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Peak: 6ft 2.01in (188cm)
Current: 6ft 0.61in (184.4cm)
Tony said on 6/Oct/08
Leung agreed his hair style dubbed "the onion loaf" would add an inch of height fairly easily
runt said on 1/Oct/08
6-3??? He also claimed he's worth 5 billion while forbes sais 2.7 billion. He has also claimed he's worth 'many billions' which 2.7, or even 5 for that matter, doesn't quite match. He's also claimed that he's never been bankrupt.
Leung said on 9/Sep/08
I reckon he is including his infamous hair when he says 6
mclover said on 8/Sep/08
I thought it would be interesting to note that during the 2008 U.S. Open, Donald trump said he was 6'3'' to the commentator. This was after the commentator referred to him as 6'2'' and Trump QUICKLY corrected him lol.
bob129 said on 7/Sep/08
6'2" it is. BTW, I had made an error with my previous judgment on his height, not considering the camera angle. Just thought I'd make it clear.
Leung said on 27/Aug/08
Trump is a tall guy he is about 6
Sarah said on 21/Jul/08
Just saw the trumpster in person, he isnt any taller than 6ft and thats pushing it with the hairdo.
bob129 said on 11/May/08
I know that glenn is about a little more than 5'8", and guess what, I have the exact same effect with guys standing at 5'10", and I'm a 6'1" for the most of the time.
Hugh said on 1/May/08
Trump is at least 6ft2.
ed said on 26/Apr/08
looks like a 6.0 guy there with Glenn
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/08
Donald and 6'9.5" Alonzo Mourning
Click Here

Mourning is leaning and if he stands up straight and you don't count Trump's hair then Mourning has atleast 7 inches on Donald.
GSP said on 17/Mar/08
im sure he is around 6'2 but you would never guess based on this pic. He only looks like 5'11 max there as Glenns head reaches above trumps eyebrows. Obviously because Glenn is closer ect I guess..he must also be slouching.
Vegas said on 30/Dec/07
shaq has basically a full head on 6'4ish dwayne wade every time i see the two on the court standing side by side, if you are correct and shaq's head is minimum 10.5" that certainly rules out anything under 7 foot for shaq and more than likely puts shaq at a legit 7'1 barefoot and well over 7 foot in shoes, shaq is wearing ordinary shoes to wades basketball boots in that second photo i posted and he still has 10" on wade (if shaq's head is minimum 10.5" like you said)

as for trump he is an extremely vain individual but i don't think he is under 6'1, i have him between 6'1-6'1.5", he was on TRL with 6'2ish damien fahey and they looked the same height but i think trump had the footwear advantage
Jason said on 30/Dec/07
Is it? I'd be pretty certain there's no way Shaq's head is under 10.5''. We're looking up at him with Trump.
Vegas said on 30/Dec/07
well this is how a measured ~6'4 guy looks next to shaq, how much height difference is there??? Click Here and Click Here
Jason said on 29/Dec/07
Click Here

Trump doesn't look 6'2'' with Shaq here.
fraud said on 22/Dec/07
never thought trump was this tall always thought like five ten or eleven at best
Pip said on 23/Sep/07
I just saw him earlier this week on the street. I'm 6'2 and there's no way he's my height. I'd say he is between 6'0 and 6'1 with shoes on.
Art said on 21/Aug/07
Click Here

He looks about 6-2 in this photo with Shaquille O'neal, who is about 7-0, or maybe 6-11 3/4 barefoot.
shikoku said on 27/Jun/07
he was slightly shorter then Mcmahon so i think 6'2 at max
lillo thomas said on 13/Jun/07
josh in the pic above donal trump dont look nothing near 6'2 but you have to realize that glenn is way closer to the camera.
MD said on 31/May/07
This is yet another photo where you have to take into account the closeness to the camera. Glenn is significantly closer to the camera seemingly 'reducing' the height of Trump. If Glenn were to step back to where Trump is, the real height different would be much more apparent.
Unknown said on 31/May/07
6-2 would be a little too much compared to Glenn, but 6 ft maybe.
Her daugther looks gorgeous.Very, very, and again very hot.
Arjun said on 11/May/07
Vegas, Trump does look mighty short in one photo where he is flanked by Andre and Hogan - I think you know which photo I'm referring to. Hogan looks 6'6"+ there and Andre dangerously close to 7 foot if Trump is 6'2".
Vegas said on 23/Apr/07
Trump was max 1" taller than Vince mcMahon and most of the time on tv it only looked 0.5" and sometimes they looked the exact same height Click Here

Vince is no taller than 6'1 so that means Trump is 6'2 max but 6'1.5" seems more correct for his barefoot height
Jen said on 23/Apr/07
I have heard 6 foot 3 for him as well. His ex-wife Ivana claims to be 5 foot 8. Their daughter Ivanka is 5 foot 10 and a half (from what she says). They're a tall family. But yes, I believe he's 6 foot 3, he always looks pretty tall.
Steve said on 17/Mar/07
No doubt Hogan was 6'6 when he was 20, and no doubt Trump was 6'3 when he was 20. But fatness and age makes you shorter, plus after 30 you naturally 'shrink' so to speak. Because I remember my dad was 6'3 or 4 and now he's 6'2.
Spence said on 12/Mar/07
The more I see of Trump I really do think he is a solid 6'2 1/2 possibly 6'3. He is taller than Vince and on the Apprentice he always looks pretty tall.
Danimal said on 17/Feb/07
Halb, Glenn is standing a few feet in front of Donald. Giving the illusion that Glenn is taller, but in reality, Trump could tower over him if he bridged that gap.
Mike said on 17/Feb/07
is trump really taller than Vince? they looked so close that each time the camera angle changed the other looked taller.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/07
he said he was taller than vince mcmahon on raw the other day and he is about 6"2, so yeah he is about 6"3
Halb said on 10/Feb/07
In the pic above, looks more 6 foot.
Nicole said on 5/Feb/07
ivanka trump isn't here!
kevin t said on 15/Jan/07
Trump wears oversized suits and long neckties to hide his paunch. I think the big clothing and the bizarro combover make him appear taller.
Derryn said on 14/Jan/07
DOES anyone know how tall Ivanka Trump is???????????????????? she is said to be around 5"10
Matthew said on 29/Dec/06
The Donald was in a threesome at a Celebrity Golf Tournament with Paul O'Neil and Ben Rothlisberger. Both are 6'4" - 6'5" range, and Trump looked a good 3 -4 inches shorter than both. I'd say about 6'1.5"
Anthony said on 27/Dec/06
Always seemed at least to 6'2 to me, I buy 6'3.
aussie bloke said on 23/Dec/06
I reckon you may have his height spot on, but he doesn't look 5 inches taller than Glenn in that Pic, so maybe a better pic is valid
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/06
I think he´s a guy who would wear lifts and lie about his height.
Porloski jusalem said on 4/Oct/06
is that to believe a person could shunk 3,4cm in height from morning to night? i think is crack to me.. i personally don't agree.. unless is 1.5cm could make sense.. i remember when im age 16 ever get mearsure as 185 in morning and shrunk just a cm in night as 184..3-4cm shrinkage was totally weired at all..
Danimal said on 11/Aug/06
Goes to show that Hogan really was a 6'6" guy back in the 80's, seeing he had 4-5" on Trump. Heels or no heels.
Brad said on 10/Aug/06
I know somebody who asked him how much money he & his father paid the mob for getting the cement/labor/carting/no show jobs etc. ironed out for decades. He blew his stack. A certain ex N.Y. mayor named R.G. asked the same thing when he took down the mobbed up construction industry. I think he had to answer.
Glenn said on 4/Jun/06
Not the first time I got him.taken at the same benefit 50 cent was at.Donald was always nice to me.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Jun/06
Rob, actually it's more like "Ya fiyahed."

Crazy photo, what with Glenn way up front and Trump like 30 feet in the background. Donald (I refuse to call him THE Donald) looks massive, though. I'd say 6'3" no probs.
Sadiq said on 4/Jun/06
hey rob, just asking your expert opinion on heights - i am btwn 182.5-183.5 cm barefoot at night round 11pm or 12 am u can say & in morning and thorughout day a sure fire 184.5-186 barefoot so can i safely say dat i am a 6ft 1 inch guy or not? n btw most celebs do giv an inch more 2 their height then normal but a gr8 job by the site as i am a height maniac or sceptc watever u say!

Editor Rob
I would say the height after 12pm and most day 184-5ish, but that's a big difference you've got there in morning and late night...3-4cm shrinkage?
Anshelm said on 21/Mar/06
Well, on MTV's "The Fabulous Life of..." (or something) he did look taller than his chief bodyguard who's reportedly 6'2"/188 cm and 245 lbs/111 kg. Albeit they could be seen together only briefly.
Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
With or without his rug? Actually it's a very expensive hair weave job where they take what little hair he does have that's grown long and sweep it around his head several times adding other hairs in the process. I know it looks absolutely ridiculous and believe me so does the Donald. He even jokes about his hair. Donald's at least six foot three. (With his silly hairdo)
J-Dog. said on 1/Mar/06
No, Pataki actually is 6'5" and has a very broad frame which makes him seem even larger.
CoolJ said on 23/Jan/06
Donald isnt looking 6'2" in that pic with Andre and Hogan.

Pookie said on 21/Dec/05
Xhavier. Have you heard of shoe lifts? Mr. Trump had his shoe lifts on standing next to Randall. I was watching espn classic on Mike Tyson. Trump stood side to side with Mike and was maybe a inch taller. People say that Mike Tyson is nowhere near 5'11" his listed height.
Xhavier said on 16/Dec/05
Trump is 6'2". On the Apprentice finale while he is walking beside Randal (who is between 6'4" and 6'5" (so assume 6'4 1/2")) he looks two inches shorter than him. This is the first time I ever would have thought that Trump was 6'0", and now I'd believe 6'2".
Pookie said on 6/Dec/05
Trump is 6'0" tall. His top bodyguard is 6'2" Trump said himself, and Trump is 2 inches shorter. (See it yourself on it's good to be Trump)
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Nov/05
One of the first year contenstants, Sam Solovey said: "I'm 5-foot-6, and her legs [Katrina] were taller than me"
Rickson said on 29/Sep/05
Hulk Hogan is 6'5 and he used to be 6'7 in his prime, but age shrinks people. Donald is around 6'2.
Hani said on 10/Jul/05
pataki is 6'4
Sing said on 9/Jul/05
How tall is Pataki? 6-5? He pretty much towers over everyone he takes photos with. He looks like a giant, I thought he looked 6-8 or something.
Sing said on 29/Jun/05
No way is Donald Trump 6-2, that means he's only 1 inch shorter than Hulk Hogan, a pro wrestler who's 6-3.5. Take a look at this photo. The Hulkster TOWERS over Donald Trump and they are standing right next to each other.

Trump is probably 6-0 to 6-1.
EJ said on 26/Jun/05
I believe Pataki is 6'5".
cantstop25 said on 24/Jun/05
he was about 2-3 inches shoter then governor george pataki. Does anybody know how tall pataki is?
Kenshin said on 23/Jun/05
When he guest stared in one of the Fresh Price eps he looked around will smiths height o just a little taller.
Smoke said on 14/Apr/05
Mr. R I completely agree with you on Regis and Trump, I think if he was only 6'1" he really wouldn't be the tallest guy in the room too often though. I think he's dead on 6'2", but again, it doesn't shock me that Trump, with his large ego would lie and say he's actually 6'3". He does tower over Regis, but let's not forget that Regis is nowadays 165-166 cm.
hani said on 14/Apr/05
maybe he was 6'2 in his youth but nowadays he is no more than 6'1
dmeyer said on 10/Apr/05
i saw him and he does look very tall
Mr. R said on 8/Apr/05
The Donald has been saying this same height for years, so he is at least consistent. In most cases, he is usually the tallest person around, so I had no cause to doubt. But the Conan show and other tall guys like Letterman would be the best way to gauge. Also, a haircut might tell us his TRUE height!
Mr. R said on 8/Apr/05
Smoke, when the original Regis and Kathy Lee show started, Reg was listed at 5-9. Throughout the years, that number has been lowered. I remember seeing an actor from the old Chicago Hope series on the show and he made Regis look really short. I thought this guy was very tall, but when I met him, he was only about 5-9. Based upon my personal comparison, I would say that Reg is only 5-6 on a VERY GOOD DAY!
hani said on 8/Apr/05
he is at least three inches shorter than conan obrien who is 6'4 and 2_3 inches taller than jay leno who is about 5'10 ,5'11
i think that 6'1 is more than enough.
Smoke said on 7/Apr/05
Definately crosses me as the type of personality who would lie about his height. Now 6'2" or 6'3", "Trumpster" is still a fairly tall man, I'd love to get a listing for his good buddy Regis, as well as Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. I frequently compare heights on that show (even though it's quite difficult with camera angles), and I really can't pinpoint the height of any of those personalities. I do have a very interesting pic of Consuelos with Ripa though.

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