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5ft 8.31in (173.5cm)
luna said on 8/Nov/11
5 ft 8.
I mean, just look at the pics Panana posted. Those heels are HUGE and they also have a PLATFORM.
Kate appears to have a very good posture, most of the time at least.
Sara said on 8/Nov/11
@Panana: shoes in your link are not the same the Kate was wearing at Bafta, look at this link (Click Here)! A friend of mine is 179 cm and has a pair of shoes with those heels and when wears them she looks taller than her 192 boyfriend. I don't know if Kate has a bad posture (I think she's very elegant) but she doesn't seem so tall.
Panana said on 5/Nov/11
@Sara: Those shoes have a 11,5 heel, look here: Click Here
That is a lot, but the other women at that event are probably wearing 8-11 cm heels themselves...
She is wearing the same shoes here: Click Here
If she is 178, it would make her 189, given William is 191, he should be around 4-5 cm taller than her (he is wearing shoes too). That´s what I see in those pictures. And yes, she tends to have bad posture with the back arched and the head tilted.
Just said on 2/Nov/11
Kate is tall, she is at least 5'10. The fact is that she has a very bad posture. Nicole Kidman on the other hand has the perfect posture.
Sara said on 28/Oct/11
There's no doubt she is a tall girl, but in the pictures that Panana posted (I'm referring to those in the light blue dress) she was wearing 14 cm heels (thanks to Even with an height of 5'7 - 5'8 those heels allows her to overhang almost every person around her.
Panana said on 27/Oct/11
She is a tall girl. Click Here
She might be 5´10.
Sara said on 20/Oct/11
I saw the recent pictures of William and Kate at a gala in London (Click Here) and even if it is not possible to see the shoes that Kate wore (however I don't think that she was wearing flat shoes, she usually wears 10 cm heels), the difference between them is relevant. I think she could stant between 5'7 and 5'8.
Panana said on 17/Oct/11
In those pictures you posted, she is standing lower on that stone. Also, the soles of his shoes are higher. On the right picture she looks 177 again.
Another picture of both of them in flats:
Click Here
If you click through these pictures, she looks a solid 5´10.
I think he sometimes looks taller bc. of his broad build.
Pinky said on 16/Oct/11
She can't be 5'10" (and she doesn't need it)
Kate in flat shoes next to Will: Click Here

5'8", looks taller because she's too skinny
Panana said on 13/Oct/11
Yes, but her shoes at the wedding hat an appr. 6 cm heels, if the difference to If William looks 11 cm taller than her in this picture, she can still be 177 (if he wears around 3 cm heels). All I´m saying is, it is so difficult to really tell from a picture, she might as well be 177 or 5´10. She doesn´t look that much smaller than Harry, who is also around 190 cm(Although Harry is standing a little bit farer away from the camera, then again I think, she is a bit farer away from the camera than William too...). Oh, and maybe William always wears a bit more of a heel? If you watch this video from Canada
Click Here
at around 0:50 she goes up to him and hugs him. They are both wearing flats and I cannot see a significant bigger height difference from when they are both in formal footwear...So maybe the Prince always wears a bit of a heel?
mn said on 9/Oct/11
you can see official pictures of prince william and kate wedding:
Click Here
there is more than 5cm difference between their height.
Panana said on 8/Oct/11
I do not see the point in the Palace giving her height as taller than she is...
Click Here
If you look at these pictures, in most of them she does look almost as tall as Prince William. She is wearing these shoes:
Click Here
which have a 10.5 cm heel.
If she is a weak 5´10, 177, this would make her 187.5, PW´s shoes make him stand appr. at 194. I think a 5.5 cm difference is reasonable.
I am 177 cm tall myself, I often wear a 7-9 cm heel which makes me look the same height as my 182 boyfriend, even in pictures and I do not have bad posture. I think this may have to do with body build, I have, like Kate shorter legs and a bigger torso, as well as with the weight difference between me and my bf.
You also have to take into consideration that many pictures before the wedding of PW and Kate were photoshopped, as they were rarely seen together, never walking side by side in public.
All in all I think pictures can be so very misleading in judging a person´s height (I have pictures where I am smaller than my 169 mother) and I really don´t see the point in the Palace giving out a wrong height for her...
mn said on 3/Oct/11
she looks 5'6''-5'7''
Shaun said on 2/Oct/11
A 5'10 Kate = a 6'4.5" William = a 6'6.25" Steven Fry LOL
Shaun said on 2/Oct/11
If Kate is 5'10 legit Prince William is 6'4.5" James. She's 3.5-4 inches shorter than him in big heels.
James said on 27/Sep/11
she looks 5'9"-5'10"
Kostas said on 13/Sep/11
oh,by the way,when standing next to prince William 5'8 actress Jennifer Garner looks just as tall as Kate does...Kate usually looks several inches shorter than William,even when in heels
however,if you search for pics of Nicole Kidman with prince William,you will see that they are around the same height when she is in heels...if anything,she is a little taller than him
Kostas said on 13/Sep/11
ehh,Rob,I think they removed the picture that i wanted people to should better remove the last link...
i was thinking i finally managed to contribute something to this site...guess i was wrong, lol
Kostas said on 12/Sep/11
Click Here

i know that that's an awfully long link
mf said on 12/Sep/11
She looks 5'10".
Kostas said on 11/Sep/11
@truebloodfan:when will you stop saying that every female celebrity is 5 ft 9 and that that is a "tall,bordering very tall" height for a woman just cause you are that height(or at least claim so) yourself?
i still think that 176 is only tallish and i still think(correction:am 100% certain)that you are a height-obsessed woman pretending to be a man.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Panana says on 24/Aug/11
If you watch videos on youtube of her with Prince William you can see, that she is easily 5´10. Actually you can also see it in the videos without the Prince. She is a tall woman.

These listings are BAREFOOT estimates. Of course in 3 inch heels she is going to look at least 5'10".
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Click Here

That's about how 5'11" looks next to 6'3". So take away the heels and 5'8.5" is about right. If she was a genuine 5'10" and close in height to Nicole Kidman she'd be much nearer William's height in heels.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
She's around 5'11" in normal heels, looks about 4 inches shorter than William in heels so I think this is spot on. She could be 5'9" flat but certainly no higher than than barefoot.
Maximus Meridius said on 3/Sep/11
Rob is possible she is the 5ft 9in range.
A said on 2/Sep/11
Calm down guys. Some of you are taking this way too serious. No need to start fighting here.
Kostas said on 24/Aug/11
I was constantly seeing them on the news prior to their wedding (no matter how much I tried to avoid seeing their faces for the 100th time-and I don't even live in the UK!) and she does not look 5 ft 10 at all...You should take into consideration that she is always wearing very big heels...My 5 ft 10 cousin is engaged to a 6 ft 3 man and she doesn't look that short next to him in 3 inch heels. 5 ft 8-9 sounds reasonable for her.
Panana said on 24/Aug/11
If you watch videos on youtube of her with Prince William you can see, that she is easily 5´10. Actually you can also see it in the videos without the Prince. She is a tall woman.
TruebloodFan said on 12/Aug/11
looks 5ft9 minimum.
USYD said on 10/Aug/11
@ Shaun
I don't think so actually, because she wears heels that are between 3-3.5 inches, but I prefer using cm, so I used 8.5cm instead which lies in those numbers.
anon said on 8/Aug/11
you are an idiot if you think people dont shrink with age. As people get older the disc (a gel like substance that cushions the vertebrae) grows smaller due to losing density from wear and tear thus causing people to shrink. They dont shrink more than 1-2 inches though (normally). Also, your cocky attitude implies you are a child who is still very immature.
Wendy said on 8/Aug/11
I think you have some interesting points xyz. There's a good shot of her wedding shoes on this page, and they have 4 inch heels, which based on your calculations, again verifies Simon's comment that she is 5'6".

Click Here
xyz said on 4/Aug/11
clint - it's just for discussion. Everything on this page and under other celebs are estimations. I didn't use any foul language, didn't call her a liar or said anything out of line compared to the thousands of comments held on this website. I'm not sure where your hostility is coming from.
Shaun said on 4/Aug/11
USYD says on 3/Aug/11
I knew she wasn't 5'10". That's completely ridiculous. In heels, she's about eyebrow-level to Prince William, who is 190.5cm. That means she's 182cm in her 8.5cm heels, so she's about 173.5cm. 5'10" is ridiculous, more like 5'8.5" to be closer to the truth.

I'd say its more ridiculous you think you can state her heel size to the nearest .5 of a cm.
USYD said on 3/Aug/11
I knew she wasn't 5'10". That's completely ridiculous. In heels, she's about eyebrow-level to Prince William, who is 190.5cm. That means she's 182cm in her 8.5cm heels, so she's about 173.5cm. 5'10" is ridiculous, more like 5'8.5" to be closer to the truth.
clint said on 2/Aug/11
xyz, what makes you think you are an authority on what someone's best case scenario for height is? Age doesn't shrink people. The reason some people measure shorter when they are old is because they can't stand completely straight anymore. But shrinking? No! He is about 5'10". Kate obviously easily makes 5'8" + to someone with a good, trained eye for estimating height. I don't want to be a jerk, xyz; but you people who think you are so good at estimating height that obviously actually suck at it are aggrevating! It is disrespectful to try to make people out to be shorter than they really are. I'm pretty much never wrong about height. People, disagree with me only if you like being wrong!
xyz said on 2/Aug/11
After seeing this page, I got more curious and looked at some of the royal wedding photos. Kate seemed only slightly taller (about 1 inch) than Prince Charles in the official photos (I think it is safe to say everyone would be standing at their tallest for these photos). Assuming Prince Charles is not standing on a box and is wearing normal dress shoes, Kate should have been quite a bit taller than Prince Charles but she was not.

Most seem to agree that Prince Charles was about 5'9-10 in his youth but have probably shrunk so 5'9 would be best case scenario, so 5'10 with dress shoes. So Kate looked like 5'11 with the wedding shoes/veil/tiara.

The veil/tiara seemed to give her a boost of 1-1.5 inches.
Most wedding heels I have seen is about 3 inches. I did not see her shoes but I would expect her to wear some heel but not too much. So let's say she got a 2.5 inch boost from the heels.

Best/tallest scenario, then Kate is about 5'7.5 (1 inch headwear + 2.5 inches from shoes). She could be a little bit shorter at 5'6.5 depending on the above mentioned variables. A fellow below mentioned that he lived in the same village as Kate and that she was the same height as his wife (5'6). Interesting...

I tried to goggle some photos of Zara Phillips' wedding but could not find a decent photo for comparison but again, roughly, they looked about the same height with Kate being slightly taller and I could see her shoes this time (looked about 4 inches to me). I also noticed she only looked about 2 inches taller than Camilla (who is reportedly 5'6 and may have also shrunk a little bit) although Kate had a slight heel advantage. I think with time when we see more photos of Kate with Prince Charles and Camilla, her height will be revealed.
xyz said on 1/Aug/11
I think this is about right. 5'10 always seemed too high for her and she is wearing higher and higher heels now. Princess Diana looked taller than Kate to me based on proportions.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Michelle Obama is a legit 5'10.5", and looks about 2 inches taller than Kate.
Maximus Meridius said on 1/Aug/11
Rob is there she is the 5ft 9in range she is about a good 6 inches shorter then William.
John said on 31/Jul/11
I'm inclined to buy the 5' 8.5" suggested by Bob. When I was believing the 5'10" media output I recall being surprised that Michelle Obama looked a few inches taller than Kate with similar heels. Michelle Obama is supposed to be about 5' 10.5" so Bob appears to be spot on in his estimate.
Clint said on 31/Jul/11
If kate is 5-8 and a half, then i am about her height if i stand on a cinderblock.
Clint said on 30/Jul/11
Atleast the height listed. Taller than my family, and 5 in taller than me. I respect height of her highness, lol!
Wendy said on 27/Jul/11
Hi Shaun. You are right that Size 7 UK is definitely average for my height, but as I mentioned in my comment, I wear a size 5 1/2 UK (or US size 8). I am five foot seven inches tall, and when I shop for shoes I am always the tallest girl looking in the section for US size 8 shoes. My friends my height wear US size 10.

Littlesue - your friend must have amazingly tiny feet. A UK size 4 is only 23.41 cm / 9.3 inches long! They do not make size 4 in the US.

Of course I am no expert on height/shoe size ratios, but I think Simon's comment below of 5'6" is the most credible, especially if he saw Kate next to his wife.
Maggie said on 26/Jul/11
if you look at the picture of William and Kate the day after the wedding and look at the heels of kate you can see that there is still a big difference between them... I think her height could stand between 5'7'' and 5'8''
Shaun said on 25/Jul/11
Wendy says on 24/Jul/11

I'm 5'7" and wear a US size 8 and have small feet.

Sorry but I would not describe a size 7 UK for a woman as small feet. That's most certainly average for your height. A size 7 UK for a woman is one the bigger side. Average is 5-6 I think.
littlesue said on 25/Jul/11
Wendy, my work collegeue is almost 5ft 10 but she only has a size 4 feet, she has a tiny slim build though like Kate
RICHARD said on 24/Jul/11
Well,if Will finds more weight on her hot then she must want him to be hot with
Physics Enemy said on 24/Jul/11
Kate has big heels next to the Queen, the Queen is slouching and wearing 1" heels, the Queen is probably about 5' flat these days. Kate is a legit 5' 9" in my opinion. But I'm willing to believe she may be 5' 8.5" and I'm just a little fooled by her thinness/proportions.
Wendy said on 24/Jul/11
If it helps, in the picture of her and the Queen, Kate is wearing 4 - 4 1/2" heels and the Queen who is slouching in the photo is wearing 1" heels. Interestingly, the web site also gives her shoe size as 5 1/2 (or size 8 US). I'm 5'7" and wear a US size 8 and have small feet. No way a girl 3 inches taller than me could be a UK 5 1/2.
Shaun said on 24/Jul/11
Ah I spotted her heels in the other pics, in the one when they are walking her shoes look flattish. Yeah that looks about right if the queen is about 5'1" now and if you take away Kate's heels looks about 8 inches difference if you do that.
Shaun said on 22/Jul/11
Looks a legit 5'10" next to the Queen has to be said.
Shaun said on 22/Jul/11
If she is 5'8.5" the Queen is not a hair over 5'0. Any estimates for how tall Queen Elizabeth is Rob? Shouldn't she also have a page?
[Editor Rob: I think there's a few royals already, the Queen has probably lost a good 2 inches, she was supposed to be 5ft 3 range 40 years ago]
Shaun said on 22/Jul/11
Click Here

Mmm. Either the Queen BADLY needs a downgrade to 5'0 or she is easily 5 ft 10 as she claims. She's easily a head taller than the Queen supposedly 5'4". Doesn't look like 4.5 inches to me, more like 10 inches.
simon said on 21/Jul/11
She lived in our village and she is the same height as my wife. 5ft 6in.
Button said on 21/Jul/11
She may be listed 5'10" pretty much everywhere else but that doesn't necessarily make it true. And in my opinion it's definitely not true. We should realise that heights listed elsewhere on the internet are often inflated. It's pretty rare to see downgrades across the internet, and what's even worse, is it's also rare for listed heights out there to be anywhere near correct. Best not to trust them, as they're more than likely way too high. It's silly to be honest. There's no point in other height listings if they're just going to add a couple inches, sometimes more, to someone's height. Completely and utterly pointless. Which is why I love this site, because it refrains from doing that. There's only been a tiny handful of heights I've disagreed with by more than an inch, but the majority seem to be spot on. Very good indeed. Anyway, like I said before, there's no way I see Kate being 5'10" at all. 5'8.5" seems a much better estimate.
Shaun said on 20/Jul/11
Diana was actually 5'10" though and claimed 5'10" 3/4. I think. Diana looked taller than Kate did.
George H. said on 20/Jul/11
Supposedly she's the same height as Diana was. Wasn't she 5'10"?
me said on 19/Jul/11
whats the estimate based on? Everywhere else she is listed at 5'10.
Aly said on 19/Jul/11
Perfect. However, if we were to go on some photos with her and legit 5'10.5 Nicole Kidman...she looks taller than that! But heels next to William she looks like the height you pronounced her as. Odd!
SAK said on 19/Jul/11
Jenna Middleton says on 17/Jul/11
shes way then pippa whose 5'6 so im guessing maybe 5'9
Are you related to her, maybe you have a better idea then, of her actual height, and she is in fact 5ft9
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Way too skinny at the moment though, she looked much nicer back in her uni days. I'm sure William would find her hotter with more weight on her too.
random guy said on 18/Jul/11
hmmm i never though she was 5'10". This listing seems to be right
Jenna Middleton said on 17/Jul/11
shes way then pippa whose 5'6 so im guessing maybe 5'9
J.J. said on 16/Jul/11
Looks 5'8" flat to me I don't think she is this much over 5'8" I have to say!
Button said on 16/Jul/11
Maximus Meridius, I would say 5'7" seems a little too low for Kate. Of course it's your opinion so that's fair enough and it's cool, but I just don't think she's that height. You're the first person on this page to disagree with this listing. Out of curiosity, what makes you think she's 5'7"? Do you reckon she looks that height next to Prince William, for example? Hmmmm. I don't see her looking 5'7" barefoot at all. Her proportions seem pretty long to me, and too long for her to be 5'7". I know quite a lot of 5'7" women and it's not even a particularly tall height for women, it's really not. It's tallish but I would classify it as "above average" rather than "tall". Kate always looks properly tall to me though. I still think this 5'8.5" listing is perfect. Just curious why you don't agree with the listed height for her, that's all.
SAK said on 16/Jul/11
She is tall girl @ 5ft8.5, she is also is extremely slim, which probably makes ppl believe she is taller maybe 5ft9/5ft10. But the listing here accurate. It's good u made a page for her.
Carl said on 15/Jul/11
5ft 8.5ins sounds accurate to me Rob.........!
Maximus Meridius said on 15/Jul/11
I think she is more 5ft 7in than 5ft 8 1/2in
Shaun said on 15/Jul/11
I could just believe 5'9" flat but certainly no higher. She doesn't look an easy 6' in heels. In fact a lot of the time she does not look more than 5'11" in heels. I think Rob is spot on as a barefoot estimate, her ultra thin build makes her look taller than she probably is.
Shaun said on 15/Jul/11
She had heel advantage over 5'10.5" Nicole Kidman and still looked a few inches shorter. Definitely NOT a legit 5'10".
Shaun said on 15/Jul/11
Nice on Rob. In flats William looks between 5 and 6 inches taller. She looks a weak 5'9", 5'8.5" is exactly what I estimated. In her best heels she can look near 6'.
jake said on 15/Jul/11
I agree completely with this listing, 5ft8.5
Button said on 14/Jul/11
Yes, thanks so much for adding her Rob. I was hoping to see her on the site soon and now she's here. Great. I think this height is bang on correct. 5'8.5" is the exact same height I thought she was too. I knew she wasn't the 5'10" that she is constantly reported at.

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