How tall is James Root

James Root's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

US Musician of Slipknot. Said on, "[Mick Thompson is] about 6' 2" with boots on. I'm 6-foot 6".

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6ft 5.75in (197.5cm)
Joe188 said on 17/Mar/20
I do think 6’5.75 would be more accurate, he looks more in 197cm range, anyway he is a huge guy thats for sure
QM6'1QM said on 21/Jan/20
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18

Wow! Guys, i find amazing picture Mick Thomson and David DeGea (who's legit 189-190 cm) and ... yep, Jim is right 100% - he's about 6'2 with boots on/ 184-185 cm off, i think: Click Here.
cmillzz said on 30/Jul/19
I do think he could be a legit 6’6. Surely clears 6’5 with ease.
Myname said on 24/Feb/19
Am I the only one who thinks Slipknot deserves a page?
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18
Mick Thompson looks taller than 6'2" even without boots. I don't know why Root's downgrading Mick's height.
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/17
Hey Rob, could you look into Corey Taylor. He's the lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour. He's a "must be" on this website imho. Thanks
6'3" Man said on 7/Jun/17
It is Mick Thomson, no P.

Anyways, I've met Jim, and the rest of the band, countless times. He does slouch a lot to the point where he loses inches off his height, but fully upright, he would easily be 6'6" in socks. You cannot tell from videos, photos etc. He is almost a foot taller than Corey, who is genuinely 5'7".

Mick is in-between 6'2" and 6'3" but closer to the 6'3" mark. He is built like a mofo so that adds to his overall presence.

Other than those 2, only Chris is above 6', he is probably 6'1" though. He is another who was always slightly hunched when hanging around. Paul a shade under 6'. Looked more than an inch shorter than Chris. Joey is 5'2" MAXIMUM and is the shortest in the band by 4 inches behind Craig.

So in summary, my guestimations when standing upright, in socks:
Jim- 6' 6"
Mick- 6' 2.75"
Chris- 6' 1"
Paul RIP- 5' 11.75"
Sid- 5' 10"
Shawn- 5' 9"
Corey- 5' 7"
Craig- 5' 6"
Joey- 5' 2" .
Arthur said on 20/May/17
Rob why don't you add Corey Taylor? He is the singer of Slipknot
Evan said on 24/Mar/17
I'm 6'3" and when I met them at comcert id say Mick was around my height and James was definitely 6'6".
tony t. said on 9/Jan/17
I see this has already been asked, but before I read the previous requests I was going to ask if you could add 5'7 Corey Taylor. Dude has such a great voice imo.
mjkzero said on 28/Feb/16
any chance of adding corey taylor and joey jordison
Dave189 said on 2/Feb/16
Rob, what do you think, how tall Phil Anselmo is? I've seen everything between 5'11.5" and 6'2" (which i find difficult to believe)...i'd say he's 6' at most
tony t. said on 22/Jan/16
How about a page for Corey Taylor?
Chilean said on 2/Oct/15
Rob could you add Corey Taylor to celebheights , I am surprised that is not on the site .
Rifle said on 31/Mar/15
Do you think he can be around 6'6.5 to 6'6.75 range?He does slouch a lot and looks much taller than Mick despite Mick wearing High Heel shoes.
[Editor Rob: not sure he'd be that tall, not compared him to that many people though.]
A 5'10 guy said on 23/Feb/15
Mick thompson is 6'4 isn't he? He isn't 6'2.Paul gray was 6'2.Jim and Mick tower over everyone in slipknot
Michael said on 8/Dec/14
@DISTURBED FAN 666, you were 6'1 at age 10 and 6'5 at age 13!?
Damn, i was like 4'8 at age 10 and now 5'11 at age 15.
tony said on 10/Feb/14
Alex says on 12/Nov/12
Who is the shortest guy in slipknot?

Joey - 160.
Corey - 170. I say 168. Just saw an interview where he stands side by side with Lars Urlich. They were practically of the same height.
Craig - 170.
Clown is said to be 178. I'd give'em 173. Probably he was 175 in his mid 30-s. But still he looks pretty massive.
Sid - 180.
Paul - 182.
Chris - 184.
Mick - 186-187.
James - 198. Well, I heard he actually 200 sharp. But who knows...
RiverOfDeath said on 21/Oct/13
This guy's huge. I met him at a festival in Spain, we shook hands and took a picture together. I'm 5' 8" and I had to look way up to see his face, I almost felt like if I was looking up at some building lol.
Easily at leats 6ft 5in
Jack said on 26/Nov/12
@Alex Who is the shortest guy in slipknot?
Joey Jordison. He's 5'3".
Alex said on 12/Nov/12
Who is the shortest guy in slipknot?
tony t. said on 11/Nov/12
He was only an inch taller than Conan O'Brien whenever slipknot performed on his show. So 6'5. He's 6'6 in boots.
MriMri said on 7/Oct/12
I heard Mick Thonson's 6'2". Anyone knows what his exact height is?
And yeah,Jim Root does look around 6'6".
theenforcer22 said on 19/Sep/11
Moneytha says on 7/Dec/10
Why does Mick look like such a freaking giant next to Corey in the Dead Memories video? Corey is chest high to Mick. I realize Corey is 5'7" and small in stature, but Mick is a giant, not only height-wise, but in the size of his head, arms, everything. Mick seems more like his name, Seven. 7' at least. What gives?
It's blatantly down to the camera work. Thomson has been blown up.
tom said on 25/Aug/11
I have met Corey Taylor, Jim Root and Mick Thompson on a radio interview, and I dwarfed them... then again I am 7'1.5
Jake T. said on 29/Apr/11
In some pictures Mick looks close in height with James but it could be the footwear. 6'6 for Root seems right.
Nobzey said on 12/Apr/11
James is fantastic person and I have had the pleasure to meet him. I am 6'5" and he was exactly my height so he is definitely between 6'5" and 6'6".
Battie said on 9/Apr/11
I met Jim Root last year when he was playing with Stone Sour. He made me feel absolutely tiny, seeing as I'm only just Joey's height! :P
metal64meli said on 27/Mar/11
James' a giant compared to Joey... I can't believe I'm taller than Joey!
Moneytha said on 7/Dec/10
Why does Mick look like such a freaking giant next to Corey in the Dead Memories video? Corey is chest high to Mick. I realize Corey is 5'7" and small in stature, but Mick is a giant, not only height-wise, but in the size of his head, arms, everything. Mick seems more like his name, Seven. 7' at least. What gives?
Sabrina said on 17/Jun/09
I knew Root was a giant!
Jess said on 30/Apr/09
Joey is 5 foot 3. I'm the same hieght has Joey.
Donny said on 26/Apr/09
I used to think Mick was huge then i saw James. Holy S**T
Chris said on 22/Apr/09
Corey isn't an inch over 5'7 trust me.Joey is 5'3 or 5'4.
I think Mick is 6'2.6'3 at best.Jim is like 6'6.
Paul said on 8/Feb/09
How tall is Paul Gray(bassist)? he looks 6ft-6ft1
Sic said on 29/Jan/09
Im 15 and im 5'11"-6ft Corey was a few inches smaller than me when i met him in person, Jim was huge id say hes about 6 ft 6
Slipknotfan69 said on 20/Jan/09
Root'a a giant theres no way he isnt,Sid's 5-8,Mick's 6-2, Joey's short 5-3 5-4 ish,Corey's id say 5-9,Fehns probably 6 ft,idk about the rest
5ft 8 guy said on 29/Dec/08
i met him out side the m.e.n arena he's bout an inch or 2 smaller than me. 5'7" sounds bout right, jordison was even smaller by 3-4 inches.
theenforcer22 said on 17/Dec/08
I've read loads of articles and interviews and they all say 5 ft 7 for Taylor and 6 ft 6 for Root.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/08
P.S.S. That was me (Samuel). (I don't know where else to put my name) (I'm now 14. I've grown 7mm since my last comment.)(I'M TALLER THAN COREY TAYLOR, JOEY JORIDSON AND SID WILSON. I'm not sure about Craig Jones. (I can't find his height.)) I'm almost as tall as Shawn Crahan.

none of your buisness said on 22/Oct/08
James Root is 6'6", but Corey doesn't look 5'7", he looks more 5'10" or maybe 5'11", i don't know for sure, because i haven't met him in person yet, but i know for a fact that hes taller then 5'7".
glenn said on 10/Apr/08
after a concert i meant.
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
no way.max i couldve sworn was 5-8,5-9 back in the day.he is 5-7 tops now.with alot of fans making short comments about him after a comment.he really gave a 5-6 impression actually.
yeah said on 9/Apr/08
How tall is Max Cavalera from Soulfly? He seems taller than Corey Taylor for sure.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/08
I'm mean yea 5'8-5'9 is also reasonable but 5'7 is just too small for him, I would say 5'10 for Corey.
glenn said on 1/Apr/08
i agree.corey looks 5-10 to me.
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/08
corey is a little taller than 5'7, I think to me 5'7 is absurd for him, he's anywhere from 5'8-5'10, he looks an average person.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/08
joey jordison is actually 5'5, take a look at this group picture of 5'8 dino cazares with joey. not much taller.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/08
lol corey looks taller than 5'7, he looks like a average height person, he doesn't look short, if corey is 5'7, wow 5'7 doesn't seem short. jim root is 6'6, mick thompson is 6'2, and joey is 5'3.
poster said on 9/Jan/08
mick said on his myspace "6'2" and "6'3+ in combat boots"
Chris said on 9/Aug/07
look at 2:48
Click Here
conan is almost the same height as james
Jack said on 15/Jul/07
John there's no way Corey is 5'9,he's 5'7 tops, and Joey is 5'3, I don't know about the other members but those guys right there are that exact height!
Alex said on 18/Jun/07
Slipknot's members range from a big height range.
Jack said on 2/May/07
Well I don't know about James Root but Joey Jordison is 5'3, I'm 5'4 and he was just a little shorter than me so he can't be 5'2.
Alex said on 23/Apr/07
I read Mick was 6'4.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/07
I've stood next to both Jim & Mick (as well as the other members of Slipknot 7 Stone SOur).

Jim is 6'6" in socks without a doubt! Mick is 6'2" in socks without a doubt.
I'm 6'1".
Corey is 5'7", Joey 5'2", Josh from Stone Sour is 5'8", Joel formerly of Stone Sour is 6'4".
SJ said on 19/Dec/06
i saw a Video once with a Fan that went to the Shooting of a Slipknot video it was on YOUTUBE and you see all the bandmembers and James walking next to someother Guy Jim is Towering over him the other guy came with his head a little but below his shoulders (i dont know the guys height who was walking next to him i mean h could be a very small man who's 5,5 or 5,4
chaz said on 13/Sep/06
He is 6"6. Mick is 6"2. Sorted :)
john said on 1/Apr/06
james is 6'6", joey is 5'5", i met corey once at a concert and he was bout my size, about 5'9", he had curly hair wen hes unmasked so its hard to tell
Cyrus said on 28/Feb/06
Read at several sources that mick is 6'2", though not with boots on. That would mean hes 6' without them. I wonder if the 6'6" listing for James is with boots.

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