How tall is Chris Rock

Chris Rock's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American comedian and actor, best known for roles in Head of State, Grown Ups and Death at a Funeral. He said in Maxim: "Fame adds about four inches to your height".

How tall is Chris Rock
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Average Guess (67 Votes)
5ft 9.87in (177.5cm)
Jameson said on 25/Jul/21
5’’9”… but his slim build makes him look taller.
viper said on 14/Jun/21
The latest Saw movie really changed my opinion.

He could look 5-11-6-0 in it

Would say he has to be 5-10 minimum
BT said on 11/Jun/21
Can look 5'10.5 at times, really doubt he's under 5'10.
viper said on 17/May/21
"Viper, Steve Martin admitted to being 5'9" in in 2015 with Jerry Seinfeld. Forward the video to exactly 11:40 Click Here"

That's really hard to believe. Like Patrick Ewing saying he's only 6-9
viper said on 17/May/21
After seeing him in his latest Saw movie he looked physically be at least 5-10

He looked taller than most everyone in the film
Jtm said on 9/Feb/21
That video howtallisiversonmeanreslly posted doesn’t work for me but i remember Rising174cm posted that video years ago and iverson was at least 1.5 taller.
slavicmofo said on 6/Feb/21
Pulls off his height really well wouldn’t be surprised if he was a 5’11 man too.
JustJohnny said on 25/Sep/20
More like 5’9” flat.
Howtallisiversonimeanreally said on 16/Aug/20
In this documentary program Allen Iverson was on his show and they look about same height ....... this makes me wonder is Allen Iverson really even 5-11

Click Here

Fast forward to 40:52 mark and see him next to Chris Rock .......
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Jun/20
Click Here Bo Burnham can look 6'6 with Chris Rock if Bo standing straight.
ADAM VARCO said on 23/May/20
Looks nearly 5'11" next to Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja
Jkiller said on 11/Mar/20
A perfect 5'10, no doubt about it
Danimal 5'9 5/8" said on 11/Feb/20
viper said on 11/Feb/20
He did look 5-10 with 5-11 Steve Martin at the academy awards

Viper, Steve Martin admitted to being 5'9" in in 2015 with Jerry Seinfeld. Forward the video to exactly 11:40 Click Here
Bradley said on 11/Feb/20
As listed but most people think of him as shorter.
viper said on 11/Feb/20
He did look 5-10 with 5-11 Steve Martin at the academy awards
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Feb/20
🎉🎈🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Chris! 🎁🎂🎈🎉

Chris Rock turns all the fives, 5️⃣5️⃣, today. Many Happy Returns to him!

5ft10. 😁👍🍻

viper said on 20/Sep/19
Chris is 5-9
MD said on 18/Sep/19
With 5'6"(ish) Tommy Davidson. In fact, he might be shorter.

Click Here

Click Here
jordanft19 said on 16/Sep/19
Looks a little taller than 5'10". Maybe 5'10 1/8th or 5'10.25".
Alonzo said on 5/May/19
I wsc sctually surprised at how tall he appeared upon seeing him in person. I'd give him 5'11" most definitely.
Leko said on 21/Oct/18
Looks 179 cm
jiangzer6'1 said on 14/Sep/18
Solid 5'10 170
Junior Hernandez said on 4/Feb/18
Rob, perhaps a 1/4 ungrade for Chris?
Mark172cm said on 26/Dec/17
@Rob: Glenn did say Chris was 5'9" and had a pic with him where Chris only looked an inch taller...but Glenn's a verified 5'6.5" despite his 5'8" either Chris is 5'7.5" or Glenn wore lifts/built-up or big shoes of some sort?

Glenn had to be up to something, because Chris clearly looked a 5'10" range guy next to most others.
Bego said on 4/Dec/17
178 in morning and 176,5 at night, or just 1cm above it.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17
Good listing. He can also look 5'11 tops and change.
Editor Rob
don't know what Jamie had on, but see Chris and Jamie in that clip...
MJKoP said on 13/Jun/17
dave510: He has claimed 5'11", I believe. Making him 5'7" according to his Maxim interview. :D
Morningheight 181.5cm said on 11/Jun/17
Somehow I thought this guy is like 5'11 or something
Danimal said on 21/Feb/17
More like 5'9.5". Funny guy.
dave510 said on 4/Oct/16
I agree with this 5'10" listing. I do think he may dip a bit under it in the evening though.

Rob, has Rock ever stated his height himself?
James said on 8/Sep/16
I'm surprised he's that tall. I always thought he was like 5'8.
Damian said on 12/May/16
You guys need to read the quote he mentioned from Maxim. He stated, "Fame adds about four inches to your height." Because he was so famous, he probably got listed as 6ft2 or 6ft3, when he obviously was not that tall.
Bruce 5'11.5 said on 29/Apr/16
I could have sworn this guy was like 5'11 or is it becauce he's skinny he appears taller
MD said on 8/Feb/16

Johno is right. Chris Rock is much closer in height to Jamie Foxx than is currently listed. Quite frankly, I'm not sure who is taller because of Chris slouching in one of these pictures and Jamie in the other, but what's clear is that if each stood of straight, the difference between the two is margin (quarter inch at the most). Chris isn't a full 5'10". This is too much.

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
at times Rock can look a 5ft 9.5 guy, other times I think he can still look 5ft 10.
Johno said on 4/Feb/16
Same height as Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

dmeyer said on 25/Oct/15
To me when in equal posture and camera with schwimmer he looks no more than 6cm smaller but to me david is likely just a solid 184cm
Guy said on 14/Aug/15
I worked on one of his films. Frankly I think 5'10" seems too short because I'm a bit taller than that and he was definitely probably half a head taller than me on that night. Of course, it's possible he was wearing lifts.
Marc said on 25/Jul/15
he looks short to me until he stands around other people its weird
Gabby said on 8/Jul/15
Chris rock is, 5'10
eed said on 28/May/15
Definitely 5'10".
Sam said on 21/Nov/14
My brother met him through his work and said he was not a friendly man but still one of my favorite comics of all time.
Clay said on 18/Sep/14
A little taller than Sandler at a weak 5'10''.
jim said on 11/Sep/14
5ft 9 best guess
jamie179cm said on 31/Aug/14
sorry rob but this listing is bad after seeing at next to stiller i think hes around 5ft7 or 5ft8
jamie179cm said on 31/Aug/14
looks about 5ft9 to me
Goose said on 21/May/14
As I said previously, when I saw him in Soho working on his material at a comedy club I was 5 feet from the stage. He's no shorter than 5'9 and possibly 5'10. Skinny as a rail and has a very very hot wife......
Dmeyer said on 30/Jan/14
Rob this Guy fooled me for 5'10.25 in , in person , so he must be 5'10 , didnt look That Look That Much shorter than me
Gaza2121 said on 13/Jan/14
And Arthur that pic doesn't really show that because stiller is closer to the camera and rocks not standing straight. I think this height is pretty accurate.
Arthur said on 31/Dec/13
The 5'10'' is ridiculous! Look the height difference between Rock and 5'7'' Ben Stiller:

Click Here

Ben Stiller is a maximum 5 cm shorter. Chris Rock is 5'9'' at his really, really best(and that is, only in the morning)
Goose said on 29/Dec/13
Saw him in a small comedy club near NYU when he was working on his material. Hard to gauge as he was on an elevated stage but he's around 5'9 or 5'10. No taller or shorter.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/13
Solid 5 foot 10.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/13
I think Rock and Sandler are about the same.
Maybe Rock is a hair taller
jtm said on 10/Sep/13
5'11 would make eugene levy 6'0. he isn't taller than 5'9.
Lorne said on 7/Jul/13
Nah, he's 5ft10. A legit 5'10, but no more. Otherwise Dylan baker is pushing 6'1! He really does make Sandler look a weak 176cm though...
jack said on 12/Mar/13
hey for enrique two comments below those arent lifts hes wearing those are normal dress shoes what everyone wears.... normal dress shoes always have like a half of inch on all shoes....hes wearing 1/2 inch normal dress shoes
MaskDeMasque said on 16/Sep/12
I was watching Beverly Hills Cop 2 last night and noticed a young Chris Rock, he looked the same height as 176cm listed Murphy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/12
Yeah I think Rock could be 178-179cm. Bare in mind he is quite thin so that may add to the illusion of the more height. Adam Sandler looks 5"9.75(177cm) rather than a full 5"10.
Enrique said on 26/Jul/12
He is probably wears lift. Look at this pic: Click Here

The height difference between 185 cm David Schwimmer and 169 cm Ben Stiller is looks accurate, plus the 169 cm Martin Short also looks similar height as Stiller, but Chris Rock max 4-5 cm taller than Ben Stiller and Martin Short.
Proof: Click Here
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 7/Feb/12
Rock could be 5ft10.25, Sandler 5ft9.5- 9.75 (177 cm).
avi said on 31/Dec/11
odd next to Steve Harvey he looks no more than 2 inches shorter. i guess Steve Harvey is 6'1 flat or less.
Silent d said on 10/Nov/11
He is taller than sandler by at least half an inch. I could live with 179cm or even 180cm. I think sandler is 177cm.
Brad said on 13/Oct/11
As listed in fine form a few days ago in Vegas. Kinda fatter face now.
dmeyer said on 18/May/11
in person he looked 178 179 cm , is 5 ft 10.25 possible for this guy or is it impossible i walked past him twice he seemed near 178.5 cm
jean0 said on 29/Dec/10
if chhris rock is 5'10 adam sandler is a max of 5'8.5-5'9
Clay said on 6/Dec/10
Sandler has looked nothing other than 5'10 next Ving Rhames and Seth Rogen. Some of you are off your rocker.
Adamz said on 12/Nov/10
N24 says on 6/Aug/10
Adam Sandlar is listed as 5'10. According to this picture Chris Rock is like 5'11 or even 6'0
Click Here
come on Rob 5'10 for Adam or Chris?

Rob, N24 makes a good point. Chris Rock and Adam Sandler are not the same height so you need to change one of them. Just watch the movie "Grown Ups". I agree with Mr. R when he says Sandler is lower than what is listed.
paul86 said on 9/Nov/10
179 cm ( 5'10.5') minimum - 5'11' and sandler 5'10'!!
Ali said on 30/May/09
He is 173-175 cm. So between 5'8.5-5'9.

I don't understand why he gets listed as
5'10. Same thing with Brad Pitt who is listed
as 5'11. We all know it is nonsense.
Lenad said on 26/Apr/09
A perfect example of a 5ft10ish guy
Dib Dab said on 10/Feb/09
Chris looks pretty small compared to Will here, but does it look like a four inch difference too?
t.j. said on 30/Jan/09
in longest yard, his mugshot puts him at borderline 6'
Rusty said on 24/Jan/09
He looks like a 5'10"-er in the photo with the 6'7" guy.
Complex said on 10/Dec/08
Click Here
Click Here
(i'm sure cruise is wearing massive footwear in the 2nd one, but it would seem Rock is more 5'9 max than 5'10, and maybe in lifts he gives the impression of a solid 5'10-5'11 guy, the one with 5'6ish Stiller rock is only 2-3 inches over, a weak 3 at best.
Brad said on 17/Nov/08
Master of style is correct. Crenshaw High? Man, he's got both colors on his shirt covered for that neighborhood.
Stylemaster said on 17/Nov/08
i'm 6'7"
me an chris
Click Here
Stylemaster said on 17/Nov/08
we'll i'm 6'7"
here's a pic last summer at disney world.
i'd say much taller than 5'7"
Click Here
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He was shorter than adam sandler in the longest yard. He was just taller than oprah when he was on her show. He was taller than ellen by about 3inches. I would say he's five foot 10 max no taller.
AD said on 10/Nov/08
Definately not less than 5'10 ...just seen 'The Longest Yard', he's about an inch taller than Adam Sandler (5'9 / 5'9.5) and appears the same height as Burt Reynolds.
glenn said on 27/Oct/08
leonari-i had this guy wrong for years.i thought he was 5-8 to 5-9.he really is 5-10.and i read 5-11 for him.i think he claimed that once.but i am confused cause he can look 5-9 still.i see him often lately.5-9,i mean,not in person,5-10.
leonari said on 26/Oct/08
he gives that impression because he is only skin. The guy has a weird body. Rail thin to a point where it makes him look shorter-not taller. And I do think he is closer to 5'9" than a full 5'10". Glenn?? Whats your opinion these days??
5' 10" Adam said on 24/May/08
Wow. He gives a 5' 7" impression in 'DOGMA'.
glenn said on 19/May/08
his knees must be bent.
Joeman said on 12/May/08
I have seen Chris Rock in person leaving MSG a few years ago after a Knicks game, I was standing right next to him he looked more like 5'9 not 5'10 Iam a bit over 5'11 and had at least two inches on him, it was very funny because he was trying to sneak out a side exit to avoid being seen but a few dipsticks noticed him and started hounding him, you should have seen the look on his face ,but I just stood there I did not hassle him like the other dipsticks there.
Gago said on 9/Apr/08
I saw him the other day, lowest is 5'10 that I would give him, highest 179, very casual guy.
Chris175 said on 14/Mar/08
AJ im pretty sure that is incorrect, i personally think he is not far off 5-11 but his posture is terrible. how can a 5-6 man stand beside a 5-8 glenn in the bottom photo and still look taller his knees are bent here too
dmeyer said on 13/Mar/08
then you have to buy glasses aj i met him 3 weeks ago he had wath seemed normal shoes and seemed solid 5 ft 10 in ,i just watched i think i love my wife he looks similar height with 5 ft 10.5 tores and 2.5 in taller than 5 ft 8 buscemi ,defenetly a 5 ft 10er
AJ said on 12/Mar/08
No way is he 5"10. I saw him at his show and He looks my height-5'6" MAYBE 5'7
dmeyer said on 21/Feb/08
since rock is 5 ft 10 in that makes seinfeld solid 5 ft 11 taller than i expected
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/08
5'10.25 or him at night
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/08
i walked by him he gave me impression of 5 10.5 to 5 10.75 ,i came back i shook his hand i stood tall and he did he seemed solid 5 ft 10 like evening height this guy is defenetly about 5 ft 11 out of bed and 5 ft 10 night if you list people at early afternoon height he would be close to 5 ft 10.5 i am about 5ft11 at night and he sure seemed no more than 1 in smaller
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/08
i met him yesterday he is a solid 5ft10 taller than i expected he had normal 1 in boots could be 5 ft 10.25
Fisher said on 9/Jan/08
smallest 5'10 I've ever seen
glenn said on 23/Dec/07
i dont know how tall i was then.barely 5-8 id guess.rock i think is slouching or bending his knees.i would see him on a daily basis actually.
brother_h said on 23/Dec/07
....ok u could of said that before and what a birthday to meet chris rock! =D or do u meet him commonly?

how tall were u glenn?
glenn said on 22/Dec/07
thank that i recall it was my 21 birthday.
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/07
glenn..u look good in da 2nd pic.....
glenn said on 19/Dec/07
i agree.i thought he was 5-9 tops.
Danius said on 18/Dec/07
Always looked 5'8 to me, weird.
glenn said on 16/Dec/07
i still have long hair.i was a young pup then.and so was he.look at how we aged.
brother_h said on 15/Dec/07
he is leaning in the top pic and he still looks 5'9. if he stood up as straight as possible, he would be like 5'9.1/2 atleast.
dunno bout the bottem, must be bending his knee's
Jenn said on 15/Dec/07
Wow glenn you look alooot better with that long hair
glenn said on 15/Dec/07
my only theory is that he is leaning in and bending his knee,which ive done before.
C. said on 15/Dec/07
He's slightly slouching in the first pic, but he still doesn't look 5'10". He has to be wearing lifts or something (why else would he make that statement about fame?). I have to admit that he has me fooled. He doesn't look short, especially next to Tucker, but he just can't be 5'10". How else do you explain the second pic? He looks nearly the same height as Glenn. IF that, since his box haircut adds some height. Maybe he really is 5'7" with massive elevator shoes. I don't know. I'm completely baffled.
glenn said on 12/Dec/07
this was a couple months ago.i saw him again a few days.taller than i remembered.5-10ish.
cantstop25 said on 12/Dec/07
his postures bad, id say he is atleast 5'10"
Insider said on 6/Dec/07
5 feet 8 inches I've done measurements on his skeletal structure
glenn said on 5/Aug/07
next to my 5-9.5 friend,tucker looked 6-2.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
Click Here - chris rock and chris tucker. either tucker is 6ft max or rock is 5'11 minimum rob,no matter how you slice it,or chris is wearing lifts.
Dermot said on 2/Aug/07
rock cant be more than 5' tops I saw him at live earth he didnt look 5'10 at all
leonari said on 13/Jul/07
donny: you are an idiot. period.
donny said on 12/Jul/07
look like glenn wearing a lift now i really doubt about all the picture glenn take...whether he is barefoot or wearing a lift maybe 2inch lift

Editor Rob
did you ever think on some pictures a celebrity might have pavement advantage, and in others glenn may have sidewalk advantage?
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/07
Glenn this has to be the best pic of urs of what i have seen, what u think?
STA said on 8/Jul/07
The guys at the Maher page are saying Maher is only 5'6.5", so if Rock is about even with him I'd put him at 5'6"
schnitz said on 14/Jun/07
actually in the longest yard with the half a star scene, it shows him at 6'0.5" though thats BS, in the film he looked no taller than sandler-exact height, and sandler slocuhes, id say rock is 5'9"

glenns 5'8" and thoughchris is moving sideays, that doesnt eliminate an entire inch
vandal said on 10/Jun/07
alibi, there's too much uncertainy in Kerry Washington's height and heel height.
The other girl, Gina Torres, is listed at 5'10"+heels.
albi said on 26/May/07
So, this: Click Here guy is 5'10"? Are you kidding me? The little girl is put at 164cm. He has about 3-4cm advantage over her. His shoes are nothing flat, at least normal 2cm shoes. So lets say she has 10cm heels and an overall 8cm shoes advantage. That would put Chris Rock at 176-7. Now take into account that the little girl is leaning and he is on a thick carpet and there is no way he is over 176cm. I'd say 175, but I know you wouldn't downgrade him that far. (sorry for the double post. Forgot to add my name in the previous one)
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
So, this: Click Here guy is 5'10"? Are you kidding me? The little girl is put at 164cm. He has about 3-4cm advantage over her. His shoes are nothing flat, at least normal 2cm shoes. So lets say she has 10cm heels and an overall 8cm shoes advantage. That would put Chris Rock at 176-7. Now take into account that the little girl is leaning and he is on a thick carpet and there is no way he is over 176cm. I'd say 175, but I know you wouldn't downgrade him that far.
Alex said on 24/May/07
He looks 5'10 to me but with Glenn more 5'9.
Viper said on 9/May/07
I think Chris Rock is 5-9.
G-unit said on 8/May/07
Now I am totally confused, please explain this picture anyone: Click Here
According to this site: mike myers 5'7, justin timberlake 5'11.5, chris rock 5'10, jerry seinfeld 5'11.
Which guys are the liftwearers?
glenn said on 29/Apr/07
sandler is weird.he looks 5-10ish next to cheadle.yet he can look 5-9 other times.
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
Sandler is 5-9.
Random Person said on 28/Apr/07
In the movie Down to Earth, he was marginally shorter then then 5'10 Eugene Levy, this guy seems more 5'9. The only problem with Rock being 5'9 is that would make Sandler 5'8. Could Sandler have shrunk recently?
dmeyer said on 11/Feb/07
did look 1 inch taller than sandler in the longest yard
Austrian said on 30/Jan/07
if he's 5'10 why are you taller than him?
brother_h said on 30/Jan/07
chris rock is about 5'10, he has 1 inch on adam sandler, adam sandler is 5'9, always has been. burt reynolds is 178cm(5'10)
jason said on 12/Jan/07
in the pic with glenn it´s hard to emagine him at least 5 cm taller then glenn.
i think there is a possebility he is even 179 cm. i would say he is between 178-179 cm. he locks slightley taller then burt reynolds and adam sandler they are both 178 cm, and he locks in the 178-179 cm zone. i would say he is closer to 179 cm and skinny, wich adds the illusion of him being tall.
MD said on 20/Dec/06
Hey Rob, check this out.
Padraig said on 16/Oct/06
Here is a bit of information Rob had given me to add:

In the Star Tribune in 2006 there was an interview with somebody called Todd Walker, who said:

"Rock is shorter than I am. He's 5-9; at least that's what it says on his license".
Diverse said on 5/Oct/06
i saw a picture of him up close... i don't think he's 5'10"... i'm about 5'9" and he was MAYBE my height, perhaps shorter... i put him 5'8" to 5'9"...
Chris said on 27/Sep/06
Is that photo from GTA Vice City ;)
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
5-9 is my guess.
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
He can strangely look 5-10 in the street sometimes.
kene said on 18/Sep/06
this guy stand next to morgan freeman looks no more than 175cm.. i'll push him up as 176cm.
J. said on 17/Sep/06
See old teacher was right. Granted Rock is slouching in the photo, he's pretty much Glenn's height. (discount his high top fade hairstyle) 5'11" my ass.
JK said on 18/Aug/06
why didn't you change him to 6ft then??

Editor Rob
I'm joking, do all pics of rock suggest 6ft. Jake might not be standing same posture, could be loose?
JK said on 15/Aug/06
but you haven't changed him to 6ft rob
0kuma said on 30/May/06
I doubt Chris Rock is 5'11". Here is a myspace picture of him with Theo, who says he is 6' on the button:

Click Here

I'd say he is 5'9" or 5'10"

CR needs to be lowered.

Editor Rob
give the theo guys myspace id, as afraid that link won't for rock, yes, he is on the 'downgrade maybe' list
Editor Rob said on 12/Apr/06
In Longest Yard his mugshot was on the computer screen. EASY clearing 6ft ;-) Of course the camera is below his eyeline and he is standing a bit in front, at least it looked like that...
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
Your right.he is 5-9 tops
eric said on 26/Mar/06
im pretty sure hes like a 5'8 or mabye 5'9 because im 5'11 and when i met him i was way taller then him
Glenn said on 7/Mar/06
correct at 5-9.though Ive seen him look 5-11.gibson looks the same height as chris in weapon 4.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
I met Chris outside the Ivy on Robertson Blvd., L.A. on Friday. I am 5'7.5" and was wearing Vans. He was 5'9" at maximum. Kind of seemed my height exactly but was probably about an inch taller.
Paul said on 18/Feb/06
I stumbled into the site by accident whilst looking how to calculate Body Mass Index. I can't believe it's so important to people how tall this guy (or any other celebrity) is. I like the fact that that human beings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There seems to be this subliminal message these days that every woman should be 5'8" minimum and every guy 6' minimum. What the 'height fascists' don't realise is that your height is no achievement, it's an accident of genetics and lots of people including myself, aren't attracted to tall people (who are usually thin also). Now that should get them stirred up!
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
he can look 5-9 as well.
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 18/Jan/06
don't think so. he is 5 foot 10, seen him in a pic with tucker somewhere
CoolJ said on 17/Oct/05
Anonymous. Rock easily has an inch over Sandler.. maybe two.

The more I look at Rock lately, the more I think he's 179-180cm.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
Chris Rock is 5'10", I'd say 5'9ish", cuz compare him to the 5'9" Adam Sandler in The Longest Yard.
J. said on 4/Sep/05
I could care less about Chris Rock but the point is someone's real life observation weighs more than someone's perception of someone they've never met in real life. From what I've seen, most of the people who've seen Rock in person all say that he is short. Are they liars? It's annoying when someone wants to argue that one of these celebs aren't that 'short' when you haven't any real life encounter with them. That's the only way anyone can argue.
CoolJ said on 4/Sep/05
J.: The is a horrible picture. Rock is far behind the camera.

I do not think Rock is a full 5'11" but at the VERY least I'd give him 5'9.75" - Most of the time he looks to be about 5'10.5"

Although I'd like to see this moment with Maher that jb speaks of
sf said on 29/Aug/05
Well, let's see. Rock is standing behind both Sandler and Spade, and to me, looks like he might be leaning back against whatever is behind him. You're going to tell me that is a good picture to demonstrate his height? No, that's a really bad picture. Why are people so desperate to make everyone shorter than they probably are? All of the people who think Rock is 5'9" or 5'10" - I'm with you. He's never looked short to me.
J. said on 26/Aug/05
Ok, since you need pics of these folks to validate a claim of height, I found one of Chris that pretty much puts credence to my professor's honest encounter as well others who have bumped into Rock:
He's barely taller than Spade and 5'9" Adam Sandler looks like the Jolly Green giant for chrissakes. Other pictures of that event also will prove to that yes, Rock really is on the short side.
jb said on 21/Aug/05
Chris Rock might be 5'8" ...when he stood up to shake hands with Bill Maher (who is listed as 5'8") on HBO last night, they were about even.
Bigg said on 20/Aug/05
I wouldn't say Chris Rock is short exactly maybe just under average... but him being black he is way short...I think the average black guy is 6 foot... somewhere I read
Mr. Awesome said on 20/Aug/05
I was watching Dogma yesterday, and not until then did I realize just how short Chris Rock is. I didn't beleive that Rock was not tall, cause he always looks tall on screen, but now I've changed my mind. In the scene where he falls from the sky, he is barefoot, and is about the same height as the questionably 5'8'' Kevin Smith. Smith was wearing shoes, so this would put Rock at best 5'9''. He was also just around the same height (I think possibly even a little smaller) than Linda Fiorentino, who's listed at 5'7'' and had on bigger shoes than Kevin Smith. While I do think he's taller than 5'7'', I'm convinced that he's not over average height, and certainly nowhere near 5'11''. My comparisons from Dogma would put him in the range of 5'8'' minimum to 5'9'' maximum; so I'll go with the happy medium and peg him at 5'8.5''. Rob, this guy is definitely worth taking another look at.
Sticks said on 20/Aug/05
Bigg, you never mentioned Chris Rock in your post. You said "Chris Tucker". Easy to confuse two thin, screechy, funny black guys named Chris. If it was actually Chris Rock, maybe your cousin saw him in lifts, because there are already four sightings saying this guy is nowhere near 5'11": J's teacher - 5'7", woman and her mom - 5'7.5", haunted house guy- "one short dude", and movie ticket guy - "diminutive". If this guy's not short, how are these people getting it so wrong? Giving your cousin the benefit of the doubt, Chris Rock was in lifts.
Bigg said on 19/Aug/05
I never said Chris Rock was taller...I just said he's not a short guy like everyone think's he cuz met him and said he's taller than this 5"9 guy which is my other cuz soo yeah I dont know what your talking about but I guess I can check to make sure
Sticks said on 19/Aug/05
Bigg, Chris Tucker's taller than Chris Rock. People mix them up a lot. I think you posted in the wrong thread.

Chris Rock, according to people who see him, is short.

"Chris Rock was buying popcorn for his little girl at the Haunted Mansion last Tues the 8th. Told him he did a good job at the Oscars. Man is he one short dude."

He probably meant that in the just-shy-of-6' sense, Rob. Pay no attention.
Bigg said on 18/Aug/05
nah I thought he was short too or like 5"7 height but my cousin met him and said he was tall and I was surprised she was too...and my other cousin asked her how tall he was so..and asked my other cousin to stand up and he's 5"8 without shoes he told me when he went to the doctor...soo he's 5"9 with shoes and my cousin said chris tucker is taller than him soo he's not that short like I thought he was ...soo yeah
CoolJ said on 10/Aug/05
Sticks - I've never met the guy, but in comparison to other actors (unless he's wearing shoes) he looks to be a solid 5'10". Likely 5'10.5"
J. said on 10/Aug/05
Um, "J's teacher" would be one of my former professors who happens to reside in New York. He has sighted many celebrities while in NYC and even has pictures with some of them. He seemed pretty unimpressed and matter of fact-ly by his interactions and sightings with them hence how Chris came up during a simple conversation about the celebs we both have came across and what not. Now, he referred to Mr Rock, who he WALKED BY at a Virgin Megastore on Times Square as being 'fairly short'. I asked how short? He said defintely in the 5'7" range as my professor's only 5'9" and he said Rock was without a doubt more than an inch shorter. My professor's not that big into height and wasn't really a Chris Rock fan so I see no reason for him to lie or exaggerate. So, as far as the people on the board who want to argue that Rock or any celeb is bigger- that's great to have an opinion but there's a big difference between actually seeing someone in the flesh and seeing it with your own eyes AND just looking at photos and arguing someone's stature who you've never ever seen in your life. Yet, Sticks, people believe what they want to believe. And yes, you're right, anytime a alledged 5'10"- 5'11" male celeb ('cause you know most of them are height challenged!) gets referred to as short, I start to raise an eyebrow. There must be something to it. If someone's keeps referred to by people who've seen them as 'short', then why would all those people by lying?!?! They're calling it as they see it!
CoolJ said on 10/Aug/05

Lifts? I'm not so certain, I was not THAT close.. but he always give me the impression of an average to slightly-above average height and I have always been a good judge of height. I think hes a strong 5'10"

Who is "J's teacher" anyway..?
CoolJ said on 9/Aug/05
Saw him at a show at the University of Delaware back in early '99 as well. Hard to picture him being a 5'11" guy but he's probably close.
CoolJ said on 9/Aug/05

He might not be 5'11"
Mr. R said on 1/May/05
Obviously, I agree with you J. In person sightings are definitely stronger, and there are times when they may be somewhat inaccurate. But I know that when I see someone, I will honestly report what I believe, whether others believe me or not. Movies and tv are here to make reality, not to honestly portray it, and now that I have met so many folks, I don't believe what I see. I have not met Chris Rock, but I see his brother Tony all the time, ane he is pretty average, maybe 5-9.
J. said on 29/Apr/05
Okay, I hate to comment on this guy for the third time, yet I caught up with my old teacher the other day, the subject of celebrities we met and how they compared in person came up. My teacher, who is 5'9", described seeing Chris Rock outside of Virgin MegaStore in Times Square maybe a year ago. He described Chris as about 5'7", rail thin and said that he has that same trademark screechy voice. When I questioned the 5'7" and told him that Chris is listed on Hollywood informational sources as 5'11", he diplomately stated that that was simply a lie. He saw him with his own eyes and saw that he was shorter than him. Again, I think it's so intresting, how many arguments some of us have on sites such as these about these people based on pictures or how they look onscreen and then you see them upfront and all that was smoke and mirrors. So, I can show you pictures of Chris Rock all day and proclaim that he's such and such height but at the end of the day and, he truly is around 5 foot 7. Whether we believe that or not. Or regardless of what a picture or a movie scene shows.
J. said on 24/Mar/05
I just thinking, I remember seeing Allen Iverson on Chris Rock's HBO gabfest a couple of years. When they both stood up to shake each other's hand, I noticed that Chris was a couple inches shorter than AI. That I'm sure of. So, I'm thinking that Chris isn't 5'11" ...

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