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Peak: 5ft 8.72in (174.6cm)
Current: 5ft 7.23in (170.8cm)
Mr. Kaplan said on 15/Apr/11
Btw, Liotta was/is 5'11" he's one inch shorter than John Travolta.
Mr. Kaplan said on 15/Apr/11
Spence, you really think a lady can tell a 0.5 inch difference?
Spence said on 15/Apr/11
That is now. De Niro is 5'7.5 today. Was 5'9 peak
Joe said on 11/Apr/11
An Aunt was attending a wedding in Las Vegas. Whe she got on an elevator De niro was on the elevator. She is 5'8" and she said she was taller than he was. No reason for this lady to lie, besides it took her by suprise.
Brad said on 9/Apr/11
Aguz's comment is an industry secret against the wishes of studio brass, he doesn't care at all and blows off shaving most early calls. Cassavettes did the same, Brando didn't give a s$it either. Hit the marks and do it.
Aguz said on 7/Apr/11
Bob seemed to be 174 in his peak (177 wearing normal shoes) and 171/2 now barefoot. Come on, the guy is a method actor and doesn't care about his looks like Tom Cruise.
Spence said on 4/Apr/11
He was easily 175 at peak..I can't really even buy 174 I honestly think he was 5'9.25..yep Toby has it right
Spence said on 3/Apr/11
Ray Liotta only looks about 3 inches taller in Goodfellas and he is close to 6 maybe 182 which would put De Niro still around 5'9 back in 1988 1989
Toby said on 1/Apr/11
Deniro was never a "short man". He was of average height. I'd say 176 maximum, 174 minimum.
Spence said on 30/Mar/11
Minimum 5'8.5 peak..more likely 5'9 flat
Spence said on 30/Mar/11
Guys he looked just as tall or slightly taller than Cathy Moriarty in Raging Bull who was 5'8.5 min..he was 175 peak just accept it
thetaxidriver said on 27/Mar/11
cybill is wearing heels in the taxi driver
georgeclooneysmum said on 17/Mar/11
Spence please can you post a photo of your head, you are the only guy I know who believes 6 inches is the distance between your pupil to the top of their head e.g. De Niro vs Pesci. If you want to argue De Niro was 5'9 peak at least upgrade Pesci or post the photograph of your head as it would be very interesting and might explain your strange insistance.

Also do you feel Cybill Shepherd is taller than De Niro in taxi driver, if yes how tall is cybill?

P.S I wish I could spell ankles when in a hurry.
dp said on 15/Mar/11
Liar? How rude! They have ways of making people look taller when they're filming. He walked right by us, 2 feet away. What do you care anyway?
Spence said on 12/Mar/11
Liar 5'7 in the 70s? He looked taller than Cathy Moriarty in Raging Bull who is 5'8.5 minimum
dp said on 27/Feb/11
About 30 years when I worked in new york city, my friend and I walked past a film shoot, Robert DeNiro walked right by us in flip flops. He seemed very short, my friend is 5'6", so I would say he was about 5'7" or 8".
Mr. Kaplan said on 26/Feb/11
5'8.5" as of 2011 is absolutely ridiculous. He's a weak 5'7".
Will said on 22/Feb/11
Robert De Niro is more like 5'8 1/2" these days.
Spence said on 10/Feb/11
De Niro clearly looks 6 inches taller than Pesci in Raging Bull..the photo where they both have the fedoras on while telling that gambler "he doesn't go down for nobody". Great photo Derek and yes I think she was 5'9..
Derek d said on 8/Feb/11
Click Here

She is usually listed 5'9 at most places. They're both barefoot. If you ask me De niro looks to be just as tall as her there in his prime. I know he is closer to 5'7.5 - 5'8 nowadays but I believe a 5'8.5 - 5'9 peak was possible.
georgeclooneysmum said on 7/Feb/11
Spence has a weird shape head he keeps going on about de niro having 6 inches on Pesci in raging bull. I have seen that film many times, every time I see it Pesci comes up to de niro eyeline. Now in Holland they measured the height from the centre of pupil of the eye on 6ft guys. it is 4.4 inches on 6ft footers. So if De Niro has a head as big as a 6 foot guy he would at best be 4 1/2 inches taller than Pesci. Taxi Driver also stars Cybill Shepherd listed here at 5'8. Strangely in the long shots De Niro is at best as tall as Cybill and his angles are higher than De Niro's. Go figure. Cybill either got to go up in height or De Niro down.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
In a recent picture with Matt Damon (5'10) he looked 2.5 inches shorter at least so my guess is that 5'8 would be his morning height barefoot
tell-em said on 28/Jan/11
yes it is spence, but an inch and a half...are you kidding me?
Spence said on 26/Jan/11
Um it is easily possible to lose an inch by your mid 60s or even a little more
dmeyer said on 25/Jan/11
when i met deniro he seemed 5 ft 7.5 o 5 ft 7.75 but his shoes might have been flat like 0.5 to 0.7 in wish he wears a lot and his posture wasnt so great he could easily by solid 5 ft 8 now
tell-em said on 24/Jan/11
yea...he really lost 1.5 inches...give me a break. he isn't 80 years old.
Spence said on 22/Jan/11
There's just a lot of people on the site who love to downgrade..he clearly looked 5'9 in the 70s and into the the 90s he started losing some height and is now around 5'7.5
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/11
I'm kind of surprised to hear that his height is often stated as only 5'8-5'9, I always thought he looked well above average height. My guess would've been 5'11 in his early days, but I guess he did use lifts in some of his movies.
tell-em said on 20/Jan/11
if woods was 5'11" he'd look much taller next to downey, but there was only 3 inches. go watch the film
jtm said on 20/Jan/11
i saw james wood in studio city back in 1992. i forgot how tall he looked or what shoes he was wearing but i always thought he was 5'10 maybe 5'10.5 at his prime.
guyfrommars said on 20/Jan/11
De Niro with Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán (official height 5'8", I guess he's closer to 5'7"):
Click Here
tell-em said on 19/Jan/11
haha...if hes a strong 5'11", which he wasn't, but if he was, then harvey keitel is a solid 5'8" man...which thats completely ridiculous. woods was always a 5'10" man.
Spence said on 18/Jan/11
Yes he was..he was definitely 180-81 at peak maybe 182
tell-em said on 17/Jan/11
james woods was never 5'11". he was around 5'10"-5'10.5". watch the film TRUE BELIEVER w/ 5'7" robert downey jr. easily a solid 3 inches over downey. and downey's never been over 5'7". watch the THE PICK UP ARTIST, 5'7" harvey keitel was his height.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/11
he looked pretty tall in Taxi Driver (1976) if he said he were 5'10 on that time I would 100% belive it now it looks about 5'8-5'8.5 to me
Spence said on 12/Jan/11
Lets get this out of the way:

De Niro peak: 5'9.25 175 Now: 5'7.5 171 cm

Looks six inches taller than Pesci in Raging Bull who was maybe 5'3.5 back then. Never more than that more likely 5'3. Looks only a few inches shorter than James Woods in Once Upon a Time in America who was 5'11 to 5'11.5 at peak. De Niro began losing height in the 90s. He still looks 5'9 in Goodfellas and Casino though.

Walken peak: 6'0.5 184 cm now 5'11.75 183
Legend said on 9/Jan/11
Deniro is 5'7.25 now. He was 5'8.5 peak. Joe Pesci was never more than 5'4. My guesses...
Spence said on 9/Jan/11
He looks 6 inches taller than Pesci in Raging Bull Pesci was 5'3...175 peak 171-72 now
Viper said on 7/Jan/11
Deniro isnt 70, lol
Danimal said on 7/Jan/11
Clay says on 7/Jan/11
Sandler is closer to 5'10'' than 5'9'', and under 5'9'' is out of the question.

He's 100% under 5'9".
Sam said on 7/Jan/11
I did not detect lifts on De Niro in Cop Land and there's a lot more evidence of Stallone as a lift-wearer than De Niro. I would believe a 5'9" peak for Bobby. However, compared to just about 10 years ago, De Niro's height has seemed to drop considerably. When contrasted to the height advantage he once had over Dustin Hoffman (Wag the Dog era), Ben Stiller (Meet the Parents era) and Harvey Keitel (from back in the '70s), he now looks much closer in height to all of these guys. I don't know how much his bad posture contributes but De Niro may have already shrunk more than an inch.
Clay said on 7/Jan/11
Sandler is closer to 5'10'' than 5'9'', and under 5'9'' is out of the question.
Danimal said on 6/Jan/11
Most men by Deniro's age (around 70) have lost on AVERAGE 1.25" of height since their prime.. Deniro was maybe 5'9" (at the most) in his younger days. I believe he was closer to 5'8"-5'8.5" at his peak. Today looks to have lost height and is struggling with a flat 5'7" and at time looks to be as low as 5'6.5".
5'7.37 said on 5/Jan/11
DeNiro doesn't dwarf Stiller or Hoffman, so he's nowadays more or less 5'8.
Danimal said on 31/Dec/10
georgeclooneysmum says on 27/Dec/10
5'8 may be 5'8 1/2 in Raging Bull, Taxi driver, deer hunter and Mean Streets unless Walken lied about his height and is close to 6'2 rather than 6. Oh if Walken was close to 6'2 then roger Moore 6'3. Cybril Shepherd is list here at 5'8, looked it with jeff bridges. Cybrill was in flats in taxi driver, De niro was in lifts they were the same size. De Niro without lifts was just maybe closer to 5'9 than 5'8. Fast forward to copland and de niro only just looks the same height as sly in obvious lifts. Sly is at least an inch taller.

Why do you keep typing Cybril???? There is NO R in her NAME!!!
Danimal said on 31/Dec/10
Spence says on 26/Nov/10
Adam Sandler is 5'9.5

Danimal said on 31/Dec/10
Spence says on 4/Dec/10
Adam Sandler could be close to 5'10 Beckinsale is 5'7 easily

Not a chance in hell Sandler is close to 5'10". He's 5'9" AT most..
Spence said on 30/Dec/10
Sly is not an inch taller than De Niro your nuts I think De Niro was taller at peak ya about an inch. Stallone was never more than 5'8. De Niro was 5'9
jtm said on 28/Dec/10
lol it was obvious that stallone was wearing lifts to look the same height as de niro. de niro is the one that was at least an inch taller than stallone at his prime. they are both probably the same height nowadays.
georgeclooneysmum said on 27/Dec/10
5'8 may be 5'8 1/2 in Raging Bull, Taxi driver, deer hunter and Mean Streets unless Walken lied about his height and is close to 6'2 rather than 6. Oh if Walken was close to 6'2 then roger Moore 6'3. Cybril Shepherd is list here at 5'8, looked it with jeff bridges. Cybrill was in flats in taxi driver, De niro was in lifts they were the same size. De Niro without lifts was just maybe closer to 5'9 than 5'8. Fast forward to copland and de niro only just looks the same height as sly in obvious lifts. Sly is at least an inch taller.
somebody new said on 24/Dec/10
didnt look taller than 5'9'' in The Deer hunter
jtm said on 17/Dec/10
adam sandler is 5'9 so that is close to 5'10 since is only inch apart.
wyatt said on 16/Dec/10
Looks 5'8-5'9 in Deer Hunter.
Spence said on 15/Dec/10
I think he was slightly above 5'9 at peak like 5'9.25..I don't get all this 5'8 peak stuff..He towered over Pesci in Raging Bull he looked a solid 5'9 in that Godfather II he looked a solid 5'9 too
Will said on 10/Dec/10
Rob, Is there a possibility that De Niro was 5'9 1/2" when he was younger?

Editor Rob
Spence said on 4/Dec/10
Adam Sandler could be close to 5'10 Beckinsale is 5'7 easily
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Dec/10
5ft 9.25in or 176cm at peak
Spence said on 26/Nov/10
Adam Sandler is 5'9.5
jtm said on 23/Nov/10
beckinsale was 2.5 shorter than 5'9 adam sandler in click.
Spence said on 20/Nov/10
He is not 5'7! He was taller than Kate Beckinsale who is 5'7 in Everybody's fine. He is just under 5'8 now and was 5'9 at peak
Mr. Kaplan said on 17/Nov/10
5'8" peak. Very thin in movies like "Mean Streets" and "Taxi Driver" (appears taller). He's about 5'7" now.
logan said on 16/Nov/10
in ronin,robert stood in one scene next to natascha mclhone who is listed as 5 ft 11 and she was in heals,amazingly robert still somehow looked taller.
i have no idea how tall this guy really is,hollywood dose wonders with cameras and probably so do elevator shoes
peteyork said on 7/Jul/09
vibram 63kg is tiny for 5'9 1/2 at 30, de niro always looked a meduim build, for 5'9 1/2 that is 70 kg. 5'8 would be about 67 kg, okay you look larger on screen, so maybe he is actually a small build and 63kg. The guy had to bulk up to play Jake la Motta, even then he was not really 73kg more 70 kg. He is small, he is built like a 70kg 5'10 guy, except he is not 5'10, unless Christopher walken is close to 6'3.
TELLEM said on 7/Jul/09
pacino is probably 5'4 these days.
micheal corleone said on 6/Jul/09
looks from 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 11 on screen.
RisingForce said on 4/Jul/09
In the picture that De Niro was slightly shorter than Glenn he was only slightly shorter because Glenn was closer to the camera. Judging by the height of their shoulders I'd think that De Niro would have been taller if he moved closer.

I have to admit that he does look around 5'7", sometimes shorter these days next to Al Gore and Sean Penn, but I'd still bet that when he's standing straight he's 5'8". He was still a solid 3 inches taller than Al Pacino in premiere pictures last year. I'd bet that Pacino is atleast 5'5".
Mr T-Cakes said on 4/Jul/09
In Taxi Driver DeNiro looked shorter than everyone except the man he bought the gun from. I'm with Frank2 in that I don't believe DeNiro was a legit 5ft9.5, even when he was younger. 5ft7.5 is probably more like it.
Danimal said on 3/Jul/09
I think that Bobby was just shy of 5'9" in his younger days and appears to have dropped to around 5'7" nowadays. Remember, he was SLIGHTLY taller than Glenn in one pic and slightly shorter than him in the other one.
Frank2 said on 3/Jul/09
De Niro was never 5ft9.5. If so, then please explain why he was two inches shorter than 5'10" Dana Andrews in THE LAST TYCOON. Or how when I saw him at the Oscars in the lobby he looked three inches shorter than me, and I'm 5'11." This was back in the 1980s.
Vibram said on 3/Jul/09
He was 63kg in Taxi Driver (1976). Now looks around 90kg, so he's put on probably 25kg.

He was 5ft9.5 best in the 70s, now prob. 5ft7 - quite a loss of height but that's what happens with all that weight on the joints.
Frank2 said on 29/Jun/09
And Woods is an inch shorter than me or 5'10".
TELLEM said on 29/Jun/09
i agree with frank2, he was in the 5'8ish range at peak. i have a pic with him and james woods standing side by side in full body shot and woods is 2.5-3 ibches taller than de niro. 1984 peak.
Frank2 said on 29/Jun/09
Nope. 5'8". Never taller. Not without help.
Clay said on 28/Jun/09
De Niro's peak was at least 5'9.
TELLEM said on 26/Jun/09
he had boots on next to that officer though.
Frank2 said on 25/Jun/09
6' David Duchovny towering over De Niro:

Click Here

I worked on THE X-FILES for many years and can say without hesitation that Duchovny is 6' .5" tall. He was about an inch and a half taller than me. In fact, somewhere I have a photo taken of me with him which if I find I'll send to Rob to post.

I've seen De Niro. Stood beside him and he was at least three inches shorter than me.
Frank2 said on 25/Jun/09
De Niro was never more than 5'8". He was obviously shorter than 5'10" Dana Andrews in THE LAST TYCOON and by that time, Andrews could have lost height. He was age 67. Plus in TAXI DRIVER, De Niro is wearing cowboy boots with two inch heels and he's still no taller than 5'8" Cybill Shepherd.
Ahleks said on 25/Jun/09
The officer is close to 6'4.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/09
He looked kinda tall in The Godfather 2. But he was probably surrounded by fairly short people. In Taxi driver, there's a scene where he's really dwarfed by a police officer. So I agree with 5'9 at his peak. Probably 5'8 now.
Ahleks said on 19/Jun/09
TELLEM says on 18/Jun/09
de niro and spike lee Click Here

According to this pic, there's no way in hell De Niro is 5-8.

He is 5-7 tops today. I could buy 5-8 in the 70s for him thought.
RisingForce said on 19/Jun/09
I think Rob's listings are accurate for his current height and peak height.
Dural said on 19/Jun/09
Today, probably 5'7".
Dural said on 19/Jun/09
Rising, on a German TV Channel. He was asked who is favorite actor is and said something like:

Robert DeNiro, I told him how much I appreciate his work. He's pretty short, he only comes up to my eye level.

He may not be tall, but here he's the tallest ;)
Click Here
Click Here

I don't think he was ever more than 5'8.5".
Leung said on 18/Jun/09
I know that you are just having a laugh Frank2 because you are fully aware that 5
TELLEM said on 18/Jun/09
de niro shorter than 5'9 andy garcia: Click Here this was in 1987, at the untouchables premiere.

he was and still maybe is 5'8-5'8.5
RisingForce said on 18/Jun/09
He looks really short next to Gore, but Pacino is much closer to the camera. You can see that in this picture from the same day where Pacino does have the huge advantage, De Niro is about 3 inches taller. Click Here

I think De Niro is 5'8" these days and he can look more like 5'7" because of his horrible posture.

That's interesting about Til Schweiger Dural, when did he say that?
TELLEM said on 18/Jun/09
de niro and spike lee Click Here
Dural said on 18/Jun/09
Til Schweiger, who claims to be 5'10", said DeNiro comes up to his eyelevel.
Frank2 said on 17/Jun/09
Maybe De Niro has shrunk down to 5'6". Look what a shrimp he is next to 6'1" Al Gore:

Click Here

Maybe I'm not that far off. I know Al Pacino is no more than 5'5":

Click Here
RisingForce said on 15/Jun/09
I agree Danimal. 5'9" peak and 5'8" flat now. De Niro was looking as low as 5'7" next to Al Gore, but most likely that's because of his poor posture.
Danimal said on 14/Jun/09
I can see 5'9" peak for Bobby D.
Today is looking to be MAX 5'8"
177cmmmmmm said on 14/Jun/09
wow deniro is under 5'10 i dont believe it! he looks at least average in the movies
Frank2 said on 12/Jun/09
I've seen Liotta up close. He was at least my height, probably slightly taller so with that photo of him with De Niro I see a four inch difference.
TELLEM said on 11/Jun/09
he looks around 5'8 there w/ liotta.
TELLEM said on 11/Jun/09
de niro w/ liotta Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Jun/09
De Niro was never more than 5'8".
peteyork said on 10/Jun/09
This is the only height I think Rob's a full inch out on. Got a few half inch shorter, Colin Farell, Sean Connery, Schimmer, Harrison Ford etc
The only one I think is taller is Sean Bean

Who do you think Rob estimate is most off on?
TELLEM said on 5/Jun/09
de niro towered by 5'11.5 ray liotta : Click Here
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
robert de niro and jake lamotta. lamotta's height has been put as high as 5'8, but ive heard he was really no more than 5'6.5 can anyone confirm? Click Here

heres a more recent one: Click Here
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
heres the pic i was talking about: Click Here not very good pic, but please realize that woods has a huge forehead.
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
i have a pic of de niro and 5'11 james woods standing in the middle of the street in full body shot from once upon a time in america, and james woods has 3 inches over him. both men were at their peak here and woods is looking down at de niro and de niro sort of looking up.
Sam said on 1/Jun/09
5'9" might have been his peak standing ramrod-straight in the '70s. I think it's time for a downgrade for current height, since he appears to barely obtain 5'8" at his most upright these days.
Mr T-Cakes said on 31/May/09
In Midnight Run he appeared considerably shorter, about 3-4 inches if I remember rightly, than Charles Grodin. Don't know Grodin's exact height but I'd guess he was around the 6ft/5ft11 mark. Guessing wildly DeNiro was 5ft8 or 5ft7 at his peak.
tubbs said on 28/May/09
Ricky Tomlinson told a story on a chat show a couple of years back about how he had a drink with a stranger in a bar in his native Liverpool. He then asked him if he was in showbusiness, the guy said he was, then made his excuses and was only until someone told Ricky that he realised it was De Niro sporting a beard, well anyway i'll get to the point, Tomlinson said he was shocked that Bob was shorter than his own 5'9" frame......
Ahleks said on 27/May/09
TELLEM, I don't know if you saw the pic, but they were really really close in height.

I don't know what were their footwear, but they weren't more than 1 cm apart.
TELLEM said on 25/May/09
i wouldn't go as low as 5'7 for him. 5'8 is the lowest i'd go.
Ahleks said on 25/May/09
With the (now deleted) pic with Glenn, I think it's fair to say De Niro is under 5'8 today.
Mr T-Cakes said on 23/May/09
DeNiro didn't look that big when he was young. In Taxi Driver I would've said he was 5ft7, plus 2 inches with the cowboy boots. He appeared taller in those days because he was thinner. He was still a lot shorter than Peter Boyle, as I recall.
Ahleks said on 17/May/09
No way in hell De Niro is only 1.5 inch taller than Pesci.

Always looked at least three full inches taller. In Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino.
TELLEM said on 14/May/09
why the hell would pesci wear lifts? hes short and looks short.
jf said on 13/May/09
I have no idea how tall Pesci is but I couldn't find the clip on YouTUbe but from memory I'd say DeNiro was at MOST 1.5 inches taller than Pesci. Of course maybe Pesci was wearing elevators and DeNiro wasn't. Who knows. But the guy is clearly very short. Much shorter than he's filmed in movies. He often plays a tough guy so it seems he always appears at a minimum 5'9" in films but I think that is a big stretch for him in real life.
TELLEM said on 13/May/09
i remember watching that jf, although i seriously don't remember how tall de niro was to pesci. i have to find that footage. i recorded it a few years back.
jf said on 12/May/09
There was an old SNL skit called "The Joe Pesci Show" in around 1996 or so where Jim Breuer played Joe Pesci. Anyway both the actual Joe Pesci and the actual Robert DeNiro made cameos on the show and they came out with baseball bats to attack Jim Breuer. Pesci and DeNiro were about the same height - I was SHOCKED at how short DeNiro was. Always thought he was multiple inches taller than Pesci but no. I would put him at 5'7" judging by that clip. He must not have been wearing his elevators when he walked by 30 Rock and was convinced to come in and cameo.
TELLEM said on 10/May/09
yea, the wedding scene in deer hunter is SOMETHING. he looks max 5'8 there.
the shredder said on 8/May/09
I think Glenn sees this guy in lifts are something , He is looking short , like not even 5'8 and Also I was wacthing The Deer Hunter and He did not look more then Legit 5'8 !
RisingForce said on 7/May/09
this is the first time i've seen robert referred to as 5-8 in an article.

"Look at Uma towering over Robert! Uma, 38, is reportedly 6 feet tall while Robert, 65, is reportedly 5
peteyork said on 1/May/09
frank2,dmeyer and glenn, have all met him and even Glenn thinks sometimes he is 5'8 and this was when Glenn thought he was taller. Then i can not think of a single movie where you know other stars heights, when he is more than 5'8. people go on about cruise and sly and yet de niro maybe shorter than cruise. sorry copeland where he looks sly height, but remember the shoes he was in, and I suppose taxi driver, again clock the shoes. Any guy who looks barely average in a crowd in cowboy boots ain't average. Rob compare your photos with alexs to walken with de niro in deer hunter. I would put money on a bigger gap between walken and de niro. either walken was 6'2 or very close or de niro is not 5'9. Meryl streep looked de niro size, she is not in big heels look where her hips are at the dance scene in the movie. Based on the photos with Glenn above you could argue you are inch taller than de niro rob.
Taylor said on 24/Apr/09
Seeing as how Glenn is close to 5'7", I'd say judging by the photos De Niro can't be more than 5'8.5".
TELLEM said on 23/Apr/09
pete york is right about christopher walken in the deer hunter. he towered over de niro.
Sam said on 23/Apr/09
I think he's going from a solid 5'9" to a very weak 5'8".
Sam said on 23/Apr/09
I've never seen De Niro seem so short as here, looking barely taller than Spike Lee and being dwarfed by Uma Thurman:
Click Here
TELLEM said on 22/Apr/09
to me afer looking at several pics of de niro and several other actors, i'd put him at 5'8.5 peak and even now. here, he looks about 2.5 inches shorter than 5'11 tom sizemore Click Here

hes shorter than 5'9.5 paul newman. the pic is tilted in favor of de niro, and newman is a bit closer to the camera. Click Here
peteyork said on 21/Apr/09
people go on about sly and crusie and yet de niro is probably shorter than cruise now, look at the photos of glenn with boths guys, de niro is shorter based on those photos than cruise. ben stiller is at most two inches shorter than de niro. I thought walken was about 6'3 when i saw the deer hunter as de niro was listed 5'10 at the time.
peteyork said on 21/Apr/09
the case for 5'8 max, is the deer hunter next to walken, walken can clearly see straight over the top of his head or a minimum of 4 and 1/2 inches if not 5. Walken was shorter than roger moore who people claim was 6'0 to 6'1 1/2 in the 70's. Assuming you go for a tall roger and give walken 6'0 1/2, de niro is still 5'8. There are two photos with Glenn now 5'7 to 5'7 and 1/2, where de niro is the same height. even assuming Glenn beats him by 3/4 inch in shoes thats still closer to 5'8 than 5'9.
look at the untouchables, costner and connery are at least 5 inches taller. raging bull he can not quite see over joe pesci head, why is sean penn taller than him? ray liotta 5'11 1/2, goodfellas has at least 3 inches over de niro. deer hunter again how come meryl street looks the same size.
Ahleks said on 11/Apr/09
Looked near 5'10" in The Godfather Part II. Dunno if he wore lifts thought.
RisingForce said on 12/Mar/09
In Taxi Driver De Niro in boots with 2 inch heels was talleer than Harvey Keitel in 3, maybe 4 inch platform shoes. Keitel is listed 5'7.5" here.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/09
do the math lifts can only elevate you so thing you know you'll love high heels and pose for james belushi in daisy duke shorts...anyway if d wore lifts he could only get 2-4 inches.. about 6 foot is right... average height.
TELLEM said on 26/Feb/09
he looked puny compared to david caruso.
TELLEM said on 26/Feb/09
was watching "mad dog and glory" last night. de niro looked 5'8 next to david caruso. caruso was what? 6'0 peak? if so, de niro is 5'8.
RisingForce said on 26/Feb/09
De Niro does look shorter than Penn in those pictures, but Penn can look anywhere from 5-7 to 5-10ish so he's not that good to use for reference unless we can see his shoes. Penn is also taller than 5-9ish Michael Douglas in the picture. De Niro's posture is horrendous as it always is lately and he's a little farther from the camera.
glenn said on 26/Feb/09
thats why deniro was taller than my 5-7 and 5-9 friends recently.5-9 out of my one friend was 5-8.
TELLEM said on 24/Feb/09
definetly agre with you james. dmeyer had this guy sot on when he said he saw him about 5'7.75-5'8...weak 5'9 peak!
Vibram said on 23/Feb/09
De Niro was very skinny in Taxi driver (1976). If he was 5ft9 / 175cm at best back then (his prime), he's the tallest 5ft9 guy I ever did see on film. I think there was a part in the film where he falls on his bed and pulls a knife from his boot. I'll have to have a look on dvd to see what sort of heel his boots gave, but I'm pretty sure he donned cowboys throughout the entire movie.
RisingForce said on 23/Jan/09
The top of Glenn's head looks taller because he's closer to the camera. He only looks about 5'8.5" in the older picture though.
Danimal said on 17/Jan/09
glenn says on 15/Jan/09
peace and love to you too danimal.but deniro looks taller than me in the more recent pic if you go by the shoulders.deniro looks 5-9 in that pic below next to keital.did anyone see my pic with woods where he looks 6ft next to me? in lifts i guess.

I'm going by the top of your two heads and not by shoulder. He definitely looks taller than you in the older pic of you two. You say see that his neck is shorter (more hunched) in the recent pic. This is what happens to people when they get older. Their neck compresses and so does their spine and even their knees and ankles. I wouldn't be surprised if he's down to a flat 5'7" by the end of the day today. He could have been close to 5'9" at some point though and he looks it in the older pic. I won't rule that out at all.
Mister Lennon said on 16/Jan/09
5'9 at peak and now in the 5'8 area. End of story. True, he never looked more than a 5'9 dude. In the last tycoon, he was the same height than 5'9 guys like Jack Nicholson or Tony Curtis.
glenn said on 15/Jan/09
peace and love to you too danimal.but deniro looks taller than me in the more recent pic if you go by the shoulders.deniro looks 5-9 in that pic below next to keital.did anyone see my pic with woods where he looks 6ft next to me? in lifts i guess.
TELLEM said on 15/Jan/09
heres the vid w/ de niro and woods : watch at 38 seconds when woods passes de niro Click Here
Danimal said on 15/Jan/09
It looks like Deniro shrunk in those 2 pics you have with him Glenn. The first one where he is thinner and actually has a neck, he appears to be slightly taller than you and the bottom pic (more recent one), he is shorter than you. It could be the pavement, but the man in 65 years old now and most healthy adult males lose up to 2" in height by the time they hit 70. So, if you're 5'8" when you wake up and 5'7"-5'7.25" by the end of your waking hours, it's fair to say that if you were your MAX 5'8" when posing with him, then Deniro is looking 5'8.5" MAX in the top pic and 5'7.5" MAX in the bottom pic. If you were shorter than 5'8" in those pics, then you can make those adjustments accordingly.

Now PLEASE GLENN, don't take offense to what I just wrote. I'm merely playing devils advocate and am calling it as I see it based on those two pics of you guys and based on YOUR height. I have NOT taken into account the pavement advantage you or Deniro MAY have had.

PEACE and LOVE Glenn!
frankys said on 15/Jan/09
he looks 5.8 to me, no more
Click Here
TELLEM said on 14/Jan/09
he was 2 inches min. shorter than james woods (whos 5'10-5'11) in "Once upon a time in america" watch right at :38 seconds when woods is leaving...they both have bad posture and Deniro reaches woods' ears, maybe a tad bit over.

here i drew a line between him and tom cruise...max looks an inch between the two...personally i think cruise is 5'7.5 Click Here
TELLEM said on 14/Jan/09
weak 5'9 peak morning more, most likely a bit less too...he had a really thin frame which made him appear taller...frank2 saw him at 5'8 in the mid 80s...rob has this guys height good. 5'10 is way too off, considering the pics i've posted from his younger days.
Danimal said on 14/Jan/09
Peak height, I can see him floating between a shade over 5'9" up to 5'10" depending what time of the day/night it was. Today he looks to be a shade over 5'8" considering he's 65 years old.
Lmeister said on 14/Jan/09
I'd give him 5ft9.5 peak height. It has been his reported height for ages and he did look that height when he was younger.
glenn said on 13/Jan/09
i agree.5-10 peak.
living thespian said on 13/Jan/09
Come on, be fair Rob. DeNiro was clearly over 5'9" in his peak... watch any of his films and use your brain - you can quite obviously make out from most of his earlier movies that at peak he stood at a minimun of 5'9.25" - taking the Godfather II as an example, he comes off as 5'10 - 5'10.5 or more in most scenes, of course he wasn't quite that, but it goes to show.
Tinsley said on 13/Jan/09
glenn u look same height hes 5'8 no more
glenn said on 27/Dec/08
brazen means audacious,ballsy.
Somborac said on 26/Dec/08
I met DeNiro at the 2008 TIF (Toronto International Film Festival). I'm 6ft and easily had 3-4 inches on him. He's 5'8"... 5'9" TOPS but probably not.
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
What does "brazen" mean?
ProiJew said on 25/Dec/08
It is jewish means brazen.
glenn said on 23/Dec/08
isnt that a jewish word?
leonari said on 22/Dec/08
Glenn: yeah man! Thats the word spelled out! It does mean balls and you my friend seem to have "big" ones. LOL!!
glenn said on 21/Dec/08
thanks leonari.i get tossed half the time.other times nobody approaches me.that word is chutzpah or something like means
leonari said on 21/Dec/08
That story is priceless Glenn! 1000 picture man! I think you need a certain frame of mind " for your kind of job. Honestly I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Never. You need "Chuzpe"(if you know what that means) to walk in events totally underdressed.
Kudos my man!
glenn said on 21/Dec/08
thanks danimal.i could write a book with situations like that.sometimes,stories would happen nightly.
glenn said on 21/Dec/08
ill post them eventually risingforce.he has the angel heart look in another we are in suits at an event.tribute to robert deniro first.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/08
Funny story Glenn. She probably recognized you from the site. How good are your other 5 pictures with De Niro?
TELLEM said on 20/Dec/08
de niro's never maintained good posture. lol watch his movies. never good posture
TELLEM said on 20/Dec/08
everywhere on websites say that he is now 5'8 and could have been 5'9 in his youth.
Once again i saw the movie jacknife with de niro and 5'9 ed harris. ed harris looked a half inch taller than de niro,maybe more. at times they looked the same in height, but thats mainly cuz de niro had a wig with a cap and a half inch to an inch u can barely tell the difference.
TELLEM said on 19/Dec/08
what kind of shoes did he wear glenn? and was his posture bad? maybe he wears lifts? man i wish u had a camcorder so i could see this lol
Clay said on 19/Dec/08
I think he was a little more than 5'9'' in his youth.
Mister Lennon said on 19/Dec/08
I think that De Niro was 5'9 or close at peak and now 5'8. Is well listed.
Danimal said on 19/Dec/08
Glenn, does Deniro know your name? Do you call him Robert? Bobby? Mr. Deniro?
glenn said on 19/Dec/08
i admit and said he looked 5-8 to me one night,2 months,the other night,he was taller than my two pals i was claims 5-9 in the morning,and one is about 5-7 at night.deniro was taller than all of us.of course only by a hair or so.he was back to 5-9.i guess he slept well and had better posture.barked at my friend,"no,no,no!" when asked for the photo doesnt have one.i have 7.the world record.for most of his career he was impossible.this year posing and signing up a back to being difficult.
TELLEM said on 18/Dec/08
next to sally field he looks only 5'8. and u can see both their shoes/heels. maybe hes always been 5'8...i mean he was thinner in his youth...and not everyone shrinks. perfect example is frank2 who's said hes the same age as de niro....5'8.5 i can buy for him peak but that is all
RisingForce said on 18/Dec/08
And the fact that he hasn't maintained good posture or remained in great shape in recent years.

I think he's about 5'8.5" today and that he was an inch taller than that in his prime.
Danimal said on 18/Dec/08
Seeing the man is 65 years old, I think it's VERY possible that he was close to 5'10" at some point, but could be down to 5'8" today. Is that possible Glenn?
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/08
i am 5 ft 11 before bed i was sitting a lot that day so i was probably 5 ft 11.3 , when i happen to mesure after going to the movie i am about 181 cm my shoes were 1.1 in heels he had dress shoes with near enaugh 1 in heels he didnt seem taller than 5 ft 8 but he is 64 could have been easy 5 ft 9 but glenn seems to see him 5 ft 9 right now so who knows if sombody is legit 5 ft 9 i dont tower over but i did tower him abit
glenn said on 18/Dec/08
thats nice you saw him one night dmeyer.anyway,as for my 20 years experience,and he is a fellow new yorker,he always seemed 5-9.close to 5-10 from 1990-1993.
TELLEM said on 17/Dec/08
so dmeyer your saying hes 5'8?
Danimal said on 17/Dec/08
DMEYER says on 17/Dec/08
i shooked his and walked by him about 4 times they guy was at the very least 3 in shorter than me

And how tall are you again?
DMEYER said on 17/Dec/08
i shooked his and walked by him about 4 times they guy was at the very least 3 in shorter than me
RisingForce said on 16/Dec/08
Glenn, how tall was De Niro in the mid to late 90's and what's the tallest you've seen him look?
glenn said on 16/Dec/08
bumped into him again last night.5-9.
TELLEM said on 15/Dec/08
heres robert de niro w/ 5'2 sally when he approaches her...bare in mind that field is in heels...they look about 3 inch heels...if de niro stood up straight hed be 4 inch max taller: Click Here

which means 5'2+3= 5'5
de niro 5'8+1 inch min. in dress shoes = 5'9

hes 5'8 peak and maybe still today or a tad under
RisingForce said on 14/Dec/08
Pesci could be wearing lifts(he wore them to the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere).
TELLEM said on 13/Dec/08
another pic w/ de niro and pesci, where de niro looks no more than 5'8 (yes i'm aware of his posture)
Click Here
TELLEM said on 13/Dec/08
i agree with anonymous...and neon genesis...this guy was always around 5'8...
glenn said on 13/Dec/08
stone could be 5-9 morning.
RisingForce said on 12/Dec/08
I'd say Stone is 5-8.5. She even admitted to that height and said she rounds up to 5-9.

Plus Stone looked 2 inches shorter than Sly barefoot and we both have Sly at 5-10.5, 5-10.75.
Click Here
glenn said on 12/Dec/08
exactly my point risingforce.and stone is 5-9 to me.
Neon Genesis said on 11/Dec/08
He wore cowboy boots the whole time in "Taxi Driver", but even in boots he never looked like more than 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/08
RISING, That is a horrible pic gesturing that Deniro is even taller then Stone there. Its obvious, her legs are crossed behind her, slouching her posture as well as her leaning in. I can only see that she is taller in that pic, leaning in to present herself alittle shorter since DeNiro is indeed shorter then her in this pic. If Deniro is 5'9", and she is 5'8.5" then if she's wearing boots, she should be way noticeably taller then him. I state he was no taller then 5'8" or slightly above that, never a 5'9"
RisingForce said on 10/Dec/08
Here he looks a little taller than 5'8.5" Sharon Stone who is wearing boots
Click Here
Mister Lennon said on 10/Dec/08
In the last tycoon, De Niro and Nicholson were about the same, and Nicholson was 5'9 at peak. I think that De Niro was 5'9 at peak too and now probabley less, like 5'8 or so.

Hoffman and Pacino are about the same height, 5'5. Probably with Pacino a little taller, but just a little.
RisingForce said on 10/Dec/08
Yeah, the first time I saw that I was surprised to see De Niro that ripped.
TELLEM said on 9/Dec/08
james woods is 5'10, keitel's peak was 5'7...even today hes probably still 5'7, he was shorter than 5'8 steve buscemi in reservoir dogs, dustin hoffman is 5'5...its been reported that he was shorter than al pacino
TELLEM said on 9/Dec/08
i disagree... according to rob he has hopper here at 5'8 peak and now 5'7 which makes sense...because heres hopper looking 5'8 with 5'9 peak nicholson at their peak : Click Here
here they are close to today...where hopper looks 5'7: Click Here
nicholson looking 5'8.5 there
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
hopper is a 5-7 impression alot.keitel is a 5-8 guy that can look lifts.deniro is clearly taller in that pic.dustin was 5-6 peak.
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
james woods is my pic which may not be on the site anymore,he towers what i imagine is maybe he is 5-10 cause i couldve sworn i saw him short once.but in my pic he looks a 6ft i think.
Danimal said on 9/Dec/08
cyber says on 9/Dec/08
james woods is 5'10'', and in once upon a time in america he is cleraly taller than de niro, which makes de niro 5'9'' even at his peak in his younger days

Woods was every bit 5'11".
cyber said on 9/Dec/08
james woods is 5'10'', and in once upon a time in america he is cleraly taller than de niro, which makes de niro 5'9'' even at his peak in his younger days
jake said on 9/Dec/08
In Cape Fear, De Niro reportedly got down to 3% body fat.
TELLEM said on 8/Dec/08
de niro and 5'7 dennis hopper:

Click Here

w/ dustin hoffman Click Here

looking about the same height as harvey keitel Click Here

w/ joe pesci Click Here
TELLEM said on 8/Dec/08
he looked average height in "the king of comedy"
TELLEM said on 8/Dec/08
theres other pics i will try to post of de niro looking 5'8 next to 5'7 dennis hopper, etc...theres other pics aswell of hoffman and de niro...where de niro looks 5'8...i will try and post
Neon Genesis said on 7/Dec/08
He looks tall in Mean Streets, above average in Once Upon a Time in America, The Deer Hunter and The Godfather 2, but at the same time looks extremely short in films like The Mission and Cape Fear. I also think he was at his peak 5 ft 9 in (175 cm), and now 1-2 cm shorter.
glenn said on 7/Dec/08
is obvious tony curtis is up to something.i met both suprisingly that night perhaps.seperately.
RisingForce said on 6/Dec/08
Hoffman could have easily worn lifts but he does look surprisingly short in the Danson and Curtis pictures.
TELLEM said on 6/Dec/08
de niro looking 5'8 next to 5'5 MAX hoffman Click Here

w/ 5'9 peak tony curtis (looking 5'8 again) tony could have been 5'8 here aswell Click Here

de niro looking 5'8 next to 6'2.5 ted danson (could be 6'2) Click Here

also de niro looked two inches shorter than 5'10 jerry lewis in the king of comedy, he was .5 to an inch shorter than legit 5'9 ed harris in jacknife..all this evidence puts him at 5'8-5'8.5 peak
glenn said on 5/Dec/08
i agree.i read 5-10 years ago.and that he was.decent possibility he was 5-9 max.but never smaller.
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
He had to be taller than 5'10" in his prime. If he's lost a bit of height, he's probably still pretty close to 5'10".
- Jay
Clay said on 4/Dec/08
Yeah, thats what im saying RF he lost height somewhere around that time.
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/08
5'8" peak for De Niro is nonsense.

De Niro and 5'8", 5'9" Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver
Click Here

Here is a better shot if their shoes
Click Here

He's in 2 inch cowboy boots but look at her heels. She has a footwear advantage unless he's wearing lifts in which case their footwear could be equal. Either way he seems 5'10" even considering the boots.
RisingForce said on 3/Dec/08
De Niro could have lost height in those 5 years Clay. His appearance and posture changed a lot in that time.
Clay said on 2/Dec/08
Bobby looked 5'10-5'10.5 in Casino (lifts?) just owning Pesci, but more 5'8-5'8.5 in Meet the parents, which was shot just 5 years later.
TELLEM said on 29/Nov/08
i think 5'10 peak is too high for him...even 5'9.5...i'll buy a weak 5'9 as his peak height, but i'll even say he was 5'8.5 peak...theres several evidence to back him up at about 5'8...and today he could be a weak 5'8...he was clearly shorter than mike tyson and only looked an inch taller than 5'7 john leguizamo in "righteous kill" premiere
glenn said on 28/Nov/08
ive been seeing him throughout the fall.5-8 was one time.
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
That's interesting, but then again his posture is horrendous so he could be a full 5-9 standing straight(which he almost never does now.
glenn said on 28/Nov/08
looked 5-9 as recent as 8 months ago.
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
It's funny, I was just going to post that picture with Pacino.

Standing straight it seems that he'd have 5" on Pacino who I think was about 5'5" peak. Pacino could have also been 5'5.5", 5'6" too. There are some pictures that show less of a difference between them though.

I agree with Glenn that he was 5-9 or 5-10 peak. Glenn said he's seen him look 5-8 lately so maybe this listing is good. 5-8.5 now and his horrendous posture can make him look under 5-8 sometimes.
Mr. T said on 26/Nov/08
I wonder his height/weight in his Cape Fear does. He looked pretty imposing there.
RisingForce said on 12/Nov/08
leonari says on 11/Nov/08
When I hear 5'8" for Ben Stiller it makes me go...Never ever was Stiller 5'8". He never looks it.

I agree. Stiller doesn't even look 5'7" to me. I say 5'6", 5'6.5" on a good day. He looks short and legit 5'8" guys don't look that short.
TELLEM said on 11/Nov/08
yet he was shorter than ed harris in jacknife...
leonari said on 11/Nov/08
When I hear 5'8" for Ben Stiller it makes me go...Never ever was Stiller 5'8". He never looks it.
Clay said on 10/Nov/08
I think 5'9 peak, 5'8 by the late 90's this guy lost some height. He also wore lifts.
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He's 5 foot 9. He was taller than 5 foot 8 ben stiller in meet the parent. He was shorter than eddie murphey in showtime.
RisingForce said on 7/Nov/08
The picture is clearly tilted and De Niro's posture is horrendous.
frankys said on 7/Nov/08
he's around 5-8 range..look at whitaker's page and you 'll see glenn is approximately same as deniro
TELLEM said on 5/Nov/08
Click Here

this is the pic ur talking about james
teddy89 said on 23/Oct/08
i'm Shocked! I though he was about 5'6!
glenn said on 21/Oct/08
deniro is finally looking 5-8 to me lately.been seeing him alot lately.5-9 to 5-10 peak.
Anonymous300th said on 20/Oct/08
Even though de niro is closer to the camera here he doesn't look the same height as robert redford who's 5'10: Click Here
Anonymous300th said on 20/Oct/08
Here's robert de niro with tony curtis whos listed here at 5'8. he seems to have an inch on de niro. de niro is closer to the camera too. this was the mid 80s s by the way Click Here
mike said on 17/Oct/08
Yea Mickey, I think actually that may have been part of his jacket, but his leg does look like it was propped behind the other one, giving him a slight slouch over Pacino. I still don't think he is over 5'8" 1/2 top, even more so 5'8". I"m slightly over 5'8", but mainly at 5'8", i've been mistaken for 5'9" plenty of times.....also depends on the persons build too ya know?
RisingForce said on 14/Oct/08
I agree Glenn and still 5-9.5 in the mid 90's around the time of Casino/Copland
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
deniro was possibly 5-10 peak.he is 5-9 min.
Mickey said on 13/Oct/08
Umm RF, you can't really compare De Niro's shoulders to Glenns in the 2nd pic as De Niro is wearing a jacket with shoulder pads in it. He does come in slightly shorter in the 2nd pic but Glenn has camera advantage. Probably same height as Glenn.
Jordan said on 13/Oct/08
You guys sure he's a full 5'9" to this day? Because people at this site are trying to argue that 50 Cent is at MOST 6 feet, and yet he towered over DeNiro in Righteous Kill and the variety of photoshoots with the two.
TELLEM said on 13/Oct/08
theres no pic of ed harris...BUT just go to google video and type : jacknife 1989...and the videos will appear (its in japanese by the way) de niro was shorter than ed harris...he was never over 5'8
RisingForce said on 13/Oct/08
In the picture on the bottom he looks atleast 5'9" when you consider Glenn is closer to the camera. Look at their shoulders and posture, De Niro could be about 5'9.5" there. The first picture he does only look 5'8" but that could be a number of things including pavement, footwear or posture. Glenn was there and can probably confirm these statements.
Mickey said on 13/Oct/08
Is that his foot propped on the wall? I thought it was his jacket. But yeah i could buy a 2 inch difference between them. He was never over 5'9" in my opinion, and even less now.
mike said on 12/Oct/08
Mickey I do agree that De niro was probably around 5'8" maybe alittle more peak, however his foot is propped up on the wall in that pic, so he is slouching alittle there. I think he is atleast 2 if not more in inches taller then Pacino in that pic. I don't think they are that close in height. Where is this pic with Ed Harris?
Mickey said on 12/Oct/08
Click Here

About a 1.5 inch difference between them. De Niro even has camera advantage. Looks 5'8" absolute maximum in this picture, 5'7.5" even. Credit to TELLEM for finding the pic.
TELLEM said on 10/Oct/08
just watch de niro and ed harris (5'9) in "jacknife"...harris is taller than de niro there...
mike said on 9/Oct/08
wow that pic with Mike Tyson and De Niro is crazy! I always heard Tyson was around 5'10....that is crazy he is quite a few inches taller then rest my case...even if De Niro has shrunk a little, I dought he was ever 5'10"
mike said on 8/Oct/08
I agree Tellem, and I can't argue, I never imagined de niro even coming close to 5'9", much less 5'10". All of those heights can easily be mistaken around the same height when your young and skinny as a rail. De niro was very thin at a young age, and i'm sure he looked taller. 5'8" is his height, 5'8 1/2" on a good day.
RisingForce said on 7/Oct/08
Well Frank2, I've never met Sharon Stone and I can't say I've really looked up much on her height so I won't say your 5'7" estimate is wrong but she does seem taller than that. She claims 5'8.5" herself and is usually listed at 5'9". She sure looked atleast 5'8.5" near 6'2" Arnold Schwarzenegger though. I believe you've confirmed Arnold was still around 6'2" when you met him on the set of Jingle All The way, correct?
Frank2 said on 4/Oct/08
James Woods is 5'10". I've met him, stood right next to him. He's an inch shorter than me. And that was many years ago, not recently now that he's older.
TELLEM said on 4/Oct/08
Frank 2 saw james woods at 5'10
Frank2 said on 4/Oct/08
And Dana Andrews was taller than De Niro by about two inches in THE LAST TYCOON and by then Andrews was in his late sixties.

Rising Force - Sharon Stone is not 5'8.5". back in the 1990s I stood right next to her at my car dealer where she took her Aston Martin DB-7 convertible to be serviced and she's about 5'7" at the most. She might even be 5'6". I could easily look over her head. She was wearing shoes with very flat heels, probably no more than an inch the day I saw her.
Mister Lennon said on 3/Oct/08
I guess that he was 5'9 at peak and now he is about 5'8. He isnt much taller than Budies Hoffman and Pacino nowadays.
TELLEM said on 3/Oct/08
actor dana andrews was 5'10 by the way
TELLEM said on 3/Oct/08
go watch once upon a time in america with james woods (5'10) who's clearly taller than de niro...and watch last tycoon with actor Dana Andrews whos 2 inches taller than de niro...
TELLEM said on 3/Oct/08
but in the pic with dustin hoffman (which everyone clearly seems to ignore) he looks 5'8 tops....and please don't gimme no "he wore lifts" niro was and is 5'8
RisingForce said on 3/Oct/08
Pacino is said to have been a lift wearer. Al was probably 5'6" peak too.

Anyone who doubts that De Niro was in the 5'9"-5'10" range peak just look at the picture with Joe Pesci.
TELLEM said on 2/Oct/08
i take that back i put one movie still....but most aren't
TELLEM said on 2/Oct/08
i don't know where u got 5'8 for keitel....but keitel's listed heights on here and other websites is 5'7 1/2...most likely hes only 5'7...he was always shorter than most in movies...kinda like al pacino...face it de niro is and always has been 5'8...look at him with dustin...those pics i put on here prove it...what do u have? movie stills? thats not guaranteeing his height
RisingForce said on 2/Oct/08
First of all I've heard Keitel is 5'8".

Here are some pictures that prove De Niro is taller than 5'8".

De Niro is taller than 5'8.5" Sharon Stone despite her boots(this is from 1995)
Click Here

De Niro can look over the top of 5'4" Joe Pesci's head despite Pesci's big hair.
Click Here

5'9.5" in the mid 90's and 5'10" back at his peak in 1980 as I showed in those pictures. He slouches which can make him seem shorter.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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