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6ft 6.11in (198.4cm)
Inturnitator said on 16/May/08
Can someone please ask Durand on MySpace when exactly he's 6'6"? Out of bed or later? I tried to ask him already three times but he didn't reply.
thekiddd said on 15/May/08
Yeah. People don't seem to understand that looking a certain height doesn't make them that certain height lol.
Jordan said on 15/May/08
If he has been Listed at 6'5, and says he is 6'6 he cant be anything taller then 6'6.
RAZOR said on 15/May/08
Durand looks more 6'6 1/2".
thekiddd said on 10/May/08

I have noticed a lot of 6'5" or 6'6" claims with this guy such as Jordan's below. Melvin said he told him that he was almost 6'6". Do you think that would be good enough to change him to almost 6'5 1/2"?
But either way, 6'7" is ridiculous for this guy.
Jordan said on 10/May/08
Click Here

He is 6'5 according to his website
thekiddd said on 29/Apr/08
Well if you say he is only a snitch taller than Dwayne Johson "whom doesn't even look 6'3" that would put Durand at 6'3 or 6'4" which isn't true. None of you took it to consideration that he could be wearing lifts sometimes.
Kid-Icarus said on 28/Apr/08
People here are selective let me tell ya!
Langelo said on 27/Apr/08
But Durand looks easily over 6'6", can't you digg it?!
thekiddd said on 22/Apr/08
You don't have any source to prove that karracho.
Karracho said on 20/Apr/08
I have some news. I asked Durand about his height rounded in metric system on MySpace. He replied 200cm.
Kolmann said on 18/Apr/08
Strange, the only sources I found are his height at 200 cm in metric system and 6'6" in imperial system. I guess, many tall people who are 200 cm in fact are using their height as 6'6" rounded as an imperial unit because 6'6" is in the middle between 6 ft and 7 ft (6,5 ft). And Americans use to say to tall people "What, you are over 6'6"?", while Europeans say "What, you are over 2 metres?". Durand also looks almost 6'7" to me. I would give him 6'6 3/4" too or maybe his height has been undermeasured.
Numael said on 17/Apr/08
Yaspaa you joker, Kevin didn't look a lot taller than The Rock. Rob can see Walking Tall as an evidence. Between Durand and Dwayne Johnson are only one and a half inch difference and that's no lie. I have good eyes.
Yaspaa said on 17/Apr/08
Thats funny because I saw at least 3". In fact it was so noticeable I looked Kevin Durand up.
Numael said on 17/Apr/08
I would suggest editor Rob to watch Walking Tall. There, Durand is standing beside Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and there he will see that there isn't a huge height difference between them. Durand looks only at least an inch taller than the Rock. So that would make Durand look 6'5" max.
Melvin Blitzny said on 16/Apr/08
I'm back but I've deleted my MySpace account.
thekiddd said on 15/Apr/08
I did tell Melvin that if he got Durand to tell him his height on his comment box on his myspace account and showed it to rob, that he would change it. I guess Melvin never got back to it.
RedMax said on 15/Apr/08
Durand had 6 inches on Russell Crowe in Mystery Alaska. Durand was only at least four inches taller than Ray Liotta in Wild Hogs and Kevin Durand looked exactly one and a half inch taller than Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). So Kevin can't be 6'6". I always thought that Durand was 6'5" and he really looks that tall. I think the editor should watch more films from Kevin Durand and then he should describe his height as what he is thinking of how tall he is. My suggestion is that Durand is 6'5" barefoot and 6'6" with shoes. Maybe he could reach 6'5 1/2" straight out of bed but that's all. I would also agree to list Durand as 6'5 1/2".
thekiddd said on 15/Apr/08
Nixers said on 12/Apr/08
And so many websites what stated Durand's height as 6'7" are joking, right?
thekiddd said on 10/Apr/08
*sigh* I supposed what I said didn't make any sense to you.
Georsh said on 10/Apr/08
Strange, other people on CelebHeights say that several celebrities are downgrading their heights. Durand is surely over 6'6". Don't you realize how huge he is? 6'6 3/4" is where I put the money on.
thekiddd said on 9/Apr/08
You don't know that he is almost 6'7". I'm not trying he isn't 6'7" but not very many actors say they are shorter than they actually are. Do you see what I am talking about? I think Kevin has been in America long enough to know the feet and inches vs the metric.
Georsh said on 9/Apr/08
Durand is almost 6'7". I'm sure that he is exactly 200cm tall but he probably confused 200cm with 6'6", so he thought that 200cm is rounded 6'6" because 6'6" is in the middle between 6 feet and 7 feet.
thekiddd said on 5/Apr/08
Use your head Brekevil. Almost no celebrity says that are shorter than they actually are. HE IS NOT 6 FEET f***n SEVEN, AND CERTAINLY NOT 6'8"! HE IS 6'6"! HE IS MORE LIKELY LESS THAN IT THAN MORE THAN IT!
Brekevil said on 4/Apr/08
thekiddd, stop speaking nonsense. Durand's height is almost 6'8"!
thekiddd said on 29/Mar/08
Well, the 6'5 1/2" hasn't been proven yet. But possibly he is.
Kingston said on 29/Mar/08
I guess Durand is as tall as me, 6'6" out of bed and 6'5 1/2" for the other few hours.
Kid-Icarus said on 27/Mar/08
I think it is. The qoute above is what he said his height was.
Maxi said on 26/Mar/08
Is 6'6" Durand's speak height?
thekiddd said on 25/Mar/08
Well, I know he isn't beyond 6'6" because he doesn't look 6'7" and he is not likely taller than 6'6" if he said it.
Mickeal said on 24/Mar/08
Kevin Durand is 6'6" out of bed, 6'5 1/2" during the day and 6'5" in the evening. Where's the problem?
Gargoyle said on 24/Mar/08
ok, kidd, I trust you because I recognized the wrong rounding from 6'6" to 200cm. 6'6" is 198cm in fact. I don't know why they won't correct this error on MySpace.
me said on 24/Mar/08
okay but why would he have a myspace anyways. theres two people claiming to be him..
thekiddd said on 23/Mar/08
Do I have to say it again? HE'S NOT 6'7"! Either way, how do you know he put 200cm instead of 6'6"? His location is California where he didn't have a choice but to put 6'6" because they ask to put your height down in inches. If you doubt me, try changing your profile to USA settings and it will ask for your height in feet and inches. Thus to close my statement, when he submitted his height, it was in feet and inches not in meters.
Gargoyle said on 20/Mar/08
thekiddd, where do you know it if this is Durand's real MySpace page? Anyway, he has written 200cm on his profile. That means over 6'6". He is 6'6 3/4".
thekiddd said on 18/Mar/08
Yes, it's his real myspace.
thekiddd said on 18/Mar/08
Again with the 6'7" comments, he is not taller than 6'6". It is very rare that an actor is taller than a height they claimed. I thought he was 6'5" but 6'5 1/2" or 6'6" is possible.
anonymous said on 17/Mar/08
are you sure thats really kevin on myspace?
Raiden said on 16/Mar/08
There is hardly a source what describes Durand's height as 6'6". The most sources have listed his height as 6'7" and he really looks that tall. 6'6" is an underestimated nonsense. Kevin is just a snitch over 2 metres, that's all.
thekiddd said on 10/Mar/08

It's not that the editor doesn't believe you but, you have no source to prove it to him. If you ask kevin that question on your comment box and show it to rob, I guarantee he will change it.
Lobby said on 4/Mar/08
Durand is 6'5" and 6'6" with shoes or hair. That guy is really at 6'5" but somehow he looks huge. I wonder that there is no actor who is taller standing next to him.
Melvin Blitzny said on 2/Mar/08
I contacted Kevin Durand on MySpace and I asked about his height. He replied "I'm almost 6'6". That's no lie. You can ask Durand on MySpace if you don't trust me. I've also the same opinion to change Durand's height to 6'5 1/2".
Kenny said on 1/Mar/08
Yaspaa, that means that Durand is 6'5 1/2" in fact. He really doesn't look a full 6'6". Maybe he is 6'6" straight out of bed and he mentioned it because he doesn't care much about his height. I already told editor Rob to change Durand's height to 6'5 1/2" but he won't listen.
Mistuk said on 1/Mar/08
Well, I'm a little bit confused because his official website claims him 6'7" tall and his official MySpace profile says 6'6". He really doesn't look 6'6", he is above because I'm 6'6" myself and I don't look as huge as Durand.
Yaspaa said on 29/Feb/08
This guy isn't 6'7,he is a really tall dude and in the new episode of lost looks like a strong 6'5 or a weak 6'6 which ever way you want to look at it.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
Well, we use the metric system and also the metric system of Kevin Durand's MySpace profile is written as 200cm. More websites tell that Durand is 6'7" tall and also I believe that. 6'7" is his height!
Lamsoner said on 19/Feb/08
Durand entered 6'6" on his official MySpace profile (Click Here). I wonder when if he is 6'6" in the morning or in the afternoon. Is there a way to ask him on MySpace?
Kenny said on 11/Feb/08
Rob, we should give him 6'5 1/2". He really seems to be a snitch taller than 6'4" tall Dwayne Johnson in Walking Tall.
Kid-Icarus said on 28/Jan/08
So from what you have seen, how tall do you think he is rob?
Darkman said on 21/Jan/08
Yes I can't relate to it either why he doesn't look massive in Walking Tall but looks Huge in Smoking Aces.
Rejn said on 15/Jan/08
I wonder why he looked like a giant in Wild Hogs. He seemed to be an inch and a half taller than Dwayne Johnson in Walking tall.
Reconnum12 said on 20/Dec/07
Watch this video (Click Here). He looks more than 2 inches taller that Henry Simmons. Durand is 6'7" at least.
Kid-Icarus said on 18/Dec/07
Something interesting I found
Click Here
Here he submitted his height as 6'7". But why would he exaggerate his height when he is this tall? He is from Canada and they use the metric system there, might of caculated his height as 2 meters and said 6'6" since that is 6'6 3/4" and he didn't bother to look for the decimal in the number.
Kid-Icarus said on 8/Nov/07
He does look like an imposing guy. But some times, he doesn't look much taller than Actors like Travolta or Liotta. I dunno. Not to sure about this guy?
Darkman said on 14/Oct/07
I dunno about this guy. He is definitly 6'5" at the least. But he really didn't look alot taller than the Rock in Walking tall. Rock was probably wearing big shoes so I think we should place him at 6'5 1/2" but 6'5" is where I put the money on.
sam said on 12/Oct/07
I highly doubt that this guy is anything under 6'6": Click Here
Kimmer said on 29/Sep/07
Kevin has to be 6.6, he is massive, and a lot taller than Ryan Reynolds who is 6.2
Ed said on 15/Sep/07
The weird thing is he doesn't look this tall at all in 3:10 to Yuma while wearing cowboy boots? Next to Bale he looked about 4-5 inches taller at times, and around 6in taller than Crowe who both wore boots as well. Based on that movie alone if I didn't know I'd say he was 6ft4. But after seeing him look several inches taller than The Rock in Walking Tall, and looking massive in Smoking Aces, I'm not quite sure on this guy! Maybe he's closer to 6ft4.5, because with the big heeled cowboy boots he was wearing in 3:10 he'd be pushing 6ft8, and he looked nowhere near that big!
KengMann said on 28/Jul/07
Durand is 6' 6" as well because in Wild Hogs he really looked very tall. And also in Walking Tall he looked one and a half inch taller than 6' 4" or even 6' 5" tall Dwayne Johnson.
Viper said on 9/May/07
Rock isnt 6-4.
Commi said on 9/May/07
Well, in Wild Hogs, Kevin Durand looked like a giant (easily over 6' 5.25". But in Walking tall, he didn't look much taller than 6' 4" tall Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Bertie said on 25/Jan/07
Kevin Durand is never 6' 6". 6' 5.5" is his real height.
Jon Smith said on 18/Jun/06
He didnt look that tall in walking tall however next to ashton in the butterfly effect he looked like a giant. I'd give him 6'5 but not 6'6.

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