How tall is Neil Young

Neil Young's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 0 (182.9 cm)
Canadian Singer.

How tall is Neil Young
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Peak: 6ft 0.14in (183.2cm)
Current: 5ft 10.67in (179.5cm)
Sandy C said on 13/Jul/22
Yesterday, the hospital porter was wearing a Neil Young T-shirt, and I was visibly excited! The guy had seen him some 4 times, plus bands like Pink Floyd and a great many that I myself adore. The only bands I’d seen which he hadn’t were Led Zeppelin and the Who, but he still liked their music.

I recommended that he checks out Atomic Rooster, and told
him how magnificent they were live.

I discussed with him how plucky Neil Young is, as he suffers from epilepsy. The porter-guy is very lucky to have seen Neil; I have not, alas! Maybe one day……

Peak height - 6ft0.25 and an inch less today. 🎸🎶
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Nov/21
What an amazing find came bouncing my way a couple of nights ago! 👏 I discovered on YouTube a concert with Neil Young playing his guitar with Led Zeppelin, and their song of choice was 'When The Levee Breaks' from Led Zeppelin's 4th album.

Neil looked truly tall, almost equal in stature to Robert Plant. In fact, Jimmy also looked tall. The video looks a fairly recent one and all three musicians have maintained their peak heights very well.

It's a clip I thoroughly recommend and is excellent for height observation purposes.

6ft0.25 peak and I'm upping him to 5ft11.25 for today's height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Oct/21
Neil has a new album coming out in December called Barn. I very much look forward to hearing it.

6ft0.25 peak and 5ft11 today. 🤗🎶
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Sep/21
The name of the album which shows Neil at his full height is called 'Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere' and was released in May 1969.

As Neil was born on the 12th November, 1945, he'll have been 23 and-a-half.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Sep/21
I was listening to and singing along to Neil Young's music last night in the hope that my foxes would hear me and turn up, despite it pouring with rain. It worked perfectly!


I find most of his tracks so moving, and last night, it was 'Harvest Moon' that worked its magic on me. The video has such a feel-good element to it, what with scenes of Neil on the dance floor in a close embrace with his girlfriend, while there are clips of him singing as well, in the same bar. Even the guy sweeping up outside is dancing! 👌

Then later on in the 90s, (94 I think) Neil made one hilarious record called 'Piece of Cr@p', and the video of him singing it live onstage with his band, Crazy Horse, is well worth seeing for a giggle.

While I was hunting around for different tracks, I found an old album cover from the 70s of Neil posing with his pet dog. He looks positively tall, with long, long legs. I remembered that he had a 6ft entry on Celebheights and I'd say at his peak, Neil was a strong 6ft, so I'm giving him 6ft0.25 for his peak and 5ft11 for today.

So moved was I last night that I feel like digging out my entire CD collection, which consists of his far earlier stuff, not his 'Piece of 🤭'!
Karie P Schneider said on 22/Aug/21
Mr. Young has always had a sweet smile. When he smiles his face lights up. Handsome.
Tall Sam said on 13/Sep/19
I'm not entirely convinced, even giving him credit for his slouching since youth, that Neil was ever quite a solid six foot. He certainly was near it but I just can't seem to picture him (especially after watching Human Highway) as taller at peak than guys listed at 5'11.75" like Christian Bale, Sam Neill or Ray Davies.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jul/19
@ Bobby

Quotation from Neil's album 'Harvest':

"24 and there's so much more..."

How neatly said! This is taken from the song 'Old Man', in which he converses with a man many years his senior.

May I suggest you try 'Heart of Gold', also from the same album.

6.25ft peak, 5ft10.75 now.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jul/19
@ Cecily - I didn't know Neil had polio as a child. How tragic. The poor kid. He nonetheless made a terrific career. I'm listening to him at the moment and his music is just so uplifting.

So Cecily, that explains everything and I don't question that his peak was six foot. In fact, I have decided to put 6ft0.5 and go with the average of 5ft10.75 for Neil's height today.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/19
@ maxi kerr - How very enlightening to hear that! I had an ex who was crazy about him, but I myself was also into his music at 17/18 and still at school. Favourite track? 'Out of the Blue and Into the Black'.

5ft10 now and 6ft peak.
joe flood said on 30/Jun/19
He looks (looked) like a shambling giant on stage and towered over his band, I thought he was well over 6'. Short musicians I guess.
maxi kerr said on 20/Oct/18
Played guitar with Neil back in 1995 and he was about an inch at least taller than me.Im 5 feet nine inches tall.
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 5/Aug/18
Neil Young's MASSIVE height loss Rob: Click Here
Editor Rob
He could have lost at least 2 inches by now.
Tall Sam said on 18/Jun/18
I recently watched Human Highway and he never looks six foot. Lots of scenes with Russ Tamblyn, who doesn't have a page but should, and they look pretty similar. I'd guess Tamblyn would be 5'10" max based on Twin Peaks and his other roles. Young looks only maybe an inch or two inches taller than Dennis Hopper there, I think. Neil has his ever present slouch but he looks closer to 5'9"-5'10" with it, maybe he was always shy of the six foot mark.
berta said on 30/Apr/18
when sitting with his guitar he could give of a 6 foot 2 appearance in the 70s. he looks shorter than 180 today. he can have gone from legit 6 footer to not really over 5 foot 10
JB said on 22/Nov/17
Cecily, you're right about the hunch back and spine issues. A while back, I was watching one of his documentaries about the making of Harvest, I think it's called Journey Through The Past. There's a moment where I recall him complaining about his back being in pain. And he was only in his 20's at the time.
Cecily said on 7/Oct/17
I met Neil in the 90's & he was indeed over 6ft tall at that time. I'd say closer to 6ft 2. Time has been unfair to his spine & he's had a sort of hunch back & poor posture for decades. Spinal surgery & polio as a child probably contributing factors. Trust me when I say he was over 6ft at one time.
Travis said on 8/Aug/17
Considering how much shorter Young is than DJ Trump, perhaps his peak height is considerably shorter than 6'0". Unless losing that much height is normal and common.
JB said on 26/Dec/16
No taller than 5'8"? He's still at least 5'10". He's an old man now himself and has definitely lost some height. In his prime he was easily a strong 6 foot. He was the tallest member of both CSNY and Buffalo Springfield. He was clearly tall when he was young. He's sunk down to about average height now in old age.
Geoff Shaw said on 2/Oct/15
I saw Neil Young outside of a concert in Hawaii and he was considerably shorter than me (6‘2), I would have to say he is no taller than 5'8
The Exorcist said on 26/Sep/15
Looking 2-3 inches shorter than 6'0.5" Donald Trump here.
Click Here

Neil has lost a LOT of height!
Dean X said on 16/Oct/14
Neil Young had polio as a child. That may be a contributing factor to his posture.
Jennifer said on 6/Oct/14
I saw a scan from a Buffalo Springfield fan club type of magazine. It listed all of the band members and their vital statistics and other things. Their heights were given, and Neil's height was listed as six feet. This was back in the late 1960's. He's probably a little shorter now.
thedude said on 10/Sep/14
Just saw him today in toronto..... wasnt any taller than me and im 5'9 ... he also seemed to be generally not tall looking... not sure how hes all listed at over 6'
Danimal said on 8/Sep/14
Jen says on 4/Sep/14
I heard he was 6 foot 2. However with back surgery and age, he may be slightly shorter now.

He's definitely lost considerable height since his prime. Looks to be at least 2".
Jen said on 4/Sep/14
I heard he was 6 foot 2. However with back surgery and age, he may be slightly shorter now.
Noddle man said on 26/Jun/14
I had always believed Neil Young was 6ft 2 inches minimum...however his posture today seems to suggest he has dropped his shoulders somewhat. When standing next to Ben Keith who was 198cm he looked around the height I have specified.
Sam said on 18/Oct/13
LOL, at Elton John. Neil Young has the be one of slouchest dudes in rock. When I saw him live a couple of years ago, he played almost entirely sitting down with an electric guitar and no other accompanyment (actually a badass show). When he stood up near the end, I saw surprised how upright he could stand because of how doubled-over he looks in a lot of pictures.
jimbo said on 4/Aug/13
Same height as Elton John! I always thought he was a big chap too.
The Exorcist said on 7/Sep/12
He looks to have lost a lot of height! He actually looks shorter than Mick Jagger in this photo.

Click Here
Brad said on 24/Jul/12
As listed next to me recently, still kinda bending his upper back. Not a really nice guy. I can see why Stills vs. Young are wars through the years. Crazy Horse are great guys.
Chris said on 24/May/11
Look at him next to Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty during vote for change tour. They are all around 5'11' to 6'
Dan said on 4/Jan/11
I met Stephen Stills when I was a kid, and I was about 5' 6" or 7 at that time, and he was maybe my height. I always thought Neil was 6' 2" or 6' 3", but I had never seen him person, he was always the tallest though of CSN&Y!!!
CalifRags said on 14/May/09
I don't think Neil's "slouching" is all about posture. He had polio when he was a young child and had some lasting damage to his leg. Perhaps there's a pain or bone/muscle issue he sometimes deals with. Who knows.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/09
Neil started out in his late teens at almost 6'1" and due to bad posture and bad back over the years is now more like 5'11 to 6'. And Neil obviously slouches a lot ..ght.
De Lotte said on 17/Dec/08
he was on conan for like a whole week a year or two ago, seemed a solid 5 inches below the 6-4 conan (suprised me actially)
Willoughby Belch said on 19/Aug/08
He's 6'. Bob said so.
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Schnouzer Breath said on 10/Aug/08
was on Letterman recently, I would vote for about 5'11" currently (did not appear more than an inch taller than everyone else at the CSNY show in '06 during final hugs/bows).
emi said on 24/Apr/08
I think that when a handsome man (like Neil Young) is about 6 ft tall, it makes him even more attractive. But that's maybe because I am quite tall myself.
glenn said on 27/Jan/08
neil is tricky.ive seen him go from 5-10ish(flat shoes and horrendous posture) to 6-2(cowboy boots and good posture).
Him said on 26/Jan/08
Always looked considerably taller than 6'0 when I've seen him.
glenn said on 23/Jan/08
crosby is notorious for being the nastiest in music next to 5-10ish don henley.crosby is 5-7 id say.nash,i dont remember well,but id say average.taller than 5-9.2nd tallest next to young.
nate said on 22/Jan/08
how bout Crosby, and Nash, Glenn?
glenn said on 22/Dec/07
stephen stills always looked 5-8 when walking by me.i still need the photo with.only asked for autographs,as i was getting paid.never can fit in the time for him to pose.
Bryan said on 21/Dec/07
I was curious about Stephen Stills' height.
Click Here
Here he is in BS standing next to Neil.
Danimal said on 20/Nov/07
Yeah, he was a 6 footer and was the original Kurt Cobain. Watch his 1971 Acoustic set at the Massey Hall and you can tell that Kurt emulated Neil to a TEE.
glenn said on 20/Nov/07
thanks comet.
comet said on 20/Nov/07
Great photo of Young.
glenn said on 28/Oct/07
thans.hard photo to obtain now.
denny said on 28/Oct/07
Great photo..... I'm a Neil Young fan
What a nice long sheepskin coat
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
i bet you read all kinds of nonsense must shake your head in disbelief.

Editor Rob
you still get the odd person every month or 2 saying photoshop, but the site would be a shambles unfiltered in a way.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
he was short on cells.alot of special people on this site put up an appearence.

Editor Rob
I think this "look up to tall" bloke had wondered why I was deleting his posts in the past...I think nobody would miss him anyway.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
your brain cells are short.
glenn said on 15/Sep/07
like i said,the man is all over the place.3 years ago looking 6-2, 6 weeks ago looking yeah,6ft.the higher figure in heels,the lower,skippies and slouch.
Lucais said on 15/Sep/07
Neelyos looks about six-foot.
mcfan said on 12/Sep/07
Neil was pretty close to 6ft if I remember right.
Danius said on 6/Sep/07
bad angle..looks 6'0 to me
andrew said on 3/Sep/07
I believe the same. He is much taller than Glenn on the photo.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/07
rolling stone magazine, 2002, in an article about neil young:

"Young stands well over six feet tall, and he walks with a slouch. Back problems from an early injury..."

Rolling stone says he's over six feet tall.
miles smiles said on 25/Aug/07
I've seen Neil in public quite a few times (I live near his Woodside home.) Taking into account his bad posture, he does look 5-11. Still brilliant and relevant after all these years....
Paul said on 24/Aug/07
Holy crap, looking at him in this pic, HE should've played Wolverine. That is all, no real height comment sadly.
beatles fan said on 24/Aug/07
Neil Young is one of my all time favourites, I know for a fact he has had terrible back problems in the past. The above photo displays this clearly as well as he looks very hunched especially compared to glens very good posture. I think he could be taller than he sometimes appears.
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/07
If Glenn is 5'8'', Neil looks 6ft in tbat photo or thereabouts.
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
thanks happy i have this.he doesnt pose anymore.he is at least more approachable than eric clapton who wont do anything.
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
glenn says on 22/Aug/07
correct franco.thats 1991.*

nice, u look cool almost funny and enjoying it. congrats for your work, you do a good job at posting the pictures they are great.

big fan of Neil btw. ;)
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
correct franco.thats 1991.
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
i can't believe (by looking at this pic) how much u changed glenn, u were like 60-65kg in that pic for sure and about 171cm? cause after 19 u got the 173cm if im not wrong.

Neil today is 5'11 that's for sure.
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
you mean inconsistant cass.wheres your photos?
Cass said on 19/Aug/07
Glenn was 19 at the time. He isn't the 5' 8" listed in March 1991. You can't judge people's heights with this consistant pattern.
Reminidi said on 19/Aug/07
believe he has always listed himself as 6 ft. though I'd put him more at 5-11ish peak. Definitely shorter now, 5-10ish (saw him live with CSNY last year, and surprised he was around the same height as the others). Also looked considerably shorter than Conan when he was on multiple nights a year or two ago, maybe by 5 to 7 inches, to Conan's 6-4.
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
its a gift.i get younger every year instead of older.some years down the road ill be too small too ;-)
priscilla said on 19/Aug/07
wow glenn. u keep looking younger and younger.
ras said on 18/Aug/07
Come on now, am I the only one thinking he looks 5 ft 10 there?
glenn said on 18/Aug/07
march 1991 rock and roll hall of fame induction this was taken at.he doesnt pose anymore.
I'm what I am said on 18/Aug/07
Oh! In the pic with Glenn, he's impossible to be lower than 6'.
glenn said on 18/Aug/07
an enigma.lately looking 5-10ish.3 years ago looking 6-2.hard to figure out.
Markus said on 18/Aug/07
Wow Glenn, very 80's !

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