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6ft 0.73in (184.7cm)
Hugh said on 25/Nov/08
Jake's a solid 6ft to me.
Hugh said on 16/Nov/08
At least 6ft1. I'd guess between 185-187cm.
Hugh said on 12/Nov/08
A good 6ft1.
Spence said on 8/Nov/08
Looks 6'1 to me
SimoneMade in Italy said on 6/Nov/08
How tall is Andrew Keegan?

Heath is 6'1''
Nick said on 29/Oct/08
What a great actor and awesome he his 6'1 because in 10 Things I hate About You Heath is alot taller then Julia Styles and shes about 5'6 5'7 and he's taller then Christian Bale in the Dark Knight(6'0) RIP Heath Ledger:( :)
mr archibald said on 27/Oct/08
so, that makes heath ledger at 6', beacuse he looked 2 inches shorter than djimoun...

he could be 6'0.4, he is tall
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/08
he is at least 6' he can look 6'1 too and if he was I wouldn't be surprises, he looke two inches shorter than djimoun
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
he is a strong 6' or a weak 6'1...
Lenad said on 20/Oct/08
I'd give him a strong 182cm to a weak 183cm.
andrea said on 11/Oct/08
Heath seemed like an average tall man. 6'1" seems perfect. His shoulder width and well basically his whole body is that of a good sized man. Anyways, I just can't picture him having lied about height. I notice people on the cusp of being shorter tend to lie about their height, while people of more of an averagish to tall height tell the truth.
howie day said on 8/Oct/08
you think?..I see himm as 5'10 barefoot!
and 6'1 on his lifts..anyway..ledger in everymovie look on a different heigth..6'0 most likely
howie day said on 7/Oct/08
I saw 10 things I hate about you last night and he looke quite tall...but maybe beacuse the rest of the cast nobody reaches 5'11..well he looked like a full 6'1 in that film..but he was wearing cowboy boots..anyway..ledger is not shorter than 6'0
howie day said on 6/Oct/08
I think they both are about the same..but I guess we'll never know... question...hoiw tall you think brad pitt is?
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/08
good point james...but still I dont think ledger is taller than bale..dont know why..they are about the same height..and yes gyllenhall its not a 6' james wich other celebs nobody agrees with you? I might check it out then lol
howie day said on 1/Oct/08
bale looked taller..but the angels were kinda weird...they are about the same height..but none of them are 6'1
Lenad said on 30/Sep/08
He looked 5'11-ish near Christian Bale in The Dark Knight
howie day said on 30/Sep/08
exactly james...gyllenhall doesnt look and full 6' footer
more like 5'11.05 and ledger was 6'0.5 at most..
ledger is an inch taller than gyllenhall there's no doubt about that..maybe gyllenhal its a strong 5'11 and ledger a strong 6'..ledger was great in the dar knight bye the way and with that slouch he looked 5'11
Captain Spaulding said on 21/Sep/08
Great actor, id say 6'0".
Anonymous3 said on 20/Sep/08
6'4 for Mr. Ledger is an absolute joke, How many people are ACTUALLY a legit 6'4? NOT too many. my point exactly. I have a friend I know is 6'3 and change maybe 6'3.25", who claims 6'4. Just goes to show you that even tall guys tend to try to grab more height if they see a chance.
Lenad said on 20/Sep/08
I agree James, I think he around 6'0, not the 6'1 he claimed.
Geo said on 18/Sep/08
Heath Ledger was a great actor, as far as his height, he seemed around 6'00. Watch the movie "the Patriot" where you will find several scenes where He stands side by side with Mel Gibson, if Gibson is around 5'10 this guys must have been around 6'00 since he doesn't look much taller than Gibson.
Vampiric said on 5/Sep/08
I'm just curious. Why do you people always try to make celebrities seem shorter by giving such opinions? Heath is very tall, as any person with good eyesight see. I wouldn't give him a cm under 185. He was 6'1 and if you're saying he was shorter it's because you're jealous.
Hugh said on 27/Aug/08
HEath was probably 6ft0.75 minimum and 6ft1.5 Max.
howie day said on 25/Aug/08
I agree with james...he doesnt look like a full 6'1...
in dark knight looked 5'11.05 but he had a bad tanding correctly he will be like 6'.05 close to 6'1
Lisa said on 20/Aug/08
I worked on the set of BBM in 2004 in Alberta. Mr.Ledger came in at 6" almost 6"2.He weighed at the time 187lbs. He told us he was always a little guy until about 16 then he shot up like crazy. As for anonymus saying no-one noticed his acting until after he died, You are speaking for yourself! I have been a fan since 1996 after seeing him in a tv series. He was nominated for an oscar for heavens sake! I do think that being nominated for an oscar qualifies as "being noticed". He was a very nice guy. Polite always comes to mind when I think of him. He was a lot quieter than I thought he would be.I saw him go out of his way to help others many times, just little things but still. He did move around a lot, very fidgety,like he had ADD or something.Just very normal.He needed to believe in himself more, he seemed to always doubt himself. Rest easy mate, we miss you. Mark Hammil? GOOD LORD NO!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA! Great joke that guy.
Yaspaa said on 13/Aug/08
6'1 in footwear,6'0 max barefoot.
Norton K said on 13/Aug/08
Wow this guy had evrything going for him, good actor, great family, tall, rich! shame he died!
Lebensdorf said on 13/Aug/08
He slouched a great deal in The Dark Knight and was still rather taller than Maggie Gyllenhaal (who is five-nine), and she was wearing heels in their scene together. I would say a solid six-one was right for him. He tends to look taller in other films, though.

A great actor, who will be sorely missed.
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/08
He looked about 6'2"/6'3" in TDK to me. Probably because of his slender physique. Thin people usually appear taller than they really are.
Zach said on 9/Aug/08
he looked like a solid 6ft 1 in Dark Knight, in some scenes he looked taller but this was due to wearing boots.
howie day said on 7/Aug/08
he looked 6' at dar knight!
actually 5'11 with the slouch..but he looks 6'
anonymous said on 6/Aug/08
glen, stop telling other people on this site that their question is stupid....not everyone reads every single posting.....let go that ego man!!! makes you look like a jerk.
Big T said on 27/Jul/08
I was watching the Heath Ledger True Hollywood Story the other day, and they had an old pic of Heath (he would've been 16 or 17) actually standing next to a HANDWRITTEN height chart. The fact that someone bothered to handwrite the chart suggests to me this pic was taken by an early agency or something like that, specifically for the purpose of measuring his height.

His height was 187cm. Assuming he stopped growing at a relatively young age, and was wearing normal shoes, I think it's safe to say 185cm/6'1" is bang on, and he was an honest dude.
happy said on 25/Jul/08
Man he was hot!, and such an awesome actor :[ still can't believe he's dead.And he was TALLL he look really tall in TDK. Which btw was Amazing and I would watch over and over again cause of him.

"If you're making choices based on other peoples choices, you're making real boring choices"-Heath
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/08
Blah blah blah, all these "OMG! Just saw the Dark Knight! Heath Ledger is the most amazing actor ever!!!" comments are really starting to make me sick. The man had about half as many comments on this site a few weeks before The Dark Knight came out and only one or two said anything about his acting. I love how no one made a big deal about his acting until AFTER he was dead. Was he good at the Joker? Yes (though maybe not entirely faithful to the comic book). Has he be been better in other roles? Yes. So please, stop all this mindless fauning.

As for height, didn't come off as 6'1" in The Dark Knight but just going by body proportions, did seem a big guy. Considering he was taller than Jake Gyllenhal by about an inch, I'd say 6' is the lowest you could go for him.

By the way, Mark Hammil will still always have the best interpretation of The Joker. :]
kill davey said on 24/Jul/08
the way movies are shot hide the heights of the actors look at tom cruise hes a tiny lil fag id say dont argue about jg and heath. Im 5 10.5 and ledger was taller than me hes around 6' 1"
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/08
I believe he is -6' not 6' 1"
Mr Money said on 22/Jul/08
brilliant in dark knight, definitely deserves an oscar for his performance. anyways looked tall in dark knight even with a the joker slouch, so 6'1 is correct.
Ray said on 22/Jul/08
Gyllenhall is nowhere near 6'1" LOL. He's 5'11" max.
Brad said on 21/Jul/08
"I don't know why his life was cut so short". Listen, if he were here he'd say: "don't do what I did".
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/08
Anonymous says on 17/Jul/08
Damm I cant believe some people are so ignorant in believing that he is taller than 5 ft. 10 in. Jake Gyllenhal is 6 ft 1. Look at the difference in the movie broke back mountain.

Yeah... about that... I'm watching it now, and Ledger is about 1.5 inches TALLER than J.G.
gfunkmoney06 said on 19/Jul/08
he looks like a 6-6'1" type guy. anyway, absolutely amazing acting in dark knight. he made joker his own and he added this sinister, psychotic side to joker that i never expected. the performance was very memorable. rest in peace.
KingNick said on 18/Jul/08
Rob I'm sure you're getting flooded with these comments but I want to at least try.

I saw "The Dark Knight" tonight and Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was easily one of the best performances I have EVER seen, period. This is coming from an actor. Someone who's striving to be a part of the business. Someone who loves acting because it's the dream God put in his heart.

My only prayer to God is that I can be HALF as good as Heath Ledger was.

I don't know why his life was cut so short. I don't know if it was accidental overdose or whatever. All I know is the acting world is a little less brighter without him.

If there's anything an actor or just any movie fan can take from this, it's to not take life for granted. A cliche phrase, but maybe the best cliche around. Heath had so much to give. All it takes is one mistake for it to be over. Maybe you're someone who has a lot to give but doesn't think so.

I'm here to tell you now, YOU HAVE A LOT TO GIVE.

Life is too short and you have no idea how many people you touch sometimes inadvertantly. The comfort I can take is that I know Heath is resting very comfortably in a place much better than this. And I know he's still using his gifts, just in a different way. Performing, making people laugh, astounding them.

Using God's gift.
Leung said on 17/Jul/08
Your joking yeah? How do you figure Gyllenhal as being 3 inches taller than Ledger? It
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
Damm I cant believe some people are so ignorant in believing that he is taller than 5 ft. 10 in. Jake Gyllenhal is 6 ft 1. Look at the difference in the movie broke back mountain.
lofosho said on 27/Jun/08
he was amazing.i wish i met him and i loved his movies.his acting and his looks were in peace buddy
5ft 9in paki said on 17/Jun/08
he looks 6ft in this pic but there is a possibility that he's 6ft 1in
Davey said on 30/May/08
He was a great actor but more importantly he was a great guy who spoke hes mind and never sold out like 99% of celebritys.
Jennifer said on 28/Apr/08
Hey. It’s me again. I had something to tell Heath. First, I would ask that all the ladies who really liked Heath to not be offended, I am one of you and was luck to know him also.

Heath, remember the line you said in Roar when Keri Russell’s character Clair (your character Conor’s love) past away and you said that glorious line at her funeral? Hear I am saying the same thing to you.

“I will never…love another…as I have loved you.”
Jennifer said on 28/Apr/08
Heath was 6’1; I know that because he was my friend. He was an awesome guy, very friendly, easy to talk to, in short the best. He had rough times in his life, though, so how you see him on the screen in (Roar the TV series from 1997, Casanova, etc.) is how he was when life was good. I have seeing everything he was in except the TV appearances in Australia before 1997 (I met him that summer) and Broken Back Mountain (the storyline made me queasy).

As everyone was saying, I miss him terribly too. There is a quote from the pilot episode of Roar that comes to mind right now. It was in Gaelic and I do not have the correct spelling on it but Heath’s line was “From shel sha gidion sayon ella” with means “From this life to the next.”

Take care, everyone
El said on 21/Apr/08
Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You) is 5'11" Click Here

Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal 5'9") in heels looks taller than the Joker in TDK. Same with Lily Cole (5'10.5") in Parnassus.
glenn said on 8/Apr/08
whats to explain? and i already did on this page.scroll else would someone act if they have anxiety and offence,but stupid question.
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/08
GLEN what do you mean when you say that heath was unfriendly towards the end? What to the papparazzi or what? I was always read that heath was real cool down to earth & friendly toward people.....can you explain?
glenn said on 1/Apr/08
no problem tracy.he will be missed.
Tracy said on 1/Apr/08
Glen thanks for sharing that.A sad shame really especially if he turned unfriendly towards people at the end.....I think he had a great personality & sense of humour.Heath had a lot going for him and for myself like millions of other fans worldwide are just so devastated by his death.....there will never be another heath ledger!
glenn said on 31/Mar/08
heath was nice but quiet.kind of like me.also suffered anxiety towards the end,like i experienced in life,that made him unfriendly towards the end.
Tracy said on 31/Mar/08
I've studied heath's height in many of his films and compared him to other actors heights and yes he was very tall.I would say he was a definate 6-1" and I also heard he had big know what they say about a guy with big feet??......hey glen you lucky devil.What was heath like in person,was he shy?.......r.i.p. heath you were great!
glenn said on 21/Mar/08
the g was a typo.
glenn said on 20/Mar/08
gthanks mamun.i bumped into him on the street,2001 new york city.yeah chris175,i can look taller.
Donald said on 20/Mar/08
He did infact towered every cast and crew in 10 Things I Hate About You. Talk about short people in that set. When I first saw that movie I always thought he was 6'3 assuming Andrew Keegan was like 6'1 and Joseph Gordon Levett was like 5'11 yeah Heath looked like a tall mother****er in that movie.
Chris175 said on 14/Mar/08
glenn you look 5-9 or 5-10 here
Mamun said on 14/Mar/08
That is some piture Glenn ! wow you are lucky dude to get this Picture !
When and where was this picture taken ? REST IN PEACE HEATH ! and may
GOD rest his soul in Heaven .


Little Boy said on 14/Mar/08
5'11 barefoot in my opinion!
Yaspaa said on 9/Mar/08
Bosco is right,judging from this picture he is 6',God rest his soul.
Bosco said on 4/Mar/08
he was more like 6' to me myabe 6'1 in shoes, he only looks like a 6' footer maybe alittle below that like 5'11.05
Lisa said on 28/Feb/08
I walked past heath in new york whilst he was out shopping a while back now and he was definately tall compared to my 5 8" frame,he was wearing faded skin tight denim's which made him look very leggy,top and a wooly hat.He was a definate 6 ft-6 1"inch he looked about the same as my brother's height who is also 6 1",I recognised him straightaway and said "hello heath",he smiled back at me and said "hi,how are you? he was very polite and sweet and was very attractive even though he was dressed kinda scruffy! heath you were a special person!!
RobertJ said on 21/Feb/08
I bet they'll look the same height, Heath may have an inch. Bale's Batman boots give him alteast an inch.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/08
It'll be interesting to see if how much taller he looks with Bale in the new Batman movie.
El said on 21/Feb/08
This page lists 5'10": Click Here

He did seem more like 6'1".
Darkfalz said on 9/Feb/08
Next to lift enhanced Damon, who is 5'9" on a good day, I'd say 6'0" or 6'1" at most.
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
shy might be right.hard to say.he was always ok with me.but i heard mixed reports.i did see him trying to avoid people last year.
heath fan said on 2/Feb/08
glenn, what was he like in character when you met him? he seems very sincere and sweet, and very shy...was he?
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
thanks here for you all.but its robs site i embellished with my pics.
Johnny said on 27/Jan/08
Your lukcy to meet him before his death. Now knowone can ever meet him again. The only way to is to go to his future grave in Perth, AUS. He really looks like a solid 6'1. I wish I was in that pic with'em. Tnx for making this site glenn about celebheights. Your the best man glenn. I feel bad after his death. My strenght goes for his loving daughter Matilda and wife, family.
R.I.P. Heath
oijoijaf said on 26/Jan/08
aww sad he died..he was so cute.. yeah he looks like he was 6'1"..he also seemed like a gentle nice guy too :( so sad
glenn said on 25/Jan/08
thank you anna.
Darren said on 25/Jan/08
He is 6 foot 1 and he looks tall at the photo.
brother_h said on 25/Jan/08
i dont think he was 6'0. maybe at night and in the morn but not in the rest of the day.
i say 5'11. he just didnt have that build.
TNTinCA said on 24/Jan/08
Shame to see him pass on. I am looking forward to the next Batman movie to see his performance. I know he wanted to bring a different "edge" to The Joker. Pity he couldn't see the result of his work. RIP Heath. You will be missed.
Anna said on 24/Jan/08
Glenn you're so lucky you got to meet Heath before his death. He seemed like such a nice guy. He looks a solid 6'-6'2" here. RIP Heath.
hans said on 24/Jan/08
yeah, that he is dead he grew to an amazing 6'3. This is BS. But women also think their 3 meter BMW mini does not fit into a 10 meter parking space.He was most likely 5'11, maximum 6'0. 6'1 only with cowboy boots he often liked to wear. I loved him in his movies. greetings to heaven Heath!
TrinitarianJam said on 24/Jan/08
R.I.P. Ledgend. So sorry. My prayers to his loved ones and especially his daughter. <> I was blessed to see him in Greenwich Village a few months ago (summer '07). My husband's 6'0" and Heath had a couple of inches on him. I'd say Heath's 6'2" or 6'3" definitely.
Kevin Durant said on 24/Jan/08
Rest In Peace

Heath Ledger ( 1979-2008)
mac said on 24/Jan/08
this guy obviously was a deep water with lots of anxieties and problems he just kept locked inside of him. seemed nice though and like for any other young person dying this is a real tragedy.

However, this guys hight was confusing:
check this pic on where he stands out from the rest due to his height and very long legs.
Click Here
And then move to the next pic with Mel Gibson in a scene from "the patriot". He is/was like a Brad Pitt guy, who could change their height magically by 3 inches = Probably was lift wearer like Pitt.
richinkle said on 23/Jan/08
A great actor and a very impressive person. I believe his legendary status will live for generations, and his spirit will live forever.
glenn said on 23/Jan/08
6-1.very nice guy.though i have seen him run away not wanting to be bothered last year.i understand better now heart goes out to his family and the sweet michelle williams.
John said on 23/Jan/08
He was a great actor and will be missed, Rest in peace!
Aratirion said on 23/Jan/08
Rest in peace, Heath! You've done a great job, man!
Marcelo C. said on 23/Jan/08
Glenn: Pity, Great Actor Mr. Ledger. Quite expressive and ductile. I
dmeyer said on 23/Jan/08
may he rest in peace ,with all the movies he has done ,his name will be rememberd
Joe said on 23/Jan/08
Hi Glenn! I would say he was 6'1. What was he like when you met him Glenn? He seems like a down to earth kind of person. It's such a shame that he's gone. He had a lot of talent. R.I.P.
Robbie H said on 23/Jan/08
its a shock and a great shame he passed away
sorter said on 23/Jan/08
methinks no one's going to dispute his current height: 6ft. under.

incredible actor and a panty magnet--why he decided to off himself is beyond me.
Respect said on 23/Jan/08
Powerful actor. Rest in peace and legend.
Tim said on 22/Jan/08
What a tragic loss. He will be sorely missed. :( RIP Heath
Emilie said on 22/Jan/08
I am sure you can get more info after his autopsy is done....I am so upset that Hollywood has lost such a talent and for his poor little daughter.
B said on 22/Jan/08
Heath rest in peace man, what a great actor it's a shame he died so young.
queen zee said on 22/Jan/08
he's a solid 6'1; he was pretty tall next to sienna miller (5'5) R.I.P. heath
Ksam2007 said on 22/Jan/08
R.I.P Heath Leadger..he's 5'11.5
Korben said on 22/Jan/08
Cant believe hes dead, only 28, such a good carrear behind and ahead of him. Watching the dark knight is going to be different now.
davyd said on 22/Jan/08
rest in peace my friend
Helen B said on 22/Jan/08
I can't believe he's dead :(
Anthony said on 22/Jan/08
Always looked a legit 6'1. Such a tragedy. R.I.P. Heath.
Jules said on 22/Jan/08
Rest In Peace
anon said on 22/Jan/08
He was a respected man,and a good actor. He will be missed and remembered by millions of people. Rest in peace Heath.
Shawn Jones said on 22/Jan/08
Can't believe he's dead. RIP Heath.
F. G said on 22/Jan/08
rest in peace.
ed said on 22/Jan/08
RIP to mr. ledger...
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/08
RIP. He will be greatly missed.
Austin said on 22/Jan/08
Heath Ledger: 1979 - 2008

R.I.P. You will be missed.
6' said on 22/Jan/08
Rest in Peace Heath Ledger
Matt said on 22/Jan/08
RIP Heath.

I really enjoyed some of his movies. :(
Donald said on 11/Jan/08
In 10 Things I Hate About You he towered over every single cast member, Andrew Keegan 6'0 had to look up at him, Heath had to look down at him. You can cleary see it in the scenes where they're face to face. Heath is not 6'1 he has to be 6'3 at the most if not atleast 6'2.
Chris said on 7/Jan/08
Heath with Matt Damon, same height.
Click Here
AAAA said on 29/Dec/07
Looks like a tall 6'1 in the trailer for the dark Knight. When he is standing in the street, he seems tall, and lanky
Matt said on 11/Dec/07
Never quite been sold on Ledger, perhaps because he has quite a stocky build that hinders my perception. I think if Ledger stands up hard in Glenn's photo, then he looks an easy 6 foot, perhaps a shade more. Still have my jury out on him though. It will be interesting to see how he stands up against Christian Bale in the new Batman movie.
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/07
Looks 6'0 with Glenn. Going by the standard of human proportion being 4.5 to 5 inches from eyes to the top of the head, and Heath's eyes being and inch or so below the top of Glenn's head, who also looks to be straining his neck for height. Factor in the relaxed posture on top of Glenn's good, and 6'1 seems about right.
robbie h said on 12/Oct/07
looks around 6ft to 6-1
jen said on 22/Sep/07
i lived in sydney with him before he made his hollywood break.
heath is definately 185cm ... if i can ill post some pictures of
him to prove it.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
he is close to 6-1,if not that.
Kris said on 18/Sep/07
I saw him at the LAX airport on the 24th as my mom and I were in line at Starbucks. He was with a friend and I got a good look at him and this guy is at least 5'11''. Also, he looks a lot worse in person. But then again, I never found him at all attractive. Just my two cents. He is for sure tall. But it ain't 6'1''.
guy said on 17/Sep/07
Looks 5'11" in the above pic by abosolute comparison to Glenn. His eyes are about 2 inches below the top of Glenn's head. He is very relaxed and appears to be possibly trying to match Glenn's height with a slouched posture. Standing straight would give him another inch. I would calculate his actual height at 5'11.5" to 6 given he has similar soles to Glenn.

[Editor Rob: heath's eyelevel does look to have a bit more of a downtilt, so I think nearer to 4. Without knowing posture.]
Piccaso said on 12/Sep/07
Between 5'11 and 6ft -- I'm almost positive!
Bad Radio said on 5/Aug/07
looks 6ft to me..not less than that...6'1 is possible.
Aaron said on 3/Aug/07
looks like a strong 5'11 in this pic
6'3'' JK said on 3/Aug/07
I don't think he is quite 6'1'', looks 6'0'' tops with Glenn
RobertJ said on 2/Aug/07
He's not shorter than 6 feet.
Victorian said on 24/Jul/07
Brokeback Mountain made me think he was 6ft. Picture the scene when he was 'dancing' with Linda Cardellini (both wore very dodgy footwear though.). He seemed nearly 6'2" with said shoes, making him 2 inches less without them IMHO.
Franco said on 23/Jul/07
he looks around 187cm in this picture so i think he is 184cm no shoes.
timber said on 18/Jul/07
must be another lift wearer...
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
i agree...i met him on the set of brokeback...he's no taller than 5'11...and michelle williams is definately shorter than 5'4
bushpilot99 said on 29/Jun/07
O.k. here's my little bit of info. Heath ledger is 5'10" (and thats being generous; like just got out of bed and thats the tallest I'll be all day generous) Last summer he was at the Holt Renfrew party here in Toronto during the film festival; scored tickets via an actor friend of mine and wanted to check it out. Low and behold there was Heath. Nice fella, real mellow. Had a chance to talk to him ( you know the standard stuff like I really liked your movie.....blah blah blah). I towered over him. Noticeably. I stand 6'1.25", and he only came up to my eyes. I asked my friend to confirm and he said I had to be at least 3-4 inches taller. My friend talked to him and my friend was way taller than him as well, and he tops out at 5'11.75". From my head to my eye is about 3.5", so that would put him at just under 5'10" ( I'm willing to concede a .25 inch.
Josh said on 12/Jun/07
There are some pics of Him and Michelle Williams , Hes Wearing Sandals hes a solid 6'0.
Bad Radio said on 31/May/07
he looks 6 ft in that maybe ..
Juanito said on 13/Apr/07
Hi there people.
Thats my first comment so i'll try to be accurate. :)

Heath is barely 6 ft.. if anyone watch casanovam, you will see when he was walking with the prince (the doge), the prince was at least 1 1/2 inch taller than Heath.. and Tim McInnerny who plays the doge is listed as 6'1 on all the websites i could find. I dont think any actor would be listed less than they are. So by deduction, Heath is barely 6ft tall.
He wears those special shoes very often so thats why he appaears taller.
Peet said on 10/Apr/07
He look 6'0'' in that picture and in 'Brother Grimm' he taller than Matt Damon 2.5 inchs Matt Damon is 5'9.5''.
tanoliphant said on 4/Apr/07
Yeah, I read that Heath was 6'0-6'4, I can he doesn't look over 6'0 or 6'1.
However, in Brokeback, he did look a little taller! It's hard to tell!
jason said on 14/Jan/07
it`s no doubt about it that this guy it tall, if glenn believes he really is 6-1 i must take he´s word for it, but from the pic with glenn he doesent locks more then 6ft to me. from 10 thing i hate about you he doesent lock taller then 6 ft either, i would say he is somewhere inbetween 6ft-6ft 1 in.
Gonzalo said on 18/Oct/06
Drew, who cares if Ledger or Damon wear lifts in that pic with Bellucci? She is so beautiful...
venus said on 9/Oct/06
From the pic above, I give him 5'11.2 or 6 feet, I doubt it if he is any taller.
anonymous2 said on 27/Sep/06
he looks a solid 180cm to me in the pic with Glenn
Drew said on 27/Sep/06
With 5'10" Matt Damon:

Click Here

Who's wearing lifts?
Josh said on 17/Sep/06
He doesnt look taller than 6'0
Gotxo said on 15/Sep/06
Yes Rob i still remember to read 6'4" for Ledger in IMDB once.
I think i was not much before "A nights tale" release in Spain, then in a few
days it changed back to 6'1" so i thought i misread it badly.
He also was consistently listed at a more belivable 6'2" too.
Editor Rob said on 15/Sep/06
There were some newspapers who did publish this guy as "6ft 4" 5 years ago...
Virginia said on 23/Aug/06
I've met him recently, I'm 5'9 and he is definitely a lot taller than 6'0. I'd say at least 6'2.
ForensicNYC said on 5/Aug/06
They had to dig a deep long trench so he could walk beside 5'8" Mel Gibson here...
Click Here
"Hey Mel...can I get off this deep trench now? Huh?"....
Click Here
"Don't be silly Heath, my boy, I even had this river DREDGED for your horse!"
Click Here
Andys said on 1/Aug/06
definitively not more than 6'0 1/2
He doesn't look so taller in the pic because..e he's not's not a good's all about pose
Tom said on 31/May/06
6"1' is tall. When someone of 6"1' tall is next to a shorter person, you see a big difference. When someone of 6"1' is next to a taller person, for example 6"3', it's not very shocking.
Elio said on 13/May/06
As i said before, i thought he looked only 4 inches taller. hard to tell though.

The way I see it, Glenn has dark hair and the dark background makes it look like the top of his head stops slightly sooner than it think it does. I see Glenn coming past Ledger's eyeline ... so it could be that Ledger was only 4 inches taller. However, Glenn says he looked the full 6'1" so I could be mistaken.
D.J. said on 12/May/06
There's about 4 inches difference, making Heath 6'.
Blues said on 7/Apr/06
Well Ledger got a weird and long forefront, you can't look at the eyes on the pics to know his height, I think he's really 6'1 on this picture, I've seen many 6'1 - 6'2 guys and this is not that tall, they got only 5 inches of difference after all.
Glenn said on 29/Mar/06
He isnt slouching,but you could tell by looking at his waste that he isnt standing as straight as he could.I always stand like stallone.
Gonzalo said on 29/Mar/06
If Glenn says he is 6`1 I will have to believe it, although the picture shows one different thing. I´m 5`9 and my brother is 6`1 and I can tell you that the difference between us is bigger than Glenn and Ledger. And Ledger is not slouching
iris said on 28/Mar/06
he doesn`t look 6`1 in that pic with glenn...hmmm 6 seems fairly a bit more acurate
anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
Judging from that picture I would guess him to be no taller than 6'1 and not any shorter than 5'11.
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
He looked 6-1.
Gonzalo said on 27/Mar/06
He doesn`t look 6`1 next to Glenn. 6 feet at the most
Xhavier said on 19/Mar/06
He looks 3" taller than Glenn.
clad-in-black said on 17/Mar/06
I always thought he was 5 '11, after seeing 10 things i hate about you
JenA said on 16/Mar/06
I think he must be about 6' because there is a pic of him next to Lena Olin at the Casanova film premiere in Venice and he looks at least an inch or two taller than her, and she is known to be 5'11".
richinkle said on 22/Feb/06
Heath does not look any more than 4" taller than Glenn in this picture. He could be slouching though. I'll give him 6'-0.5"
Frank P said on 3/Feb/06
I agree with you Stiffelio. I always thougtht 6"1 was what Heath is. I didn't go by the Patriot because we don't have a set height for Mel really. He ranges from 5"6 to 5"10. I DID go by Knight's Tale, next to Bettany and the Still Standing guy. I thought Bettany was 6"4 but you know what? For an inch, so what. Unless your bald, your hair can make up the difference really.
Mr. R said on 20/Jan/06
Heath was listed at 6-3 when The Patriot came out. He did not seem to be 5 inches taller than Mel Gibson. A little more than 3 inches seems right.
Glenn said on 19/Jan/06
never seen guess is 5-9 and a half on him.heath looked 6-1 to me.he's not standing as straight as he can.
Stiffelio said on 19/Jan/06
elio, I don't think so, it's a clear 5 " difference. In an avarage head there's a 5 " distance between the eye brows and the top of the head, as is the case here. Therefore I'd say 6 ft 1" works for Ledger.

[Editor Rob: I can envisage 6ft 1, maybe the posture of heath isn't just quite as same as glenn...or maybe he's in sneakers]
elio said on 19/Jan/06
Looking no more than 4 inches taller than Glenn.

I'd say 6'0".
MOF said on 28/Dec/05
The top of Ledger's head just reached Paul Bettany's eyes in Knight's Tale and if Paul is 6'3 than Ledger is probably 5'11 maybe a little closer to 6'0. I'm 5'11 and I reach just over my friends eyes who is 6'3.
Viper652 said on 24/Oct/05
I actually think Matt Damon is 5-7 to 5-8. He always looks short.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
I highly doubt he is that tall, he is shorter then Aussie actor Brian Brown who claims to be 6'.75" so if hes lucky hes 6ft. maybe 5'11.5"
Dav said on 24/Oct/05
In the Grimm brothers Heath looks about the same height of Matt Damon(listed at 5`9 here)so there are two options ,they managed to make Matt taller or Heath is shorter than 6`1.

My guess Heath is much shorter perhaps 5`11

[Editor Rob: damon has been 5ft 10 for a while here...of course many want him down to 5ft 9 though ;)]
Tpe said on 5/Sep/05
He looks quite short when attending the premier of Brokeback Mountain in Venice. Ang Lee is same height with Jackie Chan,174cm. Jake Gyllenhaal is 183cm. Although Heath Ledger wore sneakers, it's hard to believe he is 185cm. Please check the links:
Ang Lee and Eric Bana(189cm)
bob said on 19/Aug/05
he used to be credited as 6'3", which is just silly.
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From FameTracker, "He's tall. I'm 5'6, and he was quite a bit taller than me. I'm guessing he's 6 feet, maybe 6'1"

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