How tall is Marat Safin

Marat Safin's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

Russian Tennis Player.

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6ft 4.75in (194.9cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Feb/22
Moya's another guy whose maybe near 6ft2 at a push but is listed or claims 6ft3. Him, Murray, Roddick, Djokovic, Dimitrov and Andrew Castles are all in the same ballpark
OriginalAnon said on 23/Nov/20
Moya is having a good laugh with 1.90m. He may be 188cm, but he could be as low as 186.5cm I think.

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Moya doesn't look 190cm in any of these and here he is with some other 190cm listed players.
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He played several times against Ferrero, who was listed at 6' but may be 181cm range and he never looked 190cm. I have been leaning toward 6'2'' for Moya but there is a good chance that he is underneath it. My guess would be 186.5 - 187cm for Moya. What would you guess, Rob?
Editor Rob
From what I've seen I don't think 186, 187-8 maybe
OriginalAnon said on 17/Nov/20
Thanks. I think Philippoussis and Safin are closer to 6'5'' than they are 6'4''. Ivanisevic a genuine 6'4'' but a flat 193cm guy. Maybe Krajicek just edges these guys.

Rob, what is your opinion on Carlos Moya? Always listed at 6'3'' but never looked it. I thought he could be 6'2'' but I am starting to think he was 186.5 range. Maybe in line with Djokovic.
Editor Rob
Moya claimed on twitter to be 1,90 but 6ft 2 could be likely
OriginalAnon said on 16/Nov/20
Rob, where did you see Philippoussis claiming 6'4''? He was always listed at 6'5'' and he looked about that. Philippoussis certainly wasn't a flat 6'4''. He looks taller than 6'4'' listed Rusedski and about the same as 6'5'' listed Krajicek.
Editor Rob
he said it at age 20 and 21, (1997 and 98), there was 1998 quote.
Nathan Hatton said on 7/Oct/20
What is the highest you could see Safin at and the lowest?
From all I have seen of him I think 195cm could be possible he can look a weak 6'5"imo,He was one of the few players who was underlisted he was always down as 6'4" during his career.
Editor Rob
6ft 4.75 could be a good shout for Safin.
OriginalAnon said on 28/Jul/20
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Link to video of Safin vs Kuerten in 1998. Safin aged 18 and Chris Bowers the commentator describes Safin as "1.95m which is just under 6'5''" at just over 3 minutes in the video.
Filivndr said on 5/Jul/20
I think this is a good pic @OriginalAnon, and according to me Marat Safin looks at least 25cm taller than 171.5cm listed Anna Kournikova.

Rob, what do you think? And I’d like to ask you also about this pic with 186cm listed Maria Sharapova on heels (I guess around 6cm heels)?

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Editor Rob
Her posture might lose her a little more than Marat, but then her footwear looks at least half inch thicker, maybe a bit more, so 186 and 195 could be possible.
OriginalAnon said on 27/Jun/20
Safin with Kournikova in 2003

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OriginalAnon said on 20/May/20
Safin and Karlovic in 1995 (Safin born in 1980, Karlovic 1979).

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Rob, I have no idea how tall Karlovic is there, but if he is 6'10'', just for an example, how tall would you estimate Safin be in this photo?
Editor Rob
Looks 6ft 1 range maybe
OriginalAnon said on 1/May/20
With 189cm Lindsay Davenport (Safin has around 1cm footwear advantage)
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With 183cm listed Fernando Gonzalez (I think he is 180cm) and legitimate 193cm Goran Ivanisevic
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Safin with 193cm Ljubicic to his left
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Safin with 190cm listed Moya, who claimed as much in 2016. More likely 188cm. Bill Threlfall used to make reference to Moya's height often when covering Masters Series events on Sky in the early 2000's.
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Safin with 185cm listed Rafter and 183cm listed Ferrero
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Safin with Sampras who Rob listed at 184cm, which I agree with.
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Safin again with Sampras after 2002 Australian Open R16
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Safin with 185cm Cecchinato
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Safin with 191cm Kafelnikov
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and again
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Safin with 185cm Henman and 188cm Roddick
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Rob, I don't know if you watched much tennis and seen him much, but what is your impression? Safin is surely 6'4.75" at least. Having seen him in person, he was the tallest looking 6'4'' I have ever seen. I think he is 6'4.75" or 6'5'', but not taller than that. He just never gives the impression of ever being under that.
Editor Rob
At times he can pass for 6ft 5, so it's possible he is near it.
OriginalAnon said on 15/Feb/20
Goran Ivanisevic is a solid 193cm guy, but Safin is clearly 6'4.75" or 6'5''. He always looks taller than the 6'4'' guys.
Filivndr said on 2/Feb/20
Marat Safin with former slam champions Rod Laver and Goran Ivanisevic.
I think there’s at least 1 inch difference between Goran and Marat, not possible Goran Ivanisevic 6’4’’ if Marat Safin is only 6’4.5”.
My guess Ivanisevic 193cm and Marat Safin 196cm.
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OriginalAnon said on 14/Jul/19
Rob, the upgrade is at least somewhere along the right lines. Safin might be 6'4.75". I'd be staggered if he was not 6'5'' out of bed. Safin always looked taller than every 6'4'' player he competed against and considerably taller than 6'3'' players. He was more in line with Philippoussis, Mirnyi, Berdych. It is true that Safin's presence may have made him appear more imposing.
Filivndr said on 5/Jun/19
Marat Safin with compatriot Karen Khachanov (198cm). Marat looks at least 6’5” also next to him.
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Miiiiiiighty_- said on 29/Sep/18
No way under 195cm.
That's what he was listed at more than a decade ago by ATP and Roland Garros..
berta said on 8/May/18
rob i have never seen the guy so have no idea how tal he is but in the only photo i have looked at is with steven seagal and he look taller than 194 beside steven. its 3-3,5 cm beetween them, he could be 6 foot 5
Canson said on 2/May/18
As listed 194-195
Filivndr said on 30/Apr/18
Almost 6'6", absolutely taller than 6'4"1/2 ...probably 196.5-197cm in my opinion ; Herebelow a picture with 6'4'' american actor Steven Seagal (Safin looks around 2 inches taller than Seagal).
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Vera said on 18/Mar/18
He is taller than 6'4". He confirmed it some time back and many commentators say so. He was measured at 6'4" at 17 and said he was 6'5".
blasio stefan. said on 6/Aug/17
safin 193.7cm - federer 182.89 cm - nadal 182.8 cm - del potro 197.5 -karlovic 210 cm
Reece said on 8/Jul/17
He looks closer to 6-5 with Del Po. I think 194_195 I think he is rounding down
TenisVal said on 4/Jul/17
Have been around Marat many times in Valencia

He is at least 6'5" in my opinion.

I am a good 6'2" and a half, and he is definitely at least 2 and a half inches taller than me.

I'd say he is at least 195cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/17
Does look a legit 194cm guy...
Johnson said on 23/May/17
Safina is just like 8 cm shorter. Just look at the good pics aligned
Reece said on 22/May/17
Safin looked a good 10cm taller than his 185cm sister though. He looks a big 194-195cm with Del Po
Nona said on 13/May/17
Marat is 6'4" & 200 lbs and his sister Dinara is 6'1" & 185 lbs. They have good genes on them
luke said on 26/Apr/17
looked over 2 inches taller than 6-2 Djokovic. i would say 194cm is good.
joe### said on 26/Jan/17
He can look sometimes 6'4.75 here in the video with big 6'6 Del Potro and Ivo Karlovic 6'11 has towers on all of them and the djovick quew solid 187
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joe### said on 20/Jan/17
solid 194 cm
Dave said on 21/Nov/16
Saw him in Moscow over the weekend. Lovely bloke. Definitely 194cm if not 196 (I am 185 cms).
Gary said on 20/Oct/16
I just wrote a much more interesting one about Arnold I'm just commenting, can you get a decent picture of Marat Safin! He's a tennis great, and this looks more like he's a bar room great!
As for height, though, thinking that, as with Arnold S., who was a bodybuilder -- these people are in athletics, and I can't imagine their heights and weights are faked too much. I mean, I suppose they're not all heighted/weighted like boxers, down to their arm length -- but I also can't think that any "official" statement, even by themselves, could be more than a half inch off or so.
anon said on 7/May/15
There is no chance that he was 2" under Del Potro. Safin is an easy 6'5"
max said on 7/Aug/14
Looks a legit 6'4 in person, I would even guessed 6'4.5 maybe but he was clearly 2 Inches under a 6'6 Del Potro and I believe a guy Like Berdych who is 6'4.5/6'5 is taller than Marat.

He was a great tennis player back in his day and such a character.
Neilio said on 18/Jan/12
Marat must be 6ft4. I am 6'8" and met him.
anon said on 2/Aug/11
Safin definitely needs an upgrade to at least 194cm, he's consistently looked taller than every guy who has been listed at 6'4''.
Korben said on 18/Jun/11
From a decade of tennis watching (and safin being one of my favorite players in his prime), i cant see less than 195 morning. Berdych is def taller. Del Potro is a good 2cm taller than berdych Click Here Delpo is a strong 6'6. Berdych 6'5. Safin prob 6'4.5
Ron said on 23/Feb/11
Safina is definitely at least 195,probably 196 because in 2009 when he paired his sister Safina in Mixed Doubles in Hopman Cup, he is almost 10cm higher than her sister. Safina is strong 186cm according to 2009 Madrid when she stood beside Federer who is legit 186cm. Safina is as tall as Federer even if Fedrer's Nike shoe is a bit higher than Safina's Adidas
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 6/Jan/11
Taking account his leaning on this photo, looks 6'4.5-6'5 here. If he would stood straight, Pierric reach only his nose.
Caca said on 6/Dec/10
I met Safin in Belgrade Davis Cup Final, I am 180, he is minimum 195, this is true .
lee said on 8/Jul/09
Marat Safin is 6'4, How tall is Bernard Tomic I met him at Brisbane, With gasquet, Bernard is only 16 yrs old i think, does anyone know his exact height, tho he is still growing probably has you can grow up until 21, He looked a good 6'3 or 6'4, lanky kid.
Ross said on 4/Jul/09
safin is 193, what are u onabout 197 he is listed as 193cm on atp official sit and everything else he is definetely 6'4 at best.
Doug said on 23/Jun/09
6'4" is very tall but it depends on how you look. 6'4" guys like Safin, Hasselhoff and Jason Momoa etc are considered handsome guys and better looking than most. Then there are ugly 6'4" guys. I'd take being 6'4" well built and handsome anyday above lets say a 5'5" skinny and ugly. 6'4" is a little too tall though I agree. I doubt many people here would think that being Marat Safin would be a bad thing.
Big King said on 22/Jun/09
Well, Safin stated 197cm. That's closer to 6'6".
wahsay said on 14/Jun/09
being 6'1.25 myself i sometimez felt i was too tall but when i went to a modelling industry there i saw some 6'3 6'4 guys now to me ideal is 6'3 with 6'4 being another gud height my opinion ovcourse 6'4 isnt ugly
Roberto2000 said on 12/Jun/09
Hey! I'm 6'4 and I'm offended haha.. Everyone has their own opinion and Marat is definitely 6'4.
Rob said on 6/Jun/09
Nah john, 6'4 would be an absolutely horrible height, ugly in my opinion. I'm 17, 5'10 or 11, and I just want to be 6'0 or very maximum 6'1. I repeat: 6'4 is ugly, don't know where you got the thing that shorter guys want to be 6'4 and taller guys want to be 6'4. My 6'3, 6'4 friends would prefer to be a little shorter.
jon said on 10/May/09
Dani dream on , there is a less than zero chance that he isn't at least 6'4", possibly 6'4.5" first thing in the morning. Pictures are not 100% accurate. If you meet this guy you will realise how tall he is- the perfect male height, all shorter guys want to be this height and nearly all taller guys want to be this height!!
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Yeah he is 6'4" legit which people forget will always look huge anyway. One wonders how tall the parents are of these tennis pros are as average height for a tennis player male seems to be 6'1", and A LOT of players are 6'3" or over. Its like being in frickin Holland in the world of tennis.
Dani said on 28/Mar/09
hahahaha says on 28/Mar/09
Dani are you joking? This is one picture, have you seen him tower over the likes of 6'3'' Carlos Moya or 6'2'' Andy Roddick?

Have you? Im not joking i think he's a legit 6"3(190cm). He doesn't look like a 6"4 guy.
hahahaha said on 28/Mar/09
Dani are you joking? This is one picture, have you seen him tower over the likes of 6'3'' Carlos Moya or 6'2'' Andy Roddick?
Korben said on 14/Mar/09
looks the same height as 6'5 berdych at the end of this vid Click Here

i def think hes above 6'4 194 min
Cara said on 9/Mar/09
Marat is 6'4, big guy, my favorite player of time, my favorite players now are Andy Murray and Evgeny Korolev,I've met evgeny he is the nicest tennis player i' ve met he is cute too, Andy too is nice, not how the media make out, Andy is 6'3 and Evgeny is 6'1
dani said on 4/Mar/09
Safin looks 6'2 based on the above picture. Pierric is 179.5 and Pierric reached up to safin's eyes and from the eyes to the top of safin's head is 10cm so Safin's height is 189.5cm calculated on that picture.
markj said on 29/Jan/09
I watch lot of tennis , marat he is 6'4,big man he is not taller than that i wouldn't think, he may be 6'5 at very best,there all a lot of tall tennis pros, i have met john isner he is 6'9, giant and kevin anderson who must be around 6'6 or 6'7 both guys are giants.
hahah said on 9/Nov/08
im just laughing at the guy judging his height on this one photo saying he is 6'2 or 3, hahahha he towers over roddick who is 6'2 and moya who is 6'3, dont make me laugh
ted said on 7/Nov/08
On regard to safin he is 6'4, some others main ones ivo karlovic is 6'10, john isner 6'9,dick norman 6'8, chris guccione 6'7, kevin anderson 6'7, sam querrey 6'6, juan martin del potro 6'6, marin cilic 6'6, tomas berdych 6'5, mario ancic 6'5 and andy murray is 6'3.
jacko said on 27/Oct/08
Yes he;s 6'4, andy murray is 6'3, i hear he's okay although a lot of people donty like him, saty hes arrogant, i am not keen on him really but he is a great player, i will go on a note to say i really like evgeny korolev and ernest gulbis
XX said on 22/Oct/08
I'm about 6-3, stood next to him and talked to him and the smallest he could be is 6-5, he may be close to 6-6.
Johnny 81 said on 12/Oct/08
Marat isn't standing up completely straight there.
He's 6ft4 no if ands or buts
Viper said on 5/Oct/08
Hes not taller than 6-4.
Roman said on 4/Oct/08
The guy is huge. There is just no way he's under 6'4" and I would say he's even taller than that.
Ian said on 8/Sep/08
He looks smaller than 6f4 compared to 179.5cm Pierric. Not quite the 6ft 4 in my opinion. 6ft 2.5-6ft3
Bud said on 4/Sep/08
How tall is his sister Dinara? I think she's taller than 6'-0".
colin said on 24/Aug/08
Murray is 6'3, i saw a long practice session once about 2 months ago, he was with 5 guys on 6 courts ancic,korolev,tipsarevic, cilic and wawrinka, also safin was with berdych,verdasco and seppi and mathieu with mahut and a few american guys too blake came out and hit with marcos daniel i think, murray is cool so is ancic, safin is like a comedian, tipsy is great too he was with young russian korolevand marin cilic was hittin too, great
hs2008 said on 22/Aug/08
I think Murray has definitely grown since he was 6'1". He was listed at 6'2" in the Olympics and his brother at 6'3" but he may be 6'3" as he looks about the same height as his brother.
SafinFan said on 7/Aug/08
Mr. R he has been listed as 6'3'' since 2006.
ralf said on 2/Aug/08
why dont you list rafael nadal? he is the next number one and he is becoming one of the most important tennis players in history
Mr. R said on 31/Jul/08
Hey, for you tennis watchers, when did Andy Murray become 6-3? He was always listed as 6-1. I saw him play the other night, and they kept referring to his 6-3 frame.
carl said on 30/Jul/08
yeah and john isner is a giant 6'9, an inch under karlovic, dick norman 6'8, chris guccione and kevin anderson are both 6'7, marat is only 6'4 to those guys he aint that tall.
a_name said on 28/Jul/08
Just started on watching tennis, and I too was surprised how tall some tennis players are. Add to the list Ivo Karlovic. He is the tallest player currently on the ATP tour, at 208cm (6'10"), according to the official website. Now *that* really is serving from a tree...
jax said on 24/Jul/08
Safin is 6'4,look at the young guys theyre tall cilic is 19 and 6'6, del potro is same age as cilic and the same height,berdych is 6'5,gulbis,zverev and haase are 6'3, sam querrey is 6'6 its frightening how huge these young tennis guys are.
sal said on 25/Jun/08
marat is 6'4 i saw him play berdych who is 6'5 and they wer virtually the same height,marat is my favourite along with baghdatis and wawrinka, never been a fan of berdych he's arrogant or murray they are both big,tall guys who are good at tennis but they are both big headed.
BK_Daniel said on 24/Jun/08
Marat is a legit 6'4"er. He has a standard bodytype for that height. In this picture you can easilt see that Marat slouches his neck forward about an inch to inch and a half. He seems 4.5 inches taller than 5'10.5" Pierric but if he had better posture he would no doubt be 5.5 inches taller. I see this guy come up to tennis players of various heights to shake hands all the time. There is zero chance of him not being 6'4".
georgina said on 15/Jun/08
safin is a really tall guy 6'4 i think, safin is so hot my top 5 tennis hunks are marat safin, tommy haas, andy roddick, novak djokovic and viktor troicki who is gorgeous.
matt said on 26/May/08
yes, marat is a huge guy, i also like gulbis and zhenya, zhenya is hot and berdych also i like korolev and berdych , not so keen on murray and monfils they both do nothing for me , but safin rules, hope he can be a force again like top 20 but still he will always be my favourite player along with gonzalez and baghdatis.
claire said on 24/May/08
marat is 6'4 or 193 cm, i love marat he is best, i also like ernest gulbis, andy murray and evgeny korolev good luck to all of them but marat will always be no.1.
Viper said on 26/Apr/08
Fed is 6-1. Safin looks 6-4 flat max.
Korben said on 26/Apr/08
id say 195 is pretty spot on. Hes got easily 3 inches on federer
susan said on 18/Apr/08
marat said he is 1.95 and he looks same as other 1.95 people like berdych.
he should be upgraded to 6'5.
matt said on 11/Apr/08
theres a picture of marat safin next to berdych on atp tennis davis cup website, standing side by side and they look same height, berdych is listed at 1.95 and safin 1.93 but i tell you its very close.
hugh said on 27/Mar/08
marat is 6'4, murray and gulbis are both 6'3 i think although gulbis looks taller than murray, safin is bigger than murray when they played ,good luck marat you still rule marat and gulbis are my favourites.
quinn said on 25/Mar/08
Marat is 6'4, he was a bit taller than both huge younsters murray and gulbis who are 6'3 or 4 i guess, he was a bit taller than gulbis at aussie open and was taller than the huge andy murray at kooyong, i wanna see him with berdych and del potro.
Gary said on 2/Mar/08
If he is 6'4 the other guy might be 5'10
fren said on 10/Oct/07
marat safin was talking to andy murray not long back now,and he appeared 2 or 3 inches taller than murray who is listed at 6'3, so i would say safin is 6'4 and andy murray i reckon is 6'2.
hunneybunney said on 14/Sep/07
i saw him at wimbledon and he was standing next to dmitry tursunov and he looked quite a bit taller than him, at least 5 inches
REds said on 14/Jun/07
Why looked the same difference between him and that guy name Pierric whose suppose to be 179.5 like the pics with Glenn and the actors about the same height of Maret !?
nick said on 3/May/07
marat is at least 6'4, he is taller than the 6'2 roddick and the supposedly 6'4 murray i saw him side by side with murray and was at least 2 inches taller. 6'4 is right
ed said on 17/Apr/07
i saw him play vliegen in 2006 at madrid they were the same height, both are listed at 6'4,so as far as safin goes he is at least 6'4
cumas said on 16/Apr/07
everyting has 6 foot 4 but i heard judy murray say 6'5 against sela at ozzy open, i say 6'4 though.
Big dude taller than andy murray who is listed at 6'3
TylerDurden said on 10/Mar/07
im from russia, on his unofficial page he is 193(6'4") and 88.6 kilogram
full name: Marat Mihailovich Safin :)
Masato said on 17/Jan/07
In the australian open 2007 interview, Marat said his own height was 1.95. Making him 6'4'' and 3/4. He sure looks that height to me.
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/07
The commentators all call him 6'5", even though he is listed as 6'4", so I figure he is somewhere in between there.
weekly said on 8/Jan/07
Click Here
Scroll down a little. There is Marat with Sergey Stakhovsky (right) and some other guy on left, whose name I've been trying to remember for an hour and still can't find out it, in massage room, so I think they're all barefoot. Marat looks 2 inches taller than Stakhovsky, who is on Click Here listed at 6'4.
Viper said on 7/Jan/07
I wonder how much the ground slopes in that picture, because he really does look no taller than 6-2 there.
MrBlazy said on 7/Jan/07
Im a legit 6'4" and alot of people often think im taller than that (which i am with shoes on).
St Andrews said on 17/Dec/06
I saw him in Cincinnati in a shopping mall with his coach during the Cincinnati ATP tournament. I was only a couple of feet away from him. He was definetely taller than 6'4". I am more than positive that he is 6'5" and there abouts.
Jason said on 20/Nov/06
It would have been changed by now if he'd grown.
Aussie Bloke said on 19/Nov/06
Compared to Lleyton Hewitt, I would have to say around 6ft5. He's surely grown since he won the US open back in '00, and his height has not been changed for over 5 years
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/06
He's often described as 6'5". I'd put him at 6'4" 1/2.
Viper652 said on 26/Sep/06
It seems like Tennis heights are fairly legit for the most part.
filippo said on 25/Sep/06
I saw two times marat in person and he is surly not shorter than 6'4''..i'm 6'1''(185cm) and he was at least 10cm taller than me.Safin is on ATP circuit from 1997 when he was 17 and his height on ATP tennis site is not changed from that time.Probably he is now at least 1 inch taller! I'm sure
weekly said on 25/Sep/06
I think Pistol is 6'0 because of his slouching and Andre max. 5'10.75 (180 cm)
ATPtennis says 6'4, but the question is if they indicate true heights or exaggerated like in almost every other sport.
Jason said on 16/Sep/06
Exactly. A real 6'4'' is 6'6'' to most people.
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
A legit 6-4 guy will look taller to a lot of people.
Kevin said on 14/Sep/06
I saw Marat Safin on March in Miami and i'm sure that he is taller than 6'4"..he is 195cm at least.Look this pics with 6'1'' Pete Sampras and 5'11'' Andre Agassi
Click Here
Click Here
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Id go with the 6-4 official height.
Anon said on 12/Sep/06
People in the tennis world (Agassi, McEnroe, Brad Gilbert) all call him 6-5. He's probably in the middle somewhere.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
He looks 6-4 in those other pics. Strange how he only looks 6-2 on this page.
weekly said on 11/Aug/06
Dmitry Tursunov described him as " two-meter embodiment of a female’s dream".
r said on 14/Jul/06
i met safin before and he is very tall. i agree with 6'5. probably 6'6 in tennis shoes. tall guy and definitely looks it in person.
Jason said on 17/Jun/06
I can't open the pic with Federer for some reason, but the pic with Carlos Moya is on an angle (look at the left tilt of everything in the background) which makes Safin appear taller than he is against Moya.
Jason said on 13/Jun/06
Looks closer to 9 than 10-12 to me even in that pic man, but you may disagree. Thanks for filling me in on who the commentator is, I don't know my tennis that well! :) 184cm for those not familiar with metric is 6'0 1/2''.
filippo said on 13/Jun/06
the 184cm commentator that you remember jason,is the great jim courier...and in my opinion he is 10-12cm shorter than marat can see this link to confirm your or mine opinion Click Here
Jason said on 12/Jun/06
I remember a 184cm commentator (former tennis player) interviewing him after he won the Australian Open in January 2005 and he looked no more than 9cm taller.
weekly said on 12/Jun/06
I remember a newspaper's article 6 years ago where he was described as 195 cm. Though the title was "2-metres-cannon".
filippo said on 11/Jun/06
in this pic there is an evident slope of the ground. I'm 185cm(6'1'')and when i met him last year in rome he was at least 10cm taller than me!he is very tall...i'm sure that he is 6'5''at least.
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
He doesnt look 6-4 in the pic.
Jason said on 9/Jun/06
Philippoussis isn't 6'5'' man, he's officially listed at 193cm, which is smack bang on 6'4''. Knowing how some tennis heights are exaggerated though, he could very well be more like 191-192cm. Marat Safin's listing is legit, though. He is every bit of 6'4'', but he really doesn't look over it.
Kevin said on 8/Jun/06
I saw safin this year in miami in a double match with 6'5 mark philippoussis, and marat was 2cm taller!he's 6'5-6'6 for me
tiburon said on 4/Jun/06
I saw him in a shopping mall during Cincinnati Masters 2005. He looked taller much than 6'4''.... I say he is legitimate 6'5" or more.
Jake said on 29/Apr/06
He doesn't look 6'4" in the picture.
Patricia said on 24/Apr/06
He is definitely 6'4" if not a little bit taller. I've met him and he's one tall guy.
ds said on 27/Mar/06
A true 6'4" should seem VERY tall.
filippo said on 20/Feb/06
I met marat in rome last year..he is taller than 6'4",for me he is surly 6'5".
ds said on 11/Feb/06
Actually yeah I think Hewitt is 177cm not shorter, and judging from pics Marat is his his height, not 6'5".
RLG said on 6/Feb/06
A fan of Marat told me that Marat himself has said both 195cm and 196cm, which are slightly below and above 6'5".
ds said on 30/Jan/06
haha I met Hewitt he's like 176 cm maybe 177cm. I also met Martina Hingis who's like 167 cm maybe 168, making Kournikova also shorter...
Jason said on 16/Jan/06
Always thought Safin's 6'4''. Hewitt's height here is wrong though, yeah he's listed as 5'11'' ... but his real height is about 5'9 1/2''.
Hani said on 15/Jan/06
He looks a couple of inches taller than Lleyton Hewitt so i guess he is 6'4
316 said on 14/Jan/06
He does look a solid 6'4 guy to me.

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