How tall is Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose's Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

American professional wrestler (Jonathan Good) wrestled with the WWE as part of 'The Shield' and All Elite Wrestling as Jon Moxley. When asked how tall he was, he once said "It depends on who you ask....I'm Six-Two or Six-Three...I guess, maybe"

Dean Ambrose durante un House Show di gennaio 2015

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Average Guess (229 Votes)
6ft 1.12in (185.7cm)
Julian Lewis 6'2 said on 24/Apr/21
Wow they finally lowered dean he’s not 6’4 anymore lol
Bensim1993 said on 18/Apr/21
Sami zayn is 6ft 1.5 he was standing next to Logan Paul who 6ft 1.5 and looked exactly the same height even with Logan’s hair Sami looked the same height
Tavion said on 23/Mar/21
He is a full 6'1 or 185.4 cm
Bensim1993 said on 19/Feb/21
Rhea ripley is either 5ft7or 5ft8 and indi hartwell is 5ft9 looks like a skinny Charlotte figure
Bensim1993 said on 10/Feb/21
I’ve just looked up somewhere that the USO’s heights are 6ft and 6ft1/2 and normally built heights are 6ft1 and 6ft2
Dayshaen said on 7/Feb/21
Bensim1993 5’11 and maybe the other one is 6’0
Bensim1993 said on 6/Feb/21
How tall is Jimmy and jey uso
Jean Bodt said on 28/Jan/21
He's 6 ft 1 probably has just poor posture that looks little under 6-1
Bensim1993 said on 28/Jan/21
There is a few pictures showing Dean, Roman and Seth in the loft about to leave and it looks like Seth’s head slightly down but dean’s head is down not that much so he looks 1.5-2 inches taller than Seth. Seth is 6ft 2.25 in boots and Roman in boots 6ft 3.5 and Dean in would make him 6ft 4.25 just looking at some pictures.
K.A said on 16/Jan/21
The fact that he weighs more than Seth rollins ans looks much broader is the reason why people might perceive him as the tallest of the two when in actual sense he isn't,but anyways there is really not much between them .
His vague answer on his height suits his former Dean Ambrose gimmick ,crazy witty personality.
Now has John moxley in AEW wreslting he must have changed gimmick.Just for reference I don't follow AEW .
slim 6'1 said on 11/Jan/21
Flat 6’1”
Ethan99 said on 9/Jan/21
i find it quite funny that he's billed 6'4 in WWE. His 6'2 listing in njpw is more reasonable though he is really about 6'1
Bensim1993 said on 7/Dec/20
How tall is indi hartwell and how tall is Raquel Gonzales
Tavion Jackson said on 6/Dec/20
I think he is about 6'1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/20
I have to disagree about Dijakovic though. He seems no more than 6'6".

Titus could be 6'3" and Rusev 5'11".
Chaitanya Sinha said on 6/Nov/20
Flat 6foot 1inch
Bensim1993 said on 18/Oct/20
How tall is Titus O’Neill and rusev now miro
Bensim1993 said on 16/Oct/20
How tall is dexter Lumas is he between 6ft 1/2- 6ft 1
Bensim1993 said on 13/Oct/20
So Ali is dijak between 6ft 6-6ft 7 and priest looks like a skinny Brodie lee
Ali said on 11/Oct/20
Bensim1993 Damian Priest is 6'5 max, in my opinion. He does slouch a lot and doesn't stand straight when talking to guys shorter than him.

In his Punishment Martinez days, he was listed as 6'6 or 6'7 depending on which promotion he was working for.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I reckon he could pull off 6'6 maybe on a good day depending on what footwear he is in but to me he is 6'5 max, I'd say Dijak is more 6'7.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/20
Priest could be somewhere around 6'4"-6'5", but certainly no taller than 6'5", which is his official WWE bill. Some posters on Finn Balor's page were guessing him at 6'6" or 6'7", which is way too high.
Bensim1993 said on 4/Oct/20
How tall is Damien Priest is he either between 6ft 4.5-6ft 5.5
Scott 5'6 said on 1/Oct/20
No he is 6’1.25 because if u look closely he is very slightly taller than Seth who is 6’1
6'3 Julian said on 24/Sep/20
@Bensim 6’8-9 would be my guess. 300-320 pounds bodyweight
Bensim1993 said on 22/Sep/20
How tall do you think Dabba from raw underground is it says 6ft9-10 but I I’m struggling with what his true height is
Linke said on 12/Sep/20
Dain I think could be closer to 6'2. He had series of matches with McIntyre during Drew's time away from WWE & he looked no way near 6'4 billing. He has physically transformed himself, if you see his early work, he had a completely different body structure and resembled someone like Tyler Breeze in terms of his look. His physique at time may not enable him to stand at his tallest.
Bensim1993 said on 11/Sep/20
@Christian 6’5 3/8” is that for Keith lee can seem a strong 6ft 1 or is that for dexter lumis or dain
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Sep/20
I'd say that's the lowest for him. He can seem a strong 6'1" as well.
Bensim1993 said on 9/Sep/20
Do you think Dexter Lumas is 6ft 1/2 he looks it
Bensim1993 said on 8/Sep/20
Linke Do you think killian dain 6ft 1 or 6ft 2
Linke said on 1/Sep/20
Keith Lee is 6'1 tops.
Bensim1993 said on 30/Aug/20
Titus is 6ft 3-6ft 3.25 I’ve just looked up some 49ers pictures and it’s shows Terrell Owens looks 6ft 3 but on his page is 6ft 2.7/8.
Bensim1993 said on 30/Aug/20
Erick rowan is 6ft 7.25 it says somewhere I’ve just found out that’s his height I knew he was a little bit taller than Braun when bray, Braun and Erick went to the stock exchange and posed for some pictures that Erick stood slightly taller than Braun.
6'3 Julian said on 29/Aug/20
He’s billed 6’2, given their tendency to add 1-2 inches nowadays I’d guess 6’-6’1
Bensim1993 said on 20/Aug/20
How tall is Keith lee just wondering is he 6ft 1or 6ft 2
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/20
Don't know too much about Storm or Gunner, but Roode's not a legit 6 footer. He seems to be at most the same height as Dolph Ziggler.
Gobgghbfffcnkj said on 23/Jul/20
His posture is awful. In Shield matches when he stands straight he’s eye to eye with Roman
rikashiku said on 5/Jul/20
I'd still rate Dean Ambrose above 6'1" myself and closer to 6'2".

@Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Apr/20

It's hard to tell from the video, but they look like they could be pretty close in height. If EC3 isn't 6'1", then he's a strong 6'0". Rounding down his height in comparison to other 6 footers like Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Gunner, EC3 looks to be a bit over 6'0", assuming those three are in that range.
Andy5'91/2 said on 10/Jun/20
Seth rollins- 6’1 1/8 dean ambrose- 6’1 1/4
Jonny Clewett said on 25/May/20
Looks a solid 6 ft 1 to me,
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Apr/20
Maybe, but then again, I've never payed much attention to EC3's height.
Bensim1993 said on 13/Apr/20
@christian 6’5 3/8” do you think he could between 5ft 11.5 and 6ft cause bobby looks to have more than an inch on ec3 in my opinion
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Apr/20
I can't see EC3 being anywhere near 6'1". He has looked noticeably shorter than 6'1" listed Bobby Lashley. Click Here
Bensim1993 said on 9/Apr/20
Just wondered on a moment of bliss ec3 was standing up next to dean and he looked slightly head down and just a bit hunched over but not as much but if ec3 is 6ft 1 or 6ft.75 and I know it’s the camera where it was standing and
Positioned it did look like dean had 2-3 inches on ec3 and I know this has him down as 6ft.75 but dean looks a hell more than his stated height.
And I just thought could you try and add ec3 height down if you could rob
Bensim1993 said on 14/Mar/20
@christian 6‘5 3/8” didn’t know that but thanks for the information about the female interviewers doing that with I think both wrestlers. I think it’s funny how Tom Philips either stretches his legs out or go on his knees so that Chris Jericho could look a stupid 6ft 5 to 6ft 10 and make big show look 7ft 2 and for nia jax to look her 6ft or 6ft 2 in some interviews.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Mar/20
BTW, I've heard rumors about female backstage interviewers taking their high heels off and being barefoot, in order to make the wrestlers they're interviewing, look taller.
Bensim1993 said on 3/Mar/20
@christian 6’5 3/8” I’m just wishing they could just most superstars up my just an inch when they are wearing trainers or boots and for Matt riddle who only wears flip flops to the ring get him to be 6ft 1 and when they tell to wear boots put him up to 6ft 2 but I’m getting tired of the backstage interviews and segments making making out that some people are so much taller it just bugs me
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Mar/20
I don't get why he was billed at 6'4" 234lbs on the Tale Of The Tape in AEW, when he's officially billed as 6'2" 224lbs.

Yeah, and that's assuming he's even a legit 5'11", as some posters here have said that he looks only 5'10" range.
Bensim1993 said on 27/Feb/20
On wwe network it shows R Truth’s mugshot and it shows his height on a wwe 24 episode and it shows that he’s really 5ft 11 and nowhere near his billed up height of 6ft 2 so could you add R Truth’s height to this website
Al KW Tan said on 28/Jan/20
Moxley is actually the tallest member of the shield, it was stated in an article. He slouch to actually make Roman more imposing, being the muscles of the team. He looks taller when they're not in the ring. I'll give him 6'2.5.
Al KW Tan said on 28/Jan/20
Moxley is actually the tallest member of the shield. He slouch to actually make Roman more imposing, being the muscles of the team. He looks taller when they're not in the ring. I'll give him 6'2.5.
Nik said on 20/Jan/20
@ tony t. - How old are you?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jan/20
I can't see him more than 6'0.5", but no less than 6'0.25"
tony t. said on 15/Jan/20
Thanks Miss Sandy Cowell

Also @Neville46 I always wondered about that too. After much observation I still think Dean has a quarter inch on Cena.
Ben Simpson-Aram said on 6/Jan/20
Cena wears trainers so they give him like 1.25 inches and for Dean he has the same so but dean relaxes in the ring but John stands up more.
Neville46 said on 4/Jan/20
Rob,how likely is 6ft 1/2 ? See this segment with 6ft 1/2 john cena
Click Here
Dean is marginally taller like 1/4 of an inch, but if you look the footwear i really don't think barefoot edge out cena
Click Here
What do you think ?
Editor Rob
6ft 1/2 might be the lowest I'd make a case for, 6ft 1 the most
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Dec/19
@ tony t.

Thanks very much for getting back to me! You are a fine male height. Merry Christmas Tony! XX 😁👍🎄🎅⛄

Mr Ambrose gets 6ft0.75.
Trish Cooning said on 19/Dec/19
I believe He's 6'1" even He's walking with sheer confidence and,in WWE he was slouching but,now he doesn't walk like He's not feeling comfortable with himself he finally found his nitch and,he is more alive not as depressed seeming being happy adds confidence in yourself.
tony t. said on 19/Dec/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell
Yeah not sure if it's the angle but in that power ranger pic Dean and Roman look almost dead equal.
I am 5'10.75
Ben Simpson-Aram said on 10/Dec/19
Christian 6’5 3/8” no that’s just from backstage picture taken they always make him look the same size for some stupid reason but I thing he slightly is over Seth but not sure about Roman only certain photos show that dean is just about taller than roman is
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Dec/19
Looks shorter than Seth Rollins Click Here
Ben Simpson-Aram said on 5/Dec/19
Just would If rob met dean/Jon and thought he is taller than what he is at 6ft .75 and he put him taller what would it be cause he doesn’t always stand up straight just slouches most of the time
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/19
@Wrestling Fan
But Ambrose has camera advantage over HHH though.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Nov/19
@ Tony T - I did indeed do some scrolling down and I saw your submissions. He is a big boy, isn't he? BTW How tall are you? I'm 5ft1 and there ain't nothing I can do about it! Blah!
tony t. said on 12/Nov/19
Sim1993 this one.
Not sure if Dean looks taller but it's an interesting pic. Just scroll down a tiny bit.
Click Here
Wrestling Fan said on 17/Sep/19
Ambrose with 6'1½" HHH
Click Here

@Chriatian 6'5⅜"
No Sir!
That ain't the case.
The picture you posted can mislead someone very easily.
You can find some more pictures
I'm sure you'll get a picture more accurate than that.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan
It's certainly more reliable than some of the pics you provided with Ziggler and Ambrose. In that pic, Ziggler even has camera advantage over Balor yet still doesn't look more than 5'10".
Sim1993 said on 14/Sep/19
When they do a promo with dean, Roman and Seth. They make it seem that Roman is leader and Seth his assistant and dean the one that helps out but they could have done is put them all being as big as Roman then when they do a outside promo you could try to see who’s slightly bigger but they don’t but with how dean is now in a different company he’s built 6ft 2 but I don’t have a clue now if he’s this height or an it more taller
Wrestling Fan said on 14/Sep/19
@Christian 6'5⅜"
There wasn't even a straight camera angle in that picture you posted.
Do you really believe such pictures are reliable?
They're not reliable.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Sep/19
Ok, maybe 6'0.75" for Ambrose is possible, but I still wouldn't give him a solid 6'1". He can look around 2.5" taller than Ziggler, but Ziggler's likely not more than 5'10", as here's him with 5'9.25" listed Finn Balor. Click Here
Wrestling Fan said on 12/Sep/19
6'1" is more accurate than 6'¾"
He's definitely not a bit shorter than Seth Rollins
Click Here
And if Dolph Ziggler is legit 5'11" then these picture are enough to say everything
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Average guess says pretty much for itself here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Aug/19
@Wrestling Fan
Are you sure about that? Because traditional wrestling boots are just as thick, if not, thicker than combat boots. Here's Reigns and Lesnar Click Here Reigns looks a cm taller, but has around a cm footwear advantage Click Here Those running shoes look around 7/8" and combat boots typically give around 1.25"
Wrestling Fan said on 23/Aug/19
@Christian 6'5⅜"
Have you ever noticed something?
The wrestling boots that Roman Reigns wears are not the stereotypical boots that other wrestlers wear(for example:-Randy Orton)
The boots Roman wears are more like boots that soldiers in the US army wear.

Those soldier boots have a thick sole at the bottom which is perhaps the reason that Roman looks taller than he actually is.
And indeed that's the reason that he looks taller than Brock Lesnar in the ring because Lesnar's boots have almost no sole at all(I meant extremely thin sole).
David Wolberg said on 15/Aug/19
Dean Ambrose appears to be same exact height as Seth Rollins. I would place Dean Ambrose's height at exactly 6 feet 1 inch.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Aug/19
He's apparently now billed as 6'2", which is more modest compared to his former 6'4" Click Here
Roderick said on 5/Aug/19
Info box is super out of date.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jul/19
I disagree, he looks more than just an inch shorter than Roman. Even Rollins looks around 1.5" shorter than Roman and Rollins is the same height, if not, taller than Dean.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/19
Slim, it puts him anywhere 6ft2-2½. I can’t see Roman under 6ft2 flat and I think he can look taller...Dean generally looks 1in shorter give or take.
Ali said on 28/May/19
You might want to update his page Rob, he is now AEW wrestler as well as independent wrestler and is going by fis former name Jon Moxley. Can't wait to see his new run, will bring that fire back to him.

Also Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega, nuff said.
Xpac99 said on 27/May/19
Click Here
Ambrose have an edge on cody. 6ft 1 is more reasonible
Sim1993 said on 29/Apr/19
So rampage clover so what does that make Roman 6ft 2.5in or 6ft 2.75in and for dean being 6ft 1 on the nose what does that mean just wondered.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/19
Reigns was measured at a confirmed 6ft2⅝ so nothing under 6ft2 for him. Ambrose could be 6ft1 on the nose
Sim1993 said on 28/Mar/19
There is a picture with him and Roman with some people dressed up as power rangers rob and it looks like dean is taller than roman but I know it’s slightly cause the his angle and how the camera is what do you think I can’t seem to put pictures on here for some reason
tony t. said on 27/Mar/19
Rob, do you think Ambrose has a large head which makes him appear shorter?
Editor Rob
Longer than average, but not what I'd call Huge for his height range.
Space said on 20/Mar/19
Dean Ambrose is pretty much the same height as Seth Rollins, they’re both about 6’0.75”. Reigns is an inch or so taller than them both at 6’1.75”.

Ambrose is not 6’1+
Sim1993 said on 16/Mar/19
There is something about his height on a recently past raw when he looked straight in the face of triple h he either looked 6ft 3 or 6ft 3.5 in boots cause he looked the same height as him or .5 inch taller than hhh
Ran magee said on 15/Mar/19
Can't see him under 6'1
Preston Trotman said on 1/Mar/19
He seems to be the same height as Seth Rollins but he slouches a lot I’d say 6’1.5
Sim1993 said on 26/Feb/19
There is a YouTube video showing wwe cute clips in a completion video and both dolph ziggler and Seth and dean are there and Seth is at the back wall and dean is a bit away from the wall but I think if he stood next to Seth he would be 1.5 inches height than Seth so I have bit of a think that he could be what Goldberg used to be but on some pictures dean does look more 6-2 and Roman’s height at some points when they are standing together and with Seth about 1.5 inches difference but that’s what I was thinking about what does other people think
Sim1993 said on 22/Feb/19
But manpreet could he be the same height as triple h and be 6-2 and with boot 6-3 and vince makes him 6-4 or do you think on the off chance he is 6-1 built up to 6-3 what do you think
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 21/Feb/19
Just call me Manpreet, because his website name in cagematch that stood 6'3 190cm. That could be his real height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Feb/19
190cm? What a joke.
Sim1993 said on 15/Feb/19
Manpreet Singh Virk where does it say or show his real height being 190cm just wondered
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 15/Feb/19
Ambrose billed height in WWE is 193cm, real height is 190cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Feb/19

You'd be surprised at how many people genuinely believe that they're an inch or two taller than they really are. Not everyone who exaggerates height is lying on purpose.
Sim1993 said on 10/Feb/19
Does he mean he’s 6-2 or 6-3 I guess maybe or where he thinks he’s one of those but doesn’t know what his height is or Is it like triple h 6-2 and in boots really 6-3 and add 1 inches to his height like what triple h does just wondered cause I thought I was 6ft at one point but then I thought I was 5-11 then I went to the doctors and the nurse measured me and I’m 5-10
Xpac99 said on 9/Feb/19
Ambrose is 6ft 1 the same of rollins
Buttercup Dickerson said on 30/Jan/19
Ambrose facing off with 5ft10 Nia Jax - Click Here
Sim1993 said on 27/Jan/19
I just wondered there's a interview with the shield and roddy piper in the ring and dean is standing looking in roddy’s face and I’m just wondering if roddy is 6ft 1 then what is dean he can’t be 6ft 0.75 cause he looks like 1.5 inches to 2 inches taller than piper in a video on YouTube
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
A solid 185 cm .
Sim1993 said on 7/Jan/19
I just thought if cm punk is 5ft 11.75 and he has lifts to make him 6ft 1 or 6ft 1 and quarter then dean can’t be 6ft 0.75 or 6ft 1 he seems to have 2 inches so it would make dean 6ft 3.75 when I was looking at some pictures on google between them
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jan/19
@tony t

True. But yet he's still listed 6'4.5" here for some reason.
tony t. said on 5/Jan/19
Look at the face off between Orton and Jinder from back in 2012.
Go to 0:51 secs. Jinder possibly has boot advantage and he is shorter still. Jinder is 6'3.5 at most.

Click Here
Ali said on 27/Dec/18
Always looked 6'1 to me, just slouched a lot due to his character, very much like Heath Ledgers Joker.

You should update to his new look Rob, since returning Dean looks bigger physically. Also his new Bane style jacket makes him look more physically imposing.

Also, because the average guess is 6'1.09 for Dean, would you consider upgrading his height to a full 6'1 now?
KoolKid05 said on 24/Dec/18
Ambrose (in my opinion) is a legit 6’4” tall. He just slouches a lot that’s all.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Dec/18

When? Just about every pic I see, Randy either edges Jinder or they're the exact same.
Sim1993 said on 8/Dec/18
I think maybe that either dean is 6ft 1.5 or 6ft 1.75 because on some pictures he looks like Chris Pratt’s figure
Sim1993 said on 8/Dec/18
I think dean is 6ft 1.5 or 6ft 1.75 because I’ve seen and picture of him standing up standing up straight he maybe the sort of the same height as Chris Pratt or just below because in another picture he does look between Seth and Roman in the middle.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 7/Dec/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Jinder did look taller at one time don't quite remember when it was.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/18
No Mahal is not shorter than Orton

I saw their face off and in casual shoes a Jinder had the edge
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/18
@tony t

I know, I don't get why some people still think it's the opposite.
tony t. said on 5/Dec/18
Orton is taller than Mahal I'm certain.
Sim1993 said on 23/Oct/18
Is dean 6ft 2 and 6ft 3 in boots or 6ft 3 and 6ft 4 in boots that's what o want to know
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 21/Oct/18
Ambrose is around 6'3.
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 6/Oct/18
Ambrose's height.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 2/Oct/18
Lol and to think people actually believed he's 6'4.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/18
184 is the most I'd give him now. Looked a good 4" shorter than 6'4.25" McIntyre.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 1/Oct/18
Looks somewhere from 6'0.5"-0.75" if you see him next to Drew McIntyre.
Xpac99 said on 28/Sep/18
Click Here
Mahal 6ft 4.5 isn’t possible
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 1/Sep/18
@Rob Mahal is billed at 6'5 by WWE. Considering he's around that mark I'm surprised he wasn't billed at 6'7 by their normal standards.

@Ali The funny thing is Ambrose is billed at 6'4 which Mahal clears so he's towered by him. They don't even give him appropriate footwear to look near that height which makes it even more ridiculous.
Ali said on 29/Aug/18
If Dean is 6'1 as average guesses suggest, how tall does that make Jinder Mahal?
Here is a segment he and Dean had this week on RAW.

Click Here

Mahal looks at least 3 inches taller than Ambrose, putting him in the 6'3.75 to 6'4 range and he is often listed as 6'5 and has been described as a big on their SmackTalk shows. Take into account his turban does add make him look taller as well.

What do you say Rob?
Editor Rob
Mahal at 6ft 4.5 is possible, his 6ft 6 billing was always a bit much.
Sri krishna said on 14/Aug/18
Rob,how much do you think ambrose weighs if hes 6ft tall,if hes 6ft bare foot then hes probably 6'1-1.5in the morning and also in his wrestling gear
berta said on 29/Apr/18
rob shouldt you put up his claim from thata audio file where he says " im 6`2-6`3 i guess"
Editor Rob
Yes, I've put it at the top now. Any man who uses 'I guess...maybe' is lying about their height.
tony t. said on 28/Mar/18
Oh and Dean as I've stated in earlier posts is 6'0.75. I think Rob keeps him this way because Seth Rollins (6'1) you can tell has a little bit on him..
tony t. said on 28/Mar/18
Curtis Axel was at least an inch shorter than 6'2.5 Alex Riley back in the day.
My guess would be:
Curtis Axel 6'1.25
Zack Ryder 6'1
Fandango 6'1.25
Sami Zayn 5'11.75 (he's pretty much the same as cm punk in height tbh)
Miz 6'0.5
Santino Rossi said on 18/Mar/18
Dean is not 6feet or 6’1 or 6’2 he’s 6’3’75
Murt said on 13/Mar/18
Lol no way Dean is 6'4 cuz when he stands next to Roman Reigns he looks taller and Roman is about 6'3
Lawrence said on 13/Mar/18
Dean is no taller than a 6' man IMO. Don't be fooled by billed heights and wrestling foot wear
JMH said on 3/Mar/18
If Kevin Owens is 5'10, I see Dean around 6' even.
Marc Bonemero said on 4/Feb/18
Dean looks around 6'1.
Ali said on 27/Jan/18
He always appeared a weak 6'1 to me, his posture is all over the place that's all. When he is stood much straighter he can go from looking 6'0.5 - .75 to a full 6'1. That is a good height for a wrestler and an actor, give him simple trainers or dress shoes and he would be in the 6'1.5 to 6'2 range.

@heightchecker34 Ambrose did edge out Miz a lot during their feud but there was a segment where he looked the same as Miz. Unfortunately I cannot find a video or a picture of this.

As for Sami Zayn, to me Zayn can look a weak 6'0 and Ambrose did always edge out quite a bit.
Click Here

As for Fandango, Zack Ryder and Curtis Axel, I cant find any decent photos or segments of either but I would say Axel would edge out the latter. Hope that helps.
heightchecker34 said on 13/Jan/18
Rob, who do you think would be taller between the three: Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, or The Miz? They all look close to 6'1, but taller than 184 cm. I think the result would be interesting. My money is on Ambrose. He just slouches to much, but when he stands tall, he is very close to 185 cm. And I wonder who would stander taller between these three as well: Fandango, Curtis Axel or Zack Ryder? They all look 6'1.5. I think Zack Ryder holds great posture, so I might lean towards him. Thanks!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 8/Jan/18
6'0.5" is more like it.
Ricky said on 8/Jan/18
Rob,you have to upgrade him to 6'1".
JJStyles said on 2/Jan/18
Yes i knew it he wasn't 6'4 because i saw the raw video when the shield reunited dean was standing next to roman and he looks shorter than roman so i was right!
Boba Fett said on 4/Dec/17
@Ricky Yeah, can't see Ambrose being under 6'1", he towered over AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown.
Ricky said on 24/Nov/17
The average guess of 185.6 cm is perfect for him.
Ricky said on 22/Nov/17
Rob,please tell me what makes you believe that Dean Ambrose is not completely 6'1".
Editor Rob
it's just an estimate, there is of course a chance he can look 6ft 1 range...someone like Seth Rollins can look about 6ft 1 with Billy Gunn, who I would say is close to 6ft 4.
Boba Fett said on 21/Nov/17
Between 6'1" and 6'2" is fine for Ambrose, IMO. If I had to be specific though, I'd go with 6'1.5", guess you could call it intuition.
Boba Fett said on 20/Nov/17
Was Ambrose billed at 6 feet and 6'2"? Thought WWE always listed him as 6'4".
Ricky said on 20/Nov/17
@Anderson Scherr

You are making outlandish claims.
Anderson Scherr said on 20/Nov/17
During sheild's debut Dean' billed height was 6'.0'' and in 2015 Dean's billed height became 6'.2'' and now currently in 2017 wwe bills him at 6'.4" But that makes no sense how can a person's height increase after becomeing adult . WWE wrestlers have billed height which are fake. Height billing means adding minimum 2 plus inches tp real height . I am saying Dean is short to my opiniondean should be a strong 5'.10" guy which is not at all short.
Xpac said on 16/Nov/17
dean ambrose has the same height of seth.
Click Here
Daniel Howe said on 12/Nov/17
His around Roman's height, this is way to short.
tony t. said on 24/Oct/17
Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins out of gear:

Click Here
Ricky said on 21/Oct/17
He is not 6'0.75",he is not shorter than 6'1".

No less than 6'1".
Strong 6'1" guy.
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
Rob has him listed appropriately no higher maybe a hair lower
Wrestlerfan said on 17/Oct/17
I think 6'0.75" or 6'1" is correct Rollins seems 6'1.75" and Reigns 6'3"
Jinx said on 6/Oct/17
He's completely 6'1" not 6'0.75".

He and Seth Rollins are equally tall.

I sometimes feel that both Dean and Seth are a bit more than 6'1" maybe around 6'1.25" but not sure about it.
avishek said on 6/Oct/17
i think he is now 6 ft tall(1.83 m)
tony t. said on 5/Oct/17
I really think if the guy was like an inch taller he'd be in the spot that Roman Reigns is in right now. I seriously think Vince McMahon holds that one inch or so against him. It's why they haven't pushed him as hard as a guy like Randy Orton or Roman Reigns or Jinder Mahal. I've also always thought Dean should ditch the jeans and wear something that would allow for better athletic ability / flexibility in the ring if you know what I mean, because he has shown that he's not just a brawler, he can really move and go in the ring. I think wrestling in jeans can be somewhat of a hindrance to an athlete. (Yes I realize Diamond Dallas Page and the Sandman occasionally wrestled in jeans as well, but still..) Well, that's just my opinion on it.
MarquesYoung said on 4/Oct/17
he is about 6ft3 during a flim with triple h he look about a inch taller.
Akhmed said on 2/Oct/17
I would say 6'1 at tallest and 6'0.5 to .75 when slouching. Descent height for a wrestler but perfect for movie actor.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 23/Sep/17
Might be around 184-185cm but hard to tell his height exactly. At times he look the same as Cena, yet sometimes he looks a bit taller than Rollins.
tony t. said on 19/Sep/17

Brock's got 1.25-1.5 on him.

Click Here
berta said on 18/Sep/17
even with the slouch he doesnt look shorter than 184. i am 100 procent shore that he is atleast half inch taller than peak ford. i would say a full 6 foot 1 seems more realistic.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 1/Sep/17
I wouldn't doubt 6'1".
Bensim said on 21/Aug/17
I'm sort of the edge on 6ft 1, 6ft 1.5 inches or 6ft 1.75 inches
Ustaad988 said on 19/Aug/17
He edged out Rollins on Raw when they did the shield thing gotta say slouches A LOT he's easily 6'1.25" but can look 6'0.75" many times as well
tony t. said on 5/Aug/17
Lol @ some of these guesses. 6'3, 6'4. Look at him next to Brock Lesnar (or triple h even) and tell me he's 6'3 or 6'4. I really believe he's 6'1 at the very very most. He's clearly 6'0.75. I think Rob has him pegged pretty good. Big fan though.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 3/Aug/17
I take that back, he might be a solid 185 guy, just seems a bit shorter because of bad posture.
Ustaad988 said on 31/Jul/17
Honestly bro I don't see why he got downgraded in the first place believe me he may be a hair taller than Rollins he slouches A LOT but still I see him at 6'1.5" but he doesn't pull off 6'2" so 6'1.5"max and 6'1"lowest for Ambrose looks like he's heavier than the cruiserweight class but I'm not sure tho
Aza said on 29/Jul/17
6'1 he looks most of the time. Slouches a lot though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/17
I wouldn't hesitate to give him 6ft1...
BlueHead said on 27/Jul/17
Tallish guy , I'll never know why WWE listed him with 6'4 , Reigns always looked taller than him, and also Rollins with his good posture . Max I could give him is 6'2.
SLAYEVERYDAYY said on 20/Jul/17
Dean is 6'1
Sepanta said on 8/Jul/17
He should not be over 6'1 but some places looks around 6'3.
KoolKid05 said on 21/Jun/17
I think he is a legit 6'4" tall
mjkzero said on 17/Jun/17
Hey rob how tall do you reckon his wife Renee young is. I've read 5ft5. Any chance of adding her?
Editor Rob
about 5ft 4 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jun/17
This guy might just be 6ft1 on the nose. Looks to edge out Cena...
The-Nemian-Lion said on 2/Jun/17
He fought Kane 1 on 1 in his S.H.I.E.L.D days, he was at most 3 - 4 inches shorter, they were closer in height than you think.

People saying he is shorter than the Miz is ludarous.

He is 6 ft 3.5 - 6 ft 4.
Boba Fett said on 31/May/17
My initial impression on Dean's height was 6'2", he does kinda look it whenever stood up straight to be fair. He's probably closer to 6'1" though, there's only a minor difference in height between him and Rollins. The main issue with Ambrose is his posture, it isn't very consistent which is why his height is so difficult to gauge.
andre said on 20/May/17
Barefoot height at night

dean ambrose 182cm
triple h 185cm
the rock 187cm
john cena 181cm
daniel bryan 169cm
randy orton 191cm
hulk hogan 188cm
batista 187cm
brian kendrick strong 167cm
crorbe said on 20/May/17
can appear 6'0.5 a lot due to bad posture, when stood straight looks taller like 6'1. in his jon moxley days he was listed as 6'3 a lot and could appear fairly tall, but that was because he was wrestling a lot of smaller guys back then.

6'1 at tallest in my opinion
Wrs567 said on 9/May/17
Rob, What do you think of this with The Miz? please watch

Click Here

Dean is clearly shorter than The Miz like I've said before?

Dean has more footwear too, Are you convinced yet Dean is 184cm?

We need a slight downgrade
Editor Rob
considering Miz could be slightly nearer the camera, I wouldn't have called Miz taller in that clip...
justbringit said on 9/May/17
he looked 6'1 with strowman on raw.
Wrs567 said on 7/May/17
Rob, would you consider taking down Ambrose to at least 184cm?

Click Here

Ambrose also had more footwear here
FLU said on 1/May/17
I've met Ambrose on multiple occasions and he's under 6 ft. He appears taller on TV due to the boots.
Jeff said on 26/Apr/17
Here is 6'4 listed Ambrose with a true 6'4 Orton.
Click Here

I would say 6ft 0.75in is pretty much bang on given he is standing slightly further back than Orton, 100% not the 6'4 he is listed as haha.
Ben said on 25/Apr/17
On past raw shows mick is 6ft 2 and his clean self a few raw shows ago he looks 6ft 3 with his shoes on and in the past dean looks right about his height standing next to him so would you think dean is still 6ft. 0.75 or abit taller cause he looks the same height as mick foley I'm guessing 6ft 3 then WWE add 1inch like the normally do.
andre said on 24/Apr/17
Rob tell me what is his weight lets say from 83 to 105 kilos i would say 90kilos and you rob what you think ?
Editor Rob
between 90-95, somewhere in that range I'd say.
ma said on 22/Apr/17
Rob, do you know why this guy is listed at 6 ft 4 when Seth Rollins is listed at 6 ft 1?
I mean, they were in the same group shoulder to shoulder, everyone was able to see that he did not have 3 inches on Rollins! Actually he looked shorter lol
That's because he asked a 6 ft 4 listing? Or because Vince said you are too thin, better to list you taller?
I really don't understand
Editor Rob
maybe an 'honest mistake''s understandable 1 inch errors, but 3 inches is a lot to stomach.
Joey34 said on 20/Apr/17
Ambrose with the Miz and Maryse. He's slouching and definitely taller than Miz Click Here
Tatjhana Saphira said on 18/Apr/17
Why when i search on google ambrose height appear 193 cm, actually my thought he is 184 coz he is slightly shorter than seth or mick foley (188 cm)
andre said on 13/Apr/17
Rob give me a range of his weight from 83 kilos to 105 kilos where he is at

i would say 90
Annonymous said on 29/Mar/17
Stands too tall next to Roman Reigns to be anything but a legit 6'1'' guy.
Wrs567 said on 8/Mar/17
@Steve W: He stood tall as he could next to John Cena, no slouching

Cena was still taller than him and Cenas shoes also gave less height

Ambrose was also clearly shorter than the Miz
Steve W said on 8/Mar/17
Everyone keeps saying how Ambrose is shorter than Cena, but the fact is Ambrose leans forward pretty much all the time.
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
Dean ambrose is legit 184 cm or 6ft 0.75
Wrs567 said on 4/Mar/17
Ambrose doesn't edge out Cena in height

Cena edges out Ambrose WITH LESS FOOTWEAR
DaveMills said on 3/Mar/17
If Triple H is still 6'2(1.88 m) then Dean can be 6'1.25(186 cm) when standing straight. What do you say Rob??
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/17
Ambrose probably edges Cena
andre said on 28/Feb/17
What you think is dean ambrose weight from 84kilos to 100 kilos ?

tell me rob please
Brock said on 18/Feb/17
Cena's taller than Dean
Wrs567 said on 18/Feb/17
Ambrose has never looked taller than Cena in his life!

Ambrose also stood as tall as he could next to Cena, absolutely no slouching

Cena edged him out with less footwear! Cena also had his hat off

Cena and Miz are very much closer to 6'1'' than Ambrose, both taller than Dean

Both could be 6'0.75''

Dean Ambrose is 6'0.5'' absolute max

Ziggler could look 1.5 - 2 inches shorter than Ambrose

That would put him rightly at 5'10.5 - 5'11''
rikashiku said on 17/Feb/17
There's only one moment where Dean looked shorter than John Cena, and in that one moment Dean was slouching so much that it looked like he wasn't even trying to hide it. Wouldn't call his footwear super thick, but they were maybe half an inch thicker than Cenas.

In all other cases, Ambrose has towered over Cena by what looked to be 2".

The Miz isn't exactly short either, standing at about 6'0". He was slightly taller than Al Snow(listed as 5'11" and seems legit) and very slightly shorter than Ryback(who always looked 6'1" to me. Michael Tarver actually looked like a legit 6'3" next to him).

In all pics I can find of Dean Ambrose and the Miz, Ambrose seems to be much taller than the Miz in the ring and backstage. If you guys wanna put Ambrose down as 6'0" then that would put Ziggler and Miz at 5'8" and 5'10" and make the entire roster 2" shorter than they really are.
Wrs567 said on 15/Feb/17
You've got to be joking.

John Cena was taller than Dean Ambrose, with less footwear!

Ambrose had on super thick heeled black boots, John had on his Kmart sneakers which give 3/4 at most

Cena was still taller than Ambrose!

Heck even Miz was taller than Ambrose

Dean Ambrose really needs a downgrade to 184cm at least
rikashiku said on 7/Feb/17
@Realist. I recall an interview between a few wrestlers on the shield and the push for roman reigns having to appear bigger, but couldn't because Seth and Dean were similar in height. I think they had Dean as being a bit taller than Seth and almost as tall as Reigns, so they asked him to slouch a bit during interviews, which was fine for him to do as it was always part of his characters that he played. For the most part, even he says it, he's 6'2".

Next to John Cena who's listed as 6'0.5" here, Dean had looked mostly taller than him by more than an inch, but I didn't see two inches between them. With Orton it's hard to tell because of difference in footwear and it doesn't help Orton is a legit 6'4" guy, maybe even 6'4.25".
Realist said on 5/Feb/17
I can't comprehend why he leans forward. It makes him shorter. At 177 cms I don't have that privilige. He looks 6 foot because of atrocious posture.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/17
He could be a solid 6ft1 (187.5cm out of bed, 185.5cm before bed)
dunkrules86 said on 2/Feb/17
Assuming he can maintain a decent posture, he's a full 6'1 in my opinion, maybe even slightly more. Strange though how he's being billed at 6'4 (tallest among the Shield members).
... said on 30/Jan/17
I've seen this guy edge out legit 6'2" guys, but then is edged out himself by 6' guys. His posture is just too inconsistent to accurately predict, since he has back problens and slouches constantly
Steve W said on 27/Jan/17
I think he's 6'2.5, he leans forward pretty much 100% of the time which makes him look several inches shorter.
Sepanta said on 17/Jan/17
He's probably 6'1".
Sepanta said on 17/Jan/17
He's probably 6'1"
Wrs567 said on 12/Jan/17
@yoda: Ambrose was also shorter than John Cena.

Cena was in those thin soled green/black sneakers, Ambrose had on a thick soled boot which looked near 2 inches!

Cena still edged him out! both stood tall as they could, Cena was still CLEARLY taller

I think Rob has got this one wrong.
JoeyT said on 12/Jan/17
People underbill him dramatically because of his terrible posture IMO if Roman Reigns is a legit 6'2.5 like he was measured in the NFL than Ambrose is definitely 6'2 as well
Click Here
tony t. said on 10/Jan/17
Welaney, it's two separate pics of them made to look like a staredown.
tony t. said on 10/Jan/17
Welaney, I think the fangirl who runs that Instagram Photoshopped that pic.
yoda said on 10/Jan/17
Miz appeared on Ambrose Asylum this Tues on Smackdown live and they both had slim footwear. Miz easily edged out Ambrose again. (Maybe someone can post a video, since it shows each others' footwear). I agree with Wrs567, Miz is taller than Ambrose. I thought Miz was only 6'0.5 and not 6'1 (and he was downgraded recently), so that means Dean should be downgraded as well.
Wrs567 said on 28/Dec/16
Rob, can you please downgrade Dean Ambrose Please?

Please take a look at this video, and just go to the 20 second mark, Dean is shorter than The Miz!

Click Here

It's about time Dean Ambrose got taken down to 184cm, He was also shorter than John Cena when Cena wore thinner shoes!

You can't have Miz shorter than Dean, when Miz is clearly taller lol
Welanay said on 25/Dec/16
Here is an interesting photo of Dean with Roman in a staredown. This is from their Shield days and both did have similar footwear back then. It is all down to how tall Roman really is. Looks an inch and a bit difference. What do you say Rob?

Click Here
Bensim1993 said on 18/Dec/16
Look at dean near ryback at the tribute to the troops 2014 ryback is 6ft 1in or 2ins and you see dean looks 6ft 2 what do you think?
Click Here
andrew said on 15/Dec/16
Dean Ambrose is definitely 6.05(184cm), just 1cm under Seth Rollins.
Anon said on 6/Dec/16
Slouches and is very chill with his posture...6 feet 1 for sure!
Sepanta said on 6/Dec/16
He might be 6'1 or 6'2 not taller but wwe billed him as 6'4.
Yoda said on 28/Nov/16
Listing is good. Rollins is taller than Dean: Click Here
kafhiy said on 26/Nov/16
dean said on unfiltered with renee young that he sees a chiropractor due to back problems. this could explain why he slouches a lot and can appear shorter. i would 6'1 when straight posture.
MDV said on 21/Nov/16
Update his height Rob please. Clearly a full 6 ft 1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Nov/16
Looking at more photos 185-186cm looks more feasible than 184-185cm...
davemills said on 21/Nov/16
Looks 1.86m (6'1.25) at best.
Osthman said on 19/Nov/16
Considering he has been billed 6'4 for years hell even before he joined the WWE and he has claimed around 6'3 and 6'2, he has to be at least 6'1. As many have said his posture is always out of place hence why he can appear shorter on occasion. The rare times he stands straighter he really towers over guys even the jacked guys.
riddhi said on 6/Nov/16
Dean Ambrose is the greatest wwe superstar of all times better than Brock and undertaker and Goldberg and roman
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
185cm give or take 2.5 cm
Jake said on 1/Nov/16
Looks to be in the 6'1 range. His posture does him no favours in some shots making him appear smaller.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 30/Oct/16
"Dean Ambrose's Height is 6ft 1in (185.4 cm)"

He's no shorter than Rollins. They're both legit 6ft1 guys, because both of them were noticeably taller than Cena. Ambrose, just like Lesnar, needs a quarter inch upgrade.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/16
Could be 185.5cm for real
Er said on 24/Oct/16
When stood up straight he really is taller than expected. He just slouches a lot for character and, to me, because he has done this for years even before joining the WWE, he may have gotten too used to it that he doesn't stand at full posture in general. 6'1 at fullest and 6'0.5 to 6'0.75 max when slouching.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Oct/16
Rob, how likely is the full 6ft1?
Editor Rob
considering his posture at times, you could make a case that he may well measure it.
tony t. said on 18/Oct/16
Dean needs to visit the chiropractor and work on his posture.
Slim shady said on 18/Oct/16
According to me he might be 6'4 or if not 6'4 then at least 6'3!I used to doubt about cena being 6'1 I thought he must be 6'0 but not 6'1 but when he was interviewed by jimmy fallon who is 6'0 he looked an inch taller than jimmy so cena might be 6'1 and Ambrose does look much taller than cena atleast 2 or 3 inches
So imo he's at least 6'3 or might be 6'4
They don't exaggerate with all superstars
Jericho and owens aren't 6'0 though both are at max 5'10!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/16
6ft1 on the nose I think for Ambrose. Rollins might have the edge but could be more 6ft1¼ range. Reigns could be 6ft2 flat and measured near 6ft2½. earlier in the day. He was a good 2in shorter than Orton.
Michael said on 15/Oct/16
6-0,5 for Dean Ambose now.
About 1,25" shorter than Triple H (i have him at 6-1,75) in eqal posture.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Oct/16
Him and Rollins both look 6ft1 range. He was billed 6ft5 so at one point I assumed he was at least 6ft3!
heightchecker34 said on 11/Oct/16
I know I commented on Dean before, and I believed he was 6'0.75 range, now after a few more showings with John Cena, and him being a legit 6'05 guy. I think Ambrose at the very least 6'1. He easily looked an inch taller, and I doubt he is the kind of guy who wears lifts. I wouldn't be surprised if he was 6'1.5 inch... I know 6'0.75 and 6'1 isn't much difference, so I believe he wakes up as a legit 187 cm guy, and by the end of the day, especially after wrestling, he drops to 6'1. I just think, 6'0.75 is short changing him, despite his slouching and atrocious posture.
BobbySoto said on 7/Oct/16
Most Wrestlers are 2 inches shorter when they exaggerate. I'd have to say dean is 6ft 2in when they list him as 6ft 4
DaveMills said on 29/Sep/16
My guess seems to be 6'1.25(186 cm) with good posture.
kean said on 14/Sep/16
@smoosh his height varies a lot, one of these days he will appear 5'8 lool but seriously to me he is 6'1.5 when stood up straight, he slouches so much despite having a big back and broad shoulders.
MDV said on 14/Sep/16
Looks taller than Cena by an inch.He could be a full 6 ft 1 guy
Smoosh said on 13/Sep/16
Looks 5'11 with Cen on tonights Smackdown
Roman Reigns said on 13/Sep/16
Click Here - At 2:48, Ambrose looks significantly taller than both Cena and Wyatt.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Sep/16
The full 6ft1 is arguable
Tarinator said on 9/Sep/16
6'1.5" is better bet with good posture for Dean Ambrose.
Man said on 4/Sep/16
Looked just over 6,2 next to ziggler
Kaled said on 27/Aug/16
@Korean As Jared said its standard in pro wrestling to bill a competitor 4 inches taller than then actually to make then sound physically intimidating. In Deans case, his 6'4 billing goes back to his Jon Moxley days on the indies. Eventually WWE will start to call him 6'3 or 6'2. To me he is 6'1 when stood straight otherwise 6'0.5 to 6'0.75 with terrible loose posture.
Jared said on 22/Aug/16
Korean said on 21/Aug/16
How come his billed weight is 6'4...?
Because WWE and pro wrestling in general tend to exaggerate wrestlers heights so they can seem bigger. This is one of the ways how these promotions make so much money. It sounds way more impressive to bill Dean as 6'4 instead of 6'1.
Korean said on 21/Aug/16
How come his billed weight is 6'4...?
Jared said on 17/Aug/16
Dean looked 187cm when he stood next to Shane McMahon, who is 184. But at times, Dean can look 184 as well. His height fluctuates so much that it's difficult to estimate his exact height.
Gman56 said on 9/Aug/16
Barefoot for dean
Roman Reigns said on 27/Jul/16
6'1", 215 pounds

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