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6ft 0.47in (184.1cm)
Andy said on 30/Sep/12
His hair makes him appear shorter than he really is.
Ajax said on 28/Sep/12

He did look shorter than 6'2-3" Wood Harris (not listed here) by about 2". He could be 6'0.5" but I don't think more than that.
TNTinFL said on 28/Sep/12
I always pegged him to be a little taller. 6'2"-ish.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 28/Sep/12
Macready, LOL just realized I wrote that by accident. I meant he edges me out slightly.
Alex 6'0 1/8 said on 27/Sep/12
Larc, this guy looks very close in height to me compared to the pics I had with Rob. Hes def over 6'0 but I wouldn't say hes over 6'0.5 though
Alex 6'0 1/8 said on 27/Sep/12
Rob you wouldn't rule out 184cm for this guy? He looks right at 184cm
Editor Rob
184-5 range I think is a good shout for him
MacReady said on 27/Sep/12
Alex, you just said 'judge' :~)
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 27/Sep/12
Still I don't see 6'0.75, it's true that you have shoe advantage Rob, but your head is well above his eyelevel, to not count the fact that you're bending a bit in the pic.

He is more like 6'0-6'0.25 max.
Alex 6'0 1/8 said on 26/Sep/12
This guys looks to judge him me out slightly compared to the height I had on Rob. I could see him at 6'0.5.
maximus said on 25/Sep/12
yea right.....the rock is under 6'2"....he is minimum 6'2" less...probably closer to 6'3" so Urban being near 6'1" is very likely but even if he is 6' that is not short by hollywood standards....if he is 6' then with shoes he is pushing 6'1" to 6'2"
Ajax said on 24/Sep/12
I think 6'. He was at least 2" shorter than Wood Harris in Dredd and he's listed and looks 6'2".
tom said on 24/Sep/12
6".0-75 looks spot on imo.
Peyman said on 24/Sep/12
I thought this guy is easilly 6ft 1in but your solid 5ft 8in height destroys the 6'1" mark for him, okay 1/4in shoe advantage of you , but really looks a hair shorter than # 10 , accept it rob , 6ft 0.25in is more possible even by being generous enough .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/12
Would look 186-187cm with better posture.
Alex 6'0-6'0.75 said on 24/Sep/12
6'0-6'0 1/4 is looks more of in this pic
Ras said on 23/Sep/12
5ft10guy(Not Growing) says on 22/Sep/12
5'11.5 half guy IMO. I know somebody who's 5'11.5 and hes slim with a small head so many people consider him 6'0,6'1, and even 6'2! 5'11.5 can look tall this guy looks just that small head+slim=6'1 looking guy 5'11.75 tops.

I have to agree, if this guy was even 6'0, the top of Rob's head would have to be just below this guys eyebrow level, which it clearly isn't:

Click Here

If he really was a 6'1ish guy he'd need to look like this next to Rob:

I'm not taking into account Rob's slouch, yet I'm taking into account his slight footwear advantage so it about evens things up.
daryl said on 22/Sep/12
Im still kicking my self for not meeting him at london film con. He looks a good 6ft 1" to me. Awsome actor
Mathew said on 22/Sep/12
6'0.5" maybe, rather than the 3/4.
kevin said on 22/Sep/12
woah looks no more than 6ft to me. pretty suprising.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 22/Sep/12
5'11.5 half guy IMO. I know somebody who's 5'11.5 and hes slim with a small head so many people consider him 6'0,6'1, and even 6'2! 5'11.5 can look tall this guy looks just that small head+slim=6'1 looking guy 5'11.75 tops.
Josh B said on 21/Sep/12
Seeing more 184cm than 185cm, taking footwear disadvantage into account. Did he drop height rob?
Ian from Auckland said on 17/Sep/12
I too have seen both Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban in person; Mr Urban many times (we go to the same gym). Karl Urban is definitely over 6 feet; but not by much - I would put him at 184cm; ie 6 foot and half an inch.
Johnny G said on 26/Jul/12
I don't understand why there are so many disgruntled people who dont use any evidence at all when it comes to claims... for example, steven says definitively that "none of them we're 6 feet". I've seen both Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban in person before. I am 6 feet myself with a sliding scale of 1" more or less depending on time of day. Zach looked to be my height on the dot, and Karl looked taller than me by at least an inch.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 13/Jun/12
No, that's nonsense Steven. Pine is 184 cm for sure, Urban looks near 6ft 1in. Quinto could be nearer 6ft 0.25in (183.5 cm), but the former two are listed here accurately.
steven said on 17/Jan/12
guys like zachary quinto, chris pine and karl urban are all in 5'11 range. none of them were 6'0. tallest i will go with pine at 5'11.5, quinto and urban 181cm
nice guy said on 15/Jan/12
184cm out of bed sounds bout right but no more I think..but if his own claim was 6'1 then he probably is around 5'11 or 6ft coz EVERY actor lies by at least 1 inch when in comes to heights :)
Michael Jackson said on 10/Nov/11
LOL 6 feet 0.75 inches, huh? great job clinging to a dumbass ancient measuring units america. isnt it a tad bit easier to say 185?
LAN Jiao said on 5/Nov/11
if im wrong he could be 6'0 also. but not 6'1. 6'075 a morning chance.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
the rock is 2inch taller than urban , the rock gets reveal to be under 6'2 by standing next to 5'10 george lopez. so urban is not a nose on 6ft. 5ft11.5 possible
LAN Jiao said on 11/Oct/11
Raita and menace are insane.. chris pine only self claim 6' tall but he look 184cm e fact then urban was near2cm shorter than pine and merely shorter than quinto. Trust me those 3main guy of startrek was no where touch 6'1 without hair. Eric bana looks max 1.2" taller than 6'0.5 pine. Bana weak 6'2.

Pine 6'0.5
Quinto 6'0.25
Urban 5'11.9
Raita said on 22/Aug/11
I wouldn't say there's more than an inch and a half, probably less, separating the three of the main Star Trek guys. Urban is the same shoulder height as Chris Pine, but his small head and Pine's large one give Pine the extra height. I'd give Quinto 6'2 and no higher (he has a large head also, and is long-limbed with high shoulders and usually a high hairdo, adding the appearance of height), Pine just over 6'1 because of his noggin and Urban just under 6'1. Urban nearly always poses for photos with a wide stance; this could also be making him a touch shorter.
Menace 195cm said on 17/Aug/11
no doubt on the 6'2 claim of his own. He has a muscular build thats why most people mistaken him to be 6'1. He is taller than 1,85m Tom Felton by more than an inch... and looks the same height as 6'2 Brad Pitt.
Editor Rob
you're living up to your name Menace!
Kat said on 16/Aug/11
He is tall, definitely over 6'. More importantly, he is extremely gorgeous. Mmm...
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
how could a 6ft1 guy half inch shorter than 6ft chris pine while footwear stand no difference advantage both wore? pine should go up 6ft1.25 lol
jake said on 7/Aug/11
If ever there was a 6ft0.75 listing it should be for this guy given that he looks from 6ft0.5- 6ft1 and he is listed at both 184cm and 185cm.
bane said on 19/Jul/11
in riddick this guy looked a solid 6ft1
Dmeyer said on 13/Jun/11
184cm is closer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
I think he's 184/185cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
Could be 184cm, but no lower
the carl said on 13/May/11
@aaron: he's a solid 200 pounds. in the LOTR films he was lighter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/11
6"0.75(185cm) Rob?
Aaron said on 26/Mar/11
How much do you think Urban weighs? I've always put him at about 180 when he's at his biggest.
E said on 26/Mar/11
he is not 6'1" when he is only fractionally taller than john cho...
dmeyer said on 8/Mar/11
he is not as tall as quinto this guy dosnt eem over 6 ft 0.5 inwith a chance of 6 ft 0.25
Chuck said on 5/Mar/11
Ya Karl Urban is totally 6'1"! He frequently has a wider stance and looser posture in a few of the photos below. I would buy 6'1", he looked 2 inches taller than 5'11" Viggo Mortensen, and roughly around the same height as 6'1" Zachary Quinto.
MsKitty said on 1/Mar/11
On that note, I must pose a question to Bob...why would a man who is 6 feet tall feel the need to wear lifts? I'm seriously curious as to the answer. Because as far as I'm concerned, 6' is tall, and he would already tower most of the people in Hollyweird...seems illogical.
MsKitty said on 1/Mar/11
I have to agree with this listing, and looking at that pic, I'd say if he were standing a little straighter, he would be the same height as Zachary Quinto, or awful close. In the Two Towers he looks very large and quite tall, but I suppose if I were surrounded by Hobbits I would look tall too. :) Anyway, I'd really like to hug
Bob said on 26/Feb/11
Karl 6' in 1 inch shoes if he wears lifts then he's over 6'
E said on 23/Feb/11
quinto says himself that hes 6'1"... why would he under estimate himself??? if anything he would say a higher number... and he looks taller than the rest in the star trek picture... weird...
SAK said on 25/Dec/10
E says on 4/Nov/10
looks the same height as 5'10" jhon cho... i wouldnt not give this guy over 6'

Yeah hes really the same height as Cho(5ft10)

Click Here

As you can see from this pic, he is a good 2 inches taller Cho, similar to Pine/Quinto both 6ft/6ft1 range.

This guy is a solid 6ft/184cm, maybe not quite 6ft1.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/10
NO WAY he is not 6ft 1 even no 6!!!!
E said on 4/Nov/10
looks the same height as 5'10" jhon cho... i wouldnt not give this guy over 6'
Rika said on 6/Jun/09
ON a local tv show called C4. One of the new hosts went to greet the cast of Startrek.
Now i say this guy is 6'6, why?, because all the actors looked up when speaking to him. Most of the actors are listed at 6'1.
Karl Urban looked to be the taller of the cast. He was the only one who could look eye to eye with the host while the others tilted their heads back.
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
I did see 187cm in Riddick and LOTR.
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
He was a good 2 inches taller than Viggo Mortesan so between 6ft1 and 6ft2 sounds good. 187cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
Ivana said on 26/May/09
Chris Pine seems to be closer to 6'1", I don't know why he is listed as 6'0".
cinemagoer said on 17/May/09
that's true. he does not look 6'1'' at all next to suspected 6'0 pine, at any commercial photo for star trek premiere. he's always shorter.
mikec said on 4/May/09
Click Here doesn't even look 6ft here!(beside 6ft chris pine)
Big King said on 21/Apr/09
No Ace. I really took care of the height differnece between The Rock and Urban. There were at least 3 inches difference between them! Watch this film again.
Ace said on 19/Apr/09
Big King, the Rock has never technically claimed 6`5, but he was often listed at that height lol. Anyway, i don't remember there being 4 inches between Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban. More than 2-2.5.
Big King said on 19/Apr/09
Rusty, keep dreaming! The Rock has never claimed 6'5", namely 6'4" and that's his peak height. Urban is clearly not over 6'1".
Rusty said on 4/Apr/09
Because the rock might be wearing bigger shoes, urban may be slouching, or maybe the rock really is 6'5" as he has claimed.
Big King said on 21/Mar/09
Remember, The Rock is listed at 6'3" on CelebHeights and in the film Doom, Urban was almost 4 inches shorter than the Rock, so how can he be 6'1"?
Marlon said on 22/Feb/09
for some reason in Ghost ship he doesn't look more than an inch taller than either Desmond Harrington or Ron Eldard (both just over 5'10)
but most other films 6'1 seems about right
anonymous said on 16/Jan/09
Click Here
PaulG said on 22/Nov/08
Big King says on 20/Sep/08
Couldn't agree with you more bro. Urban is even not a hair thin higher than 185cm. 185cm is exactly rounded 6'0 3/4" and if the new zealand acting agency listed him as 185cm, then you could change Urban's height to 6'0 3/4". 6'2" is a fat joke for Urban because The Rock looked almost four inches taller than Urban.

you're crazy.... Urban looked at most 2 inches shorter than the rock in doom !
Big King said on 22/Sep/08
I think we should turn down Urban's height to 6'0". He is four inches shorter than the Rock.
Big King said on 20/Sep/08
Couldn't agree with you more bro. Urban is even not a hair thin higher than 185cm. 185cm is exactly rounded 6'0 3/4" and if the new zealand acting agency listed him as 185cm, then you could change Urban's height to 6'0 3/4". 6'2" is a fat joke for Urban because The Rock looked almost four inches taller than Urban.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/08
I agree with 'Big King'. Just watched 'Doom'. Dwayne Johnson was sporting a shaved head, while Urban had about an inch of hair and Dwayne was clearly taller, by a margain of three inches at least. It's odd, because he looks tall LOTR and The Bourne Ultimatum. In fact he looked somewhat taller than Orlando Bloom (solid 5' 10") and Viggo M. (5' 11")in 'The Two Towers'. I think he's 6' 1", but no more.
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
Also the height estimation as 6'1" is strange for Urban. I mean, if The Rock is already at 6'3" on CelebHeights then it wouldn't be bad to give Karl Urban 6 feet.
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
Remarkable is that Urban was almost four inches shorter than The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in the film Doom.
alfredmcluvian said on 28/Aug/08
Well, actually, most of European countries use "40, 41,.., 47 etc."
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/08
haha my bad =]
johnp ur right its EUR that uses inches. well i think their inches.
so yea
my shoe size is 13NZ 14US 48EUR.
JohnP said on 31/Dec/07
You mean EUR, not UK, right, brother_h? In UK, they have a shoe size system similar to the US, just one size smaller (14US is 13UK).

It's the French shoe size system that uses 46, 47 and so on...
brother_h said on 15/Dec/07
He's leaning in both pics -_-.

and this is might be useless info for you guys but i bought some new shoes and realized they felt to small. i always thought i had size 12 NZ and 14 US and 48UK. then i looked an my new shoes and my old shoes(the old ones were faded cept for the US and UK sizes).
on the new ones they were 12NZ 13US 46UK and my old ones said ?NZ 14US and 48UK. so i found out i had 13 NZ shoes. then i compared my height on an american height chart and then my NZ one. im 6'1 on my NZ height, but when i checked the US height it was 6'2.
i hope i didnt waste my time on that.
Troja said on 28/Nov/07
NO, no. With Viggo and Bruce, he was leaning a lot, but he's still taller than them. Look at their shoulders! He is definitely 6'1.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/07
Here is another picture of Urban with 182 cm Bruce Hopkins. Not much difference in height. Click Here

Rob, Please review Urbans height. I would say he is around 183-184 cm
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/07
Urban with 5'11 Viggo Mortensen Click Here
what do you think?
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/07
Yea, rock is leaning quite a bit, and if you take into consideration that Urbans hair makes him look taller, whereas Rock is bolding, I would say there is a 3 inch difference between them.

Urban imo is 183-184 cm
Vegas said on 19/Oct/07
rock (leaning in a photo,shock horror, lol) and urban Click Here looks about 2" difference there.
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/07
Dwayne and Urban were wearing the same boots in the movie. I am posting pictures to back up my claims, hopefully you can do the same.
brother_h said on 15/Oct/07
the rock may have wore uber boots in doom to look taller. karl is definatly 6'1. my mum says hes as tall as my brother who is 6'2. hes on shortland street.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/07
We need more conclusive photos, but I doubt he is the full 6'1
Starfish said on 14/Oct/07
He's 6'0.5 at most nothing more.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/07
6'2?? No way man, Watch Doom, In no scene does he look even close to 6'3 Rock. Here is a preview where they couldnt have messed with positioning, and Urban looks several inches shorter Click Here

Could he be less than 6'1?
AshnarLynx said on 5/Oct/07
I saw several photos of him standing next to Viggo Mortensen. He looked a couple inches taller at least, maybe three. I think this guy is somewhere between 6'1 and 6'2. 187 probably.
Dino said on 10/Aug/07
Is it all that serious? Words like "quite a bit taller", "quite a bit shorter", "VERY much shorter", yada, yada, yada. Who is the authority on what is 'tall' or what is 'short'? Maybe there is a standard chart or the going rate to go by in the world. In society, it is a common perception for a male to be considered on the 'tall' end if he is 6'0" or above. Maybe it is determined by some Census. I am an amateur bodybuilder and I have met a few IFBB Professionals (Jay Cutler, Gustabo Badell, Victor Marinez and Vince Taylor). They have all been shorter. That is not saying that they are "short". I met a few WWF/WWE wrestlers. Sheldon Benjamin, and Chris Benoit and I can say that their height sometimes differ from a persons individual perception. I guess it is interesting to find that 'you' are the same height or taller than a famous person that you preceive as being tall on television.
patrick said on 28/Jul/07
beside Dwayne Johnson in DOOM looks about 5cm taller.. therefore Dwayne Johnson is only about 190cm.. Karl Urban's looks this height 185cm tall at his movie..
TNTinCA said on 21/Jul/07
I would have thought he was taller. Seemed to stand quite a bit taller than Diesel in the Chronicles of Riddick. Than again, Vin's height has always been suspect. :-)
Dan said on 24/Feb/07
6'1 would be the right height for him. He was quite a bit shorter than the Rock in Doom.
Moke said on 18/Feb/07
think he's a bit taller. about 6' my eyes he looks in DOOM not that much shorter than dwayne johnson..maybe 1 inch
Answer said on 2/Nov/06
Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock") is 6'3" according to this site, and if you watch Doom, I think that Urban looks VERY much shorter than him. Well, it was only in one scene I noticed that, maybe it was just the angles who was bad... but he really looked shorter, unless The Rock weared elevator shoes.
Mystique said on 29/May/06
Met him 3 years ago so I can't really remember, but I doubt that he is about 6'2"! I have a picture of him and me, there I stood on a part of the barrier (but it can't be so high?) and I look taller than him (I'm about 5'9"/176cm).
cantstop25 said on 16/Nov/05
hes gotta be minimum 6'2"
brett said on 29/Oct/05
Hes a good 2 maybe more inches taller then vin diesel here, but im not too sure if Vin is really 6ft though, only in his hugh boots he is

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