How tall is Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

English Boxer and Reality TV personality. At age 19 when he debuted, he was billed as "6', 12st 11lbs"

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5ft 11.4in (181.3cm)
5'11james said on 30/Nov/23
Tommy definitely needs a quarter inch or a half inch upgrade. He's definitely 100% not 5'11 flat in the afternoon
(Hicqs) said on 28/Nov/23
7272 said on 26/Nov/23
I think Tommy 100% deserves an upgrade by half an inch.

With KSI Click Here Click Here

Also Dillon needs a page at 5'11 ¼ to ½

Dillon and 5'8 ½ Connor Click Here Click Here

Dillon and 6'4 Alex Periera Click Here

Alex Pereira with 6'7 ½ Tyson Fury Click Here

Israel Adesanya with Tyson Fury Click Here

Israel and Periera faceoff Click Here

Dillon is 5'11 ¼ to ½ and Alex is 6'4
Matez said on 27/Sep/23
Rob do you think Tommy needs and upgrade to 5'11.25 instead of flat 5'11 or the full half inch?

He looked a inch taller than 5'10.375 KSI by
Click Here

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul both seem similar but I feel like Tommy Fury has slightest of Slightest edge like a quarter inch.
Click Here

You will notice Tommy Fury is looking taller. You will also see that Jake Paul is tilting is head upwards will make him look taller than he is
Click Here

I think 5'11.25 is good. Definitely not 6'0 0r below 5'11 at all. What do you think?
Ben - 186cm said on 22/Sep/23
Don’t see how it’s laughable when he can look it a lot of the time. He’s not less than 181cm at worst, but he’s probably 182cm.

Tommy’s the same.
Matez said on 19/Sep/23
Is 181 possible
5'7 and a fraction said on 19/Sep/23
5'10 3/4 for Jake and 5'11 1/4 for Tommy. The small number of 6'0 estimates for Jake is so laughable.
Sean Forrest said on 17/Sep/23
He definitely edges 5'11 flat Jake Paul in my opinion I feel that 5'11.5 is closer, I'd say minimum 5'11.25
?????? ????? said on 1/Sep/23
hard to believe tommy is only in his early 20s...
Weak5'11james said on 1/Sep/23
@Ben - 186cm to be honest mate I think your spot on, Jake definitely could be a 181cm guy, a 5'11 1/8 guy or a flat 5'11 guy at the lowest. It wouldn't surprise me if he measured bang on 181cm or 180.3-180.6cm range on a stadiometer, 5 hours after waking up. Exactly the same with Tommy. But no more than 181cm for both, maybe you could argue 5'11 3/8 but I doubt it.
Ben - 186cm said on 31/Aug/23
@Height Anaylzer

I’m not convinced Tommy is taller than Jake. I’d say they’re identical Click Here

Both 181cm guys.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 31/Aug/23
@Ben, Yea he's more than a half-inch taller than KSI, closer to 3/4 of an inch. I have KSI at 5'10.5, Jake at 5'11, and Tommy at 5'11.25 - though it's touch and go between the two of them. I think Tommy wakes up around 182.5 and falls to 181 in the afternoon while Jake is probably around 182 in the morning and 180.5 by the afternoon - both are very close in height.
Ben - 186cm said on 30/Aug/23

The fact you’re only seeing a half inch between them definitely hurts your credibility a bit ngl. He’s clearly comfortably looking down at KSI. Granted, KSI is in boxing shoes, but at the recent press conference the difference looked the same.

He clears 5’11 for sure. Around an inch taller than KSI.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 26/Aug/23
Yup it's time for an upgrade here. This listing has to be his low, I can't see him under 181 in the afternoon
Weak5'11james said on 11/Jun/23
He definitely needs a 181cm upgrade Rob.
Malcolm Oliver said on 4/Jun/23

Tommy looks to have 2cm on KSI, don’t know the footwear though

He consistently looks 5’11+ and edges out Jake so I think a quarter inch upgrade is only fair
Glacierr said on 30/May/23
Can’t see Tommy Fury being over 5’11 flat with KSI who got measured around 5’10 3/8:

Click Here
Johno said on 15/May/23
5'11 5
Johan 185 cm said on 1/May/23
Rory said on 20/Apr/23
I've actually seen Tommy up close recently and I think 5ft11 flat might be a little harsh. He definitely didn't look six foot but I feel he's probably going to measure a bit over 5ft11. I think this 5ft11 listing is a bit mean spirited and the old 5ft11.5 one was quite generous, so 5ft11.25 suits him to a tee in my opinion.


I think you could be right Rory. Eddie Hall just uploaded a youtube vid with Tommy training in the gym. They both have solid 3cm sneakers on and I wouldn't say its much more than 2 inches difference. Maybe 6 cm at most, so Eddie at 187 cm would put him at 181 cm.
Johan 185 cm said on 29/Apr/23
Looked around 1/2 inch taller than Jake Paul at the weighins. I think he is this listing because I believe Jake is 5'10.5"
Rory said on 20/Apr/23
I've actually seen Tommy up close recently and I think 5ft11 flat might be a little harsh. He definitely didn't look six foot but I feel he's probably going to measure a bit over 5ft11. I think this 5ft11 listing is a bit mean spirited and the old 5ft11.5 one was quite generous, so 5ft11.25 suits him to a tee in my opinion.
Discord said on 16/Apr/23
How tall does he look next to Eddie Hall?
Editor Rob
Some of the camera angles on wide angle can play around with height differences, but Eddie looked over 2 inches taller I thought.
Jam said on 14/Apr/23
Rob, in Eddie Hall's video with him he describes Jake as "6 foot 2". He must think Logan is 6ft5 LOL! But surely he doesnt believe that and is just trying to make his win sound more impressive
Editor Rob
Bigging Jake up to 6ft 2! I think he's recently been going with 6ft as a claim, which is a lot better than his old 6ft 1 claim.
UEDO said on 24/Mar/23
Needs an upgrade to 181
miko said on 9/Mar/23
5'11 for Jake Paul and Tommy at 5'11.25 ish.
Gian 181cm said on 6/Mar/23
I think he is 181cm, at 5ft11 3/4 Nick Diaz doesn't look 2cm shorter.
Rob, I think he's worth keeping an eye out for with him, and I think he surpasses Jake Paul.
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Mar/23
I really, really wouldn't use the fight scene as a way of estimating who's the taller one between either guy's heights. People in fights or boxing are going to jumping around, slouching all over the place, so heights will vary, especially if those two people aren't that far apart in height (less than an inch).
There were times they walked past each other, when the fight ended, where I felt Tommy could be the slightly taller guy between the two.
Guest66 said on 5/Mar/23
He didn’t look any taller than Jake, and if anything Jake had a slight edge on him I thought, but that could’ve been because of Jakes footwear, notice how two of them were never barefoot in front of each other at any point, and even inside of the ring each of them had different shoes on.
Pro Height Inspector said on 3/Mar/23
I think the fight between him and Jake shows they’re both well within 5’11 range (179.5-181). I could see Tommy falling into the higher end of that range, so 181 would probably be a better listing. 180 is probably playing a bit conservative, but anything greater than 181 would be too optimistic. Both Jake and Tommy should be upgraded to 181.
Joy Krish said on 2/Mar/23
I'd say Tommy is 181 and Jake is a few mm over 181 with his curly hair. I'll bet with flat hair, Tommy may very well have a few mm over Jake. 180 is too low of a listing for both though. 181 for both is perfect.
MD said on 2/Mar/23
This feels about right. I do not think Jake is even a cm taller than 5'11" - certainly doesn't look it against it against his brother or anyone else for that matter. And Tommy is not taller than Jake, period. So it leaves very little wiggle room.
Savagetez said on 1/Mar/23
Rob do you think Tommy Fury could still be 5'11.5 and Jake Paul grew a little while he is still in his 20s and grew to 5'11.5? Both Tommy and Jake look atleast 5'11-5'11.5 in my opinion. They both go back and forth between edging each other. I think it's time you upgrade Tommy back to 5'11.5 and you upgrade Drake to 5'11.5. What do you say?
Editor Rob
At 19-21 it was always possible Jake put on another half inch or so.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 28/Feb/23
I wonder why he got billed as being 6ft, perhaps he was wearing trainers
UEDO said on 27/Feb/23
@Editor Rob

Tommy definitely has proportions that make him look taller. Not sure about 5'11 flat, maybe a tad taller.

How well does Tommy Fury hold up with Nick Diaz, who's listed here as 5'11 3/4?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look within 1cm of Diaz there.
Joopa said on 27/Feb/23
Rob, during the fight and after Jake edged him slightly do u agree ? Even tho it’s not much between them ?
Editor Rob
I could see a few moments Jake looked to edge him, but to me they are quite close
Mickie said on 27/Feb/23
Tommy at 11.25 and Jake at 10.75 would be an improvement over both at 11 flat. Jake was a little shorter in the ring.
Savagetez said on 27/Feb/23
Could Tommy and Jake both get 181 as both are very similar and both have a better chance of Just over than under. Tommy Fury and Jake Paul both have awful posture which why they go back and forth looking taller. Could both be 181 both imo look slightly over 5'11 flat?
Matt99 said on 27/Feb/23
Good downgrade, never looked over 180 with Logan.
Gian 181cm said on 27/Feb/23
To me, Fury looked taller than Paul, and I felt a slight advantage in Jake's footwear.
I kindly ask for some proof that Paul is taller with images.
5ft9-5ft10 are ridiculous guesses. 5ft11 - 5ft11 1/4 is what is discussed here.

For now I'm sticking to 5ft 11 1/4 for Fury.
iLogic7 said on 27/Feb/23
Why did he got downgraded. Btw he needs to be 181. He looks around same as jake somewhere jake is taller somewher tommy is.
Clinton F said on 27/Feb/23
Jake Paul is clearly taller than by at least an inch maybe an inch and a half. Tommy is in the 5'9.5-5'10 range
Mickie said on 26/Feb/23
I think Tommy looks a bit taller in the ring than Jake did. Maybe by 0.5" - 0.75".
5'7 and a fraction said on 26/Feb/23
Tommy was clearly taller than Jake when they both stood with even posture in the weigh in, so 181cm for Jake SHOULD be taken off the table.
Alex scho said on 26/Feb/23
Here’s the thing I think there both 5 11.35 range I think we were wrong about jakes height maybe just maybe dude grew again in his 20s I honestly don’t think he’s wearing lifts I think he’s close to 6 ft and I think Tommy is very similar but Jake looks .5 inches taller then Tommy while Tommy has more footwear then jakes jordan 4 the sacai give Tommy 1.25-1.5 inches east while Jordan 4s lucky to get an inch this tells me Tommy Is shorter then Jake by half inch so Jake is 5 11.5 Tommy is 5 11 1/4
Max Stevens said on 26/Feb/23
They’re the same height at the most, Jake was around half an inch taller in the face off in the ring
MD said on 26/Feb/23
Yes, Rob, that is more possible than the current listings.
Guest66 said on 25/Feb/23
Tommy is probably 5’11” flat at best himself.
bugmonkey said on 25/Feb/23
Clear from faceoffs that he's an inch shorter than Jake Paul who is about 5'11 at best. So 5'10 at best for Tommy.
Mickie said on 25/Feb/23
It's clear that there isn't a huge difference between Jake and Tommy, but unless Tommy was standing on his tip toes when going face to face with Jake he looked taller than Jake at the weigh in: Click Here

Possibly 181 - 182 cm range vs 179 - 180 cm range. I suspect Jake has worn lifts at times in face offs though.
Heightist9999 said on 25/Feb/23
Jake is at most 5ft 11 and Tommy is probably a bit under 5ft 11.5
Polychrom said on 25/Feb/23
I don't see Jake taller than 5'11" to be honest, but I do agree that Tommy looks about the same height. To me that's not very surprising considering Logan at 6'1.5" looked more than just 2 inches taller than him. I believe Tommy needs a downgrade, Jake's listing is fine.
pov said on 25/Feb/23
Yeah I agree with this listing. Also Jake looks taller than him in face off, but I think Jake is a lift wearer. I don’t see Jake being over 5”10.5
MD said on 25/Feb/23
Yeah, I think we can mostly agree that if either of the two is taller than the other, it's certainly not Tommy. They are either exactly the same height, or Jake is ever-so-slightly taller. The site needs to reflect this in its listings. Not sure how Rob wants to do it, but having Tommy at 5'11.5" and Jake at 5'11" doesn't work.
Editor Rob
Could they both measure 181cm...
Philip550 said on 24/Feb/23

Nope. Jake has a massive heel there.
UEDO said on 23/Feb/23
@Editor Rob, perhaps Tommy needs a downgrade?

Click Here

Same footwear as Jake. At the face-off, Tommy gets edged out almost a full inch. Jake is listed here as 5'11, maybe he needs an upgrade and Tommy a downgrade.
MD said on 23/Feb/23
He's less than this. He is not taller than Jake Paul; only difference I see is that Paul had a larger or longer head/Fury's shoulders sit higher.
James (178.3cm) Jones said on 14/Feb/23
A flat 5'11 or close to 5'11.25.
Duhon said on 1/Feb/23
People were expecting him to clearly edge out Jake Paul in height when they faced off but they looked near identical.
Jawilder said on 28/Jan/23
Looking 5’11.5 more I see of this guy
Gian 181cm said on 20/Jan/23
6ft when getting out of bed and 5ft 11 1/4 at the end of the night, however 6ft 1/8 and 5ft 11 3/8 - 1/4 is not impossible, he doesn't strike me as a strong 5ft 11 1/2, one of those who get out 6ft 1/4 in the morning.

It would take more shots to narrow it down to 5ft 11, and I highly doubt it will drop at that height even at its low.

5'11 1/2
Ben - 186cm said on 3/Jan/23
He’s barely 5 inches taller than 5’6 Ricky Hatton Click Here

He’s 5’11.
7272 said on 21/Nov/22
Deserves an upgrade to 5’11.75. He literally almost looks an inch taller than Jake.
Jawilder said on 20/Nov/22
I think this would be his low, lunch time 5’11.75.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 12/Sep/22
I thought he’d be a weak 6ft, he does wear shoes with a massive heal tbf
Leighton Tang said on 30/Aug/22
@Arch Stanton

I agree, I think I was a bit off with the height differences. Still a massive difference between siblings.
Jdubbz said on 29/Aug/22
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/22
Why are you looking at half naked teenage boys Psuedo LOL. Tommy does seem to have long arms but I would hardly call him "massive" framed or alike physically. John Fury their dad even said "Tyson will never be a body beautiful like Tommy". Bana's brother is 6 ft 7 or 8 and Krasinki has a 6 ft 7 brother was it? That's not 8 inches.

Krasinki’s brother is 6’8, and I’m almost certain Krasinki has an even taller brother.
Bislimi said on 29/Aug/22
Rob would Tommy Fury most likely be 5ft11.25 at night if these listings are lunch time heights?
Editor Rob
There's a chance at 9pm he falls near that.
recapa said on 27/Aug/22
@Ben,notice when i said the word "about" which means "around" .in other words, what i said is that logan is 3 inches taller max in most pics.and in that pic that i linked its more like 3-3.5 inches with camera angle.the difference between the brothers is 2.75-3 inches usually.if you manage to show me a pic where there is only 2 inches between them i,ll admit that i was wrong.
186guy said on 27/Aug/22
@ben i mesure at 186.5 186.4 after luch so logan prob Is my height but im dont count the mm just like rob im a modest guy, i can get away claiming 6 2 but i dont coz i know im near 6 1 than 6 2 just like Logan Is.
ppc said on 26/Aug/22
Something about his frame/structure/proportions make him look taller than he is
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 26/Aug/22

You’re purposely using the worst photos because of your bias. In the photo you showed with Logan he’s clearly slouching and looks about 4 inches shorter. There are plenty of photos where it looks less than 3 inches.

I can accept Rob’s listing for Jake but absolutely no lower. He’s clearly more 5’11 than 5’10.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 26/Aug/22

Because haters like you are downgrading them. It’s ok if
Logan is taller than you, don’t sweat it.
recapa said on 26/Aug/22
@Ben, you literally only said that his forhead is 5 inches to make him taller .And no,his isnt 5 icnhes looks average size.and if we assume that eddie is a legit 6ft4 then i admit that jake looks about 5ft11 there since he reach his eyelids. but, their fotwear is unkown. so ,i,m not too is tommy with 6ft1.5 listed logan Click Here and he looks about 2-2.5 inches shorter than logan and he is listed at 5ft11.5 while jake looks almost in every pic with his brother about 3 inches shorter Click Here .so ,how the hell is he suposed to be at least 5ft11 if he is shorter than tommy?.i even find his current listing generous tbh.
186guy said on 25/Aug/22
This @ben guy Is defending the paul brothers in every single page Lol
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 25/Aug/22

That one photo is the worst for Jake out of all of them, and can look only 3 inches, but Jake is relaxed there and Woodley is closer to the camera. Here’s a pic of Jake and Woodley where both of them are directly in front of the camera Click Here

Jake has a low eye level compared to his brother. I’d say close to 5 inches. Woodley is about an inch above his eye level in most photos. The difference is at least 3.5 inches, and therefore Jake is at least 5’11.

If that’s not good enough, here he is with known 6’4 Eddie Hearn Click Here

Eddie has his eyes tilted up but the top of Jakes head still reaches the top of Eddie’s eyelids. There’s less than 5 inches between Jake and Eddie there. You just can’t say he’s “5’10.5 at best”, otherwise everyone else he’s ever met needs downgrading.
recapa said on 25/Aug/22
@Ben ,yeah,i dislike him but thats not the reason that i think that he is shorter then what you have him at. its because he looks it,thats claim that woodley is 1 inch shorter than listed 5ft8.5 mcgregor which i agree with you in and pictures like this one are a good proof for that Click Here by that, tyron is 5ft7.5 which seems about he is with jake (footwear unknown) Click Here and tyron is easily above his eyebrow area wich is usually 4 inches tall from the top of the,how is jake 3.5-4 inches taller if tyron is up to his forhead which is an absolute 3 inches max difference at best which makes jake 5ft10.5 at best.he isnt as tall as tommy either who is actually a weak 6ft guy.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 24/Aug/22

lol Jake had boxing flats while Tommy had 1 inch+ sneakers and there was maybe 2cm between them lol. I’m not inflating, the rest of you are deflating because you don’t like them. Jakes has an easy 3.5-4 inches on Tyron Woodley who is an inch at most shorter than Conor McGregor. It’s just the evidence, end of. You just want to believe he’s short because you don’t like his personality, but it’s getting tiring now. His claim of 6’1 is exaggerated but he’s pretty near 6 feet which is obvious by how he looks in the general public. Sorry to break it to you.
recapa said on 23/Aug/22
@Ben, stop sugercoating things, and i noticed how you inflate the paul brothers.are you a fanboy or something ?.like, how is jake paul 180cm if tommy is 181 range guy and is at least an inch taller while jake is wearing a cap Click Here it, jake is a a 179 guy at best.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 23/Aug/22

Nah 180cm. Jake had less footwear in their encounter and had just been in a fight so would be at his lowest height. There’s about a half inch between them in reality, probably.
Shadi said on 22/Aug/22
That means jake paul is 178cm
Rockaway said on 22/Aug/22
Could see him closer to 5’11 flat. Consider the above average footwear in the listed picture …
Abdul-DK said on 20/Aug/22
182.5 - 183.0
Duhon said on 20/Aug/22
Tommy and Tyson have different mothers it should be said so genetically they only share one parent. Not sure if that is the main cause for height difference?
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/22
Why are you looking at half naked teenage boys Psuedo LOL. Tommy does seem to have long arms but I would hardly call him "massive" framed or alike physically. John Fury their dad even said "Tyson will never be a body beautiful like Tommy". Bana's brother is 6 ft 7 or 8 and Krasinki has a 6 ft 7 brother was it? That's not 8 inches.
The Height Guy said on 20/Aug/22
His staredown with Jake paul backstage after jakes fight made jake looks a inch and a half shorter then him so i think jake is no more the 5'10 flat
ZizhuBizhu said on 20/Aug/22
I don't see more than 14 cm difference in that insta pic. 177 for Fury
Leighton Tang said on 19/Aug/22
So how tall are Tommy and Tyson's mothers then?
Leighton Tang said on 19/Aug/22
So Tommy Fury, Eric Bana and John Krasinski all have brothers that are 8+ inches taller than them? Genes can be crazy sometimes.
ironuzi711 said on 19/Aug/22
I'd say he wakes up to a flat 6'0
Adam Fernandes said on 19/Aug/22
Absolutely spot on Rob. Can you please consider adding Tom stoltman (2X World's strongest man) from Scotland?!
Psuedo said on 19/Aug/22
Wouldn't call him to look completely different than his brother.

They both have a massive frame and long arms.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I mean holy, look at these guys' arms when he was in his teens. He has the same proportions as Fury.
JungJung said on 19/Aug/22
Perfect listing. I can't see him under or above this. Either case anyways doesn't fall below 5'11' as a low, can't decide bout his extreme low though.
FloJ said on 19/Aug/22
Tall guy, but considering how tall his dad and brother is, he is actually pretty short.
I am not sure how height genes work.
My family would never have huge 10-20cm height differences between males. However I have seen some people that have huge height differences in their family. Not sure how.
Jawilder said on 19/Aug/22
Perfect listing Rob
Arch Stanton said on 19/Aug/22
He has a different mother Leighton Tang, Tommy Fury's mother is from Mauritius, which might explain why he has a more tanned complexion than your typical Brit. And looks nothing like his half brother too, completely different look and body type.
Linke said on 19/Aug/22
I would have not even guessed him as being related to Tyson and other Fury brothers. He's much shorter and also looks more like a Hollywood leading man.
ArzSorin said on 19/Aug/22
Almost 6feet imo,but weird how his brother is a giant and he barely 6feet. Like i’m 6feet but my parents are 5’6 & 5’3.
Jam said on 19/Aug/22
Rob, Tommy and Tyson have different mothers
Rifle/Trooper said on 19/Aug/22
Can pass as 184 cm.
Leighton Tang said on 19/Aug/22
How come Tommy Fury is 8 inches shorter than his brother Tyson Fury (Who is a very strong 6'7), despite having the same genes. Do you think his growth had been stunted when he was younger?
Editor Rob
I don't know how tall his Mother is exactly, but maybe he just got a bit more of her shorter genes than the taller genes that Tyson got.

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