How tall was Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison's Height

5ft 10 ¼ (178.4 cm)

American singer from The Doors. In the book 'No One Here Gets Out' it mentioned while at Uni he stretched to try to grow taller. He was "132 pounds and 5ft 8.75....and said he'd grown more than an inch since". On his driver's license he had his height listed 5ft 11 and Weight 149 pounds.

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5ft 10.49in (179cm)
Jani said on 14/Jan/21
I would say just a shy away from 5'11". 5'10.5"-5'10.75".
Don Butcher said on 4/Jan/21
On stage Jim looked tall with the boots and tight leather pants. The candid photos tell another story. He doesn’t appear tall at all next to average size people. I’ll give him 5ft 9 & 1/4 barefoot and 5ft 11& 1/4 with boots.
Giovanninu said on 11/Oct/20
There's something about him in the early Doors photo that makes him look kinda average or slightly above average, I don't think his boots gave him more than 4-5 cm.
My guess is 180 cm straight outta bed and 178-79 during the day. Probably in the early days the fact that he always walked barefoot and had a bad posture influenced his height and didn't make him look that tall.
From 1967 the fact that he got skinnier (but still with broad shoulders, which gave him the perfect body structure to look taller) and the fact that he wore 2 inches boots, plus his curly thick hair and his thick leather pants made him look taller. I think that he could look over 6ft when he was on stage.
Animus said on 23/Jul/20
Yeah, like many other posters, I always had the impression that Morrison was a decently tall man. I saw him as a 5'11 guy wearing two-inch heeled boots that made him look like a solid 6'0 man. And combined with the fact that he was 135-145lbs, at least early in The Doors' short-lived career, he exuded a genuinely tall presence.
Alex McGuire said on 20/Apr/20
Jim definitely appears as a tall man, I think 179 cm is pretty fair, he also wore two inches boots everytime, he always wore black leather pants and black shirts and his physical structure was slim so that's why he appears even taller
Gutbucket said on 23/Feb/20
Doubt it. I just went to the Morrison Hotel location and judging by the photo of him standing against the measurable tile exterior, he was at least an inch shorter than my meager 5'10"
Bora said on 25/Dec/19
@Divado Yes he looks around 5'11" and 6'0" but; Mind the foot advantage
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Dec/19
Today Jim Morrison would have been 76 years old.


RIP Jim XX 🕯️
Animus said on 1/Oct/19

I get why you feel that. I've been a fan of Morrison for about 10 years, since I was a teenager, and I always found his reported height of 5'11 to be entirely believable. On stage he had this quintessential larger-than-life presence. But even apart from his mystique and persona that enlarged him, he genuinely appeared to be a tall man. He still does whenever I watch footage of The Doors. Now I've realized why appeared that way. He wore two-inch heeled boots and tight leather outfits that accentuated his height. He of course had his famous mane. Morrison was also quite slim, weighing probably about 150lbs most of his career, so his proportions were favorable for a taller appearance. If you watch photos of him toward the end of his life when he was heavier and wore flatter shoes, he looks more like a 5'10 guy. (In the 60s and early 70s a 5'10 man was at least an inch taller than average.) As a performer, Morrison dealt in persona and illusion and those sensibilities expressed themselves in his physical appearance.
Hopping hopper said on 30/Aug/19
Cannot see him under 5-11. Next to Ray he’s an inch shorter.
Divado said on 20/Aug/19
He was between 5.11 and 6.0 barefoot..check out this image of the Doors on stage: Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Aug/19
Oh wow! I'm listening to Jim right now and his voice sends shivers down my spine! What a guy!

5ft10.5. 🎶🎼🎶🎵🎧
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/19
Has anyone noticed how frequently his music pops up in films? Even the teenagers from a certain era have posters of Jim on their walls! One such example is the bedroom wall in one of the Amityville films, possibly Amityville II, which I think is the best. Amityville? Ha! That means friendly town, n'est-ce pas? Well, I can't find anything friendly about Amityville!!!

Jim gets 5ft10.5 from me. 🎼🎶🎧
jim densmore said on 12/Jun/19
He looked a giant to me from the footage long torso long legs but i never met him to know forshore.
Jimbo hopper said on 10/Jun/19
On arrest his was measured at appropriate 5-11 and change. Police don’t leave your footwear on in those line ups. It’s stated in a book about him.
Myview said on 1/Jun/19
Jim was 5'9" barefoot and 5'11" with his boots
Rob Brown said on 4/Apr/19
Lol Google has John Densmore @ 6ft!!!
meezemaker said on 4/Mar/19
On this photo, we see Jm nearly 4 inches taller than 173 's John Desmore.

Click Here

By guessing the 2 inches gained with the boot, and a third inch gain with john Desmore shoes, and accordingly the line of the garage doorwood behing them, we got:

183-185 for morrison with shoes less two inches.......178-179. I cannot see less than 178.
Or john Desmore was 5'7 ????
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Dec/18
Jim would have been 75 today. If he can celebrate in the afterlife, well, Jim, have one on me! 🍺🎂

meezemaker said on 19/Oct/18
In that photo :

Click Here

Jim is described to be 5'9, but he was still seventeen years old since he was born in décember and the photo is from september. Some people end to grow at 20 years old. It is rare, but it can happen. I had a friend who get 2 inches between 18 to 20 years old.
Moreover, Ray M described in his biography book that Jim was tall regarding height of people in the beginning of the 60's. He wrote he was 178 cm. It means with big boot and thick and dense hair, he could easily looked 6'.
Orlando said on 17/Jun/18
Overestimated of course. He was some 6 to 7 cm shorter than Ray Manzareck. His 1963 (aged almost 20yrs) police file arrest reads clearly 5' 9": Click Here That's 1.7526 m to be more precise. The metre, base unit of length in the SI, invented in 1793. 25.4 times more precise than medieval imperial units. No place for fancy b*** like saying "well, he was 5' 9", but he could very well be 5'10" or even 6' in his good days...". Forget about that. In the metric system, a rose is a rose. JM wore high-heeled shoes most of time. It gave him extra 5 cm, making him look like 1.80 m (5'11") tall as listed (with shoes on most probably) in his 1968 Nevada file arrest: Click Here He was narcisistic and height conscious and he was always leaning his head or spine, or sitting when next to taller guys in order to disguise his true height. Another Mick Jagger-like joker.
Rob Yeargain said on 13/May/18
Heights between 5'10 and 6'0
Anthony ezzo said on 24/Apr/18
The only thing is..when dick clark iterviewed him...Clark looked taller at 5'9"....
Jessie Cantor said on 14/Feb/18
Nathan Clay- You are a lying sack of ****. First, try and prove you actually was within the same space as Jim Morrison. Not an impersonator- The real guy. I don't believe it. You're just a goofy schmuck talking smack on the Internet. There's actually a couple of ways we can estimate his height, by photo comparisons. 5'5!!!? 😂😂 You made him shorter than Tom Cruise and (someone of his time) Grace Slick!
Nathan Clay said on 8/Nov/17
I don't mean to be rude. But all these estimates of Jim Morrison height are wrong. I have stood next to Jim Morrison. And I am 6 ft. the top of Jim's head came to my chin. He was at most 5'5" maybe 5'6" I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but I know for fact from standing next to him he was nowhere near my height. and I am only 6ft.
Joe said on 3/Nov/17
I remember 'G' and Robby Krieger were the exact same height, and I've seen pictures of Morrison looking maybe only 1.5" taller than Krieger.
Animus said on 6/Oct/17
He was roughly an inch taller than the average American man of the day. Wearing boots giving an advantage of around 0.5-1 inches would make him look tallish in comparison a 5ft9 man.
macfan said on 14/Sep/17
Jim Morrison was average at 5'10.
Juan said on 10/Jul/17
He looked 179-181 cm. Maybe 5'10"1/2. Do you see it possible,Rob?
Tr27 said on 14/Jun/17
Seems more close to 5'10 0r 5'11. One of the best bands of all time - the Doors.
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/17
Perhaps it was Inspector Clouseau who measured him ;-)?
Supermanis6four said on 27/May/17
The French police measured Morrison deceased body at 6'1". This is factual. Now when the body dies the spinal fluid causes height increase to some degree. This is what I've read. But by how much? I would guess not more than 2" increase. Does anyone know more about this? Someone in the medical field?
Guitar Hero Miller said on 16/Dec/16
It was an accident because it didn't seem to really go through. But it was on that one performance of "Light My Fire" on Ed Sullivan that made him look a few inches taller than 5'10.
Guitar Hero Miller said on 16/Dec/16
I posted the same comment twice about his height. But the boots might have made Jim look 6 ft 1 or taller.
Guitar Hero Miller said on 14/Dec/16
Jimmy Fallon, whom I read has a documented height of 6 feet and was impersonating Jim Morrison four years ago on that Reading Rainbow theme song, looks only like an inch shorter Morrison.
So Jim Morrison himself was more likely to have been 6 foot 1 inch.
Guitar Hero Miller said on 14/Dec/16
Jimmy Fallon, whom I read has a documented height of 6 feet and was impersonating Jim Morrison four years ago on that Reading Rainbow theme song, looks only like an inch shorter than Jim Morrison was. So Jim Morrison was more likely to have been 6 foot 1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/16
I used to think he was a 6fter and Ray Manzerak was like 6ft3 or so!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Nov/16
It is good to see that this fantastically original singer has a page! I met someone who knew him, but his height was not discussed, though I do remember asking him. All I got in reply was "not as tall as me!"
He was 6ft exactly.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/16
He was commonly listed 6ft back in the day
here said on 18/Nov/16
Or this one

Click Here
here said on 18/Nov/16
What about this one?

Click Here
Steve said on 7/May/16
Obviously, he was very insecure about his height which is why he always wore boots.
Actarus said on 3/Feb/16
Hi, Jim was 177 cm. Always wearing boots, I got like 181 cm. Don't mind about pics, they lie due to light, position and angle of view. Probably, he was taller then average at the time. Nowadays he would be listed as a medium/short guy.But he is JIM, slim, magnetic and very handsome, so that his height is secondary.
lelman said on 2/Feb/16
Could certainly look taller than this. I always thought he looked like a six footer, often seemed to be looking down to people. Probably due to his massive heels, but still, I guess average height really was a bit lower back then.
here said on 31/Dec/15
Click Here
Click Here

He was 5'9" to 5'10"
billy said on 9/Dec/15

I exaggerated, 183 to 179 cm, but I still do shrink that short, no lie. Also, I have scoliosis, so maybe that might help. I am serious I wear, 33 inseam 29 waist and am 183 cm in the morning at night I will find myself 180, sometimes 179.
jupin said on 29/Nov/15
180-181 cm morning is more likely. You have to take into consideration he had thick hair and always wore 1.5 inch boots. He always looked shorter than 184 cm Ray by 1.5 at least. You shrinking 5 cm by staying up a day straight is a joke. The most someone can shrink without any sleep for 24 hours is an inch, or 3 cm max. Unless your torso is disturbingly bigger than your legs, making your spine very long so more chance of shrinkage. Which I doubt.
billy said on 26/Nov/15
Here is a picture of harrison ford with his head down and as well as Jim Morrison. Face it the guy was 180-184 cm, nothing less nothing taller.
Click Here
WAF said on 17/Oct/15
While I do believe Morrison grew after his high school graduation, I think a compelling case could be made that it was probably not due to stretching exercises.

This is a picture of Jim Morrison when he graduated from high school:

Click Here

He is about 17 1/2 years old on the picture. Clearly, he still looks rather childlike facially, though not excessively so like, say, Ralph Macchio at a similar age. This indicates that his biological developmental curve was slower than typical. It's therefore not surprising that he gained around an inch of height post-high school purely from a biological standpoint. This is all the more convincing as an explanation, since stretching cannot actually elongate the bones. (This is not to say that height is fully genetically determined--it clearly is not--but I do think height is genetically determined to within an inch or so for *almost* the entire population in the Western hemisphere.)

Personally, I think these are the largest *environmental* factors of phenotypic/adult height (from strongest to weakest impact): disease (especially in early childhood but also during puberty to a lesser extent), sleep, diet, and exercise (including stretching). When it comes to the additional growth hormone you secrete when exercising, as far as I know, it mostly is applied to regeneration of muscle tissue and the like.

Another factor worth considering is sheer randomness of the phenotypic expression of genes. Humans like to construct narratives that provide unambiguously deterministic causal accounts of events in life, even though such accounts may not be logically justified. How tall one ends up being within a given a range may in no small part be due to chance.
johemoth the dog said on 1/Oct/15
solid 5'10
Judd ISR said on 1/Sep/15
Well, this is the perfect listing for the lizard king!
I think 5'11" was a morning height but not a evening one...
With his slim figure and cowboys boots he gave the impression to be taller, but I think he was a strong 5'10" no more...
Rob, Manzarek with similar shoes did look 1.25-1.5" taller than Jim. With Morrison at 5'10.25" there's any chance he was more 5'11.5"-6' than 6'0-0.5"???
[Editor Rob: yes you could argue more 182 range]
Bandjoe said on 23/Aug/15
Doubt he dipped under 5'10.
tanguy said on 6/Jul/15
I read a Morrison Biography written I think by Manzarek or someone else saying Jim was tall regarding people at that time, he was 1,78 m.
JB said on 20/Jun/15
Maybe they put down what was on his drivers licence? I know some states used to put your weight down on the license as well as height. For Morrison it was 5'9" 130 pounds.
Steve said on 2/May/15
What is kind of weird on the police report is his weight at 130 pounds. I thought by that time he gained some weight?
JB said on 19/Apr/15
So after seeing the 5'9" on the police report, would anyone else agree that 5'9.75" would be a better listing?
wasp said on 16/Apr/15
Wow, what a surpirse, Morrison's been downgraded. That's good. I think at maximum, he could have been 5'10.25 out of bed. But I believe 5'10 is spot on. That police report Nice posted can be legit since when they took his height he was obviously at his low. Plus he always wore thick boots, and had thick hair. 5'10 range sounds perfect. And about him growing an inch, that would make him 5'9.75 after college. Possible, perfect to go with that police report.
Steve said on 11/Apr/15
I believe the previous post 100 percent. If it's legit, which obviously looks that way, he is 5'9, so obviously they made him take his boots off. I haven't been on this site for a while, but how did he get listed over 5'10, when it's obvious he was no taller then 5'9. Obviously, he wanted to appear taller then he really was with the boots.
Nice said on 8/Apr/15
Police is also
Click Here
JB said on 6/Apr/15
I'm liking the downgrade. If you watch his fsu college video from the early 60's he looks around 5'8" Click Here I think the growing an Inch thing might have been true.
CDS said on 9/Mar/15
In case it hasn't been already, I thought I'd point out in his biography, "No One Here Gets Out Alive", Jim was said to be stretching exercises to make himself taller. The book claims he was 5'8.75", but had grown more than an inch since. That would put him more in the 5'10" region. I think the 5'11" claims are with all the extra height edition from his trademark Alexander-esque hair and boots.
[Editor Rob: I will add this and put him as a strong 5ft 10, it probably is a safer bet.]
strange days said on 4/Feb/15 Interview starts at 3:05 What do you think, Rob?
[Editor Rob: at times his posture is bad in the clip but I believe when standing normally he could look a couple of inches taller.]
strange days said on 4/Feb/15
I looked at the video again and both of them had similar boots.
strange days said on 4/Feb/15
If you look at The Doors when they were on American Bandstand with Dick Clark and when he was interviewing them/standing with Jim, Jim Morrison doesn't really seem to look taller than Dick Clark who Rob has listed as 5'8. Either Morrison was not wearing his usual boots and Dick Clark had more footwear advantage, Dick Clark was taller than 5'8 in real life/at peak or shockingly Morrison himself was 5'8. Something does seem wrong because I think Morrison at best was 5'10. 2 inches shorter than 6' Ray.
Bob said on 15/Jan/15
I remember watching a Doors documentary and a program described him as 5'10 and 140 lbs, so I doubt that he was 5'11.
1.89m said on 10/Dec/14
Ok I did it!!! Got photo proof too! I stood in the door at tristan bernard on a very cold raining day 8th dec 2014 {jims bday} . The mark is approx to Jims head in the old photo using the design in the door 6.1-4" high. Now lets say the cowboy boots he had on approx 2" high. Pretty sure now he between 5-11 to 6" tall barefoot.Im 100% sure I think.
Jim said on 3/Dec/14
Jim was no more than 5'10 flat-footed. He wore thick boots though that gave him another inch or two., probably putting him around 5'11.5 - 6'0 (which was tall back then. Avg height for a male was 5'8 in the 60's). All these claims that he was 6'0 flat-footed are silly. Just look at pictures, you can clearly tell he is not that tall.
Jones said on 28/Nov/14
Manzerek and Densmore both described him in their books as 6 feet tall. Don't see how he could be less than 5'11. Saying he was 5'9 is ridiculous.
Judd said on 31/Oct/14
Don't think he was 5'11" but for sure 5'10", maybe 5'10.5".
However his music was poetry...
Mojo said on 11/Oct/14
5'9-5'10 more likely. Always wore thick heeled boots making him close to 6 or 6 ft.
Jones said on 22/Sep/14
@ Tanner the average height was 2 inches lower back then. 5'11 would have given off the impression of a 6 footer easily.
MonsieurLaGuy said on 23/Jul/14
Always looks about an inch to an inch and a half shorter than Ray even with impeccable posture. Ray is reported as about 184-188cm tall. He was probably in the range of 175-180cm tall barefoot; not particularly tall, but above average. It's important to note that he was, like many of his generation and occuption, very slight in build and was inclined to wear tight fitting clothes-- this adds to the impression of being taller as you appear more vertically angular.

On a side note, his interest in his own height,as well as his assertion that he grew after high-school seems to support the fact that he felt somewhat insecure about his height and that he was not a particularly lofty fellow.
kyuss said on 1/Jun/14
I'd say 5-11" flat min,looked around same as ray lot of the time. Both wore big heels so Jim must of been 5-11 to 6-0 flat.
Alucard said on 9/May/14
It's easy to discover! It needs just that someone in Paris goes to 6, Place Tristan Bernard with a measuring tape, a yardstick. It's where this famous photos was taken:

Click Here

It's in front of Hervé Muller's door. The door is still there:

Click Here

Someone coul measure where Jim get with his head near the door!
Brad said on 27/Mar/14
Weak 5' 11" barefoot plus those boots, over 6' with ease.
truth said on 22/Jan/14
5ft10 was tallish back in the day, now it is 6ft0.
truth said on 22/Jan/14
5ft10 most likely
Jamie said on 23/Nov/13
Change this height now, it's incorrect. He was 6'0.

Click Here
TheEnd said on 18/Nov/13
And what do Police Officers trained to stress in their reports? Accuracy. They cant be so gullible as to over-estimate by more than an inch or two. I'd say Jim was probably 5'10" barefoot.
Anon said on 6/Nov/13
He was definitely around the 6'0 foot mark. No doubt.
lazur said on 6/Nov/13
TheEnd: It's a police report, not a physical. Police don't measure. They either: 1/Looked at his driver's license / State ID, which lists the height Jim TOLD them when it was issued. 2/Eyeballed him. (He'd have shoes on. Sneakers weren't common street-wear: Shoes had heels). 2/(In most cases): They ASKED you! Most likely, this only proves Morrison TOLD cops he was 6'0"! No matter what, he wasn't measured.
Dricka said on 15/Jul/13
Hi Paul! i have been told that Jim Morrison was 5'7".Does anyone think that he might actually have been 5'11"?
Dricka said on 14/Jul/13
Rob,how tall was Jim MOrrison?i have been told that was 5'7".Does anyone think that he might actually have been 5'11"?
[Editor Rob: while he could have been 5ft 10, I don't think 5ft 7 is possible]
Actarus said on 29/Jun/13
Jim was 177 cm., barefoot.
jo said on 1/Jun/13
Click Here

JM = 5'9.5''
Tanner said on 17/May/13
@Jim Eh, the average height wasn't that much different. So thats no stellar argument. I'm almost 100 percent positive jim was 5-11 with boots
Brad said on 16/May/13
Weak 5-11.
Jim said on 19/Apr/13
Back in those days the average American height was only about 5'8. So I guess being 5'10 or 5'11 gave an impression of being a 6 footer, since it's close anyway. People have gotten taller.
Jim said on 19/Apr/13
Even Ray Manzarek said that Jim was ABOUT 5'11, on Coast to Coast AM. I think he was 5'10.
Tee said on 15/Mar/13
He does look in the 5'10" range. His thick hair adds at least an inch of height though
Mojo said on 15/Mar/13
5'11.5 or 6'0 with 2 inch Frye boots. He always wore thick boots. Back then that was the thing.
J said on 9/Mar/13
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/13
police report said 6ft,,cant see police being that far out if people on here say 5-9?? big difference really,i'll go with police report over hear say quotes.
Stanley said on 15/Feb/13
@whocares I know people who have grown in college years. Jim was 5'9 and change without boots... hence the 5'11 with them
here said on 25/Jan/13
Prolly a rough estimation with boots, hair, etc...?

Click Here
Flag said on 12/Jan/13
I dated Jim. He was short. I'm 5 foot 6 1/2 and he was only a couple inches taller than me. Jim was surrounded by an overwhelming sadness. No attraction there.
who/cares?1961 said on 14/Dec/12
I was 5'11 in eigth grade. 6'2 when graduated high school. Never grew an inch taller afer that. People don't grow taller after teen years. It's medically proven. It is what it is. Maybe different today for kids who eat meats with all kinds of steroids.
vegetable man said on 19/Oct/12
Is there any evidence of the French measurement?
TheEnd said on 2/Aug/12
I am likely to agree with you Steve. There's just a few factors involved here in that the French Coronor's measured him at 6'1" and these ladies who knew him personally are saying he grew to that height. Can't really be sure what to make of that but then again it's the internet & they can say anything.
Steve said on 1/Aug/12
Salli was just obsessed with the guy. No way was he over 5'10", if that. The rest is just hero-worship to me.
TheEnd said on 31/Jul/12
Here is the link to the old comments on
Click Here
TheEnd said on 28/Jul/12
I just read on the message board from a couple of women , one of them is Salli, who post their regularly and who knew Jim personally. One of them Scarlet43 or something is her nic. She says Jim had a growth spurt by 1971 & was about 6'1" & was claiming He had to buy all new Pants because he had outgrown his old ones. I'm just relaying what I found. If you go on their message board you'll find her to be a reputable & regular, and verifiable person on there. Cant be certain, but that's just more evidence towards the taller.
Steve said on 28/Jul/12
I read in the book No One Here Gets Out Alive, Jim was stretching himself somehow thinking this would make him taller. I think it was while he was in or getting ready to go to college. I also read his dad was supposedly short, which could be why Jim seemed to have a height complex. Pics don't lie.
TheEnd said on 27/Jul/12
I never met Jim , but Salli Stevenson did. Maybe she measured him wrong & he was actually 5'10.5" or maybe she's making that up? I dont know but journalists tend not to lie about such minor details, at least honest ones. He's been dead a long time & is considered a Legend. We're not talking about a pro athlete so why would it be necessary to add 1 or 1.5 inches to his height in her anecdote? * Now I would admit he looks more 5'10 or 5'10.5 in the pics & videos by using Ray 6'0.5" as the comparison.
Steve said on 25/Jul/12
I've read your comments before, but contrary to what Salli says, he was always wearing boots. Maybe 6.0' with boots on, but definitely not over 5'.10" or even a little less without boots.
TheEnd said on 25/Jul/12
Salli Stevenson, noted journalist from the 60s, recounts a story of having a bet with Morrison and measuring him at 5'11.5 barefoot. Also the French coroner's report measured his deceased body at 6'1.(I've read that body increases in height after death due to something with spinal fluid, not sure on that). These 2 pieces of evidence are what might actually push towards him actually being closer to 5'11" height on average. I went to 21st Century Doors show in 2005 and there were couple guys there that had seen Morrison & original Doors & they said Jim was pretty big guy & they said like 6 feet.
Pete said on 10/Jun/12
I used to think he was taller, but looking closer at all the pictures of him...5'9 . He always wore boots that had thick heels.
Alexander said on 9/Feb/12
It's REALLY REALLY hard to tell. Sometimes he looks like he's almost as tall as Ray. (don't think i've ever seen a pic where is actually the same height or taller) But, I think he used alot of height raisers: boots, shoe stuffers. His high school friends said he was 5'9 130 in high school, and jim said he was 5'8 1/2. (probably to make it seem like he grew after high school) I really doubt he was 5'11 shoeless (maybe with average heeled boots) i'd say he was 5'9
Tony said on 9/Jan/12
Hearing that Jim was around 5ft 9in is making me feel less self conscious. Bring on the doubts of him being 5ft 11in! :D
maio said on 4/Dec/11
'The Doors' heights:

Ray Manzarek: 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 10.5 in/179 cm (TODAY)
John Densmore: 5 ft 8.25 in/173 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 7 in/170 cm (TODAY)
Robby Krieger: 5 ft 8.5 in/174 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 7.75 in/172 cm (TODAY)
Jim Morrison: 5 ft 10 in/178 cm
Martyr said on 1/Nov/11
176/177cm seems right. Downgrade!
Jim's friend said on 9/Oct/11
Jim was 5 ft 9.5 in. I knew him personally.
Frank Stache said on 10/Sep/11
Whatever his height was, he was certainly taller than Tom Cruise !
Anonimous said on 23/Aug/11
This is probably the best picture EVER to estimate Jim's height:

Click Here

Jim is notorious for trying to make himself really tall in pictures. In some of them I am very surprised he even seems to be tiptoeing!

Click Here
Click Here

If we subtract the hair volume, take into account the extreme stretching (Ray has good picture but he is not stretching,) and we assume Jim is not tiptoeing (which I am not sure about,) Ray was 6'1/2" and they both are wearing similar shoes (with quite generous heels btw):

Click Here

I would say there is a 3 inches difference in the first picture, what puts Jim at 5'9.5"

P.S.: Here's another one with Ray wearing Chuck Taylor's:

Click Here
R.A. said on 6/Aug/11
Actually, it was pointed out that Jim was 5'9.5" but always wore cowboy boots of a 1.5' inch increase that made him seem 5'11". This sounds correct to me because he always wore cowboy boots and I doubt he was 5'11" barefoot. Nevertheless, was he insecure about his height and so am I. Aren't we all?
Greg said on 25/Jul/11
Just read No One Here Gets Out Alive and apparently Jim was only 5'8 3/4 and 131 pounds at the end of high school... when he didn't wear boots and height raising shoes. It said he used to stand on a table and stretch his arms and legs and reach for the ceiling to "make him taller". He was insecure about his height, so i'm thinking he was 5'9, no taller
Steve said on 20/Jul/11
Pictures don't lie. He was constantly wearing boots in public. When he stood next to Ray, who mostly wore flat shoes/sandals, he was still at least a couple inches shorter then Ray, who says in is autobiography he was 6'0". The New Haven arrest had Jim as 6'0", obviosly with Jim wearing his boots. So, without the boots, I would put him at 5'10" at best. I guess it depends on how high the heals were on those boots.
Robert said on 27/Jun/11
Jim morrison is 5'11

Chase said on 17/Jun/11
He was about 5'10
Connor e. said on 12/Jun/11
No taller then 6'7
Tyler said on 12/Jun/11
Steven doesnt know what hes talking about... Do u know thatsome models are 5'11 and 120 lbs?? Ughhhhh!!
Jon said on 12/Jun/11
On the show lost, Josh Holloway is 6'1 and Henry ian cusick is 5'11. The difference between their height looks exactly the same as the difference of ray manzerels height to Jim's.
Connor E. said on 9/Jun/11
Im 15years old and 5'11 and 135 lbs. It is very likley that jim could have been just ten poumds heavier. And to those people who think he was 5'9, lol he wasnt much shorter than ray manzerek.... Jim was 5'11 people
Steve P. said on 2/Jun/11
I'm 5'10"-5'10.5", and I weigh around 145 myself. I guess people have different builds, some bigger boned and some more skinny. What's weird is the last couple of years when Jim was alive, people said he was getting fat. He might of had a small paunch, but I don't think he was fat. That's that sex symbol stuff all the celebs get, but I guess he got fed up with all of it.
Steven said on 1/Jun/11
5'11 and 145 lbs??? One of those has to be wrong because I'm very skinny at 5'7 130. I find that hard to believe
Gladiator said on 20/May/11
I have had a look at a lot of Doors Videos and accepting that Manzarek was 6ft and no shorter and maybe a little taller it is very obvious that Jim was no taller than 5ft 9' at at best.Live videos don't lie!!!
Douglas said on 18/May/11
Jim, always tested limits of himself and other people, and listing his official height as 5'11 is most definitely testing the limits. He MIGHT have be 5'11 in boots. Jim's father was 5'7 with shoes on, and pictures of Jim standing next to his father reveal he was only an inch or two taller. Jim was 5'9, there's no question about it
Johan Cruyff said on 2/May/11
Jim Morrison's height was:

Morning (out of bed)= 5'11" (1.80,3 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 5'10.6" (1.79,3 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 5'10.25" (1.78,4 m)

In the morning he was a solid 5'11", i think...
James said on 1/May/11
No taller than 5'9-5'10
Steve said on 8/Apr/11
I agree. I think Morrison had sort of a complex about his height, cause he was always wearing his boots. If he was lucky, maybe 5'10", buy I think more like 5'9.5".
Aguz said on 7/Apr/11
Morrison was 175. 180 wearing his famous bots. Manzarek, who is 183 barefoot and used to wear absolutely normal sandals, still towered Morrison with his bots on.
Jack said on 29/Mar/11
Rob... Seriously, only one person out of dozens of posts actually believes this guy is 5'11"... All of the other evidence is pointing to him being around 5'9.5"... Don't get why you haven't downgraded him.
John K said on 6/Jan/11
I'm here again. I really met Jim in 1968. He looked very normal. 5'10''- 5'11''
Arslan said on 6/Jan/11
Well, even If it was not intented, I've read about his 'true' height : for author Stephen Davis (Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend - 2004) he gave 5'11'' as his height ... but in truth, you have to take 1 inch out of this, so, indeed, the 5'10'' (1m78) story is more accurate.
Steve said on 6/Jan/11
Jim would have got a kick out of this height stuff. No doubt, I think he was insecure about his height. A lot of people who wear boots are. But then again, I wear them and I'm not too insecure about my height. From the pics and videos and so on, I'd say he was around 5'9.5"-5'10" max, which is about average.
kmilo said on 30/Dec/10
well if he is 5'11 then in boots he must have been like 6'2 and that makes ray 6'4 or 6'5. I think he was 5'9
Russ said on 14/Dec/10
5'7" to 5'9". I walked past him, Manzarek and Krieger in DTW the morning after a concert. They were all standing and in boots. Manzarek was easily 4" to 5" taller than Morrison.
Arslan said on 25/Nov/10
In "When You´re Strange", they show a kind of identity card, and in personal data we read : 5'11'', 145 lbs, brown hair, blue-gray eyes.
Christian said on 11/Nov/10
After seeing "When You´re Strange" I´d say about 5'10'' seems correct.
Steve said on 27/Jun/09
Get over the Salli Stevenson stuff. Jim was no 5'11.5". Pictures don't lie. He's lucky if he was 5'10".
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/09
that picture is obviously a weird lens effect. he is even taller than Ray!
pilinpilin said on 23/Jun/09
check this photo and tell me if jim wasn't around 5'11

Click Here
John said on 9/Jun/09
Yep, Jim was 6 ft.... on his boots, that's why 6 ft. Ray manzarek was 2 inches taller than him on boots, it's logical. It looks like Jim was a top 5-10.

Salli Stevenson said 5-11.5, but Jim Morrison said he was only 5-11. I believe Jim better than Salli.
The End said on 8/Jun/09
Find Salli Stevenson, waterboard her into admitting the Truth. Just kidding. But she DOES Truthfully claim to have measured Jim Morrison at exactly 5'11.5". What can I say? I dont absolutely know for a fact that she's is exagerrating (lying) about this. In the meantime we can speculate about the Dead guy's height as being between 5'9 & 5'10. If only the Doors of Perception were cleansed...
Bik Erbrom said on 4/Jun/09
....actually, he was OVER 6 inches tall. I have proof.....
Click Here
"The bare chested lizard king action figure stands more than 6 inches tall & comes with a custom base, microphone & stand."
Ray Manzarek said on 26/May/09
Jim was 5 ft 9.5 in
Brad said on 15/May/09
People who do smack don't get fat. His face bloated due to the whiskey bar and the Liquor Locker on Sunset.
Sam said on 14/May/09
Jim's height should be downgraded to the correct 5 ft 9.5 in for this page; don't you think.
Steve said on 14/May/09
I've read just about all the books about Jim. Not to get off the subject of height, but a lot of people have said Jim got fat towards the end. I've seen pictures of him towards the end of his life and I didn't think he looked fat at all. He might have put on a little weight around 1970 / 1971, from the way he looked in 1967, but he certainly wasn't fat. I read in one of his biographies he was 185lbs. in college, which isn't fat for a guy who is in the 5'9"-5'10" range.
Curious said on 13/May/09
That's what I always said, 5'9.5" to 5'10" at the most.
MarkyMark said on 12/May/09
Is Everybody in ? WAKE UP !!! ;) I'd say between 5'9 and 5'10. And I would say he was maybe 174 cm before stretching himself. I agree with the guy who say he had an height complex. He wasn't small, especialy for this era but he wished he could get higher oups taller :p
JDM said on 6/May/09
I am 5 ft 9.5 flash_of_eden......Now I have to get back to Waiting for the sun. I am not dead, I am still alive. WAKE UP !!!!!!!! Jim Morrison
flash_of_eden said on 26/Apr/09
I agree with myself. 5'9.5"
flash_of_eden said on 26/Apr/09
Strange Days have found us. Jim was 5 ft 9.5 flat footed. "Flattery will get you nowhere".... JDM
shriekingcasket said on 25/Apr/09
Jim Morrison was obviously 5'11" (in his own mind) so give the guy a break.
Curious said on 17/Apr/09
flash of eden, that sounds about right to me.
flash_of_eden said on 16/Apr/09
I beleive Jim was 5 ft 9.5 / From most of the reports I have read and photos I have seen. So, 5 ft 9.5 it is. "FACT"
Curious said on 13/Apr/09
I really don't know what Jim's height is. I can't see him at 5'11", cause pictures don't lie. Robby seems to be the closest to Jim's height, and in Robby's prime, he was maybe 5'9". Hard to tell though cause of various footware.
flash_of_eden said on 11/Apr/09
What is with all these posts ending with "FACT." Seriously, it doesn't give your post any more merit than the others and is quite pretentious/rude.
Sam said on 9/Apr/09
Boots sure help, not to mention "Lifts in those boots" 5'9.5" is correct Steve.
Steve said on 2/Apr/09
I have a copy of Stephen Davis's biography of Jim. It says when The Doors were asked to fill out a Personal Profile: Jim lists 5'11" as his height. Then in parenthesis the author puts "enhanced about an inch and a half". So Jim must have been really 5'9.5". Boots sure help though.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
some more
Click Here
Click Here

And then again looking taller:
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
One thing I can say, camera lenses for sure are tricky!

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And here, scroll to the bottom of the page right below the text:
Click Here
Tom said on 26/Mar/09
Yeah, what ever happened to the " Al Graham height proof video". It never materialized.
Curious said on 25/Mar/09
I still believe what Al Graham said on this site back in September.
John said on 22/Mar/09
If Ray is really 6'0'', it is imposible that Jim was over 5'10''.
Don said on 21/Mar/09
5 ft 9.5 in .....Don't forget Jimbo wore high heel cowboy boots with lifts. FACT.
Steve said on 13/Mar/09
5'9.5" TOPS.
Curious said on 23/Feb/09
In that picture Don posted, it looks like Jim is maybe an inch or so taller then Robby. I would assume they were all wearing boots. Like to see a picture with Jim not wearing boots standing with the other Doors.
Ray said on 23/Feb/09
Folks, I hate to break it to ya, but Jim was only 5 ft 9.5 in. Jim wore cowboy boots with one inch lifts on top of that. How do I know you ask. Because I recorded music with him, that's why. As Jim would say "WAKE UP"!!!!
Blake said on 22/Feb/09
Jim had to be 5'9.5"....In "no one here gets out alie" the book, it says in college Jim used to stand in his underwear at night and stretch with his arms aboe his head because he thought it would make him taller, he really was self- concious about his height
Don said on 22/Feb/09
Here is a clip from YouTube from a 1967 concert in San Bernardino. Check out the first picture, with everyone standing together. By the way, they played a great version of "Light My Fire" that night, despite some problems with Jim's PA Mike. I wish a soundboard version of this concert was available.

Click Here
Sam said on 20/Feb/09
The only Doors member who was tall was Ray, period. John and Robbie were short. Jim was medium height at best.
Curious said on 18/Feb/09
I rented The Doors Collection DVD, and in all the photos, Jim is definitely shorter then Ray, who sometimes wore boots. Look under Bonus Features and click on the home/college movie that Ray made with his girlfriend Dorothy. Towards the second part of it there is a party they go to with Jim in it and Ray walks by him and you can clearly see the difference in height. Who knows, maybe this was with Jim not wearing his boots.
John said on 16/Feb/09
Boots no heeled? c'mon... he wore heeled boots. No discussion about it. Ray had a very bad posture by those days, that's why he looked only 2 inches taller than Jim.

In all pics posted you can see 2 inches of difference. Now look difference betwen Jim and Robby, in some pics Jim looks only 1 inch taller than Robby.
Curious said on 16/Feb/09
If Ray was 6'0.5", why was he still taller then Jim who wore boots all the time. If Jim was 5'11", and put his boots on and stood next to Ray, who most of the time wore flat shoes/sandals, they would have been the same height. Jim was not 5'11" period. He was one of the most insecure people as far as his height goes. When he was alive, no one was aware of it but himself. It was so obvious.
Joe said on 14/Feb/09
You can't go by one picture.
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/09
Here they appear to wear the same kind of footwear. If Ray was 6'0.5 and Robbie was 5'9 back then Jim could perfectly be 5'11

Click Here
Steve said on 13/Feb/09
Here is my opinion. I was at an auto show in Cleveland a few years back and Jerry Springer was signing autographs. I'm about 5'10.5", and when I stood next to him, we were the same size. They have him listed on this site as 5'11.5", but I don't agree with that since I stood next to him, he was no taller then me. Anyway, there was a photo of Springer posted here standing next to Rob, who says he's 5'7.5", and he towers him at least 3 inches. So that is what I see myself looking next to Rob. Now, if you look under Robbie Kreiger's height on this site, you will see Kreiger standing next to Rob, and he is listed as 5'8", and they look about the same height. I would assume he wasn't wearing boots, like sometimes he did when he was with The Doors. So, if I am 5'10.5", and I stood next to Kreiger, then I would still tower him by almost 3 inches, and that is without boots. My point is, Jim was about 2-3 inches taller then Robbie, BUT that was with his boots. So if he was 5'11" and wore boots, wouldn't he be at least 4-5 inches taller then Robbie. Being 2-3 inches taller then Robbie, remove Jim's boots and he is lucky to be an inch or more taller then Robbie. Yeah, he could have been 5'10", but certainly not 5'11".
Sammy said on 12/Feb/09
5 ft 10 tops
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/09
his boots: Not as heeled as some claim:
Click Here
imo, at least 5'10.5. Ray was not always on sandals!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Jake said on 5/Feb/09
If The End doesn't care about whether Morrison was 5'9" or 6'9", then why is it so important he defends Salli so much. Was he there when she "says" she measured him, no. Jim was good at times, but I don't think he was the greatest.
Curious said on 5/Feb/09
Anybody can claim to have measured his height. Obviously she claims she met him and all that, which I'm sure she did, but that doesn't mean she measured him at that height. Come on, do you really think he was that tall, regardless of what she claims.
TheEnd said on 4/Feb/09
HA, HA! All I know is Salli Stevenson absolutely claims to have measured him barefoot at 5'11.5". The guy is long gone, I cant score any points. I dont care if he was 5'9" or 6'9". He was the Greatest Rock Star I have ever seen.
Curious said on 31/Jan/09
The End, you are either Salli Stevenson's messenger boy or you're trying to score some points. Anyway, if Jim was 5'11.5" without boots, then he would be the same height as Ray with his boots on, right? I don't think so!, HA, HA!
TheEnd said on 26/Jan/09
Ultimately, Jim's height height is not what matters most. What matters is that He was the Greatest Rock Singer Ever. The Charm, Charisma, Mystery, Power,and also the Physical Looks. ( And He led many to think He was a 6 ft guy although we will never If He was actually 5'11.5" as Salli Stevenson is the Only Person EVER TO CLAIM to have measured him barefoot). I say go take issue with Her about this. Until then, you can just speculate with the 5'9-5'10 range. I say rather than spend time here, you're better off listening to the Doors entire catalog of songs if you havent done this yet.
Tony said on 25/Jan/09
Steve is spot on. Sounds about right to me.
Steve said on 23/Jan/09
Ray: 6'0.5"
Jim: 5'9.5"-5'10", maybe
John: 5'7.5"-5-8", maybe
Robby: 5'8.5"-5'9", maybe
Joe said on 22/Jan/09
Lifts in boots, never heard of it.
Tim said on 17/Jan/09
Jim Morrison is, was and with always be 5 ft 9.5 .. Morrison wore cowboys boots with inch lifts on top of that. So the only way Jim could ever be 5 ft 11 in, is him doing this. F A C T
Sam said on 14/Jan/09
Of all the times Jim got arrested, you would think there would be a photo of him standing in front of a height chart, you know when someone gets arrested.
flash_of_eden said on 13/Jan/09
Ray is 6 ft 0.5
Sam said on 12/Jan/09
I don't think Ray was 6'1". Maybe with his sandals on. But yeah, he had Jim by about 2-3 inches even with Jim's boots.
sandyteren said on 10/Jan/09
hey. yeh jim was self conscious about his height, i know for a fact. he used to always wear cowboy boots, even on the beach, check the video footage of him roaming about with fans, his band on youtube. plus ray manzerek is a legit 6 foot 1 and even in sandles has jim on with about 4 inches despite jim being in cowboy boots
Steve said on 10/Jan/09
Editor Rob, do you really think Jim was 5'11"? I know that is what Jim listed his height as, but what about the boots and all that? From all the pics next to the other Doors, what do you really think his height was?
flash_of_eden said on 9/Jan/09
so was Jim self-conscious about his height?
Robby said on 5/Jan/09
Jim was 5 ft 9.5 F A C T
Steve said on 3/Jan/09
I mean "big haired dude", whatever.
Steve said on 29/Dec/08
He was the first "big heared dude". Always gave the impression he was taller then he really was. At least we get it, cause some people don't.
soggybiscuit said on 28/Dec/08
it's important the lead singer of a rock man looks tall, dominant and sexy. yes i am saying tall = sexy in that respect. Morrison undoubtedly wore cowboy boots with a slight lift to gain a couple of inches. morrison was a solid 5 foot 9 without them. maybe even if a bit lower. incredibly handsome and talented man RIP
Steve said on 27/Dec/08
Makes sense.
soggybiscuit said on 25/Dec/08
jim morrison was 5 foot 2, wearing the famous 9 inch cowboy boots. ray manzerek was 7 foot 4, making him taller than jim in every photo. the rest of the members are just na illusion

strange days indeed
John said on 24/Dec/08
My estimations, after watching videos and pics, are:

-Jim is 2 inches taller than Robby. John looks like 3 inches under Jim. Ray said he is 6'0'' and also 6'0.5''(never 6'1'')which makes him 2 inches taller than Jim (at least), so:

Steve said on 22/Dec/08
I wonder how tall Pamela Courson was? I heard 5'2" or something. Jim had good taste in women.
Robby said on 19/Dec/08
Jim was 5'9" and 1/2 flat footed. Ray is three inches taller than at 6'0.5" .John is a little bit shorter than me.
Steve said on 17/Dec/08
You can see from the November 19 posting (pictures of The Doors on the beach), none of the members including Jim are wearing footwear. Jim and Robbie look about the SAME height, no doubt about it. Back then, I'd give Robbie about 5'9".
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/08
completely agree with JM, who is so logical and sensible in what he says im beginning to think JM- jim morrison himself. But yes the height difference between ray and jim is a bit too obvious. There is bloody hundreds of photos of the doors together and you can see their footwear, and jim always wears boots which put him at STILL 2 inches below 6 ft1 ray. 5 ft 9 fits Morrison perfectly without boots.
JM said on 10/Dec/08
I've seen photos of Jim and Robbie standing next to each other with both of them wearing boots and they look about the same height. If Jim was 5'11", then wearing boots would put him around 6'1" or so. Now when Ray wore regular shoes with about an inch heel, that would put him about 6'1.5", since he is suppose to be 6'0.5", wouldn't it? So they would mathematically be about the same height. You can clearly see this was not the case at all. Remove Jim's boots with him wearing regular shoes with an inch heel like Ray, and you can clearly see even more of a difference. There is just too much height difference between the two even with Jim wearing his boots. Someone who is an inch or an inch and a half difference in height wouldn't be so noticeable. How tall was he, maybe 5'9.5". I use to think 5'10", but nah.
John said on 8/Dec/08
Salli Stevenson have to explain how Jim on boots was 2 inches shorter than Ray in sandals.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/08
Here we go again about Sali Stevenson.
TheEnd said on 6/Dec/08
The one thing that hangs over all this talk is that Salli Stevenson claims to have measured Jim one time at 5'11.5" She seems a pretty credible journalist too. We will never know if she is lying or not.....
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/08
How do you know he was 5'9.5"?
Steve said on 4/Dec/08
You mean Robby Kreiger?
Steve said on 1/Dec/08
Even when Ray wore his sandals or regular shoes and stood next to Jim, who always wore boots, you can still see Ray was at least a couple inches taller then Jim.
John said on 29/Nov/08
If Jim was 5'11'', then he should be 6'1'' on boots, taller than Manzarek on sandals, but it wasn't the case.
Sam said on 28/Nov/08
I never said Jim was 5'11". I think he was around 5'10" or just under.
Kevin said on 27/Nov/08
Hey Sam. Prove Jim was 5'11" .....LOL. I saw an old 1967 American Bandstand show with the doors.I believe I saw it on Youtube. Jim looked about the same height as Dick Clark and Dick Clark is 5'8". Do the math.
Sam said on 26/Nov/08
RDM, was that you on 11/23 saying he was 5'11" and now your saying he was 5'9" to 5'9.5"? I don't get it. That comment on 11/24 was addressed to Anonymous, not RDM. Let me guess, now you're suppose to be Ray from the Doors who talked to Robbie and John, right! Nobody is trying to be a punk, just giving facts. Jim would eat this up, HA, HA!
RDM said on 26/Nov/08
Photos, videos and my band members all agree Jim was 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 9 and 1/2 . Jim was very insecure about his height. FACT. There is your PROOF PUNK.
Sam said on 24/Nov/08
Anonymous, prove he was 5'11".
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/08
He was 5'11" you all just wish he was on your level but your not like him get over yourself
Mojo said on 21/Nov/08
I wonder if Jim played Basketball in his boots?
Curious said on 20/Nov/08
Anonymous, those are the photos, yes.
miles smiles said on 20/Nov/08
Out of all the listings I've seen on this site, I believe that the 5-11 listing for Morrison is the most blatantly wrong. From most accounts, and from photos, he didn't even quite scrape 5-9 on a good day. Danny Sugarman, who worked for Morrison as a teenager, stated he was 5-8.75 in his biography, No One Here Gets Out Alive. Morrison was extremely thin in his Lizard King period, and almost always wore thick cuban heel boots, perhaps giving the illusion of someone in the 5-11 range.
John said on 19/Nov/08
It's very strange Ray sayin
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/08
Agree with curious
But may i just add, curious, that Morrison was insecure about his height, at least i think he was. and he had all the right to be so given he was distinctly average height, if a bit shorter. Morrison got so attatched to these chuncky boots, he carried them around with him everywhere even in some of the footage on the beach or the cruise. Who really cares at the end of the day. If you're short, no one is stopping you from wearing boots to add a couple of inches. at the end of the day its what makes you confident and happy which counts
RIP Morrison.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/08
are this the pictures?

Click Here
Curious said on 19/Nov/08
I read Ray and John's autobiographies, and they seemed to be convinced that Jim was around 6'0" or just under. Maybe they were wearing blinders or didn't notice his BOOTS. That's what is throwing this listing off so much, those BOOTS.
I seen some photos of Jim on the beach standing with the other Doors not wearing his boots, and he looked right around Robbie's height, which at the time was about 5'9". People get fooled too because of his thinness, because sometimes someone being thin can give an illusion of looking taller, not to mention his long hair. I would give Jim about 5'9.5" or maybe even 5'10", which I haven't heard Jim being too much on this site.
Steve said on 18/Nov/08
Even with Jim wearing boots, he still over 2 inches or so shorter then Ray who hardly wears boots!
John said on 18/Nov/08
In fact, Ray never said his height was 6-1, just 6-0 1/2, the top height he has given of himself.
Sam said on 17/Nov/08
Interesting comment below. I see yet another person agrees with me. Ray is 6 foot and 1/2 though. Sorry. :)
Steve said on 15/Nov/08
Interesting Anonymous.
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/08
5 foot 11. That is an abseloute joke. haha. First is first Morrison wore 3 inch cowboy boots. Secondly tight leather, big hair, ring aorund his neck- adds to the illusion of him being taller, plus he was thin in his early days. Plus he was known to tip toe a lot on a stage and lean over to the microphone. Veyr very insecure about his height. He was 5 foot 9 or 174 cm- 100% convinced. He appeared in his early days 6 foot. Look at some of the footage when he is on the beach or with pamela, he carries his boots with him, hes insecure about his height. and when he's not in his boots he is either sitting down or leaning against a tree. youtube it. I am 100% convinced he is a tad below 5 foot 9.
Think of this way...he was an iconic rockstar, sexy, glamerous, daring etc etc, a tall frame would add to his dominance and he was insecure he didnt have that, look at his short dad who is a famous navy ardmiral. Pamela is very short, and he looks only a few inches taller than her.
Ray- 6 foot 1
Morrison- 5 foot 9, maybe a bit below but every bit 5 foot 11 with his boots on
Robby- 5 foot 8
densmore- 5 foot 7

Morrison- insecure about his height, definitely not 5 foot 11, big cowboy boots he always carried aorund with him.

End of story

5 ft 9
Sam said on 18/Oct/08
What ever happened to the Al Graham video?
Steve said on 27/Sep/08
Let's not worry about Al anymore. He's getting more attention then Jim.
Tony said on 23/Sep/08
What happened to that "Al Graham video" .. I guess the liar was found out, LOL
RDM said on 19/Sep/08
Why does Cliff "Morrison" refuse to take a blood test to prove he is Jim's son. What does he have to hide. Oh, I know, could it be the fact that Cliff is scared he will be found out to be a liar? Oh yeah, and there is also the clown living in the Northwest claiming to be Jim Morrison; stating that he is still alive. Come on people. As Jim Morrison would say, "WAKE UP"... LOL
Curious said on 18/Sep/08
I'll admit, Cliff looks a lot like Jim, although I'm not saying whether he's related to him or anything. Cliff doesn't look that tall either.
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/08
Everything that Al Graham claims here is consitent with historical documentation (besides the Paris Coroner's false report). Al is the most credible source out there with regards to the Morrison family. And when he says that Cliff is Jim's son, believe him. Or you can check out the various Cliff interviews posted on Youtube. You can't fake his Jim-like mannerisms.
The Czar said on 16/Sep/08
Everything that Al Graham claims here is consitent with historical documentation (besides the Paris Coroner's false report). Al is the most credible source out there with regards to the Morrison family. And when he says that Cliff is Jim's son, believe him. Or you can check out the various Cliff interviews posted on Youtube. You can't fake his Jim-like mannerisms.
The Czar said on 16/Sep/08
All the claims that Al Graham makes here are true and consistent with historical documentation (besides the creditless Paris Coroner's report). Al would absolutely know. He has been family to the Morrisons for decades and remains to be. Also, if you doubt that Cliff is Jim's kid, you're in denial. Just check out his interviews on Youtube. He's not posturing or posing like an impersonator. You can't fake Cliff's Jim-like mannerisms.
Curious said on 15/Sep/08
Is that Raymond Daniel Manzarek? Come on really?!!!!!!!!!
RDM said on 14/Sep/08
So, according to Al Graham's Sept 3rd post, he stated that Jim was 5 ft 9 and 1/2. Sounds right to me man. I should know, we recorded music together in the 60's and early 70's. Jim Morrison was no 5 ft 11 in .. LOL
John said on 14/Sep/08
Put tony1 or tony2, so confused.
Tony said on 14/Sep/08
Well, it's a week later. Where's the Al Graham "proof" video. I am waiting. LOL
John said on 12/Sep/08
What Al Graham meant was Jim wasn't over 5-9 and 1/2, 176 cms if I recall correctly. That made his height over his sister and under his brother.
Tony said on 12/Sep/08
Sounds like "Double Talk" to me. You are right on Sam!! If Jim were alive, he would be laughing his ass off!! Jim knew he wasn't 5 ft 11 in, that's why he wore cowboy boots all the time. I am up to any challenge you want to make "Al Graham", if it fact that's who you really are. So, I guess if Ray is 6 ft 0.5 in and Jim was 5 ft 11 in, why is it that in every photo I have ever seen, and I have tons of doors photos, Ray looks three inches taller. Can you answer that question for me. I am waiting on your "video" Mr. Graham.
Sam said on 12/Sep/08
Al Graham, you listed on Aug. 28 here that Jim was 5'9" and Andy was 5'11". Then you say on Sep. 3 that Andy was 5'10" and Anne was 5'9", with Jim being taller then Anne. So now you're saying Jim was taller then 5'9" and Andy was only 5'10". I'm just wondering which one is right.
Curious said on 8/Sep/08
As Jim would say, get it on!!!!!!!!
Al Graham said on 7/Sep/08
I have a challenge for Tony, I will make a video showing who I am and if you will do the same and then we can see who is who. I think I can guarantee that you will not show your face because your name is not Tony. So do we have a bet , or are you afraid to show your face and instead hide behind a screen name. Here is your chance to put up or shut-up. I cannot wait to hear your excuse as to why you cannot show your face.

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