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5ft 9.59in (176.8cm)
Nolifts81 said on 12/Jun/06
Dean Martin(Dino Crocetti) was a great friend of my Grandfather Arcangelo Masciale(my omonimous). My Grandfather was the owner of an Hotel in Las Vegas and Dino was often in his Hotel, they were good friends. My grandfather was a weak 5'11 and I remember that he said to me that Dino was his same height so, maybe, Dean Martin wasn't a full 5'11" but a weak 5'11" as my grandfather. I think 179cm is right.He said to me a lot of time that Frank Sinatra was short, shorter than people think.He had heel and lift inside the shoes for to appear taller.
Frank2 said on 11/Jun/06
In Ada, Dean was considerably shorter than 6'1" Ralph Meeker, 6' Ford Rainey, 6'1" Larry Gates and for that matter, most of the entire male cast! In fact, of all the films he appeared in, this one made him look like a shrimp! Check it out. You tell me what you think.

In Airport, Dean was two inches shorter than 6' Barry Nelson. Somewhere I used to have a production photo taken on the set which showed Dean on a box when standing next to 6'2" Burt Lancaster. I found it while working at Universal.

In Bandolero, Dean was five inches shorter than 6'3" Jimmy Stewart. This is consistant with what we saw on Dean's NBC variety show when Stewart was a guest.

In Bells Are Ringing, Dean wass three inches shorter than 6'1" Fred Clark. 5'10" Jerry Lewis was also three inches shorter than Clark in Visit to a Small Planet.

In Career, Dean was two inches shorter than 6' Robert Middleton, was four inches shorter than 6'2" Jerry Paris and almost three inches shorter than slightly over 6' tall Anthony Franciosa.

I'd keep on going, but it's Sunday and I've got a few things to do.

Frank2 said on 11/Jun/06
Just the same, Dean was never more than 5'10". Frank was 5'7". Watch The Tender Trap (1955) and you'll clearly see that Sinatra and David Wayne are the exact, same height and Wayne was 5'7". Bing was also 5'7". And go ahead and say it.
MHouillon said on 11/Jun/06
I just saw a 1959 show with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. Dean is definitely not under 178cm. 179cm is just fine. I think Frankie was already wearing his lifts and Dean was (with or without lifts) more than just 2 inches taller than Frankie.

Frank2: I don't want to attack you personally, but I am very close to say : "Hey, people. Wanna know the real height of a celeb ? Take the height, that Frank2 claims and add 1-1.5 inches."

Once we had a guy here, who knew and met and who worked with any celeb in the world. Sometimes you got the impression he even knew any unceleb in the world.
His name is Mr. R.
Many people here on thought, that he used to downgrade ALMOST everyone slightly. Are you related to him, Frank2 ? Or are you his brother?

Don't take everything too serious (Except my postings ;-) )


P.S. I'm still waiting on your answer on the Tom Jones height!

Frank2 said on 21/May/06
Dean with 5'11.5" Gene Barry: Click Here
If you watched that episode of The Dean Martin Show you'll clearly see that Gene is about an inch taller than Dean. And believe me, Dean was wearing his usual two-inch minimum lifts.

Gene Barry with 6'3" Robert Ryan: Click Here
In the film Back From Eternity, Barry is three and a half inches shorter. When Barry appeared with 6'5" Sterling Hayden or 6'4" Michael Rennie he really looked quite short.

These days Barry is shorter than Hugh O'Brien who's now about my height or 5'11": Click Here
I've met and talked with O'Brien at The Golden Boot Awards Dinner and we were eye to eye in our cowboys boots. I'm almost positive O'Brien was an even 6' when he was younger. He was at least an inch taller than 5'11" Robert Wagner in Broken Lance.

Barry with 5'10" George Segal: Click Here
This shot was taken at least twenty years ago. Today Segal is as big as a house!

Finally, a couple of shots of Dean with the Duke: Click Here

And here: Click Here

And here: Click Here

I've met and talked with O'Brian a couple of times at the Golden Boot Awards Dinner.
Frank2 said on 20/May/06
Dean with 5'10" Billy Wilder: Click Here

Dean with 5'10" Arnold Palmer: Click Here

That's 6'2" Lee van Cleef on the extreme right: Click Here

Dean with 5'10" Danny Thomas: Click Here

Thomas with just shy of 6' Elvis: Click Here

When I met Danny on several occasions I was almost that much taller and I'm 5'11" even....well 5'11.3" in the morning.

I was almost that much taller when I was standing next to Dean when he was wearing normal shoes. Once he put his lifts on he was roughly my height.

Frank2 said on 20/May/06
I stood beside him when he was in his early fifties and he was shorter than me and I'm a solid 5'11". Steve, please look at the shot of Jerry Lewis with 5'10" Vic Damon and tell me that Lewis was 6'. This is getting ridiculous! Dean was no more than 5'10". He wore huge lifts which can be clearly seen on his NBC TV show as well as in his films. He was consistantly shorter than many actors who were truly 6' tall. And Ayreon, Sinatra was not 5'9". He was more like 5'7" and he wore huge lifts. I mean come on people!
Steve W said on 19/May/06
Think everbody missed it on this one - stood beside him outside an LA restaurant - he was about 75 and I'm 5'11' and we were eye to eye. I'd say 6'0" in his career days.
Frank2 said on 8/May/06
Here's Dean looking a little taller than 5'10" Bob Hope: Click Here
Lifts or was Bob starting to shrink?

Hope with 5'10" Nixon: Click Here

Hope and 5'10" Steve McQueen: Click Here

Dean wearing those boots of his with opera star Robert Merrill and Frank Sinatra: Click Here

Robert Merrill with a true 5'11" celeb, in this case Danny Kaye: Click Here

Here's Dean with an obviously seated Gary Cooper as well as Tony Martin: Click Here

Frank2 said on 8/May/06
In that photo I supplied, just look how far up Dean's ankle bone is on his right leg which is crossed over his left. You can clearly see the bulge. Those custom-made boots boosted him by at least three inches.
Frank2 said on 6/May/06
Ron, take a good, strong look at this shot: Click Here
That's Jerry with 5'10" Vic Damon. Now watch all the Martin and Lewis films and tell me that Dean is two inches taller than Jerry. And tell me he's not wearing lifts. And while you're at it, check out Dean's shoes. They're of the Desi Arnaz variety. Lewis later claimed that he purposely shaved off some of the heels on his shoes and then made Dean wear lifts to make Dean look taller since that would add to the comedy. Lewis claimed they were the same height or 6' tall. Knowing Lewis, his explanation is about as idiotic as it gets. I checked out Jerry's shoes in his films and his heels look normal. Dean wore lifts because he was no more than 5'10", but here's the rub. Even with them he was hardly any taller than Jerry. So now I'm beginning to think he was 5'9". I'm going to email a photo of Dean taken from his NBC TV show to Rob to post. It clearly shoes Dean's huge lifts/boots he wore. They boosted him by about three inches.
Tiger said on 5/May/06
Ron: Yeah, I for a long, long time thought Dean was 6 foot plus. But after Frank2 came along, I feel that he is definitely not that and probably right around 5-10. Also, I am not one for throwing out lift comments, but I think it is highly likely that Dino did wear them. His height really seems to fluctuate from photo to photo and he does appear to be "up and down". The photos that Frank2 has submitted do give evidence to "less than 6 feet". I believe this is a case where the documentation doesn't really fit the visual evidence!
Ron Burns said on 5/May/06
You list Dean Martin at 5-10.5!! I've never seen him listed that short. He was
6-0 according to Jerry Lewis in his book "Dean and Me, a Love Story". Also, Deana Martin, Dean's daughter has a book and lists Dean's height also at 6-0. Son
Ricci Martin's book gives Dean's height as over 6 feet. Where did you get this 5-10 business?

Editor Rob
he wore lifts and from a person who has met him in the past he estimated him nearer 5ft 10 than 6ft...I better deflect this onto Frank2, the guy who met him ;-) Frank2???
Frank2 said on 2/May/06
Hmmmm....maybe my friend was right about Dean being 5'9": Click Here
Frank2 said on 26/Apr/06
Yes I did. When he was younger I think he was close to 6'2". When I saw him which was about seven or eight years ago he was about 6' even having shrank some. I saw him wandering around the mall in Century City where I saw several famous people. I walked up and said hello and we spoke briefly. He was very nice. The photo with Busey is interesting since I met Gary one day at Fox when he was doing Predator II and he's slightly taller than me. I'd say Gary is about 6'. Henry looks no more than 5'10" these days if that photo is accurate.
Edior Rob said on 25/Apr/06
Frank2, did you ever meet Henry Silva, he did look tallish in his days but 6ft 1+. Look at him now with Gary Busey, lost a few inches of course.
Tiger said on 13/Apr/06
Frank2: who was a better 'team': Martin and Lewis or Hope and Crosby? why?
Frank2 said on 8/Apr/06
Go to the following site: Click Here
Scroll down until you see the clip with Peter Lawford from Ocean's Eleven. Click on it and it will play. You can clearly see that Lawford is three inches shorter than 6'2" Cesar Romero which makes him 5'11". Unfortunately the clip with Dean won't play. In the film Dean is an inch shorter than Lawford. And Dean isn't wearing lifts in that film. Later in the film when Romero is next to 6'5" character actor Robert Foulk who plays Las Vegas Police Chief Wimmer, it's Cesar who's three inches shorter.
Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Dean with pro golfer/singer Don Cherry: Click Here
Cherry is about 5'9".

Check out the various photos of Don at his website: Click Here

Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Dean with 5' 11" Bobby "Evil" Knievel: Click Here
That's about how tall Dean was next to me on each occasion I saw him.

Knieval with 6'3" Bob Cook : Click Here

Cook with 6'4 Jesse Ventura: Click Here

Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Jerry and Dean looking small next to Burt Lancaster: Click Here
Gonzalo said on 7/Apr/06
IDMB says that Charles Napier was 6 feet. They don`t say he was Alan`s son and they are reliable in those things. I saw Alan Napier the other day in one of my favourite movies: Random harvest. You should watch it
Gramps said on 7/Apr/06
It looks like my second "Charles Napier" post never made it to this page yesterday. I did further research following my 6/Apr/06 post and found that although several Internet sites listed actor Charles Napier as the son of Alan Napier, this cannot be true. As Frank2 states, Charles was born in Kentucky in 1936, whereas Alan did not immigrate to the U.S. until 1940. Further, Charles' website makes no reference to Alan, but only to a middleclass boyhood in Kentucky. I STILL love that famous line he gave John Belushi through that crooked smile of his! According to Napier, that scene took about a month to shoot because Belushi was scared of Charles due to the tough, sadistic roles he had played. The 70 year-old Charles is currently appearing in a Bud Lite commercial.
Frank2 said on 6/Apr/06
The answer is Mickey Rooney who played leading roles once he was an adult in a number of films in the forties and fifties. Mickey is always listed at 5'3" but was actually shorter by at least an inch. I first met him back in the 1960's and he looked like he was about 5'2" possibly even 5'1-1/2". Now at 85 I'm sure he's even shorter.

I haven't watched Big Jim Mclain in a couple of years and don't remember if Arness had any scenes with Napier. I'd say Arness would have been about an inch or so taller. Arness was several inches taller than Wayne. In the film Wayne's character is referred to as "76" (by actress Veda Ann Borg) for 76 inches in height or 6'4". Then we see Arness with Wayne and it makes Wayne look shorter. Early on as a kid I thought Wayne wasn't as tall he claimed until I realized watching Arness in the old B&W Gunsmoke episodes that he was taller than anyone in the series including 6'3" Dennis Weaver.

And I've met Charles Napier at The Golden Boot Awards. Where did you ever read that he was Alan's son? Somehow I doubt it. Charles was born in Kentucky in 1936. Alan was British and came to the US sometime after that date having earlier appeared in a few early British sound films as well as on stage.

By the way, speaking of Charles, he's a little taller than me so I'd say about 6'.
Parker said on 6/Apr/06
Shortest - Danny Devito
Paul said on 6/Apr/06
Shortest actor - Mickey Rooney?
Gonzalo said on 6/Apr/06
In Big Jim Mclain was also another screen giant, James Arness. Were Arness and Napier together? Who was taller? I guess Arness.
I remember Napier in Marnie. He towered over Sean Connery
Gramps said on 6/Apr/06
BTW, Alan Napier's son, Charles Napier, played the lead man for the "Good Old Boys" country band that chased the Blues Brothers with their tour bus! You may remember his famous line from that movie: "You're gonna look pretty funny eatin' corn on the cob with no f___in' teeth!" Charles is currently on TV in a commercial of some sort, wearing tinted glasses. Here he is in "The Blues Brothers."
Click Here
Sorry for the digression, guys, but I couldn't resist.
Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Give that fellow a cigar! Yes, Alan 6'6" Napier. He towered over everyone he appeared with. In Big Jim McClain he was taller than 6'4" John Wayne. I met Napier on the set of the old Batman TV series and I came up to his chin! And I'm 5'11"! Arthur Treacher was about 6'4" which was quite tall, but not as tall as Napier.

Now here's another quiz. Name the shortest actor in Hollywood who played leading roles and no, not Alan Ladd. This one should be rather easy.
Paul said on 5/Apr/06
My first guess was Napier also. He looks 6'5" or 6'6" although that's strictly a guess. Burt Ward's "book" said he was 6'9" which is so outlandish that it's laughable. I guess Burt needed to justify his own reported height of 5'9".
Parker said on 5/Apr/06
Alan Napier
Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Nope. Here's a hint; the actor in question served as a butler to a wealthy fellow who had a thing for bats.
Bleemo said on 4/Apr/06
Treacher died in the 70's it's not him, I just can't think at first I was thinking Christopher Lee but then you said his career ended in the 80's so I am at a loss.
larry said on 4/Apr/06
Ok Frank2, I can SEE the guy! It's Arthur Treacher (sp?). Wasn't he in MARY POPPINS and was once Merv Griffin's "sidekick". IF it's him I'd say he was at least my height: 6'5".
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
Here's The Height Quiz for the Day:

Name the actor who appeared in numerous films going back to the advent of sound who's career spanned decades ending finally in the early 1980's that no other actor who appeared with him was taller or even close to being as tall. Hint: He was British by birth. It's really amazing to watch the films he appeared in since actors who are listed as being quite tall themselves become shrimps next to him. He made Anthony Quinn and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. look short and both men were over 6'.
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
I suppose Dean is as tall as Lawford in this shot: Click Here Tiger?

Or here: Click Here

Or maybe Lawford was 6'2" That would have made Dean 6'. But then Frank would have to shoot up to 5'11" and that means Cesar Romero would become 6'4," John Wayne 6'6" and so forth and so on and on and on....I call it "the ever increasing height syndrome" in that in order to justify one star's bogus height it becomes necessary to boost everyone else he or she appeared with.
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
Go to the following page and then scroll down and you'll see a great photo of Dean with The Duke and Frank and Reagan: Click Here Dean is obviously shorter than Reagan by at least two inches and he comes up to The Duke's nose. At the time of this photo, Reagan was still 6' and Wayne had shrunk by an inch and was about 6'3". And notice that Sinatra is only a couple of inches shorter than Dean, about the same amount that Steve Dunne was in being taller than Dean in that other photo.
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
Show me how Dean is taller in this photo: Click Here
Draw a horizontal line where the top of Dunne's head reaches and then look how far below Dean's head happens to be. When you do it, blow the shot up to at least an 8x10. There is no way on earth that Dean is as tall. Just look at the difference in the height of their shoulders. Just so I know if you're seeing things correctly, which one of the following side-by-side skyscapers is the tallest?: Click Here

Who's taller in this shot?: Click Here
By the way, that's Dean on the left and his brother Bill on the right. No foolin'!

Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
Explain how Dean looks to be the same height as Steve Dunne. That's gotta be a joke on your part. Right? You're pulling my leg. And with the shot of Lawford your admitting to me that Dean is same height (which he really isn't) must mean you trust my opinion that Lawford was 5'11". And the shot with 6'1" Jack Jones shows Dean to be at least three inches shorter. I'd say closer to four myself. And with Jimmy Stewart he's a good five inches shorter. A good rule of thumb is when someone comes up to another's eye level they're five inches shorter. And getting back to Dean with Steve Dunne, watch the film Ten Thousand Bedrooms. Dean is consistently two inches shorter than Dunne. In some scenes he looks three inches shorter. He's the same height as 5'10' Walter Slezak and looks like a shrimp next to 6'3" Paul Henried. And explain why Dean is three inches shorter than 6'1" Larry Gates in Ada. As for Glenn Campbell, he was when I saw him about a half an inch taller than me so I guess that makes Dean even shorter! I put 6' since that what's officially listed for him. The whole point is that Dean was no more than 5'10". He was perfectly proportioned for his height with broad shoulders so he photographed taller. But in person he wasn't as tall as he looked on film or TV.
bill said on 3/Apr/06
jerry made himself look smaller by slouching and thin soled shoes, stated in a documentary by the man himself
Tiger said on 3/Apr/06
Regarding Martin with the 6 foot Stephen Dunne, they do look the same height!Dean is the same height as the 6 foot Peter Lawford, also. As far as Jack Jones, you have aleady convinced me that Martin is not 6 feet tall. I have given you credit for that! Yes, but wait a minute. Over on the Elvis page, Glen Campbell was 6 feet, then 5-11 1/2, now back to 6 feet. What is going on here?
Gramps said on 3/Apr/06
Just watched an old Martin and Lewis movie Friday night on TMC. Dino looked to be about 0.50" to 0.75" taller than Jerry. Here are a few photos of the two, although the second one makes them look the same height:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Dean with 6'6" Fess Parker: Click Here
I don't know about you, but sure I see more than six inches difference in height. The woman between Fess and Dean is Ever Arden who was about 5'8".

Jerry looks taller than Dean in this shot: Click Here

Here's Dean looking slightly shorter than 5'10' Johnny Carson: Click Here

Here's Dean with 6' Stephen Dunne: Click Here
If Dino was 6' he'd be the same height. Steve used to be a local annoucer for a TV station in LA which is where I met him. He was a six footer. No question about it.

Go to this site and then scroll down and notice Dean standing next to 6' Glenn Campbell and tell me they're the same height: Click Here

Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
Both were 5'4".
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
I dont mean Dean and jerry,just maybe you wrong once or twice on site,just like myself or anyone else.
larry said on 24/Mar/06
Who's wrong about what? Wait, let me write this down; I'm losing track. :-) Is Glenn wrong ABOUT Frank2 being wrong OR is Frank2 wrong about Glenn THINKING he (Frank2) is wrong, OR am I wrong about... So, I gather that Jerry and Dean were originally the same height. Right? :-)
Frank2 said on 23/Mar/06
About what? Dean and Jerry being 5'10"? If so then I'm right and you're wrong. I've been wrong on many things, but that ain't one of 'em.
larry said on 23/Mar/06
So, does Mr. Martin need a down=grade to 5'10? Gee Frank2: your wife ADMITS you are right? :-) In 33 years of marriage my wife has only admitted I was right once and I had just said HER mother wasn't as bad as I feared she would be! I face grizzly and polar bears nearly every spring, survived Viet Nam, and have camped near lions on the veldt, but I never win an argument with my wife! :-)
Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
You may never know you were wrong.but you were.
Frank2 said on 22/Mar/06
Here's Peter Lawford shortly before he died: Click Here
Frank2 said on 22/Mar/06
Let's see.....when was the last time I was wrong.....Hmmmmmmmmmm.....
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
Though we both are rarely wrong Frank,sometimes we are.
Frank2 said on 21/Mar/06
Glenn, My wife says the same thing....then she has to admit I'm right and that really bugs her!
Babyboomer said on 21/Mar/06
Hi Folks! :-) Frank2 - you are dead on with Chaney Jr. (Creighton Tull Chaney, as I'm sure you know). I met him & he WAS 6'2" tall. Saw Vincent Price up close and he was 6'4", though I thought he looked more 200 poundish, and not the 180 that was claimed at the time. The other heights you list look correct to me. Ever see the movie THE STUNT MAN? In it a character asks; "How tall was King Kong?" The other character answers; "18 or 20 feet."
"King Kong was 18" tall" remarks the 1st character. I don't think some people get that it's perception. Keep the input coming!
Glenn said on 20/Mar/06
Amen to that.frank can never be wrong.I admit I can be. Frank can come off very arrogant too.hopefull im not percieved that way.celebs 16 years ago are taller or smaller than I remembered.another great point of Frank not being Frank insightful and entertaining to the site? of course.Im sure he had experienced and witnessed things we can only dream of.I just cant stand people who always think they are right.of course I might adament about certain celebs too,so I see franks insistance as well, being innocent and precise in certain cases.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Tell you what, you believe what you want to believe and I'll believe what I wish to believe. Speaking of Moe, a friend of mine, an older man who worked for publicity for TWA had his picture taken with Moe, Larry and Joe Besser who was a Stooge briefly after Shemp died. My friend is about 5'9" and all of the Stooges come up to his chin in that photo. I've posted dozens of photos, not just one or two. Did you look at the one with Mischa Auer standing next to L & H? He was 6'3" and towered over Stan and was at least three inches taller than Ollie. I've seen the film and that's how it looks in the movie. Why do you so easily believe all the hype from Hollywood? I've worked there for my entire career and just about 75% of it is pure BS. Of course making visual estimates is not an exact science, but in my case having always been cognizant of such mindless trivia I feel it makes me a little more to be believed. But accept what you will, after all it's a free country.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Bud and Lou made a film for my dad. I have many photos of them with him on the set and Bud is shorter than my 5' 9-1/2" father by at least an inch and a half. Lou is considerably shorter. Next time you watch Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein take a look at just how short both of them are next to 6'2" Lon Cheney Jr or 6'1" Bela Lugosi. And I believe by that film Lugosi had shrunk by an inch or two since he was at least a couple of inches shorter than Lon. And he still towered over Bud and Lou. Lou Costello was an avid live steamer and like Walt Disney he also ran trains around the backyard of his San Fernando Valley home. I used to know his daughter Chris quite well. Remember the following rule: When an actor is listed as 5'10" he's most likely 5'8". If he's listed as 6' he's probably no more than 5'10" There are exceptions to the rule. Ty Power was listed as being 5'10" and I believe that was accurate. Montgomery Clift was also listed at 5'10" and that was correct. Later he shrank by about two inches. And as most know, Clift suffered a terrible car accident back during the filming of Raintree County and was in the hospital for quite some time. They thought at one point he'd be so disfigured that he'd have to be replaced, but he recovered thanks to some luck as well as plastic surgery and was back on the set filming his scenes. A game some people like to play is trying to guess which scenes were shot before and then after the car accident. I can easily tell myself. How about you? Oh, and take a look at how much 5'10" Clift is next to 5'7" Frank Sinatra or how short Sinatra is next to 5'11" Ernest Borgnine in From Here to Eternity. Frank was 5'7". End of argument.
Paul said on 19/Mar/06
Frank, you lose creditability with your rather obsessive insistance that you alone are correct and everyone else is wrong. I believe that you worked in the industry; that's not the issue. However, did you carry a tape measure all these years when you saw these people and measure them barefoot? Did you keep a journal over the past 50/60 years of the heights of the people you and your parents met? Of course not. Visual estimation is not an exact science especially if you're separated from the person by several feet.

Moe Howard in his autobiography said he was 5'4". You say he's 5'3" so we're supposed to believe you? If Moe was going to lie, wouldn't he have said 5'6" or so? James Neibaur, who worked with Jerry Lewis in the early 1990s on a book, said he was a 6 footer at the time. What is his incentive to lie? A photograph of Laurel and Disney showing them within an inch or so of each other is posted and all of a sudden you have two other photos that show a dramatic difference.

Bottom line: in judging heights, some flexibility is needed. I might look at a co-worker and think he is 5'11" but someone else might say 6'0". Does that mean I'm right? Nope, it's just my best guestimate.

Bleemo said on 19/Mar/06
Heh I'm a big fan of Abbott and Costello and I always thought it odd that Bud Abbott was often reffered to as tall in their films. Especially when on their own site made by their family they are listed as 5' 8, which I guess is about average height for the times i.e. 40's-50's America. I guess if they bunking his height up to 5'10 like Humphrey Bogart then that makes sense.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
During the late 1970's Jack Webb drove one of these: Click Here It's a Clenet. Jack's car had designs cut into the rear side windows.
When I first me him which was 1973 he drove one like this: Click Here
It's a DeTomaso Pantera GTS. Jack's was black with black leather interior. The seats had red leather trim and the leather steering wheel was custom made using black and red leather. I used to walk by the car when he had it parked by his office at Universal and drool. Many years later when I worked with him and asked what became of the car he told me he sold it to the first person to show up and for a price that was so under market that he was embarrassed to admit it to me. By then he was driving a rather mundane white station wagon.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
This is info on the Stutz that Elvis once owned: Click Here
(A little known fact is that once a celeb is seated they're mostly all the same height!)
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
What's fascinating is that virtually all of the great cinema comedy teams have their official heights reported wrong.

Laurel & Hardy - 5'10 & 6'1 In reality were 5'8" & 5'11-1/2"
Abbott & Costello - 5'6" & 5'10" In reality were 5'4" & 5'8"
Martin & Lewis - 6' & 6' In reality were 5'10" & 5'10"

All the Marx Brothers' heights are optimistic by an inch or two. I knew Groucho and he was probably 5'6" when he was young and shrunk to 5'4" when he was old.

The same with The Three Stooges. None in the team were ever more than 5'5" Most were 5'3" such as Moe and Larry. Official listings have them at 5'6 to 5'7".

By the way, here's a shot of Stan Laurel with 5'11" Charlie Chase: Click Here

Chase's height is also misrepresent as being 6'. I've seen photos of him with several actors who I know are genuinely 6' and in every shot he's shorter.

Comedians with wrong official heights:

Milton Berle - 5'11" to 6' In actuality was no more than 5'10" (I saw him many times from the early 1960's up till two years before he died)
Jackie Gleason 6' In actuality was 5'10" (saw him several times over the years)
Danny Thomas 5'11-1/2" was just 5'10" (was a family friend)
Danny Kaye - 6' was 5'11" (met him at least twice)
Sid Cesar - 6'1" was 5'11 3/4" (this one I heard him admit to)
Jack Benny 5'9" was in reality barely 5'7" (met him several times)
Johnny Carson 5'11-1/2" to 6' was just 5'10". (I know. I met him on at least three occasions)
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/06
I believe that the shoemaker's name is Fabrizio DiPasquale, or something close. He made most of the shoes with lifts in them for the stars.
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/06
Dean Martin was the first customer of the Italian man who made the elevator shoes for the stars.
Frank2 said on 18/Mar/06
I have two other photos of Stan with Disney and in all of them he's two inches shorter. And he wasn't wearing shoes with heels removed for this photo. And finally, I had two people who worked for "uncle" Walt tell me he wasn't 5'10" but was only 5'9". I decided to go with 5'10" since in photos with other famous people such as Leslie Howard who are 5'10" he looks to be the same height. Here's a frame from Pick a Star and you can clearly see that 6'3" Mischa Auer is a lot taller than both Stan and Ollie: Click Here Don't believe the publicity hype. Most celebs are shorter than advertised. That's a given.
Paul said on 18/Mar/06
If the below is the picture of Stan & Ollie with Disney Frank is referring to, Stan is not considerably shorter. He looks only slightly shorter. None of the three are standing completely straight - Babe is leaning in, Stan's head is tilted in, and Walt is somewhat erect, but his legs look like they're indented. If Walt is 5'10" I can buy Stan being 5'9" and Babe being about 6 foot.

Click Here

Judging Stan's height from movies is tricky because he removed the heels from his shoes to look shorter, furthering his "little guy" personna.

Frank2 said on 18/Mar/06
I don't know about a gold plated car, but I do know that Sammy once owned 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II which had been converted by the factory to be a drophead coupe (That's convertable in American). The car was shell gray with gray Connoly leather interior. The body work was done by Mulliner and such a car is very rare today and is worth a small fortune. I've seen good condition left hand drive versions going here in LA for well-over $200,000. If they're mint, closer to $300,000. They only made 107 of which there were only 75 with left hand drive. Davis's car had factory air as well as beautiful picnic tables that came down from the backs of the front seats so passengers riding in the rear could use them to eat off of or write on. Here's what such a car would have looked like: Click Here
I'd take one any day over a Stutz.
Frank2 said on 18/Mar/06
I have a photo of Stan and Ollie with Walt Disney who was definitely 5'10" and Stan is considerably shorter and Ollie is about an inch and a half taller. I have several photos of Stan with other actors, actors who are supposedly at least 5'10" such as Don Ameche and Stan is shorter. He was shorter than 5'10" English actor Reginald Gardiner in Flying Dueces. Babe was about two inches taller than Gardiner. My mom did some radio with L & H and remembers Stan not being very tall. I know people who are members of The Sons of the Desert and I've been to a couple of meetings where this was discussed. There were members who felt as I do that Stan was shorter than advertised and others who disagreed. You have to face the fact that Hollywood always adds inches to its stars. They did it going back to the silent days and they still do it today. Here's an interesting fact. In casting roles for TV, casting agents tend to get tall actors for the parts. I used to see casting calls a lot at Fox and most of the men where well-over six feet. And look at all the tall actresses today. Many are 5'10" or more. So when short stars like Stallone or Gibson or Keaton or Nicholson or Cruise have their official heights listed, Hollywood adds up to several inches. As for the Stutz, there was atime when I could have bought one for a song. Back in the eighties they weren't going for that much. I went and looked at one in Beverly Hills that was in great shape and I could have bought it for $10,000, but many people I knew said if I did it would make me look like a pimp so I passed.
Paul said on 18/Mar/06
Thanks for the comments on Cesar Romero Frank. Several years ago I had a chance to talk to Mike Reagan (Ron's son) and somehow Romero came up. It turns out that he was a family friend of the Reagans and attended Mike's birthday parties as a child. Mike thought the world of him.

I must respectfully disagree on your L&H heights though. Having read about and researched them for years, I've noted that most sources (including those who met them) consistently cite Stan at 5'9" and Babe at 6'0" to 6'1". It's possible that by the time they reached their 60s they lost some height. I still get a kick out of the fact that Laurel was taller than Bud Abbott (who was always described as "tall" in the A&C movies). I guess when your partner is 5'3" or so even a 5'8" guy looks tall.
Tiger said on 18/Mar/06
I think the photos with Dino and his Stutz's clarifies it for me. Next to the Stutz, Dino easily looks over 7 feet tall. Now this is just an estimate, but the Stutz definitely looks to be 'lifted' :)
Tiger said on 18/Mar/06
According to the reference 'Elvis: His Life from A to Z' (1988 Tamerius and Worth), Elvis bought the very first Stutz Blackhawk Coupe ever produced, on 9/10/71 (custom-made), and Sinatra bought the second one. Elvis paid $38,500 for his! Awesome car, the Stutz!
sf said on 17/Mar/06
Frank2 - I seem to remember Sammy also having a gold-plated car. Am I remembering right?
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
This car once belonged to Sammy Davis Jr.: Click Here
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
This is what Leonardo Dicaprio cruises around town in: Click Here It's a very unglamorous Toyota Prius. Actor/environmentalist/activist Ed Begley Jr. drives an electric car. I just might buy a pair of roller skates and be done with it.
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
Dean Martin had one of these as well: Click Here It's a Stutz. Here's a website with photos of Dean next to his Stutz: Click Here
Frank said on 17/Mar/06
Not to beat a dead horse, but I'm watching Dean right now in The Wrecking Crew (awful movie) and he's wearing boots with obvious two-inch heels. Even then he appears at least five inches shorter than 6'3" Nigel Green. dean comes up to Nigel's eye level. In another trashy Matt Helm movie The Ambushers, Dean is at least two inches shorter than nearly 6' tall James Gregory and several inches shorter than 6'2" Albert Salmi and 6'2" Roy Jenson. And in the film Kiss Me Stupid, Dean appears to be only about two inches taller than 5'8" Ray Walston. In that film he doesn't seem to be wearing lifts.
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
At one time Frank Sinatra owned one of these: Click Here It's a Dual Ghia which was a low production semi-custom-made car with an Italian-designed body, an American chasis, engine and drivetrain. Here's a link to more info: Click Here Dean owned at least two Rolls Royce convertables. His last was a mid-1980's Corniche which I now believe his daughter owns. Just to give you a comparison with today's celebs, most now drive big ugly gas-guzzling SUV's with a few others tooling around town in hideous-looking hybrids just so they appear to be politically correct. The days of stylish cars driven by the stars seems to be over as is anything stylish regarding today's crowd of juveniles pretending to be stars.
Paul said on 16/Mar/06
Frank2 - did you get Romero's height from personal observation or is this an estimate? The reason I ask is that on TV, he looked taller than 6'2" but I don't know if he wore lifts or not.

Here's a picture of him in 1939 standing next to Sidney Toler (Charlie Chan). Toler has been listed as a 6 footer which seems reasonable since he was just a little shorter than Oliver Hardy in a movie they appeared together.

Click Here

Did Lawford also wear lifts? In that famous picture of the Rat Pack in front of the Sands he looks quite tall.

Click Here
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Thomas had a dashboard made of Marble ? Wow! That is pretty awesome! I believe that Elvis had Barris customize a bus for him. I don't remember when, but I know I have read or seen that. Frank2: you may know this.
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
The 5'10" height regarding Danny Thomas comes from me knowing him and being around him since I was a wee little kid. I even visited his home up in Beverly Hills. He lived at the end of Hillcrest Drive in what looked like a mosque. Danny was a real character. He had a custom car with a dashboard made out of a solid slab of marble! On it was a gold plate stating the car was made especially for him by George Barris. His license plate was JAKE. His real sirname was Jahoob which is Jacob when translated from Arabic. As you can see in the photo, Jerry Lewis is the same height as Dannny. I was an inch taller than both men. The last time I saw Danny which was about eight years before he died he had shrunk by a couple of inches. And I have no idea what you mean regarding Cesar Romero. If Lawford was a solid six footer then the height difference wouldn't have been as noticeable. Whisky sounds good.
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Frank2: 2-inch heeled boots, common footwear in the 70s, does not suggest one wore lifts (Elvis stage boots ranged from 1.5 to 2 inch heels). One is independent of the other. Everyone saw Elvis' boots and most everyone was wearing that type of footwear in the 70s, even the mid/late 60s. Yeah, this part is getting tiring! As far as Lawford and Romero: could a 3 inch difference be just how you see it? Don't most 6-2+ actors really seem to tower over most on-screen, less tall colleagues? I am going for Duke's favorite - gimmee a whiskey!
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
Elvis did wear lifts. His boots had two inch heels. I know since I saw them! And as far as Lawford's height.....well, maybe I'm six feet and have been miss-measured all along. When people are supposed to be measure for height they aren't supposed to stretch themselves so as to gain more in height. You're supposed to just stand relaxed as straight as you can which is how I've been measured at the doctor's office. If I stretch myself I suppose I could say I'm 5'11 1/2". By the way, that's me with George Segal. It was taken at the wrap party back in 1977 for Rollercoaster. Somewhere I also have photos of me with Henry Fonda and Richark Widmark. Those are about the only photos ever taken of me standing next to celebs since I usually don't care to be photographed with them. Fonda looks to be about two inches taller than me and Widmark is about as short as Segal. Now if Segal stood up straight he'd be closer to my height. I'd say he's 5'10 1/2" at the most. But then knowing how you react you might just just I look like a six footer and that it explains why Lawford isn't just 5'11". I'm no six footer. And please explain why Lawford is three inches shorter than 6'2" Cesar Romero in Ocean's 11 and why Dean is shorter than Lawford by an inch in the same film. Boy! This is tiring!! I need a drink. think I'll go for Sinatra's favorite - Jack Daniels. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...goooood stuff!
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
I have not been able to find anything on Danny Thomas so far. Not one reference that I have states his height and nothing on the web. All I have is the interview from 'Entertainment Weekly'. Frank2: you said he mentioned 5-11 1/2 ? Where does the 5-10 come from ?
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Frank2: Elvis did not wear lifts! Also, the photo of Sinatra and the 6-0 1/2 JFK: there is a publicity photo of Elvis and Sinatra (Rob has it on the Elvis page) when they did the 'Timex' special in 1960 and it is the exact same height disparity as is the photo with Sinatra and JFK. How could Elvis and JFK not be the same height ? Sinatra is consistently listed at 5-8/5-8.5. Sinatra is easily 2 inches, at most, shorter than Thomas in the photo you submitted. However, I found a quote below from Thomas stating that he was 5-11 1/2. Though I agree that Martin is under six feet and maybe closer to 5-11, I still think you under-size Lawford. As far as lifts on Dino: can we get some credible documentation that he did ? It really could be different types of footwear that make the differences in some photos. Saying he wears lifts is not credible evidence!
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Rob: are you adding the comment above about Dino being 5-10 in regards to elevators because there is credible documentation or that in photos he "may" be wearing them?

Editor Rob
yes, 'might' I will say. I'm looking at the disparity in his height and seeing the type of footwear he has worn. It does suggest that the probability is quite high he wore lifts to appear many a time like a solid 5ft 11+ guy.

Although I haven't downgraded him, I'm trying to find more examples of his footwear being 'shown'.
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
Sammy was 5'3". And he did wear lifts!
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
'Entertainment Weekly' (April 1974): Danny Thomas describes himself as "...a 5-11 1/2, above average-looking, funny guy."
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Yeah, Rob: this reference is outstanding! I know I've stated that before, but it truly is. By all accounts, Williams has been around for a long, long time and has researched the heck the out of that book. In fact, in the acknowledgements section, he cites numerous newspapers. On another page, I know I gave some background on him and gave specific details about the book. I hope people can find it out there!
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
Rob: I don't know for sure that Davis JR is 5-4, but I have seen that height all but once so far (web searches). I have also seen a 5-3. Not sure at all about him! 'Movie Encyclopedia' states Davis JR's height as 5-3 1/2.

Editor Rob
I did see a quote by Chita Rivera who described him "Everything about him was so much bigger than the fact that he had only one eye, that he was five foot four. He was so big you got swept away by him". They were in Sweet Charity, I think...Actually I've got a glenn/chita pic to add

that movie encyclopedia sounds good. If compiled by someone in the media from that era, it at least would have heights that were 'floating about' in newspapers, magazines at that time. Although accuracy is always in question with heights, its useful seeing other listings.
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
Here's Dean and Jerry eye to eye: Click Here
If anything, Jerry could be a quarter of an inch taller with brings up an interesting point. Hardly anyone is exactly right on the inch mark when it comes to their height. We hear people say I'm six feet, but in reality they might be 5'11 & 9/10ths or 6' and one tenth. In the morning I'm 5'11" plus two/tenths of an inch. In the evening I'm about 5'10" and eight/tenths of an inch. Maybe Jerry was 5'10" and a two tenths and Dean was 5'9" and nine/tenths. Just a thought. What's interesting about the next photo is how tall Dean looks next to Cary Grant while Jerry looks to be at leats three inches shorter: Click Here
Now I've seen other photos taken at that time and in them both Dean and Jerry appear to be at least two inches shorter than Cary. Here's Jerry with 5'5" James Cagney: Click Here Here's Jerry and Sinatra on stage with 5'10" Danny Thomas: Click Here Danny claimed he was 5'11 1/2" but I know different! I knew him quite well since he and my dad were friends and I once worked for his daughter Marlo on a TV project for eleven long months. Here's Jerry with 5'8" Jimmy Carter: Click Here Dean and Jerry in a radio studio: Click Here In the next one Jerry looks like he's on his tiptoes: Click Here
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Here's another photo from Sergeants 3: Click Here
Notice that Lawford's boots have the same size heel as Dean's as well as Frank's. No lifts among them. Here's another photo from the same film: Click Here
Dean doesn't look that happy.
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
The photos with Lawford and Walker show the two the exact same height and Walker is closest to the camera in both. Lawford, at 6', is about an inch, maybe less, more than Dino in photo(s) below. The photo with Lewis and Sinatra tends me toward stating Lewis at 5-10 1/2. The 'click here' for the 'tripod' pix are not showing up on my screen; I get only a blank screen. From 'Movie Treasure' magazine (October 1964)- at the end, a trivia section titled 'Did You Know...The Heights of the Rat Pack':
Lawford 6'
Martin 5-11
Bishop 5-9
Sinatra 5-8.5
Davis JR 5-4

Editor Rob

yes, some sites will block direct linking - tripod and these free hosts being good examples, so in those cases you need to just give the page url where the picture is

davis jr I've yet to add, but as tall as 5ft 4?

I can see Lewis being 179cm, Martin's height is all over the place due to I think elevator shoes, so he could consistantly appear easily 5ft 11+ range...he can look from 176cm to 182cm!
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Good photos Rob! Yep! Dino isn't wearing his usual lifts in that shot with Jerry. And in the photo from Sergeants Three you can clearly see that Lawford is taller than Dean. When Lawford appeared on Dean's TV show he was taller by at leat an inch. I met Lawford on at leats two seperate occasions and both times he was exactly my height of 5'11." The last time I saw him he had lost far too much weight and looked deathly ill. Then I read that he died only a year or so later. Sad.
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
Walker and Lawford look the exact same height in the first 2 photos Frank2 submitted and Walker is nearest the camera. If Walker is taller, and these photos don't bear that, than it is by hardly at all.
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Check out this shot of Dean with Frank: Click Here Hmmmmm....Are those lifts on Dino? Scrowl down and check out the photo of Dean walking with Lawford and Sinatra: Click Here Lawford is an inch taller. Dean is about two to three inches taller than "Old Blue Eyes." Frank was 5'7" and Dean was 5'10" and Lawford was 5'11". Here's Lawford looking even taller than Dean: Click Here Lawford is an inch taller than Dean in this shot: Click Here Here's Peter with 5'9" Bobby Kennedy: Click Here
Here's Lawford leaning inward next to Sinatra and Dean: Click Here And here's Lawford also looking an inch taller than Dean: Click Here Here's Sinatra with 6' tall JFK: Click Here Now compare how tall Dean is next to Frank and Jerry Lewis: Click Here
And here: Click Here As well as here: Click Here
And here: Click Here
Here's Jerry with Frank: Click Here I only see a two inch difference.

Editor Rob
maybe his stance here isn't quite as good, but I think he didn't have his lifts in this one

actually, I think this is Lawford with Dean in similar uniforms?
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
By the way, here's 6' tall Robert Walker with 5'11" Peter Lawford: Click Here
I never met Walker, but I did meet Lawford and he was my height. Watch the original Ocean's Eleven and you'll clearly see that Lawford is three inches shorter than 6'2" Cesar Romero. And in that film Dean is an inch shorter than Lawford. Here's a better angle of Lawford with Walker: Click Here
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Gabe is a solid six footer or at least he was when he was younger. Back during Welcome Back Kotter, John Travolta was at least 6'1". That was back when he didn't weigh 250 lbs. Travolta's packed down to about 6' these days. Watching all the Martin and Lewis films I came away with the observation that even with his lifts, Dean was no taller than Jerry. Now, does that mean Jerry was actually 5'11"? Nope. I saw Jerry and he was always an inch shorter than me. And so was Dean. But Jerry didn't wear lifts when he was younger. He started wearing height-increasing shoes and boots when he got to be older and mostly when was doing his telethon. Jerry is now around 5'7". He's really lost a lot of height. So did Dean. I remember seeing him one day in Beverly Hills walking by and he looked about 5'9". Jerry had a serious back condition caused by so many prat falls he took on stage. He was in constant pain and ended up addicted to the prescription pain killer Percodan. Fortunately he got off the drug. Then he also suffered from a bad heart and ended up having a quadruple bypass operation. It's amazing with all his health problems that he's still with us. Recently Jerry has become much more humble. I watched him on Larry King Live and was really impressed by his comments on life and things in general. And he always praises Dean. He claims that without Dean he'd have never become the big star that he was.
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
Tiger, you see the shot taken of Dean next to Danny Kaye? Well, Kaye was my height. When I met Dean he looked to be about an inch shorter just as he does next to Danny. And trying to explain away all these photos I'm posted is giving me a good laugh. I mean it's down to the minutia. Anyway, it's fun just the same.
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
Don't forget also, sf: when it doesn't fit or make sense, one can state that the person wears 'lifts'. Happens all over this site. No evidence, no support for a point of view, so the person will just throw in a comment about 'lifts'. With no documention nor evidence, we are left wondering where that person found their information. Frank2: these are wonderful photos. Where do I start? I guess with Reagan and Berle. Reagan closer to the camera in both shots and Berle no more than 2 inches shorter than Reagan. I would say if we "rotate" those photos, Berle has a strong case for his documented 5-10 1/2 / 5-11, but probably closer to 5-11. Still say he was much taller than is stated, especially in his "prime". And Carson with the 5-8 Benny. Johnny is leaning forward and still has 3.5/4 inches, maybe more, on Benny. Even if Benny is 5-7, Carson still hits 5-10.5/5-11 (his documented height). These judgments are photo-related only. Obviously, in the much later photos of Berle and Hope, they definitely lost height! They lived well into their late 80s and mid/late 90s, respectivley. Is Gabe Kaplan really 6 feet ? Lastly, for now, I think Dino has the height advantage on Lewis, at least from a photo perspective.
sf said on 15/Mar/06
Love this Dean Martin fight... Frank, I'm siding with you on this one, too. Again, cause you just have to much experience. One thing I will say, is that I've found that so many people just can't judge height and also see what they want to see. If they want to see someone as shorter they do; if they want to see someone as taller, they do. I take all of these "sightings" with a grain of salt, so I can see Martin at 5'10" give or take.

The real question, is what is Jimmy Stewart doing singing?
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's Benny with 6'3" John Lindsey who was Mayor of NYC: Click Here Here's Dino with Benny and Debbie Reynolds: Click Here
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's 5'10" Johnny Carson with 5'7" Jack Benny: Click Here here's Benny being "stangled" by Bogart: Click Here Bogie was no more than 5'7 1/2". Beeny with 6'1" Don Wilson and 5'5" Eddie "Rochester" Anderson: Click Here This is Benny looking shorter than his 5'7" bronze statue outside TV Academy Headquarters: Click Here Benny with Joan Crawford: Click Here Joan was only 5'2" so I guess she was wearing 5 inch heels for this photo.
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's Berle with 6'1" Ronald Reagan: Click Here And another: Click Here
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
This is a shot of Berle with Lucy: Click Here Berle's wearing a bald skull cap for this bit as a sleazy used car salesman. They look to be about the same height in this shot. Here's Berle with Carrol O'Conner who by the time of this photo had shrunk down to about 5'8": Click Here
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's Berle with Bob Hope: Click Here And another one of Berle with Hope: Click Here Berle with Martin and Lewis: Click Here
Berle with 6'3" Johnny Counterfit: Click Here Berle with 5'8" Steve Lawrence and 5'6" insult King, Don Rickles: Click Here Here's " with Uncle Miltie: Click Here Here's Berle with 6' tall Gabe Kaplin: Click Here
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's Uncle Miltie with his wife Lorna. She always wore falt shoes since she's at least 5'11": Click Here Here's Berle with 5'10: Danny Thomas and his daughter Marlo: Click Here And please don't tell me that Danny was 5'11" because I knew him, was up at his home on Hillcrest in Beverly Hills and worked with his daughter Marlo. Here's Berle with 6'2" radio host Mac McGuire atken in 1960: Click Here Here's 5'10" Berel with Elvis: Click Here It looks to me that either Berle is standing on tiptoes or Elvis wore flat shoes that day. Berle with 6'3" Gerald Holladay who had won an Andy Griffith look-a-like contest back in 1961: Click Here Here's Berle with Carson: Click Here By then Miltie had shrunk to where he was shorter than 5'10" Carson. On an earlier show they were the same height. Here's another one of Berle and Elvis: Click Here And another one: Click Here
Elvis looks at most to be an inch taller.
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Here's Dean with 6'3" Jimmy Stewart and 5'8" Frank Sinatra Jr.: Click Here
I don't know about you, but see at least five inch difference between Dean and Stewart. And if you watch the actual show you'll see this to be the case. And Dean had on his lifts!
Frank2 said on 13/Mar/06
I'm not saying that Dean was 5'9". That was just what a friend said. Berle was 5'10" when he was young which back then was relatively tall for a comedian. He was never 5'11". NEVER!! And I wish I had attended the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. They looked like they'd have been fun. I did watch the Tonight Show a couple of times standing in the wings. They'd tape it around 4PM at NBC's Burbank studio. I saw Johnny and even briefly spoke with him. I knew Perry Massey who was an exec there and he got me in. I didn't want to sit out in front since I get bored with this stuff and like to leave. When you've been around it as long as I have it's no longer that fun. But the roasts would have been fun since Dino had a lot of funny people on them and what was said that got edited out was absolutely hilarious.
Tiger said on 13/Mar/06
Frank2: did you ever attend one of the Dean Martin roasts in person ?
Frank2 said on 13/Mar/06
Trust me. Benny was 5'7". My mom worked with him I radio and I met him on several occasions. Janssen I only saw one time at a party for The Motion Picture Mothers Club and he was taller than me and at that time I was already my adult height of 5'11". By the way, I spoke with an old friend who met Dean at NBC and he believes Dean wasn't even 5'10"! He said that Dean was 5'9", wore lifts to boost himself up to Jerry's 5'10"! Go figure! I believe Dean and Jerry were about the same height.

If Jerry was 5'11" then why does he appear three inches shorter than Fred Clark (6'1") in Visit to a Small Planet and two inches shorter than Earl Holliman (6') in the same film? Also, If Jerry was 5'11" as you still believe then why does he appear the same height as Milton Berle in The Bellboy? Berle was no more than 5'10". Later he shrunk to 5'7". The last time I saw Uncle Miltie was at a benefit held at the TV Academy back in the early 1990's and he was a lot shorter than me. His wife Lorna towered over him. She's my height! Tall woman! Lorna was a wealthy woman who owned a dress comapny who lived in the Shoreham Towers above the Sunset Strip. At one time she lived next door to a friend of mine. Berle met her after his wife died and eventually they were married. I saw them several times along with my friend Mike.

Oh, I forgot! I was at a charity event in Brentwood many years ago and just about everyone was there celeb-wise. Kirk Douglas was there as well as Benny, Danny Kaye with his wife Sylvia, Milton Berle, Phil Silvers, and a host of the famous. I was talking with Danny Kaye who by the way was taller than people think (he was my height or 5'11) when Lewis came up. Jerry was slightly shorter than the two of us. Kaye was very shy while Jerry was a clown. Benny was also very shy. Oh, and George Burns was there and he looked to be about 5'6". He was shorter than Benny. I could look over his head. Later in his old age Burns shrunk to under 5'4". He was so tiny the last time I saw him that I was somewhat amazed. David Janssen was a very nice person. His only problem was he drank and smoked far too much. His heart just gave out when he was only 49. I was so upset when I heard about it that actually I cried. I only did that one other time for a celeb and that's when I learned Jack Webb has passed away. I had worked with him closely and gotten to know him pretty well. He was a wonderful person. He had the same hobby as me which was we both collected expensive stereo equipment. I knew his two daughters, Stacey and Lisa. Stacey was later killed tragically in a car accident. Lisa had issues with her dad and stopped speaking with him. After Jack died she wished she had gotten the opportunity to just talk with him one more time. The moral of that story is if any of you have issues with a parent and are not speaking to them, try to imagine them gone. Then take the opportunity before it's lost forever and contact them.
Tiger said on 13/Mar/06
Though I have 2 sources that list Benny at 5-8, I still believe Lewis to be 5-11ish at this point, not 6 foot. With Lewis, you are geting me there!
Tiger said on 13/Mar/06
I do know Janssen from 'The Green Berets'; I forgot that he was in that. Also, I believe that he and Clint Eastwood were very good friends early on when both were trying to make it in Hollywood. I do know Pleasance from 'Halloween', but I am not sure of the other people you listed here; don't recognize any of the names. I have probably seen them in something. Still not buying the Martin/Holliman thing. Not convinced there!
Tiger said on 12/Mar/06
I said Jansson needs further research; I know nothing about him! Actually, I don't dismiss everything you say. Because of you, I think Jerry Lewis is under six feet tall. I never thought that before. I look at alot more than official sites; I have alot of literature from which to reference and I try to get as much on the table as possible.I am looking for the facts, as you are!I'm not calling you a liar. For everything you put out there I can probably find an example to contradict it or, in some cases, support it. It is called debate!
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
If you actually believe that Martin and Holliman have on the same boots and are the same height then I think you need glasses. As far as Dean with Phil Harris, I watched the two standing next to each other on a clip and Harris was taller! All you do is to dismiss anything I write which tells me you really have nothing else to put on the table. You seem to believe what's officially written about everybody and that's that. End of conversion. You're truly a press agent's dream come true! Like I said, I met Dean several times and he was shorter than me on every single occasion. So was Carson. You can call me a liar...I really don't care. What I do care about is knowing the facts. I'm a stickler for facts. Raymond Burr was 6'1" and when he stood next to Dean he was at least three inches taller. You haven't explained why David Jansson was taller by at least two inches. His official height lists him as 6'. I met Jansson and he was an inch taller than me so for a change it's true. Nor have you correctly explained why if Dean was 6' tall that he's quite short next to 6'1" Bob Mitchum. And as far as Dean coming up to the Duke's eye level in that photo of them cooking, well, yeah! The Duke is bending over to taste whatever he's cooking. Just look at the shoulder height difference! And in the shot from Rio Bravo, Dean comes up to Wayne's chin which is just how it looks in the film in all the long shots. And Dean isn't slouching, but walking which he is in that shot. This is really getting monotonous.
Tiger said on 12/Mar/06
Frank2: these photos are hardly conclusive. The first photo with Duke , Dean is horribly slouched and behind Duke. The second photo, yeah, you could easily say at least six feet tall; Dino comes up to Duke's eyes. Do you really see height-increasing boots on Martin next to Holliman? Don't Holliman and Martin have the same boots on and aren't they the same height? Come on! You can't judge heights when people are seated. No Way! Thus, how is the Harris photo relevant? I think, when it doesn't add up the right way, people all of a sudden see built-up shoes/boots and/or lifts to make their points. Weak!
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Please explain why 6 foot-tall David Jansson appeared two inches taller than Dean on his TV show guest appearance. I'm watching it right now on this TV commercial for DVD's of the show and there's no doubt that Jansson is the taller of the two. And why in the film Five Card Stud is Dean shorter than Mitchum by at least three inches? If Dean was six feet tall as everyone seems to believe, why was he considerably shorter than Larry Gates (6'1") and Ralph Meeker (6'1") in the film Ada? If Dean was 6' then why was he the same height as Cliff Robertson in the film All in a Night's Work? I knew and worked with Cliff and he's 5'10". Robertson is exactly one inch shorter than 5'11" Bill Holden in Picnic. Robertson was the same height as Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor. I've met Redford and he's 5'10". If Dean was 6' then why was he shorter than 5'11 & 1/2" Mike Kellin in At War With the Army? So was Jerry by an inch and a half. If Dean was 6' then why was he not taller than 5'11" Dom DeLuise? If Dean was 6' tall then why did he look like a shrimp next to 6'1" Raymond Burr in You're Never Too Young? Burr appeared to be three inches taller than both Martin and Lewis and Dean had on his lifts. I saw Burr all the time when I worked at Universal and he was 6'1" (he was also 300+ lbs!). Maybe Dean wasn't even 5'10" like I thought, but shorter! Right now this same commercial shows Lucille Ball standing next to him and she wearing what looks like three-inch heels and she's slightly taller! And Lucy was exactly 5'6". I saw her many times.
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Here's a shot of a seated Dean with Phil Harris. As you can see, Harris is taller seated. In the show when they stand next to each other, Harris is exactly that much taller. I met Harris several times and he was exactly my height which is 5'11". Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
At the following site scrowl down and you'll see a shot of Dino standing next to 6' Earl Holliman. It's clear that Dean's wearing height-increasing cowboy boots and is still shorter by at least an inch. Holliman's wearing regular boots. I see Earl all the time at a local restaurant. Next time I'll ask him just how tall Dean was. And Earl is still 6' tall. Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Here's another one of Dino with The Duke: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Check this out: Click Here
Six feet huh?
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
A TV station is now running a commercial selling DVD's of the old Dean Martin TV Show. I just noticed the following: Dean is the same height at Phil Silvers. Silvers was 5'10". I know since I met him on two occasions. Michael Landon is Dean's height. That one threw me since landon was kind of short (around 5'9" max) so I figured he wore cowboy boots with big heels. I couldn't see his feet. But then Dino had on his usual lifts that boosted him by at least two inches....oh well. In another bit, Dino is with Jimmy Stewart. And it's clear that Stewart is at least five inches taller. In fact Dino comes up to his eye level. In another brief segment Johnny Carson comes on and is almost Dino height. Johnny might be half an inch shorter. Zero Mostel is Dinos height and he was 5'10". Orson Welles appears at least two inches taller. I worked with Orson and he was slightly taller than my height by the late sixties. Frank Sinatra is three inches shorter. Gene Kelly who was 5'7" appears three inches shorter than Dean. John Wayne towers over Dino by at leats five inches. Jack Benny appears to be two to three inches shorter. Benny was 5'7". 6' 1" Robert Mitchum is three inches taller than Dino. So what more do I have to do to convince you? Dig him up and measure him?
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
Frank2:perhaps you have a better photo of Aubrey and Elvis ? I don't see much of a difference in their heights there. I guess, when in doubt, one can suggest lifts. All I can say is, I have seen not one shred of evidence or credible documentation that Elvis wore lifts and I have been through alot of Elvis material. It is just an old "Hollywood rumor" with no substance. Carson was definitely in the 5-10.5/5-11 range!
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
Is Jim Aubrey an actor or an executive . I don't know who he is. In that photo, if Elvis has his head straight ahead (not looking down), he appears to be no more than an inch shorter than Aubrey, possibly less.
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
In the film Jumping Jacks, Dino and Jerry are considerably shorter than Don DeFore who was just over 6'1". DeFore was a close family friend and I know exactly how tall he was. I saw him for the last time at the Hambuger Hamlet restaurant in Culver City shortly before he died. He was still tall. Defore did a play with my mom shortly before she married my dad.
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
Here's Jerry with 5'7" Jack Carter. And don't tell me Carter was taller 'cause he wasn't: Click Here Jerry is clearly three inches taller. And here's Jerry with 6' tall director John Landis: Click Here I've met Landis and he's an inch taller than me. Here's a shot of Johnny Carson with Jack Benny: Click Here It's obvious that Carson is three inches taller. Here's Carson with Letterman: Click Here Letterman is reportedly 6'2". And here's Carson with Elvis: Click Here
And Elvis with 6'2" Jim Aubrey: Click Here I worked with "The Smiling Cobra" and I know he was excatly 6'2". It does look to me like "The King" was more than two inches shoter than the "Cobra." But the what the hell do I know anyway?
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
Check out Dino and Jerry with 6'1" Burt Lancaster. And don't tell me Burt wore lifts! Click Here
And check out Jerry Lewis with 5'7" Jack Benny at: Click Here No way is Jerry six feet tall!
Frank2 said on 9/Mar/06
Why would on earth would they ever take a swing at me? And if you mean I stand up for my beliefs, yes, I'm always this way.
Cynna said on 9/Mar/06
I am a newcomer to this website. Is Frank2 always like this? Has he really met all these celebrities? Has any of them ever taken a swing at him? Have other people? Just wondering.
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
I'm so sorry I disappointed you. I just gave you an example of Jerry Lewis being 5'10" and you dismiss it and say you're disappointed. He was three inches shorter than Fred Clark in that film! Take a look at Lawford next to 6'2" Cesar Romero in Ocean's Eleven and then tell me he was over six feet tall. He looks rather short next to Cesar, at least by three inches. And in the same film Cesar looks short next to Robert Foulk (the sheriff) who was around six five! In the film The Bellboy, Jerry Lewis is roughly the same height as Milton Berle and don't tell me that Berle was six feet because he was 5'10" in his prime. I met him several times over the years. A friend of mine was good friends with his last wife Lorna who was taller than Berle. We even all went to dinner one night! Uncle Miltie shrunk to about 5'8" when he got older. The last time I saw Lewis he was wearing boots with huge heels and he still wasn't as tall as me.
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
You really have offered nothing, Frank2, other than quick opinions and judgements. In addition, you dismiss everyone else's point of view because you "met someone". I do respect that you have met so many people, but you don't have a leg to stand on if you can't document or provide evidence. In all of the years you have done what you do, there has to be something or somewhere that you can take us so we can see that what you say fits. Disappointing!
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Yep! I've always been conscious of an actor's height. Lawford was my height, maybe a half an inch taller. And I don't have to show you anything pal. And Jerry was never six feet! Take alook at him in the film Visit to a Small Planet. He's obviosly three inches shorter than 6'1" Fred Clark! And he's two inches shorter than Earl Holliman who's an even six feet. And as far as what I'm looking at regarding Rio Bravo, it's a tape I made off the satellite. And Dino comes up to the Duke's chin! So there!
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
'That's Amore: A Son Remembers Dean Martin'(Ricci Martin and Christopher Smith, Taylor Trade Publishing 2002): Dean's son, Ricci, states his father's height as "a little over six feet". In addition, Dean's daughter Deana (Dina) states her father's height as "around six feet." Also, in the chapter on Dean and Jerry, Jerry Lewis talks about their unique act and states: "For years people wrote about Dean and I both being 6-1. Well that is not true. We were both 6 feet tall.I did alot of slouching next to Dean. I always thought he should be the bigger man. Standing next to Dean, who would want to look at me ? Have you ever seen a man that handsome?" In lists Martin at 6' and 175 lbs.
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
You met Lawford once 37 years ago and can for sure say he was less than 6 feet? I knew the movies and photos (Martin/Wayne and Martin/Sinatra) would be something we would not agree on. Shows you how photos can lead to different opinions on height. Martin is 7 to 8 inches shorter than Wayne in 'Rio Bravo' ? What are you looking at ? I think Dino's family knows him best and they state his height as 6'.When I track down the 2 reference books I have in mind where his family states his height of 6', I will submit titles; various family members are quoted in the references. Jerry Lewis knows him like family and he has stated his height as 6' (just did so on Larry King Live about 3 weeks ago).
Frank2 said on 7/Mar/06
I don't care what you say, Dino was shorter than Peter Lawford in Ocean's Eleven. Some have listed Lawford at six-one, but he was about five-eleven. maybe another half an inch taller. I met him once back in the late 1960's at a benefit for raising money for Democrats. He was about my height. Look at him next to six foot two Cesar Romero in that film and he's considerably shorter. Lawford was quite thin and that made him appear taller. Trust me. Dino was only five foot ten max and not and inch taller. The shot of Martin and Lewis clearly shows Dean's wearing lifts. And as far as how short Dean looks next to the Duke in Rio Bravo....well, I'm playing it as I type away here and in every scenes he's at least seven to eight inches shorter in all the longshots. And Ricky Nelson was five eleven, not six-one. I knew him and saw him for God sakes!
Tiger said on 7/Mar/06
Rob: thanks! If you think that those shoes could be 'elevators', then I am fine with that. Martin and Lewis are not standing, so I am not sure to what extent it affects Dean's height. Maybe they would make him the 6-1 that the RatPack author (Guardian Newspaper) states above. Who knows? More good debate, I guess.
Glenn said on 7/Mar/06
I believe you friends saw that.
Tiger said on 7/Mar/06
Rob: why is that photo suspicious ? They look like normal, 40s/50s era shoes to me. How does one know what is inside ? I don't think Lewis' shoes are that much different, about the same size. I think if one is looking for elevator shoes, then one may find them regardless of whether they are or not.

Editor Rob
they looked suspicious because of the oversized 'cut' near the back, and where his ankle bone is...
Tiger said on 7/Mar/06
Actually, I have never seen Johnny Carson listed at 6 feet even; he is always 5-10.5/5-11. Johnny Carson has stated his height several times on his show as 5-11 and next to the 6-3 Ed McMahon, I believe he is right. If we are going to go by pictures or photos, then the famous picture on Duke Wayne's page is pretty evident. Dino, in both angles of that same picture, is just less than the 6-1 Reagan. That photo makes a great case for Dino being 6' even (strictly in a photo sense). Hard to go by photos ! In 'The Sons of Katie Elder', Dino is definitely taller than Holliman in a number of scenes(some scenes Holliman is taller) and I've always considered them the same height. I don't know Frank2.
Frank2 said on 7/Mar/06
Dino four inches shorter than the Duke? What are you smoking? In Rio Bravo Dino came up to Waynes chin! And don't start with the old BS that the Duke wore lifts. Mitchum said that as a joke. I know since he admitted it to a friend of mine. In that same film you'll see that Walter Brennan is taller than Dino and Brennan was under six feet. Ricky Nelson was taller than Dino and I knew him, saw him often and he was also under six feet. Ricky was about five eleven.
Frank2 said on 6/Mar/06
I could care less what anyone says. I was at NBC, stood right next to Dino and he was no taller than five-ten. He wore obvious lifts and even with his lifts he was my height and I'm just a tad under 5'11". This is like what people have said about Johnny Carson. They claim he was six feet or at the very least 5'11 & 1/2". In real life he was just under 5'10". Even the bronze statue of him outside the TV Academy headquarters shows him at just under 5'10". Go to the following webpage: and then check out a couple of shots of Dino. One has him standing next to Gordon MacRae who was exactly 5'8". Dino is about two inches taller. Just to the right of it is a shot of Dino with his shoe off and his stocking foot in Paul Lynde's hand. It's clear his shoes are custom elevators. Then there's a shot with Fess Parker on the left and Dino is almost a head shorter! Next go to this site:
There if you scrowl down you'll see a shot taken from The Sons of Katie Elder. Dino is obviously shorter than Earl Holliman and I know Earl is exactly six feet! I see him every once and a while at a local Thai restaurant. finally check out: and see how short Dino is next to Jack Jones who's 6'1". Come on people! Enough's enough. I was there! I saw many of these people in the flesh. Trust me. Or just go on believing what you want to believe.
Cynna said on 6/Mar/06
Dean's son Ricci described his dad as 6 feet tall. Dean's daughter Deana described him as 6 feet tall. Dean's partner Jerry described him as 6 feet tall. Every book I've seen which mentions his height gives it as 6 feet tall. He was about 2 inches shorter than Sean McClory, who was 6 foot 2. He was about 4 inches shorter than John Wayne, who was over 6 foot 4. Where does the "under 6 foot" theory originate?
Frank2 said on 27/Feb/06
I'm closing in on 60, but feel like a 20 year old. The problem is there's never a 20 year old when you need one!
sf said on 25/Feb/06
Frank - you're old if you remember the old Dean Martin show!!
Frank2 said on 24/Feb/06
No way was Dean five feet eleven and a half. I met him as well as Jerry. Both were around five ten. Dean wore lifts almost all of the time. He even wore lifts on his TV show. Anyone remember the time when Robert Mitchum showed up as a surprise guest behind the door? He towered over Dean and Mitchum was around six foot one. Dean even commented by saying, "He makes me look like nothin'!"
Tiger said on 2/Feb/06
McFly: show us where Reagan was never 6-1. Show us where it is located that he was 5-11. Prove that Dean Martin was only 3 inches taller than Sinatra. Do you need no evidence nor documentation because you knew these people and were there when they were conspiring to fool us all?
Tiger said on 2/Feb/06
To McFly:Ditto from the Duke Wayne page!
Mikex said on 25/Jan/06
I heard Jerry Lewis comment once they were the exact same height at 6ft. Lewis has always looked quite gangly so I guess 6 ft is right for Martin.
Paul said on 14/Jan/06
Regarding comments that Dean only looked 3 inches taller than Sinatra. Comparisons are hard to do because of lifts. Sinatra probably had bigger lifts than Dean because he had more ground to make up.

Dean was probably 6' as a young man. By the time of his TV show and peak solo movie career, he was late 40s/early 50s so its conceivable he may have lost a half inch or so.

Tiger said on 14/Jan/06
Editor Rob,to add:I really like that photo you have on Duke Wayne's website showing Hope, Wayne, Martin, and Reagan; four American icons all at one gathering. Anyway, Dino is definitely taller (not by a lot) than the 5-11 1/2 Bob Hope. I think 6' for Martin is safe, being that he is between Hope and Reagan. Of course, this is based on a photo and no other evidence. I am not one for judging on photos, but more documentation has to be found to be sure and to tie it all together.
Tiger said on 14/Jan/06
Rob: I think you definitely need to keep Dean at 6'. He is about the same height as the 6-1 Reagan in the picture on Duke Waynes's page, he was definitely more than 3 inches taller than Sinatra (5-8 1/2), and I think 4 and 1/2 inches on screen between Duke (6-4 1/2) and Dean (6') does look like a sizeable difference. Wait until McFly writes in again; Dean will look like 5-8.
Rut said on 13/Jan/06
Martin was a strong five ft 11 inches tall (Barefooted)
So Mr. R is right..
Mr. R said on 12/Jan/06
Dean never seemed 4 inches taller than Sinatra, so maybe 5-11 is a better bet.
Paul said on 6/Jan/06
Stan Laurel applied the anti-lift technique in his movies with Oliver Hardy to further emphasize the size difference between the two. Hardy was slightly over 6 foot (probably around 6'1") while Laurel was 5'9". Laurel had the heels of his shoes removed to make Hardy look even bigger. This helped form Laurel's image of being the childlike one while Hardy was the assertive one. Interestingly enough, Laurel was taller than Bud Abbott (5'8") who was always described as being the "tall one" in the Abbott and Costello team.

As for Martin, he always looked 6 foot to me, but no more. John Wayne towered over him in Rio Bravo. At the same time, Martin appeared to be about the same size as Raymond Burr in a movie they did together (You're Never Too Young).

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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