How tall is Kelly Stables

Kelly Stables Height

4ft 10 (147.3 cm)

American actress, known for roles in The Ring Two, Horrible Bosses 2, Bring It On Again and Dragon Hunter. When Kristen Johnson asked Kelly how tall she was on Twitter, she replied "that's so weird-I've NEVER been asked that. 4'11" ...give or take".

How tall is Kelly Stables
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4ft 9.92in (147.1cm)
Jackie Lee said on 1/Aug/22
What's so weird about asking someone's height? Only insecure people would think that.
Comentarista said on 30/Jul/22
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/21
@ DotCom - No, but if she was a dwarf it wouldn’t matter because everyone is cool (all genders) unless they are harming anyone or anything.
Futy Adore said on 29/Aug/21
1.46 m , aka 4'9 1/2"(men).😁
Nik Ashton said on 29/Apr/20
@ BlackRose - I don’t agree with you about women being the ones who are drawn most to what their eyes perceive only, men are at least as guilty as women at doing this or even a little more guilty. I am not sure either way about whether the media use height and high heels as a weapon to persuade our minds and if they do (I don’t know if they do) I don’t know if people fall for it or not.

EVERYTHING else you have said is wonderfully put and should be taken on board fully to make the world a better place.

@ Sarah - Also everything you have said should be taken on board fully to change the world so that it is a better place.

@ Jim - You are a cool guy and what you have said is so cool!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/19
@ Rob - That's a nice, gentlemanly act, I must say! 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/19
Ha ha! So Kelly starred in the film that made me scream so loudly that the Police came round!

The scene that did me in was right at the beginning, when you see the distended jawline on the dead fellow's face. My Jim, who was downstairs and watching something different, said it was a blood-curdling scream and sounded as though my life was in peril, yet little Kelly withstood all these frightening images better than I did!

I shall give this beauty 4ft10. She's the sort of tiny height that will have given Kelly the schoolgirl parts well into her adulthood. 👧
Editor Rob
It is a shame the time I seen Kelly many years ago that the photographer 'took pity' and when she came into the photo area he offered her a bar stool to sit on...she wasn't asking for it though.
aleatorio said on 24/Oct/18
4ft 10 beauty.
Semidios said on 3/Mar/18
She is so cute.4ft 10 seems right.
Kl said on 23/Apr/17
She abit taller than me I am 1.43m tall
Flex said on 23/Dec/14
She is the whole package. Little but still the whole package
FlameBoy said on 1/Nov/14
she is fine i could care less how short she is in fact it makes her more attractive being a 5 ft 6.5 dude i wish more women where this height give me a 4 ft 10 chick over a 5 ft 10 chick Anyday !
Kenster said on 9/Feb/14
Kelly is a beautiful woman and her being smaller makes her more cute . She has a fantastic body and a lovely voice.
Carolus said on 13/Oct/13
She is thus a Ðwarf as "Ðwarfism is a medical disorder. In humans, the sole requirement is having an adult height under 1 4 7 cm (4 ft 10 in) [...]" (source w¡k¡-Þedia)
me said on 16/Sep/13
Here is an interview that states she is 4 ft. 11 Click Here
I remembered an interview in which she is quoted saying that but I only found this one.
4 11 or 4 10 isn't much of a difference and thus no real reason to lie.
crawcin said on 4/Aug/13
I am 6'5" and Kelly is lovely woman for sure.
G.G. said on 28/May/13
not a dwarf by far, just a pettite woman. pretty girl with a great little body. definite hottie!
K said on 26/May/13
P.S. She's a very attractive person and I meant no offense by what I posted. She happens to be 4'10, which, according to an advocacy group for little people, is the height at which dwarfism starts. My own opinion is that the cut-off should be 4'8 to 4'9.
little sue said on 16/Oct/12
She is nothing like a Dwarf!! Dwarfism is a genetic condition, they have normal bodies but short legs and arms, also their facial features differ. Kelly is just a short girl due to having short parents, her arms and legs are in proportion to her height.
DotCom said on 14/Oct/12
She looks like a dwarf. She's very pretty but can somone answer the simple question? Is she a dwarf?!
BlackRose said on 25/Sep/12
I am short myself for a guy, being only 5 feet 5 inches tall. It shouldn't matter what people look on the outside. It is the inside of a person that matters most. However, people; especially women are drawn to what their eyes perceive only. Kelly Stables is a great actress and a very beautiful lady. Would love to at least talk to her. Seeing her would be a dream come true. Height and especially high heels is a weapon the media uses to persuade our minds and most people fall for this propaganda; sexual or non-sexual. Kelly's beauty cannot be matched; she is perfect just the way she is!
Bootch said on 27/Aug/12
I'm pretty sure she is some inches shorter than 4'10
Click Here
Click Here
Eric said on 12/Aug/12
Her height makes her cute, her face, that I've seen in over a dozen different looks, is absolutely gorgeous. A very beautiful lady in all respects.
Bob said on 20/Jan/12
That's a lot of cute packed into so small a frame. Any more cute might cause her to explode and spray cuteness all over the place
Jim said on 28/Dec/11
At 5'2" Id feel real tall next to her. And shes so dang cute. Love her!
mike said on 10/Dec/11
kelly is the cutiest woman ever! she played a great role on 2.5 men. would love to see her on her own show.
Lil Jizel said on 23/Nov/11
@Elias...that means she's really 4'11" not 4'10" if she said she's 5'0" when she wears one inch heels
MyKiddosMom said on 16/Nov/11
You are right Georgia. Kelly is 33 and you'd never think so. She looks like a college girl.
Deb said on 3/Nov/11
I'm 4'10" also and my hub is 6'4". The height difference is great, at least for me :)
James said on 17/Aug/11
I love short girls, shortest girl I slept with was 4'8", but I wouldn't want children with a short girl so my wife is 5'8. So i dated short girls, married a relatively tall girl.
bootch said on 29/Jun/11
The link was broken, here is a good one:
Click Here
Bootch said on 26/Jun/11
I don't know whats her height, she's really tiny, look at this pic of her with two kdis:
Click Here
georgia said on 20/Mar/11
i'm like 5'5 an boys always call me short but i think 5'5 is a normal height for a girl whos 16
my mum is 4'11 and beeing so short has their good things short people look much more younger my mum is 42 and she looks like to the girls who are under 5'0 think about all the hot celebreties who are so short but still hot an dont worry about your height think about kristen bell hayden panettiere rachel bilson lucy hale eva longoria ....
petite girl said on 17/Mar/11
I'm only 4'10my sister always laugh at me. I'm prettysure it is because of my gene...
Mamun said on 16/Mar/11
Thanks for your response Sarah ! I am sure your Husband is a lucky man to be married to you !


Sarah said on 14/Mar/11
I don't know anything about you and I don't date someone based on looks alone.
Mamun said on 7/Mar/11
Sarah , if you are a beautiful girl would you date me ? The answer is " No " right !


Sarah said on 7/Mar/11
People are so weird about height. It really doesn't matter how tall you are. All that matters is who you are. Women and men can be beautiful not matter what their height is. Tall girls are beautiful as well as short girls. I know guys who don't care about height and I know guys who prefer either short or tall girls. Lets try and change the world by not worrying about someones physical appearance and worrying only about how we treat others.
Ryan said on 12/Dec/10
I just had to add a comment about 5 11 girl said about wanting a girlfriend or a 6'0 and dated a girl 4'9 and it was a bit weird being a giant compared to her....anyway we are both in our early thirties in age but somebody once asked me if my girlfriend was my gf was very embarassed and she often had a problem with being soooo short. It got to the point where it affected our relationship because she had a bitter attitude....i now only date women over 5 feet because the ones that say they are 5 feet likely are an inch or 2 shorter
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
@DMC beautyfull things come in all packages
DMC said on 29/Nov/10
Mamun said on 15/Nov/10
Here is some info that will make you people happy . Kelly is not only a very
beautiful girl but she was even more beautiful from the inside ! She was a
wonderful person !


Mamun said on 15/Nov/10
5 11 girl will you date me and be my friend ? I will treat you like an Amazon
queen !

Very kind regards with sugar

5 11 girl said on 15/Nov/10
Short girl i am saying about 6 3 and 6 4 guys who say how much they like small girls.i am not talking about average height guys.and i have something else that you can agree with me.look at the comments on beautyfull small celebrities(bell,duff,hayden)---OMG she is really small and soo beautyfull HOW MUCH I LIKE SMALL GIRLS,bla bla bla bla bla bla...
and read the comments in beautyfull tall women(stacy keibler,blake lively,famke janssen-45 and looks 35-)---she cant be that tall,i think she is smaller,i wouldnt date her,what guy wants a tall girl bla bla bla bla
why is it always in the short celebrities pages there are people bashing tall girls?
and why my comment hurted you?you can read all these great comments from boys(IF they are boys and be fine with it...)
Elias said on 14/Nov/10
Here's an question about her height in an interview:

Interviewer: I've read everywhere online that you're height is five feet. Is this true?
Kelly: "When I'm wearing one inch heels absolutely it's true."

Here's the link: Click Here
Short girl said on 13/Nov/10
5 11 girl: I agree with u in the fact that not every man likes short girls, but please dont be rude with us short girls, I mean that comment of "are u looking for a girlfriend or a daughter" was really hurtful at least for me. IT DOESNT MATTER IF U ARE TALL OR SHORT, short girls are NOT better than tall girls, and tall girls are NOT better than short ones. Just be happy :D
Swedish Thunder said on 13/Nov/10
I too love petite women, but in Kelly's case, it wouldn't matter. She's hot in every way. :)
5 11 girl said on 31/Oct/10
I don't mean to be rude but all of yous who say men prefer petite (or in english, SMALL girls) are completely ridiculous! Seriously,I am loads taller than my mates and bullies call me 'Lanky.' See, kids will always find something horrible to say about you even if you were the most beautiful person in the world. But am I really going to listen to them and all you people who are posting comments making out being tall's bad and that men don't like them?? I don't think so! Nice people I've met take one look at me and say 'career as a model, definitely.' I'm not being big-headed, everyone has good things about themselves. Can you not say anything good about yourself without being 'big-headed?' I don't know if you're all Christians but I am and God gave us bodies with the height we will grow to, some will be tall, some short but it's about PERSONALITY. Girls, do not listen to boys who say 'Oh my perfect girl HAS to be blonde AND 5 ft 9' No no no NO you boys won't get very far in the world with your love lives if you decide what your girlfriend has to look like. How you treat others will last for ever and that cannot be taken away from you. i cannot undestand how a 6 2 man would date a 4 9 girl.are you looking for a women or a daughter???
i prefer 100000 times a 5 8 tall man but MAN than a 6 5 kid who is looking for a daughter
ol these pple saying that tall men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.My man likes that m tall more than anything, he sed it was my height that captured his attention firstly (he is tall and m tall),His friends or teammates (plays basketball) ol date women generally tall women. I hav always attracted tall men (short men as well).ol my ex bf are tall. m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE GO FOR PEOPLE THAT 'DO IT' FOR THEM.COULD BE TALL OR SHORT.
so please lets not start a 'tall v short' war because god is not a fool to have made people in different heights.
19kimberly88 said on 5/Jul/09
She is not 1,47... she is 1,52. I am 1,54m and i never had problems with it. Boys love it :)
aram x said on 22/Apr/09
If you are woman, being that short is fine. But imo it's harder being a man that height just because it's expected that men should be physically bigger. Then again, it's what's inside that counts more--regardless of how tall your genetics/pituitary tell you to be.
NeilG said on 13/Apr/09
I am 5ft8 and when I met her she was just below my shoulder. I was wearing converse she was in smallish heels.2" maybe.
She was supercute. I definately like small women.
aram x said on 16/Feb/09
Despite being nearly a foot shorter than Mamun, her head surprisingly doesn't look any smaller than Mamun's.
aram x said on 12/Feb/09
4,10" is nonetheless exceptionally short. I even think 5,1" is short even though I am only 5,9 ish.
Amy said on 11/Feb/09
Aww we are around about the same height! Finally someone on here is my height, I'm 5'0 ;D
Gillian said on 10/Feb/09
I am the same height as Kelly and have never considered myself to be a dwarf.
I am sorry that an Austrian seems to think this height a joke. In my country, South Africa, we love and accept all people.
aram x said on 4/Feb/09
But apparently even though she is shorter than Mamun by a good 10", her looks bigger. btw isn't 4,10" or lower the legal cut-off-point for a 'dwarf'?
Mamun said on 6/Jan/09
Your always welcome !


wahsay said on 5/Jan/09
thanks mamum u look like 6'4 6'5 in this pic..:)
Mamun said on 4/Jan/09
My friend I totally forgot to see if she was wearing heels or not ? But my
guess is nine out ten that she was ! Also I am not of this planet ! remember
my name " SUPERMUN " !


wahsay said on 3/Jan/09
mamun was she wearing heels????
cuz here she looks about 4'11 and btw frm which country u belong
jacky burton said on 15/Dec/08
What is the limit for someone to be considered a "dwarf"? I know it's got to be in the 4' range
Anna said on 30/Oct/08
4'10 seems about right
Mamun said on 22/Oct/08
She played the Evil Samara ( the little girl from the well ) !


Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
awww she is tiny. I don't quite remember her from the Ring 2 though.
Mamun said on 21/Oct/08
I forgot about her footwear my friends !


Alex said on 21/Oct/08
James, only way it would be a foot or more is if shes in heels. Her head is only a bit under his chin. Resulting in 10 inches or so difference.
beatlefan said on 21/Oct/08
A foot is not that much - only 12 inches, the same length as a 'Subway' sandwich. Maybe Mamum should put one on top of her head. He looks at least a foot taller if not more.
Complex said on 20/Oct/08
She really does look close to a foot shorter than Mamun, Mamun was she in heels?
Alex said on 20/Oct/08
It doesn't appear a foot based on the picture though. I still wouldn't go under 4'9 1/2 for her.
Mamun said on 19/Oct/08
She looked a foot shorter than me my friends !


Complex said on 18/Oct/08
Anonymous at 187 you could rest your elbow on her head with ease haha!
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
lol i wonder how i would look next to her at 187:P
Alex said on 16/Oct/08
Mamun, how tall did Kelly look to you in person?
Mamun said on 16/Oct/08
Yes I have one with 4' 8" Gary Coleman !


Antron said on 15/Oct/08
Little People of America says 4ft 10 and under. Though its up to an individual to decide to consider themselves as such.
Lego said on 15/Oct/08
the hell? i never thought she was actually this short?! (she's super-beautiful though!) wow.

i see a lot of difference between MAMUN and Kelly, she looks around 4'11ish kinda remind me of DE VITO.

she's probably a weak 4'10 though.
Fer said on 15/Oct/08
Mamun, man you are towering that girl.
Alex said on 15/Oct/08
I think if you're 4'6 or under you're considered a dwarfe or something like that.
runt said on 15/Oct/08
I thought under 4-6 was technically a little person
Mamun said on 15/Oct/08
Alex I was trying to flirt with her but she said she was already madely
in love with someone by the name of Alex ? Do you know he that is ? This
picture was taken on the 24th July 2005 at the San Diago California Comic-con,
the largest entertainment convetion on the Planet!some really incredible event
happened that year which never happened before ! I would consider myself very
lucky to have made into that convention that year ! Mamun the 6' 8" giant "
wow , that was some thing I have always wanted since I was a baby !


Alex said on 15/Oct/08
Even if Mamun's head is 9-9.25 inches, Kelly is still 4'10 or maybe 4'9.75. If Kelly was 4'8-4'9 then Mamun would be 5'6-5'6 1/2 then which isn't true.
Complex said on 14/Oct/08
4'9 and under is legally classified as a "Little Person". Which she certainly does look one in that picture. Especially if she has heels on!!
chris said on 14/Oct/08
according to an article from the April 2005 issue of American Cheerleader (posted on she is quoted as saying she's 4'11"
Alex said on 14/Oct/08
Mamun, how, where and when did you meet her? If I met her I'd have to flirt a bit at least, LOL.
runt said on 14/Oct/08
Danimal says on 13/Oct/08
"4'8"-4'9" MAX. Cute though."

I don't mean to be nit picky, but words like 'though' and 'but' attached to petite women doesn't compute to me. I must be the opposite of most people because when a woman is petite I actually have a greater expectation that she will be cute than if a woman is average or tall. That's what I see where I live. I would be more likely to say stuff like "5'10"-5'11" Cute though" or "4'8"-4'9" MAX. And cute". :D
Alex said on 14/Oct/08
I wouldn't go under 4'9 for her unless shes in heels here. He isn't a full foot taller than her unless his head is 10-11 inches in length. Her head looks to only come an inch or so under his chin.

Editor Rob
this is just a general observation...Mamun has stood in front of a chart and his amplified head size is near 9.5.
Roger said on 14/Oct/08
Manum, must be quite a feeling to tower over such a cutie as a 5'8''er.
Danimal said on 13/Oct/08
4'8"-4'9" MAX. Cute though.
Brah said on 13/Oct/08
She looks 1 foot shorter than Mamun, her head minus the hair is 3 inches under Mamun's chin
Mamun said on 13/Oct/08
I can't remember her footwear my friends !


janice said on 13/Oct/08
omg, she's sooo cute! *_*
Alex said on 13/Oct/08
Mamun I am assuming shes in normal footwear right? If not then shes more like 4'8. Shes very cute though.
Alex said on 13/Oct/08
I see around 10 inches difference since Mamun's head is probably 9.5 inches and shes around an inch under his chin. 4'9.5-4'10 is right.
Dr. D said on 13/Oct/08
Supermamum as a 6'8 giant ;D

looks like she needs you to protect her
Markus said on 13/Oct/08
Wow, this is a different thing, Mamum the giant!
Cute lady...wonder how I'd look next to her at 1.94 m :P
Mamun said on 13/Oct/08
She was asking me for your number Anonymous but I had to tell her your not
interested ! Are you ?


Anonymous said on 13/Oct/08
cutee??? shes hot as hell

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