How tall is Steve O

Steve O's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American actor and stunt performer, known for Jackass.

Steve-O by Gage Skidmore

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5ft 10.06in (178cm)
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/May/19
Here's Adam Carolla w/ DDP (w/o his lifts)... Click Here
W/ maybe 6'4.5" Pete Holmes (2018)... Click Here
W/ maybe 6'5.5" Brian Posehn (2017)... Click Here

DDP w/ max 6'2" Roman Reigns... Click Here
DDP and 6'2" Mick Foley... Click Here
DDP and around 6'3" Titus O'Neil (2019)... Click Here , Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 14/Jun/18

Adam's nowhere near 6'2". Just because he claims it doesn't mean he is.
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 14/Jun/18
Here he is with 6'2" Adam Carolla. I'm sorry, but Steve-O is just shy of 6'0". Do you see over 4" between them?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Adam can look Barely even 6ft with Stone Cold...but overall 5ft 10 for Steve O is probably minimum, I'm not sure he would measure 5ft 11 flat.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 14/Jun/18
There is no way he is this short. He's at least 5'11" at the very minimum and I believe to be close to 6'0". Here he is in flat SANDALS next to Johnny Knoxville and 5'8" Bam Margera and 5'9" Ryan Dunn.

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jacobI96 said on 12/Apr/18
Steve O is for sure at least a little over 5'10

Rob, in this video: Click Here at 1:55 you can see Chuck Liddell (184cm) and him standing straight preparing for a choke out. Would you say 5'10 or 5'10.25 is closer to the truth assuming they have similar footwear?
Editor Rob
I think roughly 5ft 10 is ok for him.
Patrick Tank said on 12/Apr/18
I met him at a comedy show and took photos with him, I'm 5'10 and he was a little taller so I would put him at 5'11 or 6
Terry said on 6/Mar/18
Wow! i thought Steve O was taller. He looks about 179-181 to me.
Bryan said on 18/Jan/18
Why does he look taller than Chuck Liddell here? Click Here Maybe he's the only one wearing climbing shoes? This listing surprised me for sure.
Juan said on 1/Oct/17
Met him in L.A. He looked 5'10 1/2. Do you think its possible, rob? He was wearing vans!
Tyson said on 18/Jul/17
Only 5.5 cm shorter than 184 cm Knoxville and Steve practically always use small footwear or sandals.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
I think that Steve is probably a weak 5ft10 at his smallest part of the day!
Being a stuntman, I'm not unduly surprised that he doesn't make a habit of standing up straight! He's probably too knackered or aching or both to do so and besides, I think he's shown the rest of us that he's not exactly unfit!
Therefore, I give him 5ft10 and 10 out of 10 for his sense of humour!
Danimal said on 15/May/17
Steve-O claimed to be 5'11 3/4"-6'0" about 10 years ago.
Randomdude said on 6/Jun/16
looks about 5'10.5-5'11
NoName said on 2/Sep/15
A friend met him and has a picture with him. 6'0" easy.
Chris said on 9/Feb/14
Click Here

Rob, how would you explain this photo? It seems odd how close he is in height to Knoxville, who's supposedly a 6 footer.
[Editor Rob: there's other photos showing a bigger difference in that set]
Ron said on 9/Dec/13
Knoxville is pretty tall. And 5'9-5'10 is not small?
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Aug/13
Looks the same height as Tyson. Prob is 5'10 with poor posture.
lelman said on 1/Aug/13
He looks like he'd be tall, like easy 6'. Weird, I guess the whole Jackass crew are kinda small really.
K said on 18/Dec/12
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Same height as Carrie underwood and Julianne hough
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Oct/12
@Sweep The Leg

Dunn looks 5'9, he has an inch on bam.
BW said on 2/Aug/12
Rob, if you want to compare several female country singers this video is good: Click Here I know there is an issue of footwear, from pics of that night (ACM Girl's Night In) they all appeared to be wearing 3-4 inch heels.
Mr. R said on 7/Jun/12
I saw him on Saturday at an MTV Awards event last Saturday. This height is perfect.
Sweep The Leg said on 15/Jun/11
Pontius looks pretty short, 5'6" range, Steve-O Looks like a solid 5'10" guy, bam definitly looks 5'8", Dunn, harder to tell , probably 5'8" MAYBE 5'9"
Clay said on 19/Mar/11
Pontius is 5'7. Dunn's 5'9. Bam is 5'8 and Steve-o actually has a decent height of 5'9.5-5'10.
Jay said on 1/Dec/10
M.P are you drunk? Hows that even possible? I would say 5'10 or so.
Rachel said on 30/Oct/10
steve-o is about 5'10" and johnny knoxville is exactly 6'1"
MarcusTheSwede said on 13/Apr/09
No the height 177cm is enough.Have looked at many pictures and although on the picture here when Steve-O stands beside Glenn it says a lot.Ok he bends over but come on he is not over 177 give it a rest.Thanks great site.
Clay said on 11/Dec/08
Pontius is 5'7.5, O is 5'10.
glenn said on 1/Dec/08
steve o is 5-10,5-10.5.
LT said on 1/Dec/08
if steve-o is 5'9", chris pontius must be 5'5", he looked rediculasly shorter during barefoot shots in the wildboyz.
JD said on 17/Jul/08
He can look the same height as Knoxville
theresa said on 16/Jul/08
yeah bam is atleast 5'8 alot of places say 5'11 n im like nah way cuz im 6'3 andi met him and he was like a bit past my shoulder and i've met knoxville and he was a few inches shorter than me, steve o is probs 5.9 or so def taller than bam!
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/08
5'10 shorter than knoxville by 2 inches or so..
glenn said on 15/May/08
thanks anonymous.
Anonymous said on 15/May/08
You look badass in that pic glenn
glenn said on 1/May/08
yeah.rob.5-10.5 for steve o.until i ask him.
JD said on 2/Apr/08
Imd b brought Steve-O up to 5'10 finally. I think its time for an upgrade Rob.
JD said on 2/Apr/08
If you had it your way, would you list Steve-O at 5'10.5 Glenn?
Danimal said on 1/Apr/08
I don't agree with this posting. I see Steve-O at 5'11". I'm a HUGE Jackass and Wildboys fan. Steve-o had about 3" on Pontius and was only about 1" shorter than Johny Knoxville.

Bam isn't only 5'7". Sorry, I don't believe that either. He calls himself 5'10.5". Obviously that's an exageration, but, but he wouldn't be exagerating by 3.5". I say he is at least 5'8.5".
glenn said on 31/Mar/08
yeah,steve o could be 5-11 with impeccable posture.i always though he was my height.
chris175 said on 30/Mar/08
guys this is weird becuase i really cant see him being less than 5-11, he has an outrageous bad posture. does anyone else think so or am is it just me?
JD said on 19/Mar/08
You gotta admit, Steve-O looks like he'd tower over Glenn in that pic!
JD said on 9/Dec/07
Glenn is about 5'8 and Nick Cannon definitly looks 5'11 next to him.
brother_h said on 29/Nov/07
i had a better look at steve-o and pontius and steve-o does have 3-4 inches on him.
i was meant to say 5'8-5'9, not 5'7-5'8 so my bad. bam is 5'7 and ryan is 5'8, i know those coz dunnn is an inch taller and bam doesnt seem that tall himself.
and im positive nick cannon is only 5'9.
JD said on 18/Nov/07
If you watch Wild n Out with Nick Cannon and Steve-O appearing, you will see that Glenn's estimate of Steve-Os height is correct.
JD said on 31/Aug/07
take him up rob.
glenn said on 29/Aug/07
at least.if not 5-10.5.
kingofnyc said on 28/Aug/07
steve 0 is a solid 5'10'' i met him.
JD said on 25/Aug/07
I think Steve-O clearly needs to be taken up to 5'10 or more. And I think Pontius is 5'6-5'6.5
16and5'7.25'' said on 18/Aug/07
i'm good glenn you?
16and5'7.25'' said on 17/Aug/07
but no taller for pontius. also he very well could be 5'5.5 who can tell the difference between a 1/2 an inch?
glenn said on 17/Aug/07
how are you 16?
JD said on 17/Aug/07
I can believe that Pontius is 5'6 and Steve-O is 5'10 but no less than that (for either case).
16and5'7.25'' said on 17/Aug/07
steve-o 5'8-5'7? lmfao then that means glenn is 5'5-5'6? i don't think so. chris pontius is either 5'5-5'6..,so i'm gonna say he's 5'5.5 steve-o is 5'10-5'10.5 if you don't believe me ask glenn. he actually met them btw i just got done moving that's why i haven't posted in a while. whatup glenn n rob?
HAyleiGh said on 14/Aug/07
yea, hes definatly 5'9 or taller. he should stand up straighter tho, then hed seem much taller.
Bob said on 3/Aug/07
And Ryan Dunn is shorter than Steve-O.
Bob said on 3/Aug/07
Nick Cannon is 5'11. He had shoes on and looked an inch or two taller than Steve O. Steve O is 5'10ish.
brother_h said on 3/Aug/07
knoxville isnt 6'0, he is 5'10 and if u watch wild'n'out and kno that nick cannon is 5'9 then that wuld mean steve-o is 5'8 or 5'7. bam magera is 5'7, chris pontius is 5'6 maybe. ryan dunn is 5'8. knoxville is a hella lot shorter than the rock who is 6'3 or 6'4...i think 6'3...did i jus say hella? lol
u (no offense) americans take things to extreme. heath legder isnt 6'1. hes 5'10, hes slightly taller than mel gibson(5'9). i dnt wanna be a dick head to anyone so im gonna shush now. oh and im a new zealander btw
Bob said on 2/Aug/07
If Knoxville is 6'0.5, then Steve O is 5'11, possibly taller.
Bob said on 24/Jul/07
Ive seen Pontius look 7 inches shorter than Steve-O on one shot of a Wildboyz episode! But besides that, he always looks 5'6.5 to even 5'9! Go to google images and type in Wildboyz and you will see a pic where Steve-O and Pontius are muddy and Steve-O looks only 2 inches taller than Pontius.
16and5'7.25'' said on 27/Jun/07
yeah i believe there this height. although in jackass 2:the movie in some scenes chris pontius looked about bam's tricks maybe? also i used to think chris pontius was taller than 5'5-5'6 but it's pretty obvious he's 4-5 inches shorter than steve-o when they show long body shots of them
glenn said on 27/Jun/07
16and5'7.25'' said on 26/Jun/07
yay!!! lol which one do you agree with glenn the chris pontius one ore the steve-o one? j/w
glenn said on 25/Jun/07
i agree 16.
16and5'7.25'' said on 25/Jun/07
5'11.3/4?? lol i find that hard to believe!! i think he's 5'10 minimum and 5'10.5 max. also i think chris pontius is 5'5 minimum and 5'6 max. what do you think glenn??
glenn said on 21/Jun/07
5-10.5 tops for me with this guy.
scot said on 20/Jun/07
i was just on steve o's message board and on it, he says this "I'm used to saying that I stand exactly 5' 11 and 3/4", but it turns out I'm six feet. Yeah!" this could well be true, when he stands up straight as he can. but tbh he doesnt look a solid 5'11" relaxed in the jackass movies so...
16and5'7.25'' said on 8/Jun/07
i thought steve-o's 5'10'' why is he at 5'9.3/4''?? how can you tell a .25 of height difference?
16and5'7.25'' said on 20/Apr/07
i only said chris would be 5'4''-5'5'' MAX IF steve-o's 5'9''. but i believe chris is more 5'5''-5'6''-ish. but remember i haven't met him. i'm just going by what glenn said. but he's met him, i haven't. besides, chris hasn't never looked that tall anyway, hell i was shocked when glenn said he looked 5'5-5'6!!
jess said on 4/Apr/07
i always thought he looked so short! but he's the exact height as my father. my father is quite shor for being a swede i think. or a bit under averange
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/07
chris pontius 5'4 ?, no way he's 5'8, perhaps 5'7
Glenn said on 5/Feb/07
5-10 to 5-10.5.
16and5'7.25'' said on 4/Feb/07
Glenn, didn't u say steve-o appeared 5'10''-ish to you when u met him? (i forgot lol)
16and5'7'' said on 24/Jan/07
yeah, i'm pretty sure steve-o's 5'10''
16and5'7'' said on 23/Jan/07
steve-o is 5'9''??? i guess my mom is the same height as him or a lil taller than at 5'9''-5'9.5''. Glenn what height did steve-o appear to you?? btw if steve-o's 5'9'' chris pontius (sp?) is 5'4''-5'5'' MAX.
height seeker said on 22/Jan/07
steve-o is my height and i have a funny ass video of him drunk on this talk show and hes trying to hump the host lol, BTW steve is 5'9" and so am i
16and5'7'' said on 21/Jan/07
Glenn you met steve-o again??? man i'm jelous!!! i think steve-o's 5'10''
the shredder said on 21/Jan/07
LOL ... this was the guy that was with Johnny Knoxville when I met Johnny ! yea , he is a good 5'9 or more !!!
JMG said on 27/May/06
My wife and I have met Martina at several meet and greets at her concerts. my wife is 5'2.5", Everytime we've seen her she had heels on but I would say she is probably 5'2" max. She is also a very petite person.

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