How tall is Curtly Ambrose

Curtly Ambrose's Height

6ft 7 (200.7 cm)

Sir Curtly Ambrose is a former Cricketer who played for the West Indies. In his biography, he mentioned how he was once "given a new sponsored 1.4 Ford Escort. It was too small for a six-foot-eight fast bowler".

How tall is Curtly Ambrose
5ft 8 Rob and Curtly @ Collectormania

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6ft 7.13in (201cm)
Megrace said on 8/Apr/21
6’7 1/8
Linke said on 5/Apr/21
@Rahul, James Taylor was described as tall as 5'6 and as short as 5'4, it's a tragedy how his career ended, always saw bit of Tendulkar in him. Ironically, Sachin was his idol growing up.
Linke said on 13/Feb/21
I read about a Pakistani Spinner who is 7'4 and signed by a local T20 team and he looks that height, although I doubt he will make it to the international level. His name is Muddasar Gujjar.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Feb/21
Rob, would you think 6'7 1/8 is possible for Curtly?
Editor Rob
always a chance of fraction below or above any figure...sometimes I would say the possible range could be narrower in some cases than others.
Rahul roy said on 30/Jan/21
@ zahid, maybe holder is 6'7" and irfan 6'9.5". Jefferson could be 6'8.5".
Zahid said on 29/Jan/21
Here is a poor comparison between Irfan and Will Jefferson. Considering angles and positions, it still looks like Irfan might be taller: Click Here
Zahid said on 29/Jan/21
Irfan is at least 2 inches taller than Holder (who is a solid 6'7", if not more)

Click Here

I would still guess Irfan being closer to 6'10" than 6'9".

Even Ian Bishop, when meeting Irfan the first time, claimed a 6" height difference:
Click Here

(although, which cannot be true based on images, more like 4.5-5").
Rahul roy said on 28/Jan/21
@ linke, i searched about will jefferson and saw a photo with james taylor english cricketer who is only 5'5. I think will is 6'9.5" like irfan.
Rahul roy said on 28/Jan/21
I believe that irfan is 6 foot 9.5". He does looks 6'8.5" there with ian bishop but then bishop is closer to the camera. He also looked 2.5" taller than jason holder in cpl t20 leauge matches. They both play for same team .
Linke said on 28/Jan/21
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990, he has been measured as 6'8 in past but his official PCB measurement of 7'1" is absurd. I personally have him at 6'9". Regardless, he is the tallest to play international cricket. There was this bloke named Will Jefferson who used to play county cricket and I remember him being listed 6'10.5. Ironically, he was just a batsman.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jan/21
Mohammad Irfan 7'1 was biggest joke ever.


Ian look at most 2.75" shorter than Irfan in that picture. Maybe Ian Bishop was 6'5 1/2 so Irfan more like strong 6'8.
Linke said on 24/Jan/21
The mother is around same height as Sachin. I recon good nutrition. I have almost 5 inches on my Dad myself & my mom is 5'1. Over 7 inches is massive difference between Father & Son.
Inches_to_cm said on 13/Jan/21
Yeah Arjun Tendulkar is definitely north of 6'0, not sure how much. If Sachin is about 5'5, that's a massive height difference. Wonder where that comes from- Rob? What do you make of father-son differences of seven inches or more? The mother doesn't look too tall.
Linke said on 10/Jan/21
Yeah, Irfan has apparently been measured at 6'8, 6'10 and 7'1. 6'9 might be closer to reality.

Pucovski for some reason looked below average to me. Sachin claims 5'6.5 and his son claims 6'3". Both are exaggerating by bit, although its strange how big his son has grown.
Zahid said on 8/Jan/21
@Rajiv Roy: Agreed on Irfan being 6'10". He is barely 5 inches taller than 6'5" Ian Bishop:

Click Here
Height Guy said on 8/Jan/21
Hi Rob,

Pulled a screenshot from 1990 of Wasim and Ambrose. Could be unclear but how do they compare here please

Click Here
Height Guy said on 8/Jan/21
Hi Rob,

Ambrose with the Indian great Sachin Tendulkar. His height estimate:

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
Sachin looks like he would be a few inches shorter than myself, in comparison to Curtly.
Inches_to_cm said on 7/Jan/21
Actually Pucovski's probably shorter, around 5'10? Not sure.
Inches_to_cm said on 7/Jan/21
Two debutants in the Sydney Test I see. I'd put Pucovski at 5'11-6'0 and Saini at 6'0-6'1.5? Can't make him out for some reason. I'd put Siraj at 5'11-6'0.
Inches_to_cm said on 6/Jan/21
Rajiv what would you say about another NZ bowler.....but a spinner this time, Mitchell Santner. I'd have guessed Vettori at 6'3 minimum.
Rajiv roy said on 6/Jan/21
@ linke, yeah kulkarni is 1.5 taller than kohli. How tall do you think the tallest cricketer mohammed irfan is? I think he is 6'10 and not 7'1 according to google.
Rajiv roy said on 6/Jan/21
@ inches to cm, oh ok. Do you speak any punjabi or hindi ?
Inches_to_cm said on 5/Jan/21
@Rajiv I have an Indian name, a white English middle name and an Indian surname. I prefer to be anonymous on websites haha. I'm mixed race, look slightly more Indian than white (or so I've been told). My father's Punjabi family is quite tall for India (and above average among their peers I'd guess), my mum's white English family from Hampshire is quite average for the UK.
Linke said on 5/Jan/21
Rajiv, I am 31. He could be 5'11 now, he was already tallish by age 14.
Rajiv roy said on 5/Jan/21
@ linke, so you are about 30. You played against kulkarni in under 14 tall is he? My guess is he could be 5'11.
Rajiv roy said on 5/Jan/21
@ inches to cm, btw whats your name? Are you white or brown?
Rajiv roy said on 5/Jan/21
@ inches to cm, as i said i joined cricket academy and did everything like batting, bowling in nets etc. I was terrible batter but very good off spinner bowler. Could turn the ball miles but with illegal action ( chucking) obviously. Played there around 2015 to 2016 . Then left that academy due to an ankle injury. And football is big in bengal bigger than cricket . I never played football and never watched too. Just a few fifa wc games.
Rajiv roy said on 4/Jan/21
@ inches, well i am 23 years of age( if my d.o.b is right). I used to play cricket on the roof with one of my cousins. Like 10 overs game. Then i joined cricket academy and played there . Did some net practice. Just for entertainment.then i left that academy.never that good enough to play even club cricket. Not in my genes. I just watch cricket nowadays.
Inches_to_cm said on 3/Jan/21
@Rajiv- do you play cricket by the way? And football, Bengal is a big football state I think.
Inches_to_cm said on 3/Jan/21
@Rajiv- I'd be interested to know more about these stretches, all of Celeb Heights would :)
Linke said on 3/Jan/21
Inches_to_cm, I played Giles sheild which is an under 14 tournament for schools in Mumbai. Played against the likes of Dhawal Kulkarni who later went on to represent India. Back then he was a batsman who bowled a bit.

I also played some club cricket till 2005. I quit age 15 as I couldn't climb the ranks and cricket in Mumbai is really competitive.
Rajiv roy said on 3/Jan/21
@ dave mills, i dont believe in google height listing.they are 99 percent of the times false
Rajiv roy said on 3/Jan/21
@ Big t, i think finn has a slightly poor posture compare to rankin and tremlett. They all could be same height. Broad obviously the shortest at 6'5 . Other three about 6'7.
Inches_to_cm said on 2/Jan/21
How many people here play cricket? I used to play at school and uni. I was mostly at school in the UK (briefly in India as my dad's Indian and we moved there for a bit when I was growing up), and went to uni in England as well. I was a right-handed batsman who could bowl a bit of off-spin , fairly generic. I did represent school and uni sides, but have mainly played casual, backyard type games since I graduated around 6 years ago. Wouldn't mind taking up the sport at a slightly more competitive level though.
I was never good enough to play county cricket, let alone make the grade at the highest level, but I was decent for the level I played at, I suppose.
Rajiv roy said on 2/Jan/21
@ dave mills, rahane might have done some streches to increase his height
Rajiv roy said on 2/Jan/21
@ inches to cm, pujara is 5'10.25" guy that makes unadkat a weak 6'2. So about 6'1.75". Umesh could be 5'9.75". Bumrah about 5'10 . Yeah sachin would be 5'5.5" peak. Currently 5'5.25". Sachin bearly lost height compared to dravid. Dravid may have lost 1.25 inch of height.
Big T said on 1/Jan/21
Re: Rankin, Finn, Tremlett - while Tremlett looks tallest in that team photo, the way they are arranged in the photo suggests Rankin is ‘supposed’ to be tallest. They would have compared heights before the photo and Rankin, as tallest, went in the middle. This also accords with their ‘official’ heights (Rankin is variously listed as 6’8” or 6’ 8 1/2”, Tremlett as 6’7”). Also if you compare other photos of them it’s not clear cut.

One thing for sure is that Finn wouldn’t often have been only the 3rd tallest guy in a team, let alone Broad only being 4th tallest!
Dave Mills said on 1/Jan/21
@Inches_to_cm Pujara is dropping his shoulders a little in this pic but Unadkat still looks a good 6'2 in the pic, how much over 6'2? It's debatable though.also not only Bumrah is 5'10, I'm starting to think he might even be a little over 5'10,always looked a good inch or so taller than Virat, funny how Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah were initially listed on Google as 5'8.
Inches_to_cm said on 1/Jan/21
@Dave, Umesh is shorter than I thought and Pujara is taller, interesting to see. Bumrah is 5'10 as well? What would you guys say about Rajasthan Royals flop Jaydev Unadkat, pictured here with Pujara: Click Here. My guess would be 6'3 or so if Pujara is 5'11.5.
Rajiv, You said Perry is 3 inches taller than Sachin.....Sachin would be strong 5'5?
Dave Mills said on 31/Dec/20
@Rajiv Roy actually I hve measured the an average sports shoes has , which is a little over 4 cm and Pujara has almost flat footwear therefore I assumed my given advantage, also Rahane suddenly started looking 5'7 in late 2017,he also has a pic with Rahul Dravid where looks a good 5'7, growth in late 20s? Posture improvement? I don't know but might need to see more of him to confirm that he is a full 5'7.
Rajiv roy said on 31/Dec/20
@ dave mills, what footwear advantage man 1.25 inch footwear advantage sounds too much. Maybe.5 to.75 inch footwear advantage. Rahane at worst 5.7 at best 5' 7.5" .i think 5' 7.25" could be right on money.
Rajiv roy said on 31/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, there is a chance of about 6'1" for peak gilchrist currently about 6'.boult may be identical height to steyn.ellyse perry has few photos with sachin . Looked about 3 inch taller than sachin.
Dave Mills said on 29/Dec/20
Click Here
Here's the most recent pic of Ajinkya Rahane with his teammates. here I am pretty much locked on Umesh Yadav being 5'10 and Pujara being somewhere around 5'11.5(wearing flats here).Rahane looks more or less 3 inches shorter than Pujara here even with 1.25 inch footwear advantage and Pujara leaning back thus pretty much confirming 5'6.5 for him.Jasprit Bumrah looks more or less same as Umesh(might be taller than Umesh while standing straight).Jadeja looks same as Rahane with flat footwear and leaning back, might be 5'8.5. Ashwin here is both leaning back and Sideways, maybe 6'1 but sure about him.
On to the Kiwis, I thinking you've nailed the heights for Kane,Boult and Southee, I'm not very sure on Jamieson yet.
Inches_to_cm said on 29/Dec/20
Not sure about Elysse. Boult could be 6'0 yes, 5'11 seems a bit low for him. Maybe weak 6'0 at the least, strong 6'0 at the most.
Do we reckon Gilly has lost height?
Rajiv roy said on 28/Dec/20
@ dave mills, how tall is ajinkya rahane? And what about kiwi cricketers?
Kane- 5'8.5"
Boult- 6'
Southee- 6'3( or fraction higher)
New guy jamieson- 6'7( or fraction higher)
Rajiv roy said on 28/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, you can make a case textbook 6'1 peak for lee currently looks strong 6 foot. So probably about 6'0.25". Akhtar maybe 5' 11.5" peak to 5' 10.5" now. Do you know how tall is female aussie cricketer ellyse perry? About 5'8 or hair under.
Inches_to_cm said on 28/Dec/20
@Dave- I'm not sure, but I'd say Brett Lee has lost some height. His peak may have been strong 6'1-weak 6'2 and now he's probably strong 6'0 or weak 6'1? Shoaib Akhtar from weak 6'0 to 5'11 range?
The easiest would be pacers who have suffered stress fractures, so you can look at that list and take a call. I'm not super serious about celebrity heights like a lot of people here, just interested. It helps pass the time when you are bored but don't want to watch Netflix.
Sakz said on 28/Dec/20
@Rajiv I've not seen much to suggest Woakes is closer to 6'1, since he tends to look around the same height as 6 footers such as Root. 6'0.5 could be the highest he measures. Tremlett definitely looks a strong 6'7 maybe even 6'7.5.
Dave Mills said on 28/Dec/20
@chilling Shaw seems good 5 inches shorter than Kohli,Gill could be 5'11.5 probably, looks like a good 2 inches taller than Rahul Dravid who seems to have lost a significant amount of height, Agarwal seems to be 5'8-5'9 and Pant might be a strong 5'6
Rajiv roy said on 27/Dec/20
@ chilling, bro shaw is pretty short. I think 5'3.5" would be fit for him. Gill is anywhere from 5'11 to 5'11.5". .agarwal is about 5'9 . Pant about 5'6.5". How about rahane? He looked taller than i thought. About 5'7.5" is possible for first i thought only 5'6" for him.but looks bearly 2 inch shorter than kohli.
Chilling said on 26/Dec/20
Interesting Rajiv. What would you say about the new kids in the Indian team? Being in the UK atm, I can't really watch many of the games live, except maybe bits of the first session before I go to bed. Looking at Shaw, Gill, Agarwal and Pant. I'd guess 5'4, at least 5'11, 5'9-ish and 5'5-5'7 respectively. Pant has gained weight, makes it hard.
Zahid said on 26/Dec/20
About the trio Finn, Rankin and Tremlett- I would say they are 6'6.5", 6'7", 6'7.5" resepectively. Check this:
Click Here

Tremlett is huge! He has bulked up recently.
Rajiv roy said on 26/Dec/20
@ sakz, yeah chris jordan is about 5'10.25 to 5'10.5 range.but most likely 5'10.5". Woakes is closer to 6'1 than just only strong 6. About 6'0.75" would be right on money. Finn rankin are legit 6.7 with tremlett 6'7.25" . Plunkett is about 6.3.
Sakz said on 25/Dec/20
@Inches_to_cm I would put Jordan at a strong 5'10, Woakes at a strong 6'0 and Tremlett definitely looks 6'7. Finn and Rankin look weak 6'7 guys, and Plunkett looks around 6'3 as listed.
Rajiv roy said on 25/Dec/20
@ chiling, kl rahul is about 6'0.5". Ashwin exactly the same.
Rajiv roy said on 25/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, merry christmas to everyone around the globe. Chris jordan is 5' 10.5 more or less.handsome guy chris woakes is about 6.1 or fraction less like 6' 0.75". Tremlett is a huge guy possibly 6'7" would be right on the money . Infact finn, rankin and tremlett all could be 6.7 or 6'7.25". I think i saw them playing togther in tests back in 2012 - 13. They all make stuart broad like a midget. Rankin currently plays for ire . He played for eng 2013 - 14 year. World cup hero tremlett a legit 6.3 or like rob 6'3and one eigth inch.
Dave Mills said on 25/Dec/20
@Inches_to_cm yeah you've pretty nailed the Chris' heights also fun fact,Chros Jordan is listed on Google as 6'2 right now , also I think Rankin surely edges out Steven Finn, not by much tho.
While we're at the subject of back issues,who do you think of all the cricketers have lost some amount of height? Me and Rajiv agreed on Rahul Dravid,Brett Lee,Mashrafe Mortaza and Shoaib Akhtar, I can add to the list names like Shane Warne (worst batting stance ever), probably Shahid Afridi and Sanath Jayasuriya. Who else do you think has lost height?
Inches_to_cm said on 24/Dec/20
Since it is Chris-tmas (haha), what would you lads have to say about the three Chrises of England bowling? Jordan, Woakes and Tremlett? I'd say 5'10-11, 6'1-2 and 6'6-7 respectively. I believe the third Chris suffered from a bulging/herniated disc a while back.
On that note, Steven Finn and Boyd Rankin would also be around 6'7. Liam Plunkett around 6'3, as listed?
Zahid said on 24/Dec/20
@David: Yuvraj is noticeably shorter than Kumble in one of the pictures I shared. Laxman is slightly shorter than Yuvraj.

@Rajiv Roy: Both KP's are very similar in height: Click Here. I agree that all three- Pollard, Sammy and Gayle could be about 0.5 inches lower. Regarding Ganguly, please check the comparison with Laxman I shared. He is within an inch of Laxman.
Chilling said on 24/Dec/20
Yeah I'd tend to agree with Rajiv and Dave about those guys. I'd say KL Rahul is 5'11- weak 6'0, and can't really judge Ashwin. I've seen him listed at 6'0 (too low for me) and 6'2 (probably too high).
Rajiv roy said on 24/Dec/20
@ zahid, sorry but i cant see ganguly at 5 foot 10.5 at peak. More like 5 foot 10 at peak and currently 5 foot 9 and a half inches. You are off by 1.5 inches for yuvi and vvs.
Rajiv roy said on 24/Dec/20
@ zahid, so you are expecting kp ( pollard) to be taller than other kp ( pietersen) . I dont think looked strong 6.3 does pollard not even 6.3 and a half. About 191.1 cm. Sammy same. Gayle shorter by a very small margin at legit 6.3
Dave Mills said on 23/Dec/20
@Zahid that surely settles the debate on Gayle, Sammy and Pollard, only thing I'd add is probably a 1/4th or 1/2th of a Inch boost for Sammy since he leans forward in pretty much every pic but Gayle and Pollard debate seems to be at rest.

Also on the Indian player's front, I'd say you've nailed the heights of Srinath, Prasad, Kumble and Ganguly(probably could add that all 4 of them have lost atleast half an inch height owing to all the bent back while batting and bowling for 20+ years).
Yuvraj and Laxman are definitely not this short, I'd argue atleast 6'1 and 6'1.5 for Laxman and Yuvraj respectively.
Zahid said on 22/Dec/20

Here are my guesses:

VVS Laxman- 5'11.5"
Javagal Srinath- 6'3"
Venkatesh Prasad- 6'3" peak (now around 6'2.5")
Kumble- 6'1"
Yuvraj- 6'
Ganguly- 5'10.5"

Check these pictures:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rajiv roy said on 22/Dec/20
@ inches to cm, well i am a mid 90s born kid, so exactly dont know how tall prasad and srinath are. Compare to other cricketers srinath gives me a feeling of legit 6.3. V prasasd probably about 6.3. Laxman is legit 6.1 . Always looked .5 inch shorter than yuvraj singh and kumble same as yuvraaj at 6 foot 1.5 inches. Yuvi as i said 6 foot 1.5 inches but sometimes looks close to 6.2 . So maybe 6' 1.75 inch at strech.dada ganguly is from my state bengal.his height is very confusing.but most likely 5 foot 9.5 inches. Very Similar to dhoni or kohli.
Zahid said on 21/Dec/20
@David Mills
@Rajiv roy

This should settle the heights for Pollard, Gayle and Sammy.

Click Here

My estimates:

Pollard- 6'4.5" (not a full 6'5" guy compared to real 6'5" guys like Ian Bishop: Click Here)

Sammy- 6'3.5"(Sammy vs Pollard-Click Here)

Gayle- 6'3"
Inches_to_cm said on 19/Dec/20
Rajiv what would you say about Indian players from the last 20 years? Specifically VVS Laxman, Javagal Srinath, Venkatesh Prasad and Anil Kumble? All towered over their team-mates. You could add Yuvraj Singh and Ganguly to this list too (latter didn't tower over, but was definitely above average).
Dave Mills said on 17/Dec/20
Click Here
Yeah 2 inches seems like a fair gap here ,the ground is flat, both Chris and Sammy are leaning but Sammy is obviously more bent but still has an edge of Gayle. My Estimates for them would be:
1. Chris Gayle :6'3 - 6'3.5
2. Darren Sammy : 6'4.75 - 6'5.25
Rajiv roy said on 16/Dec/20
@ dave mills, are you sure sammy looked 2 inch taller than gayle? Maybe you saw them from an awkward angle. I think sammy is 6.3 like gayle.
Dave Mills said on 16/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy for what it's worth,either of us could be true here so all we can do is predict.also how tall do you think former West Indies captain Darren Sammy is? He is listed as 6'5 at most of the places and I saw him pass behind Chris Gayle while Gayle was being interviewed, looked like several inches taller than Chris.
Rajiv roy said on 15/Dec/20
@ dave mills, i dont know about the ground level, i still think pollard is 6 foot 3 and a half. Kane is obviously over 5.8. Abd is a strong 5.11
Dave Mills said on 15/Dec/20
Click Here
This should settle the debate on Keiron Pollard's height, look substantially taller than Chris Gayle even while leaning and as far Kane goes he has looked 173-174 with Virat Kohli but somehow looks around 4 inches shorter AB de Villiers plus the fact that Virat often stands with a relaxed posture, but then again you can also say make a case for De Villiers being 181cm or 182cm thus confirming Williamson's height as 174cm.
Rajiv roy said on 15/Dec/20
@ dave mills, just because he is listed at 189 cm which is closer to 6 foot 2.5 that does not mean he is that height. Krunal is 6 foot half an inch max three quarter inch. Anywhere from 184 to 184.7 cm.hardik is about 6 foot maybe a tad under. Pollard could 6 foot 3.5 inches who knows.i can bet that kane is not a strong 5.7. He is 174 cm or 5 foot 8.5 inches tall. Sorry,but you can guess correctly. You are way off.
Dave Mills said on 15/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy Just look at Pollard with his Mumbai Teammates specifically Krunal Pandya who is listed at 6'2.25(1.89m) and his brother Hardik who is listed at 6' (1.83m) looks a good 3 and 5 inches taller than Krunal and Hardik respectively also Williamson is probably a strong 5'7 after looking at his photos with Virat , Dhoni and Ab de Villiers.
Rajiv roy said on 13/Dec/20
@ dave mills, sorry but i cant see 6 foot 5 for pollard. Looks 6.3 to me. If his posture is bad then maybe 6.4 standing fully straight. How tall do you think kane williamson really is?
Dave Mills said on 12/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy I don't think either one out of Virat Kohli or Keiron Pollard has lost height, just a matter of having a bad posture for Pollard otherwise he's still easily 6'5 when standing straight. I'd rather include Brad Hogg and Glenn McGrath as the height losing candidates as they've both played for 20+ years.
Rajiv roy said on 11/Dec/20
@ dave mills, even i think morne morkel has lost height. His legs looks bend a bit. Maybe due to leg surgery . Dont know. I think ambrose maybe 6 foot 6.75 inch currently and at peak possibly 6 foot 7.5 inches. So .75 inch loss possible for him.rahul dravid has lost 1 inch height obviously faced most deliveries in test history. Also faced many balls in odis because 10000 odd runs. But how much ? Possibly 1.5 inch. Peak 5.11 and currently 5 foot 9.5 inches. Shoaib akhtar , mortaza has lost height too by knee surgery. Infact most shocking is that pollard has lost around 1 inch height. Looked 6 foot 4 few years ago now 6.3. But then kohli also shrunk in height.
Dave Mills said on 10/Dec/20
@Rajiv roy It's completely possible for Ambrose to have lost some height at the age of 57, maybe even a whole inch. What other cricketers do you think seem to have lost height? My guesses are Brett Lee,Shoaib Akhtar,Mashrafe Mortaza (all due to knee surgeries) and Rahul Dravid(played 31000 deliveries in test cricket, that's a lot of time to bend your back).
Height Guy said on 28/Nov/20
Hi Rob,

Hope you are well. How do ambrose and wasim stack up here please with different footwear also?

Click Here
Editor Rob
in one photo could look nearly 6 inches smaller
Rajiv roy said on 5/Oct/20
6.7 is actually 200.67 cm. So just 3.3 mm shy of 201cm. But i am not sure why rob paul is not adding other famous cricket players. There are so many famous cricket players. My guesses for those famous cricket players are
Chris gayle- 6.3
Broad- 6.5
Steyn- 6
Abd- 5.11
Kohli- 5.9
Dhoni - 5.9
JD1996 said on 4/Oct/20
More I look the more he looks 201 cm tall.
Khal said on 4/Oct/20
In this photo does not seems to me 27 cm height difference between you and him it look like more absolutely!
Hyper said on 25/Sep/20
Do you think he could measure 6’6 7/8” or 6’ 6 3/4”, as an afternoon height?
Editor Rob
If he drops under 6ft 7 I doubt it's really much, in person taller than 6ft 6 guys comfortably, I'd say within 2cm of Hafthor is real possibility.
the name's Sam said on 4/Jul/20
Now I know why batsmen felt afraid to face him he’s over 2.0 metres tall who balls over 150 kmph ! He’s somewhere in the 201-201.5 cm range
Height Guy said on 11/Oct/19
Hey Rob,

Any idea how many inches between Curtly Ambrose and Wasim Akram here:

Click Here:
Editor Rob
It's tricky as Curtly looks a bit further away...but maybe there is almost 5 inches
Height Guy said on 11/Oct/19
Chris Gayle with Curtly Ambrose:

Click Here:
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 11/Sep/19
Thin but over 6"7.
JD1996 said on 18/Aug/19
I reckon he could be 2 metres same height as me or could be up to 201 cm
Jdubbz 6'5.75" said on 2/Aug/19
Very tall looking dude. If not 6’7, a legit 2 meter guy.
StonePowers 6'3 1/4" said on 26/Jul/19
A perfect 200 cm!
Zahid said on 5/Jul/19
@Rob: time to open a "cricketer" category and add the likes of Mohammad Irfan (he is more of a 6'10" guy rather than the claimed 7'1")
Nik said on 26/Jun/19
@ Rob - What about a height chart?
Editor Rob
There is a height chart shown in This clip
Zahid said on 26/Jun/19
Tried to compare your Hafthor image side by side with this one above: Click Here

Hafthor (listed 6'7.75" here) is indeed slightly taller. Curtly, therefore, is in the 6'7" range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/19
Maybe just a tap bit of weak 6'7 but not as low as 6'6-6'6.5". 6'6.75" at the low side.
Dream said on 24/Jun/19
Actually, Nevermind.

Kane still looked a lot taller than this (especially with his footwear advantage), in person.
Canson said on 23/Jun/19
He’s a good 199-200 cm guy after seeing the pic with Rob along with Ambrose and other contemporaries. Probably a weak 6’7”, 6’6 range guy very much on the cusp of 6’7.
secondrowback said on 23/Jun/19
Curtly was always slightly shorter than legit 6'8 Joel Garner and taller than 6'5/6'6 range Ian Bishop and Courtney Walsh. I'd say legit 6'7 for Curtly. When he toured England in 1988 some commentators described him as 6'8 and one, Ray Illingworth, described him as 6'9. Illingworth had a habit of over-estimating and once described Derek Pringle as 6'9...when he was more of a decent 6'5.
Y07 said on 22/Jun/19
I guess it is possible he could be somewhere between 6'6 3/4" and 6'7". Since the chart says he is 6'6 1/2". Notice how his neck is leaning forward and not exactly straight meaning he is standing relaxed. I lose about 1/4 inch doing that. Then again, i have no idea if Rob is really standing at his tallest or what the footwear they are wearing that day. Hey Rob, who had the footwear advantage that day?
Editor Rob
for a guy over 6ft 6 he stood very well in that photo op.
Andrea said on 21/Jun/19
Well, yeah, 184guy2, 6'6 is definitely undercutting him a bit!
All things considered, the difference looks very close to 10.5 inches here, so somewhere between 6'6.5 and 6'7 certainly isn't that hard to believe, especially since Rob himself is over 5'8 flat.
Andrea said on 21/Jun/19
Jordan87, I have no problem believing he's somewhere between 6'6.5 and 6'7. Nothing more than that though.
184guy2 said on 20/Jun/19
Closer to 6'6 is ridiculous ...
Rob is clearly an inch below his chin ; this guy looks that he could have 1 inch on someone like Anthony Joshua .6'6.75 might be on the money ....
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 20/Jun/19
The man's 55 years old. I'll give him the full 6'8" in his 20's/30's. He's probably still over 6'7" today and wakes up at close to 6'8", the same way that Rob wakes up at close to 5'9".
Sakz said on 20/Jun/19
I think a fraction under 6'7 is definitely possible. Rob I'm assuming you don't think he's lost noticeable height? Since there's no current and peak...
Editor Rob
A 1/4 inch might be possible, but I doubt he's a guy who has lost much height.
Andrea said on 20/Jun/19
He does look over 6'6 for sure, tree, but not quite the full 6'7, HERE.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/19
⭐ I had a cat called Ambrose.

She was a girl!

Jordan87 said on 19/Jun/19

I would think he is closer to 6'7" still than 6'6".
tree said on 19/Jun/19
But rob looks down his head looks bigger,this guy is over 6ft6

Rob can u give a gues on his head size cuz looks a bit smal for a 2meter range man
Editor Rob
In person I would have thought at most 9.5 inches for his head, which on a near 6ft 7 guy is on the smaller side.
mini golf kid said on 19/Jun/19
My god he is enormous.I would look like a shrimp next to him. West Indies Cricketers are huge.
Nik said on 19/Jun/19
@ cmillzz - I always respect your opinion but I dunno about what you have said on this occasion, I think in many people's 📚 6'7" is exceptionally tall, certainly in my 📖 it is! It certainly does depend on how you define it though and 6'4" could be deemed to be exceptionally tall, I would say that an exceptionally tall height is one that is at least 6'6"!
Mahesh said on 18/Jun/19
Rob a comparison picture with hafthor please
jriggs said on 18/Jun/19
At 55 I would say he is starting to drop height probably was a good 6'8.25 / 6'8.5 peak

Now he is more 6'7
Andrea said on 18/Jun/19
Nice! He does look a solid 6'6.5 on the height chart.
Editor Rob
That would be the lowest I'd have thought he could be, highest 6ft 7. 6ft 8 in shoes.
Andrea said on 18/Jun/19
tree, for the reasons I have given (regarding his head size), I'd say he looks closer to 6'6 than 6'7 here...
cmillzz said on 18/Jun/19
not quite sure if 6’7 would be considered that yet. I think 6’9 might be the start of exceptionally tall. Really depends on how you define it though.
Nik said on 17/Jun/19
This is what exceptionally tall and average look like!
Dream said on 17/Jun/19
Rob, is 6’7 1/8” arguable? His shoulders look way too high to be 6’6.5” range.
Editor Rob
I think he is close to 6ft 7, but I wouldn't have guessed over that range.
Jordan87 said on 17/Jun/19
6'8 is a no. 6'7", yes but not taller than that.
Myself said on 17/Jun/19
I think his head is smaller than Rob's!
tree said on 17/Jun/19
Andrea said on 16/Jun/19
He looks more 6'6-6'7 than a full 6'7 here.

Really?Looks a good example of legit 6ft7,Definitely over 6ft6
Andrea said on 17/Jun/19
Maybe add a height chart?
Unless the camera is somehow altering your head sizes, he doesn't have a big head (and eyelevel, in particular) for his height, so he can seem taller than he is, but taking that into account, I'm not sure he looks much more than 10 inches taller than you here...
Editor Rob
It's a good camera position for representing true head sizes - sometimes with a lower camera it could knock a fraction of height from a taller person, but in this case the camera is nearly 5ft 8 high. I will try to do a quick video and link to a chart soon.
Big T said on 17/Jun/19
Despite the 6’8” claim, the vast majority of listings for him are actually 6’7”, so he seems to have been accurately listed
cmillzz said on 17/Jun/19
yeah, my first impression when seeing this pic was that he’s a legit 6’7.
Y07 said on 17/Jun/19
He could be 6'8" first thing out of bed. Since he looks to have a 8-head proportion. He could definitely create a illusion of looking taller than he actually is.
Y07 said on 17/Jun/19
He is definitely tall for sure. Could be 6'8" first thing out of bed. Since he looks to have a 8-head proportion. He could definitely create a illusion of looking taller than he actually is.
Thyssen said on 17/Jun/19
No more than 200cm
Mickie said on 16/Jun/19
Yeah - he looks this.
Dream said on 16/Jun/19
Rob, this is how Kane looked in person! (Without the bigger shoes!)
Caruso Victor said on 16/Jun/19
Curtly always looked around 6’8 to me
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jun/19
The standing position deceiving Curtly look to be 6'6 1/2.
Andrea said on 16/Jun/19
He looks more 6'6-6'7 than a full 6'7 here...
Editor Rob
The photographer lady was only 5ft 1 or thereabouts but actually had the foresight to stand on a chair to become over 6ft to take photos here. I don't think curtly is as tall as he claimed in his biography.
tree said on 16/Jun/19
So he would have a full head on a 176 guy?
His head is 25cm?
Badboy said on 16/Jun/19
Considering the guy's age and posture , I think rob he was 6'8 in the early 1990's , current height is 6'7
Tunman said on 16/Jun/19
Somewhere like 27-28cm difference here?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jun/19
I know what a 12 inch difference looks like and it's more than this, so I agree with 6ft7!
World Citizen said on 16/Jun/19
Wow, he's tall!
Kapp said on 16/Jun/19
He looks much taller, probably because of how lanky he is.

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