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5ft 11.28in (181cm)
5'11 Stud said on 24/Sep/15
him and Terrence Howard (6ft)

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/15
"Jimmy Fallon height: 5ft 11¾in (182cm)"

Solid 182cm guy at night.
ItsME said on 14/Aug/15
Hey Rob. When you say that a celebrity like Fallon is 5'11.5'' do you mean 181.6 cm, which is five eleven and a half or do you mean a flat 182 cm
[Editor Rob: usually I'm thinking in terms of the 5ft 11.5 first so more the 181.6, but then Fallon is a guy who can pull off looking 6ft...albeit at times he wears larger than normal (1.4 inch) dress shoes.]
Height183 said on 14/Aug/15
Rob, How many inches between Brock and Jimmy there? 2 or 2.5?

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[Editor Rob: face to face I think he looks over 2 inches, 2.5 is easy to see there.]
grizz said on 8/Aug/15
Rob, I hope this works Click Here If it does, do you still think Fallon is 5ft11.5 next to 5ft10 Bundchen?
[Editor Rob: grizz, I think he can be. She looks like she might be slightly nearer the camera, not a huge heel on her really.

But I notice Fallon is in those shoes he's worn at times which are more 1.4 inch styles, that give him a wee boost over the normal type of dress shoes. ]
grizz said on 3/Aug/15
@Blink, I think the listing's fine. I made peace with it. :D Take a look at the relatively recent dance-off with Michelle Obama (who's a strong 5'10)-both wore same footwear and Jimmy had around an inch over her. He wears small lifts that give him cca. 0.5-0.75in (my estimate) boost in height.
Leung said on 29/Jul/15
Just watched the Lip Sync Battle clip with Tom Cruise and was surprised at the height difference.
Blink said on 25/Jul/15
I actually think he's a legit 6 footer.
kazan said on 21/Jul/15
Looks like a stable 168.5 and a weak 170.5
jervis said on 5/Jul/15
Looked 2inches taller than 5f10.5 listed Sting on show last night.Both were sta eachother.nding right beside
Tr27 said on 19/Jun/15
When he stood around Hugh Jackman (who was in socks), Fallon looked about 184cm. However, he didn't take his shoes (which may have had lifts) off.
Triplescrew said on 7/Jun/15
I'd be willing to bet that Fallon does his research and wears a tiny lift whenever a 5'11"+ guest it on his show ;)
[Editor Rob: always remember - there are hundreds of companies worldwide and thousands of sellers on ebay who sell elevator shoes and lifts.

A proportion of actors will wear them. It can be hard to tell 1cm lifts though, this is the secret lift a guy like big G might wear at times...]
MD said on 6/Jun/15
Maybe some pictures will come out to show otherwise, but I'm watching The Tonight Show, right now, and the musical guess is 5'10" Jason Derulo. Jimmy's in his usual dress shoes, and Jason is in some sneakers with a probably average-to-above-average sole, and when Jimmy walked over, he didn't look any taller than Jason. The point is that Jason does not have a footwear advantage.

I've pretty well nailed down on his page that Jason isn't over his listed height. But, even if he were a full inch taller, it'd only make Jimmy 5'11". I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Jimmy might not even be a full 5'11" barefoot. Perhaps this is some proof he might be an occasional lift wearer? It's weird he'd do it one some nights show and not others, though.

A half-inch at the very least has to be taken off his height from what I've been able to gather. We already see that he's not quite as tall as Timberlake and then this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/15
He can look 5ft11¾-6ft more than 5ft11½.
anon said on 21/May/15
can't compare fallon and timberlake as they both wear lifts. Timberlake not only LOOKS 5'10 proportionally but doesnt look much taller than it on screen/the red carpet without lifts. Fallon at 5'10.5 is more believable.
The Exorcist said on 16/May/15
Although Jimmy can look as high as 6'0" on occasions, the pictures MD posted are very good ones. Justin edges him out slightly.

Based on those pics,
Justin Timberlake: 5'11.5"
Jimmy Fallon: 5'11.25"
grizz said on 15/May/15
@berta, that's because he is 6 cm taller than Jimmy. Dwayne is 6'2,5 nowadays.
berta said on 13/May/15
i Think he often looks like a strong six footer like 183,5 :P but his shoes looks thick so maybe is more like 182,5. ore 182,6 :D nah just kidding. this seems right. buti would go with 183 bacause guys like will smith looks just a Little taller and dwyaune johnon only looked about 6 cm taller
Bishop said on 15/Apr/15
I used to think this guy was closer to 6ft. But then I saw the heels on his dress shoes that he wears. 181-182 cm seems right.
b-mint1994 said on 14/Apr/15
This listing seems bang on. He's making the downgraders frustrated lol.
grizz said on 6/Apr/15
With similar (heck, identical) footwear he barely edges out Michelle.
Click Here This is the last time I'm trying to downgrade Fallon, I give up.
120 said on 4/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think he is with his dress shoes on?
[Editor Rob: he sometimes wears thicker heels at times, a 1.4-5 style, so on those occasions I think he would be 6ft 1]
Hypado said on 27/Mar/15
Jimmy Fallon Looks a weak 6ft (183 cm) guy next to 5ft 9.5in (176 cm) Taylor Swift.
Patrick S. said on 24/Mar/15
In taxi with queen latifa hes the ssame height as she 5'10,on the tonight show he obviously wears lifts look at his shoes an extreme high arch with a fat 2-3 inch heel
patty melt said on 24/Mar/15
In taxi with queen latifa hes the ssame height as she 5'10,on the tonight show he obviously wears lifts look at his shoes an extreme high arch with a fat 2-3 inch heel
Dmeyer said on 23/Mar/15
I use to think 6ft , now i think he is in between 181-2cm Like me and With thick footwear looks 182-3cm
drunk in the moon said on 22/Mar/15
Click Here more like 5'8 to 5'9 tops these days, look at 4;07, jimmy fallon look way taller than tom, still tom waits rocks
Lorne said on 21/Mar/15
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Scroll to about 4 minutes into tat video, he doesn't look over 5'11 with Dan Akroyd...

He generally looked far from 6ft on SNL, not to mention he is clearly a bit shorter than Justin Timberlake. I still say 181cm is possible, clearly not 6ft like some say.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/15
A weak 6ft
Dmeyer said on 18/Mar/15
CAN look 5'11.25-6ft but oftenly wears 1.3-1.4in so 5'11.5 is good
Hypado said on 23/Feb/15
Jimmy Fallon is a weak 6ft - 182,7 cm
Drob92 said on 18/Feb/15
In those pictures of jt MD listed I can def see anywhere from 5'11.25-5'11.75 for Fallon. 5'11.5 is perfect
Lorne??? said on 18/Feb/15
Ok, first off, it's great to have the site back! For some reason I haven't been able to get on for several weeks(though in fairness I haven't tried in awhile as I gave up.)

But as pointed out, this guy is clearly and comfortably shorter than Justin Timberlake. And not just in 1 clip. Timber lake has host SNL 5 times, Fallon's hosted a couple times now, each Time they appeared on stage together, there is also his appearances on the tonight show and the recent 40th anniversary special.,. Timberlake is taller than him. Period.

What do you think about this Rob?

Also, Jimmy wears thick footwear at times. I'm not saying lifts, but he does wear 3 style shoes a lot.

I think 181cm is closer.
cole said on 17/Feb/15
@MD: I'm not sure Fallon would actually measure shorter than Timberlake. It would be better if we had a clear view of their footwear in those shots. In the second pic you can see where the floor meets the wall that there's a tilted camera angle that would favour Timberlake a bit. I agree though that 5'11.5 looks generous for Fallon, can't see when he has looked near 6ft other than when he was wearing tap shoes with NPH, Kimmel, Conan and Jane Lynch - with 184 cm guys like David Duchovny, Damian Lewis and Bradley Cooper he looks no more than 181 cm.
MD said on 17/Feb/15
Timberlake and Fallon can not both be listed at 5'11.5".
grizz said on 16/Feb/15
In pictures with Timberlake he looks 5'11.25.
MD said on 16/Feb/15

It may be time to downgrade him, slightly. I do not believe him under 5'11", but I'm also not convinced he's over 5'11", anymore. Here he is with 5'11.5" Justin Timberlake:

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It's not a huge difference, but it is visually apparent, and that's considering that Justin is actually a full 5'11.5", himself. Either way, it shows that Jimmy is not over 5'11".

BTW, with the NBA players, I think what it showed, if anything, is the ridiculous particularly of Steph Curry's 6'3" listing.
[Editor Rob: I think Fallon pulls off 5ft 11.5 more than just a flat 5ft 11. I'd be surprised if he was just that mark, sometimes he can look even near 6ft.]
upgrade said on 14/Feb/15
You must consider upgrading him. Recent episode with nba players, he looked very tall!
johanjohnson said on 12/Feb/15
spot the lift-wearers

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Rey said on 7/Feb/15
During the "Saved By The Bell Reunion" Jimmy was always standing closer to the camera. And old trick.
MD said on 6/Feb/15
"Famous" 4 cm lifts? Is this something he's "famous" for? I've never heard that claim in my life. Admittedly, I've come around to thinking he's a flat 5'11", but I hadn't know it'd been decided or assumed that he wore lifts.
grizz said on 5/Feb/15
I've seen an interview he had with Gisele Bundchen and at one point they stood up straight next to each other,she even took off her heels because Fallon felt insecure. So, she's 179 cm on this site and Fallon wore his famous 4 cm lifts. The difference between them she barefoot,he with shoes) was 1.5,maybe 2 inches at most. Either she's a full 5ft11 or Fallon deserves a slight downgrade.
Sal said on 5/Feb/15
Here is a good video of the saved by the bell cast with Jimmy Fallon. I see you have Berkley as slightly taller than Lopez. The biggest question is it looks like an inch height difference between Fallon and Gosselar
Pierre said on 4/Feb/15
Hello,in Dmeyer pic(4feb2015)just with this big heels and classic insole i think Jimmy Fallon has easily + 4,5cms and more if he as lifts inside. Bradley Cooper?seem have classic shoes(Classic heel and classic lace's angle).Lace's angle of Jimmy Fallon's shoes seem different(steep).Bradley has may be lifts inside?
Dmeyer said on 4/Feb/15
With cooper and duchovny looks no more than 11.5 other Times he looks 6ft
Pierre said on 3/Feb/15
when he dance with Will Smith (~similar shoes?) height's difference is 4 cms?
CD said on 21/Jan/15
He could well be the full 6 foot he claims, he looks taller than Arnie and a 7-8 inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe.
Silent_D said on 9/Jan/15
181cm. He never looked that tall to me. I just saw him with liam neeson, liam is a few inches taller.
MD said on 12/Dec/14
That is crazy-talk.
tall guy said on 11/Dec/14
Jimmy Fallon is about the same height as Tom Cruise about 5'7" and wear 3" elevator shoes. His desk is also on an elevated platform and his chiar is elevated to make him appear taller than his guests. Take a look at their waistlines as they are sitting and Jimmy's is way higher than people that are way taller than him. Some are insecure about their short statue and try to create illisions.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Dec/14
Rob, is 6ft possible for Fallon?
[Editor Rob: he can pass for it half the time.]
Bishop said on 2/Dec/14
Here he is with Jerry Seinfeld (listed 5'11") and Martin Short (listed 5'6.5"): Click Here

6' is possible.
blink said on 1/Dec/14
He looks close to 6'2 with dress shoes on so he has to be very close to 6'
Dmeyer said on 30/Nov/14
Rob list him 11.75
Dom said on 28/Nov/14
Looks 6'0"
Tom said on 23/Nov/14
Rob his 5 10 possible for him
[Editor Rob: I think it's pretty improbable as he can generally look 5ft 11.5-6ft range a lot.]
Dmeyer said on 19/Nov/14
Realy dosnt look over 11.5 with duchovny
Hypado said on 17/Oct/14
182cm is perfect for Jimmy Fallon. Spot On.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
Glorified lift fiend, just like Pitt, Willis, DiCaprio and Baldwin.
blink said on 15/Sep/14
@Rey thats not true mate High was at most 0.5 inches taller than him, making him 186-187 with shoes on. 182 is a good call
Rey said on 14/Sep/14
Hugh Jackman was on his show. Hugh and Jimmy played pool on an over-sized pool table. Luckily, Hugh took his shoes off and was still a few inches taller than Fallon. I think Fallon has height issues.
Dmeyer said on 25/Aug/14
Brosnan was 6'1.25-1.5in peak now he could be 6'0.75 with fallon near 5'11.75
Lebensdorf said on 22/Aug/14
Pierce Brosnan was on with him last night. Brosnan looked only an inch taller than Jimmy, if that. Jimmy appeared with Conan O'Brien a few times. Sometimes Conan towered him, sometimes not. Sometimes Jimmy looks 5'11, sometimes he can pass for 6'1. I guess he does wear lifts, but he's probably not shorter than 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 20/Aug/14
Comparing him to lesnar and meloni he look 5'11.5 no more so arnie is 5'11-11.5 and statham 5'8.5 wath do you think rob
penguinboy25 said on 19/Aug/14
Was Standing next to Tiger Woods on his show. Looked really close to same height. I'd could buy a 6'0 flat listing.
181 said on 19/Aug/14
Look 179-180 next to tiger woods
Lorne said on 13/Aug/14
He is a tough call. I still don't think 6ft though.
Patty melt said on 10/Aug/14
Quest love he is not 6'2 and neather are you quest love lol jimmy is 5'10 or 5'11 max he wears 2 inch lifts which you can totally see when he hosts the tonight show c'mon people I'd say bare foot 5'10 period! Watch the movie taxi queen Latifa and him are the same height and she is 5'10
cole said on 4/Aug/14
@gregthegreg: He looked about 3 inches shorter in the dance skit because he clearly had bigger sneakers than the 6'3 Dwayne.
But then in the shake-weight skit he looked pretty much 4 inches shorter. I'm not convinced he's over 5'11.25 - his footwear on the show very often looks suspicious. I'd rather stick my bet on him being 5'11 - 5'11.5 than 5'11.5 - 6'0.
gregthegreg said on 23/Jul/14
The recent episode with Dwayne Johnson (who is around 6'4) Jimmy is his height and then taller during their skit...He most certainly wears lifts..
cole said on 5/Jul/14
At times he looks more than 0.5in shorter than 6ft Christopher Meloni in this clip, they seem to be wearing the same footwear: Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Jun/14
Height181, I am not sure on Fallon's height. He's not someone I pay attention to really but if I had to say 5'11 would be my guess. Fallon's head looks to come a little passed Lesnar's eye brows and that's how I got a 3 inch difference.
Alex 6'0 said on 21/Jun/14
With 6'2 Brock Lesnar. He looks 5'11ish

Click Here
mike said on 21/Jun/14
it's fair for him to claim 6ft 0 his range is throughout the day probably 181-184.
Phil said on 20/May/14
He was a good inch or even 2 taller than Don Mattingly who's listed as 6'
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 7/May/14
5'11- 1/2 on the nose, maybe 6 ft in the morning. I saw the episode where Shaquille O'Neal tries on Jimmy's size 40 jacket, it's like a guy trying on a child's coat.. pretty funny actually. Incidentally, a size 40" jacket would put Jimmy at about the 170 pound category based on industry standards, so his medium frame might also make him appear slightly taller than life.
cole said on 28/Apr/14
At the very least he looks an inch shorter than 6'0.25 David Duchovny in this clip: Click Here
Reg said on 25/Apr/14
Looked at least an inch shorter than a legit 6+footer David Duchovny
Sam said on 7/Apr/14
Because of his slight build and mannerisms, Fallon can seem like a shorter/average height guy but when he's next to celebs, he's always surprisingly a bit tall. He definitely seems taller than 5'11" range guys.
cole said on 6/Apr/14
@chrisssss: I wouldn't say Henry dwarfed him, but he didn't look more than 5'11 - 5'11.5 range next to him.
Rodol said on 5/Apr/14 At the end you can see julian casablancas and him shaking hands, and they are about the same height, julian is listed like 188 cm, and him 182, is she taller or julian is shorter? xDDD
MD said on 4/Apr/14
With Arnold:

Click Here

Click Here

Honestly, unless this guy is forever in lifts - and I've never seen this. Maybe an insole for an inch or so of height, but I haven't seen lifts - I don't see how he can be shorter than listed. I used to think he was a 5'10" guy, but he's legitimately above average the more I've seen of him. He is one of the few who I don't believe have grossly exaggerated his height.
chrisssss said on 3/Apr/14
If fallon is 6ft. Then theiry henry(188cm)must be 6'5 he DWARFED him on his show, and henry was wearing normal sneakers while fallon wore thick heels. Rob. Downgrade
chrisssss said on 3/Apr/14
Not above 5'11 -.-
cole said on 29/Mar/14
Click Here

Looks a little taller than McConaughey here, maybe near 3 cm? But at around 02:00 in the video, you get a glimpse of Fallon's heels when he's bending over to hug Gisele, and they look a bit bigger than what McCongaughey's wearing. I don't think there would be much more than 1-2 cm between them barefoot.
dmeyer said on 26/Mar/14
doe look a solid 2-2.5cm shorter than copper who is 184cm then arnie is defenetly 5 ft 11-11.25 max near Fallon ,
berta said on 25/Mar/14
hm there is something with his shoes. they dont look like stallones but they always makes his legs look long. T hink he have shoes that makes him about 2 cm taller.
cole said on 14/Mar/14
@Editor Rob: At times when Cooper stood straight I thought it looked a little more, nearer 1.5in.
cole said on 13/Mar/14
Click Here
@Editor Rob: How much taller than Fallon would you say Cooper looks in this video?
I see no suspicious footwear on Cooper.
[Editor Rob: I think he looks an inch taller]
chrisssss said on 13/Mar/14
Click Here proof!! For everyone saying he's taller than jt, its only cuz of lifts, watch the vid, they ate both wearin the same footwear
chrissss said on 10/Mar/14
jimmy fallon was only taller than jt on the late night show, but at the vmas, or on snl he was visible shorter, looked the same height as bryan cranston on the late night show, there is shot of him where it shows the heels of his boots and they were MASSIVE, so he is no stranger to wearing lifts, clear 5'10, and adam levine was taller than him as well and he claims 182cm
cole said on 3/Mar/14
@sss: Yeah, he should be added for sure. Compared to 6'1 Bill Hader, 6'ish Jason Sudeikis and 5'9.5 Andy Samberg, I'd say Seth Meyers can look 5'10.5 - 5'10.75.
Banshee said on 26/Feb/14
@MD Possibly it's not over 1 inch, but it's beyond any doubt that Fallon, who himself doesn't give a 'tallish' guy ( how 6 feet tall people are usually perceived as ) impression, is at least 2 cm taller than JT. JT can't possibly be anything over 180 cm out of bed.
Balrog said on 25/Feb/14
He is taller than Justin Timberlake yet they listed the same.
cole said on 25/Feb/14
Fallon is definitely taller than JT, at least by a cm or 2.
MD said on 25/Feb/14
Jimmy is taller than Justin, but it's not by as much as I think that you think it is.
Banshee said on 24/Feb/14
On SNL JT looks 3 cm shorter than Fallon. Just look for the youtube video. Not to mention JT's wearing cowboy boots, while Fallon's got only suit shoes on.
Banshee said on 23/Feb/14
I'm uploading the evidence of Fallon being an inch taller than JT, both wearing similar shoes ( JT is know to wear high shoes, often Nike Air etc., hear wearing cowboy type boots ) - video below, picture here:

Click Here
Banshee said on 23/Feb/14

Wtf?! Fallon looks an inch taller than JT! Here's the proof, my friend.

Click Here
Tim said on 10/Feb/14
I'd say he is at least 6' which is weird because when you look at a body shot of him he doesnt really have the bone structure to be that tall, but standing next to Will Ferrell he's almost the same height and Ferrell is 6'3"
John said on 8/Feb/14
He looks about 3 inches taller than Tim McGraw (listed at 5'10) and McGraw is wearing cowboy boots. So... either Tim Mcgraw is shorter than listed, Fallon is taller than listed, or Fallon is wearing absolutely ridiculous lifts (unlikely).
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chrissss said on 29/Jan/14
on snl with justin timberlake in the talkshow skitt, they wore the same footwear, he was 4cm shorter than JT, he is 178cm, ansd he def wears shoes to make him look taller, or lifts
lelman said on 27/Jan/14
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, how tall would you say this makes the guy in these photos, about 5'8"?
[Editor Rob: he can look that range]
dmeyer said on 26/Jan/14
this guy is clearly 183cm
MD said on 25/Jan/14
Scratch that, the difference between him and Mitt looks closer to an inch than half-and-inch. Maybe some photos of this will come out and I can judge better.
MD said on 25/Jan/14
Okay, this is weird, Jimmy's doing is monologue and Mitt Romney literally walks right to the side of him and stares him down, and I swear there looks to be maybe a half-inch difference between the two. Jimmy has on some serious lifts or something.
berta said on 24/Jan/14
About same height as johnny knoxville and 3 cm taller than ford. mutch taller than tim mcgraw. He is probably 183
Christian said on 24/Jan/14
Standing next to Springteen who is about 5'10", Fallon has at least an inch over him so 5'11" sounds right
MD said on 11/Jan/14
He just had Andrew Rannells on his show, who is listed at both 6'0" and 6'1". He had a bare minimum an inch of Fallon. If Andrew is the latter, this listing is about right, but if Rannells is actually closer to 6'0", than I'm beginning to think he may be more a 5'11" flat.
cole said on 9/Jan/14
Click Here
Click Here

With self-procalimed 5'11 Michelle Obama. They look similar in most of the shots, in some Jimmy looks a tad taller.
cole said on 6/Jan/14
Rob and everyone, you should watch this video: Click Here

I've referred to it before, but I might as well do it again now that people are starting to argue 6ft for Fallon, which I just cannot see. Both Jimmy and the 175 cm Joseph Gordon Levitt, as expected, get absolutely towered by the 201 cm Stephen Merchant - and whenever Jimmy and JGL stands side by side, I struggle to see much more than 5 cm between them. Footwear seems pretty even.
MD said on 2/Jan/14
There is a picture of him with Paul McCartney and a video from the same show. He's obviously in casual wear, so he's very likely in regular gym/tennis shoes, and he just towered the guy. I used to think he was average height, too, but it's become clear to me that he's fairly above average, and that's even when he's not in his dress shoes.
mId said on 2/Jan/14
I'm not kidding when I say this guy had the almost 3" heels on when he was interviewing UFC president Dana White a while back.. He did some kicks on a bag or something (goofing off) and it was the most obvious lifts I've ever seen(Think robert Downey junior heels on the set of Iron man.)

Justin Timberlake is listed 182 cm(5'11.5) on this site and he's taller than Fallon by about 1-2 cm when in same type of footwear as can be seen here.

Click Here

This guy is 5'11 tops.
cole said on 1/Jan/14
@Editor Rob: Fair enough. It's perhaps not always as obvious, but his heels does often strike me as slightly larger than that of a more standard dress shoe, so he will get a boost over others who's wearing more regular footwear. 5'11.5 is fine, 5'11.75 is possible (but a stretch) - 6ft I just can't see that.
cole said on 30/Dec/13
Rob do you agree that the reason he looks 6ft + a lot is because of his footwear? I could just about agree with this listing, perhaps as more of a morning height for him (5'11.5 - 5'11.75 zone), and that he really is in the 5'11 - 5'11.25 zone later in the day. 5'10 I can't see, but I doubt he's much over 5'11 flat after seeing the kind of footwear he pulls (see my comment from December the 5th). I'm keeping my mind open for 5'11.5, but at the same time I will never support a 6ft listing for Fallon (should it be given).
[Editor Rob: he can generally look 5ft 11.5-6ft, sometimes he might look 5ft 11 but it's more rarer I think than the nearly 6ft. I can't see anything obvious about his footwear, but then you can fit a 1cm lift in a lot of shoes and it won't be that obvious unless you look closely.]
mId said on 17/Dec/13
Jimmy Fallon is almost always wearing elevator shoes ala Robert Downey junior on his show. When in regular sneakers he's a little shorter than 5'11-5'11.5 Justin Timberlake. See..
MD said on 16/Dec/13
He was clarly taller than 5'10" James Marsden on his Friday show, so if he's not what's listed, he's at the very least 5'11". He just consistently looks taller than 5'10" guys, even back in his SNL days when he wasn't often in dress shoes.
CB said on 12/Dec/13
Weird how he is 5'11 but not much shorter than 6'4 Conan, i've seen many "5'11" guys next to conan and they look short but not Jimmy, i shouldnt be surprised thought most celebs wears lifts so jimmy is a true 5'11 it looks like
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/13
5ft11.5/182cm is a fair listing, IMO. But a weak 6ft wouldn't surprise me either. He's easily got a couple of centimetres on Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis. In regular shoes he's probably about 6ft1.
dmeyer said on 6/Dec/13
Rob upgreat up aleast 5'11.75 or maybe He Is a 5'11.5 like who pulls off 6'
cole said on 5/Dec/13
Click Here
Click Here
This is the kind of footwear I'm talking about. And he's rarely seen in anything smaller than that on his show. That will surely give him a solid boost.

Click Here
With 173 cm max Jeremy Renner. Nothing but regular dress shoes on Jeremy, and a set of slightly bigger looking shoes on Fallon. The angle favours Jimmy and he's standing taller than Jeremy. Watch the video if you can find it. The difference between them can look even less than it looks in the picture.

Personally I think there's a reason why he was listed 5'10 (I know, he's taller than 5'10 flat) and 5'11 on most sites before last year. He claimed 6ft but he doesn't look it. You would think that he looks quite tall next to assumed legit tall guys on his show, which I will admitt has fooled me once or twice to believe he's around 183 cm. But then I spot his footwear which always seems big, and it makes me doubt he's much over 180 cm measured barefoot. 182 cm range isn't horribly wrong, but I wouldn't waste a minute arguing 6ft.
cole said on 29/Nov/13
I can agree with this listing, but he's not taller than 182 cm. Before you label him a 6-footer: remember his footwear. Always chunky.
dmeyer said on 28/Nov/13
Rob 182.5-183cm looks Closer 6'0" dits him
[Editor Rob: he can pull off nearer six foot a lot yeah...]
dmeyer said on 25/Nov/13
Near Obama and Seinfeld seems 6 ft
cole said on 22/Nov/13
@Blob: That's not a good shot to compare them, we can't see their feet and the camera favours Jimmy. Plus Vegard is under 5'9, closer to 5'8. Bard is around 5'11.
Blob said on 21/Nov/13
Jimmy Fallon next to Vegard Ylvisaker (left). Vegard is around 175 cm / 5'9". His brother, Bard (right), is 181 cm / 5'11". Click Here
optobob said on 2/Nov/13
Just saw him with Harrison Ford. Seemed a couple of inches taller than Ford.
Sam said on 21/Oct/13
Fallon is a weird height guy because he can seem a solid six foot with almost everyone under six foot but then get him next to a tall guy like Henry Simmons in Taxi or Anthony Bourdain and he can seem 5'10"ish.
johnny said on 10/Oct/13
Click Here with the annoying Bieber kid. 180-182 cm for Fallon seems right.
cole said on 28/Sep/13
@MD: Exactly. And if we take a good, close look at his footwear, for example in that pic you posted on NPH's page, his heels seem pretty well stacked compared to Neil's.

He always seems to be in that type of footwear that gives him an extra boost, which makes me very suspicious. I'd definitely argue 5'11 flat over 6ft.

Here's a video from when JGL and Merchant was on his show: Click Here
I'd say he looks 5'11 flat.
Joe said on 28/Sep/13
I saw him standing next to Hugh Jackman who is supposedly 6'2. Unless Jackman was wearing big soles he was a good 4 inches taller than Fallon. He cant be 6 foot and probably barely makes 5'11
nyc said on 27/Sep/13
@Fitzy: It's the entertainment industry. That means it is largely based on your appearance, voice, and personality. Yes of course there is ability. But height is a huge part of appearance, and being taller is naturally more attractive than being shorter for men.
cole said on 23/Sep/13
@Tony: Jimmy looked the listed height with Obama in that video. But I've seen those dress shoes he's wearing on the show, and they don't seem so regular to me. Still think he's 180 cm range.
cole said on 22/Sep/13
He has claimed 6ft, but was listed 5'10 most places for a long time. I'm going to stick with the middle option: 5'11.
Fitzy said on 21/Sep/13
I enjoy comparing human heights as much as the next bored hobbyist, but why all the secrecy and manipulation? I understand that a variety show host is more appealing when taller than most guests, but heavens to betsy, the use of lifts is so dishonest and ultimately emasculating. Peeps in NYC and Hollyweird need to grip some reality.
Tony said on 18/Sep/13
Click Here
looked similar height here
Pan said on 6/Sep/13
This guy is taller then Justin Timberlake right? So I guess he is arround 185.. Almost 6'1.
Rusty said on 3/Sep/13
I saw what appeared to be elevator shoes in the episode where he interviewed Derek Jeter recently.
cole said on 31/Aug/13
I doubt he would measure over 180 cm.
Shahrooz said on 27/Aug/13
He is shorter than adam levine who is posted as a 180 cm.
gee said on 7/Aug/13

same back..they went back to back...they are the same height...jt is 5-10...he was 3 inches shorter than 6-1 nash
cole said on 29/Jul/13
In my opinion he is a 5'11 range guy reaching around 6' - 6'1 with custom shoes on the show.
cole said on 9/Jul/13
He looks 180 if Bowler is 183.
Rey said on 7/Jul/13
He is a tough one to figure out. I did see him wear clogs in numerous skits on SNL. I am guessing 5'11" at best. He did appear to edge out 5'11" Rachel Maddow on his show, but she was wearing sneakers and he had his heels.
chrissss said on 6/Jul/13
Im 10000% positive he's 5'11, seeing him right now next to neil harris and us an inch shorter, he's also the same height as adam levine and jimmy kimmel
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Jun/13
Rob, here's a good comparison: Click Here
He's with Grant Bowler, that you met.
He actually looks very near 6' in this video...
[Editor Rob: he does look a bit smaller, how much is harder, compared to grant/elijah were you can see a pretty big difference.]
B.T. Stomp said on 11/Jun/13
I just saw Jimmy Fallon interview Russell Crowe for 'Man of Steel'.
I-M-D-b lists them both at 5-11.5.
G-o-o-g-l-e lists Crowe at 5-11 & Fallon at 5-10.
Despite the fact that Fallon is clearly taller.
When they were both standing straight in what I initially thought were regular dress shoes Fallon seemed to have at least 2-3" on Crowe.
Considering what I've heard about Crowe wearing lifts that would put Fallon over 6 feet.
Upon closer inspection I noticed Fallon seemed to be wearing some kind of dress boots with a larger heel.
Crowe was even standing closer to the camera, hell it might've very well been the camera angle.
All factors on the table; real vs listed height, footwear, camera angles, etc.
It seems in this case there may be no way to figure it out.
Estimates; Crowe around 5-10 & Fallon around 6-0.
LG69 said on 28/May/13
Jimmy is kinda hard to figure out. He looks about 1" taller than 5'10.5" Jay Leno, but 2-2.5" shorter than 6'0 Tiger Woods. Either TW is taller than 6'flat or Jimmy wears lifts.
Christian said on 3/Apr/13
-gaz, yes I agree. That´s strange. Have you seen him listed as 5'10'' before Rob?
[Editor Rob: I don't look at other sites unless they have a quote from an actor...

I am only interest in this site and also what visitors guess heights to be :)]
gaz said on 5/Mar/13
Rear to see i m d b have him listed shorter than he is then..they have him at 5'10
Real1 said on 25/Feb/13
Rob, good job. Look at the Evolution of Mom Dancing video on Youtube. If Michelle's 5'11" and he clearly looks taller than that (granted she's wearing flats) then obviously he's 5' 11.5" spot on. Great Work Rob!!
Nick22 said on 22/Feb/13
Take a look at this video: Click Here Does Jimmy Fallon really look 182 cm here together with 6 ft Tiger Woods? I doubt it.
Trey said on 22/Jan/13
Seriously, even sites that list Timberlake 6'1 has this guy at 5'10. Fallon's being upgraded 1.75" to keep Timberlake and various others at their inflated listings.
jasperwazup said on 20/Jan/13
some sites have him at 5'10''. looked roughly two inches shorter than tiger woods who's a weak 6'1'' side by side. not to the nearest millimeter but approximate. honestly 5'10'' seems right.
viennese said on 14/Jan/13
i know... not the best quality. pay attention to his shoes. 5'10-5'10.5
Click Here
mike 181cm said on 13/Jan/13
Had about a half an inch on 5"11 jay Lenin. I think your spot on rob.
Hew said on 11/Jan/13
Like Jimmy Kimmell he's around 6ft in his on-camera costum dress-shoes. And like Jimmy Kimmell he's 5'10 at most barefoot.
Josie said on 15/Dec/12
Yup, I've been noticing for quite some time that Jimmy has the metacarpals (hand bones) of a shorter man. Also, since I tailor men's clothes, I keep noticing that he wears the suit coat at the length that is porportionate to a man about 5'8", 5'9", yet his full stature height doesn't seem 5'9"/5'9" next to many guests. The guy has to be in heels is my guess. Same way you see a 5'2" woman in 3" heels, she still has the body proportions of a shorter woman. Your eye on the full length body naturally observes the existing proportions and the heels don't fool you into thinking otherwise.
alex said on 11/Dec/12
Legit 6 feet guy. Maybe even a little above
Clay said on 10/Dec/12
Watched fever pitch. Looked like a pretty average height guy... 5'10, give or take
Dave618 said on 10/Oct/12
Good one, Fungo!;-) I'm kind of interested in celebrity's heights because, as a 6'2" guy myself, I am conscious of being taller than most. Not crazy taller like Shaq, but I'm usually one of the tallest guys in a Mall, Casino, etc. I think I read being 6'2" makes you taller than 95% of other men.

As a kid I was kind of embarrassed. I was almost six feet by the age of 12. I stood out like a sore thumb in my class and was often made fun of because of my size. Now it's cool. I like being 6'2". It's strong tall and you get noticed for being tall but it's not freaky tall where people stop and glare at you with mouths open.

I wonder a lot what other celebs are around my height, that's why I like to find out how tall they are. Plus it's fun to see if what your estimate of their height is compared to what they are listed as here. Fallon always seems to me to be tall. I can't think he's less than six feet even. Maybe slightly bigger.
Fungo said on 8/Oct/12
What difference does it make how tall a celebrity is? I can't answer that because I'm always curious about people's height too. It bothers me that it bothers me. Jimmy Fallon is very talented, and seems like very decent dude too, and on top of that, Priest Fallon is Jimmy's great, great, great grandfather. That's why he won't have Daniel Day Lewis on his show!
Dave618 said on 2/Oct/12
I saw Liam Neeson on Jimmy's show last night and was surprised to notice Jimmy held his own hight-wise with Neeson. Liam is 6'4", and Jimmy looked about 3 inches shorter. I have got to believe he's AT LEAST six feet tall, maybe 6'1".
Tom said on 25/Sep/12
QuestLove --how can Fallon be 6'2" when Tom Welling towered over him for the Smallville season finale on Jimmy's show?????
Tom said on 25/Sep/12
I was watching Saturday Night live a few years ago when Pierce Brosnan was on. The camera pulled back an Jimmy was weraing these clog shoes --atleast a 3-4 inch. I did not know if it was part of the sketch, but he appears taller than Pierce and I thought that was odd.
Steven said on 22/Sep/12
I met him once and I am 5 feet 7. He was not much taller than me and he is very skinny
C said on 4/Sep/12
Looked almost the same height as Ryan Lochte, who is 6'2''. I'm thinking Fallon is 6'1''.
Ana said on 25/Aug/12
I met Jimmy last year when he was here for the Houston rodeo, I'm 5'7 and I stood right next to him in flats and i was suprised to discover he was probably only about 2 inches or so taller than me. He might be 5'9-5'10 but not at all taller than that.
Vegas said on 17/Aug/12
tebow was measured 6'2 6/8ths at both the combine and pro day
Duhon said on 16/Aug/12
@dink Yes but the NFL always rounds up to the nearest digit. If he was measured during the morning the tallest he may be could possibly be 6'2 3/4". So him looking 6'2" at some point of the day is not that weird.
Dink said on 16/Aug/12
Pretty sure tebow was measured at 6 2 and 3/4 at the combine barefoot. So he is at least pretty close to 6 3 at some point of the day
Stretch said on 14/Aug/12
Not to cloud up the Jimmy Fallon height issue, but there is NO WAY that Tim Tebow is a legitimate 6' 3". He was in Tampa to open a sports clinic and we were within a few yards of him. Extremely ripped but 6' 2" at best.
Annie said on 10/Jun/12
Hi, Candyman! Anyone see Fallon last night with Anthony Bourdain? I had to look Bourdain up on Google for hieght...looked 6-8'' taller than Jimmy. All sites list Bourdain at 6'4"...JF looked tiny. He is still the best there is at late night, no matter how tall...he's cute, funny, genuine, extremely talented...and still doesn't need the heels.
Sam said on 10/Feb/12
Adam Levine does seem to have a slight edge on Fallon:
Click Here
MR.HEIGHT said on 7/Feb/12
fallon is a flat 5'11" maybe even 5'10.75". tebow is a solid 6'2". brees wakes up a hair above 6' but is really a strong 5'11.5" at bedtime. i saw both shows and all it proves is fallon uses an extra boost in his footwear. tebow has nasty posture which is why fallon can keep up and why he throws like a female.
MD said on 3/Feb/12
Ok, Jimmy had on Saints quarterback Drew Brees on, tonight, and they were also the same height. After seeing him compared with how he compared to Tebow, Tebow maybe was an inch taller than Jimmy instead of exactly the same height.

Either way, Drew Brees was measured EXACTLY at 6'0", so there is absolutely no way that Tim Tebow measured 6'3", which makes sense given the "two-inch rule".
MD said on 2/Feb/12
Again, I think it says a lot more about overlisting in sports than it does about Jimmy's actually height, because he's routinely never looked anything over 6'0" on his show with other guests of known height. Jimmy is not even close to 6'2"; that much is clear.
da_truth said on 2/Feb/12
Jimmy and Tim Tebow looked almost the same height last night on his show... I don't know, Fallon always looked 5'11" to 6', so is Tebow not really 6'3"? Tebow looked about 1 maybe 2 inches taller than Jimmy, but not much more.
New guy said on 2/Feb/12
Well, I just saw Jimmy next to Tim Tebow on his show who is listed at 6'3. He didn't look any more than 1 inch shorter than him. I'd say Jimmy is 6'2 like another poster said! But, it could be he wears heels in his dress shoes. But, Tim was also wearing dress shoes. Hmmmm
Md said on 2/Feb/12
Crazy, Tim Tebow is on Jimmy Fallon's show, right now, and I swear they are EXACTLY the same height, and both are in regular dress shoes. Tim is listed as what? 6'3"? And, Jimmy is not over 6 feet, so my head is spinning.
MD said on 30/Jan/12
You may very well be QuestLov; you have such obscure taste that I'd not at all be surprised to find this is actually you posting. That said, even Jimmy would never claim 6'2", because he knows how ridiculous that would be. He's either 5'11" or 6'0", but certainly nothing above.
QuestLove said on 29/Jan/12
Fallon is 6ft 2. I should know I work with the man! And go get my bands (The Roots) newest album "Undun."
Silent d said on 24/Jan/12
Taller than gisele bundchen, jennifer esposito and queen latifah in taxi. I always thought he is 5 foot 10 but 182cm is right on.
Ace said on 19/Jan/12
I have to disagree with you MD. I thought Adam Levine looked slightly taller at the Golden Globes. Although i still do believe Fallon is as listed here.
MD said on 16/Jan/12
What in the world Golden Globes were you watching? They were both very close in height weight Jimmy being taller.
jm said on 15/Jan/12
this is wrong... jimmy fallon is at least 2 inches shorter than adam levine.. supposttly listed here as 181 cm .... so... adam is taller than this.. or jimmy is shorter than this.. just saw them in the golden globes
steven said on 15/Jan/12
i buy 5'10. he listed 5'10 the very start.
Bathyscaphe said on 14/Jan/12
He looks TALL compared to a lot of his guests on his show. I'd estimate an even 6'0". He's the perfect height.
Mike said on 11/Jan/12
Why does his info online say 5'10? He looks taller on his show especially compared to most guests he has on.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 6/Jan/12
Closer to 5" 11 (180 cm) than 6ft.
LUCOSO said on 22/Dec/11
taller than baldwin,or this guy is 6´1 or baldwin is 5´10ish
Brian said on 20/Dec/11
I saw this guy at a restaurant in New York last summer. He looked around 5'11", not a full 6'0".
Sam said on 19/Dec/11
This listing is probably accurate. Fallon's around the same height as Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Kimmel:
Click Here
Click Here
MacGyver said on 18/Dec/11
He wears 3 inch lifts that make him look 6'1 compared to guests.

If you go watch old SNL episodes you can see that him and Chris Katan are the same height.
Junior31 said on 15/Dec/11
This guy needs a down grade. All though he's lanky and gives a talish look, he looked maybe at most an inch taller then Adam Sandler on his talk show. He looks at best 5'10.5 probably 5'10. I would say that most men who are a strong 5'10 claim 6ft. Its all about the look of there proportions.
Godred said on 14/Dec/11
@Michelle - No he isn`t,why do girls believe everything they`re told when it comes to height? - use some logic.
Michelle said on 29/Nov/11
Jimmy Fallon is 6'1. He has tweeted!
MD said on 13/Oct/11
He was with Michael Phelps on his show, last night, and I was absolutely shocked how tall Jimmy looked. Jimmy had the footwear advantage (normal dress shoes) or Michael (thin-soled tennis shoes), but Jimmy still only looked 2-2.5" short TOPS, so I simply can't see him being less than what he's currently listed. Either that, or Michael is actually shorter than his listed 6'4".

For whatever reason, when by himself, Jimmy comes off as just average height, but I've been surprised by how well he stacks up against some of his guests. He's always looked above average on his show. I guess it's always a possibility that he wears lifts, but I don't see him as a lift wearer.
Ray J said on 13/Oct/11
A few pics here with him and Will Forte, who is listed on one site as 5'10 but looks nothing of it. He is very lanky, like a 5'8-5'9 guy.
Click Here

Jimmy here looks to have nearly 1-2 inches on him in different pictures. Jimmy himself looks nothing of 6'0 either, he honestly looks 5'10, maybe a weak 5'11. This would make sense if Will is my guess of 5'8 or 5'9.
d wade said on 29/Sep/11
Jimmy Fallon show tonight. Dwayne Wade was a guest and they stood next to each other for five minutes shooting weird stuff into a basket. Fallon was wearing basketball shoes, next to Wade who was also wearing sneakers - Wade measured almost 6'4" barefoot. Couldn't have been more than 4 inches between the two. Hard to see Fallon less than 6.
Michael said on 22/Sep/11
i don't know about he whole 5"10 thing, i watched his show last night and it looks like hes 5"8 (without the lifts) his arms and head are a bit smaller (proportionaly) than they should be if he was realy 5"10.
A said on 22/Aug/11
MD, what would you give Fallon? I can't see him being more than 5'11.5" MAX.
Jeremy said on 31/Jul/11
There is no way he is 6ft tall, he´s rocking some big heels, 5´10" - 5´10.5".
Terry said on 28/Jun/11
He wears lifts, 5´10" is his real hight, he has stated that before as well. 6ft with custom shoes.
Candyman said on 25/Jun/11
Annie, ever heard of a song called "I wish" by Skee-Lo? All men have this song on loop in their heads unless they play center in the NBA. I think that would address your statement.
MD said on 22/Jun/11
He's obviously joking about the hairpiece.
Allison said on 21/Jun/11
When Jimmy first got into SNL in 1998, he told an interviewer he was 5'10". Also, he let it slip recently that he checks 'his hairpiece' in the mirror before going out to do monologue on Late Night.
Annie said on 13/May/11
Jimmy wears magic Cuban-looking heels. I've recently "found" his show and DVR it every night. Love it, love him. Jakob Dylan the other night looked like a pixie next to Jimmy...something is fishy. Site here says J. D. "5'9.5"...he was wearing low shoes and Jimmy was rockin' his boots. Something is not right! Jimmy doesn't need the heels...he looks insecure by wearing them, and he doesn't need them. This from a 6' gal.
J.S.L said on 4/May/11
Jimmmy Fallon said on May 3rd on Late Night that he was 6 feet tall, so about 182 cm.
Annie said on 27/Mar/11
Noticed his @ 2" heels last few shows...haven't watched show very long. Rachel Maddow is 6' andwas definitely taller and she was wearing low shoes. During the mixology segment, he was magically the same height! Don't know why he needs the heels...funny, nice-looking dude.
Vinny said on 16/Mar/11
He went to my restaurant this week and he is no shorter than 6.
MD said on 5/Mar/11

I saw him on Colbert, and sometimes it looked like he was a lot taller, but it was mostly angles, I think, because Colbert often only looked an inch shorter, if you ask me. He certainly never "towered" Colbert by any definition of the word. You're kind of exaggerating the difference.
Ezio said on 4/Mar/11
I'd say about 1.75 inch difference between him and colbert when you take into account his slightly bigger heal, and that's by no means towering. 5 11.75 is spot on.
Chris said on 4/Mar/11
He was on Colbert's show tonight and towered over him. I always heard that Colbert was about 5'10" ish. Fallon easily had 2 inches on him, maybe even 3. I think Fallon wears lifts. I know it's crazy, because he's actually pretty tall without them. But he's clearly grown in height as the years have gone by. And the only thing I can think of is bigger healed shoes or lifts.
AO said on 20/Jan/11
Said on his Jan 19th show he is 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/11
McCartney has always been reported as 5"11 and Fallon looked even more than 2 inches taller which surprised me. But who knows what shoes they were wearing?
Angie said on 7/Jan/11
yall be tripping! i know his exact height thanks to his bio. check it out.He is 5'11 but claims to be 6 foot!
JellO said on 2/Jan/11
Clearly a weak 6'0/strong 5'11. He's really never looked any different.
TallGuy said on 13/Dec/10
Fallon looked two inches taller than McCartney and two inches shorter than Roger Waters, which would put him right around 6 feet.
Chris said on 20/Nov/10
Just saw him on an old episode of SNL with Matt Damon and Damon was easily 3 inches taller. I was pretty sure that Damon is in the 5'9" range. I would imagine that Damon was wearing some magical footwear or Fallon is a lot shorter than listed.
Matt C said on 11/Nov/10
Last night on his show he stacked up pretty good with minimum 6'1 Rainn Wilson. At some points he actually looked taller than him, of course he had the footwear advantage because he was in dress shoes and Rainn looked like he was just in those Converse Chuck Taylors that give you like no boost, but still judging by that it's hard to imagine he is anything under 5'11.5.
Clay said on 5/Jul/09
Michael, Roker is actually about 5'7 and Fallon has a lanky body which makes him look even taller. He is between 5'11 and 6 foot, no more. If Fallon was 6'1 or 6'2 than Ryan Reynolds would not have had 2-3 inches on him.
Nismofreak said on 27/Jun/09
Wow I'm surprised, I thought this guy was in the 5'9 range this whole time.
Michael said on 18/Jun/09
Al Roker is 5'8" and while standing next to Jimmy Fallon, you could see that Jimmy overwhelms him by six inches, at least. Thus, I assume that Jimmy is about 6'1" or 6'2". Trust me, Jimmy's tall -- over 6 feet tall.
hey. said on 16/Jun/09
He seems really tall on Late Night, but maybe everyone's just really short....haha.
Clay said on 15/Jun/09
MD, again you don't understand. I don't spam, I make these posts days apart and they just get added on the same day, how is that my fault ? It's not like I sit and type and submit the same thing again and again and again within the span of a few minutes. Once again with the personal attacks. You need to grow up. I'm done with, you are too childish to even respond too, I'm not even going to bother reading your posts.
MD said on 15/Jun/09
In the future, Clay, to be a half-way decent contributor, here, why don't you bother every once in awhile consolidating and collecting your thoughts before you go on a serial spam spree, okay? Really, you're hopeless.
Clay said on 13/Jun/09
In the future MD, please stay on topic and refrain from making personal attacks.
Clay said on 13/Jun/09
MD, as I said I don't post them all at once, I make a post and if it doesn't show up within a few days naturally I post the same thing again. It's not my fault all the posts get added all of a sudden on the same day. Major annoyance ? As I said you take the internet far too seriously. You seem to be the only one with any problem with me, so simply just ignore my posts. Simple as that.
MD said on 12/Jun/09
You are spamming and spamming with near identical posts, most of the time. You've become a major annoyance.
Clay said on 12/Jun/09
MD, i don't post all at once, if I post one thing and it doesn't show up, I think something went wrong so I post again, and all my posts are about different things. After I posted I saw that Skang had made another post further down responding to me. And then I watched his video link and had to respond to that also. "Stop it" ??? Why is it such a big deal to you ? Just don't read my posts if they bother you so much rather than acting like the Celebheights comment police. Stop taking the internet so seriously. Also on the other page I explained to you that my psts were a few days apart, Rob just decided to add them on the same day.
MD said on 11/Jun/09
Again with the five consecutive post, Clay. STOP IT, and ROB, you should really be more selective about what you let through. If Clay can't consolidate his thoughts into one or two good posts for a single session, here, he doesn't need to post.
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
"Proof Fallon is around a 175 cm guy.

Zack Morris is wearing his sneaker hightops and has around a good 3 inches on Fallon. He is listed at 6 feet which I think is right. Always knew Fallon is a shortie."

Pause at the 7:14 mark on the video, Zach Morris(Mark Paul Goselaar) and Fallon are facing each other and are the same height throughout them standing, they are also the same distance away from the camera. Also at the 8:46 mark they are once again side by side the same distance away from the camera and are the same height. I don't where you got the 3 inch thing from, perhaps you were basing it on MPG being much closer to the camera when he first gets on the platform next to Fallon right at the start of the interview.
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
Also skang, in the Zach Morris segment when they both stand up to put the faces on the board they look pretty much the same height, the only time Goselaar as Morris looks taller is when he is much closer to the camera while Fallon is behind his desk. By the way 5'8 is not short, it's slightly bellow average. But it doesn't matter for Fallon because all the evidence indicates that he is a legit 6 footer and towered over the 5'8 guy from True blood.
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
Skang 367, Stafford's height was measured without shoes in front of many people at the combine, he is 6'2.25 without shoes. He and Fallon were wearing the same exact footwear. Also next to John Krasinki who is 6'3 they both put on the same shoes for the video game segment and John looked barely 2 inches taller, at the most 2.5. DeNiro wears lifts now, he has for the last few years. 5'8 for Fallon s just not possible, look at hsi arms and legs, he is a legit 6 footer and looks it next to other 6 foot plus people.
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
Skang 367, shortie ? Look at Fallon next to John Krasinski and Matthew Stafford and Bradley Cooper, Fallon is nothing under 6 foot, 5'8 for him is beyond lunacy.
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
Fallon is nothing under 6 foot, look at him next to John Krasinski or Matthew Stafford.
CH said on 11/Jun/09
He is closer to 6 ft. Standing next to 6'3" John Krasinski he is about 2-3 inches shorter.
MD said on 10/Jun/09

Where have you been able to find Dana White's height? I've been looking for his height and weight (when he fought) and can't find any reference to his measurements.

Anyway, you're right. Dana even remarked that "you're tall" in order to get him to stand back from the punching bag. Jimmy's been consistently looking at least 6'0".
Stubbs said on 9/Jun/09
This guy has got to be wearing lifts then, cause when he was standing next to 5' 10.75" UFC President Dana White, he looked like he was 6' to 6' 1"!
skang357 said on 9/Jun/09
Click Here

Proof Fallon is around a 175 cm guy.

Zack Morris is wearing his sneaker hightops and has around a good 3 inches on Fallon. He is listed at 6 feet which I think is right. Always knew Fallon is a shortie.
bella said on 9/Jun/09
i can't belivin he is 180 cm! i hope he is as tall as me (like 175) :(
MD said on 6/Jun/09
Ok, this is crazy. Jimmy on with 6'1" Bradly Cooper, right now, and looks exactly as tall as him. Jimmy has been looking, at least, consistently 6'0" on his show. He's one of the very few whose height, I think, may be underestimated. I'm going to go out and finally say the guy is 6'0".
slapmouth said on 4/Jun/09
i've seen fallon and guest show for washed up celebs before he had his own show im 6'2 i'd say he id 5'9
LAZZOB said on 4/Jun/09
Just saw Dave Matthews (6'2") standing right next to Jimmy Fallon... Fallon has to be 6'1". Dave was maybe 1" taller. Check out the 6/3/09 Late Night show to see for yourself.
skang357 said on 27/May/09

I don't believe in NFL heights, official measurements or not.

He's in show biz and in show biz, it's all about image. If Matthew Stafford was on the show and he's really 6'2" my feeling is that Fallon probably put on the biggest healed shoes he could find.

Why do I say this? Well I saw Fallon's very first show where he had Robert De Niro on. Now I'm not sure about De Niro's height but most indications seem to be that he's 5'9" now and 5'10" when he probably filmed Taxi Driver. He didn't look tall even in that film and he wore cowboy boots with heels.

Since Fallon was pretty much even keel in height standing next to him, I'd say there is no way Fallon is 5'11. I"m sure he's at the least 5'8" but I'd say that at tops.

Here are some celebs I've seen up close that are really tall.

Billy Baldwin (looked like 6'2)

Rick Yune (6'2")

Charlie Rose definitely a tall guy (6'3")

Short celebs

Andy Garcia (Maybe 5'8 at best)
Anonymous said on 21/May/09
he's easily 6' and i'm sure of it. I have never seen a celebrity lowball his height so it's surprising he does.
Clay said on 16/May/09
skang357, When he stood next to Matthew Stafford who is offically measured to be 6'2 without shoes. Fallon looked not more than 2 and a half inches shorter. 5'10 is absurd. He is a strong 5'11 and a half.
MD said on 11/May/09

Surprisingly, when he was on Carson Daly's show the other night/early morning, the difference in height was barely noticeable. He easily looked over 6'0".
jf said on 10/May/09
On screen I always thought Fallon appeared 6'. I'd therefore say he's coasts to 5'11". I think he was slightly taller than Justin Timberlake when they did the Barry Gibb talk show skit on SNL.

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