How tall is Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American Model. On her official page she used to list her height as 5 foot 8 and weight as being 110 pounds.

How tall is Marisa Miller
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5ft 6.88in (169.9cm)
Markos said on 30/Apr/17
Look 5'5'' 5'6'' in maximum.
Model Heights said on 26/Oct/16
Marisa Miller 5'6
Miranda Kerr 5'7.5
Heidi Klum 5'8
Alessandra Ambrosio 5'8
Candace Swanepol 5'8
Doutzen Kroes 5'9
Behati Prinsloo 5'10.5
Adriana Lima 5'10
Allie said on 3/Oct/15
Also, in 2010 Marisa Miller hardly did any fashion shows.. She shifted to modelling for commerical brands that wasn't Victoria's Secret so I smell some lies here. And it's not just this woman's height. 5'6 for her.
Allie said on 3/Oct/15
Fray what do you fit for? High fashion? Cause I don't Marisa Miller doing hf that much.. If you're talking VSFS I call bull because she was never in the 2010 show.
Fray said on 28/Jul/15
She NEVER stated she is 5'6". Again, having to fit her back in 2010 (I do castings & fittings), she is a weak 5'8" (@172cm). You can't always base info on photos.
CT said on 22/Jun/15
In America's next top models short cycle she said she was 5'6"
cat said on 22/Feb/15
Here is marisa Click Here with the rest of the angels (back line, seventh girl starting from the right)
She has Adriana (5'10") right next to her so her height is 5'6" max.
Cathy said on 2/Jan/15
She lies about her height so she couldn't be "16 lbs underweight". I met her, she is more like 5'6. I could tell even though she always wears moon boots or platforms!
barbara said on 21/Dec/14
5'6" - 5'6.5" no more.
Anon said on 6/Jan/14
According to the height weight chart she is at least 16 lbs underweight, good for young woman to know.
J.Lee said on 16/Jul/13
Rob, thanks for adjusting the heights lately. That's why I love this site.
J.Lee said on 13/Jul/13
Rob do you think you should list her at 5 ft 7.5?
[Editor Rob: under 5ft 8 seems closer than her 5ft 8 claim]
true said on 9/Jul/13
ey man, why do you have her listed as 5'8 , shes clearly closer to ~5'7
PMP said on 2/Apr/13
how could you post miranda kerr's height at 5'8,5" without downgrade this woman height.
TP said on 21/Dec/12
5'-5'6: I took the liberty of checking Marisa Miller's volleyball position. (Seemed to be an avid volleyball player from reports.) She apparently plays defensive specialist (DS) which is basically playing back row, only passing, no hitting. (Hitting is reserved for taller players) This position (in high school) is played by girls FROM 5'-5'6.
SK said on 29/Sep/12
Interesting. There's no way she's 5'8" because (1) the group photo below of all the VS models wearing the same exact outfit (red t-shirt and jeans) and the same exact high heels shows that she's BY FAR the shortest model there and 2-3 inches shorter than Alessandra, who is apparently 5'7"-5'8"; and (2) the video clip that someone shared below of her and Alessandra with Alexa Chung shows that, even when she's in high heels, she's about the same height as Alexa, who is 5'8" and wearing flats in that clip (also, the same videos shows that she's consistently about 3 inches shorter than Alessandra even when both are in heels). Having said that, 5'4" is too low for her. There are plenty of photos of her in sneakers or even barefoot, and she's too leggy to be 5'4." Based on the photo and video that I'm referring to, I'd say 5'5"-5'6" sounds right. 5'5"-5'6" isn't tall, but it's not short, either. It's that range where, depending on your body type and proportions, you can look taller or shorter.
Ray said on 14/Sep/12
she totally look very tall during the tis mean Merissa ws nt as tall as i thought? wat is her actuall height BTW?
mina said on 28/Jul/12
Anything over 5'6 for this model is ridiculous.
Louis said on 6/Jun/12
Click Here probably 2in shorter than Miranda Kerr, and Miranda is probably 2.5-3in taller than 5'4.75 Ashley Greene
Marisa needs downgrade, she is probably no more than 5'5, 5'6 at max
lol93 said on 8/Feb/12
she cant be 5'8 for sure.... next to 176cm heidi klum Click Here she looks 169-170 but anything under that is just ridiculous and you can fantasize as much as you want but she cant be under 169
Marie said on 6/Jan/12
you should compare her with Ellen than compare Ellen with Rihanna(Jan 2010)
Rihanna and Marisa was wearing huge heels.
but Rihanna looks much taller above Ellen than Marisa Miller on Ellen. although Rihanna may wearing taller shoes but the range is still so high.

Marisa Miller 5'8" and Rihanna 5'9", or Marisaa Miller 5'7" and Rihanna 5'8".
Ellen is 5'7"
Daphne said on 21/Dec/11
Lisa: As I have said I have seen her too, with my mother. I am 5'5" and she was in flat shoes, so did I, and we were EXACTLY the same height. And for a proove look here. Vanessa is 5'1". How tall can Marisa be? But not 5'7" Click Here
Lisa said on 20/Dec/11
She is about 5'7. I know because I worked with her on a job.
Dreamin said on 29/Nov/11
Didn't know where to add this.But marisa & miranda are both VS models so,for anyone interested,Miranda Kerr is not 5'9! Here she is on Chelsea Lately-Click Here
Chelsea is 5'6 which puts miranda at 5'7.5-5'8 MAX.I couldn't believe it at first because she always looks tall in photos.Then again she is super thin!
Daphne said on 17/Oct/11
Agree with what amy is saying. In this pic. Click Here Where she is standing next to the REAL 5'8" height of Alessandra Ambrosio, she has almost 2-3" difference from here and that's exactly the height difference I have between my 5'8" boyfriend. And I heard that Alessandra is that height. So it makes Marisa 5'5". Also you can see how petitie and small she seems at the VSFS of 2007. In NO event she can be 5'7" and above... Just think a little bit logical about that...
amy said on 8/Oct/11
if you watch the video of marisa miller on MTV Seven with Kevin Manno, she is just about 2 inches above him and she is wearing very high heels! he is only just 5ft6 or 5ft7 so if she lost the heels i think she would only be that height aswel, i think 5ft5 or 5ft 6 is her real height.
izzy said on 6/Oct/11
Thank you Viper. She wears 4-5 inch heels in other pics from the same event. And it looks (to me) like she's still about a 4 inch difference between them. That would make her between 5'7 and 5'8.

Daphne, the pic in your link shows her with girls from a previous ANTM season. If you watched it you would know that the girl to her right (Nicole Fox) won the show and she was 5'7 (Click Here). I really doubt Marisa is below 5'7.
Viper said on 5/Oct/11
LOL, If shes only 5-5 what does that make 6-4 listed NFLer Antonio Gates, 5-11?

Click Here
Daphne said on 2/Oct/11
Click Here In this pic.All the other girls are around 5'3". And Marisa tips her legs. So she is around 5'4". So tiny.
Daphne said on 20/Sep/11
Emma, you say M.Miller is max 5'5" and I agree with you. But when I looked at that picture Click Here with Alessandra being 5'8" and me being sure that Marisa is under 5'5" as I have looked at other pictures with her, I saw that Doutzn Kroes is slightly taller than Marisa.Maybe a photo trick or this pic was taken by a mistake angle.
emma said on 5/Sep/11
marisa miller is max. 5'5
Daphne said on 7/Aug/11
Izzy, haha, :D. Vanessa is 1.55cm (5'1") at most. Because I am a big fan o HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, when the 3 part came out, I went to the premiere and when she approach her fans, she was wearing these clothes Click Here and when I came next to her for autograph, she was almost 1" taller than me with 5" high heels. And as I sad I am 5'4", but be good and add 1" to her, so she is 5'1" and not 5'3". Also when I tipped to her side to see her more clear, we had the same height difference as she had from MARISA! NO WAY she is 5'6". 5'5" is good for her! LoL
izzy said on 6/Aug/11
Pinky, I totally agree with you. Daphne, if you look at most of the pics form this event with the two standing next to each other, Vanessa is on her tiptoes, like in this one: Click Here
Here is one of the only ones where she doesn't: Click Here
Vanessa apparently is 5'3". Marisa wears platform wedges that might be about 4.5 - 5 inches including the plaform. Here's a better look of her shoes: Click Here
Marisa seems to be about 7 inches taller than Vanessa. She's leaning towards Vanessa, so lets add another inch. So 8 inches. That would make Marisa 5'6 to 5'6.5 without heels. That seems about right to me. I'd just like to mention that Marisa is absolutely stunning regardless of what her real height is. Best body ever.
Daphne said on 5/Aug/11
Click Here In this pic. He see Vanessa Hudgens, 5'1" ,without high heels, and Marisa Miller next to her with high heels. I think that Marisa is under 5'5".I do know my height difference from my best friend's height who is 5'1" and it is the same as Vanessa and Marisa. So if my friends has the same height as Vanessa, I must have the same height as Marissa, and believe me I am 14 and I am 5'4". THAT'S ALL!
Pinky said on 4/Aug/11
for me, Marisa is around 5'6, 5'6.5 max.
Here a video with Conan (I know he is super tall), at 1:02 you can see the heels with the platform, and at 4:49 they are side by side:Click Here
Really beautiful.
Daphne said on 25/Jul/11
Why finally are sure about Hayden Panettiere's height , which is 5' (or 5' 0.25") what means 1.52 cm. So if Marisa is half a head taller than Hayden that means that she is 4" (10cm) taller then Hayden. And if Hayden is 5' (or 5' 0.25") then Marisa is 5'4" (or 5'4.5"). DO YOU AGREE?
Daphne said on 25/Jul/11
Button: No way, just take a look a t Marisa's and Hayden's picture , or at Alexa CHUNG'S SHOW...I agree with MissyWow estimetes...She is something like 1.63cm tall. fOR SURE...
Button said on 24/Jul/11
Marisa Miller's height is 5'7" (170cm).
Daphne said on 9/Jul/11
Finally ,because I have searched a lot about Marisa on web, I "got the results". i DEFINITELY agree with MissyWow estimate. If you watch the video with Alexa Chung and Marisa, you can see that those to girls are exactly at the same height when Marisa wears those 10cm (4") high heels boots. Alexa is not a liar about her height which is 5'8" for sure. Marisa looks like being 5'4". That's what I think. :)
Daphne said on 8/Jul/11
SORRY. I mean Erin"s heels are shorter than Marisa"s. SORRY.
Daphne said on 7/Jul/11
MissyWow: I think that your estimate for Marisa is correct.I am also 5'4" (1.62cm).Do you think that I can "reach" her?

felicia: In this picture, Erin is a little bit crooked and this can be seem from the curving of her leg. As for Marisa, we all can see that she tries to stretch her legs and her torso, and probably her neck. Also her heels are shorter than Erin's. ;P
felicia said on 6/Jul/11
Marisa miller is probebly 1,73. look at this picture, whe stand beside erin wasson who is 1,78. Click Here
Daphne said on 29/Jun/11
As you discussing for Victoria's Secret models' height, I would like to add some details about Selita Ebanks' REAL height. Some sites say that she is 5'8"-5'9,5" but if you stare at some pics for a while you can see that she is 5'7" MAX! What's your opinion about her height compare to Marisa's , which is something like her?
lemon said on 19/Jun/11

alessandra is SOLID 172 cm like 5-7.75 or 5-8

marissa is 170 or 169 cm
lol93 said on 1/Jun/11
are you kidding me ??? 5ft8? no way!!!! 5ft7 is maximum for her look at her with 5 ft9 keidi klum Click Here
izzy said on 17/Apr/11
Good comparison Nell. Even if Marisas shoes are the same height as AnnaLynns (who is 5'7) she would still be a little shorter (judging from this pic Click Here). So I think she might be between 5'6 and 5'7. Her body is so amazing.
Nell said on 16/Apr/11
Click Here
Here are Shannen Doherty with Annalyne Mccord,
Shannen is 100% 1.57 cm
Click Here
Annalyne is 1.71.
Both their heels are smaller than marisa's.
Click Here
Soo she is no more than 5.6!!
a said on 17/Mar/11
@ MissyWow- Your estimate for gisele and alessandra seems a little low.
MissyWow said on 11/Mar/11
Ok guys listen I work in VS make up staff for the last 10 years and i've seen almost all the models with flat shoes i am 5ft7 so comparing to my height :
Marissa Miller 5 ft 4.5 (1.63m)
Alessandra Ambrosio 5 ft 6 (1.66m)
Miranda Kerr 5 ft 7.5 (1.71m)
Adriana Lima 5ft9 (1.74)
Gisele Bundchen 5ft8 (1.72)
Heidi Klum 5 ft 7.5 (1.71m)
Guys they are not this tall!!!!!
a said on 10/Mar/11
there is no way they took that pic with marisa flat foot. that picture if everyone was flat foot would make marisa 5"9-5"10. don't think so...she's definitley no taller then 5'6" but she got her start as an ametuer magazine model, she even auditioned for playboy at one point. whoever her mother agency was i doubt that they expected her to be this sucesfull in a million years. that being said she is probably my favorite SI model of all time though because despite being shorter she still easily has the best body.
anonim said on 9/Mar/11
Click Here

from left to right:
Jennifer- 5'5

Marissa looks 5'7.5 max!
anonim said on 9/Mar/11
if she's 5'6 or 5'7 that means that marisa is really beautiful in real life, cuz its hard to become a famous model if you are short! and she did it!)
a said on 9/Mar/11
On ANTM I wonder if they carried her off the boat so it would be harder to get a glimse of her height. I mean, why couldn't she have gotten of the boat by herself? People on here that meet her tend to say 5'6.
anonim said on 3/Mar/11
Have u seen america's next top model with marisa miller as a judge????
they were all in bikini and marisa was much taller than the 5 ft 7 girls!!!
kookie said on 12/Feb/11
@ izzy
YES you are DEAD-ON right saying:

"I don't think Marisa is 5'8". I think she's more like 5'6.5" to 5'7"."

she IS no more than 5-7 MAXIMUM even 6.5" is true to be even more precise/accurate for sure :)
izzy said on 5/Feb/11
I found this pic of Marisa and Hayden Panettiere at the Celebrity beach bowl today.
Click Here
Hayden apparently is 5'1". They both wore regular sneakers.
Marisa: Click Here
Click Here
I don't think Marisa is 5'8". I think she's more like 5'6.5" to 5'7".
height_master said on 5/Feb/11
look at this telling picture with Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio
Click Here

Alessandra look close in height - maybe an inch or half inch taller...
but both are smaller than Kerr, who is 5'8"
so Miller is 3 inches shorter, could be 4 inches, but the pic has them standing with their legs bent, etc.
Jess said on 24/Jan/11
Found this comment on yahoo answer's. Written 2 year's ago-

marissa miller (officially 5'8, but she is actually 5'6) and 110lb
adriana lima- (officially 5'10, but actually 5'8.5-5'9) 130lb
miranda kerr- (officially 5'9 but actually about 5'7.5) and 126lb
doutzen kroes- (officially 5'11 and 120lb) but is actually 5'10 and 130.

i've met the first 3 and they are that tall (i'm 5'8" and there is no way they weigh that little, given their muscle mass, hourglass figures and the fact they are bigger than your average runway model)

I think Miranda Kerr is taller than 5'7.5. She look's to be at least, 5'8 or 5'8.5. Miranda is taller than Alessandra Ambrosio who is supposedly 5'7 or 5'7.5..
a said on 10/Jan/11
she was carried off the boat on antm and she did say she was 5'8. In pictures she look a tad shorter like 5'6 or 5'7 at the most.
Well said on 4/Jan/11
I agree with list of Paula, except of height Izabel Goulard. She is 177cm
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/10
I was watching America's Top Model and she was a gust and she stated that she was 5'8"
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/10
Well, I personally think she's under 5'7" but I would be happy with a slight downgrade. I understand that in order to make this site as accurate as posible you have to take time in making downgrades.

Also Rob, I'm wondering whether you would put more models on here? Like Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel. I've noticed someone else requested her height too. At least one more Victoria's Secret model. It's strange to me that you put Marisa up when she's only been relevant for about 3-4 years yet Adriana and Alessandra have been very well known for about a decade. You even have Petra Nemcova up yet she is not that famous.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/10
lol.... rose.. u either don't know your height... or u may have been confused when u saw her... DNA lists her as 5'9''... viva lists her at 5'10''... but everyone knows viva lies... agyness deyn is actually 5'8'' but is listed at 5'10'' on vivas pg ... stop increasing these models heights when the agency CLEARLY has them listed at something WAY lower.. ur talking about a 5'11 being downgraded to 5'9''... not happening! get over it.. before ppl compare their own heights with any celeb.. make sure you know your height first! and rob.. no i agree that u dont check ur own site tht often.. u haven't changed her height when there is so much proof tht she is 5'5''-5'6'' lol..
Rose said on 29/Dec/10
Doutzen was 5'9 when she just started modeling but she's a solid 5'11 now fer sure. I'm 5'11.5 and when I met her she was barely shorter. She's also the same height as alessandra when she's wearing massive heels. If you consider her 5'7 or 5'8, 5'11 for doutzen seems right.

I don't think marisa is any taller than 5'6.5 she looks so tiny ;o
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/10
Paula, I completely agree with your list.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/10
Obviously Rob doesn't check this page or he would have downgraded her with all the photo evidence. She even said she was 5'7" on ANTM. A model that is listed as 5'8" is almost NEVER 5'8".

[Editor Rob: didn't she get carried out of a boat and said to the girls 'I'm only 5-8'. There is a chance she is 5ft 7 though, or somewhere in between.]
Jess said on 16/Dec/10
Personally, I think Marisa Miller is only 5'5.5 or 5'6 at the most. Check out this video- Click Here It has already been posted on this page, down below. But here it is again. lol

&Here is the first part of the interview as well- Click Here

Btw, Alexa Chung is a legit 5'8. You can clearly see marisa is way shorter than 5'8, compared to alexa. Legs, arms, waist etc.. As for Alessandra Ambrosio, she looks to be 171cm or 172cm. She too is taller than supposedly 5'7, 5'8 Marisa Miller..
Tina said on 5/Dec/10
as some1 said WAAY below she IS a SOLID 5 ft & 7.25 inches tall

so basically 5-7
BUT since she has a tiny petite body structure and weight around 105-107 lbs

she CAN appear smaller but IS 67 inches or 170 cm.
rockets said on 30/Nov/10
she's not that tall but close enough !!
paula said on 5/Nov/10
VS(or former) models:
marisa 5'6
alessandra 5'8
heidi 5'8
miranda 5'7 1/2
adriana 5'10
behati 5'10
selita 5'6
chanel 5'8 1/2
candy 5'8
rosie 5'8
gisele 5'10 1/2
karolina 5'11
doutzen 5'9
lily 5'7
izabel 5'9
Riley said on 7/Jul/09
yeah, and i mean it's a tough business for almost all of the models. my honest advice would be - be open to other types of modeling such as commericial (nude if you're old enough and comfortable) and also even acting. a lot of modeling agencies have acting devisions too. i feel fine by the way, at my height. i mean i'm not exactly out there booking runway shows every day but still i make a nice living off it (and i do a lot of comercial). that's basically what marisa miller has done nude modeling, commercial (the good stuff though-si and vs) and she also hosted a show a while back (sort of like acting). my advice is just to be open and get an education first so you have a back-up plan.
good luck :)
Aveil said on 6/Jul/09
Thankee Riley! Can you tell me what you mean when you say it's a hard business? And how do you feel in the job with your height when you know that you are under required model height? 'Cause you know, I use to go and think of my height all day and have complexes for it, especially 'cause I'm technically too short for a model and more especially 'cause I'm in love with a guy who appears to be 6"3' or probably more. I'm almost a head shorter...
More models under 5'6"-5'7" and under:
Monica Bellucci
Laetitia Casta
Virginie Ledoyen
Devon Aoki
Selita Ebanks
Heidi Klum (?)
Josie Maran
Katelyn Rosaasen (my great past idol and the world's really most beautiful woman)
Eileen Kvaale R
Aveil said on 4/Jul/09
Thank you so much Riley! You've inspired me knowing you're "ONLY" 5'6" too! I use to go and think of my height all day and have complexes for it, but when I think a bit it's a really beautiful and perfect height for females. Are you dissatisfied for not having the models' required height even though you've become one? I hope I won't...
I've noticed many short models myself. Here are some possibly already down-noted ones on this message board, and probably some new. All are 5'6"-5'7" or under!:
Kate Moss
Selita Ebanks
Monica Bellucci
Josie Maran
Devon Aoki
Vindy Lee
Laetitia Casta
Shannan Click
Katelyn Rosaasen
Megan Fox, Denise Richards, Raquel Welch (among many other) were models before starting out as actresses
Cecilie Caroline Waade (Norwegian)
Eileen Kvaale R
Riley said on 2/Jul/09
Aveil- good luck to you, i hope you are on the vs runway someday! but i do want to say though-not to sound all preechy but get a good education first and have a back up plan. it's a hard business. it can honestly just chew you up and spit you out.
ps- maybe send your pics to storm models? they seem to represent a lot of shorter girls. that's not my agency or anything but it is the agency that discovered kate moss!
Emily said on 1/Jul/09
Marisa is 5'8" MY ASS! she doesnt even look 5'7" to me, i think shes 5'6" TOPS and shorter than that, probably 5'5". she has a short figure, but really thin
Aveil said on 24/Jun/09
I'm also 5'6" like you Riley and my dream is to become a model!!! (My far dream is OF COURSE to become a VS model) I've always just thought that I don't stand a chance because of my height! Thanks so much, knowing about you have really helped me out!
Like you're sure to be I'm lean and toned and have a in a way special body (SO many people tells me that), whether if I workout or not. Models are tall and skinny but in my opinion, model looks also has to do with the way you move and look in other ways. I've met many girls who use the same dress sizes like me and are about or almost my height but I had to admit in my head that I look a lot better than them, but can't actually explain how... I HATE to say this though, but just since we're in a such discussion... I think the looks I'm talking about are the ways which makes you a potential model??
Riley said on 22/Jun/09
i forgot to add-liz- i did check out your photo (i've seen those ones before) and marisa is wearing heels, i think adriana might be wearing them too? and kk and ale are barefoot. and by the way, the vs angels would tower over you because they are usually wearing 5 inch heels-so your right!
Liz said on 21/Jun/09
Hmm that's really interesting Riley. It's so funny cuz I still can't get over thinking to picture the VS girls at those heights cuz I always admired them for the longest time so it's def. pretty interesting and gives me a new perspective (not saying i don't like them anymore..i love them i just can't believe they wouldn't tower me like i had always thought! But I think that's kinda cool :) So Alesandra Ambrosio is actually 5'8" and Adriana Lima is actually 5'9 1/2" then???

Just out of curiousity.. do you know the REAL heights of Gemma Ward or Magdalena Frackowiak? These are two of my all time fav's and they are listed as 5'11" (Magda) and 5'10" (Gemma). So my guess would be then Magda probably sized down and Gemma probably anywhere between 5'8" and 5'9" (they "gave" a few inches?) It sucks but is cool at the same time that that site you sent me to is so hard to become a part of cuz it had sooo much information just about everything but i probably would never be able to join huh?

One more thing, just wondering for the hell of it what did you end up thinking about that picture of Marissa i posted on 17/Jun/09 where she is standing next to KK and they all are barefoot? (i have more pics showing they are barefoot at that shoot although im sure you've already seen them) I think those are the pics of her that make me confused cuz she doesn't look all that much shorter that KK even if KK were to lift her head and Marisa is slightly closer to the camera wich you would think should make her even shorter.. i dunno it's weired so i was just wondering your take on that pic :) (i can send you more just incase you havent come across them yet)
Riley said on 20/Jun/09
That forum i sent you to liz, is a really legit forum. you have to fill out pages and pages to get an account and it can literally take years to get one to because there is such a long waiting list. (i'm talking about all the fashion forums). So those girls (and guys maybe) are people who have actually met models (some take pictures with them too) so even the general public (people like you) can find out hight fabrications as well. and i just want to clear up something- i don't think every model lies about their height. i also think that most models (especially high fashion ones) are actually 5'9 +. i'm just saying-my point in all of this really- was just to say that agents do have a free inch on comp cards (where stats are listed). Sometimes if they really like the model they will "give her" 2 inches (like me) and in rare cases 3. it works both ways too. if they feel a model is too tall (which would be anything over 5'11) they will "bring her height down". it's just the truth A LOT of girls don't need it because they are truly 5'10 and 5'11. and liz, if you were a fashion model you would actually be considered kind of short too. that's why you'd be listed as 5'9 or 5'10. trust me.

and just by the way, i never cared about height before i started modeling. unless you're really tall, like over 6 feet, most people don't even care or notice really when it comes to height.

but i guess the point of this site in the first place is to discuss marisa's height and i understand how to the untrained eye she can look easily 5'8, believe me i understand that. but i've seen enough pictures of her by now with other models (ones i've actuall met) and can honestly tell you she is 5'6. i'd be willing to bet my life on it. and i'd guess her weight to be around 100-103 pounds as well.
Adam said on 19/Jun/09
I can settle this. Just check out this picture Click Here
The camera isn't on an angle and she is wearing flat shoes. See for yourself.
Liz said on 19/Jun/09
Shut up- lol! Well im glad I could make you laugh, you made me laugh too! :)

Riley- I believe you. I know a lot of models & ppl lie about their height just as they do with weight. Im sorry I have been going overboard and taking it all out on you. I am a nice person really. I guess once I just came across this site, then read the one you sent me to earlier I just felt like girls were being attacked in a way like they aren't allowed to be tall and beautiful at the same time which effects me because I happen to be tall and beautiful and there are always girls who try to bring us down for that because heaven forbid we "have everything" (which being pretty and tall DOESN'T mean you "have it all" at least in my eyes anyway) and I guess these websites just felt a little unfair in a lot of ways : So thats why I started to feel like I might want to stand up for some of the models who really can be 5'8" like Marisa because I really do truely believe she is very close to that height, maybe not exactally, but pretty damn close, for many reasons, but also to kinda of stand up for girls like me. I have always been told I should be a model, and I probably would persue a modeling career but I have another love in life im persuing instead cuz I think it would make me happier in the long run. So, you're right, you do know more of the in's and out's and I really do believe you when you say how much lieing goes on. I guess just because I know that if i were to be a model, i would come on here and people would say "oh no way liz is anymore than 5'5" or 5'6" tops!" but it's just because 5'8" is a strange height in a way...sometimes you do look short in pictures, alone, or especially next to taller models, or in my case, my mom and aunts, yet if you were shot more often against the general public people could see.. oh yeah she does seem a little taller..

And this isn't your fault I know it was wrong for me to act like you are responsible for what other girls are saying and im sorry. It was just the other girls on that website it would bother me sooo much when I would read "ok, here is a list of the heights we have officially established.. this model is listed as this but is truely this.." and so on. I understand it's just for fun but they seem to like to use "officially" a hell of a lot more than "i think" or "it seems" and some of the models who are actually taller, i guess i just wanted to maybe stand up for that cuz i can relate in a strange way, but should not have made you the scapegoat and i'm truly sorry :(
Shut up said on 19/Jun/09
Shut up Liz, you're a sad case of SHALLOWNESS big time!!!! get off this site and go talk your BS somewhere else because no one cares what your stupid, unintelligent, shallow piece of ass has to say!!! I come on here and read what you said and I'm laughing my ass off at how unbelievably dumb everything you just said was!! PEACE OUT AIRHEAD!!!!
Riley said on 19/Jun/09
Liz get over yourself. I'm not going to keep arguing with you because obviously you can't be over 12. if models were getting shorter (which they are not-I never said that), that would just mean they would have to make up for it with beauty-and beauty is not being 2 inches taller then the rest of the population. it's having an exceptional symmetrical face, perfect body proportions and being thin and toned. that's why I
Liz said on 18/Jun/09
Ew. Riley you've obviously got major height issues girl to have to convince yourself that someone is shorter. How is that going to matter honey? You prowl these sights like it is going to change something. I'm sorry to say, but it wont.

Like I care that you're a model.. like I said according to you models are becoming like the rest of us apparently by gettin shorter and shorter... so is that really saying much? I think not.
Riley said on 17/Jun/09
don't think for a minute i read any of that, i'm sick of your long ass posts liz. bottom line- i'm the model-you're not honey.i know about this business-you don't.
p.s liz- find a shrink you sound like such a basket case.
Liz said on 17/Jun/09
Alright well we wont get anywhere by arguing obviously and it's not helpful to this site (plus im sick of typing so much as i am pretty positive you are very sick of reading it! lol!) so, since I am open minded and agree with you on agencies lying about height, I will agree that I can totally see Kate Moss at 5'5" because she does have the body of someone at that height it does seem like. But.. honestly.. Marisa I might say could be a tad less than 5'8" but not by much if at all, take a look at this picture of bare feet and she is standing next to 5'11" Karolina and doesn't seem all that much shorter...shorter indeed but only by about 3 inches if Karolina were to be holding her head up. She also seems to have pretty long legs and torso and you can tell it's not airbrushed cuz she actually looks a little chubbier in the leg and booty area then we would normally see. What do ya think?.. Click Here
Liz said on 17/Jun/09
btw.. me saying these models are taller would actually make me shorter. don't you think I would like to argue that Gemma and Magda are really 5'8" and say the industry is full of BS (wich I have always agreed with anyways)? I would love to argue that and I totally could given how they lie about model's heights. But the truth is, I know that if I were to be backstage at a runway show that I would feel super short compared to these girls. Even though I don't believe it is quite as low as you say about Marisa & Kate, it doesn't even matter cuz I don't like Kate's body anyway and Marisa is fading out & her face isn't that great so whatever they aren't what I personally admire to begin with so let them be 5'5". I'll agree till im blue in the face but inside I know yes it's lied about but not by that much for Marisa anyways.

I will admit that Kate Moss does look super short so I will not doubt that she is 5'5" cuz whatever, she looks like it anyways even if she actually is 5'6 or 7. But Marisa looks taller ALL THE TIME. It's easy to say a model is "short" when they are standing next to 5'11" girls like Karolina Kurkova.. I mean hell, if I stood next to her or Gisele or even Adriana I would look about 5'6" too!! If I stood next to Gemma or Magda you better believe people would say im 5'5" or 5'6"!

I think it's naive to think you can accuratly state someone's height if you have not physically measured them whether your in the industry or not. No one can say to change her height up there because no one really knows if she is truly 5'6", 5'7" or 5'8".
Liz said on 17/Jun/09
My opinion is not shallow. It's my personal taste. So what? My ideal model is tall. That is MY opinion. Look at Magdalena F. and Gemma Ward, two of my favorites they are amazing and that's just MY tatse. A girl like those two look way diff. than a girl who is even my height. The thing is it doesn't even matter and is really pointless to argue because even if you have met someone you cannot accuratly measure their height. (why do you think they do it at carnivals.. cus it's hard to do!) No one guesses my height accuratly even when they stand next to me. Everytime someone says "oh i have met them" and try to say there height it is useless.

I even tried to look for pics/videos that make Marisa look shorter to prove she is the height you said, but to be honest, even when I tried to convince myself, I couldn't find anything. So I can sit here and preach till the day I die that she is short but deep down I know if I met her she wouldn't be as tall as the other girls but she wouldn't be that much shorter than me. But whatever, my opinion is about as useless as yours or anyone else's who has not actually physically measured any of these girls.
Riley said on 17/Jun/09
Liz- thanks for the apology. I know it
Liz said on 16/Jun/09
Oh yeah one more thing.. Riley I like that website you sent me to on here.. but I did come across this one post someone put on there and I really liked what she said so im going to quote her just because I think it's what a lot of girls seem to try to do ...

"I hope people realise that making models shorter won't make you taller, it won't make them shorter, and it wont make you a model, it is very wierd and telling behaviour though. Anabella is way taller than 5'8, as is Gemma. I've said it before and I'll say again, some girls do really have eveything, height, looks, awesome figures. If you guys really want to know how tall these girls are then this Video gives a good idea as a lot of the girls are in flats (after 1:59) and appear shortly after each other, therefore you can be more subjective with your assumptions. As you can see their heights are all very close to each other, and they are all very tall, imagine yourself in the show and that will give an idea as to how tall they are, since their heights are all comperable it suggests to me that the industry does have a high requirement for heights."

Not to say there is no such thing as a shorter model (keep in mind runway models we are usually talking about compared to strictly commercial models) but I think she makes a very good point that it seems like girls try to talk models heights down so much and will "officially" give the height of a model when it's like umm how in the world can you possibly know how tall she really is? "oh yeah this model is def. no more than 5'7"" i mean do you guys realize how rediculous that sounds? One person says "yeah i've met her.. she's no more than 5'6"" then you go on another blog and a person is saying "oh yeah i met her at starbucks.. she was wearing flats.. she's def. no less than 5'9"" and they will be talking about the same model! The thing is no one really knows how tall these girls are. But I do believe most of them are 5'8" and over (any of the ones who do runway except kate moss but you can tell she is short just by looking at her and i do not believe she is 5'5" that's a little extreme because 5'8" would even look short next to most of these girls) because just seeing pics and vids from backstage they look so much taller than the rest of the population wich would make no sense if they were really these shorter heights everyone is saying (hoping) they are.
Liz said on 16/Jun/09
Riley- Sorry if I offended. I totally agree that height is not a factor on how beautiful a girl is. I guess what im just tryin to say is that I personally just like the way the taller girls look. Like Magdalena Frackowiak (sp?) she is absolutley amazing! Those are the girls I personally idolize and wish that I were a few inches taller cuz really at 5'8" that is not that tall at all these days. I just notice i guess that they wear the clothes a lot different and are so long and statuesque (sp again sorry) that I just admire. I have friends between 5'2" and my height and no matter how thin, just don't look like that. Those taller models just don't look like your everyday girl their body is different and that's what I think makes people just go wow (including a beautiful face too of course). Do you kinda see what im saying? This, again, does not mean other girls aren't beautiful and Riley I bet you are an amazingly gorgeous girl and I hope you have an amazing modeling career. Sorry that I offended you and I hope this clarifies in a better way what im saying. And bottom line, it all comes down to individual preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just like Kate Moss, I think she has an amazing face but her body doesn't do much for me. I have heard many other people say this and yet look how big she got. This could have to do with her being the really first model to be on the shorter side and get that big. Wich is great b/c she is more like the general population of girls and can make them feel like I don't have to be this tall girl. On the other hand, it seems also like the models now days are getting shorter and becoming more like the general population. Wich is also great, everyone can feel like they could become a model and it isn't just this unattainable thing anymore. The only downside to this I see happening tho is that if someone says yeah im a model, then it's like well big whoop all the models are becoming more and more like the rest of us anyways so that's not really saying a whole lot besides you have a beautiful face and a nice looking skinny body (and these days with plus size models you dont even need that!) but so do half the girls at my school : I used to think height was what set models apart from the rest of us but it's obvious that barrier is breaking down so now all of us can feel like models and not look at them as these lucky girls who are so different from us, which i think will help girls all over who have self-esteem issues they can feel like models too :)

And again, after re-reading that sounded horrible. I'm sorry. Riley, your bet, lol that's funny but you better bring your a-game girl ;P For real though I bet you are amazing and who knows, one day we might be watching you as the next new VS angel ;)

Mimi- Either liz is in highschool or she is just saying whatever on a freakin random ass website about some random model arguing about height for goodness sake lol!

Sarah- That is a really bad pic of Marisa lol. Her face has always kinda bugged me sometimes its pretty and sometimes... ehh.. not so much.
Riley said on 16/Jun/09
I have to agree with Mimi, I was just trying really hard to keep my cool there. As i said I am a 5'6 model so Liz's comments were especially insulting to me. and by the way it's really not that bad either i just don't waste my time going to runway castings. karl lagerfeld even said height is not important so long as the face is exceptional. down below, the pic i posted with marisa miller and alessandra is from a "models who aren't that tall" thread. just read it if you need any more proof that girls who fall a few inches below the "so call height standerd" can be very sucesefull.

by the way, let me tell you that most guys don't even care about height. I mean, if you are exceptionally short (like 4'11) or exceptionally tall (over 6 feet)then yeah it's noticable. but believe me, as long as your in good shape and you have confidence guys don't normally care about height-believe me. it's really just people that are really into fashion (mostly girls) that take note to a women's height. the only type of guys that seem to really care about height are the short ones..go figure.

bottom line: height is not a deciding factor on whether someone (especially a girl) has a great body.
liz-i bet you $1000000 that my body is better then yours even though you are a whopping 2 inches taller.
Mimi said on 16/Jun/09
Liz sounds so incredibly immature with the "Which kinda sucks because I kinda liked her :) I guess it just shows what airbrushing can do! It would suck to have people think you are this tall beautiful model.. only to meet you and find your are a 5'6" shrimp lol."

Marisa's or Selita's height does not take away from their beauty. They are gorgeous and there is a reason as to why they are so successful. Kate Moss was absolutely gorgeous when she was younger, and she is on the shorter side for a model. This "taller is better" generalization is baseless. It works for some women, but not for all. There are beautiful shorter women, beautiful average women and beautiful taller women.

Either Liz is still in high school or she just kept that mentality.
Riley said on 14/Jun/09
yeah no worries, i used to think she was 5'8 too. this was the picture that made me think otherwise Click Here because i already knew AA was 5'8. but have you ever seen that dove commercial when the average girl got made to look like a supermodel? well, all i can say is that that is a reality. and even the videos on utube can be airbrused with todays technology(crazy, huh?). and if you look at heidi klum in the last victoria's secret fashion show she was airbrusehed to death- it was actually scary! last thing i'd like to add-the camera can add some inches when on the right angle (when the photographer is shooting upwards. you can try this at home too- just get a full length mirror, put it on an angle and see how much taller you will look.

and i hear what you're saying about taller women being more beautiful BUT victoria's secret is known for using what many would agree to be the most beautiful women in the world and they are not all super tall because that is not a deciding factor on whether a girl has an amazing body/ is beautiful. but anyway be gratefull to be 5'8! that's a great height to be :)

Alessandra Ambrosio: 5'8 (according to VS: 5'10)
Miranda Kerr: 5'7 1/2 (according to VS: 5'9)
Tyra Banks: 5'10 (According to her: 5'9)
Adriana Lima: 5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Gisele Bundchen: 5'9-5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Selita Ebanks: 5'5-5'6 (according to VS: 5'7-5'8)
Izabel Goulart: 5'8 1/2 (according to VS: 5'10)
Marissa Miller: 5'5-5'6 (According to VS: 5'8)
Karolina Kurkovia: 5'11-6'0 (According to VS: 5'10-5'11)
Ana Beatriz Barros: 5'10-5'11 (According to VS: 5'10)
Heidi Klum: 5'7-5'8 (According to VS: 5'9)
Liz said on 14/Jun/09
Sorry about the essay.. it's just hard when im the only one defending. You know what.. and I hate to admit this.. but I actually agree now (and im not trying to be sarcastic!) I have looked at alot more pictures of Marisa and she definatly looks SUPER short. Her legs are definalty way short! That being said, it def. makes sense that she is about 5'6"! I don't even know how she became a model when she doesn't even look like one. Everything that I thought made her look around 5'8'' was def. airbrushed! I feel sorry for her now it would suck to be 5'6" around a bunch of girls who are 5'8"! (no wonder she always has to stand on her tip-toes and wear platforms!) Personally, I think the taller girls who are 5'8" and above are much more beautiful because I like that long model look and they actually LOOK like models lol! At 5'6" she is pretty short and I guess I look at her as being much more average girl now, I don't even think of her as a model really much different than a Sears catalog girl who got lucky lol! Which kinda sucks because I kinda liked her :) I guess it just shows what airbrushing can do! It would suck to have people think you are this tall beautiful model.. only to meet you and find your are a 5'6" shrimp lol! I'm sorry guys for doubting you.. especially when you all have actually MET her and I haven't! And you're right.. google means nothing.. I just thought maybe they didn't lie about EVERYONES height, model or not lol! I guess it just makes me thankful and feel truly blessed to be 5'8" which is also, as I have learned from you guys, the height of these beautiful models like AA and Lima that I have always idolized and wish I were taller so I could look like them but turns out, I am!

Riley, you are right, I didn't realize how much they lie and airbrush and make someone who is just average appear to be someone special in this industry! I guess it is a lot harder to find girls who are taller and beautiful at the same time than I thought. I guess I just didn't realize she is no different than your average girl :/
Riley said on 12/Jun/09
listen, i really don't have time to read that huge essay you just wrote, but let me tell you, kate moss is NOT 5'7 she is more like 5'5 /5'6 at the very most. and i understand she looked really tall in that interview you are talking about (point well made) but it doesn't change the fact that everyone who met her (and there have been several people) say that she IS 5'6. i highly doubt every single person who came on here and said they met her are all lying.. also i've seen enough pictures of her by now, i've compared her to the other models too. you obviously don't know anything about modeling. AA is 5'8 lima is also about that height and the only really tall ones for VS were tyra, gisels and karolina. but the reason it doesn't matter as much is because marisa is more commercial then fashion. i got signed last year with a very well know agency (i'd rather not say which one) and i'm 5'6. so i won't be doing runway but anyway my point is, is that it is very possiable for marisa to be 5'6.

and Liz, please, google doesn't prove anything. is that a joke?? you obviously don't know much about this industry..
Liz said on 12/Jun/09
You guys please watch my video below. Chelsea Handler is 5'6" (you can google that as well if you need to) and look how much taller Marisa is than Chelsea when they hug. They have the same type of heels on you will notice with the same heel height. If Marisa were 5'5", 5'6", or 5'7" then why does she tower 5'6" Chelsea Handler when they are wearing the same heel? Watch when Marisa sits down.. look at how long her legs are! There is no way she could be these heights you say she is! And don't even try to tell me that they airbrush the Chelsea Handler show!!!
Liz said on 12/Jun/09
Sandy, that model she is with is Alessandra Ambrosio, another Victoria's Secret model. She is 5'10'' (google it if you need to) and Marisa is shorter but obviously not by much and they are both wearing heels. So it would according to that picture make sense that she is about 5'8''. Look at this picture.. Click Here
That is Alessandra again. Look how tall she is compared to everyone else in that picture. She is wearing heels but they are not platforms and you can see other women are also wearing heels and she is still super tall. She is obviously taller than 5'8'' Riley. I can't beleive you guys can't tell that these girls are a lot taller just by looking at them. Look at how long their arms are for goodness sake! Girls who are 5'6'' don't look like that no matter how skinny im sorry to say. Its strange how I have to defend these girls. Look how skinny Mary Kate olsen is? And does it make her seems so much taller? No way. Why would they hire such short models? If the tallest ones are 5'8'' like you are saying..thats short in the modeling world! So why would they hire "short" girls when they could hire 5'10 girls? The answer to that is.. they are 5'10! Sorry guys.. there is no top secret conspiracy that the models are actully way shorter than they claim to be. And Riley.. are you saying to me that everyone on here who has met her whipped out their handy dandy tape measurer and asked her to let them measure her?! Im sorry but you cannot accuratly measure someone by eyeballing it so there is no way they can peg her at 5'6''! People have tried to guess my height before and they rarely get it right! Riley, like I said over and over, there is no way they are 5'8'' because if they were then i would look like them and i definatly dont! They look wayyy longer than me so that would be impossible! And i am even super skinny too! I wish i looked like that though!! I probably could if i gained a few more inches to become 5'10'' or 5'11'' ;)
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/09
there is no way alessandra ambrosio, adriana lima or karalina kurkova or whatever her name is are 5'8''!! Are you kidding me?! they are listed at 5'10-5'11'' and i definatly believe it cuz they are way taller than i am!! and i've seen them on shows towering the hosts and fans! like i said, im 5'8'' and i do NOT look as long as they do and im talking about in videos on you tube or on tv NOT photos that can be airbrushed. Haven't you noticed when they stand next to fans or the general public compared to other girls they are way taller? i dont understand why people on here think there is this big conspiracy that it is impossible for pretty girls to be above 5'6'' and that all the model agencies are lying to all of us about the heights of these models.. like i really dont get why you guys think it is impossible? my b/f worked the stage for a chelsea handler show and walked past chelsea and said she was just under his height by like 3 inches and he is 5'9''. if you watch my video below you can clearly see she is taller than chelsea. and by the way, look how long her legs and stomach are in that video! mine don't even look that long!! and im sorry but i have NEVER seen a girl who is 5'6'' have legs or torso that long even if they are super super thin!!! And to tell the truth, it is so easy to estimate the wrong height for someone in real life. I always thought my friend Amiee was 5'5'' until i found out she was actually 5'3''. My aunt is almost 4 inches taller than me and when i stand next to her i don't feel like she is really that much taller at all but thats cuz you dont notice if you are in real life and are face to face. now take a picture of me standing next to her it's a different story! if you remember back to the 90's they made a big deal about how short kate moss was at 5'7'' (and no.. not 5'5'') because it was a huge deal with the minimum height being 5'8''. So why would they hire girls who are 5'6''?? Im sorry but someone who is 5'6'' is not going to look like someone who is 5'10'' so why bother with a 5'6''er? And haven't you noticed how the biggest thing on tv modeling shows its all about hiring who can photograph with the least amount of touch ups or airbrushing? so again, why hire all these girls who are really 5'5''-5'7'' if they have to always do costly airbrushing? im sorry but that just sounds rediculous! how can marissa be 5'6''??!?! my body doesn't even look that long and i am just as skinny as she is!! im sorry, but there is no way i have never seen a skinny girl at 5'6'' have that long of a body without being taller it makes no sense!
Riley said on 10/Jun/09
First of all, the 5'10 plus girls you are talking about are really 5'8, but really though i think you make a good point- nobody is going to hire a model that is 5'5 BUT still basically every single person on here that has met her said that she is 5'6. so either everyone is lying or marisa is 5'6.

and by the way kate moss is more like 5'5
Liz said on 10/Jun/09
watch this.. Click Here
and you think she is 5'5'' or 5'6''?? PLEASE! Look how long her body/legs are and look how tall she is compared to Chelsea.. and Chelsea is no shrimp! Chelsea's height is said to be 5'6'' and Marisa is clearly taller by quite a few inches!
Liz said on 10/Jun/09
Actually from all these pictures everyone on here is showing Marissa Miller is definatly 5'8'' because I am 5'8'' and my mom and aunt are about 5'10'' and I look the same (short) standing next to them in a picture like Marissa does next to the other models who are around 5'10''+. When really, compared to most others I look really tall. Also Kate Moss is 5'7'' and look how short she looks, yet she is 5'7''! Marissa definatly looks taller than her and her legs are super long! And guys come on.. do you really think they are going to hire a model who is 5'5''?? The top of her head would only come up to the other model's shoulders!! Trust me, she is definatly at least 5'8''!
Sandy said on 8/Jun/09
Rob! You've gotta check this picture with marisa out! Click Here
the model she is with is 5'8 or so..but anyway she is very tiny!!
Riley said on 3/Jun/09
I think sometimes people underestimate heights on this website. i am very interested in marisa's height and from all i have read it seems she is anywhere from 5'5-5'7. i have to say, she looks very leggy in her SI videos and in a lot of pictures. she is so thin that i think it makes her look taller though. can't forget that! honestly i think she is a size 0 and it makes her look at least 2 inches taller then say if she were to be a size 4-6.
Riley said on 1/Jun/09
Rob, please look at this quick. Click Here
still think she is 5'8?
Janet said on 25/May/09
she looks tall in some pictures and then short in others. maybe she gets airbrushed to look taller?
Little Red said on 24/Mar/09
Shannon is at the end of the pictire so she's giving the illusion that she's taller then she is. Just look at this picture Click Here (you need to scroll down on the page it's the last pic). Alesandra looks several (like6-7)inches taller then Marisa where as in reality she is about 3 inches shorter then Ale.
Donna said on 24/Mar/09
Yeah there is a pic of her(Marisa), Usher, Miranda, and Alesandra. at the VS show and she is shorter than other2 girls. Plus with her high heels she was the same height of Usher and Usher is only 5'8. But do keep in mind she was wearing high heels to be the same level of Usher.
Samie said on 24/Mar/09
Yes Fredrick that's a very well done.( I am not being sarcastic btw). However if you notice the shoes they are wearing, it differs from one another. Marissa's are platform heel. Her high heels's sole are all even giving her that extra couple of inches.
Sandy said on 22/Mar/09
That picture with Shannon makes me think Marisa is actually 5'8".
Fredrick said on 22/Mar/09
If Miller is 5'5'', that makes Shannen Doherty barely 5 feet flat when everybody says she's 5'2'', see: Click Here
As a consequence, see: Click Here
It would make Amanda Righetti 5'5''. Who looks almost as tall as Mischa Barton and Natascha Henstridge, all over 5'9''. What I'm saying is: it makes much more sense if Marissa was, like, 5'7'', or so. But not 5'5''.
Little Red said on 16/Mar/09
Rob-here is a video of Heidi Klum and Marisa Miller.Click Here They are both wearing the same shoes (there are many pictures of them on the net wearing the same black heels at this event). Heidi is at least 2 inches taller then the interviewer. Marisa is the same height if not an inch shorter then the interviewer. This means that there is a 2 to 3 inch difference between them. And here is a picture of them back to back and Heidi is slouching, Marisa is standing tall and there is still a 2 inch difference! Click Here
Little Red said on 15/Mar/09
amanda-devon and kate were runway models where as marisa wasn't really. that's why it was such a big deal for those two. and it's not just those 3 that are on the shorter side. selita ebanks is only an inch taller then marisa, and apperently Heidi is more like 5'7". ali michal is supposedly quite short too like around 5'7". agencies just shoot the bull when it comes to height listings; whenever i see a height listing for a model i automatically subtract 1-2 inches.
amanda said on 15/Mar/09
i think its time to change th height at th top. shes definitely 5'6" or even lesser. so now theres 3 beautiful models who are 5'5"? kate moss, devon aoki and marissa miller? that would be ridiculous. unless devon is below 5'5" since she is listed as th shortest supermodel in th world. it would be an honour. you got to be the tallest, average of shortest to stand out.
Liittle Red said on 13/Mar/09
Marisa Miller is my favorite model on the planet right now! She doesn't have that typical baby doll face like Jessica Stam and so many other models-or that alien looking face like Gemma Ward and those girls. She's a throw back to the seventies when the top models had the girl next door look. She has that "it" factor about her which makes her so popular. But anyway,in all the pictures i've seen of her she looks about 100-105 pounds. She is a very skinny model-although I think her cup size is a D! Height wise I have heard people that met her say 5'6" and some say 5'7". I have even heard as low as 5'5". I'd put her in the middle of that. I'd say if she was to be actually measured she'd stand about 5'6" tall.
Blair said on 2/Mar/09
she might be 5'5 or almost 5'6 which is hard to believe. either way she's a pretty short model. she didn't start out as a fashion model though, so i guess it's not that hard to believe.
Delia said on 27/Feb/09
Totally agree with Marisa Miller's height being 5'5. There is no way she is taller.
Sandy said on 25/Feb/09
i forgot to add that anna looks like she is wearing low heels.
Sandy said on 25/Feb/09
Anna Barros is like 6 feet tall. also in that picture marissa is closer to the camera then anyone else. i've seen pictures of them at the same party and there is a clear 2 inch difference between ale and marissa. I'd put aleesandra at 5'8 and marissa at 5'6.
Jordan said on 24/Feb/09
marisa miller and alessandra ambrosio are really short:

Click Here

Ana Beatriz Barros towers over both of them like crazy even though both of them are wearing heels (although it's hard to see if beatriz is wearing heels). They are probably 5 foot 5, 5 foot 6 max, both of them.
Sandy said on 23/Feb/09
Here she is with 5'6" Selita Ebanks: Click Here
Sandy said on 23/Feb/09
I actually think there could be as much as 3 inches between Marisa and Heidi. Marisa's hair is always sort of puffed up at the top so she looks a little taller but check this picture out: Click Here
Sandy said on 5/Feb/09
Yeah, I think Marisa is between 5'5 and 5'6. For me that is hard to believe because that is my height, and I have never felt tall at all, and I actually wear heels ALL the time. Also, someone on here said they met her at a football game and said she is around 5'7, and I don't think a 5'5 girl could be confused with 5'7. On the other hand you never really know who is telling the truth and who isn't- plus some people are just simply bad at guessing height. But anyway I think Heidi is 5'71/2 and Marisa is 5'51/2. In some of Marisa's pictures she looks fairly tall but I think that is due to photoshop because I agree when you compare her next to the other VS models, she is in no way taller then 5'6!
sugar said on 4/Feb/09
okay, to make my point, marisa looks TINY in every single picture that i have seen her with the rest of the vs models, she is by far the smallest and shortest one, its so obvious! and i can say that she is around 5'5"1/2, because to me a 5'6" girl would look just a tad bit taller than her! isnt selita 5'6"? and selita always looks taller than her, even when marisa is wearing bigger heels than her, like in the picture that anonymous posted below
sugar said on 4/Feb/09
and by the way anonymous, what do u mean thats not even questionable with "heel factor"? of course shes going to be taller than ellen with heels on, because ellen does not wear heels, so of course she'll be about 5'9" with heels! DUH, but that does not make her ellens height! i think everyone here can come to an agreement that marisa is 5'6" and shorter than 5'7", and ive actually heard that ellen is estimated to be as low as 5'6", so they are probably the same height, but not 5'7"
sugar said on 4/Feb/09
yes, shes 2 inches shorter than heidi, and lets say heidi is at the tallest 5'8", so that would make make her (marisa) 5'6" TOPS, she does not look very tall to me, and she wears massive heels and always on her toes, and shes tiny! her figure reminds me of kate moss who is about 5'6" or 5'5"1/2 also
Alex said on 4/Feb/09
5'7 115lbs I'd say she looks.
Sandy said on 1/Feb/09
Oh, I agree saying Marisa is under 5'5" is NUTS!! But to me and apperently to the people that have met her she looks 5'6" or so. I think she is really pretty though :)
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
cmoon people!!
ellen degeneres is 5`7 so there is no way that marisa miller is shorter than that. 5`5 are you crazy, that's impossible!
and thats not even questionable with "heel factor"
Sandy said on 29/Jan/09
No way, she's at the very least 2 inches shorter then Heidi Klum, and Klum is no taller then 5'8. Click Here
Alex3 said on 29/Jan/09
5'7-5'8 she looks. But 110lbs at that height she'd look thinner than she is I would think. But she does have some muscle tone so that makes her look good rather than a 5'7 110lb girl soaking wet.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
I forgot to say check out the picture I posted on January 12th, it's pretty telling of their true heights and except for Selita they are all wearing the exact same shoes.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
People that have met Alessandra say she is 5'7.5"-5'8" tops. You never know with that photo because Marisa could be on her toes, and besides to me anyway, it looks like ale has 2 inches on her making her still 5'6"
Jordan said on 18/Jan/09
If marissa is only 5 foot 5.5, then is Alessandra's height exaggerated as well, because in this pic, she seems barely an inch taller than her:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/09
I ment to say Rob could you please take a look at the last photo I posted, sorry about that.
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
Glenn, I really think you should take a quick look at this. Compare Heidi & Marissa:
Click Here
M said on 5/Jan/09
Click Here is 5'8'' but sometimes i am not sure about that because in some pics at miami beach she looks about the same height with miranda that she is shorter
Blair said on 4/Jan/09
Yeah it makes me feel better about myself too lol. to know that even models aren't perfect although I think most people would agree you don't need to be 5'10 to be good looking/have a nice body. anyway still hard to believe that marisa is only 5'51/2"; they must do a lot of airbrushing in her photos to make her legs look longer!!
chelsea said on 4/Jan/09
blair, i actually wasnt that far away from them, i was in a crowd standing by when they were being photographed standing together, and then they were signing autographs but sitting down. i am 5'7" myself, and i am positive i got a good estimate on their heights when i saw them, might not be exact but close enough. i know its surprising ill admit but it made me feel better about myself haha, theres actually many pictures of them standing together all over the internet just go and look, i have done my examinations already to help me out. but what really surprised me was when i saw adriana lima, because i had an idea of what the rest looked like, but when i saw her i was surprised that she was not really 5'10" like shes listed, but actually no more than 5'9" or 5'8"1/2! and i have also seen more pictures of her with doutzen krous recently, whos a newer model, and she is listed as 5'8" and they look the exact same height in every picture! i had a good view of tyra and karolina who were the tallest and are tall compared to me, and tyra is right about her height she is 5'9" and i wouldnt doubt it if shes taller than that, and karolina is 5'10" or taller, and i agree that giselle is right along with them, but not the rest. so yes, i am positive my estimates are correct!
Blair said on 3/Jan/09
chelsea-how up close were you able to get to them? Could you tell their heights by comparing them to your own or are you guessing how tall they were after seeing them from a distance?
ron said on 30/Dec/08
i think 5'5"-5'8" is a good height for women.
they have legs but not towering anything around them.
jodi said on 29/Dec/08
i think 5'5 - 5'8 is tall for women but not so tall. i considered it as a "hot" height.they have legs but not towering everything around them.
chelsea said on 29/Dec/08
yea then maybe selita is 5'6" or 5'7", she is gorgeous!! they are all really gorgeous of course they are all models, and i dont know why they have to lie about their height but i dont think its their choice as much as the industry theyre in just atomatically does it for them! i have heard many stories about elite agencies changing girls heights an inch or so taller, and in this case its evident, but i dont understand why they do that and why models have to seem "larger than life", you know what i mean, they are all tall and beautiful compared to an average woman and have great model bodies! but their false heights are just insanely too tall? i dont know maybe its just me but i think they are all perfect the way they are, thats what beauty is, beauty is not an out of this world girl who is 5'11" and stands out from everyone else, i think beauty is found in a real looking natural girl who is beautiful whether shes tall or not, thats pretty! anyways, more examples of false height claims would be the infamous kate moss (5'5"1/2 or 5'6"), gia, although gias height was only claimed an inch taller which is not bad but she was 5'7" though, laetitia casta (5'6"), josie maran 5'6", gosh there is many more and i really dont care about the rest, my point is that these women have made it, whether they were as tall as theyre claimed or not, and made their careers and i am happy for them because of that, and i know many other girls who are trying to do the same as well! keep believing in yourself, you are beautiful the way you are and everyone else thinks so also, remember that!! oh and i have seen them here in nyc at vicotria's secret stores doing promotions several times in the past few years
Blair said on 28/Dec/08
it did help! just one thing lolita's photo where i know all the girls are wearing the same shoes, selita looks atleast an inch taller then marisa. also how did u get to see them all in person?
chelsea said on 27/Dec/08
oh and i forgot to mention that marisa and selita are the exact same height, so yes both around 5'5"1/2! and that izabel girl is 5'8"1/2, she always looks an inch taller than alessandra and theyre always by each other, im not sure about giselle but i would give her 5'9" she looks about tyras height, by the way tyra says shes 5'9" even though shes listed as 5'10"! so maybe she is like 5'9"1/2 but shes still the tallest besides karolina who is for sure 5'10 or taller... i hoped this helped!!
chelsea said on 27/Dec/08
i have seen these models in person, and they all lie about their height, thats the thing that models do i guess, but i can assure you that marissa is only 5'5" 1/2 or 5'6" at the most!! and yes shes a tiny little thing, as for the rest, miranda is 5'7"1/2 or 5'8", alessandra is only 5'7"1/2, heidi is a true 5'7" girl maybe 5'7" and a quarter at most, adriana is 5'8" 1/2 or maybe 5'9" at the most! she is definatley not 5'10" and her nba boyfriend towers over her even in huge heels so i can assure you she is not that tall! as for tyra and karolina kourkova, they are the only really tall ones! they are both 5'10", and you can definately see than in them especially on tyras show because she towers over everyone in heels and the rest of the victoria secret models
don said on 17/Dec/08
if you look at those photos shes on her tip toes in every one
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/08
The photos of the vs angels in Miami on the beach w/o heals surfaced and Marissa's legs look very long she looks like 5'9 in some photos, but then if you check out lolita's photo it makes me think she is 5'5
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/08
Yeah, I saw them on the Ellen show too, and I agree that Marisa wasn't that much smaller then Kerr, but I didn't really get a chance to look at their heels, although everyone who has met Miranda Kerr says that she is 5'7.5" so there is a good chance Marisa is about an inch and a half smaller then her making Marisa around 5'6". Also I noticed how extremlythin Marisa's legs were i think her being so skinny might mislead people to thinking she is a couple inches taller then she is.
anonymous said on 6/Dec/08
When she went on the ellen show with 5 foot 8 mirranda kerr, they were about the same height with heels on. They were both taller than ellen by a lot. I think mirranda kerr was slightly taller. I would say marissa miller is 5 foot 7-8. I once heard she was as low as 5 foot 6. I thought u had to be 5 foot 8 to be a model for girls.
lolita said on 4/Dec/08
Click Here check out this photo. You can pretty much tell that Marissa is the smallest out of the group but she's still a very good model. Don't you think that? :)
Dee said on 3/Dec/08
Therre is no way that this girl is 5'8". But I think it is rediculous to make models have to be abnormally tall. Most women are between 5'5" and 5'7". If a girl is not attractive to the interveiwer or the client why should they have to use such a foolish excuse? It's like saying they have to hire heavy set girls or unattractive girls because they feel sorry for them. Reality check! Let's use attractive healthy young ladies who look nice in the clothing and regular people can actually wear the clothing. Forget Couture!
Jo said on 3/Dec/08
Click Here
I think she's around 5'5, AA around 5'7, Heidi about 5'9 and DK 5'11 by looking at this recent photo.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/08
Alessandra Ambrosio: 5'8 (according to VS: 5'10)
Miranda Kerr: 5'7 1/2 (according to VS: 5'9)
Tyra Banks: 5'10 (According to her: 5'9)
Adriana Lima: 5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Gisele Bundchen: 5'9-5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Selita Ebanks: 5'5-5'6 (according to VS: 5'7-5'8)
Izabel Goulart: 5'8 1/2 (according to VS: 5'10)
Marissa Miller: 5'5-5'6 (According to VS: 5'8)
Karolina Kurkovia: 5'11-6'0 (According to VS: 5'10-5'11)
Ana Beatriz Barros: 5'10-5'11 (According to VS: 5'10)
Heidi Klum: 5'7-5'8 (According to VS: 5'9)
Kim said on 26/Nov/08
Ana Barros = 5"11. Compare to Miller here (Copy this html exactly): Click Here
Blair said on 18/Nov/08
The difference is that most people don't know marisa is actualy a lot shorter than listed, plus Devon Aoki did runway, Marisa doesn't really do a lot of that so her height doesn't matter as much. Plus, if an agency takes a model that is 5'5 or 5'6 they will list her at 5'7/5'8. When you hear stories of girls who have been rejected because they are 5'7 that is usually because an agent would rather blame it on the height rather then say.. "well your not pretty/your boring looking" etc.
nella said on 18/Nov/08
marissa cant be 5'5 cos devon aoki is 5'5(she cant be shorter for a runway model)and devon aoki is the shortest supermodel in the world.probably 5'6?
Blair said on 17/Nov/08
Marisa is 5'6 or perhaps just a tad under. I think The comment about Alessandra being 5'6 is CRAZY! lol. I think because they were on a beach it is not a flat surface so it's not great to judge height there. Also I think there is more like a 2 inch difference (if not 3) between Ale and Marissa.
Carrie said on 17/Nov/08
She does look quite short. And I agree with the comment about her legs being airbrushed to appear longer. Getty Images posted recent pictures of her walking in the VS fashion show and look how tiny her legs look! Click Here
Nina said on 17/Nov/08
Look! Shes standing next to models that are wearing flats... And shes wearing heals! Judge for yourself ...
Click Here
Aurella said on 15/Nov/08
There is no way Miller is 5'8. And i have proof. The angels are currently in miami for the VS show. This video is taken from a photoshoot a couple of days ago:
Skip to about 1:06 and you will see what i mean. I'm pretty sure the models are bare feet. Karolina is by far the tallest out of all of them, TOWERING over Ale and Marissa. Alessandra appears to be maybe one inch taller than Marisa. Adriana is obviously the second tallest, only an inch or two shorter than Karolina. In proportion, you can see that AA and MM are way shorter. I'd say about 5'5 on Miller and 5'6 on Ambrosio.
It's just not possible to say that they are 5'8 or higher.
P said on 11/Nov/08
She was in my plane yesterday. She is very very tiny maybe like 5.5 and must weight like 100 lbs or less!! very pretty though, even with no make up.
Blair said on 24/Oct/08
I really don't believe you grew up with her or mabey you are marisa or something but no offensr at all but I think it's pretty clear that she is closer to 5'6. If she was 5'8 realy they would have rounded that out to the universaly excepted 5'9 modeling height
M. said on 23/Oct/08
I grew up with Marisa and personally know that she is 5'8" (no matter how short everyone would like to claim she is). No matter how beautiful a person is, it's amazing how people seem to focus on a potential flaw and exaggerate that to down play someone's beauty. 5'8" is much taller than most women of average height, but since she's being compared with models of towering height & in heels, she's naturally going to look shorter. I think it's interesting how people jump to conclusions they want to believe.
Blair said on 23/Oct/08
5'6 sounds right. I think Sports Illustrated airbrushes photos to make her legs longer. I didn't see the victoria secret show but I went on utube and saw the show and in part 1 when they are getting ready to go on stage Marisa and Ale walk together for just a couple of seconds and I was SO shocked to see that Marissa was easily 3 inches shorter!
Aurella said on 22/Oct/08
I think she, or her agency, exaggerates on her height. The fact is Marisa does have an idealistic body...she's got the curves in all the right places and a tiny waist. Plus, her face is pretty. But looking at pictures, even in heels, she seems to me no taller than 5'6. The VSA were on how i met your mother, and Adriana Lima was towering over Marisa. Plus, when i watched the VS Fashion Show, even with her heels on she was still MUCH shorter than most of the girls like Karolina and Alessandra etc.
Jessie said on 22/Sep/08
I agree with Last Child. Marissa's true height lies between 5'5 and 5'6.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/08
Sorry I couldn't attach the link but google: 'marissa miller heidi klum erin'
and you can find the full legnth picture of her and heidi ( with 2 other girls). It's actually pretty shocking how short she looks next to heidi. If Heidi is 5'8 (and that's generous!) then marissa, wearing atleast two inch heals is still a solid 2 inches shorter. I find these types of pictures that haven't been airbrushed better because it's more accurate.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
Marissa is more like 5'5 mabey 5'5.5. There is a picture with her and Heidi (who is just a little over 5'7) somewhere on google (sorry can't attach link it won't work). Marissa appears a good couple inches shorter even with her heels on and Heidi's shoes give her about a 1 inch boost.
Anonymous fan said on 1/Aug/08
I would say she is 5'6 probably. If she actually was 5'8 she would have said she was 5'9 or 5'10. Most models lie about their height ( same with celebs)
Fan said on 30/Jul/08
yea when i see ambrosio next to her little cousin in her videos she doesnt look very tall she looks like my aunt who's 5'8 they look like the exact same height. i dont think she's really 5'10 but heels help also she has a long body which makes her appear taller. I agree Marissa Miller looks shorter than my sister who's 5'7. I have to say ambrosio is probably 5'8-5'9. But ana beatriz is def 5'11 or 5'10. cuz if ambrosio is really 5'10 ana is like 6'2.
Angie said on 4/Apr/08
why would a model lie? i don't know if she is 173cm or not, but logiaclly to be a model you have to be tall. right?
5'//////10///// said on 8/Feb/08
i've met Marisa at a football game. we were both wearing adidas sneakers, and she appeared like 4 inches shorter than me, and I'm 5'10. she's only 5'7'' or 5'6'' even. also, heidi klum is shorter than 5'9'', she's about 5'8'' or a little less, and she always appeares taller than Marisa.
Dakota said on 20/Jan/08
in a recent Victoria's Secret swimwear catalong, Ambrosio and Miller stand together barefoot and they appear the same. and Miller is not 5'8''. she's at most 5'7'', even 5'6.6''
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/07
Ambrossio is 5'10. Klum is at least 5'9", so Miller's stated height of 5'8 seems right.
Mimi said on 14/Nov/07
Definitely agree she's about 3 in. shorter than Heidi. Look at her next to Heidi in the new VS promotionals, she has HUGE platform boots on and Heidi has high heels....platforms give you a much bigger boost in height...and she's still smaller than Heidi by a good couple inches:

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
Also if she was 5'8" and was 110 pounds she'd look a lot thinner than she does.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
Click Here
This is her next to 5'8.5" (if not 5'8") Alessandra Ambrosio and 5'11.5" Ana Beatriz Barros Click Here
She's 5'6", maybe 5'6.5".
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
Almost no model that is 5'8" will say that she is actually 5'8".
mike said on 2/Aug/07
No way...look at her next to Heidi Klum ( Klum). The are both wearing heels..Klum is 2-3 inches taller and Klum is no taller than 5 feet 8.
JJ said on 12/May/07
She is def 5'8. A went to dinner with her friend, She is an inch shorter then I am, She is about that size.
DL said on 15/Mar/07
Wow, a model who admits to being under 5' 9"!
Chris said on 28/Feb/07
That is insanely thin.

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