How tall is Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in Jerry Maguire, Dr. Doolittle, Like Mike, Stuart Little and Altitude. His official website claimed in 2006: "Height: About 5'4", in 2018 he says "I'm five foot seven".

How tall is Jonathan Lipnicki
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5ft 4.95in (165cm)
Daniel Lee said on 22/Dec/21
@Rob how tall is the woman?
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 8
Dan Trojan said on 23/May/21
This listing is accurate I seen him at a convention a couple of years ago and I'm 5'6" and I was easily taller than him funny thing is he's listed at 5'7" but I can tell you that most of the celebrities I've seen in person that claimed 5'7" were shorter than me
Kimblemur said on 15/Apr/19
Sub 5’5, 5’7 claim is ridiculous haha
lee168cm said on 13/Mar/18
He's five four people have you seen him with Joey Essex? A good 5 inches shorter
slothee said on 26/Sep/17
5'6" at least today
Josh said on 17/Sep/15
Five seven not five four
wraigh said on 20/Apr/15
He looks 5'6 actually
Amaze said on 16/Nov/14
Hey Rob i don't think he is 5'4 anymore. around 5'7 flat or 170cm. could you please change the listing?
Hazel said on 9/Sep/13
That was when he was sixteen years old, he's 5'7 now.
MD said on 10/Nov/11
There is no syndrome or any such thing. Child actors are usually older than the characters they portray, because producers and directors want more emotionally mature children who can work the hours and remember the lines they have to. Obviously, that means getting physically smaller older children. It's not some syndrome.
Shaun said on 10/Nov/11
Another with Child Actor Syndrome which stunts the growth. Surely its no coincidence that like all child actors end up 5'4" or 5'5" range as adults.
Shaun said on 10/Nov/11
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Had no idea how tall he was but in one of the pics I noticed his short legs and came here with a 5'5" estimate in my mind. Rob do you think he's grown? Sure looks buff now but you can tell he's still a short guy.
Editor Rob
could be 5ft 4 now, not seen much about him or looked looked at this page in 5 years, he's bulked himself up a fair bit at 21!
kay said on 26/Aug/11
Are you people so thick? John is the most stupidest one of all. People's heights grow at different times! There's no such thing as people growing normal heights. Lipnicki is just a few inches away from being 6 feet tall. He was short as a kid but not he's getting taller. People, use your brains for once.
PHL said on 19/Apr/11
dont look 5'7
brit said on 19/Jan/11
he's 5'7" now
selena said on 3/Jan/11
On different sites his height varies from 5'3" - 5'7" but most say 5'3"
Clay said on 15/Feb/09
If there was ever an upgraded needed its this page lol. This guy is 19 and surely about 5'8-5'9 now.
alexthefox said on 3/Nov/08
i strongly agree with AA. most child stars are surprisingly short for some reason. i met frankie muniz, and i tower over him cause i'm 6'1 and he's only a bout 5'3. i'm 17 btw. and josephine, i agree with you. i dated a girl who was 5'9 when i was 5'7, not awkward at all. in fact, she was younger than me.
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
Jon Doe,
I personally don't have a problem dating shorter men than me. I believe that height has nothing to do with beauty or intelligence, at least I know a lot of busted looking/dumb tall males.But being 5'4" kind of makes it difficult for me to find guys smaller than that. The smallest guy I dated was my height.
jay gatsby said on 11/May/08
saw him at the speed racer premiere forsure over 56 maybe 5 7
Hugh said on 4/Apr/08
Is 5ft8.5 at 14-15 years old tall? I then had a huge growth spurt.
Jon Doe said on 21/Oct/07
I'm in my freshman year of highschool too,we're probably about the same age.
Chip said on 17/Aug/07
Jon Doe, Mouldy was just kidding around, I think, but I agree with you. We have all these gay people (I'm not homophobic) going around in the open now, and people act like it's so normal. But when a woman is taller than a man, people laugh about it and everything.

I mean, as long as they're attractive, I like taller girls, even though I probably wouldn't date a girl who is taller than me. I'm currently in my Freshman year of high school, and although I'm not short for my age, there are quite a few girls who are taller than me. There's this one girl who looks about 5'11", and another who is about 6'3."
Chip said on 2/Aug/07
He does seem really short, and he always seemed young for his age. A lot of child stars do. But Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway in "The Mighty Ducks", and Pacey in "Dawson's Creek") seems to have done the same thing. I think that Joshua was just a late bloomer, though, because he was 13 in "The Mighty Ducks," though he looked and sounded about 10. In "D2: the Mighty Ducks," he was about 15, and he seemed about 12. In "D3," he was about 17, and he looked and sounded about 17. He even grew to be 6'2" afterwards. While Joshua may have aged normally in the end, a lot of these child stars are super short and they never look their age.
craig said on 24/Jul/07
jonathon told a friend of mine he was 5'6, my friend's 5'7 and 18. Is this usually considered truly short or just a little bit?
JD said on 13/May/07
That statistic on the top of this page was taken last year. He is now 16 and 5'5.5. So he has grown 2 and a half inches so far and probably will grow from there up to the age of 18 unless he grows after he is 18 we will see.
nonhollywood mom said on 23/Oct/06
have you noticed that alot of these small child actors also grow up to have eating disorders maybe because their parents didn't want to lose their mealticket so to starve off puberty underfed these childern keeping them small and young looking
mouldy said on 3/Sep/06
Gosh, is he short! My little sister is gonna be 14 in a couple of weeks and she's 5'5.5" or 5'6"! Well, she's really tall for her age, but I'm just imagining them as a couple, hihihi... ;-)
**Aly** said on 20/Jan/06
YaY for short people they rock and I happen to be one!!!!and beside he's a super cute/hot/all around adorable actor

YaY jonanthan
James said on 22/Dec/05
sf your mistaken on the fact that they can work longer, young actors have strict rules to abide by when working on film sets. I just gotta say that it is a little small for a 15 year old boy, my little brother was 15 about 2 months ago and he is almost my height 6'3.
jennifer said on 6/Dec/05
i think its cool that hes only that tall because im the same height i mean its cool to be short i no bc im only 5`1 and im 15 alot of guys like the fact that im that short!
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/05
Not all child stars are short! There are quite a lot young guys and girls who are tall. For example Nicholas Hoult. The guy is only 15 and already a 6'2"-footer. A future giant!
sf said on 26/Oct/05
You guys are overlooking the obvious. Like J-Dog was saying, it's usually the younger-looking ones that get many of the parts. These kids are already young looking, both in the face, and in height - shorter than most kids their age. Part of the reason they get the parts is because of this advantage. They look 10, but are actually 13. So, they are a little older, and at the maturity of an older kid, which may help them to be a better actor. So, you've got a kid better able to memorize lines, who can act better, who can work longer hours, who can stay up later, etc, but looks younger.

But, I would add, too, that it's probably possible that some stress does enter in, especially when a kid makes his bread and butter off of looking like a kid and being cute. He/she wants to stay young, and you would think that that the need to stay young and cute pyschologically, might actually have physical effects, as well. Just some thoughts...
J-Dog said on 24/Oct/05
I wonder why that is, I guess becasue aging is so quickly most kids who have a normal puberity state and growth spurt seem to age fast, and it takes time usually years for even child stars to break through, therefore the one's that look younger than they are have the best shot?
hmm said on 24/Oct/05
i think it must be all the stress they get. In my sixth grade year, i didn't grow at all, because I was put in a wrong private school with the smartest kids in the universe... then when i moved out, I started growing again, 3 inches a year. Now at ninth grade I am around 5 nine to 5 eight. Stress really stunts growth.
AA said on 23/Oct/05
All child stars are short... and seems younger that their age. Like, in "Like Mike", Bow Wow looked about 12, but he was 15. Even Frankie Muniz seems younger, cause he is short...
J. said on 23/Oct/05
Do you notice that most child stars grow to be on the diminutive side?

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