How tall is Greg O'Gallagher

Greg O'Gallagher's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

Canadian fitness guru (Kinobody). He claimed 5ft 10 in a video, but was measured near 177cm.

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5ft 9.68in (177cm)
5ft10guy said on 29/Nov/23
5ft9 flat .I met the guy
bernno said on 16/Aug/22
They did a couple of collab vids together. Will looks about 2 solid inches taller than Greg. If you look closey in the IG pic Greg`s leg is in a weird position, almost looking like the 1 foot up move to gain a little bit of height. In additon Will looks to be in a more relaxed posture.
al001 said on 11/Aug/22
Rob, yeah now that I’m looking at it Will at 179-180cm and Greg at 177 seems about right. I can’t see Will being more than a full inch taller.
al001 said on 8/Aug/22
-adding to my previous post, here’s a post of Greg and Will with Will edging him out by a bit.

Click Here
al001 said on 8/Aug/22
Hey Rob, this is a measurement of one of Greg O'Gallagher's mutual friends, Will Tennyson, getting measured at a DEXA scan.

Click Here at 2:50

He was measured at 178cm but that stadiometer doesn't look like it's being lowered onto the top of his head, am I right? More like where his head starts to curve down and not the very top because he's standing further away?

If you were to make a guess would you give him the full 5'11 if this is an error? He's still visually a bit shorter than Chris Bumstead in some of their collab videos so I wouldn't give him any more than 5'11.25 if I'd never seen him measured.
Editor Rob
I noticed on the computer screen, in the bottom right it says 70.5 it's a surprise if true, given the other scan had years ago had 177cm.
Jjj177 said on 7/Sep/21
Claims 5’10.5 in this Instagram post in the comments section: Click Here
Neeeee said on 29/May/21
His dexa scan with doucette showed 177 cm with his current hair.Check thé vidéo with doucette.

He looks a bit shorter than 5’10 James west.

I have measured myself the same way midday and I am about 179 with hair and 177.5 cm bald.Both measurements were done around noon.So my guess is Greg is 5’9.5 or 176 cm.
Roco7 said on 17/May/21
My height twin! Spend morning and lunch hovering around 177, mid-afternoon low around 176.8, night-time low of 176.5. I've dropped to 176 before after strenuous exercise.
Pathfinder said on 12/Mar/21
This guy had really helped me improve my physique and life.
Isaac Nunez said on 5/Sep/20
He does seem to be either 5’9.5-5’10” but.....
In videos on his channel and pics in insta, he seems to tower actor,
Chase Tang (Jupiter’s Legacy), whom is either 5’7-5’8”

Click Here
Bwk said on 29/Apr/20
Rob, would you say he's average or below average height for younger guys?
Editor Rob
Within average range for American guys his age.
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
He’s taller than most Canadian men!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
@ c-mo - I don’t think the average is so high in the UK or Canada! I still think that 177.5 cm is a wee bit above average in the USA!
edwards said on 19/Feb/20
a 5’9 3/8 from me to one of the most dedicated guy in fitness industry.
Aar?n R said on 2/Dec/19
He's my height! I need to work on the muscles. Nice add rob.
c-mo said on 8/Oct/19
@ rando182

I am speaking for non elderly european men and non elderly people of european and (maybe west asian) descent in usa , canada etc . you can also add black americans since their average height is similar

greg is a young canadian of european descent
rando182 said on 5/Oct/19

I mean.. it really depends on your ethnicity/where you live.
c-mo said on 27/Sep/19
lol I said "177.5 cm at night in the evening" . I meant 177.5 cm in the evening

imo 177.5 cm in the evening is as average as it gets for a man
Nik Ashton said on 26/Sep/19
@ c-mo - I agree with cmillz! 175 cm (evening height) is on the average end of average!
c-mo said on 25/Sep/19
@ cmillz

177.5 cm at night in the evening is as average as it gets for a guy . 175cm is rather on the lower ends of average
cmillz said on 25/Sep/19
I personally say 175cm is as average as it gets for a guy, but yeah, he’s still very average in height. He does seem to have proportions that make him look taller though, at least from what I can tell.
Nik said on 24/Sep/19
@ Emil - Shinzo Abe is the perfect example of "Mr Average" in Canada, he is Japanese though!
Emil said on 24/Sep/19
The man, the myth, the wolf of the fitness industry.

Perfect example of an average height fella
khaled taban said on 23/Sep/19
He give the "tallish" impression !
I think he is 5'9.375"
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/19
He’s above average!
Nik Ashton said on 22/Sep/19
🎈🎂🎁🎉 Happy Birthday Greg O’Gallagher! 🎉🎁🎂🎈

Have a great Birthday!
DarkPower729 said on 21/Sep/19
Looks like a guy with tall proportions but is definitely about as average as you can get in height. Agree with this listing- maybe a bit more at 5’9.75”.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Sep/19
@ Rob - I can just imagine a Scotsman moaning away at you in that tone of voice! 😂😉😜

What does he think you're going to do? Squash his head, and I quote, 'like an 🍆 eggplant'?

You might meet all manner of fascinating people, Rob, but I STILL don't envy you your job - well, the measuring bits!
Editor Rob
There are some people with the older stadiometer who might tap it down too much and so the device undermeasures...with the white stadiometer, the plastic measuring part is much harder, so there's less issue with that...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Sep/19
I think it's because the girl standing next to him is short. But he doesn't have the body proportions of a legit 6'0" guy, whether he has big muscles or not. You can tell that a tall guy's tall just based on his proportions, even when he has big muscles.
Adrian 184 said on 18/Sep/19
Nice to see this page.

Where’s Greg, I bet he would be over the moon for this!

177 seems good.
ajax509 said on 18/Sep/19
How tall might be the stunner on the left?
Editor Rob
Probably is an inch at least taller than she appears beside Gregory
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/19
@ Rob - Re: K.A 188's comment - Ha ha! How right you are, Rob! It does make a person TALLER, after all, in the same way as two same-heighted models might feel resentful when the other one weighs half a pound less! 😝
Editor Rob
I've seen full blown arguments over 2mm differences in is the most surreal thing, seeing 2 grown adults arguing over who was taller and it's left to me to measure them accurately! 😱 Talk about nerves!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/19
If Greg really could help women to achieve the much-desired KK bum, imagine how many women would be saved the agony and expense of surgery?

Personally, I don't think I'd find a bum like that very comfortable! As long as mine functions for all the necessaries, I'm quite happy! 😁👌
ajax509 said on 17/Sep/19
At one stage, I remember he got measured at 177.5cm
viper said on 16/Sep/19
He looks like he would be 6-0 or something from the pic
saltyfish177cm said on 16/Sep/19
he had a DEXA scan and they measured him 177cm
K.A 188 ! said on 16/Sep/19
lol... Honestly who would even see the difference between 5ft9 5/8 AND 5ft10 flat.
@ROB i think this time your are being way too pedantic i mean a 2 milimiter difference is negligible.
Editor Rob
A 2mm difference is life and death to some people 😨
Bwk said on 16/Sep/19
Accurate listing, thanks for adding him.
c-mo said on 16/Sep/19
he has to claim 5'10 of course . he is not rally "lying" . especially when you consider the fact that many people actually add easily 1-2 inches and sometimes even 3-4 inches to their height and claim that . also the stadiometer (or whatever the thing is called that the woman who measured him was using ) might undermeasure a bit

I bet he is around 5'10.3 out of bed and 5'9.5 oir a hair above at night . 5'10 is a totally okay claim
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/19
When I saw him with his hair down in the main picture, I thought he was a rock star, not a fitness guru!

⭐ Does Greg specialise in giving women the type of workout that results in the development of a big Kim Kardashian-style backside? I mean, the bum I see before me is definitely a gluteus MAXIMUS!

5ft9 and five eighths.

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