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Ray Davies Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

UK Rocker from Kinks. In 1973 interview said: "I'm actually near six foot! Five foot eleven and three quarters."

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5ft 11.25in (181cm)
Tall Sam said on 20/Jul/18
He's probably being honest with his claim but at times he can seem a bigger than six foot guy.
Rory said on 11/Oct/17
Definitely not under 5ft11.75 peak..if it wasnt for his claim I'd be arguing he was a strong 6ft..looks at least an inch taller than Geoff Hurst and he's only 2 years younger.
Markymark said on 19/Mar/17
Met him in 2013 at his Americana book signing in Liverpool. As I was waiting in the queue he shuffled past me. I'm 5'10" and I was a good 2 inches taller. I know he has suffered from a bad back for many years which might have explained him being slightly 'hunched over'. I always imagined him at 6ft for some reason. I reckon he was at least 5'11" in the sixties. I was shocked at how tall I was in comparison. But hey, he was 69.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Feb/17
Just under 6ft seems to be fairly much on the tall side for a rock star!
They still sound mighty good after all these years in my opinion!
I will put 5ft11.5 for Ray, as he must have lost a quarter of an inch, which is very good going for a fellow who is past his heyday!
Rory said on 23/Feb/17
Yh did look about 6 foot peak. Held his height well too the last time I saw him on the tele a few years back still looked over 5'11.
BreeDee said on 12/Aug/16
I'm the person who commented anonymously in 2010 and I just have to reiterate that Ray is in no way 5'11" or even anything close. Again, I am used to men towering over me because I'm short, but I was able to look Ray directly in the eye. When I hugged him, I didn't even go up on my tippy toes, which is something I'm used to doing when I hug men because a lot of the men in my life are over six feet. My sister was with me and got a hug too. She's a taller girl at 5'7" and there was not a huge height disparity between her and Ray. He didn't appear to be slouching all that much, maybe a little bit. I'm guessing he has lost some inches over the year, perhaps in part due to his injury a few years back. (Also, dontcare, I'm not remotely self conscious about being 5'3"! I love being short and have never had a single insecurity about it. And you're right, there's nothing wrong with a guy being short either - I just phrased that badly.)
Jesse Carson said on 11/May/16
This sounds bang-on. Yes, I would agree with the below post that he is probably about the exact same height as Townshend, if they stood back-to-back.
Sam said on 21/Nov/13
The Kinks are one of my favorite bands & my favorite British Invasion band, more so than the Who, the Beatles or Stones. Anyway, I think there's a lot of pictures proving Davies is about 2 inches over David Bowie. Since Bowie seems similar height to Lennon, McCartney or Clapton, I think these guys were appx 2 inches shorter than Davies. I'd bet that Pete Townshend & Davies would be almost the same exact height. I have a Kinks book which has a Melody Maker article where it claims Ray is 6'0", Dave Davies 5'10", Mick Avory 5'11" and Pete Quaife 5'10.5". Although I have another Kinks biography book that claims none of the Kinks were over six foot and were towered by the two guys, both roughly 6'5", who acted as their management early on.
The Racing Snake said on 31/May/13
Ray is 5'10", I met him after a gig in London.
Jaykay said on 14/Jan/13
Walked past him at Luton Airport last summer...he is still around 6ft (maybe just under) even though he is in his late 60's now.
Sam said on 3/Dec/12
Ray looks much taller than Chrissie Hynde and Alice Cooper:
Click Here
as well as Trent Reznor and, in these photos, bizarrely towers over David Bowie:
Click Here
Click Here

He looks 5'11"ish recently with Metallica:
Click Here
J-Paul said on 6/Feb/12
I met him face to face at an airport in 1983. I am 6 feet even and Ray was maybe a quarter to a half an inch shorter than me the time. We were both wearing tennis shoes.
Sam said on 13/Dec/11
Sorry, but I find these short perspectives on Ray Davies hard to buy. Except for John Gosling, he was always taller than the other Kinks and while he's probably lost some height (down to 5'10" is possible), he's not 5'3"!:
with 5'8" listed Lou Reed and 5'8.5" listed Trey Anastasio
Click Here
Click Here
with 5'10" listed Paul Weller
Click Here
Bree21 said on 12/Dec/11
Dontcare, I'm not insecure about my height at all! I like being on the short side. And I just happen to think tall men are really attractive. The taller, the better. That's why I was a little bit disappointed when I met Ray. I'm not trying to knock him in the least. I just think it's odd that people are saying he's six feet, when he's not even close.

I still love the man. He's the greatest song writer of all time (right after Lennon/McCartney). And he gave an amazing show that night.
Lou Gubrius said on 13/Nov/11
Saw Ray live last week (one of the great songwriters of all time). Kinda hard to judge for sure with him on stage but seemed more in the 5-10ish these days compared to past years; seems a little stooped, although he did jump around quite a bit. He's had some health problems but overall looks great for 67.
dontcare said on 17/Aug/11
Dear "Anonymous", How is 5'9" "quite small"? For a man, that's called "average". Also: how is pretending that someone is taller being "nice"? Like it's a complement or something? I get from your post that you're insecure about your own height. Don't be. If you're a 5'3" woman, that means you're just an inch or so under the national average for American women. (Roughly 5'4") Even if 5'3" was short for a woman (which it's not) why should you be insecure about it? It's who you are.
IronFist said on 9/Dec/10
You do realize he was shot in the leg a while back while chasing a purse snatcher? According to an interview with Rolling Stone in 2009, the injury is actually more serious than was initially reported and now he walks with a cane sometimes. One leg might be shorter than the other now.

My uncle went from 6'4 to 6'2 after his leg was damaged in a car accident.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/10
Woah, I feel like all of you must have met a different Ray than I did! I met him after one of his shows, two years ago. I am quite a petite girl, about 5'3", and I was wearing heels with a slight wedge in them. At MOST they would have added two inches to my frame. So I was standing at around 5'5" when I met him. And he gave me a HUG, so I got to really judge his height! He was wearing standard sneakers. The man was no more than 5'9". I am being generous by saying that. I have dated a man who was six-feet tall, and he just towered over me. Ray was really quite small. Word of honour. I would not make this up, because I loooove Ray and was hoping he would be good and tall! I adore tall men. :)

But yup. 5'9" if I am being really, really nice. 5'7"-5'8" if I'm being realistic.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/09
I mer Ray in San Francisco once. He performed a show, and he along with his entourage and very attractive Swedish girlfriend Karen who is young enough to be his daughter were drinking beers at a local watering hole. I'm one quarter inch below six feet, and I would say Ray is 5'11.5" inches. I am one quarter inch under 6' and he was just barely shorter than I was so I would say he is 5'11.5". I also met Dave Davies, and I would say he is just over 5'10.5".
David Granite said on 27/Feb/09
I've met Ray a few times in the recent past. I'm 5'9" & he was taller - I'd say 5'11"-6'.
De Lotte said on 5/Dec/08
Definitely close to six feet peak as he says himself, still at least 5'11". Saw him live this week in Atlanta. Just google some youtubes of him, he has a lanky build, note his height compared to Greg Kinear for example, few inches taller.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/08
Mr. T, I didn't mean he was "very small" just based on his height. I meant that in general, he is very thin and has a small stature.
Mr. T said on 26/Nov/08
In what world is 5'9" very small for a man?
Pauline said on 10/Jul/08
I see Ray every week because I work near where he lives in London. Definitely at least 5' 11"
Anonymous said on 30/May/08
Glenn, you say you see him around a lot but have you ever stood directly in front of him and HELD him in your ARMS? Hahaha! I'm telling you, I'm not a very tall girl. About 5-6 1/2 in my boots. Then I was on my tippy toes and we were completely level with one another. He's a very small man.

I would LOVE to say he was taller because I adore him and fully expected him to be over 5-10. He just wasn't. Period. I'm being generous with my 5-9.
glenn said on 10/Apr/08
5-9??? i see this guy what seems weekly and he is 5-10.5 min,if not 5-11.lost height i guess.he has been promoting alot here in nyc with tv appearences,concerts,benefits all on and off the last couple of months.
Brigitte said on 9/Apr/08
I actually had the incredible honour of meeting Ray Davies after a show in Toronto last month and I was surprised to see that he's no more than 5-9. I'm 5-5 and was wearing boots which add an extra inch and a half to my height. Ray was in sneakers which wouldn't have added any height, I don't think. Anyway, I actually got to give him a BIG hug and we were about shoulder to shoulder when I stood on my tippy toes. He's a very thin man and when you see him in person he seems so much smaller than he does on stage or on camera.

I have no problem believing that he was a lot taller when he was younger. Keep in mind that he's 63 and also that he was shot in the leg recently. On top of this, he's had chronic back problems throughout his life. This would obviously take its toll on a man. At his peak I'd say he was about 5-11.
Schnouzer Breath said on 20/Feb/08
Two-night on Letterman Ray looked near Dave's height; adjusted for lower shoes, Dave had maybe an inch tops advantage, which jives with his being about 6-1 or a little under these days, to Ray's 5-11.75.
sam said on 9/Aug/07
A hunching Ray looks to have about 4 inches here over Lou Reed and Trey Anastasio:
Click Here
Bill said on 22/Feb/06
I would say thats spot on If you can find the clip of him and the drummer Mick Avery, 5-11,dancing together on the Ed Sulivan Show from either 65 or 66

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