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6ft 1.49in (186.7cm)
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
james was 6-3.
AS said on 18/Oct/07
Heres a photo of James Garner posing with the listed 6'6" Clint Walker. He doesn't look much shorter:
Click Here
talker said on 30/May/07
I just saw Americanization of Emily,like Mike c says,Garner is clearly taller than Coburn in this flick.I always thought Coburn was 6'2"in his youth,but i dont buy more than 6'1" for Garner from his other movies.No way,6'3just look him up next to Doris,he doesnt look any more than 6'1".So,maybe mr.Coburn was shorter than i thought.
Trev said on 5/Apr/07
Saw Garner in an episode of "The Rockford files" which guested a vey young Tom Selleck, he towered over Mr Garner, looked about 6'1" to me!
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/06
Garner didn't look much taller than 5'10" Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape."
CC-Tron said on 16/Oct/06
Garner said several times on the Rockford Files series that he was 6'1. So I wouldn't give him anymore than that.
owlby said on 7/Oct/06
There's an old episode of
Rockford Files that shows an I. D. It states his height as six foot even. Being six foot tall, my self this seems very accurate.
MarkO said on 28/Sep/06
Very interesting CaribbeanBlues...and I don't doubt you. But, at 6'0 myself, people often guess I'm 6'1 or a hair more. Nevertheless, interesting story. If, at 5'10, you noticed a significant height difference, Garner certainly was well over 6 feet. Seems like it was a friendly encounter.
Cynna said on 27/Sep/06
Speaking of James Coburn (well, SOMEBODY was, a while back), he had a severe form of arthritis that gnarled his joints badly. This must certainly have cost him height as he got older.
CaribbeanBlues said on 21/Sep/06
I'm a huge Garner fan, so imagine my surprise when I walked right by him on a back street in Westwood. I wanted so badly to say something and he must have realized it. After passing him by about 20 or 30', I stopped and turned around. There he was, turned around himself, staring at me. We both laughed hard. I WAS 5' 10" on the button. He was significantly taller than me. Even if I was wearing athletic shoes and he had on dress shoes, I noticed the difference and told everyone he had to be 6' 2" to 6' 4". That was about 1975 or so. We can all guess, but having passed within inches of him, I have to go with the taller estimates.
MarkO said on 11/Aug/06
...Larry Linville (MASH) was always listed in articles as 6 feet. As a guest on Rockford, I waited for those coveted side by side scenes (assuming Linville was 6'0). Rockford's puffy hair made it hard to really compare, but I'd put Garner at least 1 inch taller, possibly a tiny bit more. This would go along with him being 6'1 or so, at the time.
Martin said on 7/Aug/06
Most of you have got it right. Remember that the average guy loses about an inch of height for each decade over 50, some less, some more.
MHouillon said on 6/Aug/06
I guess, he is a shade over 180cm, mabe 5'11.25.-5'11.5.
Frank2. said on 3/Aug/06
Garner was 6'1". I know since I saw him many times. Now he's about 5'10".
Bleemo said on 3/Aug/06
Hmm ok I watched a double episode of "The Rockford files" entitled "this case is closed." There is two things to note about these two episodes, firstly the guest star is Joseph Cotton who is billed as and indeed looks 6'2. Now there are several pretty good scenes with Joseph and James stood opposite one another on flat ground and Cotton is an inch taller always.

The other thing to note is a scene where Rockford is called in to an office by a detective and he is reading Rockford's detective license or maybe driver's license I dunno, but he is listed as 6' on it. I am sure that's a generalisation because I do think he is atleast 6'1, but it just shows you.
Brad said on 3/Aug/06
About 6'2". Universal screwed him for about 35 million on Rockford Files shared profits with his production company. Their in-house lawyers just ate him alive. He filmed with most of his body aching on tough location shoots and they still burned him with the cooked books. Jack Warner paid those Warner TV stars peanuts. Good guys like Garner got no respect in every decade.
Bleemo said on 2/Aug/06
I've been picking up a lot of the old tv shows on DVD of late and my dad pointed me in the direction of The Rockford Files. To be fair Being only 24 I have no recollection of Garner in his prime i.e. Maverick, but he was only in his 40's when he shot the Rockford files.

In said Rockford Files I do agree with Frank2 in that he does really look 6'1. For example there is one episode where he and a journalist are looking for a woman and they are being tailed by some guy. Jim gets on the phone and describes the guy as a 6' man, then when he goes up to speak to said 6' guy he really is only an inch taller then him. Now I know these are characters but I cannot imagine that James Garner would undersize a guy's height, character or no, so at the most this guy is gonna be 6' and Garner in turn is 6'1.

Plus there are plenty of episodes where there are actors who have say 2-3 inches on Garner, he's usually one of the tallest but it's not uncommon for him to be shorter then someone in the show. So unless they cast a number of guys who were 6'5 plus in the 70's no less, then I doubt he was 6'3.

That's kind of one trick I have picked up since visiting this height and becoming a height sceptic. If you watch a TV show it's a good way of catching out a lie height wise. It's a lot harder too keep up the pretense of someone beng tall over 20+ episodes. A good example of this is CSI, both George Eads and William peterson were listed as 6'1 in their movie careers. Yet they are usually billed - and to be fair look - in the 5'10-5'11 range on that show. That's because there have been plenty of 6' plus guys on that show and they are clearly much taller.
Roy's Nephew said on 25/Jul/06
James Garner used to appear on the Johnny Carson show a lot. His height was often a topic of conversation, since he was 6' 4", the same as Ed McMahon at that time. While doing "Rockford Files" Garner suffered a number of knee injuries, resulting in several surgeries on both legs. A few years later, discussing why he was leaving "Rockford", Garner said that as a result of the operations he was now down to 6' 3" or less, and the show was destroying him. It was pretty funny the way he was bitching .. uh ... complaining about it, but he did leave the show shortly after.
MarkO said on 19/Jul/06
Look at Garner next to 6'4 Tom Selleck in the Rockford Files. He's clearly at least 3 inches shorter. I'd put him at 6'1 back then, myself.
CC-Tron said on 31/May/06
He always said he was 6'1 on the Rockford files.
Frank2 said on 29/Apr/06
Coburn wasn't 6'3". He was supposedly 6'2", but he shrunk as well and was down to just about 6' right before he died. He was another stick. I doubt he weighed more than 160 lbs. That made him looked much taller on screen.
mike c said on 27/Apr/06
Just saw again The Americanization of Emily staring James Garner and James Coburn...James C is listed at 6'3" in a number of articles that I have read over the years..JG is at least 1" to 1.5" taller in the scenes where they are face to face...taking into account the shoes...JG was easy 6'2.5 to 6'3" tall in 1964...

Editor Rob
so maybe garner is really telling truth and has shrunk more than most...I'll keep an eye on movie channels for this flick
mike c said on 17/Apr/06
Hi Larry!...was that a typo?..feel between the cracks... been very busy lately to respond..this is crunch time in elementary principal of a 480+ students school, everything falls on my shoulders... so when I read and would like to respond, time is the obstacle. First, I respect your service to our country in Viet Nam..lost a first cousin and two friends in that useless war...second, I respect your background and degrees....were we to compare, you would agree that we are very similar...but this is not the place for resumes..on one level I agree with you that one doesn't loose height without a mother had a total hip replacement...she's 1.5 inches shorter..and for a very tiny woman, this is a lot! My hunting partner and former police officer was involved in a tragic accident where a few people lost their lives...he spent 8 months in the foot is 1 inch shorter than the other..When I read that James Garner has had a number of traumas to his back and, at 59 with an excellent memory and having seen most of his movies, I find it very difficult to believe he was ever below 6'2"-6'3" in his prime..just as I argued regarding Wayne's height and used math to show his height in his youth....bottom line, let's have I'm the first in my family to get a college degree..both my parents never went beyond third grade!Glad you didn't lose principal, when I was a teacher, lost 1/2 inch when he had both knees replaced...but that was in late 80' is better now....enjoy reading what you and Frank 2 write...with all the crap happening around us, let's keep this page open for good ol' fun..Mike
larry said on 16/Apr/06
Just to be concise: watching HOUR OF THE GUN, Garner looked 6'2" then. How tall is Frank Converse who played VIRGIL EARP? They looked the same height.
larry said on 16/Apr/06
Mike C - I replied to this once, but that "feel between" the cracks. Think you misread my post. I don't doubt that injuries or surgery can cause one to lose height. My Mom lost 2" after 3 back surgeries. I have heard Mr. Garner has suffered some serious back problems (due to racing accidents?). He looked taller in THE HOUR OF THE GUN in 1967. He looked taller on Maverick. What's "common"? I just a working stiff. I make less money than most plumbers. Unless you work for the military, scientists don't make that much money, TRUST ME! :-) My Dad was a Methodist minister in a middle-class neighborhood. I grew up in a parsonage. Went to school on scholastic grants and Veteran's benefits. And I HAVE had a knee replacement. It took a year to rehabilitate my poor leg. Didn't lose any height, but I know it happens.
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
Poitier was 6'3". I know since I worked on two of his films. He told me he was 6'2.5" but I could tell he was taller. One guy who I worked with who claimed to be 6'2" and looked a couple of inches taller than me was an inch shorter than Poitier. By the way, Sidney is one of the nicest people in showbiz. A true gentleman.
Stanley said on 15/Apr/06
I noticed when James Garner joined the cast of 8 simple rules that he had lost a lot of height. I remember whe he was on Maverick he was supposed to be 6'3.
Clint Eastwood did an episode of Maverick, and I noticed Clint seemed more than an inch taller than Garner. All of the Warner Bros Western stars were all well over six feet. Maybe James Garner was only 6'0 or 6'1 and wore those lifts to help him out. Wayde Preston (Colt .45) was 6'4, John Russell (Lawman) was listed as 6'4 Clint Walker (Cheyenne) was 6'6. Maybe Garner was never 6'3.
All the listings I've seen for Sydney Poitier's height is 6'2.
Glenn said on 14/Apr/06
wait till you see my photo with Woods, Frank.when I find it,I think its a head to toe shot,and he looks 6ft.
Gotxo said on 14/Apr/06
Poitier was like 189-190cm a true tall guy, if you tell us that he was like 2 inch sorter that made of him a shade over six feet, six feet one possible but no more.
We have been put through greater exaggerations on many stars height.
Sorry Rob, i can buy that a 6'2" guy can shrunk to 5'11.5", in fact Gramps have told us about even worse shrunkments, but i think that in this occasion it is not the case.
Frank2 said on 14/Apr/06
When Garner talked with Poitier in my presence he was a good two inches shorter and that was about thirty years ago. I doubt he had lost two inches by then. He still looked great. Then remember, I had met him back in the sixties and he looked about the same height back then. Now we're talking almost forty years ago.
Gotxo said on 14/Apr/06
It's obvious that he's no more the 6'3" footer he was.
I think the question here is: How far he was from that when young?
As Frank has pointed out, it's terrible difficult to find one guy that has shrunk 4-5 inches, with mayor surgery or not (unless they saw him a leg LOL).
A revealign drawback to achieve this is that we can't agree even for his current height 5'10" to 6'....Any idea of his real possible height when young Rob?

Editor Rob
6ft 2 is possible, 6ft 3...hmm, I start to wonder. He has commented upon his surgeries. I know a few men in their 70's who have lost 3 inches. A lot of it might be more spine curvature...
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
Looking at the photos Rob published from Space Cowboys, there's no way Garner went from 6'3" to 5'10" which is what he is these days. Nobody, but nobody loses five inches unless their legs are cut off!
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
Jack Kelly and Garner: Click Here
Kelly was exactly 6' tall.

5'11" Bill Holden with Garner in the background: Click Here

Garner and Jack Kelly: Click Here

Garner with 5'6" Buddy Hackett: Click Here

Garner with Greg Walcott: Click Here
I've met Greg and he's 6'3". This is about the same difference it height that I noticed between Garner and Sidney Poitier back in the 1970's.

Garner next to a bearded 5'10" Joe Mantegna: Click Here
And yes folks, I've also met Joe and trust me. He's an inch shorter than me.

Jimmy Stewart, Garner and James Woods: Click Here

Editor Rob
I added walcott a while ago at the height he had claimed ;-0 walcott page

you know, I was going to say Mantegna looked near 6ft, but then I saw a few pics of him near Kevin Sorbo. Somewhere on this page - actually, on that page can see Stallone with Sorbo, but no way is Stallone letting Sorbo stand on the same plane near him, Kevin is shoved behind Sly...anyway, remember Sorbo can look in this picture beside me - here are some Sorbo and Mantegna pics...
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
Here's a shot from Space Cowboys: Click Here
Clint is down form 6'4" to about a little over 6', probably 6'1". Tommie Lee Jones is about 6'. I know since I met him and he was about an inch taller than me. Garner looks slightly taller, but it could be that Jones is on the downward move in his stride. Check out 6'4" Donald Sutherland. He sure hasn't lost a centimeter!

Editor Rob
there was some shots of them I showed a while back:

Garner with Tommy Lee

All 4 on the boat

this shot has them more compressed
Tiger said on 13/Apr/06
In a TV Guide article, which I referenced below, Garner states 6-3 and 210 lbs.
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
When Garner met Sidney Poitier he was about two inches shorter. I saw it as did several others who were in the Universal editorial building at the time. I knew Garner going back to the 1960's when he showed up on Mulholland Drive to race cars and he was always about 6'1". He was a BIG 6'1". I doubt he was ever under 200 lbs. But all muscle, not flab. One night he was standing talking to Steve McQueen and McQueen who weighed about 155 to 160 lbs looked like a stick. And Steve was muscular as well, only on a much smaller scale. Back then Garner looked about three inches taller than Steve.
Tiger said on 12/Apr/06
James Garner has stated his height as 6-3. If one watches 'Space Cowboys' (2000), he definitely had not lost much, if at all, when up against the 6-4 Eastwood and the 6-4 Sutherland. Maybe now, he has lost a few inches, but he has had major knee problems and other physical ailments throughout his life.
Frank said on 11/Apr/06
I wonder if Garner lost two inches. I first met him in the 1960's when he and McQueen and a bunch of crazy guys met up on Mulholland Drive after midnight to race cars on its tightly curved roadway. He looked to be about 6'1" back then, maybe, just maybe 6'2". Then later when I worked with him On The Rockford Files he was definitely 6'1". One day Sidney Poitier was looking for him and I knew Sidney from working on both Buck and the Preacher and Brother John so I escorted him to where Garner was hanging out. I saw both men standing right next to each other and Sidney was definitely two inches taller. And Sidney is roughly 6'3".
larry said on 11/Apr/06
mike c - What makes you think I have trouble believing humans can lose height due to trauma or surgery. I'm SURE they can. My mother lost 1.5 inches after 3 back surgeries. I HAVE had a knee replacement as has my first cousin. Neither one of us lost any height, but I'm sure it happens. Not sure you understood my post. The fact is that PRE 80 year old height loss OF SIGNIFICANCE (NOT including trauma) is more common in slightly built females. Are you under-nourished? Many Americans ARE even if they over-eat. "Common"? I was a lower-middle class kid from Texas. I am just a working class person; MOST scientists are. I was drafted AND sent to "lovely" Viet Nam because I couldn't afford to go to graduate school, even with a 4.0 GPA. Vet benefits paid for me to go to graduate school after Nam. My Dad was a Methodist minister in a relatively poor district. He wasn't a "televangelist", so we lived in a small parsonage. I live in a middle class neighborhood in Austin. I'm be embarrassed to admit how little money I make. But, I don't do it for the money. The WWF and the Wildlife Services pay me very little to teach grad students one-on-one in the field. UT pays me a meager consultants fee. We scientista are by-and-large not highly paid like physicians or lawyers. Don't know WHERE anyone would get that idea? Never actually met a real scientist, I would guess? I drive a 1998 Impala. I EARNED my 2 PhDs the hard way, while working full time. I have a cousin with PhD's in physics & math who barely gets by. Ego? Do you mean the Id or the Ego? :-) Both are antique terms for aspects of the conscious/subconscious mind. I deal with wild animals most of my time and I've seen things that would make most humans lie awake at night. So, dealing with "reality" is not a problem for me. It's just part of my job. Please READ or REREAD my earlier posts. Don't skim. I AM a developmental zoologist, so I certainly know about growth. Frank2 strikes me as an honest man and we often disagree.
mike c said on 23/Mar/06
Larry, you're a scientist and you have trouble accepting the fact that people lose inches after traumas, bad knees, back surgeries, etc....? Guess you've never had hip surgery or knee replacement or had disks removed...interesting. Also, egos can PEEL away common sense and a sense of reality. Guess all of us undernurished and common folk have no sense of height, have poor memory, and really can't tell a 6 footer from 6'3+ actor...oh, I forgot, lifts....just like Wayne, lifts! I guess you and Frank just have all it takes to be right every time. And, forget about gravity!
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
Garner never looked any taller to me in person than 6'1". But he could have been taller when he was much younger. I started seeing him in person back in the mid-1960's. You just have to remeber that many actors he co-starred with were relatively short. He towered over Brando in Sayonara, but Marlon was only 5' 8-1/2" at best. Brando was only slightly more than an inch taller than Sinatra in Guys and Dolls. And in that film, Frank didn't wear lifts.
larry said on 19/Mar/06
I think 6'1" at his prime was about right. Back surgeries, bad knees, car wrecks and other skeletal traumas can PEEELLL the iches off. Men don't shrink as much as women as they age and petite (as a scientist, I HATE that term!) women who are of European extraction are more prone to lose bone mass. This means they lose height AND structure. In advanced (> 80 years) some men can lose several inches, but poor posture contributes to that a lot. So, eat your leefy, green vegetables and take your daily vitamins AND exercise!
P.S.: It seems to me that James Coburn's height was exaggerated too.
Chuck Connors could become a good "yard stick'! :-)
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
Thanks! I have been fortunate to possess a huge number of reference books, vintage magazines, current and old tv guide and tv-guide-type publications and thousands of newspaper clippings on the entertainment field (some date back to the 20s). Alot of the collection I've built myself and alot I've been given by my grandmothers and various family over the years because they know I collect. My wife gets annoyed because I spend so much time going through the material trying to find and document stuff relevant to the site. Its a healthy obssession :)
mike c said on 11/Mar/06
I watched an interview in the early sixties...James stated that people don't usually mess with a almost 6'3" man...conversation regarded safety walking at night...can't recall the host...old age setting in and memory starting to go...JG was tall, between 6'2.5" and 6'3"..wish I had the vintage photos I've seen of him...he's chunkier now and has had lots of surgeries to reduce the pain he feels from the earlier years of acting and doing many of his own stunts. In Space Cowboys he does appear to be the same height as Lee..but JG has lot of yrs. on the younger actor.(he's pushing 75 or better!)..Glad you're providing specific quotes, Tiger..not just, my uncle's brother's friend's neighbor said....good research.
Tiger said on 9/Mar/06
From 'People' magazine (December, 2000): an interview/profile with James Garner after filming 'Space Cowboys' and a little bit of a tribute. "I modeled to make ends meet early on. I realized, though, that at 6-3 and 210 lbs. I wanted to do more than stand half-naked in front of a camera. I felt there was a place for someone my size, be it film or television."
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Carson wasn't 5'11" but was just under 5'10". I saw him several times when I visited NBC in Burbank. Here's a little story for you. Back in the late sixties there used to be a group called the Mulholland Racing Association. It was made up of various people who liked to race Mulholland Drive late at night. That highway has a lot of twists and turns so you'd see Mini Coopers racing each other and I'm talking about the original Mini, not the new ones, as well as Corvettes, Jaguars and even a Ferrari or two. James Garner was an unofficial member as was Steve McQueen. One night when I was there as a spectator (a friend of mine was racing in his Mini) we were all gathered at a spot where there was dirt area just off the highway. Along came a big, white Rolls Royce Silver Cloud with Rod Taylor driving along with two very pretty women in tow. He yelled at us in a slurred voice that he'd race anyone in his Roller for pink slips! Garner looked at him, laughed saying, "Go Home Rod, you're drunk!" True story. I went up there several times and even watched a race where a Corvette went off the highway and into a ditch. Mulholland is high up looking down onto the San Fernando Valley so at first we all thought the car had going off the cliff! McQueen was there at that time and was standin right by me and yelled...well...I can't repeat it here.

Editor Rob
keep your stories coming and do please throw in more of your encounters with guys from the golden era who aren't already listed on the site
Frank2 said on 27/Feb/06
Garner was never six foot three. More like six foot one, max. Many years ago I was with him along with Sidney Poitier who's almost six three and Garner looked to be at least two inches shorter than Poitier.
Cartoonistguy said on 7/Jan/06
I just saw Garner on an old LAUGH IN clip, with Johnny Carson. I've read, repeatedly, that Carson was 5'11. When Garner stodd right next to him, he was no more than 2 inches taller....6'1.
sam said on 14/Dec/05
I'm sorry, but this guy never looked 6'3" to me. I always thought he was 6'1" or a little over at his peak and about 5'11" these days.
Gramps said on 2/Dec/05
Jack Elam is listed as 6'2".
CartoonistGuy said on 25/Jul/05
Now hold the phone here gang. Garner claims he used to be 6'3. But if you look at him in MOVE OVER DARLING(made before Garner had any height shrinking injuries, I assume), he's clearly a good 3 or more inches shorter than Chuck Connors, who I'd always read was 6'5. And, he doesn't appear THAT much taller than Don Knotts than Andy Griffith was, who I'd always heard was 6'0. So my guess is Garner was 6'1 and a half. 6'3 just seems SO tall, for a guy who looked tall, but not in the way that most 6'3 guys look...kind of lanky.
Danjo said on 5/Jul/05
I had noticed this one myself. I'm a huge Garner fan and saw that he used to be the tallest one in his movies. Then , When making Rockford Files, he claimed to be 6'1" tall. Now, he seems to be much shorter.

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