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6ft 1.52in (186.7cm)
Gabriel said on 26/Nov/08
I agree with Glenn when i saw metallica in concert i stood by the rail of the stage James actually looked about 6-3 he was wearing standard army type boots and jeans. The shoes didnt have a very big heel it was standard. Kirk looked about 5-10ish or close to it. Lars though looked about 5'6ish him and Sully from godsmack stood about the same height when i saw them together.
glenn said on 25/Oct/08
makes sense cause he always looked 6-3 to me.
adam said on 25/Oct/08
Doink says on 6/Sep/08
In one of Kerrang's magazine issues, it had a copy of one of James's hospital reports when he was burnt on stage back in the early 90s, and his height on that is 6ft 2.50". A more recent report after he got out of rehab a few years back stated he stood at 6ft 1.25inches so that must be due to posture.

Well that`s interesting. So he was over 6-2 peak. I could buy 6-2
Hybrid said on 15/Oct/08
James is a tall man; however, he looks way taller in Some Kind of Monster and music videos because his bandmates ain't exactly intimidating: Rob and Kirk are about 5"9-8 and Lars is an incredible 5"7.
Vegas said on 15/Oct/08
he is 45 not 85 lol, zero chance hetfield has lost 2 inches
ozzy osborne said on 14/Oct/08
his peak hight might have been 6ft1 but he looks like hes 5ft11 now
el toppo said on 6/Oct/08
wow, homey is "only" 6 foot 1? I just saw Some kind of monster (yeh, I know I'm 5 years and an album late!) and he looked huge!
RisingForce said on 10/Sep/08
I can buy 6'1" for Zakk although I still think he could be a legit 6'2".
Doink said on 6/Sep/08
In one of Kerrang's magazine issues, it had a copy of one of James's hospital reports when he was burnt on stage back in the early 90s, and his height on that is 6ft 2.50". A more recent report after he got out of rehab a few years back stated he stood at 6ft 1.25inches so that must be due to posture.

As for Zakk Wylde, I've stood next to him and he was slightly taller than me. Im 6ft 1inches dead and had sandals on (no heel what-so-ever), but he was wearing boots with at least an inch of heel on them. So he must be about 6ft 1inches.

I've met Kerry King also and he was no more than an inch taller than my son, who is 5ft 8inches. King had boots on, again with at least an inch of heel and my son had about half an inch of heel. So King is about 5ft 8inches tall.

I've never met Dimebag although in a poster of him stood in front of a stack amp he was the same height as the bottom of the amp head. The stack amp was 6ft 4inches tall so Dimebag must be about 5ft 10inches, maybe half an inch shorter due to heel size.
bud earl said on 26/Jul/08
Im a big Metallica I met him a few times he is tall I think he can be 6.1
joe said on 25/Jul/08
well i think he is taller. I've seen a photo of him with a friend of mine, meeting him after a concert. my friend is 6,05 and he was a half head taller than him.
Danimal said on 2/Jul/08
Chuck says on 1/Jul/08
Check out the video of him performing "Stone Cold Crazy" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1991. He looks about the same height as Queen guitarist Brian May--who happens to be 6'1.

NOPE, Brian May happened to be 6'2" actually.
Chuck said on 1/Jul/08
Check out the video of him performing "Stone Cold Crazy" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1991. He looks about the same height as Queen guitarist Brian May--who happens to be 6'1.
Semaj said on 29/Jun/08
It is a well known fact that beards make people naturally taller, thats why im growing one when im older, also, james had a bigger beard in the 90's, thus explaining his loss of height
Ben said on 22/Jun/08
i'n the 80's and 90's James actualy looked taller than he actualy was, even though hes tall to begin with, but still James doesnt look like a guy to be debating whether he's tall or not.
yunus said on 27/May/08
in metallica's official web sites say that james is 6'1" and i'm saying he's the god of the metal music...hell yeah
glenn said on 9/May/08
i agree with the last 2 posts.i always thought this guy was 6-3.
Roy said on 8/May/08
James is 6'1 now but he looked 6'2 in 80s-90s
Anonymous said on 8/May/08
Woo this guy must wear some huge lifts to make him appear like 6'4". I never though this guy was like 6'1", he looks way more taller than that.
glenn said on 25/Apr/08
i think i saw the pic last month.usually i lose them in my maybe one hoping for them to play new york so i can get a better one.though,it is a old school pic.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/08
Would you ming posting that pic glenn?
glenn said on 1/Apr/08
i have a photo with mike.he is 5-10.possibly,5-9,since i was 5-7 then.but more on the 5-10.
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/08
glenn, have you ever met Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies/Infectious Grooves. And do you know who tall he is?
glenn said on 1/Apr/08
my pic was taken last august or so.
chris175 said on 31/Mar/08
always looked 6-2 to me, i also think cantrell is more 6-2 than 6-1 but who knows lol
yunus said on 31/Mar/08
hi glenn when was the photo taken?,which contains you&james..coz he looks younger
Bull said on 30/Mar/08
I met james hetfield like 5 years ago and he is 6`1. My dad is exactly 6 feet with no shoes on and james looked like an inch taller....i didnt
glenn said on 25/Mar/08
i agree with all that you say anonymous.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/08
6'0" or 6'1" is possible. When I saw him at 6'2" plus he did have his boots on and I had sneakers that add about 1". So in the shoes I was roughly 5'8.75" and Zakk was about 6" taller although like I said he had boots. Dime claimed 5'9". Zakk always looked much taller to me though. Everyone on all the Zakk Wylde message boards seems to guess Zakk at 6'1" or 6'2". Considering the advantage his boots give him i could see him at 6 foot flat barefoot although anything under that seems too low. The fact I saw him at 6'2" or 6'3" doesn't really mean his 6'2" claim is true because for example James Hetfield is listed 6'1" here but can look 6'3" aswell.
glenn said on 19/Mar/08
dimebag was 5-9 tops.possibly 5-8.mysteriously never saw him.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/08
kerry king looks taller in that picture because he wear boots, zakk is not that much taller than dimebag, dime is average height and kerry on the other hand is kinda short, zakk looks taller because he wears this huge crazy boots, I think he's either 6'0 or 6'1.
glenn said on 17/Mar/08
i could be wrong too.he mightve grown a bit since when i first met him in 1988.
glenn said on 14/Mar/08
i dont doubt zakk is taller than i think.very possible im wrong.i met him many times between 1988-1994.maybe he grew around 1990 a bit.
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/08
Yeah but I also saw a picture of Zakk in 88' or 89' in a magazine and he had 6 inches minimum on Ozzy so who knows. He can look over 6'1" and also under 6'1". I probably saw him as over 6'2" because of his boots.
glenn said on 13/Mar/08
correct on all pretty much anonymous.but i dont kow why zakk can look 6t next to ozzy sometimes too.ozzy was 5-10.more 5-9 with posture now.and yes d-ray,i too always see james at 6-3.
Danimal said on 13/Mar/08
James is 44 years old and has back/neck problems. He was indeed a full 6'1" in his days and up until the 90's he did wear cowboy boots almost always, giving him the impression of a 6'3"-6'4" guy. Been a lifelong fan of Papa Het. 6'1" is what he is.
D. Ray Morton said on 13/Mar/08
I don't think I've seen either of these pics before. Great stuff! He looks to be about 6'3" in both.
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/08
That's possible glenn but maybe 6'1" is actually more accurate because he appeared the same exact height as Jerry Cantrell in a few pictures they posed together in and Cantrell is supposed to be 6'1" I think. Zakk used to tower over Dimebag who was billed at 5'9" but maybe closer to 5'8" too. I have seen Jerry look about half an inch taller than Zakk but I've also seen Zakk look half an inch taller than Jerry and whatever his exact height is it's safe to say Zakk is a minimum of 6 foot. I think he's anywhere from 6'0" to 6'2" but 6'1" is my best guess as of right now.

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Zakk seems like he'd be a little taller than Cantrell if he wasn't leaning but Zakk is also a bit closer to the camera. I don't know what Cantrell's footwear is though. On a side note Kerry King seems really short. Can't be anything over 5'6".
glenn said on 11/Mar/08
i havnt seen zakk in 14 years.he seemed 6ft.6-2 in boots.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/08
Zakk has claimed to be 6'2' and 220 pounds and when I met him he looked atleast that although I've also heard he is around 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/08
Zakk has claimed 6'2" and look it when I met him.
Moodiac said on 7/Mar/08
Of course! @Anonymous

Soon i'll turn 24 and stand exactly 6ft.
4 years ago i was 5ft11 and that's not a joke!
The man's body ain't developing a certain way.
Some people reach their top height at 17, some others maybe even at 25.
I guess it's very likely Jaymz wasn't fully 6ft1 when was still 19 or 20.
Maybe he was very thin back then, but he had a very stable and strong stature. People with a stature like that often use to grow slower, like i did.
Does anyone know how tall zakk wylde is? i wanna know how tall he gets listed or really is.

Hetfield and Eastwood, they both rock the hell out of everything!
Anonymous said on 29/Feb/08
I'm wondering if James grew when he was in his 20's because he seems taller in later pictures than in the really early pictures of metallica, in '81-'83 about. Any chance of that? growing after the age of 19 or 20?
Adam said on 14/Feb/08
Think Het probs is 6ft 1. I wouldn't say he was 6ft 2 or even close because Cliff was 6ft 2 and so was Brian May! If you look at any pic with Het and any of those two there is a clear inch difference. Het is well know for wearing biker boots which makes him look taller, he also walks very tall aswell which helps give him that 6' 3 vibe. Look at pics of him now in teh standard converse pumps and he looks like 2ins shorter. At 6ft 1 myslef i get mistaken for 6' 3 even 6' 4 at times
glenn said on 2/Feb/08
smaller,but younger too.maybe he was done growing,i dont know.zakk always seemed 6ft to me.
Moodiac said on 1/Feb/08
maybe he can look 6-3 to you and maybe mel thinks he was 6ft2 during the black album tour, but what do you have to say about the old early 80s pics? he seemed to be a lil bit smaller back then... but ok it ain't impossible that he's gained some height since he was 19 or 20. does someone know how tall zakk wylde is? next to ozzy he didn't seem to be 6ft2 as i've read once somewhere....

hetfield, you rock, dude!
glenn said on 31/Jan/08
except i see him off stage.and he can still look 6-3 to me.
damla said on 31/Jan/08
another reason why he probably looks taller than he is because he wears black when he is on gives a slimming, taller look especially combined with his long legs.
mel said on 30/Jan/08
i saw a picture of him during the black album tour and he looked really tall.
he had to bend over to sing in the microphone.
i think that james had a peak height of 6ft2 because he looked very tall during the black album tour!!
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
interviews? what you see interviews and how one acts on the street,studio or club is another thing.he would ignore any photo or autograph requests.and ignore in general.i never had a problem with him.but then again i hadnt seen him since 1992! he is nice again.i hope.
damla said on 27/Jan/08
hahahaha glenn, what do you mean he used to be very mean 4-5 years ago? He seems pretty cool and laid back in his interviews. I am just curious because I have the biggest crush on him! (yeah, i am a girl) Love you, James!!!
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/07
Yeh I think he's about 6'1.5. LoL, he's graying but his face stays the same. Danimal, your making me miss the 80's. They don't do rock or metal like that anymore.Good times...
Danius said on 5/Dec/07
I agree with 6'1.5, raise his height!
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/07
looks about 6'1.5 in the pics
Danimal said on 23/Oct/07
Back in the late 80's/early 90's he looked like a giant the way he approached the mic is his tight black pants and always stalkin the mic. It seemed as though his legs went on for miles. He was much thinner back then. At least 15 pounds or so.
hero said on 22/Oct/07
well yeah he really looks over 6....i was watching you tube and he was giving this award to the BSB,and seems at the same height of the two tall guys from BSB
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mel said on 19/Sep/07
james is a big guy i'm 6'3 and i went to a metallica concert and i got backstage and james was just slightly smaller than me, i think he was wearing big shoes.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/07
James has had serious back problems since 2000. I believe he has even had surgery on his back.
Markus said on 11/Sep/07
Compare the pic with the one with Glenn with Kevin Costner, who's a legit 185 cm. Hetfield is looking the same, but since he's bending a bit, I'm starting to believe he might even be a bit over 185.

Jaymz is getting grey man....then again he's 44 or something !
glenn said on 11/Sep/07 mike.
metalmike said on 11/Sep/07
thats a cool pic glenn. just wondering.what is your email glenn?
Franco said on 9/Sep/07
he had sneakers.......he looked 190.....that means without sneakers = not 190cm glenn. remove 2 or 3cm sneakers and you got 186-187cm that is IF he really was 190cm with the sneakers, maybe 189? you wouldnt've known.
so wether he is 189 or 190cm with sneakers, without them he is still a 6'1 to 6'1.5 AT MOST.

or maybe you were a little shorter than normal that day and he appeared taller to you, could be.
glenn said on 8/Sep/07
read my post guys.he was just checking into the city.then hung with friends.
Damian said on 8/Sep/07
Glenn, when was this picture taken? There's a lot of commotion right now on the official Metallica bulletin board because of this picture because it seems (if it's a recent photo) that he's shaved his beard off. The Beard which for most of his fans was a sanctity.
Danimal said on 8/Sep/07
Glenn, what was he doing in NYC? What was up with his backpack?
glenn said on 8/Sep/07
like i said, 4-6 years ago i heard he was very mean.he was great in the early 90s.he was cool with me here.maybe he lightened up.
Kris said on 8/Sep/07
Glenn, what was James like in person?
glenn said on 8/Sep/07
he is leaning in.
ras said on 7/Sep/07
Claims over 6 ft 1 are not possible, he's indeed 6 ft 1 cause if he was 6 ft 1.5 Glenn would be a bit above James nose level.
Viper said on 6/Sep/07
Hetfield looks a lot younger here than usual.
Lucais said on 6/Sep/07
looks very much 6-1 their, your right glen lars 5-5
glenn said on 6/Sep/07
taken a month ago.i always saw him at 6-3.then would always read 6-1 and thought maybe i mistakened him cause of boots.well,he was wearing black sneakers here.and looked 6-3 to me again.maybe i was right all along.i was believing the 6-1 claims for awhile.hadnt seen him since 1992.obtained several between 1990-1992 with him.i was too embarrassed to ask his height.i usually am with any celeb.sometimes i ask if i feel its ok.he was really cool.i was shocked cause he ignored everyone for years.really difficult.guess he lightened up.or liked my approach.or hadnt been approached in awhile.
Franco said on 6/Sep/07
perspective and all, to me he is 185-186cm indeed.
Danimal said on 5/Sep/07
F$#% YEAH!!!! The man just turned 44 years old last month. Was my IDOL while growing up. Man did Metallica get me through so many rough periods of my life. James is looking much younger now after having shaved off the long goat. He kind of looks like he did on the sleave of Kill'em All from 1983!!!
Charlie23 said on 5/Sep/07
The man is 6ft1 maybe 6ft1.5
OutBenchThis said on 5/Sep/07
If you take in his slouch he does look 6'2" but its hard to say with the angle..strange how he looks 6'3" to you Glenn in the flesh..I always thought he was 6'2.5"-6'3" but after seeing more reports of 6'1" I just accepted the 6'1" claims..hmm maybe he's taller???
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/07
Looks 6'2"-6'3" in that picture
glenn said on 5/Sep/07
still gives me the stange illusion of 6-3 in the flesh.
Glenn said on 3/Aug/07
Shaved the beard off.Ill be looking forward to meeting you.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/07
No worries Glenn. Hey man, I'm looking you up when I come to NY. Planning a road trip with a buddy in September.

Hetfield is sporting that long ass white goatee and looks like he's well into his 60's nowadays. He looked best from 1987-1993 and again 1999-2000. As did his voice ;).
Adam said on 2/Aug/07
Is James dead on 6' 1" or could he be a 187cm?
Glenn said on 31/Jul/07
Sorry I took it the wrong way.did you see I bumped into Hetfield?
Danimal said on 30/Jul/07
Hey Glenn, my last comments were not directed at you at all. Sorry you thought that. I just never saw Jason listed at anything over 5'9", but I do believe you. He probably had bad posture because of his insane headbanging for 15 years.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Bumped into Hetfield for the first time in 15 years.surprisingly cool like he was then.heard he was mean 4,5 years ago.still gave me a 6-3 impression in his skippies.
glenn said on 22/Jul/07
i dont care what websites say.i saw him over a 6 year period fluctuate over 5-9 and thats why i said 5-9.5 sounds accurate.he has weird and horrendous cobain,dmx posture.i still think he is a hair over 5-9,at the very least.calm your tone down too.relax.i met everyone,over and over again.i was 5-8 in 1996 which was the last time i saw him,and he was still 1 1/2 taller.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/07
No, Jason was not over 5'9". He was ALWAYS listed as 5'8"-5'9" on the MAIN Website. NEVER over that. MAX 5'9".

I also give Kirk MAX 5'7", even though he is listed at 5'7"-5'8" on the MAIN website.

I believe that Rob is around 5'8" and Dave Mustain WAS tall also when in Metallica. He was between 5'11"-6'0". The 3rd tallest.
glenn said on 21/Jul/07
you are totally accurate with newstead hellbound.but lars is seriously 5-5, 5-5.5.
HellBoundPower said on 21/Jul/07
I think Newsted is 5'9.5". They make him out to be shorter than he is, when he's taller than 5'8" Kirk, and 5'6.5" Lars.
Viper said on 19/Jul/07
Newstead is average, but he doesnt count when talking original members.
Raven said on 18/Jul/07
Well, it depends. In their early period with regrettable Cliff, situation was quite clear - indeed two long ****s and two shorties.
And overaly - if Rob is really 5'9 its still little short, so it depends on Jason, who always appeared around 178-79 for me (James still towered over him, but he clearly was taller much taller than Kirk) so he will be flaw in Viper's theory.

Of course it's very possible that i'm wrong
Viper said on 17/Jul/07
Interesting how Metallica had 2 pretty tall guys, where as the rest were on the short side.
glenn said on 17/Jul/07
i disagree danimal.i never saw lars and kirk the same.i could think of justice pics off the top of my head where lars is in boots and kirk in sneakers,having kirk still taller.
anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
1.88m x 3.28ft = 6.1664 feet or 6 feet and 1.997 inches. Pretty much 6'2 to the dot.
Danimal said on 17/Jul/07
Cliff was taller than James by about an inch in ALL pictures. Look at the inner sleeve of the original Kill'em All from 1983 and you will see that 1" height difference. Strange thing is that Kirk and LArs WERE the same height in all pics of them up until the Load Era!!
glenn said on 16/Jul/07
thats what i hear.
Adam said on 16/Jul/07
Was Cliff Burton a full 6' 2"?
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
thank you d.ray.
D. Ray Morton said on 8/Jul/07
5'6" or below is not a rumor. It is reality. 5'5½" MAX barefoot for Lars - probably smaller. When you meet him, you will be shocked.
Markus said on 6/Jul/07
He must be 6'1"...but he just doesn't look it in my opinion.
Especially in the Justice for all / Black Album era he was obviously a lot thinner, wore tight black jeans + boots so he never struck me as 185 cm guy, more 191+ cm. Until I got close at a concert, and I was really surprised!
Adam Brimacombe said on 4/Jul/07
As for Metallica i have seen a picture of themstood in a line and i can clearly see that theer isabout an inch between each of the under 6ft members and James is clearly 6"1 tops.

James: 6' 1" (185cm)
Rob: 5' 9"
Kirk: 5' 8"
Lars: 5' 7"

i don't believe in all the 5"6 or bellow rumours for Lars
HellBoundPower said on 24/Jun/07
Adam, I would say you're 6'2". I believe 188 is 6'2.5", so either one of those. You're not 6'1", because that's 185 (as posted above).

As for James, I've seen some pics lately where he TOWERS over Metallica and the fans alike. 6'1" at the smallest.
Adam Brimacombe said on 19/Jun/07
Hey yeah i think James Hetfeild is about 6"1 on the nose. I was wandering if you guys can help me? My doc says Im about 187.5 cm tall without shoes on, does that mean i round up to be 188cm or do i go down to 187? Would i call myself 6"2 or 6"1 being 187.5 cm if i didn't want to say 6"1 and 3/4 etc? Hope someone can help me on that one?
Raven said on 14/Jun/07
His father was quite succesfull tennis player, if I remember good. He wanted his son to become tennis player. Lars however always prefered music... Totally great decision, with his height he indeed would have problems. And Metallica would never be formed... Yuck!
Cendrin said on 29/May/07
Lars is 5-5. I wonder why he wanted to become a tennis player when he was young. He would have failed.
Niall said on 20/May/07
I'd say that because they are entertainers they can make themselves as tall or short as they wish. They're not really deceiving anyone by doing this, they're just enhancing the special effects a little bit.

For what it's worth, many celebrities are super short. Mel Gibson, Robert Redford from the older group of celebs. and among the newer ones, too many to count. Ever seen Bob Dylan's son, Jakob, perform? He's 5'4 if he's even that tall.

For an idea of just how those elevator shoes stack up, look for a full-length pic of Pink and her new husband (last name is "Carey") that featured in either "People" or "Us" two months ago. The groom is wearing those elevator shoes and it's quite evident in the photo. I do not think those shoes are very convincing; they are easily recognized as being exactly what they are. Furthermore, have you ever seen an uncoordinated man try to walk in them? Not a terribly dignified sight.
Me? I'll take a guy who is under 5'8 any day. Just don't try to deceive me. It's happened before. On Spring break many years ago, I spent the evening getting to know a guy who was a good four inches taller than I was. He was cute and nice and smart and played in a band. We made plans to go to the beach the following day. --- well, the next morning my motel door bell rang and I went to look out the peephole. I couldn't see anything so I asked who was there. It was "Keith." I drew open the door with the latch still in place and spied Keith out there, about four inches lower than he should have been, in his bathing suit and flip flops. He was lilliputian, a tiny creature like those I'd seen in the movie, "The Borrowers." I was disappointed but, more to the point, I was angry. He had deceived me and, judging from the look on his face after he'd seen the look on MY face, he knew it. I thought back to the night before and realized, red faced, that he'd been wearing four-inch Dingo boots. I went to the beach with him anyway but I felt as though I were with a totally different person from the one I'd been talking to the night before. Clothes may not make the man, but the shoes sure do.
Anthony said on 15/May/07
Lars has to be 5'5. He always looks short.
Hillery said on 15/May/07
hammett is a pretty slight guy, wouldn't put him over 5-8, prob more like 5-7, can't see lars being anything over 5-6, definately a smaller dude, seems like he's usally shorter than women hese pictured with.
Danimal said on 12/May/07
James - 6'1"
Kirk - 5'7"-5'8"
Jason - 5'8"-5'9"
Lars - Claims 5'7" (could be 5'6")
Cliff - 6'2"
Rob Trujillo - 5'9"
Mustaine - 5'11"-6'0"
HellBoundPower said on 12/May/07
I believe he's easily 6'1". It seems that no one thought that maybe Mustaine was wearing boots in those pics. That might be the case, or maybe Mustaine is just taller than people think. Either way, 6'1" is believable.
Viper said on 11/May/07
I agree with Newstead being 5-9.
glenn said on 11/May/07
here it is one more time.take it from someone who has met them countless times in all footwear since 1990. james is 6-1,looking 6-3 in boots.lars is 5-5.yes 5-5.seriously.kirk is 5-7.newstead is 5-9ish,maybe,maybe 5-10.
pop said on 10/May/07
Hetfield is 6`1-6`2`` tall, but I think that Hammett is taller that 5`8``. Maybe even 5`10`` and Newsted too.
Beazer Holmes said on 9/May/07
maybe 6 feet one tops, is my guess (un-eduated lol!)
Anthony said on 8/May/07
At east 6'1. He's only about half an inch shorter than 6'1.5-6'2 Brian May.
Anonymous said on 7/May/07
I've got a mate who's seen them live and up close. He said Hetfield is not that big. He looks huge on TV like 6'4'' but the other guys in the band were really short. I guess he must be about the 6ft mark though.
glenn said on 6/May/07
correct john p. 14 years ago i thought he was 6-3.i didnt factor the boots.
JohnP said on 6/May/07
I believe 6-1 is right. He looks a tall man. When he wears boots, he's probably 6-3, 6-4.
msn87 said on 2/May/07
; yes, i got it. thnx
glenn said on 2/May/07
newstead isnt smaller than 5-9 is my point.5-7 is way off.
Moodiac said on 1/May/07

can look... of course he can look close to 5-10 sometimes! sometimes i look next to 5-11s like an inch taller and sometimes i look next to 6-1s like two inches smaller... sometimes smaller people look taller because of some strange reasons and some taller look smaller... our old drummer was 1,92 and looked usually more than 2 inches shorter than 6-3 but if you asked him to stand tall he was a giant... and as i already wrote here, it ain't strange if you see someone who's just a lil bit taller than you appearing like 2 or 3 inches taller... ok i know you met him of course but it's very easy to fool around the human eye.


yeah, actually i think we shouldn't take anything for granted without doing some research or something. the most things appear different than they really are. about james, he knows how to appear taller... about cliff, well i unfortunately never met him and can't say much about his height but i don't believe he really was 6-2...
in ebay i've found shoes they can lift you up to 4 inches and the 75% are invisible. just try it out: search for 'elevator shoes' in ebay and you will see what i mean. I don't wonder if people like brad pitt, bruce willis, sylvester stallone and whoever else appear taller than they can be. and i don't wonder if the already tall Papa Het appear even more taller. why? just look at their shoes! well anyway... i prefer to be honest with height, i mean ok 1.82m ain't neither tall nor small. a good middle and why should i try always to appear taller? ulrich is just 1.66 and as it seems he gets along with it.

well, if you want to post a link here, copy it and paste it in the given field at "" and there will be a tiny url generated.
if you copy an paste the new one here in your comment, later it will appear like 'Click here'.

got it? ;)
glenn said on 1/May/07
jason newstead is 5-9ish.close to 5-10 sometimes in appearence,in person.
msn87 said on 1/May/07

that was some nice info there, makes me even believe that Cliff wasn't a full 6'2.
oh yes, and Jason was 5'7-5'8 i think.

btw, (may be a dumb question) how do you do the links 'Click Here' with pictures?
Moodiac said on 30/Apr/07
Well, anyway, don't know if you've ever met James in real, but i doubt he really is 6'1" barefoot... He can't be. I met him last year at RIP. Well, actually the german police measured me at exactly 1.82m or 5'11.5 barefoot at 84 kgs when i was arrested for driving under alcohole influence. The german police is very strictly in everything they do, especially on personal datas. I were stopped by the cops at approx. 1:00 AM and half an hour later they measured my height. Whenever i've measured myself i never was more than 1.82, i don't play soccer anymore and don't sleep enough hours because of my job.
Nevertheless i don't think i would be taller in case i play soccer again or sleep longer...

But the point is, our bass player (173cm) and me, we met Hetfield at the Meet 'n' Greet in Rock Im Park, Nuremberg, Germany. He wore his high heeled boots, i guess they were lifting him at least by 2 inches, if not even a lil bit more. I wore sneakers because of the awesome heat last year in june they was actually lifting me by max. 1 inch. He looked max. 2" taller than me. In numbers i must have been ca. 1.84 or 6'0.5" and he must have been 1.88 or 6'2"... If you substract those lifts you will have a 1.83 Hetfield and me at 1.82. He has signed my cap, that was pretty cool. He is my hero, yeah, but he does the same thing like stallone. He's accurately trying because of some reason appearing too tall. Except for he's tall though, he's also slightly doing the old push down technique and head up as i noticed him doing it with other fans they wanted to get a photo with him. Compare some Photos of the early 80's Hetfield (w/o cowboy boots) with the early 90's until now (w/ cowboy boots and heels). You will notice the height difference between him and the other member increasing. Sometimes too much! Why? Has he grown in the Age of 27 or 30? Well, i don't think so... On the other hand, the other Metallica guys ain't really tall. For example Kirk and Rob look like 173cm to me if James is 185cm and Lars got listed at 166cm. Ay caramba!
Of course James will be standing like a giant next to thes rest. Even Jason wasn't really tall...

The best photo i found to make height comparisons is one of '98, the garage inc. time, he's wearing a white tanktop, shorts and sandals. look:
Click Here

Here some other pics for comparisons:

with 5'11" Jay Leno
Click Here

with the '82 Metallica (Dave Mustaine is listed at 1.82m like me)
Click Here

with flat shoes
Click Here

without shoes at all
Click Here

what did you say about lemmy?
Click Here

see the difference between james and kirk and compare it with nowadays
Click Here

again compared with jason
Click Here

and what about these ones?
Click Here

Click Here

now look at his shoes
Click Here

ok now you just see their heads
Click Here

with 180cm ozzy???
Click Here

etc etc etc...
Click Here
Click Here

and now some pics of me so you can understand what i mean:
the guy (raoul duke) next to me (dr. gonzo) is 1.80 (plays soccer)
Click Here

Adrenaliz from left to right Tony (myself 1.82), Harry (1.77), Bill (1.75), Nick (1.73)
Click Here

for other sources just check out "Cliff 'em All" and you will see that hetfield appeared smaller back then...

I could post many more photos but don't want to make it my show, just want to claim and to prove that Hetfield is tall, no doubt, but he's trying a lil bit appearing even taller. Whatever the truth is, we all are pushing kind of our height and just a couple of people are really honest about their height. For someones they're already tall maybe it's a way to show strength and deliberation, for some others they're smaller maybe it's a way to increase their chances with chicks or even in their career. If you really compare some photos you will notice Hetfield having a specific posture that makes appearing taller and usually higher shoes and if you take a look at the links i posted here you will see how much smaller he appears while standing "normal" with normal or without shoes.
I mean, you rate Hetfield at 6'1"? I have been rated from 5'10.5" (178cm) to 6'1" (185cm) because of different postures and shoes. It's not difficult to appear smaller or taller...
I rate Hetfield barefoot not more than 1.83... Maybe at his best day sometimes he's reaching the 6'1" 185cm mark with sandals or flat shoes but no way more...
Sorry for writing so much but i had to say it...
Hetfield is taking advantage of his frontman position in Metallica and as the tallest of'em he can and does increase and decrease his height whenever he wants by wearing higher or lower shoes and standing sometimes slouchy, sometimes pretty tall... and that's the bottom line.
Believe what you will but to me that's the truth...
D. Ray Morton said on 30/Apr/07
Yeah, I guess. Better than St. Anger, anyway. I think Kirk should do all the singing from now on.
msn87 said on 30/Apr/07
"They played a couple of untitled tunes on their last outing. One sounded a lot like Diamond Head."

: Ah, it's probably 'The New Song' and 'The Other New Song'. first was decent.
Markus said on 30/Apr/07
Cantrell never give me the impression being much smaller than 6'1", but he indeed appears little shorter than Hetfield. Can't check the footwear though...
Ade said on 30/Apr/07
Quite simple, he slouches because he wears his guitar so low.
D. Ray Morton said on 30/Apr/07
"which new songs?..."

They played a couple of untitled tunes on their last outing. One sounded a lot like Diamond Head.
glenn said on 30/Apr/07
exactly my point idiot.people think he is what anonymous said.duh.dont be stupid.its a forum.people you have a problem with me posting?
Beelzebubba said on 30/Apr/07
He is about 6-1. Lemmy is 5-9 (but what's your point? - don't think anybody said otherwise)
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/07
You mean Lemmy from Motorhead ? I always thought the guy was big, at least 6'1" ?
msn87 said on 29/Apr/07
which new songs?...
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Apr/07
6'1" is my vote. The new songs are passable (I guess), but his voice is gone. I hope Rick Rubin's as much of a magician as we like to think he is.
msn87 said on 29/Apr/07
watched "Alice in Chains - Would ft. Hetfield" yesterday on YouTube, and he looked taller than than 6'1 Jerry Cantrell when he entered stage and hugged Cantrell.

But when they finished the song, Hetfield walked out the stage 'behind' Cantrell, and they looked the same height. Maybe Cantrell is 6'0-6'0.5, or Hetfield is 6'1.25-6.1.5
glenn said on 29/Apr/07
lemmy is only 5-9.
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
He can look 6-2.
Remi said on 29/Apr/07
6'1" sounds very accurate. Mic stands are very adjustable, so it's probably just preference he picked up at some point (a Metallica expert might know the reason); contrast with Lemmy who keeps his high and sings with his head cocked back.
Danimal said on 28/Apr/07
He's 6'1". He appeared taller in the late 80's/early 90's because he was thin and had long legs. Former and late bassist Cliff Burton was 6'2" (an inch taller than James) and Dave Mustaine who was 5'11"-6'0" was 1-2" shorter than James in 1982-1983.
Kris said on 28/Apr/07
About ****in' time he was added here. The guy is a giant. When singing in microphones I notice he's slouching a bit maybe 'cause the mic stand isn't tall enough. 6'1.5" seems accurate to me.
Glenn said on 27/Apr/07
can look boots.
Markus said on 27/Apr/07
Seems accurate, he's listed 6'1" everywhere. Though he looks taller because the rest of Metallica is average or short, plus he often wears boots !

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