How tall is Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American singer and TV personality. On his official band site, he used to be listed as '5ft 10'.

How tall is Nick Lachey
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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 8.98in (175.2cm)
Mariot said on 2/Dec/22
I would say good chance he may have been 5'9.75 which is basically 5-10, got rounded up and due to his well built and hair then that he also got perceived as 5-11. Nowadays he looks just 5-9 due to him gaining weight and also getting older.
Mariot said on 13/Sep/22
I remember he was listed as 5-11-5,10 many years ago, but later got listed or rounded down at 5-9.5 then 5,9. Back then he was well built, in better shape combined with the hairstyle may have what gave off the projection of a taller height. Nick might have been around 1,77 perhaps more likely 1,76 when younger, but nowadays since he is getting older, he seems to struggle to hit five nine, he maybe a hair or shade under. Maybe Rob should have a pic taking with him to see.
PandaBear said on 26/Mar/22
Viper Yes Nick Lachey is 5”7 1/2....most actors and celebrities lie about their height and he’s no exception. 5”7 can look on the taller side with the right shoes and a taller heel. Just look at Tom Cruz and Kate Moss. Both are 5”7 and can look way taller than their heights. If a man is 5”7 1/2 and in the right shoes he looks 5”9. And if a man is 5”9 with the right shoes he’ll appear to be 5”11.

Another observation- If you study Nick’s arms and legs he just isn’t 5”9. Their just not long enough to be 5”9. He has the build of a man around 5”7.
viper said on 24/Mar/22
5-7.5 is really hard to believe
PandaBear said on 23/Mar/22
I go to the same gym as him. He’s about 5”7 1/2....his wife is about 5’’4...You honestly think she’s 5”7 lol . They both lie about their heights.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jun/19
Not taller than Jamie Foxx.
Khaled Taban said on 30/Apr/18
a little taller than 5'9" approx 175.5cm
Mari said on 6/Apr/18
I'd say he is slightly over 5'9.
DJ said on 12/Mar/18
@Editor Rob you have a picture with him and bandmate, Justin Jeffre? They're around the same height. If you look at videos of those two stand next to each other. It's almost identical.. I'd give them both 5'8.5"-5'9" zone.. No more than 5'10" though
Brett said on 19/Sep/17
I met Nick Lachey a few years ago. I am 5'6.5 inches tall. He had dress hoes on with a one inch heel(approx.) and I had regular casual footwear. I would say 5'9 is close but he's definitely no more than that and probably a little under. I am going to say 5'8.5 or so.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/17
I remember him being listed at 5,10 and 11 back in the day, he did have a lean muscular build which made him give off a taller appearance, but he did look about 5-10 then. Today he's gained weight and appears shorter, this listing seems about right.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/17
Rob, he was listed at 5-10 when he was younger, he did look kind of tall back then and later he got listed at 5-9.5. I think these days he maybe around 176cm, he may have shrunken a bit due to age and he might have also done heavylifting, I heard that can make people shrink a bit.
Junior said on 23/Aug/17
He does look in the 5'9 range.
Chase Witherspoon said on 6/Sep/15
Reckon he could a bit taller than 5'9", looks 176-177.... perhaps it's the epic hairdo
MD said on 18/Mar/15
This needs some correction. Here he is with 5'6" Pete Wentz, whose neck is bent:

Click Here
marcus said on 10/Dec/14
brandi glaville dwarfed him in 3 inch heels while he wore one inch boots, he is no taller than 5'9
Brad said on 9/Aug/13
5 feet 9, Jessica made him look tall as she's a shrimp.
MarcusTheSwede said on 24/Apr/13
Agree with Aladdin. Women that judge men due to height isnt worth anything in my book. And no im not short.Im above average in Sweden.But I dislike women that judge a man because of things like that.Not good.Life is hard enough as it is. I believe Nick is as listed above.Nothing more then that.
Aladdin said on 30/Dec/12
I don't understand why some girls below 'don't accept' that his height is 5 ft 9. Just because he is attractive and built doesn't mean his height at 5 ft 9 does not match those qualities. 5 ft 9 is not short for a man. A 5 ft 9 woman is considered 'very tall', so superficial women should get a life and stop underrating men based on their height.
CBM said on 11/Nov/12
177-178 seems accurate. His muscular bulky physique makes him look 183-184.
Zone said on 1/Nov/12
I agree with what a lot of other people have said about him. When I was younger, I thought there was no way he could be any shorter than 6'1"-2". There's just something about him that makes you expect him to be a towering guy. Of course, he used to be married to Jessica Simpson and apparently she's barely 5'3", so that makes him look especially tall in comparison.
LG69 said on 15/Oct/12
Saw a picture of Nick and Vanessa. Nick had on casual sneakers with around .75 to 1" heels, while 5'7" Vanessa was wearing very thin(.25") flip-flops. All things considered, Nick has 2.5" to 3" of height over her. I'd give Nick 5'9.5"
Chris said on 14/Oct/12
Hi Rob,

What is it about Nick that makes him seem so much taller? Is it his bulky build?
Editor Rob
maybe a bit of bulk can add to some folk's height
Jm1984 said on 28/Sep/12
I met him today. He's 5'9 barefoot and no more.
Shaun said on 13/Sep/12
Click Here

He looks like he could be anything between 5'9" and 5'11". Proportionally I think a strong 5'9", I'd probably list him at 5'9.5". Rob what influenced your flat 5'9" listing? I think he gives more of a 5'9.5"-5'10" impression.
Shaun said on 8/Sep/12
Yeah I agree LauraSki I was very surprised to see him as low as 5 ft 9. I actually thought he was 6 ft range in Newly Weds but Jessica Simpson is short. I'd have guessed 5 ft 11.
LauraSki said on 6/Jun/12
He does look 5'10 physically, at least 5'9.5. Just 5'9 or 5'8 isn't right for him.
LauraSki said on 6/Jun/12
WHAT? No way is this guy only 5' 8 or even 5' 9. He look pretty tall next to the guys from 98 degrees and his girlfriend Vanessa Minillo who's around 5'7. I remember years ago, he was listed as 5'11 which is kinda tall. I thought Nick was a six footer at first, He's built like a tall guy. 5'8-5'9 guys dont look like that. This listing ain't right. Upgrade him to at least 5'10.

I would say at least 5'9.5. It's what he's listed at now.
Alpha86 said on 6/Jun/12
WHAT? No way is this guy only 5' 8 or even 5' 9. He look pretty tall next to the guys from 98 degrees and his girlfriend Vanessa Minillo who's around 5'7. I remember years ago, he was listed as 5'11 which is kinda tall. I thought Nick was a six footer at first, He's built like a tall guy. 5'8-5'9 guys dont look like that. This listing ain't right. Upgrade him to at least 5'10.
Shaun said on 3/Nov/11
Agree with Viper, Lachey is built nothing like Statham.
Shaun said on 3/Nov/11
Statham though is naturally stocky build like a lot of British blokes. That photo of him very lean around the tummy was taken after months of SEALs training for one of his films. He's naturally beefier like in that beach photo. In fact if he didn't work out so hard he'd be the type to gain a big beer gut like Phil Mitchell or somebody.
Wide not tall said on 6/Sep/11
Judging by his proportions, I would say he's not over 5-9, probably no taller than 5-8.5. He did seem taller back then cause he was leaner and more muscular.
Wide not tall said on 21/Aug/11
174-175 seems right.
Meat said on 15/Aug/11
Maybe 5'8.75 is closer.
Meat said on 14/Aug/11
174 seems accurate. I remember him being listed as 178-180cm years ago. I thought he was tall, but that was due to his wide upper body and hair, and he often was wearing thick shoes and lifts.
Maximus Meridius said on 8/Aug/11
Rob If Jessica Simpson is 5ft 2.5in i don't think he is quite 5ft 9in more like 5ft 8.5in is there a chance he is the 5ft 8.5in range rather than the 5ft 9in range.
Editor Rob
i think 5ft 9 is still a fair guess, I'm not sure about under though.
Legend said on 18/Jul/11
Doesn't look quite 5'9
Met-Rx said on 11/May/11
Looks around 5'9.
Stockier86 said on 4/May/11
Nick looked like a tall guy to me. It's probably because he had a lean muscular build, but now he's stocky and fat and is about 5'9.
Linetoot said on 4/Apr/11
I don't think he's a full 5-9 guy, he's really about 5'8 1/2, if you see him next to his current girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo who's 5'6 and a half, he looks 2 inches taller. Nick looked tall to me. I thought he was like 5'10-5'11(Which he was listed years ago), but that's probably because he had a lean muscle mass and always wore elevator shoes and because of his hair.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/11
Here's Stathem with a lean build.
Click Here
Viper said on 20/Mar/11
what the hell, Lachey is a LOT smaller than Statham. Lachey is fairly lean.
K4 said on 17/Mar/11
Except Stathem is wider.
Big boned said on 16/Mar/11
He's got the same physique as 5'8.5 Jason Stathem

Click Here

Click Here

It's possible that Nick might be the same size as Stathem, judging by their proportions.
K4 said on 2/Mar/11
Dave says on 3/Feb/11
I shot a commercial with Nick. He's about 5'9" with shoes so I would say 5'8" without

I think 5'8ish is right, he's got the proportions of a 5'8 guy, might be 5'8 and a half on a good day. The reason he looks taller is because of his hair and he wears bulky shoes.
K4 said on 14/Feb/11
Anonymous says on 12/Feb/11
I'd say 175-176 is accurate. His bulky build gives the delusion that he's shorter, but he looks a strong 5'9ish.

Nick use to have a lean muscle mass, but now he's kinda heavyset. This is why some are perceiving him as shorter, maybe if he shed some pounds, he can look average or a bit more.
K4 said on 12/Feb/11
I'd say 175-176 is accurate. His bulky build gives the delusion that he's shorter, but he looks a strong 5'9ish.
K4 said on 11/Feb/11
What is his tallest, Rob, 176 or 177?

Editor Rob
he might be 176cm
K4 said on 9/Feb/11
Rob, do you think he might possibly be a little shorter, like 5'8.5. Maybe it's his build.

Editor Rob
I doubt it
K4 said on 5/Feb/11
I think he is 5'9, possibly 5'9.5 on a good day. He just seems shorter cause he's stocky.
Dave said on 3/Feb/11
I shot a commercial with Nick. He's about 5'9" with shoes so I would say 5'8" without
LG69 said on 16/Jan/11
@ Jessica, Nick is about 1" shorter than Vanessa with her 5"heels....he's 5'10 with shoes.
LG69 said on 16/Jan/11
5'9" barefoot...5'10" with sneakers
Jessica said on 28/Dec/10
5'9!? There's no need for this guessing contest, since your personal opinions have absolutely nothing to do with the reality? Here's a picture of him and Vanessa, Click Here she is 5'7 and in this picture she's wearing 5 inch heels and since they're the same height, he's at least 5'11.
K4 said on 29/Oct/10
Shaun, Statham is at best 5'8.5, but gets round up to 5'9, cause he's close to it.
LG69 said on 20/Apr/09
Nick looks about 5'9". He never appears short or tall.
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
Yeah I thought he was 5'11-6' too.
-- said on 17/Mar/09
Ay "Realme2008"- matt leinhart is 6'3 man
so18apm said on 26/Feb/09
Allnew2009: Wow, you're able to judge people's height with accuracy to 1/8 of an inch. Amazing!
Allnew2009 said on 21/Feb/09
I think he's a tiny tad below 5-9, like 5-8 7/8.
Amanda said on 21/Feb/09
I just had my picture taken with him this week. I am almost 5'10, and he was at least an inch taller in the picture...
Shean said on 28/Jan/09
I met this guy . . . he stood next to my friend who is about 5'10 1/2 . . . and Nick was about one inch shorter
Brent said on 6/Jan/09
this guy is 5'8.5-5'9
Maribel said on 11/Dec/08
I think Nick is more like 5"8.75 max. I took him for a six foot guy once, but he's not as tall as I thought he was.
Maximum said on 14/Oct/08
He was 5-11, he said so himself. But since due to a lot of weight lifting, he downgraded himself at least by two inches.
Clay said on 31/Aug/08
Actually when you're well built it makes you seem taller/bigger IMO. When you're stocky/fat it will make you look shorter.

Nick Lachey 5'6''? Thats laughable.
ryan said on 19/Jul/08
No way is he 5'9. He must be 5'6 maximum. Jessica simpson is only 5'2. When you see nick standing next to jessica, there is only half a heads height between them. I don't think he is as tall as people think.
damo said on 18/Jul/08
I thought he'd be at least 6 feet, given his height in comparison to Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds. But since I know now that Jess is only like 5'2, I guess that makes sense.
Realme2008 said on 14/Jul/08
Leon, I do agree being well-built can make you look shorter and stockier.
Alex said on 28/Jun/08
I remember he was listed at 5'11 in a magazine too. The most he can come across as is 5'10 on TV. But he's really 5'9ish.
Leon said on 11/Jun/08
This one really surprised me. In Newlyweds Nick looks like a six-footer, because he towers over Jessica and he's slightly taller than his brother. He has a great physique, but I always thought being well-built made you look shorter and stockier. Guess I was wrong.
anonymous said on 10/Jun/08
No way is Nick 5'10"!!! I saw him twice this past weekend, and spoke with him briefly. He is in very good shape, but very small. I am barely 5'3, and he is only a few inches taller.
Shorty said on 23/May/08
I thought he was about 6 feet! He's only a few inches taller than me so he's about avergae for a guy. He makes Jessica look really short so I guess I thought she was taller than she actually is. He looks like he's built like a footballer on Newlyweds, that's why I thought he was around a few inches taller. He seems taller than every guy in that show!
Realme2008 said on 15/May/08
Sorry, I guess I left it out. Here it is. Click Here
Realme2008 said on 14/May/08
Here is next to Matt Leinhart. Matt is supposedly 6'5", and Lachey is 5'9". Lachey looks like a doll. lol. Leinhart is so gorgeous though. 8- inch difference at least! lol
deejay said on 14/Apr/08
this is weird, i was looking up james blunt's height(5ft 7),and i saw a picture of him with justin timberlake and another of him next to nick lachey.funny thing is that,in both pictures,james blunt was a over timberlake and lachey's eyebrow,at half of their foreheads.this would give an idea that lachey and timberlake are the same height.however, stated here is that timberlake is 5ft11.5 while lachey is 5ft is that possible?is the height wrong or was james blunt wearing lifts at some occasions?
fern said on 20/Mar/08
hahah i was just gunna say that dude lol, wut a joke, hes a short sucka. Actually they have it at 6,2 3/4 or 6,2.75 lol
Hes no where near 6 feet so how could they possibly have the mofo at almost 6,3
H-G-H said on 16/Feb/08
lol at eyeemdeebee they have him at 6'2.5" right now..
Real said on 22/Jan/08
he reminds me of an old roommate i had.. 5'9 seems about right.
I definitly can't see 5'10. maybe a little under 5'9 if anything
Gago said on 4/Jan/08
Nick is 5'9/175, i met him in LA few months ago, nice guy.
canadian girl said on 4/Jan/08
5'9 seems about right. he doesn't seem to be that tall. but definally 5'9.
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
He looks 5'8 with 6'3 Owens. I see about 7 inches there but in most pics he looks about 5'9 but no more.
Viper said on 11/Oct/07
I would expect Owens to be taller than Rock.
Albert said on 10/Oct/07
funny thing is with rock he looks way closer in height then with owens. and they're both supposed to be 6"3.
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
Actually that isnt the picture I was talking about. It was a shot of them talking face to face.
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
There are new pictures of Lachey with Leinart on getty, and he certaintly looks no taler than 5-8 in them. He also looks a shocking 5-7 with Terrell Owens at the same event.

Editor Rob
Here is pic. 6ft 2 7/8th vs 5ft 7? They both look kind of loose.
viper said on 14/Jul/07
He looks no taller than 5-8-5-8 1/2 with a measured 6-4.75 Matt Leinart.
Bombay Rocker said on 13/Jul/07
Why don't you post the pics then Randy?
Randy said on 11/Jul/07
I'll say it again: I have TWO pics with him - TWO. and BOTH times I checked out his shoes. He's 5-10 in bare feet, just a bit taller than me. This is confirmed by another person here who has a pic with him and says he's 5-10 too. He's not 5-9 or 5-8.
Bombay Rocker said on 3/Jul/07
Can't see the pic posted by anonymous, says u must be logged in to do that...anyway i can see it and how tall does nick looks next to that 5 feet 6 inch guy? Is that guy really 5 feet 6 even?
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
Click Here

(My brother's friend's MySpace states 5'6"--Nick looks a few inches taller next to him in the picture).

Editor Rob
looks like he's standing loose too.
Alex said on 27/May/07
Saw a picture of him and Vanessa in a magazine today on a beach, both barefoot with nobody really closer to the camera but Nick appeared to be standing a bit more straight since his feet were both on the ground while she was walking, but she didn't appear anything over 5'5 with him. He has her by 4-5 inches.
Josh said on 8/May/07
He looks 5'10 with shoes so 5'9 is right.
Viper said on 5/Jan/07
I thought he looked more 5-8 with Leinart.
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
He can look as 5'10 with Matt Leinart but he's really 5'9 I'd say.
invalid username said on 23/Dec/06
I was a stand-in on a pilot that Lachey did last year. I stood in for one of his co-stars, not him, but we spent about a week hanging out between shots, eating lunch, playing basketball, etc. and I can tell you with certainty that he's about 5'9", maybe a little shorter without shoes. Good guy- he's pretty normal, esp. considering the circus that was going on around him at that time.
Wayne said on 23/Dec/06
I once saw him at my university. I walked right behind him. I'm 5,9 and I would say that he was at least an inch taller than me, though he had big thick heels on. I would say 5,10 nonetheless.
Brad said on 23/Nov/06
I wouldn't doubt that. 5' 8" is probably right without shoes. He looked 3" taller in huge heels when I stood by him. Jessica just climbed on him with her 5" heels, so, the ex Mr. & Mrs. photos are not great at comparing.
Lauren said on 17/Nov/06
My husband met Nick about a year ago and had a conversation with him outside the offices of Maxim Magazine. My husband stated that Nick was shorter than him. My husband is 5ft 9in
Brad said on 15/Nov/06
Met him on Sunday at Pure at Caesars. Hard to say, he wears big hidden lifts. Really nice guy.
Brad said on 14/Nov/06
Saw him walking into Pure at Caesars last weekend....he was about 5' 8" after the heel drop. He hosted a party there....he attracted a massive anount of gals. He ain't going away.
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/06
Diggs is 5-7. Wow, so Lachey might not be 5-9. I figured the guy was 5-8 1/2 bare minimum.
MD said on 30/Oct/06
Yeah, 5'9" seems like a little too much, and especially after that picture I posted of him and 5'8" Taye Diggs, who is obviously slouching.
anon said on 29/Oct/06
I agree with DB completely. Met Nick in NY a while back. I was in 2" heels that made me about 5'7". He had on thick-soled shoes but will say they only give him an inch and he was maybe 2" taller than me at the most. I would say he is 5'8 MAX, 5'7" wouldn't surprise me. And he was petite, average sized shoulders but no hips or butt. He seems like the type of guy to wear lifts on the red carpet.
DB said on 12/Oct/06
Just saw nick in NY, I am 5'9" and he was shorter than me, no way is he even 5'9". And he is very petite. Not that built in person. He has a toned body that appears more built in pictures and film. Definately his face looks better in pictures than in person as well.
MD said on 28/Aug/06
So, does that make Taye taller than listed?
MD said on 27/Aug/06
Rob, what do you think of my picture? If Taye were to straighten up, do you think there would be an inch difference in their height?

Editor Rob
there might not be much between them
MD said on 4/Aug/06
Not a great photo, but with a slouching 5'8" Taye Diggs at a strange angle.

1. Click Here
Marcus said on 3/Aug/06
Oh, sorry I forgot the link:
Click Here
Marcus said on 3/Aug/06
This model chick Petra Nemcova is listed as 5'10''...albeit she's slouching a bit and got heels (probably)...look's a bit weird?
Viper652 said on 7/Jul/06
Yeah, Matt measured in at a hair under 6-5.
SH said on 7/Jul/06
Earlier message incorrect.

Matt Leinart is 6'4'' and 7/8''. Pretty much all of 6'5''
SH said on 7/Jul/06
On the Matt Leinhart camparison, I have heard he comes in at exactly 6'4.75'', pretty much 6'5'' but not bang on.
D-MAN said on 2/Jul/06
My Friend Elvis the Limo Driver just drove Nick from NYC to AC last week and he is 5 Feet 7 Inches tall! Elvis is 6 ft. 2 in. and Nick is a head shorter.
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
I agree with this listing. I remember a listing of 5'11 for him once.
kai said on 1/Jun/06
Good call Rob...I met him at the 2005 Playboy Super Bowl Party (in Jax, FL)....he is DEFINITELY no taller than 5'9.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 31/May/06
170-173 is actually 5ft -7 and a half to 5ft 8.I got measured byt the nurse lately and i was put at 1.73m...thus making me 5ft 8. You got it wrong Randy
krissy said on 21/May/06
i went to a concert yesterday and i went backstage and took a picture with him. he is probably 5'10 ish.
randy said on 9/May/06
I can definitively solve this for all of you. I am 5-9.5 in bare feet. I met Nick on 2 different occasions with Jessica backstage at concerts. I took a photo with them both times. I made a special point of comparing the height of his shoes, because I was curious of our heights that 2nd night. He is slightly taller than me. So I'm saying 5-10. He is not 5-8 or 5-9, as I would be taller than him, and I'm not. I'm also in good shape, about 170-173, and he's somewhat bigger than me, not much. My guess is a solid 180.
cheryl said on 2/Mar/06
yeah,he's not the tallest but not the shortest,so 5'9 is probably right.but nate can i ask:how tall was jess??
~Nate~ said on 28/Feb/06
Me and my friends went to a Japanese restaraunt in LA a few years back and Jessica and Nick were there. I dont care for them but my friends got their autographs she was very polite very nice and he was soo stuck up. Anyways he stood up to shake my hand and he had boots on and I give him 5'8-5'9 Barefoot cause he wasnt that tall.
tico said on 28/Feb/06
he must be short. i just saw him next to Jay leno on the Tonight Show and Lachey only went up to Jay's nose, he must be 5 ft 5 in
Sam said on 27/Feb/06
he's definitely around 5'8"-5'9". . .don't forget celebs(even the guys) wear insoles in their shoes for an extra inch or two and infamous for lying about their heights....the biggest liar of all is our own President George Bush who stands at 5'8" but claims to be 6'1" or 6'0"....He must think height includes your shoes because he has biggest collection of platformed shoes in the white house! I read in time magazine once that he even has his own shoe designer who is able to create a 3-4 inch platform concealed within his shoes. He often uses them for international and public meetings to appear taller and more powerful than leaders from other countries(often he is still shorter, even after cheating! Sad sad man)
Viper652 said on 7/Feb/06
Dude, Jessica is not 5-4. Ive noticed you only beleive in listed heights. Jessica is around 5-1 to 5-2 as most of the picture evidence shows. And the 5-6 to 5-7 comment for Lachey is crazy. He is at least 5-9.
6' and 18 said on 6/Feb/06
5' 10" in my view, with Jessica as 5' 4".
aurelie said on 5/Feb/06
he is not 5'9. I was running by him and he was about 2-3 inches taller than me, and only I'm 5'4.
TheFunisher said on 5/Feb/06
You think 5'9'' and 5'9.5'' are much different. A friend of mine is 5'11''and I'm 5'9'', and if we not standing next to each other, we look almost the same height.
Amanda said on 31/Dec/05
I am 5' 8" and he seemed about two inches taller than me.
175cm16andgrowing said on 31/Dec/05
I don't think the guy has ever looked too thin. He's very built, his weight is 180lbs so... he can be between 5'9'' and 5'10''...
John. said on 31/Dec/05
Met him in ESPN zone in NYC...He seemed a inch shorter then me, im 5'11...He seemed 5'10 maybe 5'10.5...not shorter then that....he was pretty thin looking, "Cut" too, so from the distance he seemed taller
Josh said on 18/Dec/05
I´ve seen some episodes of Newlyweds and in one of them he came out of the pool and got into the house he was barefoot He looked taller than 5'9 he looked 5'10 maybe 5'9 1/2 but no shorter than that.
"I hate newlyweds" said on 2/Dec/05
No way he's 5"9...I'm pretty sure he's more like 5"9.5 or maybe even 5"10...believe me folks!
CoolJ said on 19/Oct/05
5'9 seems about right.. I doubt he is much shorter than this.
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/05
If Nick is really 5-8, then that would make all his other bandmates from 98 degrees shorter then their listed heights as well.
MD said on 18/Oct/05
Well, like I said, he's clearly 5'9" in regular shoes (5'9.5" at most if you want to be generous). He can appear 5'10" in boots.
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/05
So you are saying that Nick is 5-8?
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/05
Some people say Jay Leno is in the 5-9 range, so that would put Nick in the 5-8 range.
Mr. R said on 27/Sep/05
I saw Nick on Leno last night, and felt the same way. Nick cannot be much over 5-9.
MD said on 27/Sep/05
Nick Lachey was just on Jay Leno coming out to sign the bike for Hurricane Katrina relief, and he was clearly an inch shorter than Jay. If you give Jay 5'-10" or 5'-10.5" that puts Nick at 5'-9" or 5'-9.5".
Viper652 said on 1/Aug/05
The funny thing is I dont think Shilling is a legit 6-5. More like 6-3 to me.
Tommy P said on 31/Jul/05
I saw Nick on TV a few weeks ago, he and his wife were on stage with Curt Schilling, the baseball player. Curt is 6'5" and he absolutely dwarfed Nick. Nick wasn't even close to being a six footer. I'd say he's more like 5'9" if that tall.
Josh said on 24/Jun/05
Oh He really looks 5'10 myabe with shoes on 5'11 max i think 5'10 is pretty accurate bute there´s no way he is 6ft.
huey said on 17/Jun/05
did see him once. he's probably my height with shoes on, meaning 5'10". and yes, I have a huge frame like he does. On most pictures from my torso up, I like 6 feet tall (long arms too don't forget.)
Micluvphi said on 1/Apr/05
Before the offical 98degrees website closed down he was listed a solid 5ft 10
JDD said on 1/Apr/05
When you saw him and his wife..was she wearing heals...i heard she was super short...she wears like 4 inch heals atleast...i heard she was like 5"2 and i really wanna know how tall she really is...if anyone met them in person..plzzz lemme no
boobyb said on 20/Mar/05
I met him and stood next to him for a period of time. He is 5-10 or 5-10 1/2, slightly taller than me, and I'm 5-9 1/2.
BrokeUglyLoser said on 9/Mar/05
I was having dinner at a restaurant in Calabasas, CA and they sat in front of me. She is tiny like 5'3" and he looked only about 4-5 inches taller and he had shoes with about 1 inch soles. Shorty couple
JDD said on 20/Feb/05
m 6.05 i dont understand if ur saying u think he IS 5 10 or no way he IS that height??
JDD said on 20/Feb/05
And him in the Newlyweds shows to his brother who admits hes only 5"6....only about not even difference 4 inches difference
JDD said on 20/Feb/05
Ya he looks taller but hes actually not....his wife Jessica SImpson is super short like 5"2 or 3 and when she wears her big heals beside him shes only like 3-4 inches shorter
m 6.05 said on 18/Feb/05
No way nick "why am I famous" lachey is 5 ft 10

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