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5ft 4.89in (164.8cm)
Gabbi said on 5/Oct/12
My friend met Liam Hemsworth. I would say she is about 5'2 and she was wearing 4 inch heels and was right at his shoulder. Miley is about 2 or 3 inches above his shoulder. I would say she's about 5'8.

Also another point: When she was 16 she said she was 5'5. If you look at her beside her boyfriend of the time (Justin Gaston) and she is in flats she is the same distance from the top of his head as she is with Liam and all of his model portfolios say he is 6'0. If Liam is 6'3 then you just add 3 inches to his 5'5 and you get 5'8. She is definitely taller than people say she is.
Nastya said on 27/Sep/12
Miley can't be 5'4.5"
Here's she with swimmer Ryan Lochte who's 6'2" and Miley looks 2-3 inches shorter in heels
Click Here
Her heels probably 4" it gives her 3"
Click Here
so 3"+3"=6"
But i think she's 5'7" she always looks tall
it's a good proof
Allie said on 27/Sep/12
Wind tell that to people who actually worked with her such as Emily and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Wind said on 25/Sep/12
Allie 5'7'' is ridiculous... She is no more than 5'5''. Her mini biography says she is 5'5'', but as usual they tend to add an inch or two. So Miley is between 5'4'' and 5'4.75''. Plus she looks it!! A 5'7'' girl looks much taller.
Allie said on 24/Sep/12
Miley is around 5'7" (like Emily Osment, her co-worker of many years has clearly has stated!). Here she is in similar heels with 5'6" Gwen Stefani and looks to be taller. Click Here
theblacklab said on 17/Sep/12
Stepahnie, have you been to the UK? It's not only within my community, but in fact everywhere I travel in the UK this still occurs. I'm not saying I'm very tall, there are still many women taller than me, it just seems that a lot of women are the same height if not a little shorter than me (i.e complying to the average heights stated in my previous post). Here, the average height of a 13 year old girl is much shorter, around 5' to 5'1". Definately not 5'2". If this was the case, then almost every 13 year old I've ever met anywhere in the country is significantly below average height. Now, I'm not saying after 16 a full foot is possible. It isn't. As much as 6 inches isn't either. 4 is too much also. 3 is extremely rare. 2 inches is rare, but possible. 1 inch is proably the average. Now, you say girls stop growing at 16, but can't you just accept an inch, (its not really much is it?) and we can stop this argument. I know that if I was 15 pushing 16, and told I wasn't going to grow, I would have been very upset - but even knowing that I was going to have another inch would be enough to cheer me up. Just accept it, and we can finally agree. You've admitted girls grow past 16, I've admitted that they don't grow as much as 2.5 inches. If we admit on an inch, then this verging on trivial argument can cease.
D. said on 14/Sep/12
here she is with 5'6 kim catrall wearing the same dress and shoes (for a movie scene)
Click Here
Click Here
in the second picture kim is a little hunched over so they appear the same height but the first shows miley is definitely around 5'5
Stephanie said on 13/Sep/12
theblacklab, The average height for a 13-year-old girl is 5' 2" (157 cm) and for a adult woman it's around 5' 4.5" (164 cm). That means most girls grow 2.5" past age 13, not 5". Heights are pretty much the same in the USA and in Europe (which isn't surprising, considering most Americans are of European descent--as of 2010, 72.4% of U.S. citizens are white); there is no major difference. ;)

Your class/community may just be composed of below-average-height women. That would explain why you're taller than everyone else at 5' 5" which is pretty close to the average height. I was your height at your age and I was also taller than a lot of the girls (I had a short class for some reason), and they didn't get any taller. I know of a German girl who came on here before and insisted that the average female height was 5' 9" because most of the girls in their class were around that height.

Miley is actually exactly average... because I remember reading when "Hannah Montana" started that she was listed at around 5' 2". That was when she was 13. At age 14 she was listed as 5' 4", and then at 15/16 she gave her height as 5' 4.5" or 5' 5".
Wind said on 7/Sep/12
Well anything over 5'5'' is impossible! If Liam is 6'3'' (and I think he is) that would mean his head is about 10.7'' long (an adult's head's length is normaly 1/7 of his height) and Miley clearly barely reaches his chin. So that would put Miley at the 5'4.3'' range. Besides i am 5'4.75'' and barely reach my friend's chin who is 6'3.5''. It's about the same difference so no way Miley is taller than I am unless Liam is taller than my friend (which I seriously doubt)
Anon said on 6/Sep/12
Whenever I see clips of her in concert she looks very tall. Like 5'7" at the very minimum.
marla singer said on 28/Aug/12
@Enrique I don't own a car like that xD but saw them passing by and I can assure you, that kind of car has a roof that can reach about 6 ft, measured from the floor. Miley is 5'6"
Maximus Meridius said on 28/Aug/12
Rob it is possible she looks taller like 5ft 6.5in she has a slim build and long legs for her height she can pull off looking tallish she looks taller than 5ft 4.5in.
[Editor Rob: with a good sized heel a near 5ft 5 girl can certainly look as tall as a 5ft 8 guy in a shoe]
Yelmer said on 26/Aug/12
I don't know she looked to very tall, I thought she was a little thing, but I saw her standing next to people and she seemed tall, I think she might need a but of an upgrade although she might have Nicole Scherzinger syndrome who looks tall but isn't
Enrique said on 21/Aug/12
Suz, Lee, Steve and ALL the people who actually know or see her: On the pic what I'm linked she walk next to a bus? :D That car no more than 170 cm.
curious said on 18/Aug/12
Her boyfriend is 6'3" and she is at the least a foot shorter than him, which would put her at 5'3". If you look at any pic of her standing next to her bo she is much shorter and you can't tell if she's wearing heels because the pics are from the waist up.
Ria said on 15/Aug/12
Taylor Momsen has grown at least 8 inches taller since she was 12 years old. Taylor Momsen at age 12 with 5'10" Jane Leeves. Click Here Taylor Momsen at age 18 with Stacy Keibler. Click Here Stacy Keibler's high heels. Click Here
Brad said on 14/Aug/12
Strong 5' 6", cool short doo now.
Stevie said on 9/Aug/12
I've met Miley multiple times when I went on Vacation To California. I, Myself, Am 5'3", and Miley, in Flat boots, was a good 5-6 inches taller than I. She was a giant, I was amazed, she looks so tiny.
Lee said on 8/Aug/12
She is definitely 5ft 7 or above, especially with those long legs.
Suz said on 7/Aug/12
Look at Lola's comment , ALL the people who actually know or see her say she 's 5'7", including her costar Emily O. Who says ON tape that Miley likes to claim she's only 5'5" but is really 5'7". We all have our quirks, she's taller. Why would Sarah Jessica Parker call her a " Viking" is she was 5'4"?
witchdoctor said on 4/Aug/12
1.66 metres!
Enrique said on 3/Aug/12
Not even 164 with barefeet. Proof: Click Here
marla singer said on 30/Jul/12
She's 5'5" at least, if not even 5'6"
bill said on 30/Jul/12
Rob Miley is 5ft5.5 you should upgrade her height now!!!!
Natascha said on 25/Jul/12
needs an upgrade! she is 5,6!
Lola said on 25/Jul/12
Bumped into her yesterday in NYC. I'm a solid 5'3", she was wearing converse. Would clock her in at around 5'7".
theblacklab said on 23/Jul/12
Stephanie, you're from the US aren't you? I'm from the UK - and things work very differenctly here. The average for a fully grown female is about 5'4.5", and just by walking around you can tell that the majority of girls who are 15 or 16 are a good few inches shorter than the adults. I'd say the average for a sixteen year old was 5'3.5"; and the adult average 5'4.5". At 15 you still have about 2 inches growing left. At 5'5" currently, I am taller than most of 16 year olds by quite a feat; whilst I'm only slightly taller than most adults. Girls grow to 21 slowly but surely - or at least in the UK they do. I've never been to the US, so I don't know, but perhaps it's different.
Stephanie said on 17/Jun/12
theblacklab, I know some girls can grow for several years past puberty, but in my experience that doesn't happen very often, it's very rare that any girl grows past 15/16. For most girls, the big growth spurt was around the onset of menstruation (within a year or two) and then it slowed down a bit and stopped. That is why so many girls are as tall as or taller than the boys in middle school (i.e. Elle Fanning talking about the girls all being taller than the boys) and then around 10th/11th grade (age 15-16) the guys pass the girls up. And I know quite a few girls who stopped growing completely after 8th grade. That means that they were the same height at graduation (17/18) as they were when they started their freshman year (13/14).

And I think you're confusing women with men on the "usually grow to 21" thing. Women I know got measured and re-measured at the doctor and no difference after 15/16 and 17 in a few cases (one woman on another page said she grew till age 19 but that is the only case I've heard where that happened). Men on the other hand get most of their height by 18 and can maybe have a few inches (or more) creep up on them.

As for Miley, I see no height difference between now and the comments she made when she was 15/16. Unless her mother grew too and also her sister Brandi (who is 5 1/2 years older than Miley), Miley is the same height as she was four years ago. She is still slightly shorter than they are.

If you grew (or will grow) five inches past age 13, good for you. Maybe that is the case with the women in your family and a some others you know, that is your genetic growth pattern. Some are done growing, others have 1"-3" and a few late bloomers may have 5-6"+ to go. My little sisters and I probably grew three inches after 13. Our mother grew seven inches. I don't think there is a set number of inches past age 13. There's another old saying, "double the height you are on your 2nd birthday" but there are kids who get their height early and others who are small who will get a huge growth spurt later on, and of course for some it will turn out to be true.

I'd also be careful about the "doctor says I'm still growing" stuff. For you and some people, that may be very well be true, but as a general message for people reading this page I would suggest that teenage girls 14-17 get used to their height and learn to be happy with it. If you grow those inches, great; if not, that's fine, too. I know a lot of girls who were promised inches that never came. A celebrity example is Lindsay Lohan. At 17 she said her doctor said she was still growing, but she didn't grow anymore. I think deep down she was hoping she'd be a few inches taller, as tall as her mother. And now her little sister Ali is quite a bit taller than she is, too. I believe her mom and sis are around 5' 8", and Lindsay is 5' 5" (her website had her height at 5' 4" when she was 14, so you see how much she grew...not much).
theblacklab said on 14/Jun/12
Stephanie, not really. I started puberty at 12 (I remember because it was my twelth birthday) - and I am still growing. I know this because I grew an inch (if not more) in the past year, though not always the case. Women usually grow to 21, though after 18; very slowly, it is almost unoticeable. There is no correlation between the onset on menstruation and growth spurts, I, as I said before, started at 12, and I grew quite rapidly, but then slowed too quickly. At 15, I was really worried that I'd remain a "shorty" forever (at 5'3"), but then I grew rapidly again, about halfway through 15. I am 16 and a half, 5'5"ish and I am predicted to be an acute 5'7". Definately still growing. I support your argument that sometimes this is not the case. I have a friend who went into puberty at 9, and hadn't grown much past 13. But I don't think there are many girls who go into puberty at 9. Girls still have a lot of growing to do (by "a lot" I mean about 1.5 to 2.5"). My auntie, for example, was one of the shortest in her class until 16, then she grew to be the tallest (she attended an all girls school), but still, she entered puberty at an average age, she wasn't a "late bloomer", I honestly believe 5" from 13, give or take an inch. With most cases, I have seen that scenario.
Stephanie said on 13/Jun/12
@theblackblab... Miley is a 19 1/2-year-old GIRL. Most females these days don't grow past age 15-16, and the "you can grow till you're 18" thing is rare nowadays because people are reaching puberty earlier and most people stop growing a few years after they start puberty, sometimes sooner. When Miley was 15, she gave her height once as 5' 5" and then a few months later at 16 she said she was 5' 4.5".

As for the "five inches past 13" thing, it depends on the person. If you get a late start on puberty, that can definitely be true. But people like Nicole Kidman were already their full adult height by age 13/14. Elle Fanning and her class seem to be really tall (they're 14 and incoming high school freshmen, at 5' 7" they're taller than the boys in their class and even in the grade above them) so I don't see them gaining five inches. *Maybe* one or two but that will probably be it. On the other hand, some girls hit puberty at an average age and slowly grow to their adult height over the course of their high school years, but that is getting to be rare.

As for the people who are saying Miley is 5' 5.5" or 5' 6" now... I don't see it. She is the same height next to her mom Tish (who I'd guess is 5' 6") and her sister Brandi (I'd guess she's 5' 5" or 5' 5.5") as she was a few years ago. Still slightly shorter than they are.
Brad said on 12/Jun/12
5' 6" now.
Witchdoctor said on 10/Jun/12
mhmm a little over this maybe even 1.66m?
theblacklab said on 10/Jun/12
When Miley started Hannah Montana she was probably only about 5'. I remember commenting on how much she grew during the show, she is probably 5'5" now, at age 19, either that or she's 5'4.5", probably going to grow to 5'5". I think girls usually grow about 5" from 13 to adult height, I remember I was 5'1.5" to 5'2" when I was 13, but I'm still growing so who knows! I remember when I was a few months off 14, the whole class got measured in a biology lesson with proper instruments, in flats I was 161cm, so probably 159-160cm without shoes.
Stephanie said on 8/Jun/12
She first gave her height as 5' 5" and then 5' 4.5" when she was around 16 years of age. Doesn't look like she's grown since then.
Hannah said on 4/Jun/12
Shes 5'5" now (6/5/12)
hannah said on 13/Feb/12
rob, have you updated miley'satest height in 2012, I think she seems a little bit taller these days
BerniceN said on 11/Feb/12
i think she looks so petite in this pic with Liam even though she's walking behind him.. she's not even reaching his chin... Click Here
Florin said on 30/Jan/12
She is 5'4", and no coment!
susie said on 27/Jan/12
I'm fairly certain Miley is no more than 5'6" (168 cm), though I think it is quite possible she is at or near this height. She's tallish, but I think her long legs and heels are deceiving. She looks small in some pictures.
Jimmy said on 8/Jul/09
She is nowhere near 5'7! I'm 5'8 and I met her recently, lovely girl, and i was about 3in taller than her
diana said on 7/Jul/09
its really hard to tell what her height is
the girl has horrible posture and when girls are shorter than her she tends to slouch. so honestly until someone meets this girl and remembers to take a picture
we'll be in stupid commenting wars about her height
Ashlee said on 5/Jul/09
when she was on the Tyra show she said she was about 5'4"
Riley said on 3/Jul/09
personally i think she is 5'7 but in this interview she says she is 5'4 and taylor swift is 5'10
Click Here
Baeker said on 29/Jun/09
I thought she was like 5'6 or 5'7
Sarah said on 28/Jun/09
liyah, Demi can't be 5'5". Selena is 5'5", and Demi is SHORTER than Selena. You should downgrade Demi 2-3 inches, for she is def under 5'3".
liyah said on 27/Jun/09
lasteayr miley said she was 5'5 in her video.she prob grew like 2 inches and is prob around 5'7
demi stated on twitter that she is 5'5 ...selenas an inch talller so she has to be 5'6
sounds about right
Stephanie said on 26/Jun/09
And considering Emily is 17, Miley is almost 17, and Jason is 32 I don't think any of them are growing anymore. Miley might, though, since her mom is 5' 6" and her dad is 6' 0" but Emily comes from a small family so I think she's done.
Stephanie said on 26/Jun/09
Miley said she was 5' 5" last year and then a few months ago she said she was 5' 4.5" and fine with her height. Jason is 5' 3" at most and Emily is 5' 2.5" with shoes I think. If Miley's 5' 4"-ish no way Emily is almost or exactly 5' 3"!
Juni said on 25/Jun/09
well i'd say she's about 5'4
she looks taller cuz she's very proportional and has long legs.
take a look at Kylie Minogue's height, 152cm, she doesn't look that short but she is.
harleen said on 24/Jun/09
i thought she was 5'5 or more!!!!
and if salena is 5'4.5 she must be taller than her given age.
Shereen said on 23/Jun/09
Is this new?
I always thought she was 173
lily said on 22/Jun/09
miley is definitely 5'5.

it had us confused when we thought jason earles was 5'6 and miley looks at least 2 inches taller than him.

but guys jason is 5'3. he's the same height as emily osment who is 5'3.

so miley two inches taller than both of them is definitely 5'5.
Kitty said on 19/Jun/09
In one picture Miley Cyrus looks way taller than Demi Lovato by like 5 inches so i reckon she's about 5'7 cos her dad is 6' and she's not that much smaller than him!
alison said on 17/Jun/09
in some pictures she looks short, in some she looks tall. if she herself says in multiple interviews that she's 5'4.5, then she's 5'4.5. what's the controversy for? and the only reason she looks so skinny and tall in hannah montana is because not only do they 1. airbrush their stars to make them look like toothpicks but 2. the other stars on the show are relatively short- emily osment at 5'2, jason earles at 5'3, moises arias at a REALLY short height. being next to people who are shorter than you makes you seem taller.
becky said on 13/Jun/09
Sorry I meant aren't heels....
Holly said on 10/Jun/09
Miley was 5'5 when she last year. She claimed so in one of her youtube vids. so either THAT'S her height, or she's gotten a bit taller...
becky said on 10/Jun/09
i doubt that she is 5'4 just for the fact that most of my friends are 5'4 - 5'5 and miley cyrus looks way taller than any of them... (but i do know that photos and stuff can lie im just saying) also at the a time for heros celebrity carnival she look super tall to me and her boots are even heels! Click Here
diana said on 9/Jun/09
she looked about 5'2 when the show started and since then she grew a lot but doesn't like to admit it. i think she is probably a solid 5'7. glenn doesn't mind downgrading someones height when they lie about their height in public, but for some reason has only upgraded miley a half inch since this page went up because she claims to be only 5'4/5'5...
Paddy said on 9/Jun/09
At the 2009 MTV Movie awards she completely towered over lil wayne, if shes 5 4.5 and wearing 3-4 inch heels then lil wayne is small as hell. He must be around 5 5", surprising ! BTW i would tear mylie cyrus` ass up...its all right im only 16 i can say it lol
Samantha said on 3/Jun/09
Piewoonum, Selena Gomez is not 5'5" in the least bit. My older sister is the personal assistant to Salma Hayek and she's had the luxury of meeting stars like Selena and that girl was as tall as my sister when they met and my sister is only about 5 feet. And J, just because Miley says she's 5'4" doesn't make it true. Many celebs lie about their heights or are inaccurate with them.
A... said on 1/Jun/09
Did you see Miley Cyrus at the 2009 MTV awards? She got an award from 5'4 Leighton Meester and Leighton looked ALOT taller! Atleast 2 inches.
But their heel height was very similar, Leightons could be about 1 inch higher.
Miley is at the highest 5'4... either its the heels or Leighton is taller than 5'4 which I doubt. Miley could be even shorter. Def not taller than 5'4.
Mileys heels: Click Here
Leightons heels: Click Here
danielle said on 29/May/09
I do think that she is much taller than 5'4".. she was said to be that height when she was 14... and she grew a lot after that. I think the difference in her height from when she started hannah montana and now is very evident.
hii said on 28/May/09
on a show of Ryan Seacrest she stated that she was 5'5.
Victor said on 25/May/09
Now i heard in an interview that she was 5 ft 6. But i think she is taller because Jason Earles is 5 ft 3 and Miley is almost a head higher. I think she just want to think people that she is smaller than she is. Because sometimes she is a lot taller than someone like Emily Osment she is a head smaller than Miley she has almost the same height as Mitchel Musso although all the disney actors and actresses are small. I Like people who are normal or tall like Miley she has the perfect height. I think that Miley Cyrus shouldn't be feel Embarrassed or feel insecure about here length i think she should be happy with her length. I am happy about my length i was 6 ft 5 when i was 14 and i feld secure and was happy about it i was massive for my age. I think that everyone has there on thoughts and feelings so i cannot deside but i am only saying what i am thinking (sorry if my english is wrong i'm from The Netherlands)
Bebe said on 21/May/09
in this picture miley looks the same height as 5'2" demi lovato
Click Here
tulip said on 19/May/09
She shows that 5'4 is fabulous! She is a great example of beauty, and that you don't have to be above 5'8 to be considered gorgeous.
dont worry about who i am said on 18/May/09
The girl does look taller than 5ft 4.5 inc. Many people do lie about their height and weight. She appears to be at least 5ft 6in. Even though she is skinny which can sometimes make you appear taller I think she is actually 5ft 6. When compared to most of the disney stars she towers over them. Raven Symone is 5ft 4 inches and miley is way taller than she is. I think Miley is a beautiful girl and I love the fact that she is a little taller than most girls many girls wish they had beautiful long legs like she does.
s123 said on 13/May/09
i think miley is taller than 5'5. maybe 5'6 but i don't think she is over 5'7(sorry if my english is wrong i'm from germany) every disney star is very short and miley is one of the tallest. she is taller than selena gomez(5'5) and i think she wants to be smaller than she really is. she looked 4 inches smaller than taylor swift(5'11). i would say she is 5'6
Joanna said on 12/May/09
Wanted to add that I have read that the father's height greatly determines the height of the daughter. I'm not saying that Miley will be 6ft like her Dad but that as he is above average height, she will be too. I don't what height her Mum is but I think she'll end up 5'7-5'8, if she isn't already.
My Grandmother was 5'9 (she towered above all other aunts in her day), Grandfather 5'8 = My Mum 5'7 and yet her brother over 6ft.
Does anyone else know if this paternal height theory for daughters is correct?
Alexx said on 11/May/09
I met her the other day, she is def. over 5'5 or 5'6
Bob Smith said on 11/May/09
In an Hannah Montana episode, she looked about 1.5-2 inches shorter than Micayla/ Selena Gomez.
Brad said on 11/May/09
5' 6" easy now. She put on serious heel in London recently and just didn't look Hannah anymore.
J said on 9/May/09
Why is there speculation on her height when she herself said that she's 5'4.5"? Come on. She said it herself, and she does look that tall. Anyone who says she's over 5'5" is being ridiculous. The fact that she's skinny makes her taller, but she seems around the height that she herself said she is
Jamie said on 9/May/09
5'3" makes sense for Jason Earles... Emily Osment is like 5'2 1/2 and she's about the same height as him.
PieWoomun said on 5/May/09
Actually, she's 5'5. She's a bit shorter than Selena Gomez who is 5'5 1/2. Jason Earles is actually 5'3, not 5'6. I know this because she said it herself and she said it on the Tyra Banks Show after they measured her. Tyra Banks said she should try out for the next season for "shorter" people who would like to be models (5'7 and under)
Anonymous said on 3/May/09
Well, I just saw the new Hannah Montana movie - (awesome) :P But at one point Miley was stood next to Jason Earles (Jackson) who is 5'6 and Miley was sooo much taller than him, and she wasn't wearing high heels or anything, just normal shoes. And Lucas Till - Travis - is 5'10, and Miley was somewhat shorter than him. I would say she's about 5'7 maybe 5'8.
Phil said on 2/May/09
Mitchel does strike me as more of a 5'7" guy than a 5'8" guy.
Stephanie said on 2/May/09
Sorry, but Tish is 5' 6" (NOT 5' 8". She is a few inches shorter than her 6' 0" husband while in heels. If she were really 5' 8" she would be almost the same height as he is when she's in heels.), so Miley being the 5' 4.5" or 5' 5" that she claims makes perfect sense.

I'd say Mitchel is exaggerating his height. He seriously looks 5' 6", maybe he could be 5' 7" on a good day. He's barely taller than Miley at all! Jason Earles' resume says he is 5' 3" but I think that's rounding up a little. Billy Ray Cyrus is 6' even and Miley is about 4" shorter than he is when she's wearing 3" to 4" heels... so the conclusion is that she HAS to be 5' 4.5" - 5' 5" and Jason is 5' 1" or 5' 2". I think the 5' 3" height is with shoes on. We're talking barefoot here.

I don't know where some people here are getting their info. Jason's resume is public and it does NOT say 5' 6" (he claims 5' 3"). Mitchel's old interview said 5' 8" and I don't think he's grown since then, and even that was an exaggeration, IMO. I think Miley's height is barefoot and the others (except Billy Ray) are all their heights with shoes on. That would make more sense.

Re: lying to make herself "teenage". She is 16 and doesn't claim otherwise. She is a junior in high school and will be a senior in the fall. From personal experience (I am Miley's sister Brandi's age), around 90% of girls are done growing by their 16th birthday. And the ones that do grow only have a couple inches left at best. Some of them are a lot taller than Miley, they are already 5' 9" or 5' 10" by the end of 8th grade. Amanda Bynes was totally "teenager" to her fans when she was 16 and she was telling the truth when she said she was almost 5' 8". The point being, if Miley were really that tall she would say so. And she would look that tall compared to her dad. Billy's height isn't changing, so he is good to compare against. :)

I think Miley seems tall, even though she's average height, because "Hannah" has a short cast. So do most of the Disney shows, actually. I guess they audition people and the shorter ones happen to be better for the roles? I don't know...
lindsay said on 1/May/09
i don't think she is 5'4.5, in hannah montana she seems way taller.
mari kate said on 28/Apr/09
she's not 5'7. she claimed 5'5 on the miley and mandy show. and i am 14 and 5'5 ish and i'm still growing, but really? i have a 34 inch inseam (kind of long) and you dont have to be 510 to have long legs.
Ashley said on 25/Apr/09
I'd say she's 5'6. Period. On Hannah Montana, she towers over Jason Earles (whose 5'4) and appears just a tad bit shorter than Mitchel Musso (5'9). So I'd say she's 5'5 1/2 or 5'6
Joanna said on 24/Apr/09
I think that she's grown in height because she was on the Jonathan Ross show tonight in the UK and stood up next to him to show him some dance moves. Well, he's about 6ft (possibly 5'11.5) and she didn't strike me as short at all. I'd say that there was a difference of about 3 inches b/w them. She was wearing very high heels that might have added 2-3 inches (they weren't platform soles so the 3-4 inch heels wouldn't have given her that full height) I'd say she must be a minimum of 5'6 - 5'7. I greatly doubt she's still 5'4. Perhaps she says she's shorter so she remains more 'teenage' in the eyes of her fans? Her legs looked very good.
Hellooo said on 24/Apr/09
Well, I saw fairly new episodes of "Hannah Montana" (on YouTube) and she is al lot taller than Jason Earles now, than she was 2-3 years ago. And the "distance :P " between her and her dad has been reduced so I would guess Miley's closing in on 5'7 at least. Maybe 5'8? of course even more with high heels :P
star said on 24/Apr/09
she is 5ft4.5 she said it on the tyra bank show! Click Here she says it at 5.49
Rusty said on 22/Apr/09
She claims 5'5" i believe.
hey. said on 19/Apr/09
Jason Earles is really short....5'3" or 5'4" I'd say. Miley would be about 5'4" then.
heyy said on 18/Apr/09
ya well they changed the height for lucas till to 5'10 so now shes 5'7. Also she is taller than Jason earles who is supposed to be 5'6 and almost as tall as Mitchell who is 5'8.
Kool stress said on 18/Apr/09
i think she is 5'4 because if you look at her with katy perry/ Rhianna she looks small so yeah people are always fooled by the camera someone at 5'4 with a slim build like miley may appear 5'6 - 5'7 but clearly next to taller celebs appears to be quite small so yeah i think shes 5'4
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/09
She is 5'4.5. She said it on the Tyra Banks Show, at the Grammys when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and during an Elvis Duran interview.
Joe said on 18/Apr/09
5'4.5 is spot on because on the Tyra Banks show the other day she said she was 5'4.5.
Jamie said on 18/Apr/09
I didn't know miley was 5'4 in a half...she looks 5'7
Jamie said on 16/Apr/09
ZAQ, what IS 5'4 3/4?? 5'4 1/2 is 164 cm, and 165 is 5'5". So I'm confused with what 5'4 3/4 should be... 164.5 cm? It doesn't have to be THAT exact...
L said on 15/Apr/09
she's 5'4... in the new hannah montana movie when she's standing next to lucas till (who is 5'7) She is about 10cm shorter. So 5'4.
ZAQ said on 13/Apr/09
that pic was taken when she was around 14.5

14.5 5'4 1/2
15.5 5'4 3/4
16.5 5'5 (current)

she is grew a little slowly but is done at 16 nevertheless and is 5'5 forever
Hector said on 10/Apr/09
Miley said she's 5'4" 1/2 on the Tyra Banks show today.
Rose said on 10/Apr/09
She is a very pretty young lady. I have 17 year old son and know the teenage years are a bit difficult to many parents, but my son is a good young man. Seeing you as a role model for this generation.
lily said on 10/Apr/09
i agree with stephanie. girls who're 5'4 or 5'5 would definitely try to claim at least 5'6.

it's crazy to think miley is actually 5'6 but claims 5'4.5. why would she claim anything lower than she looks.

unless, of course, it's truth what she's telling.
Stephanie said on 9/Apr/09
Why would Miley lie to make herself shorter? Don't most people exaggerate to make themselves taller? I think 5' 4.5" or 5' 5" is correct. And Tish is 5' 6", not 5' 8". Billy Ray is 6' 0" and Tish looked 5' 9" next to him and she was in heels... unless Tish had a growth spurt, ROFL.
Jamie said on 5/Apr/09
From Hanging upside down's observations, she is obviously 5'5" or 5'6". Because if she's wearing heels that gives her 3-4 inches and when she's wearing them she's about an inch taller than someone who is 5'8", then it makes sense that she's currently 5'5" or 5'6". :)
Linda said on 5/Apr/09
She said herself she was 5ft 4 on a Interview with Ryan Seacrest at Grammys Feburary 8th 2009. I dont think 5ft 4 is that tall, she looks taller. Maybe beacause she has long legs. I am 5ft 8 and i dont feel like i am very tall, maybe beacause my friends are like 5ft 9 and 5ft 11;)
Hanging upside down said on 4/Apr/09
She looked 5'9 with heels on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and an inch taller than Thomas Lennon, who is reportedly 5'8. Her heels looked 3-4 inches.
d said on 28/Mar/09
people that guess her height to be anything more than 5'5 are obviously unaware of the fact that MILEY HERSELF said she was 5'4.5 - 5'5 so WHY are you still saying she's 5'6+ - do you not realize that she knows her height better than you do? goodness gracious.
Debbie said on 20/Mar/09
How do you explain this? If she really is 5'4 then why does she look exactly the same height as Carrie Underwood. I know you can't see the footwear but I am sure that they are both wearing heels. For those of you that say she is taller than 5'4, if she were wouldn't she be taller than Carrie in heels?

Click Here
Jamie said on 17/Mar/09
I think Miley's 5'6". Her mom is 5'8", and in all the pictures with them together, she is always about 2 inches shorter than her mom (just like me, lol. I'm 5'4" and my mom's 5'6"). I'm not sure how much she'll grow... she's already 16. I think her official height is probably gonna be 5'6" or 5'7"..
Bebe said on 10/Mar/09
she said she's 5'4" in this video
at 40 seconds...she says she's 5'4" and taylor is 5'10"
Click Here
cindy said on 9/Mar/09
she's 5,5 she said iton hermiley and mandy show
kim said on 2/Mar/09
I'd give Selena 5'4 maybe 5'5. On the episode of Hannah Montana with Selena guest staring, standing next to Miley, she seemed only a tiny bit shorter. But that episode was 2 years ago.. I still think Miley is taller than Selena.
5 ft 3.5 said on 1/Mar/09
She's grown, no doubt about it. She isn't an inch under 5 foot 6.
anon said on 28/Feb/09
Click Here

with carrie underwood
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/09
She looked very tall on the red carpet, but offcourse she must have been wearing monstrous heels
Victorian said on 22/Feb/09
Looked 5ft9 on the Red Carpet next to the interviewer. With that big dress she probably also weared higher than average heels, but 5ft5 may be possible.
Ella said on 20/Feb/09
well when I saw Selena we were the same height, a few months ago so I was then, 5"5. Also, Miley did say in a youtube video that she was 5"5
Gwen said on 15/Feb/09
She looks a tad taller or the same with Selena Gomez. Any ideas on how tall Selena is?
miley said on 14/Feb/09
i think her weight is more than 165 cm
Dude said on 13/Feb/09
Ryan Seacrest has got everyone fooled that's why liyah...
liyah said on 12/Feb/09
but miley lies about her height all the before on a video she said she was 5'5..when she was at the grammys she was standing next to ryan seacrest and he was like "oh you got taller" and she said "no im only 5'4" but ryan seacrest is like 5'7 and she was like an inch taller than him or shes 5'7..idont really care though lol
Sue said on 11/Feb/09
Seriously, 164 cm? She looks so skinny, that may be why she's so tall. I'm like 166cm, and I'm pretty sure I look shorter. Or maybe it's because I'm a heavy. =(
Phil said on 10/Feb/09
"she is 16 and is 5'4.which is short so yah .I would hate to be that short."

How is 5'4" short? It's not even short for adult women, so it's certainly not short for a 16 year old girl.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
On the red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest at the grammys she said she's 5'4 and that Taylor's 5'10. Shocking, i always thought she was like 5'5 or 5'6 and that Taylor was 5'11
Henry said on 8/Feb/09
she just said she is 5"4 on the red carpet.
Jasmine said on 8/Feb/09
Hey yah.I have met miley at one of her concerts I'm 13.and im 5'3.but yah she is short.she is 16 and is 5'4.which is short so yah .I would hate to be that short.but for her it looks good cause she is skinny:0 so yah.&dylan sprouse is short too.he is like my height.
Phil said on 6/Feb/09
It's not lame at all, it's never bad to be within average. Girls shouldn't ever have to worry about getting taller because they're supposed to be shorter than guys anyway. Guys like (or even prefer) girls around average height, so don't worry about it. 5'3" is a great height for a girl.
Samantha(^.^) said on 5/Feb/09
I thought she's 5'5. I'm 14 but i'm 5'3. Lame isn't it. but my mom and dad are tall... I guess i can still grow... Right?... And maybe she's going to grow...
haley said on 4/Feb/09
Miley looks really tall on pictures, but its just beacause of her long legs...
On her Youtube show Miley and the Mandy show she says herself that she is 5'5. Im 15 years old and 5'8, and i am still growing so maybe Miley is still growing to....
d said on 1/Feb/09
Alex - she is not 5'6 or 5'7, in photos she looks tall but that doesn't mean she is. I suggest you take a peak around the site and look at pics of Miley. In fact I suggest that to many people here who think she's a giant, because you can clearly see she is around 5'5 and no more.

Don't get tricked by tv and think she is taller than she is.
Alex said on 30/Jan/09
I think she's around maybe 5'6 or 5'7 because it said when she first became famous when she was like 14 that she was 5'4. I'm 13 and im 5'6 and in photos Miley looks super tall because of her long legs.
Kirsty said on 22/Jan/09
Theres a very recent video on her offical website (miley cyrus world :S, or somehting ) and her and her sister brandy state that their both 5"5
amit said on 22/Jan/09
In some pics,she's closer to the camera but when both of them are standing together,there's atleast 7 and possibly 8 inches.
bibi said on 21/Jan/09
she looks at least 5'6 with her 5'11-6p boyfriend

Click Here

Click Here
Alex said on 20/Jan/09
I could buy her at 5'5 in the photo with Glenn.
Jamie said on 19/Jan/09
I'm 13 and 5'4", but in a photo my aunt thought I was at least 5'7"!!! 5'7"?? I wish...

I think Miley Cyrus must be at least 5'6" or 5'7" now... that youtube video was about a year ago. I've only grown like an inch this year, but I got my period when I was 10, so I'm not going to grow too much anymore... I just might make 5'6", since I'm only 13 right now...
Ashh said on 16/Jan/09
She stated in a youtube video posted on her youtube account that she is 5'5'' but she obviously may have grown since then... but she's definitely not 5'4'' anymore.
Scata18 said on 16/Jan/09
Guys this seems really off because Mitchell Musso is listed as 5'8 on all sites but I just saw a scene of Hannah Montana where Miley was barefoot and Musso had shoes on and he was maybe half an inch taller with the shoes on. It wasn't from a weird angle either they were standing side by side and their entire bodies were visible on the screen. Very weird, either Miley needs upgrading or Musso is lying about his height.
cc said on 6/Jan/09
i think she looks tall because of the proportions of her body (long, slim arms and legs). i have a friend who's the same way, but my friend's probably only like 5'3". in pics she looks taller, but in person she's short. p.s. why are actresses always so small? it's weird
glenn said on 5/Jan/09
i believe you kim.
kim said on 4/Jan/09
glen, she's now 5'5" at least. she's grown a bit.
lummox said on 4/Jan/09
I've seen Justin's polaroids from his model agency online just recently and they claim he's 6'0" but he definitely does not look it. He looks somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11".
Lol said on 2/Jan/09
How tall is her boyfriend, Justin Gaston?

Check out these pictures:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brent said on 1/Jan/09
my 5'5 16 year old sister met Miley recently and has a photo and they look exactly the same height and weight I would give her at least 5'5 now
katie said on 29/Dec/08
i think she might have grown a bit, cause this picture is old and she does have tall parents aswell, so naturally, fully grown she should be about 5'6-5'7 and thats not that tall. its a nice height
Alex said on 29/Dec/08
She looks really tall with her thin, long legs!
federika said on 28/Dec/08
sorry but when did you do that photo?? because i thought that she was taller than 5'4''
Teresa said on 26/Dec/08
wow,i thought she was like 5'9.
she lookz tall.
that just shows im really tall!lol
im 12 yrs old and 5'9.5!
yet,im still growing bit by bit.
hazel said on 23/Dec/08
Click Here
How tall is cher?... and this pic not too old
5'4" is juz perfect for her
d said on 21/Dec/08
she is not taller than mitchel musso.. you're getting tricked by the illusion of TV.

and yes it is possible to grow after 16, but no girl grows 3+ inches after that year. it's just not how girls work. their growth spurt happens way younger, like around 11-14 years
d said on 20/Dec/08
and finally look at this pic: Click Here

katy perry is 5'8-5'9 and her mom is 5'8-5'9 as well. miley's heels look taller than either of them, too, and she is STILL like 3 inches shorter.

5'5 makes the most sense, nothing else does. maybe 5'4 but i dunno.
jenn said on 20/Dec/08
Ha! she has said before that she is 5'5", there is no chance that she is still that tall, she is taller then Mitchel Musso on the show and he's like 5'8"... Sorry but i think the 5'5" is old info (people do grow, even 16 year olds)
d said on 20/Dec/08
she's 5'5, no debate about it. she admitted it herself..
diana said on 15/Dec/08
HAHA once again 5'4 is laughable. i've seen those pictures with carrie underwood and as usually miley cyrus is slouching like crazy and is still a bit taller. Every couple of weeks I look at these posts and have to laugh. The girl is minimum 5'6 as she is taller than the only other decent height girl on disney channel that wizards of waverly star who is 5'5.

also, i think she wants to feel short, because she wears flats or sneaks every chance she gets even at that stand up for cancer special in which every woman on stage was wearing insane heals and miley looked like 5 feet tall.
Stephanie said on 11/Dec/08
Miley isn't that tall; she is average height. Most of the Disney stars are around 5' 1". And Miley does like to wear those boots, and also some heels at some events. She's just "tall" by comparison. She's still shorter than her mom, who is 5' 6" (compared to 6' 0" BRC), so she hasn't grown. I'd say she's 5' 5" at best. Age 16, I don't think she's getting any taller.
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/08
I don't know -- she always looks tall compared to anybody she's photographed with. And she's not one who lives in heels.
Six Pack said on 9/Dec/08
Wow, I'm jealous! Where was this taken Glenn?
bond said on 9/Dec/08
5ft4inch is a good height for her but i am taller than her
sazy said on 6/Dec/08
i thought she was taller than me..i m just sixteen but my height is 5,8...
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
i never got stoned in my life.but i appreciate your on the site.
MarkB said on 4/Dec/08
Oh boy she is cute, which given her age makes me feel a bit awkward.
Glen you look at bit stoned in that pic lol keep up the good work budy :)
glenn said on 30/Nov/08
thanks,but my friend took it.i have another from 2 years ago ill probably never see cause my same friend took my disposable camera home by mistake.we were using the same disposables hence the mixup and he lost my camera in storage.luckily,there wasnt much pics on there anyway.
Blair said on 30/Nov/08
Glenn, did you take that pic yourself.. that's impressive! In her pictures Miley looks like she has really long legs so i am surprised about the 5'4!
glenn said on 25/Nov/08
thank you anonymous.i do it for people like you.
Anonymous said on 24/Nov/08
Glenn i have just to say..You always make a very good job!
jen said on 23/Nov/08
This girl is for sure 5' 4", if not shorter. She, in heels the same the height as carrie underwood's, was equal to carrie underwood! And she is 5' 3"! No way Miley is over 5' 4".
liz said on 18/Nov/08
everyones different and sometimes girls stop growing at 12 yrs old so u dont no how miley will be tall she looks talls in heels and she might still be growing to be taller or she might grow a few itches and then stop
Tayler said on 15/Nov/08
Not true.
I'm 16 and am still growing at 5'4 1/2.
I grew about an inch in 3 months.
I don't think I'm done, and the age thing doesn't always apply to everyone.

&sometimes parents don't always have to do with it with genetics.
I mean it's true, but my dad is 5'10" and my mom is 5'7", and I'M NOT TALL.
There we are.

&Miley is about 5'4 1/2" to me.
Have you seen her next to Katy Perry? (5'8")
There is a definate 3-4 inch difference, no doubt.

Although this picture was taken a year ago, so she must've gone to 5'5" at least. I don't think she will grow much, but who knows?
Dani said on 15/Nov/08
She's definitely not 5'4, I would say more on the lines of 5'5/6 because I'm 5'4 and when I saw her at a CD signing, she was about 2 or 3 inches taller than me and she was on flats.
Big T said on 13/Nov/08
Was this downgraded from 5'5"??

Good work if so...even Beyonce made her look short
Holly said on 9/Nov/08
Ina says on 4/Nov/08
actually girls stop growing when they turn 16 and boys stop growing when they are 18 and since miley turned 16 already she has already stopped growing.
Her Official Height is 5'5

that's not rigt! I stopped growing when I was 14 and my best friend is till growing and she is's diffrent from person to person..
Maggie said on 8/Nov/08
Actually, she is about 5'5....she has very long legs and my sister has the same body as she does and she's barely 5'6 but when she was little, we all thought she was going to be super tall because of her daddy long turns out she stopped growing at the age of 15 and stayed at 5'6...I think Miley might grow an inch more or just stay where she's at now....and that's pretty good, heels will always make her look much more taller...I would love to have that height I'm barely 5'4.
Ina said on 4/Nov/08
actually girls stop growing when they turn 16 and boys stop growing when they are 18 and since miley turned 16 already she has already stopped growing.
Her Official Height is 5'5
Ash said on 3/Nov/08
She has horrible posture.She always slouches. I'm a dancer, so I notice posture immediately. She is pushing up her shoulders and shortening her neck, also pushing her chin forward.
If shes in flats (most likely) she is almost as tall as him I'd say about 5'7 at least.
Her mom is 5'10 & her dad is 6'2. She is not a short girl.
diana said on 2/Nov/08
i think we need to wait till the girl is 18 or 19
it's hard to tell if she done growing yet and there is WAY too much discrepancy on her height
some idiots still think she's 5'3 or 5'4 and kiddie magazines have her done as 5' point is that i feel like every couple months the girl is getting a bit taller. some girls grow after 15/16 as shocking as it is it happens
just like some boys stop growing when girls do..
i mean didn't will smith (6'2) stop growing when he was 12...
i don't understand why everyone thinks she won't grow
she doesn't exactly have short parents...
Melanie said on 2/Nov/08
How can you be seriously saying that she is 5'10 when firstly she has said herself that she is 5'5, and in the picture with Glenn she is much shorter than he is.
5'5 sounds about right to me
Sasha said on 1/Nov/08
I think about 5ft 10


i m 5ft 11 and a year younger than miley cyrus so i think like i teency bit smallerthan me :D
Vanessa said on 27/Oct/08
In a magazine it read that she's 5'11 but i was like HELL no lol
shes somewhere between 5'6-5'9 from what i see.
Lexy! x said on 26/Oct/08
I think shes around 5'5 or 5'6, because i am 13 and i am 5'5/5'6, and my friend who is 5'8 is like that, and im around up to there on her Lol. most of my 13 yr old friends are 5'5 or above Lol!
theenforcer said on 19/Oct/08
Check out the 'Artists Stand Up to Cancer' video 'Just Stand Up'. Look it up on youtube, you will be able to see a live video and can compare Miley's height to Rihanna, Fergie, Leona Lewis etc who are all onstage with her.
big fan said on 16/Oct/08
Miley is 5'5" she says in a video omg
rajesh said on 16/Oct/08
I think her height is much ok for her beacause with that height she has been able to shake the whole world which many people with height more than six feet not able.It's it! so she has not less height.Her height is ok.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
Omg she is at LEAST 5'5! It stated in this magazine 5'5 and she even said herself in the "Miley and Mandy show" on youtube that she is 5'5 and Mandy is 5'3.
So stop giving out numbers below 5'5. She is only going to get taller.. or just stay at that height.
Jacqui said on 13/Oct/08
i thought she was 5"6 thats what she is listed in magazines
Phil said on 12/Oct/08
I think she definitely looks 5'5" as well.
Lily said on 11/Oct/08
i don't think miley's 5'4 cause she looks much taller than that in photos and tv shows. i think she's like 5'5 - 5'6.
You wrote this, Josephine said on 2/Oct/08
If you look at the picture of her and Beyonce at that event a month or so ago (against cancer, I think... ), she is definitly 2-3 inches shorter than Beyonce and have same heels.. That would make her 5ft3,5 - 5ft4.. I dont think shes 5'3.5".. so I'd say 163 cm sounds pretty good. maybe around 161-162, but not less.
Phil said on 29/Sep/08
Average height of Caucasian/African-American women: 5'4 1/2"
Average height of Caucasian/African-American men: 5'10"
Average height of women, all races: 5'4" (to 5'4 1/4")
Average height of men, all races: 5'9 1/2" (to 5'9 3/4")

Women's average height range: 5'4"-5'5"; below average: 5'3"; above average: 5'6"
Men's average height range: 5'9"-5'11"; below average: 5'8"; above average: 6'0"
FiveOne said on 27/Sep/08
5'4" is the average height of an American woman. As for men, I'm not sure...
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
haha, my mom thought she was like 5'
Megan W said on 26/Sep/08
5'4" is spot on. Click Here People tend to claim one inch taller than they are.
CR said on 20/Sep/08
She said in the Miley and Mandy Show that she was 5'5
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
Isn't average height 5'8-10" for men and 5'6" for women? Or 5'6" is the beginning of what's considered above average? This isn't related to Miley for me, BTW, just wondering.

F'K: Depends on the girl, that is, depends on puberty. Miley looked a lot younger when she was 12 or 13 than she does now, so she might still grow. I'm fourteen, and I thought I'd stopped growing, but apparently I've grown another inch in the last year and a half or so.
simon said on 19/Sep/08
5ft 3 in, I think. but 5'4 is also possible! attention! the photo can't be seen!
F'K said on 16/Sep/08
Miley Cyrus have 5'5. We dont know if she's still growing because i'm 15 and i have 5'2 1/2, and i went to the doctor and she said that i will stay around 5'3.
chay said on 16/Sep/08
She says in Seventeen Magazine that she is 5'5"
chay said on 16/Sep/08
she is 5'5" she says it in Seventeen Magazine.
Phil said on 13/Sep/08
"5'4 is so...short im only 12 and 5'3."

jasmine, just because you're 5'3" at 12 doesn't make 5'4" short, plus, you're only 1-1.5 inches taller than the average 12-year-old girl, so you're only average yourself, and that doesn't put you in a position to call 5'4" short any day. It's average no matter what.

someone says on 4/Sep/08
"5'7 isnt that tall anyway"

Well, it's the starting point of tall, so yeah, it's not too tall.

runt says on 5/Sep/08
well, its 3" above average so a 5'7" girl is like a 6' guy.

A 5'7" girl = 6'0 1/2" guy. I'd say 6'0" on a guy is considered above average and 6'0 1/2"-6'1" is the starting point of tall.
Nicky said on 11/Sep/08
@ Anonymous,both Taylor and Miley had on heels.Taylor was still clearly taller than Miley at the VMA's

I think she's 5'5" at the most. Some of you are being incredibly generous
Leah said on 8/Sep/08
I think 5'4" is accurate. I'm 5'4" and she looks around my height.
SarahB said on 8/Sep/08
shes only 5'5 or 5'4. way shorter than 5'6 Beyonce
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/08
At the VMA's she was standing next to Taylor Swift (who had flats on and is 5'11") and Miley had on about 2-3" heels and was level with her. She HAS to be 5'7"-5'8".
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
5'5 max. She was way shorter than Rihanna and even Beyonce at the Stand Up To Cancer performance.
runt said on 5/Sep/08
someone says on 4/Sep/08
"5'7 isnt that tall anyway"
well, its 3" above average so a 5'7" girl is like a 6' guy.
Ara said on 5/Sep/08
Stop growing at age 14? Hah. I grew another 4 inches after age 14 myself and I'm a girl. :')
Marissa2000 said on 4/Sep/08
I think it's pretty clear Miley is done growing. Girls usually stop growing at about 14, and she's going to be 16 soon. She hasn't grown any since then. If she isn't 5'4", than the tallest she can be is 5'5". I think she's 5'4" though, and her skinniness creates the illusion that she is taller.
someone said on 4/Sep/08
how can someone think she's over 5'4"?
i'm like 5'7".5 and i was wearing regular flips flops when i saw her in malibu
and she was easily 3 inches shorter then me. and she was wearing converse so..she's 5'4" no doubt about it. these 5'7 claims are stupid..
and 5'7 isnt that tall anyway.
oh yeah and im 15 too (and a girl^^)
i'm height conscious..but not in a way that i wanna be shorter.
more like i wish i could be another inch or two taller.
plus i aggree with that person that said you can have long legs and be short.
i know many people with long legs and they're pretty short.
so miley is average at best. and her legs aren't long..they're normal. geez >.>
allly said on 4/Sep/08
Miley says in this video she is 5'5 at around 3:30 Click Here

But I have a feeling she may be off a bit. She may just say 5'5 cause shes height conscious? I know at her age, 15, people are height conscious. I'd still say she is closer to 5'7. Plus at 15 she should still be growing so whooo knows.
Ara said on 1/Sep/08
You will still grow at age 15, when you're 20 you can safely say you won't grow anymore. I don't think Miley's quite done yet. I think she'll reach the 5ft 7 mark one day.
brapp said on 31/Aug/08
You can have proportionally long legs and still be short.

I've always had long long legs and people said so even when I was born! Obviously I was only about 2 ft when I was born!

Examples off the top of my head of short or average women with long legs are Kylie and Posh. They aren't the best examples tho as they're legs are only quite long.

But Miley's are long. At 15, so will barely be growing anymore, if she does only an inch or so.

vanessa said on 30/Aug/08
in an interview miley herself states that she is 5'4!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victorian said on 29/Aug/08
Everyone who thinks she's over 5ft4 didn't see the picture posted by Cecilie on aug 16.
Amber said on 28/Aug/08
Um, yeah, her legs ARE long legs. She's so taller than 5'4, thats like Jackson's height. She must be, what, 5'7-5'8 now...
meee x said on 24/Aug/08
miley is 5"7 or 5"6 1/2| 3/4
emily osment is 5" 2.
mitchel musso is 5" 8.
watch it, it makes more sense 2 see it.

Click Here

and if u want to know..
billy ray is 6"
jackson is 5" 4
diana said on 24/Aug/08
i am putting her at about 5'7 maybe 5'6.5
i saw that episode of fnmtv with her and pete wentz
and standing straight she was taller
and to be honest i wouldn't be surprised if there was a little bit more lift in his shoes than hers
Nicky said on 23/Aug/08
What are you people talking about? Long legs? She has normal sized legs.And she looks a solid 5'5" to me
holland_intro said on 22/Aug/08
well she is def. 5'7 in this picture she have 5 inch heels on and when measuring she looks 5'11-6' t

Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/08
wow this chick is way taller than 5 foot 4, I would put her closer to 5 foot 7. you can just tell by her long legs.
kelly said on 19/Aug/08
i thought miley was 5ft. 2 in.
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/08
i think that she looks more 5'6 these days as she has defo grown if you look at the difference in HANNAH MOTANNA from the first epsiodes to the more recent ones and they where filmed a while ago so she might of grow since then
Anna said on 19/Aug/08
Hey Miley,
Whats up I think ur great I tried out for Hannah Montana to, but did not get a call back! U play the role so well!!!! Keep Rockin!!!
kk said on 18/Aug/08
good, jasmine and Annoymous, you've got what I said, but a lot of people still think miley is more than 5'5, I agree that miley does have long legs, but she just not that tall as most of the people think so.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/08
5'4 would have been right, but from recent pictures it looks like she has a had growth spurt of something.
jasmine said on 17/Aug/08
5'4 is so...short im only 12 and 5'3. gonna turn 13 next yeah. i heard she was 5'4.which is totally true.she is not 5'7.she is 5'4.if u think she is tall in the pic.she probadly has on heels.duh.she isnt on AP'S side.she cant be 5'7.stoopid plps.these days .SHE'S 5'4. OKAY!!!!!GOSH!!!
kk said on 17/Aug/08
yeah, miley is sure about 5'4 or 5'4 1/2, they were both bending a bit, so, miley's not more than 5'5
Cecilie said on 16/Aug/08
Here's her with Pete. Both in sneakers: Click Here
kk said on 15/Aug/08
Charlotte, can't you see that the picture that you said miley should be 5'7, well, she was bending, but pete was leaning back and bending and ashlee was also bending too
... said on 14/Aug/08
I think it's pretty impossible to tell how tall she is because she's always slouching/bending down. She was leaning in the picture with Ashlee and her knees were bent with Pete. Also there's another picture in that series where she looks way taller than Pete thats' on youtube somewhere. So unless Pete was wearing boots or lifts Miley slouches or she's not very tall. It's hard to tell. She'll probably be at least 5'5 before it's all over.
Charlotte said on 13/Aug/08
Click Here

look at picture number: 82155580
she's with pete wentz and ashlee simpson.
Pete is listed here as 5 ft 6.5.
so miley should be 5'7. she looks taller than him and she's bending in .
nat said on 11/Aug/08
she said she was 5'5 herself...nd she does look tall
so i think shes between 5'5 and 5'6
she grew a lot in the past 2 years...
jason said on 10/Aug/08
Damn!!! i thought she was about like 5"7 or something, but looks can be decieving.
kk said on 8/Aug/08
Miley sure is a head shorter than her father about 7-8 inches, she's like just a bit taller than ashley, who is 5''3, so she can't ce 5''5, she just looks skinny and tall, but the truth is that, she's not tall actually.Miley sure is about 5''4- 5''4 1/2.
Lena said on 7/Aug/08
I don not think that she's 5'5! I have a friend who's 5'5,but my friend is definetely taller than she!!! I am 16 and i am about 5'9.5, I don't think that she'll be higher because girls stop growing at this age. So, we should face the truth that she is 5'3-5'4...
Efe said on 7/Aug/08
miley is no 5'4 or 5'5. her friend emily osmen lily in hannah monatana is 5'2 and she said that miely is 5 inches taller than her so she is 5''7 and still is growing so i think that when she is 8 she'll be 5'9 and a half. she always hunches and so that means she even knows that she is tall.
Chelsea said on 5/Aug/08
this is wrong i was watchin the FNMTV premieres and she was standing next to pete wentz and she was the same height as him and this stupid site says he's 5.6. This site is really bad i think they just take estimates.
emila said on 3/Aug/08
I would say she is 'bout 166 cm, so like a bit above 5 ft 5.
5'9 said on 2/Aug/08
um...heres 5'6 pete wentz with miley cyrus recently at fnmtv(Click Here)...yeah i agree mileys like 5'5 or 5'4...
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/08
Shockingly, she's quite a bit taller than Ashlee Simpson:
Click Here

And she's not wearing heels:
Click Here
Brad said on 31/Jul/08
Lanky. She's darling but needs to carry Hannah for a few more years. I see 6 year olds at Walmart grabbing all Hannah stuff. She's very talented to run that show for months night after night at that level at that age. Funny how Britney lip-syncs her entire show and Miley only about 15%.
Fan said on 30/Jul/08
I've met Miley before. She's nice but def not skinny like she was in the beginning of HM. She's average. I'm 5'4 she's just a tad taller then me. I'd say from 5'4 1/2-5'6.
Liyah said on 27/Jul/08
it doesnt matter if she's tall or short..i mean since when did height become a big deal..all it matters is that she's a great actress and performer..pshh im 5'6 and im doesnt matter if she's tall..atleast shes pretty. and plus being short would suckk real offennce
Riley said on 27/Jul/08
go to this. > Click Here
she says she is 5'5.
but i think she looks more like 5'6 or 5'7.
shes really skinny and that makes her look tall.
and whats up with you people who think 5'6 and 5'7 is tall??
im like in between 5'6 and 5'7 and im considered short!! lol
Kiran said on 27/Jul/08
just FYI guys, not all children have the same height as their parents............for example, my parents are both 5.6 but i m 5.6.5 and my twin bro(only 48 minutes younger) is like 5.9.....
so y'all are wrong if u think height is passed through genes........
laura said on 21/Jul/08
miley is 2 damn tall she is about 5'7 shes so skinny and like a surfboard flat on both sides
kate said on 21/Jul/08
shes 5"6
duhhh its imposible to be 5"4 onve her mom is 5"9 and her dad is 6 "0 so shes has got to be tall and ive met her shes as tall as me 5"6 people only want to belive that shes there height but it doesent matter how tall she is
Phil said on 20/Jul/08
Seacrest is bending down in that pic.
Babies said on 20/Jul/08
I'd say about 5'4 to 5'5. Maybe 5'6. This picture was taken I think July this year:
Click Here
Ashley Tisdale is like 5'3, but wearing like 2 inch heels. Miley is wearing flip-flops. So, Miley would have to be 2-3 inches taller than ashley, which means 5'5 to 5'6.
Brad said on 18/Jul/08
5' 6" now. Lanky.
anonymous said on 13/Jul/08
I know miley is wearing heels in this photo, but a picture with ryan seacrest in march shows that she has a couple inches on him. And seacrest with his lifts is probably at least 5'9''. I think Miley is at least 5'6" as of march. Upgrade needed.
Click Here
Taylor said on 10/Jul/08
She recetly said(less than a month ago) that she is 5'4. She does look a lot taller because she has long legs and wears heels all the time but yep shes only 5'4.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/08
I have watched later episodes of Hannah Montana and she has grown quite a bit, I agree with the people who say 5'5-5'6.
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/08
I would say she is about 5'4, but she does look 5'5-5'6 in the picture with Glenn.
amelia said on 28/Jun/08
well she has long legs so she is probably 5'6-5'7....those jonas boys are 5'9ish and they've only got 2-3 inches on her
CV;) said on 25/Jun/08
actually brother_h, girls can grow up until they're 21. and i would know. i am one.
liyah said on 24/Jun/08
yeah shes like 5' theres deff nothing wrong with being 5'6 and im only 14 and im proud of it.i would HATE to be short.
and plus whats wrong with being a tall disney channel star..the one girl who plaed off of camp rock [lola--aaryn] was 5' doesnt matter

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