How tall is Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas Rowe's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

Scottish actor best known for films such as Young Sherlock Holmes, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Enigma and True Blue. On tv he can be seen in Da Vinci's Demons. In a 1985 article it described him as "6ft 19 year old".

How tall is Nicholas Rowe
5ft 8 Rob and Nicholas @ Autographica, March 2014
I have never had anyone tell me I look like Spielberg before. All of a sudden I hear this and I don't know what to think. I don't think I look like him at all. I'm 6'4". [Spielberg is about 5'10".] I'm English and he's Jewish. It's silly.

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Average Guess (49 Votes)
6ft 3.97in (193cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/23
Standard 6ft4 in my book, rubbish posture though
Canson said on 22/Jan/23
@Editor Rob: I would definitely place Padalecki in that category. Baldwin may well be based on the difference with Levi
Canson said on 21/Jan/23
@Editor Rob: would you say he’s a guy who doesn’t dip under 6’4 at his normal low? Or is this listing more of a lunchtime?
Editor Rob
To me, he is very similar to guys like Adam Baldwin and Padalecki in person, who are classical 6ft 4 men.

He likely still measures 6ft 4 afternoon.
Slamo said on 18/Jan/23
Actually looks over 6-4. 6-4 minimum
Jesica said on 21/Nov/22
Gives me the initial impression of 6'5, but that's due to his hair. He's a legit 6'4.
Canson said on 23/Jun/22
He’s a lanky 6’4 guy but a very legit one. Doubt he dips below it by more than 1/8” if he does
Daniel Lee said on 23/Jun/22
Illusion of about 6'5 dude.
Andrey200 said on 24/May/22
One of the tallest looking 193 listed people on this site
Robbe said on 17/May/22
Looked huge in Gently next to Martin Shaw. Minimum 6'4.
Andrey200 said on 12/May/22
At least a solid 193
Tech noir said on 30/Apr/22
Looks near 6-5 imo
electrotelepathy said on 31/Oct/20
Just say this guy on an episode of Midsomer Murders. He was conspicuously tall and we commented that he looked like a giant. Comfortably 6ft 4, probably a little bit over.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Oct/20
Great picture - nice and friendly! - depicting two Scottish guys, one of whom is of average height and the other very tall indeed.

6ft4 😁👍
OriginalAnon said on 14/Apr/20
He looks a solid 193cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Nov/19
@ Nik - He has every reason to be honest!

6ft4. 🗼🐜🙄
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/19
He’s very honest!
Zampo said on 23/Oct/18
Before I read the comments below. I was thinking "nothing less than 192 cm". So with Christian on this one.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Oct/18
No less than 192cm
184guy2 said on 8/Oct/18
my bad , I should have said SHORTER ... sorry
184guy2 said on 5/Oct/18
Lol Rob , he looks taller beside you 5'7 friend than with you
Editor Rob
And so my photo is better for showing the height difference 🙂
Jason 193 said on 26/Jan/18
192cm with very puffy hair.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/18
6'4.25 in prime, not perfect posture in pic and is bordering 6'4. when standing up straight in prime at least more than the 0.25 inch IMO.
Bobby said on 18/Dec/17
@S.J.H, not necessarily. Watson describes Holmes on one occasion as being rather over six feet in length. This means that Sherlock Holmes was a minimum of 6'1-2. So a 6'4 actor is not all that out of the question.
Sandra Regina Rissoni Horita said on 19/Sep/17
He's really very tall!! I'm only 5'3"... 😨
S.J.H said on 13/Jun/17
Def too tall for the role of playing young Sherlock Holmes in 1985. 6'3-6'3.5
World Citizen said on 10/Jun/17
Looks believable, but no higher than that.
berta said on 4/May/17
i think this guys hair makes him look 1,5 cm taller than he is. i think he is 193 with chanse of being just under it
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/17
I'm interrupting my visit to the 'Height Request' page to leave a comment for this guy as he was peeping out at me as a 'random celeb' and I thought, "Whoa, he's a big boy! Who is he?"
I should recognize him from 'Lock,Stock..' but I don't. Having said that, and as I had a second perusal, his face does ring vaguely familiar - as does his big, gangly frame!
I'll go along with 6ft4!
Peter 179cm said on 18/Nov/16
I'm guessing about 192cm,so around 6'3.5 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
Rob, who looked taller this guy or Hasselhoff?
Editor Rob
both very similar I'd say in person.
Leo said on 27/May/16
The Storyteller (giant version)
Peterson188cm said on 16/Feb/16
Looks 6ft 4.5in (194 cm).
Emil 182-183 cm said on 8/Jul/15
Since Nicholas Rowe was supposedly 6'0 at 19, I guess that there's still hope for Big G and I?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/15
Rob, is a fraction under or over 6ft4 possible for Rowe?
Editor Rob
I don't think he'd be over it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/15
He does look a solid 6ft4
Mitch 185.8cm said on 9/Feb/15
looks 6'5 with rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/15
Grew 4in between 19-20!
Editor Rob
I think he was already this height by the time he was 18 as that's the range he filmed Sherlock Holmes and looked very tall in that.
Judd said on 20/Dec/14
Legit 6'4" with rob
Mike said on 11/Dec/14
More chance of beeing 6ft 4.25 than 6ft 3.75.
Height182 said on 3/Dec/14
Rob, any chance of him being slightly under 6'4''?
Editor Rob
there's a chance yes, but I think he still is near enough it
A6'1Guy said on 16/Nov/14
Sean, that does not mean you "grew", you shrink as the day goes on... You could have measured yourself 6'0 (72 inches) in the evening and then 4 years later you measured 6'1 (73 inches) in the morning, I doubt you grew, but you never know.
Sean73 said on 12/Nov/14
Yeah,people defo grow after 18 yrs old.When i turned 18 i was a flat 6 foot.At 22 i measured 73' flat at a 3pm doctor visit.Go figure.
Crypto139 said on 25/Oct/14
Yeah I will say I have heard the term "6 foot guy" referred to a guy that was 6 feet 3. So it can happen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Oct/14

You're right it can be interpreted differently. A "six footer" doesn't necessarily always apply to someone whose 6ft(183cm). It can be used to describe someone whose up to 2-3in over the mark.
Emmett said on 21/Oct/14
I see '6ft' listings all the time that really just mean 'over 6ft'.
Daniel said on 17/Oct/14
I don't know why people say that men can't grow taller after 18. I'm 21 and still growing. I was 5'9 last year and 5'11 now.
Tallguy said on 15/Aug/14
I just wanted to say that it's indeed possible for someone to grow more after age 18. Obviously, it's not going to be that much but you can still grow about 1 inch or more. I am saying this based on personal experience as I also grew a lot more since I was 18. I was about 6 feet (182-184, depending on the time of day) when I was 18, or 19, then at age 23 I was just a little under 6'2( about 184-187 barefooted), and after that, now at age 26 I am about 188-191cm (6'2"-6'3"). So I can safely say that it's indeed possible for someone to grow after age 18, specially men. I also noticed that it helps a lot to a good balance diet, stretching your back, and a having a good night sleep, as well as drinking lots of milk as your bones needs this source of calcium in order for you to grow!
DrummerBoy said on 15/Aug/14
1" or more of growth can definitely happen even after a person's late teen years. I hit 6'0" at the start halfway through my senior year when I was 17, and I stayed the same until around six months ago, when I started growing again. I am now a strong 6'1" at 19, and my doctor says I may yet grow another inch after seeing my x-ray. My maternal uncle grew three inches during college, but he only got to 5'10.5".
Amaze said on 7/Aug/14
4 inches after 19???? At 19 most if not all males are fully developed who have finished puberty. 1-2cm is even rare but 10cm??? Maybe a misquote, but whatever his family/friends must have been shocked. I do think that his old height was better though.
avi said on 6/Aug/14
I think the 19 quote is bs. It was misquoted like infomdb does at times. Probably grew an inch.
KROC said on 2/Aug/14
Well I grew significantly after I was 19. I didn't reach my full height until I was 22. My father didn't reach his full height until he was 22-23. My father is 6'7, I'm 6'5.
Sam said on 31/Jul/14
His height was clearly under-listed back when he was 19...I don't think anyone grows an extra 4 inches after 19 unless they have a growth disorder.
Joe257 said on 30/Jul/14
From the above picture I think that Nicholas Rowe might be 6'2.5" or a Weak 6'3" (if he stands straight)! After reading the description I got that Mr. Rowe grew 4 inches taller after 19!? And apparently he grew that much in only a year or two! Rob, is this normal or is this dude just a freak of nature!? I grew only 1/2 inch after 19... :(
Editor Rob
I really don't know if he did grow a big amount at 19 or not, it was just a quote I saw and thought worth including.
Mathew said on 29/Jul/14
First impression was 6'4"-ish. But upon further inspection, definitely doesn't look like a legit 6'4" in the picture with the guy who is an inch shorter than Rob. Not so sure on this guy.
Realists said on 29/Jul/14
Seems right. A flat 6'4 very lean figure.
Andrea said on 27/Jul/14
He's dropping, you're dropping so there's probably not much difference in posture. And no, he does not look at least 6'4 or even 6'4.5 as some say here... He looks no more than a "weak" 6'4! Wouldn't surprise me if he measured 6'3.5, just basing on this picture, because i don't even know who he is...
SAK said on 27/Jul/14
Rob maybe slouching. But Rowe isn't exactly standing up straight himself. He is easily 6'4. And this looks like a dwarfing difference.
Editor Rob
I am dropping about an inch on purpose of course because I thought he would drop between 0.5-1 inch based on watching him with others in the queue and I am always trying to get the best photo I can :)

Rowe with con friend...who is an inch smaller than me.
Nunez said on 26/Jul/14
Rob is slouching too you know.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/14
Typo on described BTW..
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/14
Rob I'm guessing with his hairstyle and thin build he could probably look near 6 ft 5 to some people?
Editor Rob
I don't think they would, assuming they knew a measured 6ft 5 man.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/14
Saw the photo advert at the side and my first thought was 6'5.5-6'6". The hair and the lean and Rob's poor posture gave the illusion of it at first!! Looks clearly minimum 6'4" anyway.
Connor 183cm said on 25/Jul/14
I agree Alex he's a very decent 6ft 4 guy, he would look that tall in the pic with Rob if not for the slouching, from the slouch looks more 6ft 3 range when stood straight definetly 6ft 4, Rob is slouching a little too making him look only 5ft 7-7.5 (dont worry Rob im not saying you are under 5ft 8 lol).
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jul/14
Comparing this picture of Rob and Joe Manganiello it looks close actually. This guy does look 6'4 making Joe more 6'4.5 Id say
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jul/14
Looks legit 6'4
Andrea said on 25/Jul/14
Doesn't look a solid 6'4 here... Maybe a weak one? Rob are you standing at your tallest?
Lonestar said on 25/Jul/14
Rob slouch. This guy is 6"4 in shoes
Hypado said on 24/Jul/14
Nicholas Rowe's height is 6ft 4in (193 cm)

Looks this in this PHOTO.
yenz said on 24/Jul/14
Rob you're on a trend of listing tall guys aye
Sam said on 24/Jul/14
Still looks a lot like he did back in Young Sherlock, he looks like he could be 6'3"-6'4" range IMO.
James B said on 24/Jul/14
Looks 6'4.5 with rob
Emil 182.5 cm said on 24/Jul/14
So he grew 4 inches after 19? Geez
Connor 183cm said on 24/Jul/14
He looks a legit 6ft 4, but as im a 6ft 19 year old i hope i dont end up being 6ft 4 lol.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/07
hes 6ft4 as much as brad pitt. is a barefoot 6ft2. Further investigation should be done into this guys height

Editor Rob
I will have a look sometime
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/07
rob,he looks 6ft in lock stock and two smoking barrells.Should be downgraded
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/06
Strange he grew 4 inches after 19. Well, that's how it is

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