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5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

English political activist, who was leader of the English Defence League. Tommy has referred to his height as being 5ft 6 on numerous occasions, including "5"6=midget", "I'm 5"6 hardly massive" and even said that as a "little 5"6 lad." he doesn't "have a security team".

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5ft 5.93in (167.5cm)
littlelee1985 said on 30/May/23
5'10.25" that's cool but a man would have to be over six foot to tower over my five six and I only really felt towered over by Mark labbett when meeting him and he's 6ft 6 yet weirdly I didn't feel insecure or like a midget like some might say. I'm three inches below average not a "midget"
5'10.25" said on 3/Apr/23
@leesheff85 No, but it's solidly tlaler nonetheless. Also 5'7" range and less = short for a white guy. 5'8" to 6'0" range is average,
5'7 and a fraction said on 11/Mar/23
He is 5'6 as listed.
GTB173cm said on 12/Apr/22
I see him closer to 5’5 than 5’6 tbh
Leesheff85 said on 11/Feb/22
A 5ft 9.5 guy wouldn't tower a 5ft 6 guy at all. Just face it. Tommy is 5ft 6. Flat. End of
Leesheff85 said on 9/Feb/22
Rs he is 5ft 6 flat not a cm over. Sorry
RS said on 2/Feb/22
I've met him. he is closer to 5'7. not a mm under 5'6.75. I took a picture of my mate with him (he's 5'9.5) and he didn't tower over him in the way someone that height would over someone a flat 5'6. Think he likes playing on being 'the little guy'.
Rising174cm said on 5/Jan/21
Tommy always looked proportionately short, especially among others, though his cousin Kevin Carroll always towers over whomever he's with. He has to be 6'4"+. He's not significant enough anymore to warrant a page, but I always wondered about Nick Griffin's height. He could seem shortish at times, but much more average range overall than Tommy. Perhaps near 5'8"?
angela merkel said on 2/Nov/20
he's 5'4" but tells everyone he's 5'6"
vastlybetter566 said on 13/Oct/20
"Picture of Geert Wilders (6’5″) together with Tommy Robinson (5’7″), with a picture Winston Churchill right between them in the background.

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You can bet that Tommy Robinson felt small at this moment, and not just because of Wilders’ political stature

Doesn’t Geert Wilders make Tommy Robinson look rather tiny in comparison? Oh, in that context, I read that Tommy Robinson being short is a supposed benefit as it makes him less vulnerable to political assassinations. That would be an amusing justification to add to the arsenal of height denialists""

Source: Click Here
Leesheff85 said on 15/Sep/20
He has said hes 5ft 6 on many occasions so I highly doubt hes 5ft 7 he seems comfortable being the size he is
Paul Wood said on 3/May/20
He's often listed as 5ft 7in and can look that height since he's quite well proportioned but it doesn't surprise me very much that he's a bit under.
miko said on 10/Nov/19
A staredown with him and a barefoot Glenn would be interesting. Maybe carrying those heavy bags will have knocked another half inch off his 5'8 peak ;)
Editor Rob
They would be indistinguishable barefoot.
Linke said on 8/Nov/19
Legit 5'6"
Pau said on 17/Oct/18
Click Here

"I'm 5'6"
lee168cm said on 12/Jun/18
The guys clearly 5ft 6 Rory a little shorter than Katie Hopkins seems he's comfortable enough not to claim to be taller than he is and doubt he's knock an inch or two off his height or downgrading to not be imposing as you say it is possible to just be short and comfortable with it
Rory said on 4/Jun/18
I think a guy like Tommy might be keen to downgrade his height rather than inflate his height as politically it plays into his hands to not be seen as imposing at all. Someone from his political wing say if they were 6ft3 might be more vulnerable to accusations of being a bully or seeming threatening when out campaigning or protesting.
lee168cm said on 18/Jan/18
Hard to say here given Katie claims 3 different heights but doesn't Tommy look the same height as her in that photo Rob?
Editor Rob
He's not far off her height, I think Katie was always a maximum 5ft 7 herself.
World Citizen said on 26/Dec/17
I already knew that he was not so very tall but I didn't knew he was this short.
miko said on 13/Dec/17
Great guy, I'm a huge fan, but he is definitely 5'6/5'6.5 range.
John said on 12/Dec/17
@Kourash Standing up for his country and nation? Being an example of the worst of Englishness more like. Should immigrants act like him to fit in? His Irish immigrant parents might like to know.
Wolf said on 12/Dec/17
He’s doing it all for attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a lift user haha
Kourosh said on 12/Dec/17
@omar i bet he would smack you cross the face.
and btw i respect him for standing up for his country and nation.

i thought he was about 5'8 based on what i have seen on tv.
DirectorKrennic said on 11/Dec/17
@John It's treason then.
Dizzle said on 11/Dec/17
@omar while I agree that this man is an absolute *** please don’t make fun of something he can’t change. Don’t lower yourself to their level
John said on 11/Dec/17
Can we leave the politics aside? This site should be about shortness, not short-sightedness.
Bulan said on 11/Dec/17
Initially, I figured he was very tall. Then noticed that he was actually rather short. I saw a 5'7" listing, so this (5'6") seems completely reasonable.
Jim Hopper said on 10/Dec/17
Honest man in terms of whats happening behind the veil. Height wise 5-6 looks legit
Anakin said on 10/Dec/17
Editor Rob: I still get the impression he is not under but rather above that "critical" 170cm mark even if only very slightly like maybe 5'7...
Well we won't know for sure until he stands next to some public figure of a verified height.
Anakin said on 10/Dec/17
ReallyShortRussianDude : you should bring that up with Tommy not me, I'm just citing something he actually tends to bring up to his defence when accused of violent behaviour and actions (that he is short and chubby). I don't personally care about the validity of this concept I merely concluded that it can be a reason for him to understate his size.
Florian said on 9/Dec/17
Well that's a surprising addition to this website Rob, was he requested or you just had him in your mind?

He is not one of the tallest dudes around but he's one of the most vocal ones. He's not afraid to say his opinion regarding the immigration problem, and how british are becomming a minority in their own town!
Editor Rob
he had an inflated height on the internet, so sometimes I think it's worth putting a listing out there.

And people do still search for his height on the web.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 9/Dec/17
Anakin that's REALLY silly, you can be 5'1 and still comment crimes & violence, no one would by that he's not capable of doing such things by being 5'6, maybe if was 4'6 you might have a point.
Anakin said on 9/Dec/17
He may well be one of the few men out there especially among public figures who actually understate their own height the reason being he frequently gets in all sort of trouble as a political activist including claims of physical threats and actual violence committed by him and being of a tiny frame is one obvious argument he can bring up when denying those.
So while he is definitely below average height I would still put him at around 5'8
Editor Rob
in crowds he looks at most a 5ft 6 guy, would never have thought him near 5ft 8.

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