How tall was Fred Gwynne

Fred Gwynne's Height

6ft 5 (195.6 cm)

American actor, best remembered for roles in Car 54, My Cousin Vinny, Where Are You? and The Munsters, where he played Herman and Pet Semetary. Described in 1989 ghoul guide book as 6ft 5, his character in Car 54 once described himself as 6ft 6.

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6ft 5.45in (196.7cm)
berta said on 24/Jan/23
i think he could have been taller than this. i have a hard time believeing he and vince vaughn was the same height. there could have been almost 1 icnh beetween them. i think 197 cm and vince barely over 195.
stiggles said on 15/Apr/21
Looked 6 inches taller than Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction.. so he would have been 6ft 4 max in his early 60s.. maybe peaked at 6ft 5 in his younger days..
Judy B Witherspoon said on 15/Feb/21
Fred Gwynne was at least 6'6". A family friend was the carpenter that extended the height of all of the doors in Fred's home in NY. The carpenter told us that he had to raise them all to 7' !
avi said on 6/Sep/20
@Editor Rob

Hope all is well.

Can you add his film credits like the original Pet Sematary and My Cousin Vinny?

Editor Rob
Speaking of Fred, there was one newspaper (pre-internet) that described Fred at a specific 6ft 5 and 3/4's...
Lankyweasel635 said on 10/Aug/20
Looked only an inch to inch and a half at most taller than James Stewart in the 1972 production of Harvey. So given that Stewart was at least 6ft 3in, maybe 6ft 3.5in, though he would have been 64 years old then, so 6ft 3in or even 6ft 2.5in could be plausible depending on how much he lost, so going with 6ft 3in that is suggesting that Gwynne was 6ft 4in or 6ft 4.5in, or 6ft 4.5in/6ft 5in going with 6ft 3.5in, so 6ft 4.5in is a likely results and his 6ft 5in listing may not be off either.

Also his character was in shoes and measures himself at 6ft 7in supposedly, but stated 6ft 6in, so he could have been 6ft 6in in shoes, or 6ft 5in without them.
MIKESOWELL said on 13/Feb/20
I've always thought that Gwynne looked in the 6-5 range. Maybe when he was younger he was 6-5.5 and he rounded up. As Gwynne aged he put on weight he led to him looking just simply huge. R.I.P.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/19
@ Frank rivera - I noticed it would have been Fred Gwynne's Birthday yesterday. He would have turned 93 years old. Wasn't he brilliant in 'Pet Semetary'?

Frank rivera said on 10/Jul/19
I wondering what was the height of freds boots
avi said on 7/Jul/19
@Editor Rob and all

I found this Car 54 episode all about height. Fred mentions he's 6'6 and the episode revolves around him growing an inch to 6'7 and him being nervous as he can get kicked off the police force. There even a scene about elevator shoes!

Of course the height may be exaggerated because the 2 5'8 ppl mentioned do not seem 9 inches + shorter than Fred Gwynne.

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Editor Rob
I'll mention that's what his character claimed...could he have been that tall?
avi said on 6/Jul/19
@Editor Rob

Would you say Fred had acromegaly or some sort of growth disease?

Looking at his head especially his jaw seems like he has this look.
Editor Rob
Yes, he seemed to have it, but not as pronounced as some
Aj young said on 15/Jun/19
Not more than 6ft 5. Hermans boots were more than 4" state he was 6ft 8 is farcical.
Michael Christman said on 19/May/19
I just watched My Cousin Vinny recently and Fred Gwynne was in it. He did indeed look very tall, I’d say he looked 6’5” next to Joe Pesci because he towered over Pesci. But when I saw him again in Fatal Attraction a week later, he looked a bit shorter than 6’5”, as someone else said here, he looked more around 6’4” range with Michael Douglas when they were walking next to each other in one scene. I don’t know, it’s weird since Fatal Attraction actually came out earlier than MCV, oh well, he does also have a long face, which gives him the illusion of not being as tall as someone who is his height with a shorter face. I still believe he was the actual 6’5” at his peak when he was younger though.
greg lehmann said on 28/Oct/18
Fred Gwynne was 6'8". That would make him an inch taller than 6'7" Coast Guard veteran brother in law Dennis Crowley. Prolific award winning children's book writer as well.Just recently saw him in My Cousin Vinny. But like I pointed out on 5'3" Marrissa Tomei,Gwynne was very sick when it premiered in 1992 (on Marrissa's Dec.4 birthday,no less). Soon after it debuted Gwynne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,the "kiss of death" of cancers. With so many noteable celebrities (Dave Diles,12 time PBA champion Jim Godman,Wesley Lau,Bonnie Franklin,first Jeopardy! host Art Fleming,Jack Benny) succumbing to pancreatic cancer,Marrissa once said,"I doubt Fred Gwynne will live very long after that pancreatic cancer diagnosis." He had just turned 70 when on June 30,1983 he died of pancreatic cancer,but ALWAYS to me and ANYBODY who ever watched The Munsters,Fred Gwynne will be Herman Munster!
Bobby said on 29/Sep/18
I thought he looked a good near to 7ft on The Munsters. He had to have been at least 6'8 with those big shoes he was wearing. He was massive. Which makes me wonder how tall Dracula was by comparison, but I wagered 6ft looked right for him, because he didn't get dwarfed by Herman Munster aka Frankenstein's monster.

Do you have a category for celebs from the show, Rob? I'd like to see how tall Al Lewis was, who was referred to as Grandpa on the show, even by his character's daughter, which I found bizarre.

My mom had a binge with this show, and while it's not my generation, I can appreciate this stuff because it's well scripted, and well acted.
Editor Rob
There wasn't enough to really create a Munsters page.
Gretz said on 4/Sep/18
i was just watching pet semetary and he still retained most of his height even by 1989.I think in his prime he could have been a little over 6'5",in his headgear and clodhopper boots on the Munsters he was probably about 6'10" he dwarfed granpa who was listed as 6'1".
JJAK said on 23/Oct/17
Clearly still very tall at over 60 in pet sematary, also in disorganized crime.
Good character actor great voice and of course awesome presence!
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 6/Sep/17
Every single bit of 6'5 that's for sure, but 8'2 as Hoiman :)
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jul/17
@ even - hello!
I just saw your comment on Fred Gwynne, so I had to go along and check out its authenticity!
I am not, you see, an enormous 'Munsters' fan, but I enjoyed 'Pet Semetary' no end, and Fred was in that, and many more productions besides.
Yes, I could see Fred was very tall, and 6ft5? That certainly qualifies!
This was more to educate myself really; I didn't know the chap's height, but I do now! Ideally, I will have to Google Fred and check out all his films. I have seen an impressive (quantity-wise) of his parts, big and small, and none of them have let me down on the height front.
I will have to pop 6ft5 down for this boy!

Hasn't he got an interesting voice?
62B. said on 11/Jul/17
Just saw Butch Patrick (Eddy Munster) at an event. He was displaying the Munster cars. In the display there was a facts board that claimed Fred was 6'6.5" with out the boots and 7' with the boots
James B said on 25/May/16
Next to Michael Douglas in fatal attraction he looked very big indeed but in that film he was we 60 so by that stage probably no more than 6'4
diavolo said on 23/Jan/14
He wore monster (or munster? haha) platform boots for The Munsters show, with 8-inch block heels. It can be seen in behind-the-scenes photos. One might think the band KISS began this trend a decade later, but Gwynne actually had to wear these. It made him 216 cm (7-foot) tall on the series, no surprise he was believed to be a giant.
princess said on 5/Jan/14
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ian c. said on 1/Dec/13
Gwynne played a policeman named Francis Muldoon in the TV show Car 54 Where
Are You?, and Muldoon was often described as six foot six. Not that his can be taken as reliable evidence that Gwynne was six foot six. I'd be interested in a study of how many actors played characters whose heights were stated in the scripted dialogue, but were not that height. For example, I can remember at least two John Wayne movies where it is remarked that his character is six foot four, which was probably John Wayne's real height. Or, in Three Days of the Condor, Max von Sydow played a character who was described as being six foot four, which was von Sydow's height. But notice that Rocky Balboa's height is never given in any of the Rocky movies, even though ring announcers in the movies always announce his weight. Kind of a fudge there, to gloss over Sylvestre Stallone's too-short-for-a-heavyweight height.
Gjbig said on 27/Jun/13
He looked every inch of 6'6 to me. A very tall man.
QueenBee said on 9/Sep/12
I watched a documentary where Fred said he was 6'7" BEFORE the 6" shoes he wore for the show.
dicksock said on 20/Aug/11
He's had to have been 6'10"-7' in his costume if he was 6'5" barefoot. Those heels gave him a minimum of 4".
Steve said on 14/Jul/11
Kevin peter Hall was taller at 7'2"
ed said on 24/Apr/11
He was 7 feet in costume 6ft 5 in height and you add 4 inches on the boots and 3 inches in the head piece, add it all up hes 7 feet tall even butch patrick said that in an interview.
Shadow2 said on 6/Feb/11
Explanation. Fred was 61 when "Fatal Attraction" was made, and maybe was down to 6'4" by then. Douglas could have been wearing lifts (like his father did) so as to be close to 6'.
Mr. Kaplan said on 30/Jan/11
7" taller would mean he's almost a head taller than Douglas, but he just isn't.
Mr. Kaplan said on 30/Jan/11
Didn't look 6'5" at all. In "Fatal Attraction", he looks 3-4 inches taller than 5'10" Michael Douglas, AT MOST.
Shaun said on 6/Jan/11
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Pause at 1:21. Looks close to 6'10" in those massive boots and head.
Shaun said on 6/Jan/11
Rob, you should note at the top that in the episode "Herman's Lawsuit," his driver's license gives his weight (as Herman Munster) as 380 (lbs.), height as 7 feet, 3 inches, and eyes as brown. According to w'pedia..
Shaun said on 6/Jan/11
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I'd estimate 6'8" with the shoes and head. 6'5" barefoot would make sense.
Shaun said on 6/Jan/11
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Looks 6'8"-6'9" range in relation to the door in those Downey Junior type shoes... Minimum 6'5".
Shadow2 said on 27/Nov/10
Fred was close to 6'6" in shoes in his "Car 54" days, min 6'5" barefoot. Al Lewis was also in the show and later went to California with Fred to do "The Munsters". Al was close to 6'1".
LOL said on 16/Feb/09
use a 5 inch boots, and enchanced 4 inch max in his head, aprox 9 inch more for increase height in munsters
Walter J LeCompte said on 1/Feb/09
In one episode of the munsters he states his height is 7'4 with those prop shoes he does look about 7'4 , in regular shoes mabey he was even close to 6'5.75.
rf said on 4/Aug/08
well yeah , boris " looked taller" because of the lifted boots. you say they don't look blatantly obvious? every one remembers as a kid the monsters " big boots". dum dums.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
I dont think it was ever for sale.
sf said on 10/Nov/06
Couldn't tell you, but we used to sit in our dorm rooms in college and watch the show at 2 in the morning, and laughing hard cause it's so stupid.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
Car 54 isnt on VHS or DVD right?
sf said on 9/Nov/06
I used to laugh my as$ off watching Car 54...
supes78 said on 8/Nov/06
Wow. A legitmate 7'4" Frankenstein? I'll have to check out that flick sometime.
tt said on 7/Nov/06
john bloom is the tallest actor to play the monster at 7'4"
tt said on 7/Nov/06
i saw on a web site that glenn strange was 6'5" john bloom is the tallest actor to play the monster at 7'4" in dracula vs. frankenstein
Tom Scott said on 30/Jun/06
There's actually an epidode of Car 54 where he faces trouble for being too tall, don't remember if they showed him being measured on the show, but I think they say he was a bit over 6-5. They could make up anything for the show of course, but I remember thinking that seemed pretty accurate for some reason.
Frank2 said on 22/May/06
An old joke around Universal was when Fred Gwynne would be fully-made up to play Herman Munster and people passing him would say, "Hi Fred. Working today?"
Larry said on 22/May/06
I believe these are the heights of the early actors who played Frankenstein's Creature:
Boris Karloff - 5'11"
Lon Chaney Jr. - 6'2"
Glenn Strange - 6'4"
Christopher Lee - 6'5" (Hammer)
They used modified asphault spreader boots, that had a "booty" inside.
supes78 said on 13/May/06
JT, you're saying that 5'11" Karloff wore boots that gave him 6 inches of added height? You'd think those boots would have seemed blatantly obvious in wide shots.
JT said on 7/May/06
Supes78, I think the tallest Frankenstein actor in the Universal films was 6'4" (Glenn Strange). Karloff with the big boots was only about 6'5".
sf said on 6/May/06
I've also read 6'6".
supes78 said on 6/May/06
I used to think that every actor who played Frankenstein was really tall (around Fred Gwynne's height) but then I found out that Boris Karloff was only around 5'11". I guess the people around him were really short because he really towered over everybody in that film.

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