How tall is Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

American Swimming Legend. He once claimed early in his career to be almost 6ft 4.

How tall is Michael Phelps
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6ft 2.65in (189.6cm)
RJT said on 27/Sep/21
Look at the cuff on his jeans, that's cus he got shorter legs compared to other 6'2 range guys.
David Tang said on 5/Sep/21
good example of how tall a 6'2.5 guy really is. rob do you think the heights for swimmers are hit or miss?. some look to be right on like adrian at 6'6, vollmer at 6'1 isn't too bad, though she looks 1.84, then you have people like caeleb dressel, who's listed at 6'3, but looks a 6'2 guy, and zach apple, who looks nothing like a 6'7 guy. looks more 6'5-6'6
David Tang said on 2/Sep/21
hey rob, do you think 6'2.5 is pretty tall for a guy. like in most social events, would you say he is the tallest guy there, or the 2nd tallest
Editor Rob
The bigger the group, the more chance you're gonna find a greater amount of 6ft 2+ guys. In smaller gatherings, 6ft 2.5 might find you in the top couple of heights very often.
Maxim Warwick said on 29/Aug/21
Hey Rob, do you think because of Michael Phelps insanely long torso that his max morning height might actually be 6'4?
Editor Rob
It may increase the odds of him shrinking more than usual...
Canson said on 19/Aug/21
There is no chance Phelps is that tall at a normal height. In the morning he would make it more than likely but not in the afternoon. He’s no higher than Rob lists him in person. His almost 6’4 is a shoe height
Tom Ford said on 19/Aug/21
The problem with swimmers heights is that they’re all usually self reported. There’s no way to compare because the heights are all over the place with people inflating their own heights which most of the general population do because they have no idea how tall they are because they never get measured. My guess is phelps is about 6ft 3 1/4 ish about 191cm he probably gets the 6ft 4 from rounding up. Lochte is probably around 6ft 1 185 ish. Adam peaty is probably 6ft 2- 1.88m. Katie Ledecky probably 5ft 11- 180.3cm. Caleb Dressel is probably around 1.87/88m suddenly after his Olympic wins he’s gone up to 1.91m. The only swimmer who I think isn’t fibbing is Ian Thorpe he genuinely looks about 6ft 4 1/2 minium i believe his 6ft 5 claim probably rounded up a tiny bit. It’s easy to do I’m 185cm 6ft 1 all the time and I claim 6ft 2 and no one can tell the difference. Rob you definitely need to make a page for swimmers anyway.
David Tang said on 8/Aug/21
rob so on your perspective, do you think she's 6'1. I can see her as 6'0 1/2 inch. she looked 3/4 shorter than 1.86 penny oleksiak and 3/4 inch taller than sarah sjorstorm, who's listed as 5'11 3/4. so I think her 6'1 claim is accurate. she most likely wakes up 6'1+
Editor Rob
I've only seen a few photos, you are probably more knowledgable about her height than me 😇
David Tang said on 4/Aug/21
rob how tall do you think dana vollmer is. she's listed as 6ft, but listed 6'1 everywhere else. i think from comparing her to katie ledecky and missy franklin (franklin is probably 6ft+) she could be a genuine 6'1 girl. what do you think rob?. let me know
Editor Rob
Click here, you can see she claimed 6ft 1 before.
David Tang said on 1/Aug/21
rob do you think katie ledecky is overlisted. i don't doubt shes tall for a girl or guy, but she doesn't seem to be a 6'0 girl. Honesty i think alot of the olympic height listing is hit or miss.
i think the female swimmer whose height is perfect is allison schmitt's. she's listed as 6'1, and she looks like it. what do you think rob?
Editor Rob
could be a couple of inches between those ladies, so Katie maybe more 5ft 11 if the other girl is true 6ft 1.
David Tang said on 31/Jul/21
rob how tall do you think chase kalisz is. he's listed at 6'4, but with a picture next to katie ledecky, who probably is max 5'11.5, he only looks to be 6'3. he only looked to have 3-3.5 inches on her. also do you think ledecky is overlisted, she seems to be very weak 6'0 at the most. I think in my opinion the only female swimmer not overlisted would be allison schmitt, she actually looks 6'1 as she's listed.
Jug said on 25/Jul/21
I always thought he passed for 6’4. I guess Ryan Lochte is 6 feet then. He should have longer legs for his frame. If he had a more proportioned body, he would be like 6’5.
Bobbyh3342 said on 24/Jul/21
classic 6 2.5 guy
Taylorrrrr said on 21/Jun/21
Hey Rob, I've checked the heights of all the Olympic swimmers and it seems quite a mess with what seems 2 sometimes 3 inches being lied about, for example adam peaty,phelps,Chad le clos, Caeleb dressel,Duncan Scott, James guy, Ryan lochte, they all seem to claim from 6ft1 to 6ft4 but I literally cannot figure our who's lying and who's not, your defo the man that can figure this out, can u have a look and maybe add a swimmers category? Thanks
Canson said on 13/Jun/21

Here he is with Anthony Joshua who Rob has met and guesses at a weak 6’6”. I doubt it’s as much as it looks but I think 6’2.75 is too high and too high in person too

Click Here
Warren said on 8/Jun/21
Out of Bed at the first minutes 192-193cm (8-9 hours sleep)
Before Bed 189-190cm imho
Lava said on 23/May/21
Before Bed: 190.0 cm.
Ouf of Bed: 191.9 cm.
Lava said on 23/May/21
@Canson My guess closer to 189.7-190.0 than 189.2.
Canson said on 19/May/21
@Lava: he isn’t 6’3”. But he’s a strong 6’2 at worst or maybe up to what Rob lists him in person
Canson said on 19/May/21
@Rampage: I could easily see 6’3.25-6’3.5 out of bed. He could lose an inch or 7/8” on a regular basis. He could dip to 189 imho and be the listed height at lunchtime as well. The “almost 6’4” is a shoe height
Lava said on 15/May/21
Out of Bed: 6ft 4
Before Bed: 6ft 3
Dom5'11.5 said on 20/Apr/21
190cm. He is often the tallest among Olympic swimmers
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/21
Rob, could Phelps wake up at 6ft3½?
Editor Rob
yeah no doubt...since he has a long back, maybe better chance of a greater than average shrinkage.
recapa said on 7/Dec/20
very long uper body he can lose an inch easily.6ft2.5 at low 6ft3.5 out of bed.
Vincent Caleb said on 20/Nov/20
Phelps physique is a dead on match for someone with Marfan syndrome. I see there is a lot of research on the internet about him having it. His proportions are insanely good for swimming.
Canson said on 19/Nov/20
@Vincent: agreed. He’d be a candidate for an inch. He has a very long spine. I could argue 6’2.25-.5 range afternoon and 6’3.25-.5 out of bed being possible. He’s very oddly proportioned imho
Jdubbz said on 19/Nov/20

I'm 6'6 or more accurately 6'5 3/4 night height. What about you?
viper said on 18/Nov/20
How tall are you Jdubbz
viper said on 18/Nov/20
I wear 32 a lot because Im use to my pants hanging low off my waist
Jdubbz said on 18/Nov/20
@Viper what length pants do you wear? I wear 37" inseam pants even though my actual pubic bone to floor inseam is 40".
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Nov/20
6’3.25 out of bed, 6’2.25” afternoon
Canson said on 19/Jul/20
Alir?za said on 17/Jul/20
I thought his height is 6'4-6'5..

Not even close. I had about 2” on him in person and I’m 6’4 and change
Alir?za said on 17/Jul/20
I thought his height is 6'4-6'5..
viper said on 24/Apr/20
My inseam is around 33-34 from pelvic bone to the floor
viper said on 5/Apr/20
I see some sites saying inseam is crotch to floor, than others crotch to ankle.

Wow, my inseam is a lot shorter than I thought If it's just crotch to ankle
viper said on 5/Apr/20
30 inch inseam at 6-2.5 is nothing when I see 6-5-6-6 guys on the internet say they have a 30 inch inseam
viper said on 5/Apr/20
It's funny to see articles trying to say he has a 32 inch inseam along with being 6-4
Anon11 said on 7/Jan/20
To Fish (who posted some years ago), Ian Thorpe is at least 195cm. He is an incredibly imposing figure.

As for Phelps, I think he is probably somewhere between 189cm and 191cm.
Canson said on 24/Nov/19
@Mickie: that’s what I would’ve guessed. He had a long torso for a guy that height and it stands out more in person when you see him
Mickie said on 22/Nov/19
Very long torso guy who would shrink more than most. He could go as much as 192 cm in the morning and 189 cm at night. If not 3 cm I'd expect an inch drop from morning to night anyway.
cmillzz said on 2/Aug/19
As listed 6’2.5”
Rick Havoc said on 25/Jul/19
Seems a solid 190cm to me. Although on this particular photo, he seemingly has the body and facial structure of someone nearly 7 feet, lol. It's just the way he looks like :P
Tunman said on 9/Jul/19
Thanks for the answer.So it's like maybe 104 and 107,5 for you and Jenny.If anything it's an indicator that your legs are probably average and mine and Jenny's maybe just over average.Btw I never really thought my legs were too long.That 33"leg inseam I mentioned sometimes is just impossible to explain,it seems too high for an average man
Tunman said on 7/Jul/19
Rob,do you have an idea about the average height of the belly button(for the average men of course)?It seems much more easy to measure than leg inseam.Mine is 108-8,5cm.Surely it's quite a common height for an average man,right?Correct me if I'm wrong but you said that yours is like 102cm and Jenny's 107?Also does it differ that much for men and women who are the same height(higher for women)?thanks
Editor Rob
It is a topic I rarely thought about, don't know about it though did just get jenny to recheck mine and it was between 103-5 and jenny's I checked at just over 107.
Canson said on 12/Apr/19
@K.A.188: yes. He’s about what Rob lists him. Not less than about 189cm from what I saw
K.A 188 said on 10/Apr/19
@Canson you have met Phelps in person?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/19
If his legs were in proportion with his upper body he’d be 6ft8 but probably not a swimming prodigy

I’m sort of the opposite, I’ve got the legs of a 6ft7+ guy and the torso of someone below 6ft
berta said on 9/Apr/19
190 cm guy.
Canson said on 20/Mar/19
@KA188: that’s reasonable for him. He has a long torso. In person he could be anywhere around 189
Ian C. said on 19/Mar/19
Not 6 foot four? That was a well-protected lie. I have read also that he has Marfan's syndrome, which is possible, except that Marfan's is associated with weakness and ill health.
K.A 188 said on 17/Mar/19
191.4 out of bed and probably 189 at lowest. His almost 6ft4 claim was a morning height measurement with shoes.Although when taking pictures with legit 6ft4 guys he looks weak 6ft2 but maybe camera angles affects that .
James G. said on 3/Mar/19
Easily 6’3,” 6’4” is a stretch.
Tunman said on 25/Feb/19
Yet they still have him at 193 (even 194 for some time)and even have Missy Franklin at 6'2 when she's a good 2" smaller than him probably around 6'0.25".Again I wonder what's the point of giving height listings to sportsmen when they end up listed 1-2"taller than they are.Maybe it's just better to avoid it?Better than giving false informations anyways.
Canson said on 23/Feb/19
@Tunman: I think anything 6’2.25-.5 fits. 189ish
Tunman said on 22/Feb/19
Yeah,6'2.25"is also possible I guess
Ian555 said on 20/Feb/19
Rob how come they still list him at approximately 6’ 4” even though he might not be that tall?
Editor Rob
I don't know why, but it could have been rounded up from his 'almost' claim of 6ft 4.
Canson said on 18/Feb/19
@Tunman: if he dips under it’s not by more than 1/4”. Looks near 189 in person
Andrea said on 18/Feb/19
Given how long his spine is, he may well be a guy who regularly loses near 3 cms from morning to evening, so 192 out of bed maybe isn't impossible, but at his low I don't think he's much over 6'2.5. More chance of 6'2.25 than 6'2.75, IMO. If you look at him with someone like Kevin Pietersen, who Rob has met and who certainly looks an honest enough 6'4 with him, it is quite clear that his idea of "almost 6'4" is a bit optmistic: Click Here
Tunman said on 18/Feb/19
Phelps is probably a honest 6'2.5"though.I would be surprised if he dips much under that.Given his exceptionally long spine I wouldn't be surprised if he loses a solid inch throughout the day.Perhaps 6'3.5"right out of bed isn't impossible.
Canson said on 23/Dec/18
@Christian: I also give the bartender because he’s been on his feet for some hours at night which could signal the extreme low getting to 189 but he may be 190 on a normal day to be fair
Canson said on 22/Dec/18
@Christian: id say maybe the bartender but only because I’ve spent more time around him than Phelps. I wouldn’t have Phelps at 190 but to be honest I they are similar in height maybe 1/4”
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/18

Who would you say left a taller impression in person? That bartender or Phelps?
Canson said on 19/Dec/18
Highly doubt 190 at a low. 189 looks decent enough

A lot of guys say they’re “almost 6’4” like someone I know who works behind a bar has said that for years (even inflates people). Then you stand next to him and he’s 189 up to a full 190 tops. Not even a legit 6’3”. Shoes aren’t part of the human body
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/18
Phelps is a good 189cm at least.
Lava said on 18/Dec/18
Out of bed: 192 cm
Before bed: 190 cm
Canson said on 10/Dec/18
@Celebhrights 6’1.5: that’s a very good estimate.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 9/Dec/18
Michael Phelps:

Out of bed: 192 CM
Before bed: 189-189.5 CM tall

Ryan Lochte:

Out of bed: 187.3 CM
Before bed: 184.9 CM tall

Ryan Lochte can sometimes appear to be as short as 5’10 1/2” by celebrities such as a lift wearing Sylvester Stallone, or a 187 CM Novak Djokovic; however, to me, he consistently appears to be over six feet tall by Michael Phelps, and easily has a good 1/2” of an inch to a full inch on Kellan Lutz if you look closely at the photos. He also appeared to just be barely shorter than a 6’1 1/2” Prince Harry. I think that near 6’1” is a good listing for him.
Lava said on 3/Oct/18
Phelps: 190 cm
Lochte: 184 cm
Canson said on 28/Aug/18
I concur with Christian. In person this is the absolute most he would be. Could be anywhere from maybe 6’2 1/4-1/2 imho
Canson said on 14/Jul/18
@Junior: good estimate although with his long torso, he may lose the full inch
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/18
6'3 1/4 out of bed, 6'2 1/2 before bed.
Myself said on 20/Jun/18
I wonder how much he shrinks during the day with such a long torso...maybe even something like 3 cm.
Canson said on 9/Jun/18
He’s not taller than this in person. Worst case he’d be 1/4” less
Armin said on 8/Jun/18
Actually I think he is taller but he looks shorter because his torso is very long but his legs are short
Canson said on 2/Jun/18
@Dream: he would measure it at some point in the day for sure
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 31/May/18

Those websites are BS. There are obviously swimmers out there that are much taller than Phelps.
Batistataker said on 29/May/18
Best swimmer in the world by far, said to be the tallest on some occasions. Although it says on some websites he is the tallest (usually due to abnormal body proportions) imo he isn't . I actually have him at a height of ''6'2 at worst'' if I'm 6'3 from what I have seen.
Bobby said on 11/May/18
So, was he ever 6'4, or no?
Editor Rob
I would have said no...I can't see him as tall as that.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 1/May/18
Rob, would you say Michael Phelps is another strong candidate for 6’2 5/8ths?”
Editor Rob
Always a good chance of measuring it, like Routh, you can make strong cases.
berta said on 29/Apr/18
fraction taller than dwayne johnson so 189-190 somehere in that range. i can believe dwayne to be couple mm under 189 today and this guy couple mm over 189
Thunderfin said on 15/Mar/18
Apparently has the torso of someone 6'8 and the legs of someone 6'.
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
@Celebheights 6’1.5: not sure on him. He does look 2” shorter than Phelps tho. That is a good estimate in my opinion 6’0 and change. 2” could mean a flat 2 or 1.75-2.25 imho. Phelps is somewhere around 189cm imho.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Mar/18
@Canson How tall would you estimate that Ryan Lochte is? He tends to look 6’0”-6’1” by any measured celebrity, but then he looks to be the same height as Novak Djokovic is. So I’m puzzled as to how tall he is. He does look 2” inches shorter than Michael Phelps is.
Canson said on 10/Mar/18
@Ricky: that’s no joke. He has a very long torso. He could conceivably lose an inch even at 6’2-6’3 depending on when he is measured. Standing next to him looked 2” shorter than me. Maybe 191-192 out of bed and 189 at night is the likely (at least the latter he looked in person). Definitely 6’2.25 at worst
Ricky said on 7/Mar/18
I read on an article his 32 inch inseam is short for someone his height... I heard that was the average for a 6 footer...
johnnyboy69 said on 27/Feb/18
only wears a 32 pant length at that height. More spinal compression. Maybe 6'3 1/4 right out of bed
sulu2018 said on 19/Feb/18
Isn't he the exact same height as James and Oliver Phelps?
Canson said on 18/Feb/18
@Dream: yea he could be 189 range at a low. He looked a strong 6’2” to me. I think where Rob has him is fair. If anything he’s only a 1/4 or within that amount overlisted or is exactly how Rob has him here as a best case
Dream(5'9.5 said on 12/Feb/18
He actually does edge out Prince William in most photos. I'd rule out 188 cm flat for sure.

This listing is fine.
Canson said on 5/Feb/18
@Junior: best case prob is 189cm. I had a good 2” in person on him
Junior Hernandez said on 4/Feb/18
Overall Phelps can look 6'2- 6'2 1/4 and i was always wonder that Kobe is a tap over 6'4.75" just very close to 6'5. Phelps is really not 6'2.5".
capta said on 1/Jan/18
188cm for maximum
Johnson said on 17/Dec/17
He is 7 cm taller than Missy Franklin...
Junior said on 12/Dec/17
@181cm said on 10/Dec/17

Then Kobe Bryant would be 6'6. Lol ..
181cm said on 10/Dec/17
He’s 190cm........ No question abrir it... No less than 190 !
Canson said on 8/Dec/17
@Junior: nah I met him in person Phelps is 6’2 and change. He’s about 2” shorter than I am. Fair for him is 6’2.25-.5 zone. Maybe Kobe had camera angle as I’ve seen some pics where it’s 6-7cm difference or actually closer to 6cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/17
187cm is a joke
Junior said on 7/Dec/17
Click Here Phelps is 187cm nothing more. 189cm unless Kobe is 197cm.
Canson said on 5/Dec/17
@Rampage: could be even 191+ out of bed. Has a very long torso evenHe could be a candidate to where he loses the inch no less than 3/4. Looked 6’2.25-.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/17
He could be a fraction over 6ft3 out of bed...
Canson said on 3/Dec/17
@Christian: that’s correct strong 6’2” could be as high as 6’2.5 or as low as 6’2.25 in person
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 3/Dec/17
Looks 189cm next to 195cm Kobe Bryant Click Here
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 22/Nov/17
I don't think he is 6'3" evening, but he certainly clears 6'3" in the morning with flying colors.

I'd say he'd beat out someone like 'Ryan Reynolds' and Lance Reddick.

To be fair, he does have a long torso and spine. I can see why he would lose a little 'over' one inch height lost during the day.
Canson said on 11/Nov/17
@Jeremy: I’ve stood right next to him for a few minutes and had 2” or very close to it. My wife said the same and I saw it immediately. I’m 6’4.25-.5 so the best case for him is 6’2.5
Jeremy said on 10/Nov/17
Everyone thinks he’s 6’2”
He’s listed at and claims 6’4”
He’s 6 foot 3
Canson said on 9/Oct/17
@Mark: he was a down to earth dude in person. Very cool. As far as height goes Rob’s listing is fair. Even if he isn’t exactly at his lowest he’s maybe 6’2.25 I’d say
Mark(5'9.5") said on 28/Sep/17
@Canson That must’ve been an honor! I always got an impression that he’s the dude who is more lax unlike most celebrities!

Thanks for telling me bro!!
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
@james; correct!
James said on 23/Sep/17
188.5-189cm absolute lowest. He looks above 6'2. Out of bed: easily 6 ft 3
Canson said on 14/Sep/17
@Mark: he was awesome! My wife and I (fiancée at the time) were up in AC I think in 2010 and happened to run into him when I was leaving a table to go to the restrooms. He was with his girlfriend I'm assuming. They shook our hands too! Both very pleasant and down to earth in person! He definitely has a very long torso just like you see on tv and I can see him losing an inch. He's for sure a full 6'3" or over out of bed and only comes down max to maybe 6'2.25 maybe even still 6'2.5 not sure how long he was on his feet but was able to tell he was 2" shorter and looked the same height as my cousin who is about 6'2-6'2.5 zone. We observed him at a few tables later once we knew he was there and he was living the life enjoying himself very responsibly tho. He enjoyed playing poker and Blackjack! I'm assuming he had friends or family there at The casino because a couple was sitting next to my wife at the slot machines and told him that they were at the bar when he walked over and he bought the group, along with those two, a round of drinks even tho they weren't part of the group. Just an everyday kind of guy. Didn't act like one of those celebs who just didn't want to be bothered with people. Although people did respect his space when he played at the table nobody really bothered him running up or doing paperazi on him anywhere in the place they would just say hello when they walked past like we did. I think it's one of the best encounters and prob the most famous other than Mike Tyson or Dan Marino. Even Tyson was a very pleasant encounter as well. And All three of who Rob has accurately listed (within 1/4" max of their lowest). Tyson was 5'10 in person Marino at most an inch shorter than I am
Mark(5'9.5") said on 13/Sep/17
@Canson awesome! At worst, 6'2.25". Canson, what was he like in person if you don't mind telling me!
Canson said on 11/Sep/17
@Mark: I think Rob nailed this one. Maybe he dips to 6'2.25-3/8 on a normal day and maybe he can go slightly under but in person he looks 189ish as well. I had him by about 2". At worst like 188.5 or so as I dip to 193.7 on a day when I go to the gym or am on my feet and it was at Borgota where I met him level ground etc. but he has a long torso so I can see him waking up to possibly 191-192 and losing close to an inch
Mark(5'9.5 said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, basically, you're saying that Phelps doesn't drop below 189 cm.
Editor Rob
I think on a bad day he might, but typically he might be at his low around 6ft 2.5
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
@EZH: I've always doubted Eli's measurement because he and Roerhlisberger measured the same class and Ben looks taller than him when their measurements are 1/8" apart. I would put Eli at my height max (about 194cm) also based on how he looks with his brother who is 6'5". As far as Phelps I have met him and had him by solid 2" so he isn't a full 6'3" 6'2.5 is tops for him like Rob has him. Could even dip to 6'2.25 like I do to 6'4.25.
Colberto said on 17/Aug/17
Hey rob what do you see him measuring comfortably at 2 1/2 or just a strong 6'2" range. I vote 2 1/2
Editor Rob
I think this is probably lowest range for him, the 2.5
jessman said on 17/Aug/17
He is too much below Alex Popov and Nathan Adrian too be 6'3 or more. These guys are about 6'6. Canson met him and reckons 6'2.5 max. Canson seems on the money in most cases and I agree with him on Phelps.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/Aug/17
With 5'10 5/8" measured Russell Wilson:

Click Here

Michael Phelps has a relatively high eye level for his height, so it really doesn't appear to be more than 4" inch difference.
EZH said on 16/Aug/17
Google his picture standing next to 6'4.75 Eli Manning (the one with the trophy). Phelps looks no less than 1.5 inches shorter than Eli. Therefore I give him 6'3.25.

Eli's height was measured by the NFL,so it's one of the few times we know for sure the height of the person he's standing next to.
Peterson188cm said on 12/Aug/17
Michael Phelps Height: 6ft2¾ (189.8cm)

out of bed: 192.4cm
night: 189.5cm 190cm
Canson said on 10/Aug/17
@Slim and Mark 5'9.5: I def agree 189 is more like it barefoot than 188. I had him by 2". But if someone said 188 or 190 that wouldn't be easy to tell the difference in public unless someone is close in height with him or has a keen enough eye like Rob does. Heck he could probably get mistaken for 6'4" by many since so many people exaggerate their height these days. I say the part I do about 188 because that's 6'2@ flat and a guy at 6'2.25 or 6'2.5 will often get guesses as 6'3@ by some or 6'2 by others since some strong 6'2" guys or flat 6'2" are measured in the afternoon at their true heights and will assess a guy near height (within 1/4" or 1/2") or same as being 6'2" possibly esp if not using cm to gauge. But I can easily say Phelps looked 189 to me at worst a strong 6'2" maybe close to a weak 6'3" at most
Mark(5'9.5") said on 9/Aug/17
188 cm? That's lowbailing Michael Phelps IMO.
Andrew said on 8/Aug/17
I thought he was 6'4 I guess his large wingspan confused me?
Slim 182 cm said on 8/Aug/17
Canson, lol canson, that was on the Arnold page, I've just grown to flat 6' no less unless I'm superbly dehydrated. I'm sure I'll grow to 6'1 or 6'2 range as my fathers and grandfather are 5'11 and change to 6'. Thanks for clearing the air though, I may be one of the many who have convinced rob to add half intervals to cms so no more confusion
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
anyonmious, lol, I hope you have money saved for a rainy day, otherwise you will lose all for sure.
Canson said on 5/Aug/17
@Slim: thanks! Btw, did you grow? I see you're 188 now? You'd be pretty darn close to Phelps in height maybe a cm or so off assuming it's your lowest. The thing with Phelps is his torso is very long for his height and he is very disproportionate even in person. I almost wonder if he loses an inch honestly and is 6'3.25-.5 out of bed.
anyonmious said on 5/Aug/17
188 cm is more accurate.
Slim 182 cm said on 4/Aug/17
Canson, thanks, that's a self esteem riser! 😉
Or maybe it was a lucky guess 😭

I do think a low long waist like phelps helps him swim better, something to do with the body's core or centre of gravity.
Canson said on 2/Aug/17
@Slim182: right on the money! Had him by about 2" when I met him in AC years back. He's a solid 189cm at his lowest. Best case 6'2.5 worst maybe 6'2.25
Slim 182 cm said on 29/Jul/17
189 or 190 at lunchtime.
Toby said on 24/Jul/17
Rob, could you please do other famous swimmers as well? Namely Ryan Lochte and Nathan Adrian. Allegedly Adrian is 6'6 but since Phelp's real height is 6'2.5 i don't think that is possible looking at this picture

Click Here

he does look noticeably taller here though

Click Here

what would you estimate Adrian's height is?
Editor Rob
sometimes Adrian can look 2 but also 3-3.5 inches taller than Michael.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 23/Jul/17
190 cm 'flat' is a fraction under 6'3". 190.5 cm is flat 6'3".

This guy gives a 192 cm impression and looks very tall. Because of his long spine, he could easily measure 192 out of bed. If his legs were proportioned to his body, he would be too well over 6'5"!
Matthew Robinson said on 22/Jul/17
I could see 192 cm in the morning and 189 cm at night, as he's got a ridiculously long torso. I think he should get a 6'2.75" listing as I'm thinking he could stretch up to about that height around mid-day.
Joao said on 19/Jul/17
190cm that's actually 6'3 not 6'4 as olympics say
Mark(5'9.5 said on 18/Jul/17
Rob, this is me, but Michael Phelps can easily look 190 cm at times and 'doesn't' seem like a guy that would really drop under 189 cm.
even said on 6/Jul/17
height = 6'2.5"
arm span = 6'9"
Mark(5'9.25 said on 7/Jun/17
I do dare say that Michael Phelps could measure taller than Peak Morgan Freeman.

Canson said on 1/Jun/17
@Bobby: yup: I thought even footwear but maybe I was wrong. He looked to me 2" shorter than I am and I'm the same size as you are 195.8 cm out of bed (after I cut my hair) and 193.9 at my lowest some days bang on 194 (6'4.25 if I hit the gym). Practically 6'4 1/2. I wouldn't put him over 189cm
Matthew Robinson said on 30/May/17
Should be listed at 190 cm imo. I could see him maybe at 189 at his lowest, but I also think he's a guy who could drop as much as 3 cm over the course of a day. But he holds up well enough next to Prince William, Tony Hawk, The Rock, and Ray Lewis to give him the 6'2.75" height mid day, for sure.
Bazza said on 22/May/17
I remember seeing him on stage accepting the award off prince William (a legit 190cm) before new year and Phelps looked to edge him out for me. I think standing tall for measurement bare foot he would be 6'3 on the nose or very, very close.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/May/17
He actually doesn't look shorter than the Rock. If anything, he looks a bit taller than the Rock.

Click Here

6'2.75" would be a better mark.
berta said on 18/May/17
yes in the picture the orkc is taler but look at video face to face and you see there is zero chanse of rock being taller
Yuval said on 16/May/17
I just saw a picture with him and the rock(listed 189 cm here) and the rock is clearly taller.
berta said on 16/May/17
he is in a new video that dwayne johnson posted on facebook today i guess it will be up on youtube soon. they looked pretty mutch the same height. But dwayne stood with good posture and phelps a little looser and i would say dwayne was maybe 1 cm shorter if we dont count the hair. its filmed in a perfect angle to judge me it looked like this guy can be strong 189 and dwayne a weak 189 guy. But they can be the exact height its hard to see how mutch hair this guy have. At best dwayne is the same height but ptobably 0,5 cm shorter than phelps.
Canson said on 6/May/17
Christian is correct long torso
Canson said on 29/Apr/17
Click Here

Looks 189 like he did in person in this pic with tiger woods
Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon said on 17/Apr/17
Very long torso and short legs for his height. Probably only a 30" or 31" inseam.
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
Out of bed 191-192
Before bed 189
Mark(5'9.25 said on 29/Mar/17
I wouldn't go under this listing actually.
berta said on 28/Mar/17
rob dont know if you can see it but if you follow dwayne johonson on facebook you can see him and phelps standing beside eachother and johnson looks 2 cm taller. i though this guy really was almost 190 but maybe he is only 188 and look taller because of his extremely long torso
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
@SJH:Maybe we can argue he's closer to flat 6'2 but he isn't less than that. To me he looked the height Rob has him listed above or near it maybe 6'2 1/4. Kobe in the pic is favored. That's why when I use pics I'm careful because a lot of them favor. I also saw Olympic pics with Durant and draymond
S.J.H said on 19/Mar/17
If phelps is really 6'2.5 then black mamba would be 6'6 on the dot not 6'4.75 Click Here
Canson said on 6/Mar/17
Johnson he is only 189. I met him 2" shorter
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Johnson: nah he isn't that tall. I've met him in person. I had 2" on him. Rob has him pegged and I think a solid 189 is reasonable enough as is 6'2.5 or 6'2.25. He's around 189cm
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Feb/17
Rob, how likely is 6'2.75" for Phelps?
Editor Rob
6ft 2.5-2.75, somewhere in that range is very arguable I feel.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 13/Feb/17
Edges out Prince William and looks only 2 inches shorter than 6'4.75" Kobe Bryant. Phelps could safely be upgraded to 6'2.75"

Click Here
Click Here
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
No way he is only 189. He is easily 191.5 cm tall
Kurt Blair said on 1/Feb/17
If Michael's legs were proportionate to his body, he would be 6' 7 1/2" tall!
joe### said on 25/Dec/16
looks 6´2.25-5 with kobe
Mark(5'9.25") said on 24/Dec/16
I would say 6'2.75" for Phelps. While he's oddly built, he is actually a legit 6'2"-6'3" person when you see him with other athletes. I remember seeing him in the olympics. I always thought 6'3" and I do think he can easily pull of 6'3" at times.
Rory said on 20/Dec/16
Didn't look any shorter than Prince William on SPOTYA, if anything looked a fraction taller.
Peterson188cm said on 13/Dec/16
Michael Phelps: 6'2.75 (189.8cm)
Ryan Lochte: 6'1.25 (186cm)
Elite said on 12/Dec/16
Rob, do u think schooling is about 5'9-5'10 range? He reached Phelps' eye level.Click Here
Elite said on 5/Dec/16
Rob, what's ur estimate for Schooling's height?(the one in red shirt)Click Here
Editor Rob
Elite, he looks under six foot.
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
6'2 and change. Had him by about 2" in person so 6'2.25-.5 fits.
anyonmious said on 24/Nov/16
he is about 6'2" flat. 6'3" in shoes
Mark(5'9.25 said on 18/Nov/16

Rob, who would measure slightly the tallest of the three, Michael Phelps, Brandon Routh, or Charlton Heston?

I have a feeling that Michael Phelps might be taller than Routh and Heston due to his long back. What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
I think they are roughly all pretty close, would be tough to say which would end up tallest on the stadiometer.
dpp said on 14/Nov/16
wow! very surprised always think he is 6'4.
MD said on 21/Oct/16
Finally got around to finding the pictures of him with memebers of Team USA basketball at the Olympics this summer. It is imperative to remember that he was barefoot and they are all in sneakers/gym shoes. But I was just surprised at not just how much shorter he looked than I expected, but how much smaller, physically, too. A lot of times these basketball players can look really skinny, but this gives you an idea of just how large they are. All heights given below are barefoot.

With 6'9.75" DeAndre Jordan:

Click Here

With 6'9.5" DeMarcus Cousins:

Click Here

With 6'9" Kevin Durant:

Click Here

With 6'5.75" Draymond Green:

Click Here
Mark said on 4/Oct/16
Phelps can be safely upgraded to 6'2.75"
Ice said on 25/Sep/16
Im around his height and have a 36 Inch inseam !
MD said on 15/Sep/16
I have not seen any good photos of them next to each other on the Lip Sync Battle. All the photos I've seen have them standing way across from each other on stage or from weird angles. Either way, what else is clear from that show is that Michael had on heeled work boots, boots with more of a hill than Crews' boots on that episode.
Jerry said on 13/Sep/16
Rob, in lip sync battle Phelps looked taller than Terrry Crews who is listed as 6'2.50 (the same height).
Jerry said on 6/Sep/16
Rob, do you think 6'2.75 is better form him?
Canson said on 31/Aug/16
@Johan: that's very true. I wouldn't doubt he's 6'3+ out of bed. It's hard to tell with his long torso just how far over but I had him by 2" so he isn't less than maybe 6'2 1/2 maybe an 1/8 under like I fall 1/8 under
Flyin said on 30/Aug/16
Look at the disproportion between his legs and torso.
Mark said on 28/Aug/16
I wouldn't rule out 191 cm
for Phelps in the morning. He's always looked huge next to most athletes.
MD said on 28/Aug/16
@Mr. R,

I think Rob actually had him very close to what he was listed at all over the internet, originally: 6'4". It was through a lot of hard work on my part that he got closer to his actual height.
191-193 said on 27/Aug/16
I agree that Phelps is probably around 6`2 - 6`2.5 going by the pic with Kobe Bryant. Kobe has admitted that his real height is 6`4", which is really believable. So, Phelps is definitely 6`2-6`2.5". DONE!!!
191-193 said on 27/Aug/16
I agree that Phelps is probably around 6`2 - 6`2.5 going by the pic with Kobe Bryant. Kobe has admitted that his real height is 6`4", which is really believable. So, Phelps is definitely 6`2-6`2.5". DONE!!!
Mr. R said on 24/Aug/16
Is it me Rob, or did you used to have him at 6-3.25?
KH said on 24/Aug/16
My buddy is 6'2-6'3. Claims he met Phelps and that Phelps was his height or slightly shorter.
Johan said on 24/Aug/16
Canson said on 21/Aug/16

@Johan: Phelps is right where Rob has him listed 6'2.5. I had him by approximately 2" when I met him and my low is 6'4 3/8

To be honest Canson I haven't really looked at him in any detail. He just struck me as a 6'3" guy the few times I have seen him in pics. 6'2.5" or 6'3" flat not much difference but yes noticeable for you since your close in height.
Jerry said on 24/Aug/16
And how tall is lochte then?
John said on 23/Aug/16
I know, if Ledecky's 6'0 like she is listed, then that would put Phelps at 6'5, which is way off. We all know that he is 6'2.5", so I would estimate her at 177cm, maybe 178cm at the most.
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
@Johan: Phelps is right where Rob has him listed 6'2.5. I had him by approximately 2" when I met him and my low is 6'4 3/8
Johan said on 21/Aug/16
Yes Phelps is 6'5" even though he himself claimed to be almost 6'4".

Even going with his 6'4" claim the highest Ledecky could be is 5'11". She is 5 inches shorter.

2.5 inches of exaggeration damn these swimmers are worse than the WWE.

Before seeing Rob's listing I thought 6'3" was fine for Phelps putting Ledecky at 5ft 10.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 19/Aug/16
Hey Rob :)
If you say he is about 6'3.5 in the morning, so he is 6'2.5 at night. Why is he listed 6'2.5?
Kurt Blair said on 19/Aug/16
Phelps looks ridiculous! His body is more than twice the length of his legs!
Akatakamakabaka said on 19/Aug/16
Or maybe that should tell you that Phelps isn't just 6'2.5" instead of the other way around
lekuki said on 18/Aug/16
There's a recent photo he is next to Junior dos Santos, who says himself to be 1, 92cm. Phelps looks 3cm taller than him.
Canson said on 18/Aug/16
@Rampage: I can buy 192 out of bed. At very worst a weak 192 high 191. Then 189 at his lowest
lekuki said on 18/Aug/16
There's a picture he's next to Junior dos Santos, whos says him self to be 1, 92cm. Phelps looks 3cm taller thab him
Bard said on 18/Aug/16
6'4 with shoes I suppose.
Moke said on 18/Aug/16
With 6.1.25 Chad le Clos.
Click Here

Michael Phelps, 6'3 morning, after a decent night.
MD said on 17/Aug/16
Maybe that should tell you that Ledecky is not a full 6'0" instead of the other way around.
jessman said on 15/Aug/16
Phelps looked about 4 inches shorter than 6'6 listed Nathan Adrian during the Olympic medal ceremony for 4 x 100 medley relay. He has consistently looked 3-4 inches shorter than Adrian. I don't believe Adrian is under-listed. At best, 6'2.5 for Phelps. At worst, 6'2 flat. Kyle Chambers, the 6'4 listed Aussie swimmer, was noticeably taller than Phelps but shorter than Adrian.
MD said on 15/Aug/16
Lochte is a good solid two inches shorter. No, he isn't even 6'1". I was also surprised not by just how short Phelp's looked with the basketball players (even accounting for the footwear difference), but just how small his physique looked compared to even Durant, who is known for his thinness. I was already convinced he wasn't taller than listed, but those shots confirmed it for me for good.
Andisan said on 14/Aug/16
I was astounded how big the 2 inch difference between Phelps and Nathan Adrian looks when they're standing next to each other! I'd have guessed adrian to be 6'9" based on Mike's [alleged] 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/16
Rob, is 192cm out of bed possible for Phelps?

He's got an exceptionally long torso
Editor Rob
he could hit that mark first thing.
Rifle said on 13/Aug/16
Dear Rob,
What do you think is the difference in height between Phelps and Deandre Jordan based on this pic?

Click Here

Editor Rob
with probably a bit looser posture still at least 8, possibly a bit more taller. Of course Michael could have likely no shoes, so the posture/shoe difference might even out.
Canson said on 13/Aug/16
i met him in Person in 2010 in Atlantic City. On level ground I had 2" (5cm approx). 189.2 6'2.5 is an accurate enough listing and He also has a very long torso making a full inch height loss in a day very realistic. He would very realistically be near if not a full 192 out of bed and may have gotten an early measurement and rounded up to 6'4 if less than an hour awake
Baines said on 12/Aug/16
190 range 189cm at lowest 4 olympic gold 16 years after first olympic.
The Man said on 12/Aug/16
Phelps can wake up in the morning at 192 easily and drops to 189 by late afternoon/evening, given that he has a long torso and spine.
Blake said on 12/Aug/16
How tall was he when he first swam at 15 do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
really couldn't answer that one.
Curry said on 11/Aug/16
I Saw the pictures with US basketball team. It only proves he is not 6'4 because Durant is the same height as Andrew Bogut. Durant is 7 with shoes. They were caps and shoes and you cant tell acurate from it but you get a Idea its 20cm between him and Durant. That looks alot with Durants tall shoulders, skinny Frans. Phelps is definitely 191cm in the morning.
Borats Chicken said on 11/Aug/16
Rob, could swimmer Ryan Lochte be 186?
MD said on 10/Aug/16
There are instagram shots out that I'll try and find with him and members of Team USA's basketball team last night, and while he's obviously barefoot and they are in shoes, it really shows that Rob was right to lower him to this height, especially with the shot of him and Kevin Durant.
TJE said on 10/Aug/16
This guy has a very small eye level; it's gotta be 4.25 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/16
Rob, do you have any estimates for Ryan Lochte?
Editor Rob
not over 6ft 1 anyway.
SportsHeight said on 7/Aug/16
Rob, how tall is Katie Ledecky, the best female swimmer in the world right now? Listed at both 5'11" and 6'0". Here she is with Phelps:

Click Here
Editor Rob
might be between both listings.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/16
Matt Grevers is 6ft8?
Conan said on 3/Aug/16
As listed for all intents and purposes. I had him by 2 inches in person
Canson said on 7/Jul/16
@Rampage: you said it very well as always. Oddly shaped. I can see the 191+ out of the bed and somewhere in the 189 ranfe at his lowest. I had him by a couple inches (my money is on 6'2.5, absolutely no lower than 6'2 1/4).
Tunman said on 24/Jun/16
strange,if this guy has really(which still needs confirmation)a 30" inseam it's a first for someone that tall.Imagine this guy with legs like Eastwood's he would be nearly 7' and look quite proportionate
I wonder if this abnormality was a key for his success,after all I always assumed having long legs and big feet were advantages in swimming along with a large wingspan...well maybe not in all cases!
Rocky said on 24/Jun/16
Definitely closer to 6'2'' than 6'4''. Look at pictures with him and 6'2'' Liu Xiang, the former easily looks 2-3 inches shorter. Xiang did have a footwear advantage (sandals vs basketball shoes).
Canson said on 21/Jun/16
I've actually met him in person. He's 6'2.5 on the reg. 6'3 out of bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jun/16
Out of bed: 191-192cm
Before bed: 189-190cm

Odd body shape makes him appear shorter. I think he's near 6ft3. For years I thought he was at least 6ft4...
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/Jun/16
My guess given his extremely long torso is roughly:

192 cm straight out of bed
190 cm mid-day
189 cm at night
Mark said on 23/May/16
Does measure taller than Affleck and Reynolds in the site though I'm having a hard time deciding whether Phelps is either this height or google's claimed height.

Phelps does clear 6'3" in the morning out of bed.
Peterson188cm said on 22/May/16
Rob, if Michael Phelps is 189 cm. What would be the height of Kobe Bryant this photo? :D Click Here
Editor Rob
his head might look slightly smaller if he is a couple of inches further away but near 6ft 5 is possible.
Tunman said on 10/May/16
Is it me or I'm right to say that breaststroke swimmers seem the shortest of all swimmers?Most impressive I felt were by far freestyle swimmers,having also a large frame.Breaststroke guys are maybe smaller because it requires to perform a big number of strokes rapidly unlike freestyle where the larger wingspan is preferable? I think upper average guys are common for Breaststroke(Gyurta,Borysyk,Van Den Burgh and even average guys like Kitajima).BTW what is the average for all swimmers?possibly 6'2-3?
Leo said on 9/Mar/16
Rob, what do you think of this pic Click Here of Michael with 6'4" chase kalisz? Both are barefoot, how tall would you say Michael looks?
Editor Rob
doesn't look much over 6ft 2 there, assuming the pool edge was level.
Ice said on 3/Mar/16
I really , always fought he was legit 6'4 . ROB is 191 cm out of bed possible for Phelbs ?
Editor Rob
I think it is likely he'd be that range out of bed
MD said on 1/Feb/16
Like most sports, professional swimmers are not actually formally measured. The NFL and NBA seem to be exceptions rather than rules, and only then because of how competitive it is to break into the professional levels in those sports meaning the team owners want the best of the best. That, and these NFL and NBA pro days and pe-drafts have become something of media circus in and of themselves which makes the industry more money.
John said on 29/Jan/16
Rob, are professional swimmers actually measured or they just claim their height? Because some organizations like the NFL and NBA, they actually measure you on a stadiometer (even though NBA heights are listed with shoes on, while the NFL isn't. That's why you rarely see inaccurate height listings in NFL, and some players heights' are even rounded down)
Editor Rob
it's like tennis - the data is supplied from coaches/country organisers, there's no nfl or nba type measurement system. I'd asked someone at Wimbledon about it years ago.

For swimming I don't know. It may be the same idea - data supplied but not verified.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 6/Nov/15
I believe Michael Phelps, with his extremely lengthy torso could lose 3 cm over the course of a full day as opposed to what you'd expect of a man in his height bracket (2 cm). I believe he probably wakes around 192 and has a bare minimum of 189. That said, I believe he deserves a 6'2.75" listing, as this is probably a fair lunch time, mid day sort of height for him. He can look shorter with poor posture, but he can also look a solid 6'3". Some pieces that make me think he'd be more 190 cm than 189 cm at lunch time:

With 6'1 3/8" measured Michael Crabtree, 6'8.5" Blake Griffin, and the 6'1.5" (now disgraced) subway guy: Click Here
Again with subway guy: Click Here
Video with near 6'3" Tony Hawk: Click Here
Video with 6'1" Ray Lewis: Click Here

So what do you think Rob, 6'2.75" listing might suit him? I'm reasonably skeptical of heights and even I think he should get that listing. His posture can make him appear shorter, for sure.
MD said on 30/Oct/15
I find it odd that people think there is some official measuring regime by the IOC. In fact, not only do they not measure, but save for websites, I'm not even sure if they ask for measurements save for events where knowing ones weight is absolutely required for weight classes, and even then, it's not "the Olympics" measuring but which specific sport for which weigh-ins are required.
bobby3342 said on 28/Oct/15
rob what made ya say 6 2.5? don't the Olympics precisely measure him? or did he slip through the cracks?
Editor Rob
I think somewhere in that 6ft 2.5 zone is what he may well measure at, with self confessed 6ft Woods or Colin Kaepernick who was 6ft 4 and 5/8ths...
Allie said on 24/Oct/15
Rob was that almost 6'4 sneaker height? Almost every site I've seen gives him 6'4 or 6'3.5. Typically though athletes are almost always solid in height. Maybe take away a half inch due it being in the morning. Or was that just football, soccer and hockey.
Editor Rob
I don't know if he meant it barefoot or not...he may well one day have measured that height early in the day (the 6ft 3.5).

In that sense, somebody claiming an early height isn't wrong - they are that height, albeit they are only that stature for a short period of the day.
joe@@ said on 11/Oct/15
Matthew190 said on 8/Oct/15
guy understand that it was measured in the morning he looks at most 6'4.25-5
Matthew190 said on 8/Oct/15
Eli was measured at 6'4.75" for the NFL draft. Assuming that figure is accurate, it looks like Phelps would be around 6'3" give or take. He appears a strong 6'3" on the photo to the left but he appears more 6'2" on the right photo (although I think the angle may be making him look shorter there).
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 17/Sep/15
@Ice No, he's clearly shorter than Eli Manning (who was measured at 6'4 3/4, probably right out of bed) by more than an inch.
jessman said on 17/Sep/15
Numerous pictures of him next to Alex Popov, who has been described as 197cm to 200cm. Popov has an easy three inches on him, possibly four inches. I estimate Popov at 198cm. I estimate Phelps at 188cm, 189cm at most. Popov has always edged other swimmers who claim 198cm (Gary Hall Jr...Matt Biondi). Not sure if theirs were shoe measurements.
joe @@ said on 17/Sep/15
Eli Manning is 6´4.25Click Here
Ice said on 16/Sep/15
wtf ? always was sure that Phelbs is a legit 6'4 ..
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 15/Sep/15
Ryan Lochte by Donovan McNabb (who was measured at 6'2.25"):

Click Here (the photo is towards the bottom)
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 6/Sep/15
By 6'4.75" measured Eli Manning:

Click Here

Somebody even left a comment on there that Eli Manning was clearly taller than Phelps.
Matthew said on 12/Jul/15
IronFist says on 6/Jul/15

Conan always wears dress shoes with a noticeable heel. They make him look even taller and he's already a giant. He's also standing closer to the camera in that photo.


I do agree with that, it's kind of my point. What I'm saying is that anyone who saw that episode of Conan knows that there's simply no way Conan should be listed at 6'4" and Phelps at 6'2.5". Conan is not 1.5" taller than Phelps, they're obviously closer in height than that. They seemed about the same height together. I wouldn't really complain if Conan was listed at 2 cm higher than Phelps, but there's no way he was anything like 4 cm taller when they were actually together. They looked about the same.
IronFist said on 6/Jul/15

Conan always wears dress shoes with a noticeable heel. They make him look even taller and he's already a giant. He's also standing closer to the camera in that photo.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 5/Jul/15
Connor Dwyer by 5'11 5/8" measured Victor Cruz:

Click Here

I think that Connor Dwyer has a more bizarre listed than Phelps does. He looks 190 CM at best.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 5/Jul/15
He's shorter than Conor Dwyer (who is listed as 6'5", but he looks no more than 190 CM by 50 Cent?).
Matthew said on 10/Jun/15
When he was on Conan they looked around the same height. I haven't seen found clips of them standing together online, but I remember watching them and thinking they were very close. The only thing I could find is this one small picture, which seems to jive with the theory they were about the same height Click Here although of course, you can't see their footwear.
MD said on 1/Jun/15
With NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson:

Click Here

Jimmie is listed at 5'11", but of course that's just a sports height. It's not the best picture, but he honestly doesn't regularly look 6'3".
Matthew said on 28/May/15

Those photos don't really prove he's 6'2.5" tops to me. His posture looks pretty poor next to Thomas, generally Phelps has a slouch. He was quite towered over by Kobe Bryant, yes, and he obviously isn't a 6'4"-er. However he looked no shorter than Tony Hawk here Click Here who is 6'3". He also looks more 6'3" than 6'2" range next to Ray Lewis Click Here and although the clip isn't on youtube he looked about the same height on Conan O'Brien on his show. I think he can look 6'2.5" too but he can look 6'3" more often than he looks 6'2" imo, I'd give him 190 - 191 personally. Maybe 190 to be safe.
joe 193cm night said on 5/May/15
he struggles to look 189cm with kobe
MD said on 4/May/15
@Matthew, the photographic evidence simply doesn't show that. I'll have to keep saying it, but the only way he might appear above the current listing is his proportions. When he's around legit 6'3" and 6'4" guys is obvious he's shorter. He's been listed at 6'4" for so long that 6'2.5" feels counterinuitive and might be a bit psychologically daunting, but that's what he is.

Again, here he is not even 6 months ago with a measured 6'2.25' former NFL player Aldalius Thomas:

Click Here

Click Here

There is imply no way he's over 6'2.5"
Matthew said on 2/May/15
He's probably a guy who has a larger than average fluctuation between his morning and night time measurements. I still think he looked much closer to Conan's height than this when he was on the show years ago and I also thought he looked pretty much dead even with Tony Hawk. But there's little doubt he's not a legit 6'4" as he's widely listed. Still, I think he should be listed in the 190 - 191 cm range rather than 189. The only way I see him measuring 6'2.5" imo is if you caught him at his absolute low after a long day, then maybe. I think he's closer to 6'3" usually, and a 190 cm listing would seem more realistic.
Andrea said on 1/May/15
No, i think his original listing was the full 6'3 but i remember when i asked Rob about him he said he could have been 6'3.5... I never bought that, though. I always said that even the full 6'3 was a stretch and now he's at a more believable 6'2.5! He could have measured "almost 6'4" in shoes or he was just being optimistic! I think he'd measure between 6'2 and 6'2.5 so this listing is fine.
joe 193cm night said on 30/Apr/15
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joe 193cm night said on 30/Apr/15
Colin Kaepernick this closer to 6'4.5 (194) he looks taller than Brady then this should kaepernick between 6'4.25 or even 6'4.5 (194)
MD said on 30/Apr/15
@Andrea, wasn't he listed as his full 6'4" claim on here, originally?

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