How tall is Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American Singer/Guitarist. In the biography, 'Room full of Mirrors', the author mentions Jimi "entered the service he weighed 155lbs and was five feet ten tall." and how people mistook him for being taller due to his afro. Jimi had his height listed on his Passport as 5 feet 11 inches.

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5ft 10.41in (178.8cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jan/23
I’ve seen two Jimi Hendrix paraqueets in the past two days!

I’d been wondering if they migrate but then why would they? This is the only home they know. I can assure you that they’re very beautiful and always make my day.

I got into Jimi’s music when I was 19, in 1980, but I acquired some antique 50s recordings that Jimi made with other eminent singers, given to me by the father of Hell’s Angels president, Peter (Buttons) Welsh, who was known simply as ‘Pop’.

Jimi is getting 5ft10.5 from me today, even bearing in mind that he had a huge mop of hair.
Danimal said on 24/Nov/22
5'11". Surprised you still have him listed at 5'11."
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jul/22
I saw three of Jimi’s parakeets a couple of days ago.

My Jim told me about them, the fountain of knowledge that he is.

He pointed them out to me as we were approaching Sainsbury’s, West Wickham, and since then, they have been frequently been seen in my garden. I know their noise now - it’s high pitched and very cute!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/22
Yesterday afternoon, I sat on the doorstep listening to Quadrophenia. I spotted three green miniature parrots which, rumour has it, are part of a family of these birds that Jimi set free when he played in England, Chistlehurst Caves to mention one location. Two of my older friends were there.

You could say that it was his ongoing legacy, and a very beautiful one at that, apart from his music, of course!

5ft10.5. 🦜🦜🦜
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Apr/22
⭐️ I tried to find the height of Jimi’s brother, Leon, himself a musician now and an artist, but I could not, otherwise I just might have asked for him! The brothers have three sisters as well.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Apr/22
There was a fantastic documentary on Jimi Hendrix last night immediately after the Roger Waters concert. It contained contributions from his younger brother, Leon, and many eminent singers. It was clearly made years ago, as I spotted many late stars, including one of Jimi’s roadies, Lemmy, Chris Squire from Yes and Ginger Baker.

Jimi did wear Cuban heels, but then, I think they all did back then.

5ft10.5. 🎸🎶
Jack D. Bell said on 9/Feb/22
Hendrix was 18 and a half years old when he entered the that would indeed be his height...the coroner merely took a sloppy reading of Hendrix on the slab, in 1970, as being 5'11"....not accurate. The coroner was later stripped of his license, due to alcoholism.
Tall Sam said on 23/Jan/22
He also looked something near 5’11” near Otis Redding in a very poor photo.
V for 1984 said on 20/Jan/22
Prime close to 5-11 imo
Tall Sam said on 6/Jan/22
Rob, what are the odds of you listing him a little higher, if not a full 5’11” maybe somewhere between 5’10” and 5’11”?

Between a leaning Pete Townshend and John Entwistle (as well as the rest of The Who): Click Here
Editor Rob
He certainly can look taller there, without knowing the footwear.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Nov/21
@ Arch - Now that's what I consider good taste! 👌😁🎶

Jimi gets 5ft10.5.
Tall Sam said on 11/Nov/21
I do think he’s under listed maybe by something like half to three quarters inch, would possibly have a good inch over some of the rockers who claim 5’10” and taller even than some of the ones who claim 5’11”.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Nov/21
One of the tallest looking 5'10 guys I can think of.. Looked long and thin on stage back in the 60s.
Ethan Larsen said on 9/Nov/21
Under listed himself, for sure 5'11"
Scott Yasso said on 25/Sep/21
Jimi was 5" 11" according to his passport information...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Aug/21
@ Stinky 186cm - You have excellent taste in music! 😁👍🎶🎵

I've just counted 44 Stinky comments in a row on the Latest Comments Page for the 29th of August! I love that date because my cat, Big Black Pixie, was born on this day in 1997. Not so nice is that it's also the day the world was going to meet with a nuclear explosion in the Terminator films. ☹️

The magnificent Jimi gets 5ft10.25.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
Ah yes Jimi Hendrix, his music was amazing It will always bring me back to my teenage years Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin’s music was the only stuff I listened to when I was 13-17 I used to think the Jimi was 5’ 11” because his relatively built slender he never looked like a 5’ 10” guy to me and I honestly think he was taller I guess that he was about 5’ 10 1/2” maybe even a weak (granted very weak) 5’ 11” R.I.P Jimi Hendrix he was gone way too soon
Tall Sam said on 1/Aug/21
I agree, I think Jimi was at least 5’10.5”. If I was a betting man, I’d bet he was taller than, for instance, any of the Beatles and any of The Rolling Stones excepting maybe Mick Taylor,
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/21
@ Dr Decker - First I found you'd commented on Robert Plant's page and now I see you've been on Jimi Hendrix's page as well! At just 18 years of age, that's more than impressive and it's great to see youngsters such as yourself getting into what I now consider the cream of classic rock. (Try the groups The Yardbirds, which included Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, and Cream, which included Eric Clapton and the late drummer, Ginger Baker).

With guys like you around, this music will be popular forever!

The great Hendrix gets 5ft10.5.🕯️
Dr Decker said on 30/Jul/21
Imo 18 years old 5-10 I’d say he was still growing. Be a weak 5-11 peak imo.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/21
I found a fantastic music channel last night and it was playing 70s rock. There were all sorts of categories and when American Idols came on, I was hoping to see Jimi Hendrix and sure enough, he came on after Alice Cooper. He was brilliant - and he's a-getting 5ft10.5 from me! 🎶🎸🎶
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Nov/20
Jimi Hendrix was born 78 years ago today.

RIP Jimi XX 🕯️
(27/11/42 - 18/9/70)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Nov/20
@ clamjam and Arch - Firstly, clamjam, I think you're right there! I used to, certainly at just turned 19, sing along to what I heard, and I'd put it right later. I never got round to altering that line though...

To the both of you: that same year, I met a guy who knew Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison and possibly even Hendrix himself. He told me that even the most avid heterosexuals, which included Joplin and Morrison, had the odd 'dalliance'! I don't see why that won't have included Hendrix himself, but I've only known/met people who've seen him play and none who've known the great man, who was a very spiritual being, on a personal level.

Cheers guys! XX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Nov/20
No, no, no! The song from yesterday's Chase was 'All Along the Watch Tower'. They repeated it! 😬
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Nov/20
There was a question on the Chase as to who had a hit with 'Purple Haze'? The young lady contestant didn't know, but I think Brad would have given me Jimi Hendrix; the actual answer was The Jimi Hendrix Experience. I got heavily into Hendrix 9-and-a-half years after he died. Two of my friends saw him play live, the lucky sods, and many of my acquaintances.

5ft10.5 🎶🎸🎵🎧🎼😋👍
Tall Sam said on 16/Nov/20
When he entered the Air Force, I believe Jimi would've been about 18 years old. I think he could've had some more growing to do. I could see Jimi really measuring in the 5'10.5"-5'11" range even given that his afro and generous boots were boasting him higher. I legit think that he might've had some height perhaps even up to an inch over the non Ringo Beatles, Jagger, Bowie, Clapton and so on.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/20
If I could go back in a time machine, first port of call would be 1969 London and jamming with Jimi! One of the biggest auras I've ever got from any one human being through his music. Nah Hendrix to me seemed very much a ladies man, he loved women, but being the sixties no doubt he dabbled from time to time! Could pass for 6 ft.
clamjam said on 13/Mar/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell

Not to be rude, but you have that backwards. The line is 'excuse me while i kiss this sky', and is commonly misunderstood as 'excuse me while i kiss this guy'.

I'm not doubting that Hendrix might have had some bisexual tendencies, which are common & were indulged in the 60s where tabboos were being challenged... None-the-less, the lyric is still 'excuse me while i kiss the sky'. haha
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Feb/20
There was a Jimi Hendrix question on 'The Chase' yesterday, and Paul Sinha got it wrong!

It was 'Which track of Jimi's includes the often misunderstood line, "'scuse me while I kiss this guy..."?'

It was, of course, 'Purple Haze'. Yes, I too have misunderstood the line thinking for all these years that it was, "'scuse me while I kiss the sky'! However, I recognized it and got it right.

Judging from the photograph with Mick Jagger, I am giving Mr Hendrix 5ft11.
Dion Wright said on 10/Feb/20
A picture of Jimi standing next to Mick Jagger, who is 5'10 (178cm)

Click Here

Hendrix clearly has 1cm on Mick, but not more. I see Jimi standing 5'10.5, or 179.5cm.

Another photo of Hendrix with Buddy Miles, who stood 1.74cm. Jimi clearly has 3cm on Buddy, so 177-178 is about right.

Click Here

Jimi often wore 1" heels. Removing another inch from his height may put him around 5'9 1/2.

Keep in mind height fluctuates throughout the day and can go up or down by as much as 1" or more, so these are approximate guesses.
Aldebaran said on 4/Feb/20
Look a weak 5'11.
Bora said on 25/Dec/19
Solid 5'10" and quite tall for those years. Nowadays average i think
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Nov/19
Jimi Hendrix was born 77 years ago today. 🎸🎶

He gets a Birthday guess of 5ft10. 😁

@ Jean Moore - That's a very interesting story!
Jean Moore said on 13/Nov/19
I walked past him, backstage, at a long ago concert. I am 5'9" and I was looking down on him. I recall thinking he was about five foot six. On stage he was larger than life though.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/19
I never expected to be coming to Jimi's page as the result of watching an episode of 'American Horror Story' ('Asylum' episode 12, named 'Continuum'), but I am!

The brilliant makers of this series have everything down to a fine art, and even chose to play 'All Along The Watchtower' in an episode which has jumped four years from the basic storyline, based in 1964. Appropriately, as Hendrix fans will be well aware, the song begins 'There must be some kind of way out of here...'

This Season of AHS is about the sick goings-on in a mental asylum, with more than a little supernatural horror thrown in. Who wouldn't want to find some kind of way out of a 💩 hole like that? Furthermore, the song WAS released in 1968 as well! How's that for a bit of well thought-out research?

I got heavily into the music of Jimi Hendrix in 1980, some 9-and-a-half years after his death. In 1982, I met a man who claimed to have seen him in concert. He told me he was 21, like me. What a lie! How could he have been 9 when he saw him and have had stirrings in his underpants as a result of the excellence of the (Jimi Hendrix!) experience? The guy lied about his height too by a couple of inches, but what would you expect? He was 32 if he was a day and about as rotund as they come!

As for Jimi's height, I always thought he was a strong 6-footer, despite the hair, but I shall give him 5ft10.5.

✴️ Jimi died 49 years ago tomorrow - 18th September, 1970, which was to be my German Grandmother's final Birthday.
Angel Messtanoffski said on 18/Apr/19
Jimi Hendrix's actual height was 6 feet tall. His afro was 2 feet tall! LOL
Spencer said on 1/Jan/19
5'11" is my guess.
howhiami said on 1/Aug/18
That has really surprised me. i always thought he was around six feet two,maybe even a bit taller. I'm shocked.
Tall Sam said on 20/Jul/18
Rob, is there a chance he could've been between 5'10" and 5'11" range? He could've looked a little high when straightened up for a flat 5'10" IMO even considering the afro.
Editor Rob
Always a chance of strong 5ft 10 range.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/18
If only I could find out the height of singer and guitarist Randy California, whose name was changed from Wolfe to California by Jimi himself when they met up when Randy was just 15 in 1966...

They played together and shortly afterwards Randy played guitar and sang in his own group 'Spirit'! I have been listening to their album 'Potatoland', which I have been after for ages and finally found a copy on eBay, which came from a German fan. It sounds at least as good as it did when I was in my twenties!

If I can find out the heights of other people he played with and compare them to Randy, one ideal example being the 5ft10+ Hendrix, maybe I might get some idea! Until then, I will enjoy listening to his (RC's) beautiful and meaningful music! Not to mention that of Jimi Hendrix!

I will give Jimi 5ft10.5!
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Oct/17
@ Steven Schroeder:

Hello Steven! Did your Dad actually meet Jimi then? 🎸

Last time I put 5ft10 for this amazing guitarist and singer, but having just read Steven's comment, I will up Jimi to 5ft10.5!
Steven Schroeder said on 29/Sep/17
My father 6 foot 1 and jimi,was shorter next to him,by 1 or 2 inches 5 foot 11
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Apr/17
Rob, would people with big afros measure a bit taller on a stadiometer than if they had less hair/bald? I believe that having huge volume of hair prevents the headpiece from compressing the hair all the way to the tip of your skull.
Editor Rob
some dense hairstyles might add a mm or 2, but you really need something like braids on top of your head to make any difference.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Dec/16
I would have believed Jimi to be 6ft, but I do realise that his shock of Afro hair gave him a taller appearance!
I got into his music about 10 years after he died. I was given some albums from the 50's which Hendrix recorded with other artists and I didn't appreciate them as they weren't exactly what I was used to from him and I gave them away! They'd be worth a tidy sum now!
Manoverthere said on 13/Oct/16
Definitely 5'10"
dufusrufus said on 14/May/16
Hendrix is just an idea now....but he's listed at 5'11" almost 6 foot officially... makes sense he looks long and has a huge wingspan in many photos....he was also a late bloomer...
White Strat said on 4/Aug/15
5ft10 is close. Jimi's army medical reports reported him as both 70 inches and 69.5 inches tall. Therefore anywhere between 176cm to 178cm. Jimi was slightly over today's average height. Back in the 1960s this may (or may not?) have been considered tall, or at least tall-ish.
Calis said on 17/Jul/15
No way Jimi was 5'11" or even 5'10". I remember seeing some of his jackets at the museum in Seattle. I was shocked when I saw how small they were. I always had the impression that he was tall, but when I saw the clothes and how short the arm lengths were I thought for a second I was looking at Prince's clothes. There's no way the arms of a guy 5'11" got this jacket on.
After seeing this I began looking at a lot of photos. I noticed that the size of a Fender Stratocaster against his body was larger than it should have been if he were so tall. Photos can be deceiving because his hands were so large.
B-ran said on 8/May/15
A solid 5'10 looks about right. A passport is worth little as evidence. I'm sure he penned in his own height.
Sam said on 2/Apr/15
Probably been linked before but here's his passport which claims 5'11".
Click Here
jtm said on 7/Dec/14
5'10 is accurate
Brad said on 6/Dec/14
5' 10". In his funky hats and fro he went to 6 bro.
Danimal said on 3/Dec/14
Between 5'10" and 5'11".
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/14
I think 5 ft 11 too Sam but I might be fooled.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/14
No way Jim was he "pretty small". The worst you could call him is average. Always gave a tallish impression to me.
Sam said on 2/Dec/14
Hmm, at times I thought he could look more 5'10" but I'm not quite buying as low as 5'7". He looked pretty solid near the 5'11" mark in that photo with the Who.
Jim said on 2/Dec/14
You guys are overestimating his height. Jimi was no taller than 5'8", and might have even been 5'7". He was a small guy, but he was so skinny that it made him appear closer to 5'10 or 5'11.

I'll never forget being at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando and seeing an outfit that he had worn in concert that they had framed there at the hotel, and I couldn't believe how tiny it was. I thought. "No way Jimi was this small." Then I did some research and started to really look at pictures, especially with him standing next to girls, and you can see he was a pretty small guy.

But, as a musician, he was a Giant and a legend. Long live Jimi!
lazur said on 26/Jun/14
Watch Jimi's entrance on the Dick Cavette show. Cavette's 5' 6 1/2", and Jimi isn't all that much taller.
Jim D. said on 14/Dec/13
I'm gonna say 5'11, he was also rather thin thus making him look much taller.
Sam said on 11/Dec/13
He can look around 5'11" at times...the other guys in The Experience were for sure under average. Here with the Who, he looks close to the 5'11" range:
Click Here
However, some shots I can't find on the net show that Hendrix wasn't taller than Clapton, who Rob lists at 5'9.5".
Christian said on 9/Dec/13
Hey Rob, Don´t know if you´ve seen this but here is a pic of Jimis passport from 1966. It says 5'11''. Click Here
Alex said on 23/Nov/13
Id say he was quite tall, near 5'11-6'0
allen said on 15/Sep/13
I saw him in 69 in Baltimore...he said he hated that town...after 3 songs and the crowd shouting requests he threw down his guitar and walked out...and he seemed rather small...nowhere near 6'...maybe 5'7"
60's guy said on 15/Sep/13
I saw him in 69 in Baltimore...he said he hated that town...after 3 songs and the crowd shouting requests he threw down his guitar and walked out...and he seemed rather small...nowhere near 6'...maybe 5'7"
Mike said on 30/Aug/13
I would guess 6'0
Anglofred said on 21/Jun/13
Hendrix wasn't a giant, except musically.
I've used a pair of dividers to scale a flat-on photo of Hendrix against the total length of a cheap copy of a Fender Stratocaster that I own. I make him just under 5 feet 11 inches. It's a little tricky because of the stack heels and the afro, but if I use the chin-to-eyes distance and use that as the 'eye to crown' distance he comes in at just under 5 ft 11 in physically, and a million miles musically. Especially in 67-68 when he was in his pomp.
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
5 ft 10 barefoot add the heeled boots he often wore, long shawl/coats and the afro he could give the impression of being near 6 ft 2, certainly gave a tall impression. Probably was nearer 6 ft 1 with boots and afro if not flattened down anyway!
Shaun said on 3/Oct/12
He looked a skinny 5 ft 11 to me. I thought he was 6'2-6'3" when I saw him in flares on a Wood stock video. And his hands were huge so gave the impression of a bigger guy.
Tony said on 7/Aug/12
To melpa: No in the biography room full of mirrors they said 5'10'' but he could look 6'0'' due to his afro, read the description. I also believe that he wore high heels on his boots, like any other rockstar in the sixties or seventies, that could add almost 2,5'' to his height.
Shaun said on 23/Aug/11
Looked 5'11" range to me.
Jneva Andrews nakama said on 5/Jul/11
In 1969 when I laid on his while he signed an autograph for me....he seemed shorter than 5'11 . I also stood next to him and his entourage but the histeria could have played a part in my miscalculation of his height. I treasure his personal autograph and the memory of the moment til this day !!!
melpa said on 26/Mar/11
believe it or not his dad was 5'2 and mum 5'1, i read his biography and it says in there that he was 5'11.
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
I thought Hendrix looked 5'11" minimum to be honest, perhaps it was his slim build but thats the last thign I care about when watching and listening to him. Those flairs he wore made his legs look longer than a typical 5'10" to me.
iClarke-93 said on 15/Feb/09
5'10 is spot on , but he could easily pass for 5'11 due to his very lean frame and long legs.
Brad said on 3/Feb/09
Must be a George Strait fan. wonder if anybody caught that. Strong 5' 10". Look at him with Spock. Take off the 1.5" boot heel advantage.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/09
Jimi had to be no more than 5'10". Look at the relative size of his Fender Statocaster guitar. You can bet they made him stand up strait to be measured at US military induction.
OwenIrish said on 12/Jan/09
I really find it hard to believe Jimi was 5'10''. Not doubting the information and it's likely accurate. Quite shocking though. I'm a huge Hendrix fan and, being forever self conscious of my own height, it's nice to know I might only be an inch and a half off Hendrix's height.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
vinnie is definitely shorter than dime, trust me, I asked dime's wife rita haney, and she said vinnie is deifnitley shorter than dime. she told me he was 6', but I don't really buy it, I think he's close to 6'. vinnie is no way in hell taller than dime, even from rita's mouth she even said so.
Brad said on 5/Jan/09
Ozzy is on booze pills so he really can't be that up anymore, even for recordings. I think they gave away most of Ozzy's last CD at his shows with a ticket purchase. His bulldog is a sweetie pie.
glenn said on 5/Jan/09
the last ozzy cd was horrific.and i thought the one before that was it better now,if you accept it as a ballad cd.
RisingForce said on 4/Jan/09
I agree with Zakk being hit and miss but as I said I have dozens of Ozzy/Rhoads recordings and Randy was great every night. Zakk's playing was much better on the first 2 albums he did with Ozzy in my opinion. He's gotten repetitive since then.
glenn said on 4/Jan/09
you spelled mafioso wrong brad,but who own me when it come to industry biz gonna look for a copy.know the levy name.dont know much about him.didnt know arden did that too.
Brad said on 4/Jan/09
Don Arden was a crook. He pocketed millions from NEMS Record import pressings sold directly to wholesalers for cash. You'd see more Sabbath import budget albums than Warner Bros. albums stocked in stores. Ozzy was oblivious, he was Tony Montana by '78. Morris Levy was THE mafiaso of the bizness. I think DeNiro bought his life for film from his estate. The book "Stiffed" is my favorite rock book of all time. MCA getting screwed over by the mob.
glenn said on 3/Jan/09
the mafioso of the music biz.the don,arden.
Brad said on 3/Jan/09
Sabbath at MSG at the Garden was pretty amazing year after year. Most of the crowd had hair down to their ass and jean jackets torn up and were from Long Island. Geezer is 1971 revisited like a wind-up toy. Sabbath was freaking huge in 1972, as big as Zep/Deep Purple. CBS and Ozzy didn't get along. CBS didn't front much loot to Ozzy for tours/filming as they should have. Ozzy's future father-in-law was a stone thief in London. Randy would have quit Ozzy by the mid 80's as Ozzy was walking around in a daze at too many shows. Randy was a terrific player. Zakk is hit & miss. I found all my N.A.M.M. convention autographed photos from around '90 and every player looked the same. Nowadays everybody has different hairdoos. Funny stuff. Of course Slash stays Slash and will always be Slash.
glenn said on 2/Jan/09
i keep missing cocker and ricky when they are around.saw sabbath with ozzy once only in 1998.almost amazing show,and sound.geezer was the best player i ever saw live.ozzy was atrocious.
RisingForce said on 2/Jan/09
Yeah Ozzy may have been hit and miss but I'd kill to have a full professionally filmed concert from 1981 with Randy Rhoads.

I have dozens of audio bootlegs from that tour including the unedited concerts used to make the Tribute album but nothing would compare to a good quality video concert from then.

I saw Zakk and Ozzy at MSG a year ago and Zakk was wasted that night. He was sloppy and missing notes but I've also seen him play well live. His soloing gets excessive at times, Randy was a lot more tasteful and also a better technical player than Zakk. Nothing against Zakk but no one Ozzy's had since was as good as Randy.
Brad said on 2/Jan/09
I was at that show and the sound stunk. I think Sabbath's sound system stayed with Tony & Geezer and Ozzy got what CBS supplied him for the tour. I'm sure there are shows in the Sony vaults. Problem was Ozzy was hit & miss depending on his whiskey intake. I saw Zakk and Ozzy plastered once onstage. It was a working train wreck. Joe Cocker and Ricki Lee Jones were the most wasted performers I've seen. Vince Neil solo was up there.
glenn said on 1/Jan/09
the tourists were great.20/20 were too.dont think i know the others.yeah,its a shame how so much great history was filmed but never released.hence bootlegs.never mind when cameras were not around.the shelved material is unreal.
RisingForce said on 1/Jan/09
Thanks Glenn. Hopefully I'll be back in NYC by that time. I've been on Long Island since the fall for work and I hate it here. Plus, it'd be much easier to meet him if he came to town and I was back in NYC. I'll be interested to find out what that rare item is. Meeting Kurt would also possibly help figure out how tall Mel Gibson is.

Speaking of the Palladium, I have about 4 or 5 songs of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads live from then. It's a shame the quality is so bad. All that's out there is some poor quality footage and the After Hours footage from 1981 which was not the band at it's best. Randy Rhoads mother told me that there's no professionally filmed footage aside from that, that she's aware of.
Brad said on 1/Jan/09
CBS had a showcase in '80 down at the Palladium in NYC. There were so many skinny tie bands. 20/20 was the best and some band with Thomas Dolby were okay. I think The Tourists with Eurythmics members were on it. Lauper again. CBS signed lots of bands. Peter Noone's skinny tie band The Tremblers were great. Paisley movement bands were okay in '86. The Three O'Clock were great. I got Kurt Russell's record album from 1970 but he's never done a celeb show in L.A..
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
well thanks again for the cds risingforce.and hopefully a kurt meeting will work out.i saw the thing and escape in the cinema upon release.the thing 1982 is one of greatest movies ever made to me.i have very rare item for him to sign.not to be revealed until we or i see him.
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
im sure attila is horrible.dont remember it.just a cool oddity to have.the knack are great and i give love to all new wave bands,ties included.surprisingly never saw setzer in my life.share s the same birthday as me.doesnt come to new york often.
Brad said on 30/Dec/08
Attila is a horrible album. Joel married the other Attila guy's wife then I think the wife managed Joel and stole millions. Madonna dated everybody back then. Played a great rhythm guitar. Joan Jett was in your face strong onstage in '81, so was Madonna '82. Jett was married in '80 but kept it a secret. You can tell who is going to make it in the first 2 songs of a set. I remember asking Brian Setzer how come no U.S. label has picked you guys up, yer gonna be huge. He had no real answer. A&R people just follow current charts & style. All those skinny tie bands in '80 made me sick, except The Knack, they were great, still are.
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
Thanks Glenn, I forgot that when I had first sent you the cd's that I still posted on this site under Anonymous.

Thanks about Kurt, it'd be great to get my DVD's of The Thing and Escape From New York signed. The Thing was the first sci-fi/horror movie I remember seeing. Prior to getting my DVD copy earlier this year I hadn't seen it in nearly 15 years but it's one of my all time favorite movies.

Blackjack were good, it's a shame Michael Bolton didn't continue in the hard rock genre, i thought he had a really good voice for that style. I think he stayed in the genre until about 1985/1986.
glenn said on 29/Dec/08
i didnt realise that was you risingforce.why didnt you mention that in the emails? you mustve thought i knew.sorry about that.when i hear of kurt russell being around ill let you know.i need to meet him too.
RisingForce said on 29/Dec/08
I sent the Jake/Rough Cutt demos Glenn. Along with them were some Ratt/Badlands/Wicked Alliance/solo demos but the Rough Cutt stuff was the best I thought.

It'd be great if you ask Vinny about the rehearsals with Jake.
Brad said on 29/Dec/08
Video stinks of Ratt in Colombia. The Sistah was THE biggest band around NYC '76-'82. The Good Rats '79 were great. Both brothers (I think Peppi was garbage man by day) and Joe Franco made it a great group. Blackjack with Michael Bolton & Bruce Kulick was a good band, I'd see them in Ct.. Joan Jett played some really dinky bars in '81, she was just awesome. I'd bring LP's to get signed by her manager (Kenny Laguna) as he was in bubblegum bands in the 60's. Madonna early '82 was the best unsigned artist I've ever seen, Go Go's next, Stray Cats third. All played the same dumps below 23rd Street. I wanna go back to 1982 NOW!
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
i forgot about dee from the quiet riot days.good point.i see vinny appice alot recently.i should ask him about the jake stuff.i have the rough cutt/jake demos thanks to someone on this site.
RisingForce said on 28/Dec/08
I remember Hurricane. They had one of Dio's guitarists, Doug Aldrich.

Rough Cutt's singer was/is great. The demos he did with Jake E. Lee when Jake was still in Rough Cutt were really good. Vinny Appice told me he has Dio rehearsals on tape from when Jake was briefly. I have to hear that.

And you're right about Randy to some extent Glenn. He didn't start taking private classical guitar lessons until his Ozzy days but he had learned some classical guitar throughout his youth. In fact "Dee" was from the Quiet Riot days, Randy used to play that every night live as part of his solo spot.
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
oh,i saw good rats play this past spring.
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
hows the quality of the video on carlos/ratt? i know plenty of video guys that can get me a,thats impressive you saw twisted when they were the biggest new york band.not so much elsewhere.rare history.dee is like their 3rd singer.i saw hurricane open for stryper in radio city 1988.singer is in foreigner for 3 years now.quiet riot needs their 1989 singer,ex rough cutt.
Brad said on 28/Dec/08
I saw some Carlos-Warren Ratt in Colombia video from 2 months ago and it looks like Warren is burying Carlos on the leads. I don't think it'll last. Get Quiet Riot back with a kick ass singer. I think Jake's ex girlfriend sold all of Jake's stuff like Ozzy unreleased reels etc. a number of years ago at an L.A. swap meet. Yeah, he's like toast. I liked Hurricane with Carlos' brother. I saw Twisted Sistah (NY accent) in clubs '77-'81 around NYC like The Rising Sun in Yonkers and Detroit in Portchester. They kicked ass. I saw them blow away Aerosmith at the Nassau Coliseum. Aerosmith wouldn't go on cause the crowd was screaming Sistah Sistah for an hour after their set in '81. Good Rats were great, Joe Franco on drums. Zebra was a good band. Rat Race Choir. Plimsouls out of L.A. were awesome, still are.
glenn said on 27/Dec/08
i didn't know about the enuff jake rumor is true.i dont think randy was studying classical during the riot days.
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
Thanks Glenn. I agree that his paying in Quiet Riot wasn't as good. Carlos Cavazo said the same thing, he said Randy wasn't maximizing his talent. Cavazo thought Randy was btter in Ozzy's band because he could explore some darker sounding stuff and he could do some more technically challenging things. I agree with Carlos 100%.

I honestly thought Cavazo was a better fit for Quiet Riot even though I consider Randy to be the better player.

I've heard a lot of the rumors about Jake too but who knows what's true and what's not. Regardless of what is true, he's still a phenomenal player and one of my all time favorites. I did hear that cover album he did Retraced and the solo album he put out in the mid 90's. Impressive but not enough. I heard he had recorded an album with Enuff Z'Nuff a while back and that he may be touring with them but I haven't heard anything else. There was also a rumor about Jake forming a band with a few other well known musicians early this year but I haven't heard anything since.
glenn said on 25/Dec/08
nice wouldve been interesting to see how far he can take it.but the quiet riot albums with randy wernt that least not randys playing.jake put out a solos covers cd 3 years closer to 4.a friend of mine was hanging with him at year 1/2 ago or so.might even have his #.lots of bad rumors going around with jake.nothing i want to get into here.
RisingForce said on 25/Dec/08
I love Ratt too but my favorite of the "hair metal" bands is Dokken. At first I got into them mostly because of George Lynch's guitar playing but everyone in the band is great. All of them are good singers except George.

I have an old concert from 1982 that was aired on German TV with Juan Croucier(sp?) on bass, Don playing guitar(some leads actually) and George actually singing backround. Well lets just say that the fact that George didn't sing post 1983 was addition by subtraction. Jeff Pilson's vocals really helped too.
Brad said on 25/Dec/08
Freaking Ratt is great. Blotz is boring but Warren kicks it. No Pearcy: no Ratt. Dig it: Ratt on the Sunset Strip, back in '83-'87 they were in the big places, now you can dig em back in clubs even on home turf sorta like Cheap Trick at House Of Blues places. Randy used to play scales between songs with Ozzy, classical Segovia stuff too....then it would be back to wasted Ozzy goin "F yeah, here's some F'n 1971 Sabbath". Yeah, he was handcuffed with Ozzy but the pay was great.
glenn said on 24/Dec/08
5-9 is pretty accurate for tommy.i met him when he was barefoot.that and afro threw me off.he is mentioned at 5-10.carlos is underated.i love ratt.
RisingForce said on 24/Dec/08
I don't think Zakk has lost any height. He's only 41 and I met him just 4 years ago. Jake is really reclusive I use to post on the Jake E. Lee forums back in about 2001, 2002 and none of even the die hard Jake fans had heard anything about him since the Wicked Alliance days.

I'd love to see Ratt now with Warren and Carlos. I always liked his playing on Metal Health and Condition Critical. It was always perfect for the song. He should fill Robben Crosby's role well. Warren is a great player too. He was actually Jake E. Lee's roomate in San Diego in the early 80's. Jake helped his playing a lot, specifically vibrato and rythym playing. I have an old Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazine from the Ultimate Sin/Dancing Undercover era where they interview Jake and Warren at the same time.

Randy is my all time favorite player. He was supposedly thinking about leaving Ozzy's band not long before he died and according to Bob Daisley, Ozzy punched him after Randy said he was thinking about leaving. I wish he had been around long enough to do another Ozzy album or 2 as well as his own project. I wanted to hear him expand on the neo-classical ideas explored in Revelation, Diary Of A Madman and Mr. Crowley. Unfortunately there was only so much room for that in Ozzy's music. An instrumental album from Randy would have been incredible.

Karl Sandoval who built Randy's Polka Dot V built me an exact replica.

Here's a pic

Click Here

It plays and sounds incredible. An exact replica down to the bent plate tremelo and the thick neck. The fretboard is usually a lot cleaner than in the picture though.
RisingForce said on 23/Dec/08
Yeah, Zakk towered over me. There was a big crowd around him too and he stuck out in the crowd as really tall. I'd say he's 6-2 but he looked even bigger in 2 inch motorcycle boots. In my picture he looks 7-8 inches taller than me(factoring in how much he's leaning) and I'm almost 5-8. His boots only gave maybe a .75 advantage too because I was wearing thick Nike sneakers which give over 1.25.

Those all sound right Brad. Randy's heels made him difficult but he was 5-7 and could look taller than Rudy at times in those heels like in this picture.
Click Here

Tommy Aldridge has massive heels too and he's still shorter than Ozzy. Aldridge must have been maybe 5-8.5. Ozzy was 5-10 as you said and his posture gave illusions that he was shorter.

I always thought Jake was the 5-9 he claimed but I guess I'm wrong since everyone who has met him says 5-7, 5-8...and he always wore boots. I have to meet Jake once and get my Ultimate Ozzy VHS signed once. For years that was my favorite official concert video.
Austrian said on 17/Dec/08
yea i would have thought he was taller too ...but not by much, i thought he was exactly 180
glenn said on 8/Dec/08
i read a 5-10 claim for sarzo.obviously wrong.i always thought zakk was 6ft.met him many times from 1988-1994.he knew me then.but if brad and you saw 6-2,then its a good chance im wrong.
Brad said on 8/Dec/08
Saw Randy up close at the Palladium in NYC: 5' 7" (weak) big 70's type heels on top, Jake E. Lee N.A.M.M. show: same height, Zakk 6' 2" easy. Ozzy 5' 10" 20 years ago in person, Sarzo 5' 8". Hendrix: strong 5' 10". Look at him at Woodstock, he's nothing under.
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
In the Tribute cd booklet there's a strange picture of Ozzy and Rhoads both in heeled shoes where Randy looks only an inch or an inch and a half shorter.

I agree with all of that

5-7 for Randy
5-9, 5-10 for Hendrix
5-8, 5-9 for Dimebag

Sarzo actually has claimed both 5-7 and 5-8 in magazines too. You've actually said that Jake E. Lee is 5-7, 5-8 too right? He claims 5-9 but I'm sure you'd be dead on accurate judging guys in the 5-7, 5-8 range. If I'm not mistaken you said he looked your height but he had a footwear advantage and was in boots. So more 5-7 than 5-8? I am surprised that Randy and Jake were about the same height, then again comparing them to Ozzy and the fact that they both wore heeled shoes it's not surprising.

I've got to meet Zakk again. I have a picture with him where he just towers over me. He's bending and I like look like a dwarf. He was in motorcycle boots with 2 inch heels and I was in 1 1/4 Nike shoes and I'm 5-7 3/4. Looked either 6-1, 6-2 in person factoring in the boots. He claims 6-2 but I've heard 6-0 a lot for years for Zakk and someone once told me he claimed 6-1 in a magazine. How many times have you met Zakk Glenn?
glenn said on 5/Dec/08
yeah,i just saw a blizzard or diary era pic where randy did look 5-7.hendrix was 5-9 or 5-10.sarzo is tricky 5-10.but is 5-8 to 5-9.dimebag is mentioned at 5-9 the most.sometimes 5-8.never as low as 5-7.he did look 5-8 in peers pics i saw.5-9 on occasion.vinnie paul is 5-8 or 5-9.more on the 5-9 though.rex was 5-9 i think.
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/08
I agree Glenn. Heels make things tricky. Randy Rhoads was tricky for me to figure out because of those 2 inch heels he always wore but I recently saw a great angle picture of the whole band in line from tallest to shortest and Randy was in front of 5'7", 5'8" Rudy Sarzo looking taller and Sarzo was in 1" sneakers. That's why Randy's 5'7" claim seems correct because Sarzo is atleast 5'7", possibly 5'8". Another guy I can't figure out though is Dimebag. I hear 5'9" for him but I always thought he looked like a 5'7", 5'8" guy in pictures. 6'1", 6'2" Zakk Wylde just towered over him, then again Zakk always wears motorcycle boots.

Unfortunately platform shoes make things more tricky than simple 2" heels so Hendrix very easily could have been 5'9". The members of Kiss wear platform shoes that make Frankenstein's boots look normal.
glenn said on 23/Nov/08
did everyone forget the platforms this guy wore?
glenn said on 23/Nov/08
risingforce-plus you have to judge him next to the short 5-6,5-7 experience members too.5-10 tops seemed correct.
Daniel said on 20/Nov/08
One of the tallest-looking 5'10'' guys I've ever seen, then. For he never seemed less than 6ft to me.
RisingForce said on 15/Nov/08
I always thought he was about 6 foot for some reason but in reality the 5'9", 5'10" figures Glenn heard were probably right around correct.
miles smiles said on 29/Sep/08
I'm a huge Hendrix fan, and I've never seen that photo taken with Nimoy! And he does look almost as tall as 6-0.5 Nimoy. I suppose Jimi could reach near six feet in his boots, but he really looks more like a 5-11 guy here. Interesting.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
Click Here

Jimi Hendrix with 6' 0
Sakkana said on 12/Sep/08
Anon, I am sorry... but you kinda can tell that Jimi was a bigger man than Eric (which doesn't mean he was taller)... but from the pic it appears that Jimi is standing one step below Eric... there's no way Eric is that much taller (if he is taller) than Jimi...
Daniel said on 10/Aug/08
Nice photo, but we don't see the pavement nor the footwear. Anyway, Clapton could have been 5'11'' back then.
Anon. said on 10/Aug/08
this is interesting.

Click Here

(5'10" Clapton with what looks like a 5'6" Jimi)
DandyRandy said on 24/Jul/08
Little one: It eliminates all the variables. Are they wearing tall heeled shoes, do they slouch, how tall do they look compared to me and my friends... if any of your friends are with you. Don't you think seeing someone in person helps when judging ones height?
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/08
5-10 seems about right - I could easily see that. He could look taller, even in 6ft. range, but that's partly because of his lanky frame, tight clothes, boot heels and towering hair. Either way, what a great legacy - truly a 'giant' amongst men!
miles smiles said on 14/Jul/08
In the newest reissue of the greatest Hendrix bio of all time, Voodoo Chile, author David Henderson states that Hendrix was a lean 5-10, and could appear almost elfin until he took the stage, where he instantly became a towering, godlike figure. Amen.
Anon said on 2/Jul/08
In general height is very inconsistent. For example height varies by up to an inch or so,depending on how much pressure is exerted on your spine during the day. Other factors may include even mild spinal problems,old age,and of course the footwear someone is wearing. I think 5ft10 for Jimi is reasonable,however just shy of 5ft10 or 5ft9.75 seems more accurate as a bassline height for him.
little one said on 2/Jul/08
to dandyrandy: what makes you think seeing something with your own eyes is reliable as source?
Kurt said on 24/Jun/08
My grandad was 5'10'' in the 60's. He looked taller than all his friends in sports team photos, so I'm guessing 5'10'' was tall in the UK in the 60's.
Daniel said on 23/May/08
Are you being sarcastic, Glenn? For Jackson can't be more than 5'9'' barefoot
glenn said on 20/May/08
sure its possible lp.just like michael jackson who looks 5-9ish and 5-10 at times.could also be 5-11.
lp said on 20/May/08
I think 5ft10 is about right, judging by the photos I've seen. Jimi is the best! Glenn, do you think it's possible Jimi was legit 5ft11 with bad posture?
Anonymous said on 15/May/08
Can anyone explain why bbc24 isn't directing that question at me?

If I was talking in person they'd be "air quote". Do you "understand now". LOL :P
bbc24 said on 13/May/08
Can anyone explain why DandyRandy put quotation marks around the word regurgitate, as in "regurgitate"?

Anyway, if he was measured at 5'10 for the Army, that is good enough for this site I would think.
glenn said on 13/May/08
hendrix was a staple of greenwich village new york city.ive been hanging out there for 25 years.hung out at the clubs he played in,and hung out in his studio,the legendary electric ladyland,many times.and im personal friends or know people that played with him,knew him,saw him play live,recorded him,and or just plain asked him for an autograph.they all said he was around my size,5-9 or 5-10.those are the 3 answers i get.
DandyRandy said on 12/May/08
I really think you should take the time to read entire posts BTW, cause I also said this.

"I'd guess he's probably between 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in."
DandyRandy said on 12/May/08
What's with the attitude, man. I'm not trying to say this site is wrong or right. I'd say his height is indeterminate.

Once again "never take anything you hear/read... NO MATTER THE SOURCE... to be the complete, and definitive truth, unless you happen to witness it with your own eyes." I don't care if Glenn is his cousin. I'll believe it when I see it. And since the man is dead, I'll leave it as something I will never know the truth about. But feel free to "regurgitate" everything Glenn says BTW.

Who are these friends, and peers Glenn? I'm not questioning you or anything, I'd just really like to know your source.
Anonymous said on 12/May/08
thanks Dad, I'll keep that in mind. If you followed this page, you'd notice that Glenn has said probably ten times that he has friends who met him many many times and said he was 5'9ish. Sounds like the guy in the Army wasn't too far off huh buddy?
DandyRandy said on 11/May/08
Maybe you should re-read what I said eh?

Believe what you want, man. I don't care. Like I said before... "never take anything you hear/read... NO MATTER THE SOURCE... to be the complete, and definitive truth" This would include the link I posted as well. BTW The person who checks the height in the army does like, how many people a day? You don't think that they make mistakes every once in a while?

I don't know his height. I'm not arguing that he's taller or shorter than whats listed here. I'd guess he's probably between 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in. Don't believe everything you hear/read, otherwise we'll become a nation of "information regurgitators."
Anonymous said on 11/May/08
So the military height listing could be incorrect but "his" myspace page could be right? give me a break.
DandyRandy said on 9/May/08
Some food for thought... Hendrix's myspace page has him listed at 187cm. I think this is a little high though.

Click Here

Could be right, could be wrong. What I've come to learn over the years, is to never take anything you hear/read... NO MATTER THE SOURCE... to be the complete, and definitive truth, unless you happen to witness it with your own eyes.
glenn said on 6/May/08
i dont give a fuk what anyone says.i have friends who saw he guy all the time.they say 5-9,5-10.
Jick said on 5/May/08
People just can't believe this legend is only of average proportions. Sort of funny actually!
Anonymous said on 5/May/08
He is not exactly short at 5'10"....maybe 5'10"1/2.....decent height
Dave C said on 4/May/08
Jimi also had remarkably large hands. I think people mistook him as being taller because of the way his hands wrapped around the guitar.
Davey said on 3/May/08
forr some reason some 5`10 actually look big to me.
Daniel said on 2/May/08
Yes, I would have sworn that too, miles, but I have to believe what it's been said here, cause the same happened with most rock musicians I thought were taller.
miles smiles said on 1/May/08
It blows my mind that Jimi was about the same height as Rob Lowe, or barely taller than Robert Downey Jr. When you watch Woodstock, the Band of Gypsies concerts, Isle of Wight, Live in Berkeley, Rainbow Bridge, would swear you're looking at a six footer, at least.
glenn said on 30/Apr/08
carmine is 6ft.their heights our on the back of the 2nd album.i just recently bumped into vince youll see the pic soon.does look alot shorter that 5-6.i think.i have to look at it again.but he was 5-6 in 1990.
Daniel said on 30/Apr/08
Thanks Glenn, I thought he was even shorter, cause he looked so. The other VF members towered him, they all should have been 5'11''+.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/08
Jimi was thin and long limbed and with his hair this made him look about 6'6'' I guess. But he wasn't a big man physically although he had enormous presence.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
i knew vince.he is listed at 5-6 in the old days.he is about 5-5 now.when i first met him 20 years ago 5-6 seemed about right.
Daniel said on 29/Apr/08
Any clue about guitar player Vince Martell from Vanilla Fudge? He looks very tiny in footage and photograhs, so I'd say 5'3'' or 5'4'', but not sure of that.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
his dad was 5-4 when i got him.and ron wood is a legit 5-10.5.i saw him in converse look that recently,and look 5-9 the next day in casuals with bad posture.
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/08
Yeah Miles smiles, his dad was on the short side. I believe I read 5'6.
Schnouzer Breath said on 29/Apr/08
i'm with glenn that he was in the 5-9 range. dead giveaway is looking at his guitar in proportion to his body/height; in relation to that he doesn't appear above avg. height. i'd peg him right around Ronnie wood's heighth (5-9ish) remember he wore boot's a lot so figure that when you see him next to Townshend (6 ft.), etc. and he appers taller, he's really not.
Davey said on 29/Apr/08
When you think about it alot of guys who are 5`10 can pass for 5`11 to 6 foot with normal foot wear.
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
lenny kravitz is a perfect comparison.i heard 5-9 claims for jimi too.
miles smiles said on 28/Apr/08
From photos and videos, Jimi is the tallest looking 5-10 I've ever seen, but I believe it. Both Noel and Mitch were quite short, and Jimi was very thin, exaggerated by his super thin-cut psychedelic sixties threads. Besides the boots, there's the impressive fro factor that gives added height illusion. Jimi's dad, Al, was quite short, so I can believe the 5-10 listing. If I had to guess, I would have thought he was a strong 5-11, though.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
Yeah, exactly. Although to his credit, I never heard of Jimi claiming anything more than his 5'10". Does anyone know how the height in the military works, I mean when it's said that the military measured him at 5'10, is that rounded? Could he be 5'9.5? Or maybe 5'10.75 and they just called it 5'10 because he wasn't quite 5'11? I wonder about that with Elvis too.
anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
so many of the rock stars in the 60's and 70's were slim and wore the high heeled boots that were in fashion making everyone look long and lean. this leads to a lot of over estimated heights. or at least people giving their heights with the heeled boots on. those heels gave more height than any of stallones or cruises best lifts!
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
Glenn is 100% correct. I have the book where it mentions his height as 5'10 quite a few times. There's a quote about his slim build and impossibly wide shoulders, making him appear 6+, but was 5'10. I'll look it up and post it.
ronan said on 28/Apr/08
he was a big sloucher. he looked tall because he was skinny but i heard-read somewhere he was only 5-9. i think lenny kravitz said he wouldnt fit on jimis pants
glenn said on 28/Apr/08
i met of the guys i thought was shorter than me.cant remember the other 2. average and taller than me.have to dig up the pics.why do people not realise that jimi wore platform heels alot? if they are fans they should know that.brian jones was also in the 5-5 range.that equals 5-10.after i just explained i had solid evidence,and he was mentioned at 5-10 in a book,people still insist.
Al said on 28/Apr/08
I believe he's 6ft tall. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him where he's not slouching, or hunched. Had he been standing back straight I think he would have looked a solid 6 feet. You're right finn, his hands were gigantic for his height... I swear his hands could fit a person who is 6' 7" easily. He also hand pretty long arms for his size. I think he also had Madelung wrist deformity. I remember reasing that somewhere but can't remember the link anymore.
Daniel said on 27/Apr/08
And Rob, it would be nice of you to add more musicians of the 60s and 70s era, like Alvin Lee and all the guys from Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, etc. Also the blues masters like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf and so on...
Daniel said on 27/Apr/08
Good addition, Rob! I also thought the man was taller, like 6ft, so I'm kind of shocked with the 5'8'' - 5'10'' claims. I once saw a photo of Jimi next to Brian Jones and Jimi absolutely towered the stone guy, by like 6 inches. Was he a very high-heeled boots wearer then?
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
oh,so that was a myth that this page was up and taken down.someone mistakenly spread.i was even believing i saw it!

Editor Rob
there's a few that may have been deleted over 4 years, mainly if I had problems with the server and was recreating the database from a backup, then some names might go awol. But not Jimi as far as I remember, he'd been asked quite a few times.
GF said on 27/Apr/08
At the end of his life, Jimi Hendrix in 1970 was planning on joining ELP. Any idea how tall Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I know Greg Lake said he was a little over 6' though he seems taller.
Finn said on 27/Apr/08
I always thought he was like over 190cm! Because I heard he had hands big as frying pan so he could play more agile.
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/08
Sweet! My favorite musician of all time. thanks for adding him Rob.
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
what was the the big holdup or mystery with this page rob? some say this page was here and taken down.

Editor Rob
there was never a Hendrix page, but he finally got added. Better late than never, I wanted to see where the 5ft 10 was, someone mentioned it before but never said which book.
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
6ft is friends and peers met and knew him.not too mention watched him play and jammed with him.they all say around my height or 5-9.ill settle for 5-10 which ive read for years.
Hooper said on 26/Apr/08
Total garbage. He's 6'.
thekiddd said on 26/Apr/08
Most sources claim 5'11" but 5'10" is probably more like it.
Davey said on 26/Apr/08
Cool.I didnt know this guys height.I always thought he was around 6 foot.

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