How tall is Jack White

Jack White's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

American Singer ( John Anthony Gillis ) from The White Stripes. Sometimes this guy slouches so doesn't quite look this height...Guardian described him as "well over 6ft tall"

How tall is Jack White
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6ft 1.1in (185.7cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Mar/23
I’m wondering if 1” constitutes being WELL over 6ft….. 🤔

I think we’d need 2” or more for that.

Jack gets 6ft1. His average is an eighth of an inch over this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/21
Under 6ft1 is a joke never mind under 6ft!

I'd personally go with 6ft1¼
miketoreno said on 6/Oct/20
Dude. in the photo you are talking about he’s slouching while Hetfield has a good posture, White is 6’0.5 while Hetfield is 6’1.5”
pjk said on 28/Jun/19
James hetfield is 6'1" so he is clearly under 6 ft to me from those photos below unless some crazy footwear disadvantage but that is very doubtful.
abcde said on 3/Apr/18
Click Here
abcd said on 5/Jan/18
Click Here max 182 cm
BilboBaggins said on 19/Apr/17
He has always looked taller to me, based on images I've seen of him over the years and me standing a few feet away from him way back in 2001, before The White Stripes hit the bigtime, and were playing a small stage (in a tent) to literally a few people. I'd put White in the 6' 2" range myself. Similar height to former Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell, with White having worse posture most of the time.
Aleks said on 16/Oct/16
i think he is now about 6'1 ...... before in the stripes days maybe 6'2 gie him max 186-7cm
Lauren said on 22/Aug/16
He's 6'2", pretty tall.
@J.B. Alison Mosshart is 5'9"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/16
"Jack White's Height: 6ft 1½in (186.69cm)"

I think 6ft1 flat is a bit low for him. I wouldn't rule out 6ft2 either…
J.B. said on 7/Feb/16
How tall is Alison Mosshart?
Carol said on 24/Aug/15
I've met him in march and he's not as tall as some peeps say. I'm a 5'8/5'9 gal and he isn't much taller than me. So I believe he's height is something around 6'0 or 6'1.
acket said on 9/May/15
I met him last month in airport, in Brazil, when he was arriving from argentina, his height was quite disaponting, would say he is 6'1 in good posture and 6 foot slouching, maybe even less, he always looked tall in videos, I'm 6'4 and he was waaay smaller than me. He's deifnetely a strong tough
?? said on 2/Feb/15
He is 6 feet and 2 inches. I think
Sam said on 19/Aug/14
Looks about 5 inches taller than Beck and 6-7 inches taller than Iggy Pop...6'1" is roughly accurate.
az said on 8/Jul/14
his wife or ex wife is 5'8"
"On the runway, I just feel so awkward. I feel like I'm the clumsiest model. I see all these beautiful 6-foot-tall amazons and 5-foot-8 me who still can't even walk in heels, and as much as I try, I usually end up tripping up somewhere. [But] the payoff with singing is that you're singing your songs. The payoff with the runway, maybe there isn't one. I'm just crossing my fingers that I'm not going to fall."
Meltdown said on 21/Jun/14
Going to say 6'2 and looks 6'1 due to slouching.
Janitor III said on 13/May/14
Doesn't look 6'2 to me next to Neil Young, Louis C.K. and Jimmy Fallon(they're all six-footers apparently):

Click Here

What do you guys think?
Oliver said on 23/Nov/13
He's definitely 6'2 and a really cool guy!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Oct/13
Looks 186-87cm
JMoppetDog said on 28/Sep/13
Hi Rob - You say you check these comments... Why do you still have Jack at 6'1 on your site? I'm 6'1, Jack and I were nose to nose and he's DEFINITELY a smidge taller than me. LGarner is right. Yours is the only site I've seen that doesn't say he's 6'2. PLEASE correct the error.
LGarner said on 7/Jul/13
Hey! He's DEFINITELY 6'2". Yours is the only site that has him shorter than that. Please fix it, Rob.
Meltdown said on 27/Jun/13
Looks like Jack is 6ft 2in. Maybe you ought to change it, Rob.
BitOfFluff3 said on 9/Jun/13
According to all other sources, Jack is 6'2" tall.
Ea said on 13/Jun/12
Hes about 6'2. He is big too. He works out and has decent biceps. I know cuz I'm 6' and he's about 2" taller than I. He's also put on some muscle since The White Stripes days. I have met him quite a few times and am not basing opinion on a casual meeting or tv appearances. Also, meg isn't short Either(5'9 or 5'10).
Up and Down said on 31/Jan/12
Dude is way taller than I thought. I was surprised. I always figured he was average height guy, 5'10 or whatever. No way. I'm an honest six foot, dead on, and he cleared me easily by a couple inches. Solid dude too, not a wimp. I have to go with 6'2.
Cranberries said on 24/Jan/12
@balls: What, 6'3"?! Not even CLOSE my man, and he's not a big dude either. Baseline "tall" I guess, but his frame doesn't look big at all.
balls said on 22/Jan/12
hes 6'3" or so. pretty big dude. and stollsteimer is a bitch. lol
Quan said on 24/Jun/11
I figured he was only 5'11.5-6 ft after watching him on colbert. He certainly slouches a lot, and I guess camera angles did the trick. Definitely was a lot bigger than Colbert, though.
me said on 13/Feb/11
He seems taller than 6.1. He was at least 3 inches taller than jimmy page. My guess is 6.2.

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hey i know that guy said on 4/Feb/11
here is the funny thing about jack gillis (white), he wishes he was small! he has always been uncomfortable in his big frame. and yes, he is a big guy, easily 6-2 when he stands up straight. but he's an epic sloucher and a flat footer, he has an artful way of diminishing his stature. that's why a lot of people pass him off as 6 foot or 6-1.

he's also way stronger and tougher than you might think, he's a blue collar detroit guy who moved furniture before he hit it big. it didn't surprise me a bit when he flattened jay stollsteimer with one punch.
T.J. said on 13/Jan/11
The slouching gives makes him look 6'
but standing up straight, he looks close to 6'2"
Globello said on 13/Nov/10
He was on Conan's first show Monday and appeared about 2-3 inches shorter probably with boots so 6 ft to 6-1 max sounds about right.
Milo said on 19/May/09
Some one said that he was taller than the tasset member of the Strokes, Nick Valensi, who is alledgedly 6'4, which would make Jack White taller than that.
coldstone said on 13/May/09
Well over 6? Peh. Well over six is like 6'3" or more if you ask me.
glenn said on 20/Feb/09
funny,i should be seeing him today.
Glenn said on 18/Feb/09
lol glenn he looks like a giant next to you. Not because he's that much taller, but just the angle of the picture and the size of his head and facial features makes him look larger-than-life huge.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/09
well there's no way i can see 6'4, but every other site i see lists him as 6'2, and to be honest, he does look 6'2 in person, cause i've met him once.
Kate said on 9/Jan/09
Unless that one fan was lying (the one that posted a little further down), it sounds like Jack is six four. Because I really don't think that Jack would exaggerate his height. Just doesn't seem like something he would do. And look at the James Bond Premiere pics of him with his 5'10" wife. And she is wearing heels. Making her like 6'1". And he isn't wearing much of a heel from what I can see. And he is still quite a bit taller. I believe 6'3" at the least, possibly 6'4".
christian said on 20/Dec/08
i see him in david letterman show....he small near david (6`1.5) , helooks like 6`0....saludos
OutBenchThis said on 30/Sep/08
This is one of the few heights where Viper suggests White is taller (6'2") than what Glenn saw him at (6'1")..I think 6'1" is on the money. I know plenty of 6'1" guys who give a taller and certainly bigger impression than I do and I'm 6'3" so for White to look bigger than he is isn't a surprise.
nate said on 23/Sep/08
hey rob i think you should at least upgrade him to 6'1.5
jackrocks said on 26/Jun/08
okay, that picture is totally fake. jack white is really tall, but his head isn't twice the size of an average person's head, as it is in this picture.
yoohoo said on 20/May/08
i just cant see him being under 6 ft 2
Vicki said on 5/May/08
Saw him in Denver on April 28th and he is definitely tall and strapping- very nicely built. No way can he be shorter than 6'1"- and I'm guessing he is 6'2"- very sturdy guy!!
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/08
robyn, that "evil twin" is the other guy they actually call "little jack" in jack white's band The Raconteurs. They are identical, except Jack is just much bigger.
I've seen them live too many times to know that Jack is 6'2''. Even on the cover of Rolling Stone, where Jagger is no doubt wearing lifts and standing with extreme posture, he is 2 inches taller. If they were all just standing around barefoot, that would pin him at 6'1''. But he is not trying, and Jagger is, so sorry but Jack White is taller than 6'1''.
Also, look at him when he performs with the strokes. He is taller than the tallest member. I rest my case.
GF said on 22/Apr/08
He's 6'2" no doubt. All the public records agree, don't they?
glenn said on 19/Apr/08
in my case,i never turned to music for my shortcomings.i never cared for sports.and jagger was never taller than 5-10.and yes,jack is 6-1.looking taller and shorter at times.
Mark D. said on 19/Apr/08
I'm not sure why this is debated below. Glenn met the fellow, recently, and in
his obvious experience at judging height, and seeing he has proper shoes on to
not inflate height, he says he's 6'1". The picture above shows that as true...
The fact is, he towers over other musicians since other musicians tend to be a
short crowd. Being an unusually tall musician, I couldn't help notice that. It
is endemic of musicians. Many turn to music when they can't compete in sports,
or get picked last for basketball. Thus Jack seems 'so tall' next to others...
A recent cover shot next to a 5'11" (maybe shrunken a bit) Mick Jagger is also
proof to me that 6'1" is correct. As I've learned, meeting people changes your
perspective of height. So many I meet aren't as I expect from seeing pictures.
30Notes said on 7/Nov/07
Delia strikes again. She got run off of the white stripes bulletin board for her abnormal Jack worship. Her name on here is "DEE" but the dead giveaway is her relentless diarrhea of the mouth and tenacious refusal to admit to being wrong. EVER.
Conan is 6'5". Jack is inches shorter, so he's probably 6'1".

Watch the "Let's Build a Home" episode of Conan. Jack is a lot shorter.

Oh, and "Dee" will never give in and will still be arguing this 3 yrs from now. (Trust me, she ran a lot of good people from the Stripes board.)

Argue with her and watch how she starts calling you a "liar" or "dishonest" or bring up the "straw man"

Yeah, forgot to mention she's crazy.

Jack's tall and used to be heavy. He's thin now. Still tall though.
Klara said on 25/Sep/07
He is very tall and a big piece of a man, naturally a tank. Saw him at the air port when he was in Australia for Big Day Out. I'm rather tall myself 5ft 9 women and he was HUGE! Lucky Karen if you get my drift ;) But seriously there really shouldnt be any debate about this he is obviously a sterdy thick tall man no matter wat pic it is.
Jake said on 9/Aug/07
I saw him on a couple of youtube videos one for the Jools something show out of the UK and he stands up at the piano next to the guy and he's way taller than the host. Another youtube post shows him on the Conan O'Brian show and when he greets them onstage after their performance Jack White is only a smidgeon shorter than Conan who normally towers over his guests. Meg White comes up to Conan's chin. I think they are both fairly tall. Conan looked normal around them.
robyn said on 17/Jul/07
I think he has an evil twin, who is shorter by 2 1/2" than printed. Or it could be due to degenerative bone disease -I've seen him twice and I'm 5'8 1/2" but I swear 15 yrs ago I was an 1" taller so i know it can happen, earlier pic's show him taller - And since i'm hoping he'll be my 3rd husband I'm really interested in getting in finding out his exactly true height also - i have time I'm still on my first. I have no pictures!!!! sorry, But my best educated guess from A Front Row prespective,possible 3rd husband potential,unless my evil twin theory pans out is... 6'1"...everyone lies!
ekj said on 22/Jun/07
Met him twice - no way is he over 6-2.
1st time i was 17 and 183cm - taller then me but not significantly
2nd time i was 21 and 186cm - my height at best

Also if u saw Conan the other night - he was no were near conan - looked at least 2-3 inches shorter (closer to 3)

The height here for him is correct, IMHO
Jack said on 18/Jun/07
There is no way he is 6'3, i'd still say 6'1 at the most, here is a pic with Steve Buscemi who is around 5'8 Click Here
Dee said on 15/Jun/07
Well, you certainly are a persistent fellow, Mr. Other Jack - but then, I'm pretty persistent, too. Thank you for posting that picture, because I really think it proves my opinion better than yours. It's true that in that photo it looks like Jack only comes up to the tall guy's shoulder, but if you look closely at their SHOES, you will see that the tall guy was wearing special platform shoes to boost his height up about 5 or 6 inches higher, thus bringing him up to about 7'5". (That's because the whole point of having the tall guy in that video was to make Jack and Meg look shorter by comparison, so they wanted to emphasize that even more.) Without those added 5 or 6 inches, the top of Jack's head would probably be about even with the tall guy's mouth.

Here is a close-up (with increased contrast) of that same photo, showing their shoes; where you can see that Jack's shoes are regular low-heeled shoes, and the tall guy is wearing the very high platform shoes:

Click Here

And here is a different photo of Jack with the same guy:

Click Here

There the tall guy is apparently wearing regular shoes, and in that photo the top of Jack's head is level with the tall guy's mouth. And considering that Jack's head is tilted down while the tall guy's head is tilted up, then probably Jack's head would come up even higher than the guy's mouth, by an inch or so. According to the page on this website titled "How to Measure a Celebrity's Height" (see link at right) there is about 7.5" on average between the top of the head and the mouth. Now, you might say that the tall guy would have a bigger head, so that distance would be greater; but in both photos it looks like Jack's head is at least as big as the tall guy's. (But not metaphorically.)

So even if we say that Jack's head only comes up to the other guy's mouth, and even if we say the distance from the top of the head to the mouth is 8" for the tall guy, that would still put Jack White at 6'11" minus 8 inches, or 6'3" tall for the best estimate from this photo. And certainly not shorter than 6'2". Somewhere in between 6'2" and 6'3" for Jack White's height is consistent with not only these two photos with the 6'11" guy, but also with all the other photos of Jack White with celebrities that I've seen.

So: Rob, I notice you took Jack White's height *down* to 6'1", when really it should be notched UP to 6'2" at least, or maybe even 6'3". There is plenty of evidence for the taller estimates, and no good evidence against it that I have seen here.
Jack said on 13/Jun/07
Here is a pic with him standing next to a 6'11 guy, Click Here
Dee said on 9/Jun/07
That getty picture (#56317725) is with Jon Stewart, but Jack is not standing anywhere near Jon Stewart. Jack is obviously in the background, which is why he appears smaller. (There's probably some physics explanation for why things become smaller as they move away from you, but I don't know what that would be, it's pretty weird isn't it? Especially because both people see the other one as getting smaller. Maybe it's relativity.)

However, Meg is standing near Jon, and even that doesn't look quite right, because I think she's around 5'6" or the same height as him, but there she looks a few inches shorter. So maybe either Meg is barefoot (but I don't think she plays drums that way any more) or else Jon has big heels on, or else maybe he's standing on something, or maybe it's just that he's closer to the camera than Meg is. I really don't know, but I think she's around 5'6".

I'm sure that if you stood Jack White and Jon Stewart next to each other it would be obvious that Jack is at least 6'2", probably he's somewhere in between 6'2" and 6'2" and 3/64ths. That other guy in that picture - in the background near Jack - looks like he's really short, even though he's standing on some kind of box. But we can't actually use him for comparing heights because I don't think he's anybody famous. Probably just a roadie or something.
Jack said on 7/Jun/07
Fair enough, Maybe he is 6'1.5 at the most. Look at picture number 56317725 on getty does not look 6'1.5 with the 5'6.5 guy. Nick from the Kaiser Chiefs is listed as 6'2.5 (might not be true) quite a tall band if it is.
Dee said on 7/Jun/07
Well, that is an interesting photo. However, my guess is that "he" (Jack White) is just doing his slouchy thing there, and it's hard to tell that he's slouching because you can't see much except his head. The other possibility is that the two guys from the Kaiser Chiefs - Nick and Simon - who are standing near him, are themselves pretty tall. Looking at other photos of that band, that does appear to be the case. This shows Simon and Nick looking taller than the other band members: Click Here

Plus, it's really only Simon who is standing near Jack (White), Nick is standing quite a bit closer to the camera, which would explain why he looks bigger. And Simon only looks only about one inch taller than Jack in that photo. So my guess is that either Simon is around 6'3" or else he's around 6'2" and Jack (White) is slouching a bit, or else he's even shorter, and Jack is slouching a lot. (Which he does sometimes.)

So it's possible that Nick and Simon from the Kaiser Chiefs are a bit taller even than Jack White, but maybe not, and it would probably not be by much, in any case. (At least I hope not, because I would hate having to switch my band loyalties at this point.)

But there is no way that Jack White is only 5'11, I'm sorry, but that's just impossible. We can tell from photos of him with various other celebrities that he's somewhere between 6'1" and 6'3", probably around 6'2". If you don't believe that, then you should go to a White Stripes show, and have a photo taken of you standing next to Jack White, just like Glenn did. That's about the only thing that would count as proof of what you're saying. Fair enough?
Jack said on 6/Jun/07
Downgrade needed here, he is about 5'11 at the most he has dress shoes on, here is the proof case closed Click Here
Dee said on 3/Jun/07
Well, as much as I would like to believe "the truth" (good choice of name, by the way!) it looks to me in that video that Jack is in between Julian and Nick in height. Around 6'2" or maybe a bit over. I would be surprised if he was 6'3" or 6'4", I really don't think so. But 6'2" and a bit? Probably. And since Julian is listed here at 6'2" then Jack should be listed that way too.

Also, I had said before that I had never seen a photo of Jack with big heeled shoes on. That was true (or "the truth") but I now have to revise that statement, due to some recent photos. One was in this month's cover story on The White Stripes at Black Book magazine: Click Here

It looks like maybe his shoes there have a bigger heel than he usually wears. Also there was a recent paparazzi photo of him wading in the ocean, while carrying some cowboy boots (huh?) but he does not usually wear cowboy boots. I won't post that one here, since it was a paparazzi photo; and it didn't really show anything about his height anyway.
the truth said on 27/May/07
jack white is obviously taller than 6'2''. for example, when perfcorming with the strokes, a performance you can all find on youtube, he is at least 2 inches taller than julian cassblancas and is actually the same height as the really tall bass guy, nick. he is about 6 foot 3.
Dee said on 18/May/07
I guess maybe it's time to post this again. It's a collage of 30 different photos of Jack's shoes, and they all show him wearing standard low-heeled shoes. Not one single picture of big-heeled shoes have I ever found.

Click Here

(If only there had been a handful of paparazzi to follow Michelangelo around...)
Dee said on 18/May/07
No, Jack White does not "wear boots a lot." That question has already been settled. In fact, out of hundreds of photos that show his shoes I have yet to find even one where he's wearing cowboy boots, or any other kind of boot with a big heel. (That doesn't mean that he never wears them, but at most that would be very rarely.) In almost all the photos, the shoes he's wearing appear to have one-inch heels, which is standard for men's shoes.

We may never know what kind of shoes Michelangelo wore, because the fan magazines of the Renaissance never thought to ask him. Nor do we know what brand of shoes Jack White wears, but we can tell how big the heels are just from the photos, so that does not require an interview or anything.

If he was ever going to wear big heels it would have been when he was delving more into country music with Loretta Lynn, or maybe at the Music Of Cold Mountain show. But even those photos I never saw him wearing any big heels. That doesn't mean that it never happened, but if somebody is going to claim that he wears big-heeled boots "a lot" then that's just wrong. And given the shortage of photos showing him in big heels, I would suggest that anyone who makes that claim should be willing to provide some photographic evidence.

Really, this "big heels" issue has been beaten to death, and there's no reason why it should keep popping up again, when there is no evidence for it.
Me said on 17/May/07
Jack White is at least 6'2, without a doubt. I'd say he's leaning on 6'3.
Diogeneze said on 15/May/07
6-1-ish, not less and maybe a touch more. wears boots a lot from what I've seen so can eppear taller. towered over loretta lynn at the grammys few years back, she is short so with boots he might of been a foot taller. i think that dude in oasis called him Zorro on Donuts lol
Dee said on 28/Apr/07
If Jack actually said he's 6'4", then he was probably joking; he does joke around a lot. But I would guess he's a bit over 6'2" if you can ever get him to stand up straight.

Glenn, if Jack were only 6'1" then a whole lot of other people would be shorter than they are listed at on this website. I'm not sure what you're basing your opinion on, other than the fact that he was crouching down in the photo he took with you. Like I said, he does that a lot. Check out the Raconteurs photos, where Jack White appears to be trying really hard to get down to the same height as Little Jack Lawrence, who is about six inches shorter.

Here are the Raconteurs, with Jack White doing his slouchy trick:
Click Here

But here's how things look when you line the band up straight:
Click Here

And notice in that photo that two of the other band members (Brendan Benson and Little Jack) are wearing big heels. While we can't see Jack White's heels there, I'm pretty sure he's wearing low heels because I've never yet seen a photo where he's not wearing low heels.

Here's another photo of Jack with some fans, and also Jack and Meg with radio host Nardwar:
Click Here
Click Here

Here is Jack White sitting down, and slouching and leaning as far back as possible, and he's still a couple inches taller sitting and slouching than the other guy, who is sitting up very straight.
Click Here

Finally, here's Jack White with Shirley Manson. She's listed at 5'7" or 5'8" here on your site:
Click Here

Granted, she's probably not standing up straight there; but still, Jack White is a big guy. Glenn, you yourself said that you've seen all these magazine photos that show him towering over other rock stars. So I'm not quite sure why you're so reluctant to believe that he's that tall.

Now, here is my *THEORY* about Jack White's height, and why he often tries to look smaller than he is:

Everyone knows that Jack White is a more than a bit odd, and one of his many eccentricities is that he is inordinately fond of the concept of "little." Every single White Stripes album has one song that begins with that word: "Little People" and "Little Bird" and "Little Room" and "Little Acorns" and "Little Ghost" and the classic "Little Red Box." Icky Thump, The White Stripes soon-to-be-released new album, will contain a song titled "Little Creme Soda." All of this is a key to the mystery here. Jack White apparently has the soul of a Little Person, tragically trapped in the body of a Big Person. I don't think there's any easy way to surgically correct that yet, and the rest of the world really just doesn't understand. So he struggles to live with this condition, as best he can. Being in the band is an outlet that allows Jack to relax and express his true inner Littleness.
glenn said on 23/Apr/07
you believe that crock? and couldnt tell he was lying? in my opinion he is 6-1 tops.
ronaldo fan said on 22/Apr/07
I asked Jack White, "how tall are you?" after he signed an autograph for me and my sister when we spotted him walking down crosby st. in manhattan. I asked him this because he was very, very tall. He responded, "six-four". I'm sorry I don't have photographic evidence or anything. But the closest photographic evidence to support this is the photos of him standing an inch taller than John Mayer, who is 6''3, at numerous events. Just google image the names.

Rob- you have him off by about 2.5 inches.
Dee said on 30/Mar/07
Glenn - I don't doubt that you collect a lot of magazines; but I've collected hundreds of photos of Jack White, and not one of them shows him wearing shoes with big heels. So, it's not just that he "doesn't always wear big heels" -- it's that he virtually NEVER wears big heels. If you have noticed him wearing big heels then it should not be hard to find some photos showing that. But my guess is that it was perhaps just your mental impression that he was wearing big heels, because he was taller than you expected him to be.

For some puzzling reason, there is this very common misperception about him that he's just average-sized, or even small. (I've seen people call him a "pixie" and an "elf" and allude to him being a hobbit. Go figure.) I'm not sure where that idea comes from, but the fact that it's so common -- in the face of all the photographic evidence to the contrary -- is one of the reasons I find this so interesting. What is it about him that makes people think he's so much smaller than he is? I think it's partly that his proportions are more like those of a shorter person. Partly it's his boyish or elfin face. Partly it's because he's usually standing alone on stage (with the White Stripes) so there is nobody else there to compare him against. When he started playing with the Raconteurs, then a number of reviewers started noticing how big he is, because he was standing next to some other guys for a change.

In one magazine interview the author said that the door was opened by "a tall guy" that he didn't even recognize as Jack White right away. Why not? I'd guess the author was just expecting him to be a lot smaller; he's not the first interviewer to express surprise at how tall he is. So it's an interesting question on perceptions, why somebody that big is consistently imagined by most people who've never met him as being much smaller than he actually is.

Anyway, I think Jack White is at least 6'2". Here are some photos that have been around the internet, of Jack White with other people - with Meg, with other celebrities, and with fans.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Another oddly common and very mistaken idea is that he's "skinny." No, not really:
Click Here

When Jack White got into trouble for beating the crap out of another musician in a bar fight, the internet was full of people wondering how "that skinny little guy" could do so much damage in a matter of seconds. So it's really puzzling the perceptions that people seem to have of him. They're so far off that it's actually pretty funny. But then, that was my impression when I first saw photos of him, too. Unless you see him standing next to other people, he just looks a lot smaller than he is. Somewhere there's a photo that clearly shows Jack crouching down to be in a photo with somebody shorter, if I find it I'll post that.
Anthony said on 25/Mar/07
Jack looks at least 6'2 to me.
Ben said on 23/Mar/07

On photos he often looks tiny, maybe that´s just because of the picture since it´s quite difficult to find pictures that show him standing straight. I´ve never met or seen him and so I always thought he´s normal.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Mar/07
I'd agree on 6'1". Likes to wear the Emperor's new clothes. Note to Jack: get over yourself.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
i never said he was short.he is 5-11 in my pic with a bad slouch.6-1 in reality,and yes wears big heels at events in england or photo shoots.not always,but enough for me to notice.i collect a hell of alot of magazines.
Dee said on 21/Mar/07
Glenn, if every music magazine you hae shows Jack White towering over other musicians, it's not because he's "wearing heels" -- it's just because he's a big guy. (He was very obviously crouching down in that photo with you, and that is something he tends to do in photos when he's with someone shorter.) You (and/or Rob) keep making this claim that Jack wears "big heels" -- but I have seen literally hundreds of pictures of him that show his shoes, and never ONCE have I seen him wearing anything other than standard low-heeled shoes. May I ask where you are getting this idea from?? As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no evidence for it.

Also, I posted a number of photos and comments here between late 2006 and early 2007, and they all seem to be gone. Is there some reason they were removed from this site? One photo I posted was a collage of many pictures that showed very clearly that the shoes he wears all the time are regular low-heeled shoes. Why does that seem to be such a difficult thing to convince anyone here of??? I can post the picture of many shoes again if that's what it takes.

There is no evidence I've seen that Jack White wears "big heels" and an abundance of evidence that he wears regular low-heeled shoes all the time. He's just a big guy. There is no good reason for the comment at the top of this page about "big heels" -- and it should have been removed long ago. Are you willing to consider the actual evidence here, or not?

Here's my challenge: if you intend to keep claiming that he wears "big heels" then please find and post photos from three different occasions on which he did that. (I really doubt that you'll be able to find even one such photo. But he likes to dress up for photo shoots, and the Raconteurs had kind of a western theme going, so it's possible he may have worn boots on a rare occasion or two.) If you can't find such photos -- or if there are fifty times as many photos showing him in low-heeled shoes, then I'd say the honest and responsible thing to do is to retract that comment about him wearing "big heels." Deal?

And Ben: No, he's not skinny either. He's a big husky guy, and probably over 6'2". Journalists regularly describe him as "strapping" or "brawny" or "broad and strong" or "muscular" and etc. He's a big guy, not just a tall one. I think what misleads people is his face, which is very boyish or even pretty. It does give him a rather elfin or pixie appearance, so people apparently expect him to be small and cute. But he is not a pixie at all.

Editor Rob
sure...even though I say 'sometimes', I'll just take out that line.
Ben said on 14/Mar/07
I can't belive he´s so tall, on photos he looks so skinny. But it semms zo be true, 6-1.5, I'm really surprised.
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
every music mag i have has jack in heels posing and towering over 6fters like jimmy page.lou reed im sure is closer to 5-8 now with age.i met many times between 1990-1994.
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
He must be slouching big time with Glenn.
Dee said on 1/Mar/07
Here's a photo of Jack White with Lou Reed, during the MTV Video Music Awards:
Click Here

If that link does not work, try this one:
Click Here

From the photo the top of Lou Reed's head is about level with Jack's mouth. From your page on "How to measure a celebrity's height" it says that the distance between the mouth and the top of the head is about 7.5 inches. Lou Reed is listed on your website as being 5'8" tall. (Glenn said he looks more like 5'9" to 5'10".)

If we go with the lower end for Lou Reed's height and say that Jack White is 7" taller, then that would put him at around 6'3" tall. I really think he's at least 6'2" and that your estimate of his height needs to be adjusted upwards. And: still no sign of any "big heels" in sight. Hundreds of photos of Jack White, no big heels. Maybe time to remove that comment, too?
Dee said on 4/Jan/07
So I have to wonder why the remark about Jack White "sneaking in big heels" is still there at the top, despite the fact that virtually all photos that actually show his shoes show him wearing low-heeled shoes. About time to revise that comment, isn't it?
Viper652 said on 9/Oct/06
He looks more 6-2 at the very least in the pictures Dee linked.
Glenn said on 9/Oct/06
Saw him 2 weeks ago after a show run into a van and lay down on the seat and cover his head to shield photo taking.thats getting ridiculous now.he is too concerned about autograph selling,and thats petty,considering how lucky he is that he is a sucsess and met a couple of his idols.I knew about his rep.the other stuff I didnt know.thanks Delia.
Dee said on 6/Oct/06

No, Jack White does not normally wear "big heels" -- he's just tall. More like 6'2" than 6'1" - interviewers have remarked on both his height and his build more than a few times; maybe because he doesn't fit the skinny little rockstar stereotype. When the guy from Mojo magazine first saw Jack he described him as "an immense figure." His size no doubt augments that mythic aura that he already has anyway. Here are a bunch of pictures on this topic. (Sorry, I don't know how to make a link here; but you can cut and paste the url.)

(1) OK, first let's get the "big heels" fiction off the table; here for your amusement and edification may I present the "Jack White Shoe Gallery."
Click Here

(What the heck, it's a lazy day.) I probably have a thousand or more photos of Jack on my hard disk, and in *all* of the ones where you can see his shoes clearly, they are regular, low-heeled shoes, loafers or sneakers, etc. He may have worn some cowboy boots or whatnot on a few occasions, especially when he was working with Loretta Lynn on the country album; but he normally wears regular men's shoes with a low heel. (~ 1") He didn't even wear cowboy boots to the recital for "The Music of Cold Mountain," when they would have fit right in with the folk and country music theme. He seems to really prefer low-heeled shoes. I just got tired of hearing this crazy "big heels" theory of Jack White. It's really not supported by the evidence of photos. Hopefully this collage of many shoe pictures will put that unfounded rumor to rest once and for all. (At least here.)

(2) Jack with Meg, sitting and standing. (Well, they're both leaning slightly, at about the same angle.)
Click Here

When Jack and Meg are both wearing low-heeled shoes, he's about a head taller than she is. But Meg often wears shoes with higher heels, whereas Jack does not, so usually she looks a bit closer to his height. (I'd guess that Meg is between 5'6" and 5'7".) What's unusual is that he's also about a head taller than Meg is when they're both sitting down. Jack is proportioned somewhat differently from most tall people, in that he looks like he's long in the torso and arms, but his legs are not that much longer than Meg's. His proportions are more like those of a child or a shorter person, which is perhaps why some people have a hard time believing he's that big. (It also adds to his rather elfin or pixie appearance, which is part of the charm. I've heard him described variously as an elf, a pixie, a hobbit, and even an oompa-loompa. Cute, but not quite the right scale.) Somebody else here said that he looked really tall when he was sitting down; that sounds right.

(3) Jack with other people, mostly fans:
Click Here

(4) Jack with more other people:
Click Here
(In all these cases Jack happens to be the guy on the big side of the photo. Even, we might say, looming.)

(5) Jack with a few celebrities: Sting, Beck, Jimmy Page, and one with Mike Wallace, on 60 Minutes.
Click Here

(Hard to tell exactly, but it looks to me like Jack is 5 or 6 inches taller than Mike Wallace; but I don't know how tall Mike Wallace is. Jack looks a few inches taller than Jimmy Page, I'd guess Page is about 5'11".)

So, yeah - Jack White is pretty big, but he's not super tall; probably between 6'1" and 6'3". Next to guys like Conan O'Brien and T-bone Burnett Jack is shorter. But even though he is taller than most, you often don't notice it because he does tend to slouch or crouch or scrunch down a lot, almost as if he would prefer to be quite a bit smaller than he is. I've noticed that especially now, with the photo shoots for the Raconteurs, where he keeps trying to get in the background and crouch down, apparently with the idea of not being quite so looming and overwhelming. (It's hopeless, anyway; not just because of his size, but also because of his incandescent charisma, emotive intensity and sheer star power, which very few musicians, including most rock stars, could match. But both of his bands thrive on a magical and skillful blend of talents; and not everybody needs or even wants to be a superstar, anyway.) One video clip where you can really see Jack trying to make himself tiny and/or obscure is at the 2005 Grammy Awards, where he looks like he's trying to hide behind Loretta Lynn during their acceptance speech; she's at least a foot shorter than he is, so it's pretty cute. Somewhere there's also a photo of Jack ducking down in an apparent attempt to get down to Yoko Ono's height; or maybe just fit in the same picture.

Anyway, there it is. To the person who was claiming that Jack is under six feet -- nope, no way. I really don't think he's under 6'2". (Maybe your husband is just jealous, and that's why he told you Jack is short. Or maybe he had Jack White confused with somebody else??) And Glenn - I appreciate your website and all the work you put into it. I hope all this photo evidence will be of some use; even if it's only to kill the "big heels" theory of Jack's height once and for all. (Btw, I probably won't keep these photos up forever, since they do eat some bandwidth.)

Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
Hi Jack.was looking for you this week to sign my Raconteurs vinyl.we were actually in contact with each other 5 years ago via email.
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
I was wondering about that.
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Thats offence.I have photo with.5-11 6ft or 6-1.

Editor Rob
ah, this was one pic from 6 months ago I forgot just seeing this page now, so I've added it now
riottgirl said on 27/Jul/06
My husband met Jack White after their tour van backed into his truck in San Francisco. My husband is 5'11". He said Jack White is much shorter than he is...essentially, he was looking down on the guy. Not sure where this over 6 feet tall is coming from.
L said on 26/May/06
I saw him at the DMV in Tennessee and sat in the seat next to him, and sitting down he looks really tall, but then again he was wearing a hat, too.
Glenn said on 12/Jan/06
6-1 is correct.
Dee said on 23/Sep/05
I think he's taller than 6'1". From photos Jack appears to be a few inches taller than Sting, and most sources list Sting as being six feet even. Someone said Jack sometimes wears big heels, but not very often; and that was certainly not the case in the photos from the Cold Mountain recital/show at Royce Hall. Jack was wearing a brown suit, and reddish shoes that had regular low heels; and in a photo of him standing right next to Sting, Jack appears to be two or three inches taller. Maybe Sting is actually shorter than six feet, but almost all the websites list him as six feet tall.
J. said on 11/Jun/05
He's the height that he is usually listed as (and described as in a Spin cover story from some years back) and that is 6'1".

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