How tall is Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo's Height

6ft 10 ¾ (210.2 cm)

Greek professional basketball player who has played for the Milwaukee Bucks. In late 2013 he said "I am now 6-10 and one quarter", in 2015 claimed to be "Six Eleven" and in 2016 "I'm 6-foot-11 and a half, so 7-foot. Almost 7-foot, 7-foot with shoes, 7-2 with high heels on. I'm joking.".

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6ft 10.06in (208.4cm)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Aug/19
Over listed by 1".
Canson said on 3/Aug/19
6’10 barefoot max
Chase said on 27/Jul/19
What would his head length be?
Chase said on 27/Jul/19
Look about 6’10.25 to me. It is at about a 5.5 inch difference. Kobe’s eye level is maybe a half inch below his chin, if that.
K.A 188 said on 19/Jul/19
@CANSON,i suspect that some of this NBA players are being given some sort of growth hormone injections or supplements i mean the fact that most of them grow some few inches past 18 is really suspicious .Look at a guy like Anthony Davis he grew from 6ft2 to 6ft10 in his sophomore year, there are several articles talking about is weird growth.
Denise Rodman that odd guy had crazy growth spurt.
And Michael Jordan who admitted that he was doing hanging excercise to grow taller had a crazy growth spurt of 7 inches and according to him no one in his family from both sides was over 6ft,his father was 173 5ft8 while is mom 5ft5.Really weird how genetics that is if they weren't taking anything...
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@KA188: I agree it’s harder to gauge but he doesn’t look more than 6’11” in shoes. He’s not as tall as Kevin Garnett and I see him with Khris Middleton and that’s another example. Middleton is probably barely over 6’6” if he even is being he measures 6’6.75 (assuming no round up) in the morning. I don’t believe Giannis grew two inches after being drafted. Maybe around 1”
K.A 188 said on 17/Jul/19
@Canson he is probably 7foot on the dot with basketball shoes on.
And 210.2 barefoot. I believe once someone is 200cm+ it really gets harder to gauge their height except comparing them to people similar to him in height ,not to mention the fact that once ur are over 200cm 6ft7 loosing a bit than full inch is very common.
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
6’10” barefoot max. He’s 6’11” in shoes like he’s listed
Terangi23 said on 13/Jul/19
Giannis is 6’11 he’s probably 7’0 in shoes he looks Taller then most Centers in the NBA
Mickie said on 10/Jul/19
The 6'10.25" figure from him back in 2013 is interesting. He would have been 18 - so there's a good chance he was full grown (albeit not guaranteed). It's especially interesting because it is more believable than the 6'11"+ quotes later on.
Ellis said on 4/Jul/19
@Chris Junior Hernandez: Hmmm I've never seen that picture, that is interesting, but there are other pictures that make Giannis look a good bit taller. In the picture you sent he is looking barely taller, he is not shorter, not the same height but if that is the best picture of em then damn he is barely taller than KD.
To answer your question, if a young Kobe is easily 6'4, maybe even looking 6'5, there is no doubt that his father is 6'8 given that picture.
Also lastly, I just noticed KD is tilting up his head while Giannis is not, and Giannis is still taller, for that, Giannis is at least half an inch taller.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/19
@Ellis 6'8 Giannis is at most 1/4 inch taller. Why he look a full 15cm on Kobe is because his head is closer to camera and footwear is unknown or theory is Kobe most likely barefoot or wear flat sandals under 1" and Giannis had his sneakers on with Orthotics meaning there opposed to 3/4 inch footwear difference. Click Here without thick hair and camera help which will make Giannis under 0.5" taller than KD or the worst i think of they're the same height.
Click Here
Click Here Kobe is only 4" shorter than Big Gia but Kobe got the cam advantage by little.

@Canson Click Here is Kobe dad really 6'8?
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Ellis: 6’9-6’10 meaning 6’9.5-.75. Prob the latter
Ellis 6'8 said on 29/Jun/19
@Canson: Keep in mind, Giannis is taller than Kevin Durant a solid 6'9. KD is 6'9.25, some might even think 6'9.5, Giannis is clearly taller than him.
Canson said on 29/Jun/19
@Cmillz: agreed. Really looks 6’9-6’10
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jun/19
KG is a legit 6'11 so Giannis is lucky if he hit 6'9 1/2 a real height. Click Here this is two years back. Through out this lcip Giannis is max 1.75" shorter than KG. Really needed a big downgrade.
cmillzz said on 27/Jun/19
No taller than 6’10 flat.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jun/19
Giannis only look 6'9 1/2 with 6'11 1/4 Kevin Garnett. Kobe is probably really barefoot with him to make him look like he is weak 6'11.
Ellis 6'8 said on 22/Jun/19
@Jtm: You could be right, He is probably 6'9.75 at a low though, this height is way too tall for him, I would just have him at 6'10 honestly.
Jtm said on 15/Jun/19
why is he listed this high? he's clearly a weak 6'10 at bst.
Onabill Choudhury said on 13/Jun/19
With this guy I wouldn’t even be surprised if he grows another 1/4 of an inch lol, to think Giannis was probably the first 7 fter in shoe to be a Point Guard is crazy he is definitely going to be a future top of 10 player of all time and may even be in the GOAT conversation if he develops a proper jump shot!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Jun/19
Click Here Strange. Did Kawhi Leonard atually barefoot or wearing shoe next to Kobe? Because this picture look like Kawhi wearing white socks without shoe and he edge Kobe by 3cm. Kawhi drafted measurement was 6'6 w/o shoes. Click Here Also what if Kobe atually was barefoot next to Giannis from this IG photo above? That would have make Giannis 6'9.5" like he looks it next to Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez. Click Here Click Here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here
Canson said on 3/Jun/19
@Duhon: yep that’s why I mentioned the 6’5.5 as the 6’6” is more than likely a morning height
viper said on 2/Jun/19
Is Marc Gasol just 7-0?
Duhon said on 31/May/19
Kawhi was measured 6'6" barefoot at the 2011 combine Click Here
Canson said on 28/May/19
@Viper: if I recall correctly Ibaka was 6’8.75 at pre draft. He did look shorter than Durant at times and he only has Kawhi by 3” or so so my guess is maybe an afternoon 6’8.5ish weak 6’9 guy. Kawhi would be imho maybe 6’5.5 barefoot max. He’s as tall as your classic 6’7 listed in shoes guy would be
viper said on 28/May/19
He needs a downgrade badly
Duhon said on 23/May/19
Giannis and 6'11.25" barefoot Brook Lopez Click Here Click Here
viper said on 21/May/19
How tall is Marc Gasol, 7-0?
viper said on 21/May/19
How tall is Serge Ibaka?

He was measured at 6-10.25 in shoes but we know that doesn't mean anything
Ellis 6'8 said on 20/May/19
Yeah, I have Giannis at roughly 6'10 in the afternoon, 6'10.25 for a basketball measurement, 6'9.5-75 at a low.
Canson said on 19/May/19
@Rob: I agree with Vioer max 6’10 but perhaps 6’9.75. Hrs overlisted by an inch
Duhon said on 18/May/19
Rob, taking into consideration posture what appears to be height difference here between Giannis and Kevin Garnett? Click Here
Editor Rob
Near 2 inches
viper said on 17/May/19
He needs to be downgraded to 6-10.

No more than 6-10.25
Canson said on 17/May/19
@Jdubbz; yea I like my height. My sweet spot based on where I am is 192.7-193.1. That would be ideal
Jdubbz said on 16/May/19
@Canson: At this point I’m pretty content. I don’t want to gain any more, but I end up where I end up so there’s no point worrying about it too much. As far as losing height, my opinion changes pretty frequently on that but right now I’d say no. 197 is fine with me. If I were forced to choose any height other than my own though, it’d be 6’4.5/194.3 or maybe where you are now 6’4.3/193.8. That seems to be the sweet spot where you’re very tall but not so tall that you start approaching doorways in shoes, and I really enjoyed being that height.
Canson said on 15/May/19
@Jdubbz: if that were me, I would prob go with 6’5 1/2 or 6’5 and change. And if you gain the 1/4” or more prob say 6’6 like you said. Depending on where you fall and how much height loss you see, you may gain a fraction. Do you want to gain any more? Or are you content? Or would you lose if you could choose?
Canson said on 14/May/19
@Ellis: I’ve never placed a lot of stock in what I claim. Well I used to claim 6’4 1/2” because I was always edged by 6’5 guys and in some cases I edged supposed 6’4 guys some significantly but then I realized that a lot of them weren’t true 6’4”s because I should not see the difference that way. I could stand next to my father and we were the same height even tho I’m maybe 1/4” taller than him at his peak. But I was also measured 6’4 1/2 when I played ball like earlier in the day or rounded up if it were later. But seeing people claim heights that they didn’t look For so long and being asked if I’m 6’5 or 6’6 on occasion was when I became very interested in height and I then noticed that a lot of those guys were really 6’3 claiming 6’4 or even 6’2 range claiming 6’4 (once I saw a 6’1 and change claim 6’4 and was only able to tell because he had footwear advantage on me which I didn’t bother to even mention I just told him he’s full of it) as even the 6’5 range guys who were weaker 6’5 still edged me by a hair barefoot so I was able to tell. Anyhow I just go with 6’4” today and I gauge how another person looks next to me. If I can tell it’s maybe maximum 1/2” diff then I’ll go with 6’4.25 as the claim but I rarely claim higher than 1/4” these days.and If it’s a noticeable difference that footwear doesn’t factor into on my part, I’ll just claim 6’4” and let them lie or call them on it since it’s obvious that they’re lying and I refuse to adjust my claim any higher just to overcompensate for someone else esp when another person brings it up first. At least if the person has a footwear advantage on me and can make it look belieaveble although I spot it, I won’t say anything then. And I say 1/2” difference with because for someone who is 6’3.75 at a normal low vs my 6’4.25, 6’4 is a fair claim for them too even tho if that were me I would say about 6’4 as I do even today but nonetheless I’d consider myself 6’4 then. That’s the only reason I throw the 1/4” on. In reality like Jdubbz says you can claim morning or evening but I don’t consider that outside of here or even bring it up. I just go with what I am at a normal low since that’s what I know that I will measure reliably if someone were to ask me to measure or challenge my claim saying I’m not as tall as I claim.
Ellis 6'8 said on 12/May/19
@Canson: I guess so, I love my height and wouldn't trade it for anything it makes my life different, but I hate getting all of the attention(I like attention but I feel like a zoo animal) I would consider myself pretty shy, and people are constantly looking at me so I get annoyed at times. I'm quite the handsome fella lol, but I'm pretty sure it is mainly because of my height as to why people are always looking at me. I guess, I claim 6'8 because people already think that I'm so tall, so why not go with the tallest figure I reach. I'm trying to hit 6'9 though, I need an update on my height again, last time I measured in March I was 6'7 at midnight(lowest low), and 6'7.75 after an hour or something like that, could have been two I forgot. Going back to what you said, yes a number does matter for height, some sound better than others, it is a common opinion.
Canson said on 11/May/19
@Ellis: I never get why when someone claims a number why it matters which one it is. Like a lot of people will think that something like 6’5 sounds better than 6’4 or 6’6 sounds better than 6’5”. I’ve claimed 6’4 1/2 in the past and been told why not just round up to 6’5 or why do I bother with the 1/2. I dip to 6’4.25ish so I claim 6’4 and I’m basically a solid 6’5 out of bed (1/16 above the mark). I say that though because in real life and on this site a lot of people get wrapped up in what someone claims and think that claiming taller of the two makes a difference when it doesn’t. It doesn’t change who that person is or looks. Now I’m not directing that at you with your question to Jdubbz because I know you’re just asking him but in your case if you wake up 6’8 and dip to 6’7” flat I don’t see why you claim 6’8” when in reality if someone were to measure you you would likely only be 6’7” since you lose that height fast. I know if that were me I would just go with 6’7”. 6’7” as is is too tall imho but 6’8” even more so. And I’m not putting your height down. I’m saying that something like 6’7” let alone 6’8” isn’t practical for daily life
Canson said on 11/May/19
@Ellis: I never get why when someone claims a number why it matters which one it is. Like a lot of people will think that something like 6’5 sounds better than 6’4 or 6’6 sounds better than 6’5”. I’ve claimed 6’4 1/2 in the past and been told why not just round up to 6’5 or why do I bother with the 1/2. I dip to 6’4.25ish so I claim 6’4 and I’m basically a solid 6’5 out of bed (1/16 above the mark)
Canson said on 11/May/19
He’s def grown since being drafted but that is too much. He’s a good inch to inch and a half shorter than Kevin Garnett who is probnot more than a solid 6’11 guy at a low. Weak 6’10”
Jdubbz said on 11/May/19
@Ellis 6'8:

A lot of people talk crap about heights above 6'4, and they seem to think that those heights are all negative and have no positives. I love being really tall though, and I'm sure you do too. At the end of the day we can't control it, so it's best to embrace it haha. And yeah I just realized I'm around AJs height. He definitely has the build for it though. I'm around 210lbs and not super muscular, so I have some work to do if I want to get big.

As far as dunking goes, Idk bro I haven't tried it in years. I know for sure that I couldn't dunk back in high school when I was like 6'2, but I'm not sure about now. I don't have a great vertical, but due to my height alone I should be able to touch the rim at least lol. It would be sad if I couldn't, but hey at least it gives me a goal to work towards.

And yeah at the moment I claim 6'5.5 or 6'5/6'6. I've been growing a bit less than a cm a month since the beginning of the year, so if that pace continues then I'll probably start claiming 6'6 when I end up 6'5 3/4. Do you claim 6'7 or 6'8 irl? Canson said you were 6'8 morning height, but I realize that most people claim their morning heights and celebheights is really "strict" as far as that goes haha.
Jdubbz said on 10/May/19
@Canson: at the moment I just claim 6’5/6’6. 6’5.5 would work too, I don’t think I can properly start claiming 6’6 until I hit 197.5/6’5 3/4” at my low. As for Ellis, I didn’t realize he was 6’7. Based on his name I assumed he was 6’8 afternoon or evening height. I agree though, the vast majority don’t grow 2” after 18. I could see him getting to legit or even strong 6’8 though.
Ellis 6'8 said on 9/May/19
@Jdubbz: Also, thanks for the kind words! Your height is really awesome, you are the same height as Anthony Joshua, and that is pretty cool.
Ellis 6'8 said on 9/May/19
@Jdubbz: Considering your growth you will probably hit your goal. Can you dunk? I'm not really athletic but I can easily dunk. I'm around 175-80 pounds, so that makes me light off of my feet. I can do one handed, two handed, standing(while jumping in stand position), and just recently I did a 180 dunk. Also what do you consider yourself/tell people, 6'6 or 6'5?
Canson said on 9/May/19
@Jdubbz: yea you may hit 6’6”. What do you claim now 6’5 1/2 or 6’6”?
Canson said on 9/May/19
@Jdubbz: that would be tough for him to be a legit 6’9” though because Ellis is 6’7” as of today (6’8 out of bed). That means 2 inches
Jdubbz said on 8/May/19
@Ellis 6'8:

As of yesterday I'm 6'5.5" at night, so 197cm range. Beginning of the year I was Canson's height, so approx 6'4.25. You're a tall dude lol, probably the tallest in this forum. 6'8 barefoot is an awesome height, I personally wouldn't want to be that tall, but I bet it's great if you can carry it well. At my age i wouldn't expect any growth, but based on what's happened over the past few months, I have a feeling I'll cap out at solid 6'6. You're still young so 6'9 could definitely happen lol.

But I agree with your assessment of Giannis. I think he's right around the average vote or maybe a touch less, so 6'9.75 - 6'9 7/8. Could even be a legit 6'10, it's hard to say.
Ellis 6'8 said on 1/May/19
Jdubbz: How tall are you?, and Giannis is a tricky one, he looks a good bit shorter than 6'11 Kevin Garnett, and that was probably a basketball measurement. Giannis is probably 6'10.25 for a basketball height, he would be a weak 7'0 foot guy, his height is very similar to Karl Anthony Towns, a weak 6'10 guy. KAT is listed at 7 foot.
Anyways, I'm what you would call a weak 6'8 I think, I'm 6'9 in sneakers, I'll probably cap out around 6'9 barefoot, it would be cool to be as tall as Giannis. I'm 18 btw, I'm a weak 18 lmao, still got my ways to go towards 19.
Jdubbz said on 30/Apr/19

Not sure if I agree with that. I'm turning 22 in a few months, and I've grown a touch over a full inch since the beginning of the year. Definitely not common though.
Canson said on 27/Apr/19
With Kobe at 6’4.75 he doesn’t look more than 6’10ish
Ellis said on 18/Apr/19
I mean honestly with todays height inflation in the NBA, he should be listed at 7'0.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Apr/19
Kobe is more like 6'5 and Giannis solid 6'10 1/2.
Ellis said on 13/Apr/19
6'9.5-75 at a low, his brother Kostas is 6'8 at a low.
Canson said on 7/Apr/19
@Jdubbz and Hoser21: I think he’s done growing now. But not sure he hit 6’10. Maybe 6’9.5-6’10 or full 6’10
Ellis said on 5/Apr/19
@Hoser21: Kostas measured 6'9 presumably in the morning when he was over 20 years old, not 21 but still he was 20, I'm pretty sure he didn't grow much more after that. The growth finishes up around 20 years old I'd say.
@Jdubbz 196cm: Giannis is 24 years old, there is a very good chance he is finished growing, I'd say all growth finishes at 21 years old. Hope that answers your question.
Hoser21 said on 1/Apr/19
Click Here
Hoser21 said on 1/Apr/19
@ Canson @ellis
Kostas did measure 6’9 flat in the morning which would make him 6’8.5 but I would like to believe that he’s grown half an inch since he was 18. I think 6’9 flat is good for kostas and 6’9.75 to 6’10.25 is a good range for Giannis. There are plenty of pictures of Giannis with his brother kostas and the difference seems to be about an inch
Jdubbz 196cm said on 29/Mar/19

Do you think Giannis is still growing? If he is, then I think he has a shot of hitting at least legit 6'10
Canson said on 29/Mar/19
If Koufos measured 6’9” means he’s pronably more like 6’8.5 meaning Giannis is likely not more than 6’9.5 or 6’10”. I’ve never had Giannis over 6’10”
Ellis said on 29/Mar/19
@Hoser21: Yeah that's a good picture, the difference looks to be a little over an inch for Giannis, I would say 1.25, and I'm pretty sure that Kostas Antetokounmpo's 6'9 barefoot measurement was in the morning. Like I said before Giannis seems to be 6'10.25-6'10.5 for a basketball measurement.
Hoser21 said on 27/Mar/19
Click Here

His kostas on the left measured 6’9 barefoot at the combine this year. I don’t see nearly 2 inches between them it’s more like 1
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
@Junior: I’m thinking it’s less than that. Freak has a camera advantage on Kobe.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Mar/19
If Giannis stand a little step back he wouldn't look over 15cm taller than Kobe.
Canson said on 22/Mar/19
@184guy: I think he’s favored in the pic (angle) with Kobe. He does look 6” taller
Canson said on 22/Mar/19
@Rising: best case 6’9.75 but 6’9.5 could be right. Definitely not 6’10.75. The pic with Kobe is likely favoring him. I think Giannis is similar in height with Deandre Jordan, a little taller than Durant as you said
Ellis said on 22/Mar/19
@Rising174cm: I'd give him roughly 6'10.5 for a basketball height, more like 6'10 for an afternoon height, he is taller than Durant, there is a picture of the two standing together and he clearly has the edge(it is from the all star game)
cmillzz said on 20/Mar/19

eh, I don’t think that’s necessary. and that might come across as being offensive too.
Rising174cm said on 19/Mar/19
Good add. I looked at him a while back. He was supposedly measured 6'8.5" when drafted. "When we first drafted Giannis, we measured him at 6-foot-8½," Bucks GM John Hammond says. Click Here Was the 6'10.25" claim meant to be with or without shoes? I ask because he was supposedly measured 6'9.5" the following year: "Measured at 6 feet, 9 1/2 inches without shoes on Thursday, Antetokounmpo is going to have to add strength in order to continue to improve." Click Here

I was going to post that photo with 6'11.25" Kevin Garnett, but Walking Tall beat me to it. I see 4-5 cm between them so 6'9.5" without shoes could be right on the money for Giannis. Actually, Garnett himself can look only 6'10.5" with 7'0.25" Shaq and 6'11.25" Brook Lopez so Garnett may not be above 6'11" flat and while I wouldn't go below 6'9.5" for Giannis, that's still my guess until I see some evidence he grew past it. I do think Giannis is taller than Durant, though.
Bobby 178cm said on 18/Mar/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

I know, but if it were me, I'd list them by ethnicity, not by nationality. The last thing you wanna do is list someone English and have them be the wrong ethnicity for it, that just confuses people. I mean, it confuses me, I do a double take each time. Or do it more, "Chinese born English actor of so and so". So, you list both ethnicity and nationality. Or like, Chinese American, something like that.
Ellis said on 18/Mar/19
@Myself: Yeah just very tall
@Viper: I'd give him 6'10.25, Robs 6'10.75 is pushing it but it is still possible, he almost has an inch on 6'9.5 Kevin Durant, some would say that he does and it is in the realm of possibility.
@Walkingtall: Yeah I agree, but the same could be said for the picture above, he has 6 inches on 6'4.75 Kobe Bryant, if we put him at say 6'9.5-75, that just doesn't add up when he is with Kobe Bryant, a person with a 5 inch difference should barely be able to see over the person if not at eye level with the persons top of his head.
Taking all things in consideration, I'd give Giannis 6'10 or 6'10.25.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Mar/19
Rob lists celebs based on nationality or citizenship and not ethnicity or race.
184guy2 said on 16/Mar/19
He looks easily 6inches taller than Kobe
viper said on 16/Mar/19
This is too much.

No taller than a flat 6-10
Myself said on 16/Mar/19
Yeah, just "very tall", hah
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 15/Mar/19
I wish i was this tall and also athletic and coordinated.
Bobby 178cm said on 15/Mar/19
He isn't actually Greek ethnically though, but I suppose he's got Greek citizenship. Also, his last name looks to have Egyptian influence. As for his height, yeah, I've seen videos of him and thought he looked around 6'11.
Canson said on 15/Mar/19
@Rob: I’m thinking 6’10” but not 6’11”
Editor Rob
6ft 11.5 claim is really pushing it, but sometimes with hairstyles, a stadiometer might not totally flatten hair out, and you could get a cm boost by not tapping it down.
Ellis said on 15/Mar/19
@Rob: Yeah 6'11.5 is pushing it, but you have him right, from the pictures I've seen in recent times he is definitely taller than Kevin Durant, I'd give him and inch more. I personally am leaning more towards 6'10.5, very tall guy indeed.
WalkingTall6'3.35 said on 15/Mar/19
Overlisted,below is a great picture with 6'11.25 Kevin Garnett with visible footwear and perfect camera angle:

Click Here

I see almost two inches between them.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Mar/19
Giannis head closer to camera with Kobe making him look like he could be 6'11. 6'10.5-75" is legit.
Ellis said on 14/Mar/19
Thanks Rob! Yeah this guy is a tricky one, in some pictures he can look that tall and in others he can look shorter. He is definitely taller than his 6'9 measured brother Kostas, and Kristaps Porzingis is lucky if he has 3 inches on him from the pictures I've seen. Do you think that he should be listed as a 7 footer in the NBA, I mean look at Jimmy Butler getting the 6'8 listing and typically most 7 footers are 6'10 guys or maybe 6'11 guys in that range I'd suppose.
Editor Rob
He did seem to grow from the 6ft 8.5 when he was like 18...but what did he end up as?

6ft 11.5...I just don't think barefoot he's that much.

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