How tall is Sean O'Pry

Sean O'Pry's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

American male fashion model. His agencies regularly described him as being 6ft 1.

How tall is Sean OPry
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5ft 11.77in (182.3cm)
Vengeance said on 4/Sep/23
Could you do one on Jordan Barrett? He lists himself as 6'2 which is crazy he's a pretty similar height to Sean O'pry but I would say consistently shorter How tall would you guess? I would say 5'11 1/4-1/2 can't tell because of his hair but, I also don't think it's accurate to take out his hair Thoughts?
ItalianChad said on 19/Apr/23
Judging by this video, he's probably a bit over 5'10'' Click Here
bradley smith said on 29/Mar/23
Hi Rob, how tall is the guy in the middle?
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Editor Rob
Maybe 5ft 6, though notice Sean's right foot - a slight raise there!
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 9/Aug/22
Probably an exact inch taller than Brad Pitt
Height Detective said on 6/Jun/22
He's not taller than 5'11.75. He probably clears 6' right out of bed, but I think 5'11.75 is closer to his afternoon height and probably reaches a low of 5'11.5. I'd say he's the same height as Christan Bale, Raymond Ablack, Tiger Woods, Dylan McDermott, and of course his contemporary, Jordan Barrett!
wmou said on 30/Apr/22
He looks the same height as Jordan Barrett
Odbsm said on 12/Apr/22
Rob Paul Fan said on 15/Mar/22
My man Sean O'Pry needs a downgrade to 5'11.75 so he can join the ranks of Christian Bale and Raymond Ablack alike.
ChristianPerkins said on 13/Mar/22
That's true though. But deflations are almost exclusively reserved for 6'3"+ models.
ChristianPerkins said on 13/Mar/22
On paper, one would probably think as the average being more 6'1", but height inflations exist there just like in any other industry or field. (Case in point, O'pry being listed 6'1")
Editor Rob
Height inflation and deflation exists. There are still 6ft 3-4 range guys rounded down to 6ft 2.5-3 range.
ChristianPerkins said on 12/Mar/22
Would you say that the average American male fashion model's around 6'0"? I've heard that the IDEAL is 5'11"-6'2", but that doesn't make the average 6'0.5"
Editor Rob
I'd have thought at least 6ft was average these days, maybe a bit over.
6ft0 said on 12/Mar/22
@Framk Giuffrida So you have seen or worked with Sean O’pry? If that’s what you’re saying, what height under 6’ would you say he was?
Frank Giuffrida said on 3/Mar/22
short model, under 6. casting directors were so obsessed with him back in the day. he made so, so, so much more money than me - I'm still bitter.
Based Raigeki 2 said on 17/Feb/22
I'll expand on my previous comment. I suspect Sean is anywhere between 180 and 182 cm for his low and high. Sometimes, he looks a bit lower than 181 but definitely not higher than 183 (and that's right out of bed). The same goes for his height twin Jordan Barrett. Since they're both in the 180-182 cm range, I earnestly believe 5'11.75 is a fair (albeit generous) assessment. Wouldn't go any lower than 5'11.5 for Sean though. And the same goes for Barrett. Neither are legit 6 footers, but they're close enough to round up.
Based Raigeki said on 17/Feb/22
He's at best 5'11.75. Same as height twin Jordan Barrett. Can round up to 6' because of modeling, but he's just a bit short of the golden benchmark.
Icud said on 23/Jan/22
5'11 1/2
Don Yoon said on 7/Dec/21
I think he's barely 6 foot or just under. He just doesn't look tall. But aside from that everyone needs to keep in mind of his proportions which is short legs and long torso. This usually makes someone look shorter than they are so it's not the most ideal body proportion especially for a fashion model. However one thing going for him is that he seems to have small head for his body so that makes him look taller. So he has two aspects of proportionality that are opposite which cancels each other out.
6ft0 said on 21/Jun/21
I think he is 182 cm, around 5’11 3/4 so almost 6 foot but not quite the full. Jordan Barrett is 181, whom also posted a pic standing against a height chart to his instagram showing around the 180-181 range
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Apr/21
This listing is a bit optimistic. I could believe 5’11.5” though.
Eric Tam said on 27/Jan/21
182 and wears thicker shoes to be 185. Mean while my work boots bring me from 175 to 181 0_0
aceintheplace said on 2/Jan/21
Solid 6 footer who wears thick heeled boots when standing next to others.
Nooo said on 17/Dec/20
Need downgrade to 5'11
Blanc said on 15/Jul/20
Just doesn't look tall for some reason unlike Tyson Beckford
Lcd65 said on 25/Nov/18
Sean O pry is a solid 182.5 cm. He looks 5 cm taller than Taylor Swift who is 177-178 cm. I doubt he's more than 183 cm. Models fake their height even more than singers and actors. You can notice that almost every model is listed as 6'2 (188 cm), because this height is considered 'ideal' in men model agencies, but all of them are at least 3 cm shorter than this height.
under6'1 said on 11/Aug/18
Rob, Jordan Barret has a picture against a height chart showing him in the 181cm range ( i don't know how to add images). He's near the exact same height as sean since there's a pic of them on a flat surface in identical shoes.

In need of a downgrade. He just has excellent proportions that make him look over 6"
Jordan142 said on 4/Jul/18
@Hijoputamus. That picture was posted in Sep 2017, Jordan was already 21, I doubt he grew a whole 3 inches in a few months. You can tell that he’s in the strong 5’11 range, with hair he barely push a little over 6 feet. Now you count hair, shoes and lift and then round it up by model agency and you got 6’2.

The reason why you see so many male models at 6’2 is because as long as you are in the 6ft range you get round up into 6’2 which is the perfect height for male models. If you are too tall like 6’4 6’5 you get your height reduced so it closer to 6’2.
Hijoputamus said on 23/Jun/18
Jordan132, Jordan Barret is 5’11 Max and his agency had him at 6’1 and now at 6’2.
Maybe these kids are still growing because they start so young
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
181.5-182 cm guy, but his height can be rounded off to 6’
Jordan132 said on 1/May/18
Dude is 5'11, even shorter. Models fake height even more than actors, they all add 2-3 inches to their original height. My mate is listed as 186 or nearly 6'2 yet shorter than me at 6'0.5. Sean O'Pry look shorter than a slightly slouching Jordan Barrett who is also in the 5'11 range yet listed as 6'2!

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John Bode said on 21/Apr/18
Weak 6 foot - probably 5’11.75” barefoot.
Luc said on 24/Jan/18
He is far better than most modelling past 2001 but still IMHO overrated and I think 5'-11 and if this guy with shoes with a one inch heel turns out is 6'-1" I want to see it in front of an impartial chart. Anyway today models are not what they used to be. They all say 6ft and most I have seen lately are not. These "discovered" stories in my opinion a rarely happen ...if at all.
Antje said on 11/Jan/18
Hey rob
What about this pictures of him next to gisele?
Click Here

She is 5’10, and her heels are huge, but she is probably 6’2 in them, right?
His eye level doesn’t come up to her mouth, i’d give 5’11.5 for him.
What do you think?
Editor Rob
Here's a funny shot of them both from that event Click Here....on his highest tip-toes he's close in height...but you could certainly make a case at times he's 5ft 11.5. Zero chance Sean is barefoot 6ft 1.
grizz said on 3/Jan/18
@Free, what did I say wrong? Is Will Smith fat? Is Dolph Lundgren fat? Is Stephen Amell fat?ARE THEY?
I'm the same height as this guy,but 190lbs AND a 32in waist. I could go down to 175lbs 30in waist for that Ryan Gosling "Crazy Stupid Love" look, but with that my fitness level degrades significantly. Appropriate diet and workout regime does wonders. I had a friend in class, really into soccer,who is your height,but 200 lbs-dude didn't have an ounce of fat on him and he would look worrisomely thin below 190 lbs. And take a look at the new BMI calculator, more realistic than current archaic one.
Free said on 28/Nov/17
Grizzly is funny troll. I'm 6-3 190 and I'd look better at 170. Get down to a 32 inch waist
handsome guy said on 22/Jul/17
small head makes him looks taller, but he is no more than 182cm.
mdarby65 said on 1/Jul/17
Barely 6 feet.
Original said on 16/Jun/17
IMO He is solid 6'0, if not 6'1.
Peter175 said on 11/May/17
I think Jordan Barrett is taller than sean. Looks nearer 6'1
spainmen191cm said on 25/Mar/17
Rob, how tall do you think is the model Jordan Barrett, probalby the same as Sean?
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Editor Rob
they could be height twins!
Pharaoh said on 18/Mar/17
Rob you should add Jon Kortajarena
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jan/17
Weak 6ft guy possibly and 6ft1 in shoes
different bod type said on 26/Jan/17
weird posture.. in the morning he might be like 187cm if bald and at night in low 180's.. my guess 6'2 though
Wonderland said on 26/Jan/17
The model on the right is 6'2. Sean is around 5'11.75 to me. Click Here
Bard said on 20/Jan/17
Looks about 6'
CS said on 17/Jan/17
Rob do you think this guy looks taller than he is because he's thin?
Editor Rob
he never seemed a big 6ft 1 guy to me, but in photos, he might have good proportions at times making him look it.
spainmen191cm said on 16/Jan/17
Im 20 and weigh right now 74-75 kg. My night height is 191.7cm and many people though me as skinny, but as you said I eat when Im hungry and very healthy. I dont like fizzy drinks and I dont drink alcohol because I dont like it. I had tried to force myself eating in the past, but now not. Im happy with my ectomorph constitution
grizz said on 16/Jan/17
Have you ever heard of muscular build? Like,someone who actually raised something heavier than a pencil.
Take a look at Will Smith-6'1 200 lbs. Not fat.
Dolph Lundgren-6'3,220 lbs,not fat.
Stephen Amell-6'1,180lbs,not fat. All of these guys have BMI 24 or above.
And they are not professional athletes.
They have money,fine,but Stallone was flat-out broke while filming 1st Rocky. 5'9 180-190lbs. Not fat.
Definitely less fit than in Rocky4,but he was not fat.
In short,ignore BMI. Body fat % and waist size count only.
Kaneff said on 16/Jan/17

Well, I'm 23 and weigh 63kg. My night height is 183cm. I actually weighed 4kg more in high school when I was 1-2cm shorter. My diet has gotten a lot better since then. I eat only whole foods and cut out all refined sugar and only have alcohol occasionally. I eat when I'm hungry and don't count calories. It's all about a conscious effort to stay healthy, nothing to do with "metabolism".

Generally, overweight is seen as the new normal these days. Anyone under a BMI of 25 is considered skinny now.
Hijopotamus said on 16/Jan/17
Some male models like Oliver Cheshire are 5'11 and did all the major designers shows but you need to have the face to get away with being under 6'
@grizz, dude are you kidding? So many ADULT athletes are 6' and under 75kg. Even at MMA.
grizz said on 15/Jan/17
@Giorgi,"used to be" is quite telling. That means that you're an adult now,right? That's the thing:once you reach early 20s,your metabolism isn't as fast as it used to be and you gain weight,even though you exercise and eat the same as you had at the of 16-18. I don't know any adult man over 6feet who weighs less than 75 kgs.
oliver said on 15/Jan/17
He always appears one inch shorter than Karlie Kloss so 6'0-0.5 is possible.
Aza said on 15/Jan/17
Has exceptional posture.
Giorgi said on 15/Jan/17
grizz said on 12/Jan/17
Finally! Thanks,Rob! I'm surprised we're the same height. Although his listed weight is 72kg which is unbelievably light for a 6footer,let alone for his claimed height

That's not even light, let alone unbelievably light. I'm a half inch shorter than this guy and used to be 62 kg. That is light, although still believable ;)
Yes yes said on 15/Jan/17
LollyPerdue, Actually I remember last year when I saw a company looking for male models and they were very picky when it caem to height. You had to be atleast 6 feet tall and the maximum was 6'2" or 6'3".
LollyPerdue said on 14/Jan/17
Everyone expects male models to be super tall. In reality, male models are typically 5'11-6'2 range. Most people would think the taller the better, but actually they don't want many men over 6'2 or under 5'11. Its how they want the clothing to look and fit and with sizes. I bet he's 5'11.5 Perfect model height.
Donald Mc said on 13/Jan/17
He could be a solid 1.83.
Victor Surratt said on 13/Jan/17
Strong 1.83
HonestSlovene said on 13/Jan/17
Yeah I always thought 6'1" was a tad too much for him, models tend to get overlisted. 5'11.5"-5'11.75" night time range would be most realistic or 182 cm, but 183 cm isn't unbeleivable either.
Hijopotamus said on 13/Jan/17
182 max on his best day after a good sleep.
MaryAnne said on 13/Jan/17
@OneWay, thank you for this nice idea. Nick Bateman would be good pick for my new request.
OneWay said on 12/Jan/17
Nice addition Rob! Now we just need Nick Bateman
gian92 said on 12/Jan/17
He gives me an impression of 5'11 .
James said on 12/Jan/17
Good add, MaryAnne will be delighted lol!
Click Here Looks 2 inches shorter than 188 Nick Bateman.
Kaneff said on 12/Jan/17
good listing. He looked 2 inches shorter than 6'2" Nick Bateman.
MaryAnne said on 12/Jan/17
Finally!!! LOL Rob, you are one of best site owners. you care about your visitor's requests and i truly appreciate it! For him, 6'0 is right.
grizz said on 12/Jan/17
Finally! Thanks,Rob! I'm surprised we're the same height. Although his listed weight is 72kg which is unbelievably light for a 6footer,let alone for his claimed height
Editor Rob
yeah 72kg at 6ft 1, he'd look slimmer than he actually looks.
spainmen191cm said on 12/Jan/17
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy that appears in the photo with Sean and with Gandy? He claims to be 191cm

With Sean O Pry
Click Here
With David Gandy
Click Here

Editor Rob
hard to tell, but he certainly could be over 6ft 2.
Vibram said on 12/Jan/17
5ft11.5 / 181cm.

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