How tall is Kal Penn

Kal Penn's Height

5ft 10 ¼ (178.4 cm)

American actor, best known for the Harold & Kumar films, in addition to his role as Seth Wright in TV series Designated Survivor.

How tall is Kal Penn
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Average Guess (23 Votes)
5ft 10.41in (178.8cm)
Crypto139 said on 14/Apr/23
Not sure if he was downgraded as I think I remember a 5'10.5" listing for him here. Anyways, I wonder how tall you would peg the Impractical Jokers (well the three remaining ones) here Click Here I remember on another page someone had Q in that 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 10 range and the rest in the 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 9 range, and I think that is quite possible no?
Editor Rob
5ft 8-9 for them.
Genau said on 2/Feb/21
Add his How I met your mother Kevin role to the description he had like 10 Episodes or so in Season 7 and he gets 5ft10 1/2
Genau said on 4/Jan/21
whats his morning height rob?
Editor Rob
at least 5ft 11
MaskDeMasque said on 1/Jan/21
I thought him and John looked both like strong 5'9/weak 5'10 dudes in Harold and Kumar. I think they are both around the 177cm mark.
pov said on 19/Oct/19
Spot on rob. I think he’s a perfect example of a 5”10 guy. Probably 5”11 in the morning, doesn’t drop below 5”10. In last harold and kumar cho looked a bit taller than him but I think he wears heels.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Mar/19
From the past Karl Penn doesn't look over 5'10 with 6'1 Obama.
Nik Ashton said on 26/Feb/19
The average vote is interesting!
hcham said on 25/Feb/19
With James Corden: Click Here
anon said on 7/Apr/17
Harold and Kumar was quality, funny as hell, Yh I think generally Kal is a bit taller than John cho, you have to factor in a few things like Cho's Hair adds an inch also, Cho could look 5'10 might be bit under I think this listing is good for Kal, Legit 5'10 range guy, Would probably be 178-179cm
S.J.H said on 1/Feb/17
I don't think john cho was 5'10 mostly likely fraction under and kal penn is right at 5'10
HonestSlovene said on 30/Jan/17
Yes average India is roughly about 5'7-5'7.5" range and it fluctuates around 1 inch depending on location. I'd say Kal is about 5'10" flat, maybe even a weak 5'10" like 5'9.75" one could argue but nothing over 5'10".
Mat said on 22/May/16
Click Here Within 1 cm of John Cho with footwear disadvantage. I'd say the listing sounds right. 179 cm is really the most he could be. So this listing is a good shout
BT said on 1/May/16
I would say he can look a weak, flat or strong 5'10 guy. Probably 5'10 flat is what I'm leaning towards. It's worth mentioning though that he hasn't got the greatest posture and he does tend to wear flat footwear.
kob said on 17/Feb/16
Pakistanis are taller than Indians no doubt. When I went back to Pakistan, I constantly saw guys above 5'8. Many were even 5'11-6ft. They're getting taller. I'd say in cities like Lahore, the average is more 5'9-5'10 range. The tallest dude, also a friend of mine, I saw there was 6'3, and he was from a low caste/poor family in a village. Average Indian is 5'7 at most.
John said on 4/Jan/16
@purohit said on 16/Oct/15
lol at people who say average indian is 5'5. the average indian male is 5'9. i mesured 88 young rajasthani indian males and the average was over 5'9

People from north-west part of indian subcontinent(Punjabis,Rajastanis,Haryanvis,Kashmiris,Sindhis and Pathans) are the tallest in the whole indian subcontinent.No wonder why Pakistanis are taller than Indians.
sebs said on 31/Oct/15
purohit, average indian height is 5'7. I am 5'8.5 and am usually slightly taller than other indian kids i meet. My dad is tall as indian male and is 5'10. Average height for male in india was 5'6 and is now 5'7.
purohit said on 16/Oct/15
lol at people who say average indian is 5'5. the average indian male is 5'9. i mesured 88 young rajasthani indian males and the average was over 5'9
MD said on 8/Oct/15
5'10"? Here he is with 6'0" Ed Norton and in similar footwear, no less:

Click Here

Click Here
Avi said on 5/Oct/15
He's definitely over 5'10. My sister has met him twice and he seemed a lot taller than me she said.
5.9 guy said on 27/Aug/15
Omar epps had almost on inch on him in same footwear. 5"9" barefoot with shoes 5'10" omar epps 5'9"1/2 barefoot almost 5'11" in shoes.
al said on 1/Aug/15
@5'10" guy: You're telling me 5'10" is the average in India? Give me a break.....
5'10"guy said on 8/Apr/15
I wonder if 5'10" is considered super short in usa,because in india itself where they say average is 5'5", i wish i was taller than most people i see around me at 5'10" and out there average is anyway listed at 5'10"
bam said on 6/Feb/15
5'9.5 or so. I have a pic with him.
Jerjer said on 4/Jan/15
Solid 5 ft 9 to 5 ft 11 nothing over
truth said on 30/Oct/14
lol this guy looks 5ft9 at most no way 6ft1 also Jane you are a stupid woman no offence.
jasperwazup said on 21/Aug/14
Kal is no more than 5'10''. Jon Cho looks a good inch taller in the harold and kumar films. Eddie kay thomas is a legit 5'11.25'' and he has got nearly 2 inches on Penn.
johnny said on 18/Mar/14
yes height expert, john cho, neil patrick harris, josh radnor and even president obama conspire with kal penn to make him look 5-10.
Height expert said on 18/Jan/14
5"9 no taller definitely not 5"11 to 6 feet. Gotta love when people who know they're short have to agree that other short people are "tall" to reassure themselves that they aren't miniscule... FACT.
Kourosh 177 cm -178 cm said on 25/Aug/13
Jane is a perfect example of ignorant narrow minded self-absurd stupid.
I can give you tons of people who are below 5'7 and make million more money that those your fetish tall men. Example Messi the footballer i bet he has a great terms of relationship "already has a wife and child", career "world greatest footballer at moment" , confidence " i bet millions of girls who are taller than him would kill just to come and meet and shake his hand and etc which is money. Messi is not only one i can bring up many more other names such as
1.Daniel Radcliff The harry potter actor,
2.Andrew Carnegie was a very successful entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist. He was one of the wealthiest businessman in America
3.Danny Devito is an accomplished actor, producer and director. He is 5 foot even. He first began work as a beautician, but after developing an interest in acting,he landed many roles in successful films and television shows. You can read more about Danny Devito
4.Gus Grissom was the second American astronaut to travel to space. He was 5 foot, 5 inches tall. He was the command pilot for Gemini 3, one of the first manned flights. Sadly, he died during a simulated launch while preparing for another trip.
5.The fourth president of the United States, James Madison, was 5'4". He was small boned and weighed just about 100 pounds. He is considered one of the founding fathers of America. He was an author of the Bill of Rights and also worked to abolish slavery
Jane said on 9/Aug/13
Kal Penn is 6'1..I have met him couple of times..I am 5'10 in my heels and he was good 3 inches taller then me..He looks tall as he does in his Movies....And many Indian guys are 6ft and over...As a girl I like guys who are 6ft and over, but not 6'3 and over...NEVER under 5'11 and a half..I like slim tall guys and good looking guys..All girls do I promise you that. Guys who are 5'11 and over have good lives which include good intimate moments, which only make you happy and pleasurable, and they also have good personality because of not being self-conscious but confident.. Guys under 5'11 have a terrible life in terms of relationships, career, confidence etc. FACT!!!.
cole said on 12/Jul/13
He generally looks this height. Certainly no taller next to Obama.
teej said on 27/Jun/13
He's 5ft11, quite tall for an indian guy, im half indian and im 6ft1.
bam said on 2/Jun/13
I would think 5'9.5 tops having met him. More like 5'9ish tbh.
SAK said on 3/May/13
Click Here

Next to Brandon Routh (189cm).

Something is not quite right, a 4.5" difference shouldn't look so big.
.. said on 5/Feb/13
ryann reynold had easily four inches of height on this is about right....nothing to argue about ...
CL said on 22/Jan/13
Height is about right on. Some friends filmed a short at my place starring kal a few years back. Saw him without shoes, with shoes, etc... 5'10". No question.
Hew said on 14/Jan/13
Friend says on 8/Dec/11
Kal is 5'11 without shoes as I have stood next to him and am 5'10 and he literally towered over me when he didnt even have shoes..The dude is tall and loosk tall on-screen and off-screen.

Towered you when there "was" 1" difference? Don't think so pal. He's 5'10.25 at most like listed.
nice guy said on 7/Jan/12
I would go for 5'10 too but only with 1,5-2cm shoes
for neil Patrick H. weak 5'11 out of bed at best.. barely taller than Kal even tho he has superior posture
Cranberries said on 7/Jan/12
He has a small head. He's not as tall as he looks. 5'10" max.
Silent d said on 16/Dec/11
I always thought he was 5 foot 8 but after watching harold n kumar. 178cm seems good.
Friend said on 8/Dec/11
Kal is 5'11 without shoes as I have stood next to him and am 5'10 and he literally towered over me when he didnt even have shoes..The dude is tall and loosk tall on-screen and off-screen.
Jojo said on 5/Nov/11
What are u guys on? I met this guy. I am 5'10 and he was a little bit taller than me. I would think 5'11 or 5'10.85 is just about right. 5'7, seriously, what the ????? He is definetly nothing shorter than 5'10.
Ashton said on 13/Aug/11
Cho is 1.75m and Penn is 1.76m.
Robbie said on 11/Jul/11
I don't get why people are making ludicrous claims that they're only 5'8. They look a legit 5'10.
Andrew6ft2 said on 30/Apr/11
If Penn is 5´9" (175cm), the 6 foot claims of NPH is even more rediculous. NPH is barely taller than Penn in this scene Click Here
Ezio said on 7/Mar/11
Cosmos tsibela says on 17/Feb/11
Kal pel and John cho both look smaller than 5'10,not to mention 5'11.I think 5'8 is a suitable height for them.

So just because they look smaller to you on screen they should be downgraded without any actual height reference? Mhm...
Cosmos tsibela said on 17/Feb/11
Kal pel and John cho both look smaller than 5'10,not to mention 5'11.I think 5'8 is a suitable height for them.
jasper said on 13/Jan/11
lol shows how bad i am at judging height, i just watched harold and kumar last night and thought that this guy was like 5'7. i swear he looked shorter than harold...
Clay said on 24/Nov/10
Penn 5'9 barefoot is a joke, nevermind in shoes.
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/09
Why does Epps (listed here as 5 ft 10 in) always seem to look an inch taller than Penn?
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/09
i dnt think that he is 178cm tall ,in van wilder2 he was a bit shorter than daniel percival who is exact 178cm
Ali said on 28/May/09
176 cm max
Dangler said on 21/Feb/09
He went to my university to try to convince us to vote for Barack Obama. He looked exactly the same height as me (exactly 178cm). I'm not sure that I'd give him the extra .25". His hair is extremely thick which can give him the illusion of an extra quarter inch or so. It's strange to hear him talk when he isn't acting. He is much better at speaking when his lines are scripted.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
he looked 5'10-11 next to 6'1 irrfan khan in namesake.
Clay said on 30/Jan/09
He's 5'11.
mofo said on 15/Oct/08
Iam sure he is taller than John Cho also. John probably has his magic dress shoes on in the pics below.
He looks the height Rob has listed him at I suppose 5ft10 - 5ft10.5 not less not more.
dits said on 3/Aug/08
im pretty sure kal penn is taller than john cho,like what celebheights lists.still,most sites list kal at like 5'9 or something while john cho gets 5'10..completely wrong.kal is definitely taller.
5'10 barefoot said on 7/Jul/08
looking at the pictures, i noticed the footwear by john cho and appears to wearing some type of dress shoes, which apparently give him extra height... and penn is wearing some type of skateboarding shoes.... they're the same height...the end.. n plus his hair(cho) is spiked up, way up there...
16 and 5'11.75 said on 30/May/08
looks 5.11 to me..
lazybum said on 21/May/08
Huh.. I guess that cements the 5'10". What is still interesting to me is on House, he looks shorter than Omar Epps, but taller than Olivia Wilde. I guess it's camera angles.
glenn said on 19/May/08
is he really a good actor? i only saw the first white castle.what else is he known for?
Anonymous king said on 19/May/08
if glenn 173 makes karl 179..
Charliemoto said on 18/May/08
Kal got a very curious way of talking a tiny bit of slurr perhaps? noticed it in most Dr.House episodes i think it's kinda cool and different.

glad to hear he's a nice guy, really good actor too must i say.
glenn said on 18/May/08
davey-pay attention and see if you have friends that range.youll be surprised.
Davey said on 17/May/08
I guess i would have friends like that but wouldnt really notice,As for sly though he really would have to have the best posture out of any person on earth lol.
glenn said on 17/May/08
was a great guy.i think rob is correct on the height.
Joe said on 17/May/08
Solid 5-10, nothing more, nothing less.

Seems like an awesome dude too.
glenn said on 17/May/08
davey-why is it you and dozens here have no friends that are 5-10.5,5-11,that look 5-9ish due to posture and or build? i have a few friends like that.
MD said on 16/May/08
But, he's not 5'11" because that would make John Cho that height or more, and neither of them is close to 6'0"
Davey said on 16/May/08
Does anyone know how tall that asian guy is that was in that white castle movie?
Davey said on 16/May/08
Glenn i beleive because i think your an honest person by what ive seen on here,But its tough to swallow.
bad radio said on 16/May/08
Looks 5'11 actually.
Charliemoto said on 16/May/08
haha they used to say that KAL PENN is 185cm i never bought that EVER.

looks close to 5'11 in that image so he's definetely around 177-178cm.

im glad this image was posted, thanks
glenn said on 16/May/08
stallone is a legit 5-10+. 5-10.75 to be exact in his prime.
Leung said on 15/May/08
Yes Davey your right. To me he had always looked a weak 5
Davey said on 15/May/08
Lets not go crazy guys,This is how a strong 5`10 looks,Lets not forget that 5`10 isnt short,Its actually a great height if its LEGIT,People like stallone,mark wahlberg and van damme have destroyed 5`10 by claiming it for themselves even though they are less.
xyzblast said on 15/May/08
[Editor Rob: say if I come up to the 2 black lines beside Brandon, then I'm not sure about this guy being sub 5ft 10... At least they're standing decent: See Here.]
I'd say he certainly does not look over 5'10 either, at least the left pic where Brendon is not as straight as him.

Editor Rob
you couldn't rule out 179cm, but the point was thought of him sub 5ft 10 was much harder to argue.
glenn said on 15/May/08
i guess i never really paid attention to his height.has he or his publicist ever claimed a height on him? is there any possibilty he is 5-11?
Leung said on 15/May/08
Yes surprising photo, he looks nearly 5
Viper said on 15/May/08
Ive always thought he looked to be around 5-10.
glenn said on 14/May/08
i was surprised he was this tall.yes,he had those ugly flat 70s jogging sneakers.and i had casuals and purposely relaxed my rob seems to be exact.5-10.5 is also possible.5-11 too extreme.
leonari said on 14/May/08
a very strong 5'10 " guy .great height to be
Davey said on 14/May/08
He looks a strong 5`10 to me.
Anonymous said on 14/May/08
5'10 sounds accurate.....he is not standing straight up either.....relaxed posture.
MD said on 22/Apr/08
With Neil Patrick Harris (6'0"?) and Damien Fahey (6'2")

1. Click Here
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
just got this guy yesterday.rob has this accurate.i was shocked.i was expecting a 5-7,5-8 guy when i bumped into him.he had the flatest of sneakers.i had normal casuals and relaxed my posture in the pic.he actually looked 5-10.25 spot on.
Ben said on 21/Apr/08
I think he is 5'9.5
chris said on 16/Apr/08
he looked a little taller
Dude said on 6/Apr/08
Kal may need a downgrade, or Cho needs an upgrade, as he regularly looks an inch taller than Kal. Although he seems to be straighter in most pics. I was suprised when Doogie wasn't much taller then these guys in the White Castle scene. Most the movie these guys appeared 5'7" - 8" or so.
thekiddd said on 15/Mar/08
Definitely not anything close to 6ft lol.
Bad Radio said on 29/Nov/07
he looked 6'0 on house m.d.
lazybum said on 4/Nov/07
He is on House now. He's noticeably shorter than 5'10 Omar Epps.
AJ said on 2/Sep/07
looks close to 5'10 so I'd say 5'9.75
kris said on 3/Aug/07
well if john is 5'10 he had at least an inch over i'm going with 5'9 and 5'9.5 maximum...but that's not too bad is it?
16 years and 178cms said on 23/Jul/07
hey rob plz list kals height as 5"9 and not 5"10.25....u saw the pic i posted in my previous comment but still u have not changed his height.....i think i am being generous by giving him 5"9...i alwayz thought he was 5"7-5"8...neway i settle for 5"9 its upto u to decide how tall he is...
16 years and 178cms said on 23/Jul/07
kal is 5"9-5" this pic he is standing beside 5"10 jacinda barrett..and jacinda Click Here is looking about half an inch or maybe even an inch taller than kal...
pri said on 6/Jul/07
actually, i think he's about 5'10 because Cho's hair is spiked and sometimes guy's dress shoes have like one inch heels so just keep it at 5'10 or a little higher but not more than an inch.
MD said on 5/Jul/07
He's also not over 5'10". My point was that if John Cho is listed at 5'10", Kal shouldn't be listed anymore than 5'10".
Leung said on 4/Jul/07
Kal Penn at 5’10” yes I believe that.
But Kal Penn taller than John Cho? I’m not buying that at all, everything I have seen indicates that Cho is taller than Penn.

Rob, you need to consider either downgrading Penn or upgrading Cho.
MD said on 4/Jul/07
I'm not sure what your point is, Rob.

Editor Rob
the point is? That's exactly how tall I am beside Routh, and look how tall Penn is beside Routh in comparison. He's not under 5ft 10 in comparison to how I look...
MD said on 3/Jul/07
No, he is not taller than John Cho (5'10") so he's not over 5'10":

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

If anything, he's actually slightly under 5'10"

Also, with Gregory Smith given 5'10", here:

Click Here

Editor Rob
say if I come up to the 2 black lines beside Brandon, then I'm not sure about this guy being sub 5ft 10... At least they're standing decent: See Here.
sam said on 3/Jul/07
Looked pretty close in height to 5'11" Ice-T & 5'11"+ Adam Beach while on Law & Order: SVU. Unless he was wearing big shoes, there's no way Kal Penn is under 5'10" & is probably a bit over.

Editor Rob
could be 179cm, he wore thin shoes in epic movie in one scene with heel wearing glover.
brad said on 3/Jul/07
i think he and john cho are the same height
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/07
nah, he is about the same as Cho.

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