How tall is Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

US Guitarist. Has said in "I'm only five seven and a half".

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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/22
Nasty Nick Cotton is wearing a Joe Satriani T-shirt.

I can’t imagine Nick Cotton having even a remotely sophisticated taste in ANYTHING, so I assume he pinched that T-shirt from a charity shop - the rotter!

Joe gets 5ft7.5.
Chrish said on 2/Mar/22
His material is great but always sound so standard to Vai
6james94 said on 11/Mar/21
In regards to John Petrucci height, because there is people talking about his height with Joe Satriani and he is one of the guitarists that gets invited to G3. He is actually my favorite guitar player and he is my favorite band of all time Dream Theater.
Though back to height I think he is possibly anywhere between 5’8 1/2 and 5’9 1/2 if you look up a picture of him next to Geddy Lee from Rush he is 5’10 on this website eyelevel wise his eyes are just over Petruccis eyebrows though head wise Geddy is only a hair taller. So Petrucci being 5’11? I don’t think so there’s pictures of him in albums and proportion wise he looks like a guy that would be my height and I’m 5’8 7/8ths just about 5’9 though again there’s guys I met who have same proportions as myself and be 5’11 so who knows.
Danny Bellport said on 31/Oct/17
I met Joe in Manhattan....I'm 5' 9.5", and he is a pixie, much shorter than I am....Joe is about 5' 5", I would say...definitely not 5' 7.5"...
Nik said on 13/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Mine has a penchant for continually changing on to in!

Sandy Cowell said on 11/Aug/17
🚬 Correction Time! 🚬

That was meant to be 'misery' and NOT 'miserable'!
As you can all imagine, it was the fault of my autocorrect! 😵
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Aug/17
Oh, the miserable of a bad back! Bah!

I can't see guitarist Joe handing out cra* facts about his height somehow! He's a musician and that's what matters to him, not fabricating his height! I've never seen him as a great, big, tall man and he doesn't profess to be. But a great guitarist? You bet!
Joe gets the 5ft7.5 he says he is!
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Aug/17
I agree, Jake E. Lee is an excellent guitarist, but he didn't seem above 5'7" or so to me a few years ago. He did have a bad back at the time so maybe he shrunk, or that made him seem shorter.
6er said on 13/Jul/17
Jake walked right past me at the Alrosa Villa in 1993 when he was in Wicked Alliance with Mandy Lion. He was wearing boots with heals and looked 5'10" Without the boots he is likely 5'8" or 5'9" More importantly a great guitar player!
matt said on 31/Jan/15
i interviewed Joe for a guitar magazine .we wore the same shoes .Im 5.5 he was exactly like me ..End of all the comments Believe me is 5.5
Arch Stanton said on 30/Oct/13
He's only 8 years younger than my dad but he has such a baby face. When he wears a hat without the shades he looks like a big kid! He's such a wonderful person though, very gentle and humble, not to mention one of the most technically proficient guitarists on the planet. I wish he'd venture more into jazz fusion with less crazy effects though. A lot of his compositions tend to have the same recycled Hendrixy type of licks which is cool, but speed and blues isn't everything at times it can get a bit boring. I'd like to see him ditch the effects and play a jazz guitar for a bit with some tasty chords and runs.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Oct/13
He doesn't look that low Brad. He looks 5 ft 9 in big footwear on the 2001 DVD. I've seen him in sneakers next to guys like Gilbert and co and he looks nearer 5 ft 8 than 5ft 6.
Brad said on 23/Jul/13
5 feet 6 and a half. Notorious for wearing big footwear for the duece add.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
I have the 2001 Live in 'cisco video and I actually thought proportionally he looked like a 5 ft 9 guy in it. I was surprised to see he was as low as 5'7.5". But I guess he has an alien like large head which gives the impression of a taller guy and he was also wearing space shoes which looked pretty clumpy so probably is 5'9" in them.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
Satch_Boogie says on 22/Oct/12
Met Satch back in 1989 and took a picture with him. I'm 5'10" and he was much shorter than me. I think 5'7" is a stretch. One of the nicest rock gods I've ever met. Stu Hamm and Johnathan Mover were awesome guys too.

I have the 2001 Live in 'cisco video and I actually thought proportionally he looked like a 5 ft 9 guy in it. I was surprised to see he was as low as 5'7.5".
Satch_Boogie said on 22/Oct/12
Met Satch back in 1989 and took a picture with him. I'm 5'10" and he was much shorter than me. I think 5'7" is a stretch. One of the nicest rock gods I've ever met. Stu Hamm and Johnathan Mover were awesome guys too.
Guitarguy said on 6/Oct/12
Im pretty sure that joe is at least 5'11, because I saw him in a rig rundown with Rebecca Dirks. Rebecca is around 5'5, And he was a lot taller.
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Eh no Gabriel, I believe Jim as what he says about them is very accurate. Petrucci looks close to 5 ft 10 and Satch does have huge hands and can reach some really huge stretches in his playing. Both are super nice guys.
Gabriel said on 25/Sep/12
Haha, you're wrong. I met Joe Satriani and I'm 5'6 and he was shorter than me. He's really 5'4
Godred said on 15/Dec/11
Vai - 5`11/6 ft , Aldrich - 5`10, Coverdale 5`11.
Shaun said on 8/Nov/11
Click Here

Paul Gilbert has the proportions of a guy near 6'6". Lanky. 6'4 legit and skinny which can make him look 6'6" at times.
Shaun said on 8/Nov/11
Yeah 5'9.5" for Petrucci looks about right. Paul Gilbert looks 6'3.5"-6'4" I think.
Jim said on 22/Oct/11
Petrucci is just shy of 5' 10". I met him in 2004. I am 5' 11" (on a good day!) and he wasn't that much shorter. Satch's claim of 5' 7" is about right. Met him @ Guitar Center Meet and Greet. He's got massive hands for a guy his size. They're both very cool in person; very down to earth.
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
Doug Aldrich and Justin Hawkins have the 5'11" Rock Star syndrome which make them look at times 6'2" at least..
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
5'11" for Aldrich does seem about right but for sure his rake thin build and long hair makes him look over 6' from certain angles.
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
No way Satchy. Petrucii is stooped way down. When he stands up straight he's easily two inches taller than Satch/ In fact I think a legit 5'10" is fair for Petrucci. And looks around 15 stone range nowadays.
Shaun said on 16/Jul/11
Actually watching Satriani and Petrucci I doubt he is under 5'10". He looks a good three inches taller than Satriani.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
I think maybe Vai is the 6' he is listed at. Surprising as he seems to look 6'2" range most of the time.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
Only thing is Vai does not look 6'2" in comparison to Satriani in sneakers, in fact he looks to have footwear advantage too and doesn't look over 6' .You may maybe Vai is 6' flat but because of his rake thin build and gaunt face it gives off a 6'2" illusion. Because generally I thought Vai was 6'2" range.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
oicelessdentalfricative says on 22/Feb/11
Click Here

Guess petrucci is about 5'7.5 as well

Petrucci clearly looks at least an inch taller,Petrucci looks 5'8.5"-5'9" to me.
Martin said on 9/Jul/11
Doug aldrich is just as tall as I am -- I'm 5'11" I know, because he was kind enough to pose for pictures and sign autographs at the airport. I've got a photo with him, real nice guy, while Coverdale himself was pretty unfriendly. Coverdale is taller than Doug Aldrich, he's at least 6'
Shaun said on 2/Mar/11
Yeah if I was a rockstar guitarist I'd want to look like Doug Aldrich. And play like him!
voicelessdentalfricative said on 22/Feb/11
Click Here

Guess petrucci is about 5'7.5 as well
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/11
I wasn't sure about 5'8" for Doug Aldrich either; he's definitely not mega tall, but I've seen him live a few times and I didn't think he looked that much shorter than Coverdale, who's listed as 5'11" (more or less). I would have put Doug at around 5'10" - but hey, even if he is short, he's still the hottest thing on two legs...
Manuel said on 13/Jun/09
I saw steve vai here in Mexico and he was in front of me because he signed me an autograph and I cant tell you he is no more than 180 cm
ShredGuitarist said on 9/May/09
I don't think Steve Vai is any taller than 6 ft. Actually , I'd think he is a strong 5 ft 11.( or ,181.5 cm or so) He's really really thin which makes him look much taller than he is. Also, he usually is on-stage which makes him look even taller.

And above all that, he usually wears chunky heels, 2 inch heels I think usually, so he looks 6 ft 3 or more many times. And yes, he appears even taller when around Satriani and Petrucci.

Yngwie Malmsteen stated in some interview he was 6 ft in his late teens. I think Malmsteen is nothing taller than a strong 6 ft. Of course, the stage and monster heels make him look very tall, and also small guys like glenn might then miscalculate the height because of the great difference bitween them.
glenn said on 27/Apr/09
portnoy is a legit 5-8.maybe he is 5-9 morning.but no way 5-10.
GF said on 26/Apr/09
I met Mike Portnoy and he definitely was NOT 5'10" like listed on his official website. More like 5'8." I wonder why he would exaggerate THAT MUCH though.... I also met John Myung who was almost my height (I'm 5'10") but he was wearing boots, so he's probably a good 5'7" or a bit over.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
i have a photo with kip.he claims 5-9.and could be.he could also be 5-8.cause he wore boots and i was 5-7,20 years ago.
marybeth said on 22/Apr/09
I was listening to hair nation on xm and winger came on. Anyone know how tall kip winger is?
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/09
Yeah, Doug was in House Of Lords and other Los Angeles bands that released albums like Lion and Hurricane. I would have guessed he was tall, but then again anyone looks tall next to Ronnie James Dio. I've met Dio in person and even I felt really tall next to him and I'm a weak 5'8".
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
Yeah I can't see anything under 5'11" for Doug Aldrich, he seriously looks 6' minimum thats why I kinda exploded when I read 5'8". The man looks in tall range to me.
glenn said on 17/Mar/09
i kinda see,or figured out my doug aldrich delusion.i always though he was on the short side.dont ask me clue.met him in dio 5 years ago,and completely forgot he was 5-11 at least.i have to find this pic.i had to google him now to make sure he was in dio.i know him from house of lords mainly.
Rick said on 17/Mar/09
I have a pic with him. I'm 5'7" and he is NOT taller than me
glenn said on 16/Mar/09
ricky medlock should be up on this pic too.he is about 6-1,6-2.hard to pinpoint cause of the boots.he was their original drummer.and the leader of blackfoot.
Doug said on 16/Mar/09
Dunno who you are thinking of Glenn. But I'd estimate him to be a solid 6 foot, he is definately way taller than 5'8". David Coverdale is about 6' and I thought Aldrich was a little taller. Have you ever met anybody from Lynard Skynard? Is one of the guitarists called something like Ricky Medlock? isn't he one of the guitarists always looks in the tall range, I heard hes 6'1", looks 6'2" to me, perhaps its his slim build.
glenn said on 15/Mar/09
interesting doug.was he in dio? who did i confuse him with? then again i thought reb beach was my height,and its clear he is 5-11.i only met reb once in the pic he was slouching and im on my toes.i forgot all a metal expert yet im foggy if i met aldrich.i do have that whitesnake dvd.dont know much about keb mo.he does look time encounters i do mess up heights with.especially if its long ago.
Doug said on 14/Mar/09
Google image Keb' Mo'. He looks a tall guy to me, 6'2" at least. Judging in comparison with the balding bearded guy on the site I said about, Aldrich is no lower than two inches shorter that Keb Mo in comparison.
Doug said on 14/Mar/09
Glenn there is also a picture of same guy with Keb' Mo'. Any idea how tall Keb' Mo' is? He looks around 6'2" to me. If so, Aldrich is around 6' around judging in comparison to that guy. Could you check these heights out for me?
Doug said on 14/Mar/09
Google image Doug Aldrich at (you'll have to show me how to use tiny url as I don't know how to!) . There is a picture of him with around 4 inches on the guy standing next to him. DOug is slouching so is about 3 inches taller but if he stood up straight 4 inches. Surely the guy next to him is not only 5'4? Judging by the height of Alrich to the people in the background I'd estimate that the guy on the right is 5'8" and Aldrich about 6'. He is definately taller than 5'8".
Doug said on 14/Mar/09
Hands down that is the tallest 5 ft 8 I've ever seen in my life. I've just watched the video again and find it hard to believe from that Aldrich is anything below 6'. I'll try to find some photos and level angles to make a better judgement but even watching it back again the man looks in the tall range surely?
Doug said on 14/Mar/09
I think it was just an illusion because of his skinny frame and the angle in which the clip was shot. Glenn check out Whitesnake DVD - 08 Doug Aldrich solo on YouTube. He looks very long and thin doesn't he? Even his fingers look very long. Actually in looking at him closely I can see he isn't as tall as I had thought but you can sure see why I had that illusion. I'm not the one you thought this somebody evne commented on YouTube saying how he looked like Randy Roads but MUCH TALLER. Very surprised he isn't in the 6' range. Maybe if I see him in pictures at a straight level I can judge better but he sure looked tall in that video Glenn.
glenn said on 14/Mar/09
does he doug? im not sure if i have a photo with him.was he in dio? if so,he was 5-8 to 5-10 range.average.
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
OMG I can't believe Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake is supposedly only 5'8"?? Check him out on YouTube the guy CLEARLY looks in the 6'2"-6'4" surely?? He has that classic 80s rock star look going on, tall and skinny and chiselled features. The guy looks very tall to me. I can't see how the guy could ever be under 6', he looks two inches taller than 6' David Covedale surely??
cob said on 27/Feb/09
So can you be short and still be a shred god? Cuz like I'm 5'5" and it seems that I can't break to the next level, I'm right on the edge of being amazing but I'm stuck at really great lol
Doug said on 22/Feb/09
ER I think you're underestimating even in that photo, difficult to tell without anything in comparison but by judging by his the length of his legs and overall structure he is pushing 6'3" in that photo in my view.
Doug said on 22/Feb/09
I wonder why he is frequently listed 6'0". Vai looks a solid 6'2" to me, makes sense as he looks 6'3" most often, 6'4" in those monster boots of his.
glenn said on 14/Feb/09
vai is 6-2 indeed.
ER. said on 12/Feb/09
How can Vai be 6-2 when he looks nothing like it, even in cowboy boots? : Click Here . Physically he looks more in the 5-11 - 6-0 range.
RisingForce said on 12/Feb/09
Yeah Doug, Vai seemed 6'2" to me.
Doug said on 10/Feb/09
I've seen Satch billed as 5'9". I always thought this was exaggerated. If he is 5'9" Vai looks 6'2" -6'3" in comparison. 5 ft 7.5 makes sense now but remember when playing guitar they are way off standing full height- I'm around 6'2" straight and with my legs apart and bent and playing guitar and looking down I'm probably four inches shorter at least. I heard Vai is only 6 foot flat. I was very surpised as I thought he was a strong 6'2", 6'1" at least. On YouTube somebody said "Vai is 6'3". I think 6 flat is definately a downgrading for Vai perhaps his long wiry build makes hin look taller but I'd swear he was 6'1"-6'2". Rising Force have you met Vai then? Glenn can we start a page for Steve Vai?
bob said on 8/Jan/09
there should be a page for vai
mattrock said on 28/Dec/08
petrucci isn't more than 5'8''-9'' max
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
I thought Steve Vai seemed 6-2 in person.
David said on 25/Dec/08
Watch Joe Satriani playing along with 6'6 Paul Gilbert... That's really fun :)
GF said on 21/Dec/08
To my knowledge:

Joe Satriani is 5'8"
Steve Vai is 6'1"
John Petrucci is 5'11"
Mike Portnoy is 5'10" (but definitely looks more like 5'9")
James LaBrie is 5'10"
John Myung is 5'7"
Jordan Rudess is 5'10"

Those are all from official sources btw.
PGMpower said on 30/Oct/08
No way is Petrucci 6 foot. At the end of this vid, he's level with Portnoy - Click Here and in this pic he's level with Satch - Click Here
RisingForce said on 17/Sep/08
That's interesting Martin, can you post it?
Martin said on 31/Aug/08
Somebody mentioned Doug Aldrich (currently with Whitesnake). I'm 5-11 myself and Doug is exactly as tall. I've got a photo in which I'm right next to him to prove it.
glenn said on 16/May/08
awake was maybe my favorite.
RisingForceYJM said on 15/May/08
Images and Words was a classic album in my opinion. That is my favorite Dream Theater album. I agree though that they have gotten much less interesting.
glenn said on 12/May/08
im tired of dream theater.i liked them in the 90s.the 2003 cd of all out metal/less prog was an interesting approach.
nate said on 12/May/08
Glenn do you like dream theater? by the way john petrucci is the tallest one id say judging by pics.
alan said on 5/Apr/08
no way petrucci is 6 feet tall i saw him play with satch live and they were jamming together really really close and jhon is just a bit taller than satch i would say 5"9
glenn said on 3/Apr/08
maybe.i never saw that though.he can look taller on stage next to those its possible.
GuitarHeroOfTheYear said on 2/Apr/08
doesn't like joe satriani wears like these freakin big tanker boots, because sometimes he appears taller.
glenn said on 23/Mar/08
portnoy is 5-8 indeed.i never saw another member of dream theatre in my life except jordan rudess(sp?).he is 5-9.sounds about right for john.
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/08
does anybody know how tall is mike portnoy??? he seems to be 5'8
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/08
glenn is john petrucci like 5'11-6'0 because I saw him with 6'3-6'4 paul gilbert and he's only a couple inches shorter than him. he claims he's like 6'0.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/07
Hei anybody have met Ville Laihala from poisonblack ? , he use to wear monster shoes but which is him really height ? 183 , 186 190 ??? by the way I've met marko Snek from the same band last week and me guess hes around 178 without monster shoes !
Mike Zappa said on 30/Nov/07
Hey, I saw richie kotzen here in argentina when he came with eric martin, Im 6
marian said on 14/Nov/07
I met Vai yesterday, I'm 6' 1/2'' (aprox 184cm) and he was exactly as tall as me. I was on tennis shoes and he was on shoes.
glenn said on 5/Sep/07
i met him a million times and always saw and thought 5-8.saw him a couple of weeks back struggling with 5-7 and fans commenting on how shocked they were on his lack of height.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/07
5.75 is about right, maybe. I met him after a G3 show, and I was asking people around for their(Paul, John P, and Satch). Anyways, I got his autograph, and I noted that he was an inch or two shorter than me. I am 5'9", and I am sure I had about two inches on him, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually about 5'7" and he is just saying that to seem taller.
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
yngwie is only like 6.1
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/07
I always thought Yngwie was around 6'3-6'4. He is thinner now but when when he was a fat he looked more around 6 foot.
Glenn said on 27/Dec/06
Well,nobody believed me at first.
Danny said on 26/Dec/06
Yep, 6-3 indeed..His exact words were "I'm 190 or 191 or something"
Glenn said on 26/Dec/06
Whats 190cm? 6-3?
Danny said on 25/Dec/06
Once more concernign Yngwie, you were probably right Glen, I saw a recent interview where Yngwie said he was 190cm!!! I always thought he was 6'1 max, I guess I was wrong..
Glenn said on 15/Nov/06
Thanks REds.
REds said on 15/Nov/06
For me the funeral album sounds great and have also really intresting lyrics. I recommend that album !
The Poisonblack sound is like sentenced but for my opinion the lyrics are more about the Ville's experiences in life , in other words more intimacys than the sentenced because it's he's own creatures .
Please go on to ask about he's height , when you have sometimes.thank you .
Glenn said on 14/Nov/06
That reminds me I still need to get the Funeral Poisenblack any good? whats the style?
REds said on 13/Nov/06
Thank you Glenn , now he play in a new band called Poisonblack , anyway I'm gratefull to you for your interest .
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Never met Sentenced.rarely over here.and now they broke up.Ill ask around.
REds said on 12/Nov/06
Yes , you guess about that Anonymous , do you ever met Ville Laihala ? Hey Glenn check this guy because
for me he 's not 190 cm ..I don't know about Malmsteen cause I saw him only one time at a big festival in Italy and he was on the stage , but for my impression he's not seems so tall , and also for Blackie lawless too..maybe I'm wrong .
Glenn said on 5/Nov/06
Yeah,I by accident saw an interview with the Sentenced singer in a magazine at home this morning.I love Sentenced,especially Amok.and I love hundreds of bands.but dont know band members names.
KW said on 5/Nov/06
I havent met Joe...yet anyway, but I guessed he was about.... 5'7" 5'8".... HA.... and I was right..... YAY. I freakin LOVE JOE... he is the best .
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/06
REds is talking about the Sentenced vocalist (they split up a while ago). He has said he's 192 cm. Close to 6'4".
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
Ville who? Vallo?
REds said on 1/Nov/06
I 've met Ville Laihiala a few days ago in a concert night with Italians Lacuna coil . He said is about 190 cm but I saw him between me and I think he is at least 185 cm , cause I'm 180 I'm sure. Someone met him , I'm curious about that ..
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/06
In the picture posted earlier Yngwie and Vai looked even. But Yngwie isn't standing up straight either on the Young Guitar cover his knees are bent quite a bit. Also I remember someone saying "yngwie is 6'4 and I'm 6'5 but he was taller than me with those boots" I'm pretty sure on 6'3-6'4 myself.
JB said on 1/Nov/06
Vai looks like he is holding his head down slightly on that Young Guitar magazine cover. I believe someone posted a video of Vai, Yngwie, and Satch in an earlier post. Vai was clearly a couple of inches taller than Yngwie.
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
Ill post them soon I hope.Im sure he knows what 6-3 fact I remember an interveiw where brags that he is 6-3 and has a huge dick.and that everyone else were little boys with napolean complexes.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/06
Yeah, at least 2 inches, he does look bigger than Vai, but then Joe S. doesn't look 5-7.5 here either..I think it's because Joe is standing the closest to the camera and Steve the farest..
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/06
Ok well Malmsteen is clearly bigger than Vai in that picture. Glenn could you post both pictures with Yngwie?
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
Forgot to add that my friend in 1990 kept commenting on how tall he was.
Glenn said on 30/Oct/06
I didnt remember him being so tall.I have a bizzare pic with him where I must be on my toes and him bending his knees,cause he looked 5-11 in boots,1990.then I have a pic with him in 2000 where he looks 6-5 next to me.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/06
Yes but as far Malmsteen is talking about being that height when he was asked to join Kiss....if he was still living in Sweden at the time that would have made him in his late teens. You can continue to grow up until your 21. Yngwie may have ended up 6'3. I highly doubt he has 5 inch boots.
Glenn said on 30/Oct/06
Yngwie himself told me 6-3,cause I had to ask in amazement as to him being 6-5 or more in met him Greg? hes a BIG guy.
Marc said on 29/Oct/06
Here is the interview where Yngwie reveals his height. Click Here

So he is about 6ft
Glenn said on 27/Oct/06
I got into a heated argument with Dimebags security.they wanted everyone off the block.couldnt understand why.The Haunted felt so bad for me,they took me on their bus.a week later,the security guy and Dimebag were murdered.could it be they had threats? I heard the nut tried previously.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/06
Whats the creepy story about Dime? So Malmsteen is 6'3, Lynch is 5'10.5, Warren DeMartini is 5'11 and Jake E. Lee is 5'8? Cool thanks Glenn. I've always wondered about them. I knew Yngwie was in the 6'3-6'5 range.
Glenn said on 18/Oct/06
Thats a short band.yeah,5-11 sounds right.Tate is 5-9.then a couple of guys at 5-4 to 5-6 range.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/06
Ok now I found this biography. Listing Jake's height as 5'9. Considering people like to give themselves an inch 5'8 I'm 100 percent sure about 5'8.

Click Here
Glenn said on 14/Oct/06
Maybe Zakk is taller.he appeared a 6fter with heels that made him taller.maybe Im wrong.not wrong on Jake.Id hung with both,plenty of times,seperate occasions of course.have to dig out the pics.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
Dime has listed himself at 5'9 but could very well be 5'8. Jake your probably right on since I'm just going by pictures. Do you have pictures of yourself with Jake E. Lee and George Lynch Glenn? If so could you post them. Either way Zakk looks way bigger than Dime and over 6 feet tall in that picture.
Glenn said on 14/Oct/06
Theres a videotape where Jake makes fun of his own fact he look strangely 5-8,even in boots.doubt he was smaller.never saw Dimebag in my life,but have a creepy story for another time.I thought he was 5-8.who knows,maybe Im wrong about Zakk.Im 75% certain on Zakk.100% on Jake.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/06
Here is Zakk with 5'9 Dimebag Darrell. Looks atleast 6'2 there.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/06
Jake looked Ozzy's height in the 80's sometimes taller could have been the boots though. Jake claimed to be 5'11 and 145 pounds although If you've met him I guess you'd know better. Here are some pics. He looks 5'10 too me.

Click Here

Click Here

Hope those help. Jake is one of my favorite players. Very underrated I think he's as good as George Lynch and better than Eddie Van Halen.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/06
I second the 5'5" for Schon.
Glenn said on 9/Oct/06
I knew Jake.5-8.Sykes is a mystery to me.I heard he was big,but appeared 5-11,maybe 6ft to me.Amir I heard was a jerk at 5-8.Schon is 5-5 or 5-6.Dweezil is 5-9 or 5-10.Timmons,like most of these guys I havnt seen in 12 to 15 years,I believe is 6ft.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
Yeah, Reb Beach always looked around 5'10" standing next to Kip Winger who is suppose to be 5'8".

Also, what about the heights for: Jake E. Lee, John Sykes, Amir Derakh, Neal Schon, Andy Timmons, and Dweezil Zappa. Thanks again Glenn.
Glenn said on 6/Oct/06
Vai can look 6-4,but he know,maybe Im wrong about Beach a bit.that was 1992 when I met him.let me find photo.maybe a bit taller.
JB said on 6/Oct/06
Thanks for the info Glenn. I'm really surprised that Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach are both 5'8". I would have guessed 5'10" or 5'11" for both of them.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/06
If Adrian Vandeberg is 6'5 than Steve Vai looks 6'4 next to him.
Glenn said on 5/Oct/06
Robbin was 6-5.right Extreme.yeah,he is 5-5 or 5-6.met him many times.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/06
Glenn thanks. the reason I guessed 6'3-6'4 for Warren is because he looked only about an inch shorter than Robben Crosbv who i read was 6'6. I guess my George Lynch guess of 5'11 was pretty good though. Both amazing guitarist and 2 of my biggest influences as guitarists. If you all like I'll give my links to where I read Vivian Campbell was 5'8 and Robben Crosby 6'6. I am suprised Doug Aldrich is 5'8 though.
D. Ray Morton said on 5/Oct/06
Greg, 5'6" tops (maybe that 5'5" estimate was a bit harsh). He is shorter than me by a couple of inches at least. When I first met him, I was expecting 5'8"-5'9", but that definitely is not the case.

I last caught up with Mike at the Modern Drummer fest a few weeks ago. Dave Dicenso (another great Boston drummer) was there, too.

Glenn, yes, he's played with a lot of other people...Extreme, Annihilator, Joe Satriani, Mike Keneally, Steve Perry...etc etc.
Marc said on 4/Oct/06
D. Ray Morton - Mike Mangini is only like 5'5" ? He doesn't look this small.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Steve Vai is 6-2.Reb Beach is 5-8.Nuno is 5-7.Doug Aldrich is 5-8.Mike Mangini I THINK is 5-7,5-8,if its the guy Im thinking of.didnt he play with other acts? and I know nothing about Avenged.I do have the cd.not a fan.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Hold up now.I know Warren Demartini.he can look 6-2 in heels.he told me himself he is 5-11.Lynch is 5-10.5,5-11.Dr.Ray,I totally forgot that name clue on that guy.Jack Starr is 5-6.yes,I asked Chris Holmes and he does look the 6-6 he claims.WASP,how can I forget.the tallest band next to Audioslave and Black Crowes.I have a photo with me in between Holmes and 6-3 Roddy.
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/06
A guy who met Chris told me Chris was 6'6.
Joe Ruckus said on 3/Oct/06
Talking about tall guitarists, what about Chris Holmes or Blackie Lawless - Wasp had possibly the tallest lineup in rock history!
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/06
I think Steve Vai is about 6'4. Malmsteen looks about Steve Vai's height and Zakk Wylde looks about an inch or 2 shorter than Vai. I've heard Lynch is 5'9 although I can't confirm this and I think he could easily be 5'11. There is a picture of Warren DeMartini with George Lynch somewhere and Warren is about 6'3-6'4 so that'll tell you about how tall George is. Next to 5'4 Ronnie James Dio Doug Aldrich appears about 6 feet tall.
PAul said on 3/Oct/06
Hey glenn, do you know how tall is Synyster gates from AVenged Sevenfold? He looked way taller than his bandmates in the VMAs!.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Oct/06
Sorry to butt in, but I know Mike (aka "The Man-Genie"). He's around 5'5" (I say "around," as I've never measured him). Great guy. Very sharp mind.

Would you agree on that height, Glenn?

Malmsteen's got a few screws loose (how Jens and Anders put up with him for so long, I'll never know), but that's probably also what made him so gifted.
Marc said on 30/Sep/06
Oh glenn; steve vai's drummer, Mike Mangini - you ever meet him?
Marc said on 30/Sep/06
Malmsteen's a great guitarist (listen to "black star" and all of the album trilogy), he's just a show-off.

Glenn: is steve vai 6'1"? I always figure he was about 6'0".
JB said on 30/Sep/06
Since you are talking guitar players, Glenn do you know how tall Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich, George Lynch, and Nuno Bettencourt are? Thanks.
Glenn said on 21/Sep/06
That first album is one of the greatest ever made.the first 4 were the best.up until Odysee.I like most after,but the first shouldnt be knocked by anyone.
Paul said on 21/Sep/06
Maybe it's because he's so fat, that scandinavian meatball :-)
Anyways ,ask any shred guitar fan who are his guitar heros and probably the last one he'll mention is Ingwie. He's all about scales and lacks spirit and feeling. If you ask me, man, i can't stand one of his records, not even a song alone. He's so boring...
Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
He is 6-5 in boots!
Paul again,. said on 20/Sep/06
HAve you ever used boots? they can give you at least 3 inchest of height!! Do the math: malmsteen :6' . With boots 6'3.
What's the matter anyways. Ingwie is a !·%(·% ,and likes to brag even about his height and not to mention his ridicously wanking playing style. Satriani rocks ,being a short dude
Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
I only met Portnoy and that newer keyboard player(5-9,5-10).
Marc said on 19/Sep/06
Figured as much. Have you met Portnoy, Glenn? I met LaBrie in New York (cool guy) and he was about 6'0" (I'm about 6'0" in sneakers nowadays so we were eye to eye).

As for Malmsteen, I'd put him at 6'3", as well. He just appears tall and looks like he's a big dude, that Swedish Meatball.
Glenn said on 19/Sep/06
Portnoy is 5-7,5-8.yes,Sheehan can even look taller.I asked him his height.yeah,Gregg is 5-7 or 5-8.
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
Malmsteen is 6-3.period.6-5 in boots.period.I have photos to proove it.
Marc said on 18/Sep/06
Sheehan is that big? Then again, look him next to David Lee Roth (6', who is leaning forward). Click Here Greg Bissonette I think is only around 5'7", since he looks about as tall a Mike Portnoy who is 5'6". See, here is Portnoy with 5'10.5" Geddy Lee: Click Here .

Here's Portnoy with Bissonette: Click Here photoid=385&asortType=6&apage=3.

And if it is true that Portnoy is 5'6", that Satch may even be shorter (he could also be leaning to hold up Portnoy's son): Click Here
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
Yes,Zack is 6ft tops.Sheehan is 6-2.
Paul said on 18/Sep/06
Hey ,first time posting here. Malsmteen is 6 feet. Those fancy boots he uses maybe can raise him to 6'1 ,but just that. Is imposible that he is over 6' 2. Vai is actually 6'2 barefoot. The tallest guitarists I know are Mick thompson 6 3, Buckerhead 6'4 and Jim root 6' 6
Glenn said on 16/Sep/06
Gilbert is 6-3.5 or 6-4.Kotzen is 5-11.hit me with more.Im an expert.
balita said on 15/Sep/06
since we're talking about guitar players, does anyone know how tall Paul Gilbert and Richie Kotzen are ?
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
Not yet.thanks.
Marc said on 14/Sep/06
Glenn: is Alexi's picture on your page?
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
I have a photo with the Bodom guy.he is 5-4 or 5-5!
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
Could be but I'm 5'8 and he was about 6 inches bigger than me bending over in the picture I have.....and he looked about 6'4 standing up...he could have been wearing boots though. I think 6'2 sounds right for Zakk. And 6'3-'6'4 for Yngwie
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
I always felt Zack was 6ft barefoot.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/06
I've met both Malmsteen and Wylde and Wylde is atleast 6'2 maybe bigger....Malmsteen looked about 6'5...could have been the boots though...I'd say 6'2-6'5 for Yngwie and 6'2 plus for Wylde....I remember Wylde said he was 6'2 once aswell.
Glenn said on 5/Sep/06
Who is that?
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
Does any body know how tall Alexi Laiho is? There is a picture of him standing next to Zakk Wylde (6 foot) and Steve Vai (6-3) in a Guitar World mag and both Zakk and Steve tower over Alexi. Just wondering how tall he is.
Glenn said on 6/Aug/06
Really Trueheight? good for his health.
trueheight said on 5/Aug/06
Thanks for the clip.

true Glenn, though Yngwie has slimmed down last time I saw him in concert at the end of '05
Glenn said on 1/Aug/06
Im not going to argue.I see these guys all the time.Vai is skinny giving a taller appearence.Malmsteen is fat.
Glenn said on 1/Aug/06
Im not going to aurgue.I see these guys all the time.Vai is skinny giving a taller appearence.Malmsteen is fat.
Ricardo said on 31/Jul/06
Sorry, I have a hard time believing that Malmsteen is taller than Vai, I've seen them both and Vai has always appeared taller..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Glenn said on 30/Jul/06
Malmsteen was around 6-5 in boots last time I met him.AGAIN,he is 6-3.Vai can look 6-4 in boots.
Ricardo said on 29/Jul/06
Malmsteen IS a six footer, the extra inches are made up by his footwear, usually boots with large heels he always has on..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Vai would be a solid 6-2 guy, seen him many times and he always looks it, though he does wear higher shoes here and then
trueheight said on 26/Jul/06
for what its worth, malmsteen almost always in cowboy boots. Vai, only in concert. I've seen all three in concert but was never less than 100ft away :(

I will say that Malmsteen is a six-footer at least. I wouldn't put it past him to exaggerate on the 6'3, (you know how yngwie is!)
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
Malmsteen told me he is 6-3 in 2000.and in my pic looks 6-5.THEN in 1990,I have a pic with him he looks 5 f***ing 8! explain that! and he did look 5-10 tops next to 5-10 Graham Bonnet in Alcatrazz sometimes.weird.I thought someone told me Bonnet was 6-3 or so.then supposedly on his website it says 5-10.unless its to throw you off.
trueheight said on 22/Jul/06
Actually in appearances w/ Vai, Satch is clearly 8inches shorter. Vai is 6-2 and usually wears 2.5 monster boots in shows; same goes for malmsteen
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
He looks no bigger than 5-8 when I see him.
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
he has a penchant for large heeled shoes, like on his Live in SanFransisco concert(great performance)
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Feb/06
"I'm only five seven and a half. Yeah, the stage does that [makes you look taller] to people. You know, both Steve and Yngwie are like six foot or six foot one and I feel that every night." - Joe Satriani in an interview.
trueheight said on 9/Feb/06
Vai is scraping 6'1 and satch is kinda hard to pin down. both men love higher heeled boots, as do many musicians when performing. Satch does play guitar like a 5-8 guy, you know what i mean if you play guitar, you can tell from his arm and finger postures when running down scales.
Ricardo said on 7/Feb/06
Satch is about 5'8
Vai is about 6'2 (confirmed by his touring crew on his website)
balita said on 4/Feb/06
Steve Vai can NOT be as tall as 6'3/6'4! I mean, 190 centimeters+ ?
thin frame, long hair, and always wearing heeled shoes/boots that can give him an additional 1.5/2" to his height.
I say 6'1 tops for Steve Vai.
Sakanna said on 2/Feb/06
Speaking about Vai, I've read on his official website's fan forum that he is 6'3"-6'4". Diamond Dave is 6', and to me, Steve Vai looked about same height... maybe an inch taller.
Mike said on 1/Feb/06
First time posting, but I've been looking through this site and studying pics for a long time. I actually met Satriani and took pics with him after a show and I can definitely say, without a doubt that he is not 5ft8.5. I went to the chiroprator a while ago and was measured at 5'5. Satch was not more than and inch and a half taller than me... Also, he had on black steel toe boots (looked like doc martins). So, my shoes gave me about an inch or so and his about an inch and a half or so.. I'd say he is no taller than 5ft6.5. I will upload and link my pic soon (probably should've before I posted). About Glenn looking shorter next to him... I can't explain.. Maybe boots and lifts?? Satch was pale as hell too.. Anyway's not my opinion, just my real life observation.
balita said on 31/Jan/06
steve vai looks very tall thanks to his thin frame. But I wouldnt give him more than a strong 6'0.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Jan/06
I've met Satch, too - he was around 5'10" (with big boots on). Very nice fellow.

Rob, any info on Steve Vai's height?

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