How tall is Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American Singer. On her twitter account in 2012 she stated to a question on how tall she was, "hi! i'm 5'9".

How tall is Colbie Caillat
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5ft 8.71in (174.5cm)
JohnMoore-162cm said on 11/May/20
Nik Ashton said on 11/May/20
Look at this:

Click Here
She looks 170 cm max with Taylor Swift
Nik Ashton said on 11/May/20
Look at this:

Click Here
JohnMoore-162cm said on 5/May/20
She's 172 cm
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jun/19
173cm like Rob.
Lara said on 5/Mar/19
I am a fan of her and I think she is 1.75 cm.
Nik said on 23/Nov/18
I like it that she said "hi! i'm 5'9" on twitter in response to someone who asked how tall she was!
berta said on 21/Apr/18
she looks taller than 173 i wouldnt go lower than 174 and often look her claim. i dont think one photo with taylor swift is enough. sometimes angles can do alot and how they stand with there hips. average guess seems right as usuall
Nik said on 23/Mar/18
5'8" - 5'8.25" is liable!
Mimi said on 21/Mar/18
@Interval t-swizzle's heels have platforms and I think Colbie is standing looser. 5ft8.25-5ft8.5 is still possible for her
Mimi said on 21/Mar/18
@Interval t-swizzle's heels have platforms and I think Colbie is standing looser. 5ft8.25-5ft8.5 is still possible for her
Intevel said on 18/Jan/18
Rob why does Taylor seem much taller? Click Here
Editor Rob
Colby at around 5ft 8 is probably closer.
MC said on 3/Apr/16
Hi Rob I was wondering what made you bump up Colbie's height from 5'8.5 to 5'9
Editor Rob
I thought it could be possible after another look at her.
Mouse22 said on 19/Nov/15
If 5'8.5" or 5'9", in any case that could be morning vs late night height and she's a very tall, very beautiful lady anyway!
Chris said on 21/Jan/15
I thought she was 5'10-11. She always looked tall, surprises me she's "only" 5'9.
Derek said on 17/Oct/12
She said 5'8" in the other interview you had posted and 5'9" on Twitter. I think your original 5'8.5" listing might be more accurate as sometimes when people are a half inch over they may round up or down at different times.
BEN said on 19/Oct/11
Colin ur full of it she's 5'8 she has said it herself
she said in an interveiw i'm a tall girl i'm 5'8
Colin said on 26/Sep/11
I am 5'8" and Colibie is taller than me, even accounting for her fave suede boots. And how do I know? I met her backstage with my family prior to a concert this past July. And yes, she's incredibly nice and very leggy.
Chappy said on 5/Aug/11
Wow Jenna, you're a real sweetie. Kind and gentle, forgiving, complimentary. Those are such attractive qualities in a woman. How are YOUR singles doing?
Stephen said on 27/Jul/11
Just got back from a cruise with Colbie on the VH1 Best Cruise Ever. Can you say "flip-flops?". She loves her 3 inch heels, which is why people think she's taller. Greg (who it sounds like knows her well) is pretty close. 5'8" (I was thinking 5'7" in flip flops) is about right. And she's a wonderful girl in person. Surprisingly shy.
Jenna said on 28/Jun/11
Apology accepted, Greg. Especially since you started it with such a disrespectful, unhinged, petty, mean-spirited attitude. It seems like your issues are with the site's members here who have met Colbie in person and continue to state what they see as her true height, about 5'9". After all, what's their motive to make it up? And, really, why should you care,especially if Colbie doesnt?

You're right about not being able to convince most regarding the height, and even with photos, that wouldnt necessarily "prove" anything one way or the other since others would then post their photos to "prove" their point. She's tall enough that most can't tell one way or the other, hence the confusion persists regarding her 5'9"-ness. Perhaps if she'd answer the question in an interview to clear it up.

Also, there is the possibility that you work for her (relative, bodyguard, band member, etc.) or are a member in the record industry. If that's the case then you should be doing more on industry sites to promote her soon to be released album. Her 2 singles this yr have already flopped so it doesnt bode well for her CDs overall success.
Leah said on 27/May/11
About 5'9" and still singing strong. Happy Birthday, Colbie! May 28, make it a good one and keep on standing tall and proud along with some cool, awesome singing! Happy Birthday.
Claire said on 19/Apr/11
Im only thirteen and 5 10 so she is a role model for me
Jenny said on 11/Apr/11
To "me": Regarding her height = Oh, whatever. But everyone DOES want to be like "me"....don't they?
If you're able to & it's not too personal, where exactly did you meet her?
Thanks for clearing up confusion, 5'8" seems small. Big feet? Well, guess it does happen.
Brad said on 10/Apr/11
As listed, maybe 5' 9". 5' 8" is too short, she's probably 5' 9" if I bet. Big feet, I noticed.
me said on 8/Apr/11
Taylors 5ft10-nowhere near 6ft0,sorry,guys! So Colbie must be a solid 5ft7,5ft8 max.:) and shes beautiful regardless her height.
Jenny said on 27/Mar/11
To Emma Claire:'re saying she's probably taller? : ) This is the point of the website. If you don't get that yet, then you truly must not understand the nature and purpose of this site which is to go on and on about a celeb's height until kingdom come.

And if you think these posts are arguing, just check out some of the spirited debates people have over other celebs. From Beiber, Swift, and Mayer, to Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr, height, apparently, is still one of those topics that can drive a debate over the long haul. : )

To 5/'11: You think so? : )
5'11 said on 27/Mar/11
shes tall for a gal, n shes hot !!
Jenny said on 10/Mar/11
1. Granted, but the key word you said, is "IF". Without any proof, just what he claims here. If so, then the old saying applies: "you can tell a lot about a leader by their followers". Either way, it does not help that a very positive person would have such a negative person spreading potential gossip online about her behind her back.
2. Whether it's true or not, regardless, it's not my opinion. It's this website's and other sites who continually claim the opposite, claim to have met her, and, based on that, continue to state she's taller. Perhaps if she were asked point blank in an interview to clear it all up.
3. Notice the timing: Music/Pop culture biz = Things happen for a reason. Since her new album's due out shortly, no such thing as "bad" publicity. No matter where, it can only help, 'cause to be honest, she's not on the A-list of musicians (e.g. gaga, parry, beyonce, swift, etc) who are on the major magazine covers making the major headlines. Perhaps this person is a publicist.
So it doesnt surprise me that "someone who may know her" would "suddenly" decide to "comment" on the height when her CD's due out shortly. Need as much publicity anyplace, anytime, and anywhere.
Anon said on 8/Mar/11
Although, if Greg has been around her 50 times in social settings, talking face to face, that makes his opinion more qualified than yours or anyone else's here so far.
Jenny said on 11/Feb/11
I will not go down to level of negativity. Once again, for what was clear to anyone with a 4th grade comprehension level. The website lists her official height as 5.8.5". Those who have met her in person insist she's closer to 5.9". Like you, they are expressing their opinion. If you have a problem with it, take it up with those that met and checked it 1st hand & continue to make the claim she's taller.
Your tone is very rude, strange, disparaging, and disrespectful toward others with different opinions. Again, take your personal issues up with those that met her and said otherwise. Big people who went to school dont have to cuss to make their point and get into a raging hissy-fit.
Jenny said on 2/Feb/11
Greg, Greg. Dude. No one said Colbie's short. She is tall, way tall. We're mostly saying that she's probably Taller than 5.8". She looks like she's around 5'9". She's waay taller than 5'8". Of course, not surprising you'd write about now. Her new albums due out later this yr and first single's probably gonna be released soon. So this could be planned. Do what you have to, we get it, dude.
But again, Colbie is way taller than just 5'8". Could even be 5'10". Next time you see her, tell her we said there's nothing to be ashamed of, being tall. It's a good thing.
Jenny said on 15/Dec/10
Question for Rob: Rob, could you please ask Brad where exactly he met Colbie last yr? He stated that he knows her height is about 5'8.5" because he met her in person last yr.
Thank you.
joe said on 8/Jun/09
shes 5'9 i'm 5'10 n i met her. She wasn't wearing heels that day.
Aarnava said on 30/Apr/09
she looks much taller than 5'8.5" i thought she would be 5-11
Awareofwhatsumlack said on 3/Apr/09
What does this shoe size thing matter? I mean, yeah, it's fun fact but pointless. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. I've known 6ft men that have the same shoe size as 5'4" men. I've known 5' women that have bigger hands than 5'10" women. We are all built different. We don't all fit into a premade box. Accept it. Pointless drivel that I ad my pointless comment to. Shoot me in the face. End BOTH our misery.
carla said on 26/Mar/09
is she wearing high heels?
M.P. said on 22/Mar/09
I saw her on SNL and she looks a LOT bigger than that. I would've thought 5'10" easily. Maybe it's due to her body size and shape. Except for her chest, she looks a lot beefier than most girls her height and weight.
5'8" Brazilian Fella said on 14/Feb/09
Well, the FACT is: the taller people TEND to have larger feet. No one can deny it. Taller people, on average, have bigger feet. However, that doesnt means everyone whos 6ft tall have feet the same size and have larger feet than someone whos only 5ft6. That be the case, and Allison Janney n Kate Winslet would not be both size 11. However, these are EXCEPTIONS. The average 6ft person HAVE larger feet than the average 5ft6 person, ok??
Anita said on 28/Oct/08
Ok people feet and hand size are determined by heredity not necessarily by height. My female cousin and I are the exact same height. 5'11" 1/2 almost 6'. I wear a size 7 and she wears a size 10.
Ro said on 18/Oct/08
lol the whole big feet thing is funny. I'm 5'7" somewhat tall for a girl i guess...I wear a size 7. That's pretty small for my height...
Anna said on 15/Oct/08
She looks more than half an inch taller than Glen.I think shes 5'9-5'10.
Alexandra said on 10/Oct/08
This whole feet discussion is silly. I'm 5'8 and I wear size 7. My best friend's 5'3 and wears size 9. So, it's maybe more common for taller women to have bigger feet, but it's not a rule.
Davey said on 5/Jun/08
C i think you may have a point though.My cousin came over my house yesterday and he took off hes shoes before he came in cause it was raining,I measured my foot againts it and he was the exact same size as me,Im 5'10 and hes 6'1 minimum.Weird.
Davey said on 4/Jun/08
Remember, glenn says hes 5'8 out of bed.that would probably mean he isnt 5'8 during the day.Right glenn?
Derek said on 3/Jun/08
I always thought she was at least 5'10". She gives a taller impression. Looks around 5'9" with Glenn.
C. said on 3/Jun/08
Your point being...? I'm talking about shoe sizes, not about the advantage/disadvantage of being a tall woman. Besides, that's your opinion. And I respect that. However, I haven't had any disadvantages that I've known of regarding my height, but I've had disadvantages in life just like everyone else. The height advantage/disadvantage argument can only go so far. In other words, it's a scapegoat for people to turn to, rather than looking at other factors that may have led them to have so-called "disadvantages"-- i.e. lack of intelligence, attitude/demeanor, competence, perceived attractiveness, and a slew of other things.
Davey said on 2/Jun/08
C,I know heaps of tall women and being a tall woman doesnt help in life as being a tall man does,I think its the oposite.Rob also would you please stop editing my posts? I think i have a right to answer anyones questions.
C. said on 29/May/08
Davey says on 29/May/08
C. As a 5`11 woman you are trying to spread lies to suit yourself.You probably have bigger hands and feet then many 5`9 men.Why deny it? I had a girlfriend who was 5`10 and her hands were the same size as mine.

Is that all tall women? No. Again, you're generalizing. Just because you know ONE (or a few) tall women at a certain height who has large feet/hands you state that all tall women do. In general, I'd hardly call American women as having small feet. Again, READ-- 5'4" and average size 8; not small by any means. I'd attribute this to obesity and hormone-induced food. Because in South Korea, where there are plenty of short and tall women alike usually don't wear anything over a US size 7. In fact, it's hard to find anything larger than a size 7, thus the average American women is out of luck.

Do you regularly shop for women's shoes? Probably not. Have you even read anything (statistics) about American women and their shoe sizes? Also, probably not. Do some research before you start calling my statements lies.

And who said I was 5'11"? Also, how would you know I have big hands and feet? Just because I call your comment bunk you draw this conclusion? Please. Even Holly called you out-- and she's a petite female.
Davey said on 29/May/08
C. As a 5`11 woman you are trying to spread lies to suit yourself.You probably have bigger hands and feet then many 5`9 men.Why deny it? I had a girlfriend who was 5`10 and her hands were the same size as mine.
C. said on 27/May/08
Davey says on 25/May/08
C you seem to make things up to suit yourself.Bigger woman = Bigger feet.Common sense.

Whatever. Continue with your ludicrous statements. It only makes you look more ridiculous on this site.
Davey said on 25/May/08
C you seem to make things up to suit yourself.Bigger woman = Bigger feet.Common sense.
Anonymous said on 19/May/08
Colbie is so gorgeous. She does look like she's 5'8.5".
C. said on 14/May/08
@ Davey: What is your problem? If the average shoe size for a 5'4" woman is size 8, that's not small. Lots of tall women have the same shoe size. All I said was that shoe size does not necessarily correlate with height. I used Kate Winslet as an example. And I didn't say there weren't differences, but if you go to the women's shoe dept. the most common sizes are from 6 - 9. Most women tend to wear those shoe sizes, although there are obviously smaller and larger sizes.

And your "manly and ugly" comment was ridiculous.
glenn said on 14/May/08
it doesnt mean that their feet will be manly and ugly.maybe big.
Davey said on 14/May/08
Next you will say a 6`0 man has the same size feet as a 5`5 man.Your logic is idiotic.
Davey said on 14/May/08
No they dont C.Thats the craziest thing ive ever heard.
C. said on 13/May/08
Davey says on 13/May/08
One draw back of being tall for a girl is huge masculine feet.

Not really, so I have no idea where you got that from. Most women I know tend to have similar shoe size regardless of their height.
Davey said on 13/May/08
One draw back of being tall for a girl is huge masculine feet.
C. said on 11/May/08
Holly says on 6/May/08
5'8 is not that tall..
I'm just 5'3 and i don't think that 5'8 is so tall and why big feet? My friend is 5'9 and she has 8

So true. I have no idea where the big feet thing comes from, lol. Males differ maybe, but some very tall women have normal/small feet for their height. Women's feet in general don't tend to have too much correlation with height. I mean, Kate Winslet is around average height but has huge feet.

And she's tall, but not extremely tall. So I don't get the whole amazon thing either. If you're an amazon, you tower over most people-- men and women. And at 5'8 1/2"...well, that's hardly towering.
WantingToBe6FT said on 7/May/08
Holly said on 6/May/08
5'8 is not that tall..
I'm just 5'3 and i don't think that 5'8 is so tall and why big feet? My friend is 5'9 and she has 8
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
she was difficult.liked me though.would only sign and pose for me.there was 4 or 5 of us.
Holly said on 26/Apr/08
i thinks she's taller!
Shawn said on 25/Apr/08
Heard that she's polite and calm unlike Jessica Alba.She looks quite sweet akin to her voice.Good pic Glenn.
ed said on 22/Apr/08
taller than i thought..i cant get into her music because of her pitch corrected vocals...sorry for being a hater, but im a musician it is so obvious....
Adriana said on 20/Apr/08
She looks more than just 1.74 in her bubbly video and she's not wearing any heels
glenn said on 17/Apr/08
kilmister-im sorry,i dont know who that is.thats one for rob perhaps?
Kilmister said on 16/Apr/08
you`re right glenn. it's obvious. do you know the height of geoff pierson from tv series unhappily ever after? i'd like to know his height, but i find no website, where his height is listed. for me he looks like ed O'neill.
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
i wont answer questions about heels anymore when its
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
thanks outbenchthis.
Charliemoto said on 15/Apr/08
had heels?
OutBenchThis said on 15/Apr/08
Cool photo Glenn! She'll be supporting your mate John Mayer on tour soon.

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