How tall is Maggie Q

Maggie Q's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actress and model best known for starring in the TV series Nikita. In film she has appeared in Divergent, Mission: Impossible III and Priest.

How tall is Maggie Q
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5ft 5.29in (165.8cm)
Moneymaker! said on 13/Sep/23
Looks to be a very weak 5'6"
FE said on 15/Jun/22
@Editor Rob,

5’5.25-5.5” Upgrade?

From my previous comment, She looks every bit of 166cm TBH.

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
5.25 is a figure I was considering...
FE said on 12/May/22
@Editor Rob,

Upgrade to 5’5.25-5.5”?
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What do u think Rob?
Jackie Lee said on 16/Dec/21
The most legit 5ft 5/1.65 m girl ever
FE said on 25/Mar/21
@Editor Rob,

166cm would fit her better….
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A Strong 5’5 range is fair overall.

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
her range could be 5ft 5 to 5.25
Ferris said on 25/Sep/20
Yo Rob, Could u add her to Martial Artists category?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/May/20
💐🎈🎂 Happy Birthday Maggie Q! 🎂🎈💐

Congratulations to Nikita actress Maggie Q, who turns 41 years old today!

5ft5.25 😁👍🎁

Jam Cherry said on 19/May/20
I think she’s 166 cm
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/18
That film yesterday, 'Slumber', was an excellent introduction for me to Maggie Q. It was based on actual reports of sleep disorders, and was more absorbing than your average horror. Maggie, I noticed, was the Executive Producer.

There was another actress in this called Kristen Bush, and I checked her height first (obviously!) on Celebheights and then Googled her. She's supposed to be 5ft5, but she is shorter than Maggie by at least an inch, I reckon. Then there was Sam Troughton, grandson of the second Doctor Who, Patrick, and taller without a doubt than Granddad!

I think I saw enough evidence of Maggie being at least 5ft5, but I shall go with 5ft5.25. She cuts a slight figure on-screen, and without being aware of the heights of those around her, she isn't the easiest actress to judge.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Dec/18
I am about to introduce myself to Maggie Q, courtesy of a horror film called 'Slumber'. I will be back later to report back on whether or not she looks 5ft5 to me!
Mr Z said on 5/Sep/18
At least 165cm. If she's under 165cm, then Dylan Mcdemott is way under 180cm.
Deena said on 14/Jun/17
tall and lean, she's definitely not short, but then again depends on your definition of what short is. by the way, since when has this site changed from celebrity height to celebrity bashing? Admin? Moderator? are you guys there?
Morris said on 22/May/17
158-165 max without shoes.
Michaeljrocks said on 1/Jun/16
In Nikita she always seems shorter then 5'7.5 listed Aaron Stanford even when she is in heels. Food for thought.
Janette q said on 14/Sep/15
She's got a lovely slim figure that makes her effortlessly look 2 inches taller than what she is. I'm 5'5" too, I just wish I had a body like hers.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/14
Looks taller in MI3...
Frankie said on 10/Sep/13
5'5 on a good day. 5'4.5 on others. But with heels, 5'8+
cole said on 27/Jul/13
5'5 with long legs.
Nick said on 6/May/13
they said she was 5'6 on Nikita (season 1 episode 5)
Rudi Bukit said on 10/Dec/12
She is surely 5'3 (160). 5'5'' is impossible..
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
New yorker and rory she is one of the nicest people in hollywood. I don't get the anger towards her. Are you supermodels or something? What is with all the criticisms? 5 foot 5. She has long legs. She is very skinny but asians pull it off well.
mina said on 9/Aug/12
5'4.5 (164cm)
cliff said on 16/Jan/12
I think she's 5'4"
ANDREA[ITA] said on 18/Dec/11
Lindsy Fonseca looks about an inch shorter than maggie! In Nikita lindsy once was listed at 5'3 and once described as 5'6! On twitter she claimed to be 5'5! I think she's more about 5'3.75-5'4! No more!
torontogal said on 14/Dec/11
her body double is 5'4".
Jody said on 30/Oct/11
Maggie Q is 5'5 if you watch the episode of nikita 343 walnut lane, her height is stated as 5 feet 5.
bella said on 24/Sep/11
Compared to nina dobrev (see mikitas photo below) maggie q look's to be shorter than her! You can see maggie is at the most 5'4-5'4.5.NOT 5'6. January jones 5'6, portia de rossi 5'6, sara paxton 5'6, gewn stefani 5'6, rose byrne 5'6, evan rachel wood 5'6. Yet all these women look 5'7 and up! Celebs DO and CAN lie about their height. Megan fox was thought to be 5'6. She is 5'4. Jennifer lopez is thought to be 5'7, she is 5'5. And honestly? maggie q just doesn't appear to have that kind of height or length (body wise). Neither on tv or film. She is just super thin which gives the illusion of being taller. 5'4 is average. Not short at all!
Jamie said on 21/Jul/11
I'm 5'5" and Maggie is definitely NOT 5'5." She's at least 5.6."

New Yorker, actually she's completely the opposite. Maggie isn't arrogant and all and doesn't act like she's better than anyone in the least. She's very humble.

Rory, ever think maybe she had a bad day? Celebs are people too, you know. The sense of entitlement fans have as if just because you visit the set, stars have to come over to you and say hello is ridiculous. It's not a fan event - they're WORKING.
Jamie said on 21/Jul/11
I'm 5'5" and Maggie is definitely NOT 5'5." She's at least 5.6."

New Yorker, actually she's completely the opposite. Maggie isn't arrogant and all and doesn't act like she's better than anyone in the least. She's very humble.
Jamie said on 21/Jul/11
I'm 5'5" and Maggie is definitely NOT 5'5." She's at least 5.6."
Starboy said on 28/Feb/11
Carmen have you ever been to China? Average height of girls is about 5 4 to 5 10 with the mean at 5 7 to 5 8
Jess said on 24/Feb/11
Yes, I noticed Lyndsy Fonseca is shorter than Maggie Q. But, I still think Maggie is just under 5'5 or Nina Dobrev is 5'5.5. Nina is slightly taller than her..
MIKITA said on 21/Feb/11
5'5" is right

Maggie Q is same height as Nina Dobrev who is definitely 5'5" Click Here

@Jess in fact, Lyndsy fonseca is just 5'3.75
dmeyer said on 20/Feb/11
even in heels cruise is too mush bigger than her 5 ft 4.5 might be closer
da_truth said on 10/Feb/11
Met her on a plane ride to JFK, she was wearing running maybe an 1 inch to her... she was as tall as my GF who has a pair of runners on as well... I would say a solid 5'4"
Rory said on 26/Jan/11
I was an extra for 3 days in the movie Balls Of Fury and I can say for sure she was maybe 1/2 to 1 inch (at most) taller than me, "maybe". I am 5f3 3/4. She is very thin and narrow, however, and that always gives the illusion of height.
She is attractice, but if we look at her face and pick it apart: face is way too long, lips too low on her face and lips too thin. Her body is straight up and down (13 year old boy). Photographs do a lot to give an illusion of curves. No curves person. Stick straight, thin legs. But, nonetheless attractive.
Oh, and I agree with NewYorker that she seemed to be very uppity with non-celebs on the set. Didn't bother to look our way, wasn't friendly at all.
Of course, to me, she was a nobody. Yes she was an actress, but I had never seen or even heard of her, so it didn't even aggravate me in the least.
Lol said on 21/Dec/10
5ft 5 wao, she really seems taller on TV
NewYorker said on 8/Dec/10
I saw her walking down the street in manhattan. Quite shorter than she looks on tv. honestly, I don't think she is pretty at all. Eurasian feature is a bit unique, that's all. But I heard shes really arrogant, especially toward her fellow Vietnamese countrymen and She acts like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Not good.
Jess said on 6/Dec/10
Maggie Q has to be 5'4 or 5'4.5. The other main female on "Nikita", who play's alex [Lyndsy fonseca], is 5'5. &She is taller than maggie Q.
dannyB said on 17/Nov/10
i would say 5'5 is Spot On!!!

there are website that state her as 5'7 to 5'8. but i dont see her THAT tall. BUT... i do not think she is near 5'3.5 like that last post. i am certain maggie at the minimum is 5'4 3/4 to maybee a hair over 5'5.
kicap said on 14/Nov/10
she's not purely asian, she has some irish-polish-vietnam blood in her which means that she's not 100% asian. stil...she's super gorgeous
Lara said on 8/Apr/09
I am so, so, so jealous of this woman! She is beautiful!
vki said on 6/Mar/09
Is Maggie Q really only 165cm?? haha 2cm shorter than me, I thought she was over 170cm, she doesnt look that short
hf said on 23/Jan/09
here are pics of maggie and my crush (still) edison chen
Click Here
Click Here
madeinhk said on 10/Oct/08
Dunno about you guys, but I really do think that Edison Chen is at most 173cm.
Accuracy said on 16/Aug/08
I saw Edison Chen in HK and he is not 5'10". 5'7-5'8" at best. I also saw a recent pic of him standing next to 5'0" Jolin Tsai and he's only got a few inches on her. He's really not that attractive of a guy and tries to hard to act cool. Not sure why he's so popular and has bedded so many women in China. my guess is the women are incredibly insecure with themselves and feel they need to sleep with a punk to have validity.
Hker said on 9/Apr/08
Edison Chen is not 178 cm. Tho he is not close on being a 178 cm, he is in the 173-175 range. If you had watched Initial D is the exact same height as Jay Chou (described as 173cm on all websites PS::::::: which actually could be lower) proves that Edison is not 178 cm.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/08
Chen Guan Xi is 178 cm? lol dude you say the funniest ****.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/08
Chen Guan Xi is only 172cm??? dude you must be smoking some serious dope...he is 178cm and does look this tall
Felix said on 12/Nov/07
Her ex boyfirend Chen Guan Xi is 172cm, she is about 4 inches shorter than him when they stand together without shoes.
t1ram1su said on 19/Jul/07
well, even if she is 5'5 or 5'6 you can still model. she has the body and the features for it. i love maggie Q and plus, isn't kate moss about 5'5-6 too? not all models are enormously tall.
annonymous said on 21/Jun/07
Standing next to Bruce Willis who is listed as 5.11 she looks about 6 inches shorter = 5'5 Also she looks short on all of the pictures, her body frame, her legs again does not mean she is not HOT!
Curb said on 17/May/07
She's 1m72 ( a magazine from HK said that )
hello ha said on 7/May/07
well i'm from hk but i don't think she's only 165cm because if you're under 170cm but your job is modelling
dont you think even she is about 170cm and her height is still considered as SHORT in modeling field??plus I met her in person,she has a oblong face what makes her looks taller but i m pretty sure she is only around 5"6 no more than that.....
maggiefan said on 26/Mar/07
in the movie naked weapon when she was standing next to anya(1.63)she looks maybe 5 or 6 cm longer than her she must be around 1.68-1.70
gina said on 27/Jan/07
she looks 5'4 next to tom cruise as she was an inch shorter then him and was wearing heels
footballed28 said on 8/Jan/07
I am reluctant to say she is 170...but 168 is not out of the question
..... said on 3/Jan/07
well i'm from hk but i don't think she's only 165cm because if you're under 170cm but your job is modelling, there will be comments about your height.
yet, i haven't seen any for her
footballed28 said on 13/Dec/06
I saw her right outside a restaurant in Taiwan about 2 weeks ago and we looked at each other.. she was wearing dark blue jeans tugged inside long boots with quite high heels (at least 3 inches) and was still quite a bit shorter than me (6'1/2")..all I can say is she is flammin' hot!

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