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6ft 0.92in (185.2cm)
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/06
Ross looked about 2 inches taller than the 5'10 (some say 5'9 or shorter) Adam Sandler on his show last friday. Ross is probably 6' barefoot and 6'1.5 in shoes.
Sid said on 17/Aug/06
He was interviewing ant and dec couple weeks ago and he asked dec how tall he was and he asked back well how tall are you he sed "six foot one and a half" and dec stood next to him and said well im 5-6 and a half, "the half's important" and dec was saying how freakishly tall ross was when standing side by sidde.
Viper652 said on 1/Jun/06
This guy has a height complex.
J-Dog said on 31/May/06
How often does he mention his height, damn!
Mikex said on 1/Apr/06
Ross is a tall guy but not massive. He looks 6' 1.5''. As he says this is his height I see no reason to doubt this.
newjon said on 31/Mar/06
sorry, i meant dec said he was 5ft6.5, not ant
newjon said on 31/Mar/06
today when he interview ant and dec, he stated clearly he was 6ft1.5, He compared himsef with ant who claimed he was 5ft6.5 . Thing is though there only seemed to be about 5inches max between them!
Fuzz said on 22/Jan/06
He said on his radio show yesterday that he is 6'2, but he wears big shoes. So I'd say that around 6'1 1/2 barefoot is about right.
andyf said on 2/Dec/05
I've always been curious about Ross's height. But then I am obsessed with height! He is deffo between 6'1 and 6'2.5 tho' to me. I do remember Paul Ross saying he was 5'11 in Fit Club, and I also remember him discussing him on Sue and Mel's "Light Lunch" where he bemoaned the fact that Jonathan was younger than him, better looking than him, richer than him and taller than him!

But does anyone remember this--Evander Holyfield towering over Jonathan during the comedy awards show (either 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001)? Odd, and how come? Maybe Evander was wearing lifts?
TheMan said on 23/Oct/05
Im actually going to change my mind on ross and accept the fact that he probably is 6,1 1.5 i saw the programme on a rerun and accept that he must be that height can't see why he would lie about he's exact height. Although lynam seemed to have deffently of shrunk he seemed about 2 inches shorter than ross. Indicating with age height loss is clear i personally don't think lynam is 6.1 1,5 anymore he's deffenlty only about 6,0 now.

[Editor Rob: when they first met I thought they looked nearly same size...]
TheMan said on 22/Oct/05
He probably wishes he was 6,1 and 1.5 more like 6,0 tops. Sorry ross lol.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Oct/05
Yesterday again he mentioned height on his show. When Des Lynam said he was 6ft 1.5, Ross said he was 6ft 1.5.
TheMan said on 17/Oct/05
Yeah thats what ive been thinking tubbs. He wasnt as tall IMO he simply wears bigger shoes. It's the same story as with mariah carey didnt look as tall as like when she first started now poeple think shes massive but fact is shes not as tall as poeple make out IMO just that she wears massive heals. However Ross is still tall just not gigantic like he seems now. IMO He's no more than 6,1 at best. But in the old days he seemed no more than 6,0 to me.
Tubbs said on 17/Oct/05
I've also noticed that the last 5 years or so Ross has looked a lot taller, and that all of a sudden he starting mentioning peoples heights, and asking guests on his chat show how tall they are. I never remember him being a 6'2 guy in the 90's, which is what he looks like know....Has he been borrowing Sly's shoes? Any ideas people?

[Editor Rob: I am pretty sure mid 90's I read him being described 6ft 3...seriously! I thought he was a strong 6ft 2 to begin with]
The Man said on 29/Aug/05
Oh just found some new evidence proving ross is deffently 6,0 see youre picture when ross is with penny and tim henman. Well Henman is 6,1 know that from he's tennis records look at their trainers. Ross is wearing chunky ones whilst henman is slouching abit losing about a cm and 1/2 maybe and wearing flat shoes or deffently lower shoes and he's still clearly over ross whos got glasses on aswell so you can't tell he's eyes are lower down. So ross has got to be 6,0 at best. But he on he's chat show is 6,3 simply because he's wearing massive massive shoes. I wouldent be surprised if he was as much as 6,4 he deffently wears some special made shoes maybe risers. He almost deffently thinks about he's height aswell. And on the show he always asks people their heights.
TheMan said on 29/Aug/05
Actually youre right. Ive noticed in very large familys like say someone whos had five boys for example 4 of them were 5,8 to 5,10 or something. And then there was one who had some ridiclous height that doesnt even add up like 6,4 or something and it wasnt geneitical because the dad was like 5,6 it was just a freak thing. I know brothers height can be slightly diffrent like by two inches and i am the same im 2 inches taller than my two brothers but most of my family are around the same height as my brothers are so it does happen. But i personally think Ross is pushing 6,0 even with the pic with he's brother he's blatently around the same height of 5,11. And Paul Ross is only mid 5,11 at best as on fitclub andy fordam the darts player whos 6,0 seemed to be quite abit taller than ross so he must of been low 5,11. So i still think johnathon is 6,0 at best. He simply wears massive shoes that im sure of. Years ago he didnt seem to be that tall all of the sudden he seems to have gained about 3 inches and is about 6,3. I swear he was once nearly as tall as lennex lewis so if he could look nearly as tall as him when he's blatently about 6,0 then he must be wearing elvator shoe. He probably knew Lewis was on and though oh id better raise my shows so that im 6,4 lol. He could be but im betting he's no more than 6,0. Andy Foredam was taller than Pual ross even by the picture with john and paul below it was blatently obvious. To me from the picture below both paul and john are the same height 5,11.
Parker said on 27/Aug/05
Not sure I agree with you regarding brother's heights- my brother is 4 to 5 ins taller than me. I've two close friends, one has a brother 4 ins taller like myself and my sibling, the other has a brother 6 ins taller.
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
IMO Ross is a guy who is very consious about he's height i think he's acutally about 6,0 but wears massive shoes. He never used to and looked smaller but recently he's began to wear massive shows. I was watching the show once and he was like nearly as tall as lennex lewis whos massive like 6,5 how could he be near that sort of height. And then Jim Carry came on carrys 6,2 easily and ross was about an inch taller than him. But i know he's not he's about 6,0 tops. He's brother paul ross is 5,11 i know that from the celebrity fit club. And i know from experiance brothers arnt usally that fair apart in terms of height. Theres my evidence that he's actually about 6,0 it's the shoes he wears thats the key on why he always looks so tall.

[Editor Rob: Yes the paul ross guy measured in on that show...Jonathan and 5ft 11 Paul Ross. Not best photo, but hey...]

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