How tall is Michael Le Vell

Michael Le Vell's Height

5ft 6 ¼ (168.3 cm)

English actor, best known for playing Kevin Webster on the TV soap Coronation Street. In the 1990's Michael claimed to measure in at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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5ft 5.87in (167.3cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Feb/20
I'm so glad that Michael's Kevin saw past Abi's potential indescretion. There's so much more to life than holding grudges.

I don't really know what happened tonight because I was too outraged by Geoff's evil killing of Yasmeen's poor pet hen, Charlotte, cooking the innocent creature and watching as Yasmeen ate from her little body. In real life, that would be a case for the RSPCA. I think mindless cruelty like this should carry MUCH heavier sentences.

I give Michael 5ft6.25. The difference between Sally Carmen (Abi) and Michael most certainly notices. It helps that Sally's Abi wears flats, of course! πŸ˜‰
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Nov/19
@ Nik - That surprises me not a JOT! It would seem that that's the desired height for those around 5ft6 or so! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Oct/19
Since 'Classic Coronation Street' has started up, they are celebrating their ninth Christmas now. Kevin and Steve have just come fresh out of the Courtroom on a dangerous driving charge and Michael's Kevin, being that much older than Steve, has taken the brunt of the punishment, being fined an astronomical Β£800, which, back in 1993, was a revolting great fine. Steve received probation. .

One thing I noticed last fictitious Christmas is that all the decorations went up on the same day! What are the chances of that happening in real life? Very slight indeed, I'd say, but the makers of 'Coronation Street' seem to think that nobody's going to notice. Yup - the ones in the corner shop, those in supermarket Betterbuys, the local boozer and people's homes all appeared magically overnight. I'd say that's about as likely as all the actors measuring within 2" of each other! Complete bunkum!

Little Kev, or Michael, is going to be lacking his usual Christmas spirit with a huge fine like that to contend with, but at least he's still got his Christmas freedom. It's a shame he didn't appear on Des O'Connor's 'Take Your Pick' after that lousy expense; one of the prizes on offer being 365 bottles of wine, so he and his wife Sally would have been able to host parties for entire cast from Christmas through to New Year - and see 1994 in
with an unenviable hangover. No thanks!

Michael Le Vell can have 5ft6.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Oct/19
Michael's character Kevin Webster's sister has returned to the 'cobbles' - after an enormously long break of 34 years! She is played by Sue Devaney, who, at 4ft11, makes Kevin look tall at his 5ft6.25. She is equivalent to a man who's just 5ft4, so it's no wonder that Michael Le Vell's Kevin looks tall next to her, but the sister, Debbie, gives off the impression that it wouldn't be wise to mess with her!

Michael can have 5ft6.5. I have given him a quarter-inch more because the average vote out of 19 is exactly 5ft8. Even his own 90s claim of 5ft7 is a whole inch less than that! 😯
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/18
In 'Classic Coronation Street' yesterday, Kevin brought home the wrong baby from the park! It was a boy - David - instead of his daughter, Rosie!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Michael gets 5ft6!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Aug/18
In yesterday's 'Vintage Coronation Street', this guy was referred to as 'Little Kevin', so I had to check his height out!

Michael can have 5ft5.75, which is a more convincing 'Little Kevin' than 5ft6.25, so I am going with a touch below the average. 😁

He looks a bit taller next to Sally!
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/18
My heart has gone out to him, and obviously people whose children have suffered like this, for his recent performance in 'Coronation Street'. His young son has had to have part of his leg removed as a necessity to save his life from the killer illness, sepsis.

The Soaps are so good at bringing these dreadful things to the public eye.

Michael gets 5ft6.25.
177cm said on 8/Nov/17
@Editor Rob agreed on the optimism there. I must admit he seems more of a week 5'6 than strong one. can look quite small next to average sized guys
177cm said on 29/Oct/17
Rob there was an episode in corrie where his character kevin claimed "I'm 5'7 and a half!" when someone made a negative comment on his stature.
Nik said on 29/Oct/17
@ CD

I fully agree!

177cm said on 29/Oct/17
Rob there was an episode in corrie where his character kevin claimed "I'm 5'7 and a half!" when someone made a negative comment on his stature.
Editor Rob: it's overly optimistic, but sometimes when challenged in real life, people create a height with a fraction tagged on to make it seem like they are honest...don't fall for it.

It's the same with actors, the old 5ft 9.5 trick from Andrew Scott is a good example...he's as much 5ft 9.5 as Big G was 5ft 8, both lie by 1.5 inches.
CD said on 29/Oct/17

Simon Gregson's character Steve once said 5ft 11 in the show, so 6ft is certainly ruled out for him.
Nik said on 28/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Thanks for telling me the correct spelling of Flinn's name!
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/17
Have u considered adding simon gregson,charlie lawson,colson smith ect,ect? U should check out the coronation street IMDB page.Most of the heights r listed on that.Jack p.Shepard said he was 5.6 once now he claims he is 5.7.
Editor Rob: there is a few guys still not given a page, guys like Gregson claim 6ft but don't look it though!
Anonymousbloke said on 27/Oct/17
5 foot 6.25 - 5 foot 7... but in shots of Corrie he didn't look very tall.
Cameron said on 26/Oct/17
Looks around 5ft 6 definitely no more than that
Nik said on 20/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, I knew about your page request for Bruno Langley, I answered this comment at about 9:00 yesterday morning and it was the first, or second, comment I did that day, neither made the comments page! More about the other comment later but first about your page request for Bruno Langley, it was a very good one, plus I found it amusing how your autocorrect came out with "Brunette Language", what is your autocorrect trying to do to you? Well you were a bit too wise and alert for it, so tough * to your autocorrect! Seriously though everyone would have seen the funny side to it but by spotting it and correcting it you saved yourself the 😑 of seeing it up on Rob's "Height Request" page, however that would not have been a problem because you would have ... written off to Rob!!! This brings me onto what I want to say next, I also sent a comment to Derek Thompson's page at about 9:00 yesterday morning, in fact 2 as I noticed a mistake in my first "write off to Rob" comment, but the whole idea of writing off to Rob was because my you-know-what had spelt "General Height" wrong! Thankfully Rob edited it so that everything was correct! - and deleted the two "write off to Rob" comments before they even made the internet!
You sure are right in that Manelia does not need a balloon pump! She really is a character, isn't she! Lovely cat though she is, she must take smelliness to legendary levels!
I had always struggled to find out any quotes on Michael Le Vell's height from any internet sources until Rob gave him his page on here, like you, I think that Michael could be roughly an inch south of what he is quoted to be, so yes he is of a common short height but there is nothing wrong with that at all, as we always like to point out!
I am glad that Michael has a page, he has been a regular on "Coronation street" for decades and is part of the furniture. In his long career with this soap he will have made a lot of friends and will be popular with the other cast members! He is a great actor and "Coronation Street" would not be the same without him in it!
Like I said I had seen nothing said about Michael's height on the internet but now that has changed!
Who knows Sandy, maybe a number of celebrities do visit this website, it wouldn't surprise me! Maybe Rob, yourself, other visitors (inc myself) will be getting a little bit famous as well, and it will be for the right reasons! - Like it is with Michael and all the other celebrities!

Cheers Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Oct/17
@ Nik -
PS:- The boy who just died on Emmerdale, Flin, is in fact spelt Flinn!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Oct/17
@ Nik - Yes, it's utterly ridiculous the words my πŸ”₯ing autocorrect comes up with, and comforting to know that yours is just as πŸ”₯ing bad-mannered! Did you see what I wrote to you on the Height Request page? My autocorrect came up with those πŸ”₯ing silly alternative words for fellow 'Coronation Street' star, Bruno Langley! In fact, the daft bugger just called him a πŸ”₯ing 'Brunette' again!
In case you're wondering, I put in a request for Bruno. It occured to me when I was writing about his 'Coronation Street' brother, played by Ryan Thomas, another very recent addition to celebheights!

I'm glad you liked my balloon pump joke for Jaffa! 🐝
I tell you someone who doesn't need one and that is Manelia! She's asleep next to me and as soon as I started on about the balloon pump, she πŸ”₯ing let one go and it freakin' well STINKS! I think my nose has contorted itself into a different shape, it was so revolting!

One last thing: while I was watching 'Coronation Street - The Golden Years' yesterday afternoon, I couldn't believe how short Michael looked standing with Hilda Ogden, of all people! Hilda looked about 5ft3 if Michael was 5ft7, even 5ft4! Either Hilda is taller than I thought or Michael is under 5ft7! Interesting, what do you think?

Bye for now! πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
Sandy πŸ™‹
Nik said on 13/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I know, Flyin is nothing like flaming fart and your corrupted you-know-what still had to flaming type it to try and embarrass you and get you into trouble, but unlucky (for it), you noticed it! I like your idea of blowing Jaffa up with a balloon pump and your choice on his early morning luncheon!

Thanks for telling me the name of the shorter Emmerdale brother!

I always though that Michael gave me a flat 5'6" impression when seeing him on Coronation Street, however the photo above suggests that this may be too high as does the average vote. I think I will stick with 5'5.5" as this is my best guess!

Sandy Cowell said on 12/Oct/17
🐹 Flyin - You never know when bumping into these celebrities is going to come in useful! 🐹

🐹 Nik - It's that you-know-what of mine again! When I tried to type in Flyin's name just now, it put 'fart' as soon as the letters 'fl' appeared! Yes! 'F' and 'L'! Bloody' L'! It's really demon-style foul-mouthed fifthy! It looks as though Jaffa 🐝 has his work cut out today! I'll have to blow him up with a balloon pump and feed him beans and sprouts for breakfast! 🐹

Sandy Cowell said on 12/Oct/17
@ Nik - The (shorter) Emmerdale brother who died was called Fin.
Flyin said on 11/Oct/17
A celeb I actually met briefly from living in Altrincham. Yes, nearly 5 inches shorter than myself. Thought he was about 5'8 until then. Good listing.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/17
@ lee168cm - Hi! I agree that Sally Dynever (I think that's her name now!) should be added as well! πŸ‘Œ
I have read that she is 5ft4 and 5ft2! I reckon she's the latter - definitely, or even less now! πŸ‘
Over to Rob! πŸ‘
James said on 11/Oct/17
He's actually 5'5".
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/17
@ Nik - Hi! Have you noticed that the vast majority of the male soap stars we are finding on celebheights are as much on the shorter side as the female ones?
Having said that, I saw two very much taller-than-average male stars standing together at Moira's hospital bed yesterday on Emmerdale, one of whom was Cain, who is nearly 6ft and the other, one of the two remaining brothers who has just lost his Mum, Emma, and the third of the brothers, last week!
Emma was tiny and the brother who died was small, but the two remaining brothers are tall!

Cheers for now, Nik!
lee168cm said on 10/Oct/17
How about the actress who plays sally Webster? She's listed as both 5'5" and 5'2.5" which would be closer to the truth you think rob?
Editor Rob: 5ft 5 looks impossible compared to someone like Michael, you'd have to say no more than 5ft 3.
Nik said on 10/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi again!

You have got a point! I think I may vote for 5'5.5"'!
Nik said on 10/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi Sandy!

Yet another man to be added to the growing collection! I Think that 5'6.25" is about right for Michael!

Sandy Cowell said on 10/Oct/17
If anyone who lives in the UK or can get access to our TV, and wishes to see the 'Coronation Street' stars how they used to look in the 80's, then they are doing a re-run of the episodes shown in the 1980's when Michael Le Vell was still living with Hilda Ogden as her lodger in these episodes, having just met 'Sally', played by another Sally in real life, who is still in the show now playing an irksome Councellor, who has just put her name forward as 'Lord Mayor'! These episodes are shown on ITV3 on weekdays at 2.40, and they show a couple of episodes a time, repeating them at 6 o'clock the following morning.

Then you will be able to judge for yourselves whether you think Michael, and many of the other stars, were the heights they claim to have been in their early days, which in Michael 's case, is 5ft7!
I can't see him being around 5ft6.25 nowadays! He isn't much taller than Helen Worth's 5ft1.5! Based on this picture, he passed for around 5ft5 - Helen's heels are hardly very high, are they? I will settle for 5ft5.5, a compromise between his stated height and how tall he looks in the picture!
Csimpson 6ft said on 10/Oct/17
I was thinking more like 5ft 6.5 but this listing is OK I guess
Jim Hopper said on 9/Oct/17
Met him several times in the Ox in Mcr. Very short guy. 5-6 max
Renegade said on 9/Oct/17
I thought he was shorter than Alan Halsall
CD said on 9/Oct/17
Worth mentioning his character once claimed "5ft 7 and a half" on Corrie but this is clearly an optimistic shoe height for him. He and Alan Halsall (Tyrone) look very close in height on the show.

Rob have you considered adding Ryan Thomas (currently dating Lucy Mecklenburgh)? I don't think he's claimed a height at all but something like 5ft 8.5 might be an accurate listing for him. A funny thing is his character once claimed to be about 6ft in his stocking heels lol.
Editor Rob: I've not looked that much at Ryan yet, but he definitely did have 5ft 9 in the spotlight database!...5ft 8.5 might be ok for him though.
lee168cm said on 9/Oct/17
Is the height you have him listed as his peak height rob or would that of been 5'7"
Editor Rob: don't think he's changed much in height over 20 years, always looked a short 5ft 6-7 zone guy.

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