 26? Apparently not!

I beat the same contestant again today at the numbers! We both got 3 of the numbers games correct and with the round where the target was 869 I mustered 872 but the maths teacher fluffed it completely! Rachel got it spot on! This contestant is excellent all round at the game.

Beating the contestants and Rachel is a very good and rare treat for me too! It's always nice to celebrate success at anything but there is nothing wrong with experiencing other people beating you at something! It can be character building!

I am sure my autocorrect has sent through rude words before, certainly it is not something that I would do, as you and Rob know! I am sure your autocorrect doesn't get the rude words from you either, I think these things must be designed to trip us up and take the *i** out of us! Let's face it that is all our autocorrects ever end up doing!

It would be great for Mr de Mooi and other famous and non famous quiz masters, both professional and amateur, to take part in a big knockout competition to find the British champion, all the proceeds could go to charity! Famous celebrities and non celebrities could also take part in games of Countdown for charity!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/Aug/17
@ Nik - OK Dude!

See you on Michael Crawford's page!
Nik said on 24/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi mate!

I will send a reply later!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Aug/17
@ Nik - Yes! The memories come flooding back! That Bros fan who fancied Rodney - wasn't that funny! I bet it was his height - ha ha ha! But seriously that awkward young girl went for Rodney because he looked equally awkward, and she'd probably never met that yet in a fellow!
Of course I have known the feeling of beating the contestants and Rachel to be a very good and rare treat, and one worth celebrating!
I tell you something that is beating me all the time right now and that happens to be my autocorrect! I took this phone to a Virgin store and the boy reckoned it was alright on the autocorrect front, but it isn't! It seems to become more and more intrepid when it comes to churning out the rude words as well!
I wonder where it got them from? Certainly NOT me!
Nik said on 22/Aug/17
Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, it was Del who pushed for them to go on this holiday, wasn't it funny when Alan Perkins said "he's a big lad" about Rodney? Who can forget Trudy, the Bros fan who fancied Rodney, or Carmen for that matter. They also thought they had won the lottery but found out that their ticket was invalid!
Like you said the "Groovy gang" was a bit of a crumby name, for 6 year olds, never mind 14 year olds, or 26 year olds!
I know that you have beaten Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley in the numbers rounds before, you said on the Rob Paul page once! This guy who I beat to 372 is a maths teacher. I got there as follows: ((75 - 25) + 10 + (100 / 50))*6. It's nice to be able to celebrate things like this and it's something to be proud of when you do beat a very good contestant or celebrity on a quiz show, you must have felt like this!

I think that CJ de Mooi is a very good height so hopefully he is happy with it! I don't think I'd be able to match him on "Egg heads"!

G 5'11 said on 22/Aug/17
@Height Professor yeah I feel you genetics are really crazy sometimes in terms of who grows how much. And wait don't you mean 9th grade? How tall are your parents maybe you can make it to 5'10-5'11.
Nik said on 22/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell


The Master said on 22/Aug/17

De Mooi is s Goan Indian name.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Aug/17
@ Nik - re: Your comment from 19th August to MSJC.

I second that!
Height Professor said on 21/Aug/17
I was one of the tallest kid in my class 5'7 at 6th grade 5'9 at 7th grade 5'9.5 at 8th grade, now I'm in middle school going to 10th grade and i grew 0.25 inches since 8th grade :(
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/17
@ Nik - Oh, I remember that hilarious episode of 'Only Fools and Horses', when Rodders has to pretend to be a kid so that his brother can have his bit of fun! What a rotten thing to do, but it was great to watch! I'm sure it was on one Christmas and I sat watching it with my Mum, boyfriend and Christopher, who also found it very funny! 'The Groovy Gang' indeed! That club's name is too naff even for a 6-year-old, not to mention a 26-year-old!
Yes, I also can identify with the buzz you get when you beat the contestants and Rachel! It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it is a moment to be treasured! I got Carol Vorderman a couple of times as well, but one of them was too easy to deserve a celebration!

Cheers Nik! πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸ»
sumdude said on 20/Aug/17
Seems it. 181cm on the dot. I had the same problem as he did growing up.. I stopped growing at 13-14. I had nightmarish growth-pain and stopped growing at 183-184cm, my diet was awful though thanks to very little money growing up so that might be the reason why. I was very tall for a 13-14 year old but not so much anymore, atleast here in Scandinavia.
Nik said on 19/Aug/17
@ MSJC - Hi!

Don't worry about your height, there is nothing wrong with it. You come across as a nice person and this is what counts!
You are of average height anyway!
Nik said on 19/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hey Sandy!

I have not seen "Eggheads" a lot if I am being truthful!

No problem, the "πŸ‘" was s pleasure!

I had better get the planner on tomorrow and watch that particular episode of Emmerdale, I don't know how they could have wine for breakfast, not my cup ofβ˜•οΈ! The Dingles really are a family and half, I wonder when Cain will start to calm down!
Talking about quiz shows, I hit the 🎯 and got 372 in one of the numbers rounds on Countdown yesterday, the one that fooled both contestants, but not Rachel, who also got it but by a different route to me! That was a bit of payback on my part to the brilliant contestant who had beaten me a few times that week! Ha ha

I think that CJ de Mooi is the height that Rob listed him at, he certainly looks a tall man but he is probably only just in the tall range. It is incredible that he was the same height at 13 years of age, not many of the teachers will have been as tall as him! This brings me on to mentioning about "Only Fools and Horses" and 26 year old Rodney Trotter pretending to be 14 years old after he won an art competition for under 15's, they went abroad to Spain and he was part of the "Groovy Gang" made up of other youngsters! It was funny because he was about 6'1" and aged 26!

Cheers Sandy! Have a great weekend!
Arch Stanton said on 19/Aug/17
I would guess that CJ has some sort of Arabic world ancestry, could be North Africa or Middle East/Turkey. Similar colouring to Uri Geller who is from Israel. De Mooi sounds African but it's not his real name.
MSJC said on 18/Aug/17
@Arch Stanton - I remember every other kid at school being shorter than me/my height then by the time we reached the end they all had growth spurts of several inches whilst i lingered down at 5'9. Sometimes life isn't fair, but i'd like to think in a paralell universe somewhere i'm 6'5 :D
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Aug/17
@ Nik - Hi! I can imagine you've seen 'Eggheads' in your time!

Thanks for the 'πŸ‘'!

I have got 'Emmerdale' on and Cain did a dirty great fart, nearly giving away to his family that he'd smuggled in the female vicar for the night!

They were still spotted though and now they're having a family breakfast, complete with wine!

Enjoy your weekend! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Nik said on 18/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell


My friend!
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Aug/17
@ Gladstone Screwer - Hi Gladstone! I have never heard that before, I must say! I don't watch 'Eggheads' as avidly as I used to, but when I did, he was always my favourite! Nothing seemed to dishearten him, even when he did badly!
That reminds me, I still owe you a reply on the Jo Hartley page, so I must get my brain working...

@ Arch Stanton - Hi Arch! I like your style of handing out advice! As I've said before, you are mature beyond your years - but in a thoroughly nice way!
I knew a young man who looked incredibly like CJ when he had his hair long, and he had Indian ancestry!
Colberto said on 17/Aug/17
Hey Rob, what time of day would he be 11.5. He looks his listing and no more. 181cm sounds perfect.
Editor Rob: I'm sure he's been measured around 181 after being up a few hours, maybe at Dr or Gym.
Gladstone Screwer said on 17/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell. Hi Sandy, I heard him say that he used to sleep rough, amazingly. I think he said it was in Sheffield, equally amazingly.
He said he went to Holland, landed a modelling job and adopted the name de Mooi, he said it's Dutch for 'the pretty one'.
So he's not pretentious in any way...................
Jamie said on 16/Aug/17
I'm 6' 0.25" and weigh 130 pounds. Not anorexic just naturally skinny.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/17
randomuser said on 15/Aug/17
He's nearly 6 foot and complaining, wow
Editor Rob: more about stopping at 13, if you hit 5ft 11 at 13 you might have thought you'd be 6ft 3-4 at least!

I remember 7th grade one kid was about 5 ft 9 and had clearly already gone through puberty by the age of 11. I saw him a few years back and he's still the same height. It was funny in a way as he had a full head on me at one point! Another was about 5 ft 6 at 11 but ended up 6'4-6'5. It must be more annoying though if you're say 5 ft 7-9 range by 13 and still one of the tallest in his class/year but get passed by people you used to tower over by 16 or 17.
Editor Rob: for some it certainly would feel strange or uncomfortable.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/17
How old are you though Hans, 10 stone for a 17-20 year old at that height is pretty common and normal, 10 stone for a 35-50 year old man at 5 ft 11 is skinny.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Aug/17
I KNEW I recognised his name and his face, for that matter! You can't see that he is that skinny on TV though, and neither would I have expected him to be much over average in the height department!
I remember him with long hair and rather liked it like that!
He doesn't look at all unhealthy on telly or in the picture above! I'll go ahead with 5ft11.25!
Danimal said on 16/Aug/17
That is what you call SKINNY! He's 5'11.25" and weighs a mere 143 pounds!!!
Hans Meiser said on 15/Aug/17
@Arch Stantin
I'm 182.5cm tall and weigh just the same. Rake thin is a bit exaggerated. It's not like we're anorexic or anything. Just healthy thin.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Aug/17
Is he of part Moroccan, Egyptian or Cypriot descent? He has that look that a lot of the North Africa middle distance runners and cyclists have. In fact I swear I once saw a bust of an old pharaoh who looked just like him LOL.
Editor Rob: he might have some ancestry from those regions, though his parents were called Peter and Mary.
randomuser said on 15/Aug/17
He's nearly 6 foot and complaining, wow
Editor Rob: more about stopping at 13, if you hit 5ft 11 at 13 you might have thought you'd be 6ft 3-4 at least!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/17
Agreed, 65kg is not a good weight for 5ft11
teez said on 15/Aug/17
he tall & lanky just like me
Johnny said on 15/Aug/17
I am also 181 cm but I stopped growing at 17 and was 5ft 5 at 13.
Arch Stantin said on 15/Aug/17
65kg is rake thin at 5 ft 11!!! Barely over 10 stone!!

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