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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
MJ said on 1/Apr/07
From today's Digital Spy:

"Simon Cowell was asked to sit on cushions so that he looked tall enough while filming for his new show Britain's Got Talent.

The 5ft 9in music mogul was horrified when producers told him that he appeared too short when sitting alongside Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden on the judging panel at auditions.

A source told The People: "Poor Simon looked a bit mortified. He was really embarrassed when they fetched two large cushions for him to sit on. Piers is over 6ft and Amanda is tall for a woman so poor Simon just looked too short in comparison."

I'd still be amazed if he was 5'9" *barefoot*. Those heels he wears would easily take him to a more commanding 5'11" in such a case.
Jesse said on 29/Mar/07
the threesome Seacrest, Cowell, Jackson... All doubtfull... most of the time they all look very close height. Seacrest looks as tall as cowell and he can't be over 5'7, he's always the shorter with the contestes of American Idol.. I think Cowell is 5'7.5-5'8.. Jackson 5'7-5'7.5 and little Seacrest can't be over 5'7....
anonymous said on 27/Mar/07
Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, he was looking pretty close to a flat 5`9. Although, if you notice, Anderson had military posture next to him, whereas Cowell seemed more relaxed. Gotta be a first for him.
Tallyrand said on 13/Mar/07
Irregardless of actual heightth, this guy appears to have a real complex about his heighth and takes it out on other poepel. Boo! LOL
LeeM said on 5/Mar/07
I reckon he's 5'9 as Pete Waterman is 5'10 and this is a pic if you type 'Pete Waterman' in Google.

[Editor Rob:

last year I did mention in an interview cowell as being one of the 3 who I'd class as wearing oversized heels or lifts, stallone/gibson the others...although gibson was more into it in the early 90's.]
inside man said on 5/Mar/07
I'm guessing Cowell is 5-8 barefoot. He has that obvious "levitator walk" that you see so much in l.a. among certain types. Very deliberate and studied, like he's walking on stilts. Underneath the extra-long bootcut jeans, the high-heeled boots, and I'm guessing the 1.5 to 2 inch special insoles...5-8.
MD said on 3/Mar/07
If that's the case, then Cowell can't be a 5'9" barefoot. Lifts or not, Simon and Randy enjoy heeled boots, and I'm talking real heels. (i.e. Randy's cowboy boots in particular). These are all guys struggling to look 5'9", in in the case of Ryan, struggling with 5'8.5"
MD said on 2/Mar/07
Simon, Randy, and Ryan are so hard to peg down. Here are some pictures with Ryan (who's listed at 5'7.75", here) looking nearly as tall as Cowell:

Click Here

Click Here

And, showing footwear, which pretty much shows that between the lifts and heels flying around in this photo, none of them really have an advantage of the other. lol

Click Here

[Editor Rob: ryan looks to be one with most normal shoes, they don't actually appear to have the front bit cut at angle to accomodate the foot being raised...]
glenn said on 25/Feb/07
like i said before,im bending cause i took the pic with my own hand.a reaction of fear to cut off heads in pic.he did look 5-9ish.
Edwin said on 25/Feb/07
Is "5-9 give or take" Hollywood code for "5-7 and change?" heh heh
MD said on 24/Feb/07
Alonzo, since you met him, what did you peg him at? Did you believe his claim?
alonzo the cool said on 24/Feb/07
met him yesterday, told me he was "5`9 give or take a quarter inch." He seemed uncofortable talking about his height. Wonder why ;)
Matt said on 24/Feb/07
I'd say 5'9 on the show is right, but he must've been wearing high heals with you glenn, because from the way he's slouching, he looks like he's 6'4!
Snapper G said on 24/Feb/07
Sometimes the celebs who are nastiest on tv/film, etc. are nicest in private...unfortunately the opposite seems to be true with the "nice" celebs, from what ya hear...
Chris said on 19/Feb/07
Thought he would be, Glenn. I get the impression he puts on the Mr Nasty act for TV. It's hilarious. I love watching him.
Garry said on 18/Feb/07
I've been watching the show some this season and he seems to be always wearing boot leg jeans, that maybe on purpose to cover up high-heel boots he always seams to wear. Just MHO but may be getting a 3+ inch lift from "whatever".
glenn said on 18/Feb/07
very friendly.
Chris said on 17/Feb/07
What was Simon Cowell like to meet, Glenn?
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/07
Anyone notice that when Simon walks out of the audition room he looks like he's trying to walk in platforms? His stride is very arched and deliberate.
fred said on 6/Feb/07
simon wears boots with heals
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/07
Don't just judge on that picture.
Aaron said on 2/Feb/07
There's now way simon is only 5' 9" in that picture above because he towers over that other guy who is 5' 8". Simon looks at least 2 or 3 inches taller than Glenn. I'd give him an easy 5' 10.5", 5' 11" depending what shoes he's wearing.
Glenn said on 1/Feb/07
Yeah,thats the latest thing I noticed.pants covering the shoes.from Depp to Gallo.
Garry said on 1/Feb/07
You can see in show last night, when he walked outside the audition room, he is not tall at all and wears very dodgey boots hidden by jeanslegs. Unnaturally elevated is he. His torso appears up higher than it should be.
MD said on 22/Jan/07
Again, he blatantly wears lifts, and that photo with Glenn shows that. Ridiculous lifts, at that.
CDawg said on 21/Jan/07
dude looks at least 5 10, hes leaning in a bit
Robert.R said on 16/Jan/07
He blatently wears lifts. I would have been interested to see a picture of he and Glenn without shoes.
Glenn said on 14/Jan/07
Its weird,cause you hear 5-7,5-8 for him.
Jeff said on 14/Jan/07
Wow. I am shocked. I just checked out all the photo's below. What on earth has this guy got in his shoes in the photo with Glenn, he looks about 2 inches taller than him. Judging from the photo's below I would give him 5'7" absolute max. Taking into account that Glenn is wearing shoes and is probably about 5'9" in the photo does that mean that this guy is wearing something like 3.5 inch lifts.
S.J said on 13/Jan/07
i would say 5,10 1/2
Jake W. said on 13/Jan/07
MD's pics with Elton John are worth looking at. In the second one you can see that he's wearing a size-able shoe too.
Glenn said on 13/Jan/07
I might be bending cause I took this pic with my hand,fearing cutting heads.but he did seem taller.
Robert. R said on 12/Jan/07
That is weird. I looked up Louis Walsh's height and it was given as 5'9", I thought that seemed rather tall!
jason said on 12/Jan/07
this guy is hard, comparing to elton john he does lock short,172-173 cm tops. and comparing to ryan seacrest the host in american idol who is listed at 172 cm on this site he sometimes locks taller, not much but like 1 inch, 175 cm tops. but sometimes ryan locks taller, in some pics. i cant believe it, sometimes ryan is taller and sometimes simon, but momst simon, it most be the shues, and the poster. comparing to glenn on the pic he does locks to be 176-177 cm. but i think he wore lifts, of just stod on hes toes or something, you cant se his feets and footwear on the pic so it`s hard to tell.he sureley is around 173-176 cm,randy jackson is 174 and simon does locks like 1-2 cm taller then him on pics, but again the shues and poster,angles and so on can be at his advantage. i`de give this guy 174-175 cm.
georgina said on 12/Jan/07
simon is much taller he is 5'10 and thats on a small day lol
MD said on 29/Nov/06
What do you think, Rob?

[Editor Rob: appears taller in the backstage pictures. That stage floor looks slightly uneven looking at cowell/elton's feet and he looks marginally behind the plane of Elton.]
Matt said on 24/Nov/06
Great find, MD. Confirms exactly what I suspected -- this guy is SHORT! He's beaten by Walsh and Elton, and it's fair to say he is wearing his elevator shoes. Time for a *serious* downgrade methinks.
Matt said on 23/Nov/06
5'9" seems pretty generous!! Cowell looks tremendous when sitting behind a table; he has tailored suits, open collar shirts, a strong upper body and impeccable grooming. But in every -- EVERY -- full length photo I've seen of this guy, he just seems to have incredibly stumpy legs! And his shoes -- LOL! I remember seeing Pop Idol Backstage once, and he made a remark to the host, Kate Thornton, about her heels; Thornton shot back saying that they weren't as high as his! Even when he is seen walking alongside Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, he is pretty much evens. I'd stick this guy at a solid 5'7", up to 5'9" with his shoes.
Gaz said on 22/Nov/06
I'm pretty sure this guy is 5'9 having seen him standing aside various
celebs, whose heights I know. So I don't know what to make of him really,
because they say short guys are aggressive to prove themselves, large ones
because they feel stronger than others, but simon is medium height. What's
his excuse.
MD said on 12/Nov/06
Simon really isn't anything more than 5'8" barefoot. I'm sure he can look 5'9" and 5'10" with his boots and lifts, but it's all just that, an illusion. If you all have ever noticed, he, Ryan, and Randy ALL wear dodgy footwear. Simon's always in high-heeled boots, Randy is always in cowboy boots, and Ryan is always in thick-soled dress shoes or boots. Simon would be 5'8" barefoot, Randy 5'7" or so, and Ryan 5'6"-5'6.5".
MD said on 11/Nov/06
Again, does anyone see the high-heels (+ lifts) Simon wears? He's the epitome of a guy with the Napolean Complex if I ever saw one.

[Padraig: He is gaining 1 inch over normal shoes like Glenn's, on the X Factor show there was a great shot of the heels he wears, it looks 2 inches.]
Glenn said on 11/Nov/06
For starts,he is a lift wearer.and he took this with his I mustve bent to avoid accidents in photo taking.
MOI said on 11/Nov/06
Glenn isn't 5ft 8----------------Or he's ducking down A LOT
I think Simon has heels :)
MOI said on 11/Nov/06
I don't trust this because that would mean he is taller than my m8 + she's been to a show and stood beside him---- She towered over him at 5ft 7"
So my mates agreed on about 5ft 4".
ed said on 11/Nov/06
Simon cowell is about 5/5 I know this because I stood right next to him at the premier of love actually in leicester square in 2003 I myself am 5/5, I remember it well.Most of londons celebrities were there that night and most of them were short!

[Padraig: LOL,

In Editor's notes he compiled for me, he has various IP's, yours is under the section marked:

ralph said on 10/Nov/06
5'9"?? He towers over glenn!
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/06
Simon looks 5' 11" in that pic, if you consider he's leaning over a bit. A solid 3 inches on Glenn there. Real 5'9" ... maybe up to 5' 11" if wearing lifts?
Jake said on 18/Aug/06
You can see the American Idol people are all very short. Look how tiny they all look when there is a 6'2" guy (even using bad posture) in the room:
Click Here
The only problem is when they are all short, and all claim to be average height, there's no one good to compare them with. I think that's part of the reason he's hung on to 5'9".
Jake said on 15/Aug/06
Wow, this guy has been able to hang on to 5'9". I'm impressed.
Next to supposed 5'8", (but I suspect even less,) Randy: Click Here
MD said on 4/May/06
Cowell, so easily, is an smaller guy with such a noticable Napolean Complex it's not even funny. His whole character just exudes it.

Here he is with his girlfriend, Teri Seymour, who doesn't seem to have a care in the world, while Cowell is trying as hard as he can to stretch every last inch of height out of himself and his lifts, lol:

1. Click Here

I've seen few celebs try harder than he does. Even in the picture above, while not visible in this particular photo, the heels on his shoes are probably nearly 2". He also has this notorious practice of wearing longer pants to cover up heels:

2. Click Here

Simon, at the most, is one inch taller than Ryan Seacrest (who is 5'7"), which would also explain how Ryan can look 5'9" with lifts, and how Simon can pull of 5'10" if you give each 2" lifts.
Anon said on 3/May/06
No way. He's near 5'11. Standing next to Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear he did not look 5'9

[Editor Rob: he wears big heels and comes across as a 5ft 10er sometimes in photos...]
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
Louie Walsh has said simon wears lifts on a chatshow with davina mccall
Jake said on 1/Mar/06
How come he is so short next to Donald Trump in that picture bellow that has been posted at least 3 times?

[Editor Rob: if you're shooting from way above the subjects and one is in front of the other, its harder to tell exactly the difference...]
Jake said on 1/Mar/06
I'm not syaing he always wears THOSE shoes, I'm saying he wears either those or ones like them in many pics.
Lawrence said on 28/Feb/06
how do you know he always wears THOSE shoes in every picture Jake???
Dominic said on 28/Feb/06
How do you know that the shoes he is wearing are increasing his height? Most people say he looks most of the time to be 5'8 to 5'9. And just look at the pictures with Glenn. If he is 5'7.5 and wearing shoes to go over 5'8 he must be wearing REALLY high shoes. I dont even think they make shoes or lifts that high up.
Jake said on 28/Feb/06
The shoes show that he increases his height. So,some of these picture which he looks 5'9" - 5'10" are heightened a couple of inches.
Lawrence said on 27/Feb/06
Jake what is wrong with his shoes? Even if they give Cowell 2-3" more you still can't judge how tall he is by sitting down, so if Cowell says he is 5'9" then he is 5'9". The style of shoes he chooses to wear cannot possibly give you insight to how tall Simon is, especially when he is sitting. And nobody is standing besides him either (he is SITTING alone). Weird entry dude.
Jake said on 26/Feb/06
If you read this page top to bottom, you will see the majority of people believe Cowell is no more than 5'8". Look at him compared to 6'2" Donald Trump.
Jake said on 26/Feb/06
I was talking about the shoes. I can't beleive you didn't get that.
Lawrence said on 26/Feb/06
Jake, what the hell kind of proof is in this photo. Are you out of lunch? Or are you dreaming? First off Simon is sitting down, how the hell could you judge his height with a couple of inches variations while he is sitting down in this photo and is besides know one????
This must be the most stupid Celeb Heights entry I have ever read.
Sorry dude, you don't rock!!
Jake said on 26/Feb/06
No... Simon would never lie about his height... He is so honest...
Simon Cowell is not more than 5'8", I'd give him 5'7"-5'8", but I wouldn't even be that suprprised if he was less than that. No way 5'9".
Dominic said on 25/Feb/06
Why the hell wont you guys believe he is at the least 5'9? Just believe it! He says it so believe it. Simon would not lie about his height, he is one of the most brutally honest people there ever was.
Daryll said on 23/Feb/06
So if Seacrest is 5'7" and Cowell is not the 2" more they give him, that means Cowell is around 5'7" so now look at that strange pic above with Simon and Glenn....Simon must be a giant if Glenn is 5'8" (taken Simon is leaning to the side also and Glenn's face and neck are straight, and surely Glenn is not on his knees or squatting down (why would he, could he afford that.)), get my drift???
TheMan said on 23/Feb/06
Yeah he's the max of 5,8 id love to stand next to this guy barefoot bet id tower over him actaully i know i would. He's postures quite good actually been getting better since the last x factor. On that he was appearing quite abit shorter. Seems to have had the lift training from Stallone from he's time in america.
Dominic said on 22/Feb/06
How come you dont believe Glenn is 5"8? If he isn't 5'8 than Kurt Cobain was only 5'5, Mel Gibson is only 5'6, Jack Nicholson is only 5'7, and Tom Cruise is only 5'5.
lala said on 21/Feb/06
simon is about cant be taller than 5'8 look at this picture with donald trump who is 6'2
Lawrence said on 21/Feb/06
Thanks lovely Amanda, Glenn is not 5'8" and so are his pics.
You are right Amanda Glenn must be 5'5" or 5'6" and Simon is 5'8"-5'9".
Please Glenn, if you are spreading all these photos of you aned every celeb., please put a pic on this site showing proof that you are 5'8". For example take a pic of yourself barefoot standing straight beside a straight measuring tape, and indicate 5'8", this will make people more positive towards your claims. Thanks.
Bowes/McDougall said on 9/Feb/06
Simon looks 5'11"+ in the above pic. The granny on the show said he looked short. Since when is 5'11 short?
Glenn said on 7/Feb/06
yeah Im 5-4.
Viper652 said on 6/Feb/06
Glenn looks 5-8 in these pics to me, and Im skeptical as hell.
Amanda said on 5/Feb/06
Glenn is NOT 5' 8". Even Shakira is taller than he is when she's in heels. I think Glenn is 5' 5" and Simon is 5' 8"-5' 9".
Asi9 said on 24/Jan/06
Saw Cowell on the Leno show the other night as he stood next to Jay [and embraced him] he appeared at least a couple inches shorter than Jay Leno [who is reported as 5'11"]. Cowell was wearing shoes with an obvious, at least, 2 inch heel [don't know about the possibility of concealed lifts]. If Jay's reported height is acurate at 5'11", then Cowell cannot be any more than 5'8" [given that Leno might have been wearing a standard 1 inch heel].
Glenn said on 23/Jan/06
he looked 5-10.
Jake said on 23/Jan/06
I can't say for certain, but the way simon is leaning almost looks like he's on his toes...
(He looks at least 5'9" if not 5'9.5"-5'10" and he says hes 5'9". I'm 99.9% sure Simon would not short change himself - I say he is wearing lifts.)
glow said on 23/Jan/06
Well in that pic he seems to have about 1.5-2 inches on Glenn... but I'm guessing that's thanks to his handy dandy lifts, lol.
MD said on 22/Jan/06
Taking into account Cowell's lifts (from which he can never separated. lol) I'd say he's 5'8" at the very most. If there is no other celebrity that wears lifts, it is Simon Cowell. He's got to have one of the biggest Napolean Complexes out there.
Jake said on 21/Jan/06
Ryan Seacrest on the show said to a contestents grandmother (I don't want to explain) that Simon looks shorter in person - and the grandmother said yeah
I say Simon does look 5'8"... in his lifts. Look at him next to 6'2" Donald Trump.
In this picture not only does Paula (accounting for heels) look 4'9", but both Simon and Randy look shorter than Ryan Seacrest...
And Ryan Seacrest looks about an inch taller than 5'2.5" Jennifer Love Hewitt - even if she has a 3" foot wear advantage Ryan is 5'6.5"
My Opinion:
Ryan: 5'6.5"
Simon: 5'6"
Randy: 5'6"
Paula: 4'10.5" MAX

[Editor Rob: I'll add a pic soon, maybe Glenn can give us his estimation...Jackson though since he's appeared at the celebrity tennis events seems to be in the 5ft 8 range...the other 2 guys are always debatable. Seacrest height may still be shaved down ;-) He's not been forgotten!!!]
TheMan said on 19/Jan/06
Rob dude this guy should be taken down to atleast 5,8 he's simply not even 5,9 to be honest im pretty sure he's 5,7.
MD said on 19/Jan/06
Simon is at least 5'8"-5'9" with his special boots on.
Karolina Kurkova said on 19/Jan/06
So james if your saying you've seen Cowell with shoes (or lifts) at 5.7 then e could be at 5.4-5.5???? so what that makes Ryan Seacrest???
TheMan said on 2/Jan/06
Lol he's 5,7 and struggling with that IMO.
katie said on 1/Jan/06
i cant find louis walsh's height and i need to know for tomorrow
James said on 30/Dec/05
I saw Simon last Christmas in Harrods at the watch counter. Im 5'9 and would say he is 5'7 max with shoes on
John said on 1/Dec/05
Louis Walsh has confirmed that Simon wears lifts in his shoes, and also dyes his hair and uses spray-on tans.
CoolJ said on 25/Nov/05
"ABOUT 5ft 9" Which means.. not quite...
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Nov/05
Found a quote from Simon in a 2002 edition of Mirror newspaper:
"I'm somewhere between 11 and 12 stone, I'm about 5ft 9ins. I know because my trousers are too big for me!"
Matt said on 23/Oct/05
If Simon Cowell is 5'9", then I'm a Dutchman!

He definitely wears lifts. Kate Thornton joked about it a couple of times. And he seems no taller than Ant or Dec. Without the lifts I'd put him at 5'7", tops.

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