How tall is Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Indian filma actor best known for roles in Heropanti and Baaghi.
[Nathan Jones] is seven feet tall and I am 5'10 inches so it was a challenge doing action with him and fighting and a real experience.

Tiger Shroff

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5ft 8.5in (174cm)
Phassm said on 28/Feb/21
Looks noticeably taller than 5'8.75" Kriti Sanon in ever single scene in their movies together:
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They are face to face here at 45:28, 1:01:17, 1:13:20 and so on. Anyone can watch the movie and see for themselves.

Okay people will say he was wearing lifts even though he was doing backflips and stunts in the movie.

So here is Kriti with heels next to Tiger with flats
Click Here

Here are more pics of them together:
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Click Here

And the most clear evidence? Here is Tiger and Kriti together barefeet and Tiger isn't even straight:
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People are still asking for him to be downgraded and Kriti to he upgraded? Because in India people generally dislike Tiger for some reason I don't understand.

Anyway he should be upgraded.

Here is Disha in heels putting her next to Tiger in flats and yet Tiger is taller:
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Based on the evidence, especially the barefeet photo, do you not think he's taller than 5'9"? I think he needs an upgrade. I mean he's listed only quarter inch taller than Kriti yet the height gap is so clear between them , even barefeet . He needs 0.5" upgrade.
Editor Rob
I can see why you'd give him over 5ft 9 in that photo as he can pull it off.
Hari Om Bc said on 25/Jan/21
@Rob I think he needs a downgrade. 5'8.5 is most accurate .
Hari Om Bc said on 25/Jan/21
He is more like 5'8.5
Ferris said on 24/Jan/21
@Editor Rob,

Please add him to β€œMartial Artists” Category?
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Luci paura said on 18/Jan/21
He's 174 cm.
Ferris said on 11/Dec/20
Yo Rob, Could u add this guy to Martial Artists Category?
Blanc said on 4/Oct/20
Dude looks shorter than he is because of his proportions
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Imagine indeed! A page full of Tigers would be grand! πŸ‘πŸˆπŸΎπŸ…πŸ―πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Sep/20
πŸ’‘ Imagine if Tiger became such a popular name in the celeb world that Rob had to make a special page exclusively for Tigers? πŸ˜„πŸ‘


Five foot nine.
Editor Rob
Another few Tiger's may well appear in the future.
Warrior said on 2/Sep/20
Guess he gives off an impression of being shorter than he really is because of his droopy curved shoulders which gives an impression of having a long neck. Something I can relate to as I am the same.
Warrior said on 2/Sep/20
Looks around 1.5 inches shorter than 5'10 Hrithik Roshan. Interestingly doesn't have many pictures next to other bollywood actors on inrernet for comparison. Would be interesting how he would look next to SRK ,Varun or Arjun Kapoor
Rukmini Singh said on 29/Aug/20
In Baaghi 3 his height was looking little bit drop
Arko Mallick said on 23/Aug/20
Proof of him being 5'7". Looks a good inch shorter that 5'8" Kriti.
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Arko Mallick said on 15/Jul/20
5'7" not a cm more than that
Mj7 said on 14/Jul/20
WEAK 5'9
Rahul roy said on 28/May/20
Virat kohli is slightly taller than tiger shroff. Tiger would be 5 foot 8.5 inch and kohli a legit 5.9 guy.
Linke said on 3/May/20
Tiger could be 5'8.5 at worst but nothing under that. 5'9 is a good listing
Sap said on 27/Apr/20
Rocco92 you need a serious eye treatment anyone with sane eyes can make out from the pic which you shared that hrithik is good 1to 2 inches taller than tiger.
Rocco92 said on 11/Apr/20
Tiger is same height as Hrithik.see this picture.

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If Tiger is 5 feet 8 so is Hrithik.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 1/Apr/20
You need to downgrade him Rob he is no way near to 5'9 because he always wear lifts to look tall.
So need To Downgrade
Arko Mallick said on 1/Mar/20
He's 5'9 he's as tall as Kriti Sanon barefeet.Hritik is 5'11" looks 5'10" because of poor posture.Fair listing
Mohammed5'11 said on 23/Sep/19
If he is 5'9 so hrithik 5'11
Hrithik always in all photos,vidros taller than him by 2inch or half inch more 100%
How the difference between them is only 2cm!!
Rivaan said on 4/Sep/19
I've seen him in shooting and he is no more than 5'7 ft. I'm 6'2 and he is very shorter than me like 6-7 maybe.
Kuldeep said on 30/Aug/19
Whoever is comparing tigers height with kriti should know that kriti lies about her height she says she is 5.9 but she is actually 5feet 10 inches tall. She lies because it's not easy for a very tall actress to get work in Indian film industry easily that's why she lies and even ayushmaan khurrana accepted that she is taller than him and is 5 feet 10 inches tall and sushant singh also in an interview said that she is 5 feet 10 inches tall and I have worked with ayushmaan khurrana he is definitely 5 feet 9 inches tall
Chirag said on 19/Aug/19
At most 5’9
Garo 170 said on 14/Aug/19
He is more than 5'9 for sure.
khaled taban said on 8/Jul/19
I've given him 5'9",but now I think he isn't even 5'8.75".
This guy is 5'8.5" at most and It's even a stretch for him.
DarkPower729 said on 6/Jun/19
No way is he more than 5’8”. I’d say he’s 5’7.5”.
jriggs said on 29/May/19

More 5'8 in my opinion, definitely not 5'10
Ishan said on 5/Mar/19
Imdb had listed his height 5'7 and it's damn true
jriggs said on 29/Jan/19

1. He was dancing in that screenshot not so?

2. You can't screen shot a video of him moon walking etc and use it as evidence.

3. Barefoot Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon

Click Here
Click Here

Clearly 5'6 is a ridiculous claim for Tiger, if anything his lowest will be around 172.7cm not 5'6/170cm
DADA said on 6/Jan/19
He is really short, something like 5'6

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The above picture shows tiger is about 3 inches shorter than kriti
now see this:-

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She herself claims to be 5'9 but she is listed 5'7 on google. considering her to be 5'9 tiger must be around 5'6.
hridoyham58 said on 18/Dec/18
Siddharth Malhotra is 5'9" tall.if you don't believe then search Google 'hrithik and Siddharth' together images,where Siddharth look 1 inch shorter hrithik
Lennynile said on 4/Aug/18
Wakes up as 5 feet 9 but don’t think he will maintain 5 feet 9 through the day.
Debojit said on 20/Jul/18
Honestly speaking I really doubt Kriti is 5'9" she's within 5'7" - 5'8" range and Tiger I think is a bit taller than her so 5'9" for Tiger
Tallish89 said on 6/Apr/18

Do you have a picture or any proof that he isn't a cm more than 5'7?

Trolls.... smh

Doubt he'll perform live stunts wearing lifts.

Just saying.
Dranzer said on 30/Mar/18
I have met this guy yesterday. I assure you he is not more than 5'7. Not even a cm more.

@admin - please reduce this guy's mentioned height.
Tallish89 said on 11/Jan/18
I seriously doubt Kriti is 5'5 @raju
raju said on 3/Jan/18
5FT 7 tiger with 5ft 5 kriti Click Here
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
170 cm He can’t be more honestly
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
He 5’11 no doubt
Tallish89 said on 21/Jul/17
With Nawazuddin listed at 168cm

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 21/Jun/17

I doubt you met him ;)
Harsh said on 15/Jun/17
What the hell I meet him he is two inches shorter than me and I am 176cm
Another5'8_guy said on 30/May/17
See, after Rob upgraded Kriti Sanon from 173 to 174 and now to 175, it seems highly likely that she's taller than Tiger. Not that significant though. But, still about a quarter of an inch.

In their bare feet pictures, Kriti looks relaxed while Tiger is all tightened up and stretched. While their shoulders are not at the same level, but their heads are. Considering their posture, I'd say Kriti Sanon is taller than she's listed. She should be a strong 5'9, thought-out the day. As for Tiger, he's 5'9 when he's all stretched and tight, but he can drop down to maybe 5'8.75" when relaxed.

So, this should be more like this.
Kriti Sanon - 5'9 or 175.5 cm
Tiger Shroff (Relaxed) - 5'8.5 or 174 cm
Tiger Shroff (Stretched) - 5'9 or 175 cm

Kriti is taller.
asim said on 14/May/17
Mashaallah nice pic
Baaghi said on 20/Apr/17
@Tallish89,Disha is standing way behind Tiger in your photo.Remember the person nearer to camera looks taller and that's the case with your photo.
Now have a look at this video 4:48 to 4:56 where Tiger is in Good Shoes and Disha is barefeet still looks taller than Tiger.
Click Here
And also have a look at 5:31 and 5:45 and tell me who is taller?
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Tallish89 said on 19/Apr/17

I guess he must be 5'7 even though he's taller than Disha 5'7 when both are wearing flip flops?
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Baaghi said on 14/Apr/17
@ 5'10"
totally agree with you.The guy is no more than 5'7".
Bee123 said on 3/Apr/17

Whether Sidharth is 5'11 flat or 6'1 in shoes. That still means Kriti can't be 175cm.
trex said on 3/Apr/17
@Bee123 Sidharth 6'1 ? lmao he is 5'11 max
Bee123 said on 1/Apr/17
Comparing him barefoot to Kriti Sanon is unfair. Look at her next to Sidharth Maholtra 6'1 & Hrithik Roshan 5'10. That 5'8 listing is off
5'10' said on 28/Mar/17
do you have any idea about a single artist who are dancing with him or behind him?
Because you can't determine anyone's height when he is single in the screen.And remember he gets some camera advantage also.Also have a look at this site which lists him at 5'7"
Click Here
Why are you guys not having a look at those pictures i have provided.My pictures gives you a clear view from top to bottom.
Reasonfive said on 27/Mar/17

Kriti Sanon is not 5'8 she's clearly lies about being shorter because of actors in Bollywood are like avg 5'6!

Explain why he looks 5'9/5'10 in practically socks... dancing live and performing stunts on stage?
5'10' said on 25/Mar/17
First you explain me that why he is looking 3-4 inches shorter than Kriti Sanon here
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Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Either Tiger Shrauff is 5'9" or Kriti Sanon is 6'0'.
only Rob can clear this doubt because Rob has listed both Tiger and Kriti at almost same height.
Rob I have also shown you the picture of them where both are barefeet
Click Here:
Cal77 said on 24/Mar/17

Explain this then he's wearing no lifts yet looks 5'9 - 5'10

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 16/Mar/17
Way to much evidence of him being clearly over 5'7. In Baaghi he was a couple inches taller than 5'6 Shraddha Kapoor in barefoot scenes.

This picture he was performing a lot stunts in this low cut shoe and he looks 5'9 min Click Here

As for Kriti Sanon I don't think anyone has her accurate listing because her she is with Sushant Singh Rajput who google has as 177cm there are way too many pictures of her looking taller than 5'8 in flats

Click Here
Bee123 said on 27/Feb/17
He's a weak 5'9. Not going to believe what an indian magazine says about Kriti's height.

Its the same magazines that in early 2000s printed Hrithik Roshan claiming 5'9/5'10 and now they print Hrithik Roshan claiming 6'1/ 6'2. I doubt Hrithik got a growth sprout at age 26 in 2000s...
5'10' said on 22/Feb/17
Click Here
Rob have a look at both of them......Tiger uses heels......It's clear from the above video that Kriti Sanon is about 2 inches taller than him.
5'10' said on 13/Feb/17
With 5'8" Kriti Sanon....Both are barefeet.....
Click Here:
Another5'8_guy said on 18/Sep/16
@kei is right.

He is a weak 5'9. But, due to great posture, he can look 5'9 or more. 5'8.5" is the more accurate measurement. And, for Kriti, she is maybe or may not be taller than him. But, seeing their barefooted pictures together, one can very well conclude both of them being sub 5'9". They are very close to each other, only millimetres apart. Final estimates:
Kriti : 174 cm / 5'8.5"
Tiger : 174.5 cm / 5'8.75"
5'10 said on 11/Sep/16
Read this article,she herself is claiming to be 5'8" then what is the problem Click Here with you guys.
Kei said on 9/Sep/16

Lol they've Kriti Sanon listing wrong she's not 5'8..

Kajol in heels, SRK & Varun in dress shoes and Kriti in flats yet she's way taller

Click Here

He's probably a weak 5'9 strong 5'8
5'10 said on 27/Aug/16
ROB he is 5'7" maximum.I have proof.He looks 2-3 inches shorter than kriti sanon who is 5'8".Now look at 3:23 to 3:30 in this video
Click Here
Both are wearing same footewears and you can see he is 2-3 inches shorter than her that means 5'6 or 5'7
John said on 17/Aug/16

couldn't agree more.
Another_5'8guy said on 17/Aug/16
He's a solid 5'8". That's for sure. And, can look anywhere between 5'8.5" - 5'9". Kriti Sanon was listed here at 5'8". And, after seeing at their photos together, I think they are at par with each other. There could be minute differences. Either he is taller or she is. But, both are no more than 5'9. If I had to make a final call, I'd go with 5'8.5" (174cm) for Tiger and a 5'8.25" (173.5cm) for Kriti.
Mj said on 14/Aug/16
Rob Nathan Jones at 6'10 and him at 5'9 is ridiculous...see the promotion video of his new film flying jatt in u tube..10- 11 inches difference maximum...either u have to upgrade him to 5'11 or dwngrade Nathan to 6'8
5'10" said on 13/Aug/16
Watch his 'chal wahaan jaate h' song on youtube.Rob he looks 2-3 inches shorter than Kriti Sanon who is listed at 5'8".Both were wearing same shoes.For me 5'7" maximum for him.Here is the proof
Click Here
heightchecker34 said on 12/Aug/16
Yes, from the few movies I have seen he can look in the 5'9 range, certainly shorter than his 6'0 peak father (Jackie Shroff) who has shrunk to the 180-181 cm mark. To be honest, not impressed by him thus far, although I think he trying hard to clean up the "pretty boy image" and turn into the masculine actor his father pulled off so well. Its early though, so I hold my reservations until then. He did look an inch taller than Kriti Sanon and one inch shorter than 178 cm Hrithik Roshan.
Borats Chicken said on 11/Aug/16
Rob, seeing that he stretches and has a good posture could he be a strong 5'9?
Editor Rob: I think roughly around 5ft 9, at times you will find him looking taller though.
Kat said on 11/Aug/16
Anything over 5.7 is impossible for this guy!
Shah said on 10/Aug/16
Wow this is a surprise. A lot of websites had him at 5'11. He looks a lot taller on screen
varun18 said on 10/Aug/16
Wow Rob. Getting even lesser known Indian celebs here huh.. great job.
Another_5'8guy said on 9/Aug/16
Perfect listing.
A quarter of an inch can still be debatable. Definitely in the region of 5'8.75"-5'9". A good height to help stand out in India, if one's well built.
jo said on 8/Aug/16
5'8.5 would be better. Kriti Sanon looks a bit taller than him, she's most probably 5'9-5'9.25
Borats Chicken said on 7/Aug/16
Thought he was more 174 then 175.
Amaze said on 7/Aug/16
New actor. His acting is ok from what ive seen. Average height but tall for an indian still. Hes shorter than his dad by 3 inches though
John said on 7/Aug/16
seems about right but i wouldn't be surprised if he was actually 5'8.5
Fe said on 7/Aug/16
5'9" sounds about right
A2Z said on 7/Aug/16
5'9" seems about right, he's slightly above average for an Indian but not quite as tall compared to his father and average for the most part, but I must say he's one of the best Martial arts star of India though.

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