How tall is Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

German model. She has been listed as 5ft 10 by Storm and 5ft 11/11.5 by other agencies although Toni herself claims to be a 6 footer, but also said 6ft 1.

Toni Garrn is tall
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I used to cry a lot when I found out I was going to be this tall, because they measured my bones when I was 13 and told me I’d be 6’1, and I turned into 6’1. I always wanted to be, like, 5’10. I was really sad I’d be that tall. -- Stylecaster

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Average Guess (113 Votes)
6ft 0.73in (184.7cm)
Mighty Highty said on 9/Jan/22
How tall would you say is her brother Niklas? She seems to wear heels in most pictures with him and he is still taller. Without heels maybe she stands at his eye hevel. I could see him anywhere from 6'4.5 to 6'5.5
Editor Rob
6ft 4.5 looks a fair estimate
David Tang said on 5/Sep/21
6ft .5
eduar said on 3/Sep/21
182 cm
Andrea said on 16/Jul/21
Good find, LatinMix... straight from the horse's mouth! She even "confirmed" it on Insta: Click Here
As I've said before, it makes little sense to list her at a solid 184 when she consistently claims only 183, although I could certainly see her being 183 and change and just going with 183 (instead of rounding up to 184). 6'0.25 could be a goer!
heyyyyyyyy said on 30/Mar/21
6 1/2" oh my god
LatinMix said on 13/Feb/21
Click Here
(1 minute and 15 seconds ) she claim to be "A feet and one eighty three centimeters"

So she´s not 1.85 or 1.84, she is 1.83 max
Vincent Caleb said on 20/Nov/20
My mom said she has seen Toni Garrn before and that they were similar in height. My mom is 6’0”. I could see 6’0 1/4” for Garrn.
Allie said on 23/Aug/20
I think Taryn Davidson could be 6'1-6'1.5 (185-187cm). She's taller than Toni and seems to be about or may even edge out Karlie!

I don't think I see a full inch between Karlie and Toni. I imagine Toni could be over 6'1 very early in the morning.

Click Here
Click Here
Hulk.23 said on 8/Aug/20
With similar shoes actually she didn’t looked more than 0,5” taller than Leo and a strong 0,5” shorter than her friend Karlie Kloss. Considering than in my opinion Karlie is an honest 6’1/185cm girl and Leo a strong 5’11/180cm guy then I think she might be a weak six footer. I feel she’s very very close to my height: 5’11.75/182cm on the nose.
Nik Ashton said on 4/Jun/20
She is the same height as Professor Brian Cox!
Benjamin Rodriguez said on 21/Mar/20
What about me I’m 6 foot 1 because my brother was measured at 5 foot 8 and I was way taller like this
Nik Ashton said on 20/Mar/20
It’s cool that she is taller than her partner Alex Pettyfer! 😀👌
Maggie Sammoud said on 28/Dec/19
I'm girl and I'm tall 185 cm.
Toni Is shorter than me of 1 cm.
She Is 184 cm
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 25/Dec/19
Miss Garrn appears to be a true 6’ or 182.88 cm @Andrea ever wonder why some women try to inflate their height case in point Taylor Swift claiming to be 5’11 while in fact she’s no taller than 5’9.5 barefoot.
Jac said on 24/Sep/19
What do you think about this Rob?
Click Here
Toni looks as tall as Maria.
Editor Rob
She can look maybe even a tad taller there than Maria
YashVaman said on 22/Aug/19
Why do american womans want to feel like a hobbit ? In india every girl want to be 7 feet tall
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
Her height should be celebrated by all, the same can be said about everyone's height!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Apr/19
Wow didn't see this upgrade coming. She seem this tall. I recall she look at least 3cm taller than 5'11.25" Leo.
Jac said on 5/Apr/19
Rob, how tall is german model Lorena Rae? She's listed 5'11' by any sources, but I'm not really sure that she is that tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 26/Mar/19
Andrea's right. Toni has no reason to claim 183 multiple times, if she was really 184+. This situation is similar to John Cena who claimed 6'0" several times, but you list him at 6'0.5"
Editor Rob
But she's came out with a 6ft 1 too.
Sakz said on 25/Mar/19
She's similar to me in the sense that we measure quite close with probably only a few mm's difference, and like her sometimes I'll say 6'1 whereas other times I'll just go with 6 footer. Either way she's very tall for a woman and comfortably exceeded her own expectations so I don't think she'd be too bothered.
Andrea said on 24/Mar/19
Well, as I said, it depends on whether she knows how to correctly convert cms in inches... Since she's German, her 183 claim should outweigh her 6'1 one, if you understand what I'm trying to say.
Editor Rob
Yes it would outweigh the 6ft 1 a bit, is she still just 183? I think it has always been the low end of a range she has looked, 184 may still fit.
Andrea said on 22/Mar/19
To be honest, I don't understand you, Rob. If she's 184, why would she consistently (in metric) claim 183? I don't think she's pulling that mark out of thin air, so unless it comes from a mismeasurement (but then again, that can be said for every celebrity's claim) or she purposefully downplays her height (but then again, I don't see the convenience in saying 183vs184), I'd say she must have measured around that at one point! Of course, there's always a chance she measured 183 and something, and simply went with 183...
Editor Rob
I'm not sure how she arrived at the 6ft 1 claim, but she's made that too. I can see how a lot of people estimate she looks between 6ft and 6ft 1.
Andrea said on 22/Mar/19
Why would she claim 183 (which is a quite precise mark), if she's actually 184, though? Did you look at my links? In the second one, there's a translated transcription from a (German) video interview, where she apparently claimed to be "1,83 m, I always like to say 1,80, but in reality I'm taller."...
Editor Rob
Even Kloss once gave the 6ft 1/2 inch, but then 1.5 and even 2. I'm not sure how she'd convert 183 to 6ft 1 though.
Andrea said on 21/Mar/19
Regarding her 6'1 (and 6') claim(s), I always scratch my head when I see people coming from countries that use the metric system (Germany, in Toni's case), speaking about their height in inches, because I always wonder whether they know how to correctly convert it or not...
So I did try to find what she claims in metric and... Not only she was quoted claiming 183 in this old Italian interview Click Here , but she apparently claimed the same mark in a video (which, unfortunately, is no longer accessible) Click Here
Editor Rob
183 goes with the 6 foot claim, but then overall 184 I think could be possible.
Andrea said on 20/Mar/19
Do you really think she is 1.5 inch shorter than Karlie Kloss, Rob? If you google them, not only they can often look quite close in height, but in some pics Toni can even look the taller one (though I'm sure that different heel sizes can make the difference at times)!
I don't know whether she could be over 6' (or Karlie under 6'1.5), but even with someone like Chandler Parsons (who got measured 6'8.75 at one point Click Here ), it's not that she looks particularly short, in heels Click Here Click Here Click Here , and even without Click Here !
Anyway, she does claim 6'1 in this interview Click Here ...
Editor Rob
Well, I've said in the past a strong 6ft seems very possibly, and maybe 6ft 1/2 inch is closer to what she might measure. I will put that quote too thanks...

Also in this Mugshot, she certainy can look very tall.
Magda said on 12/Mar/19
I think she is a little over 180 cm, maybe 182/183 cm. If you search Toni and Leonardo or Toni and Constance Jablonski. You'll see pictures showing Toni is almost an inch taller than them on similar footwears. She is also almost 2 inches taller than Adriana Lima. So she is around six feet.
Lara said on 5/Mar/19
I don't think she is around 1.85 m, I would say she is 1.80 m.
Jac said on 29/Jan/19
She looks to be at least 181 cm and 183 at most.
Oliver said on 19/Jan/19
Rob,would you be surprised if Toni measured 184cm range in the evening?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
Maybe a bit, though you can't rule out she might be a strong six footer.
Mouse22 said on 25/Oct/18
Toni Garrn seems shorter than Lais Ribeiro but on this site Lais Ribeiro is listed as shorter than her.
Nik said on 26/Sep/18
It's incredible that she could be underlisted by two inches!
Oliver said on 24/Sep/18
Rob,what do you think of my last comment?
Editor Rob
Could be 3cm between them.
Oliver said on 21/Sep/18
Click Here
Rob,how tall do you think Canadian model, Taryn Davidson is?
Here, she is next to Toni, looking a bit taller than Toni.
Weird that she gets listed 5'11 in some sources.
I'd like to hear your opinion.
Thank you.
James McMichael said on 16/Jul/18
Julia Nobis is 6’0” in her bare feet like Toni Garrn.
Bo by said on 3/Jun/18
How tall do you think her brither is
Oliver said on 17/May/18
Click Here
Rob,we cannot see their footwear,but Toni looks at least 10inches taller than Drew Barrymore. Plus,she seems to have 2.5-3 inches on Adriana Lima.
So,I think you'd better upgrade to 6ft 0.5 listing.
Thank you.
Mimi said on 12/May/18
6ft and abit
joan said on 21/Apr/18
Google should upgrade Toni to 183 cm.
Nik said on 16/Apr/18
6''0" is right for Toni!
Lena said on 13/Apr/18
I met her last year. I'm 5ft 10, we were both in flat shoes and she's barely taller than me. I would claim she's around 5ft 11,5. Usually people claim to be taller than reality even if they are already tall.
Oliver said on 10/Feb/18
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob,if you compare Toni with 5ft 10 Adriana Lima, 6ft 1.5 KK,5ft 9.5 Izabel Goulart,don't you think Toni could be a bit over 6ft? I think she needs an upgrade to 6ft 0.5.
Editor Rob
At times Toni has pulled off a strong 6ft range.
Tarinator 6'1.75 said on 14/Jan/18
Monika and her both deserve upgrades. Toni should be 6’0.5” and Monika 6’1” or at least 6’0.75”.
Don Julio said on 13/Jan/18
NOT 185!! She is no more than 183, she barely looks taller than solid 181 Leonardo DiCaprio, for real she aint 185
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/17
If Toni Garrn is 6’0” in her bare feet then Byron Klebold is 6’4” in his bare feet. Byron Klebold’s younger brother, Dylan was 6’2.5” in his bare feet. There is no way that Toni Garrn is less than 4 inches shorter than Byron Klebold.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/17
That's crazy she looks similar as James Harden next to Chandler Parsons no ?
Junior said on 9/Nov/17
At most 6'0.25" look at her with her 5'11.25" ex boyfriend Leo.
Oliver said on 8/Oct/17
Rob,can you please take a look again and tell me if there's a chance she's taller than this listing? She looks very close to Karlie's height when both are in similar heels. Plus,she looks 3-3.5 inches taller than Kendall Jenner. She deserves an upgrade to 6ft 0.5.
feez said on 17/Sep/17
Rob, do you really think there is 1.5 inch between her and Karlie ?
Editor Rob
there can seem a little less than that.
correct height said on 20/Aug/17
@Channce yeah its actually common. Women typically look taller due to:
1. Longer legs in proportion to their body
2. Women have a usually thinner frame
3. Better posture
4. They round up their height less often than men and many times round down

From my experience ive seen 5'9 women look taller than 5'11 men
even said on 24/Jul/17
shes a six footer
Channce said on 21/Jul/17
Just eyeballing it I'd say she's 6'1 or in the upper 6ft to 6'1" range. Some on here say she is 5'10-5'11 but I'm not buying it. I know this girl who looks like Toni everywhere else but the face. Long limbs, short torso. She was asked what her height was and she said 5'9-5'10. I'm a weak 6ft and this girl looked the same height as me and most times taller like half an inch to a full inch which would put her at 6'0.75-6'1 like Toni.

@Rob Is it possible that a girl can look taller than what she is (minus the heels obviously) in terms of presence?
even said on 19/Jul/17
6 feet tall and 130 pounds
Tyson said on 13/Jul/17
A case more of sobrestimation of height, she isn't more than a strong 6'0 or also strong 182cm
oliver said on 4/Jun/17
Rob, when I take a look at the pictures of Karlie and Toni on Google, I see max one inch between them.(In some pics, they even look the same height). Can you please take a look again and tell me if there's a chance
A. Toni 6 ft 0.5, Karlie 6 ft 1.5
B. Toni 6 ft, Karlie 6 ft 1
A or B, Rob?
Lokesh said on 18/Apr/17
She is 183 for sure. She and Jourdan dunn are the same height.
Mimi said on 28/Mar/17
Rob how tall do you think those heels in the pic above are making her?
Editor Rob
Mimi, she's got to measure near 6ft 3 flat in them.
MaryAnne said on 18/Mar/17
Six Foot edition of Karen Mulder.
horry said on 9/Jan/17
She seems the same height as karlie kloss usually. 6'1-6'2 imo
Nadine said on 10/Dec/16
How tall do you think is the brunette in these pictures rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Nadine, she can appear 2cm taller....without knowing if their footwear was similar.
Nadina said on 7/Dec/16
How tall do you think the other girl (model andreea diaconu) is here next to toni garrn in flats?
Click Here

Andreea is listed 179, but i think she is 175.
The heels put her at 6ft, if she were above 5'9 she would be taller than garrn i guess....
What is your guess for her rob?
Jack said on 11/Nov/16
abhishek said on 13/Sep/16
@rob how's this pic for a comparison?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Karlie could lose a little bit more height there.
James said on 10/Sep/16
I raad this interview with the 6'1 thing. I think It's the mistake that a lot of (European) celebraties make: they think that 6 feet is 180 cm, and 6'1 is 183 cm, with isn't correct, of course.In another commentaar (Januari 2015) I commentaar about Toni on German televisie about het real height. So Rob, I think 183 cm is her correct height.
John said on 7/Sep/16
Go to last page of bellazon..she admitted to being upset that she is 6-1 because she wanted to be 5-10. She is 6-1, which makes Karlie minimum 6-2 and maybe 6-3. End of discussion on Toni as it came out of her mouth.
jeff said on 12/Jul/16
With Karlie being a solid 2in taller than jimmy Fallon, and Toni being so close to Karlie, I would say Toni is 6'1
jeff said on 6/Jul/16
6ft1 at least
jeff said on 5/Jul/16
Yeah mkkf she cant possibly be 6ft flat lol. At least 6'1
MKKF said on 30/Jun/16
What do you think about it?
Click Here
jeff said on 27/Jun/16
Kaylee kilos is listed as 6'2 on Google, 6'1.5 by you. Leonardo DiCaprio is listed as 5'11.5 by you. Click Here
Toni has to be at least 1.5 in taller. I say Toni is 6'1
Fred said on 9/Jun/16
Toni is somehow too tall to be a runway model. With heels, she would be the focus of gawkish onlookers marveling over her unusual height rather than what she sports on her back. My opinion, for what its worth.
Allie said on 9/May/16
@Just - I think 6'0.5 is too short for her, after all Karlie did claim according to a quote on her page, to have been 6'1 since 16 and Toni Garrn has been claiming or listed at around 182 cm since 16/17. Anyways, here she is with her friend Frida G (Swedish model)

Click Here
There are several other pics but I've seen they both look close in height, on tumblr Frida G said "She's 6'1 just like Karlie". Also, it was discussed on The Fashion Forum, but they're said that Toni Garrn is shorter than Frida G.

Here's this pic:

Click Here

I see at least almost or so an inch. Here's my guess:
Karlie: Can look between 6'0.75 or 6'1.
Toni: 6'0-6'0,25
Frida - Solid 6'1.
Just said on 6/May/16
@Allie, Because pics like these Click Here (in pretty similar heels height) Click Here (in sneakers) I really can't see Toni under 6'. I also don't see 1"5 (4 cm) heigthdifference between Karlie and Toni. There is only "5 (2 cm) heightdifference MAX! If Rob keeps Karlie at 6'1"5, then Tony should be 6'1. To be honest I think Karlie's height is what she claimed at first 5'12"5 or 6'0"5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/May/16
182-183cm for definite
Leo said on 5/May/16
Toni is very very similar to Jourdan Dunn. Both 5'11.75. With heels are over 6'4!!!
S.J.H said on 29/Apr/16
Much possible that Toni is 5'11.5 and Leo 5'11 flat
Judd said on 1/Apr/16
Rob what do you think about Toni at 5'11.75/182 cms and Leo at 5'11.25/181 cms?
Editor Rob
they are both arguable heights
Allie said on 15/Mar/16
@Just, Pics of them in similar boots with Jourdan Dunn. Karlie still looked taller by at least maybe almost an inch? Toni Garrn is shorter than 6'1 Frida G and close in height with Lais Ribeiro who I doubt is anything over 5'11.5. I wouldn't guess anything over a fraction over 6'0. Same for Karlie (though 6'1 in her case), although truth be told, I'm willing to bet that 184 cm didn't come out of nowhere and she potential did measure herself at that. Toni doesn't look 3 inches taller than 5'10 range Erin Heatherton as well.
Just said on 13/Mar/16
Is it possible that Toni is 6'1 since there's barely any heightdifference between her and Karlie?
Allie said on 10/Mar/16
@Maryanne thank you :).
MaryAnne said on 7/Mar/16
@Allie You da Queen :)) Love you
Allie said on 5/Mar/16
@KK I don't need help. Models heights and height in general are the ones that have interested me the most. Also look at the title of this website and ask me who needs help, me or you for not reading the url of this site.
KK said on 3/Mar/16
@Allie I have been watching your posts, and all I can say is that you are very much obssessed with heights..Please ask help..
Possible said on 14/Feb/16
Why Toni Garrn sometimes looks taller than Karlie Kloss?
Mat said on 23/Jan/16
Rob, if she is 5'11.5 that means Leo is 5'11 flat correct?
Editor Rob
he can look it at times
Allie said on 21/Jan/16
Toni's not taller than this listed, maybe 6'0.25 but nothing over. Legit 6ft. She's shorter than Taryn Davidson who although listed 6'0, is like exactly the same height as Karlie and a tad taller than Toni. She's tall no doubt but nothing over a hair over 6'0.

Also John, many models are downgraded. Julia Stegner, Taryn Davidson, Frida Gustvasson, Maria Borges (she's listed as 5'11 but is taller than a lot of 5'11 listed models). Of course not all, but it's standard for models to be downgraded or upgraded if they don't fit the mold. It seems like all the more well known faces are the ones that lie to be taller though.
John said on 19/Jan/16
Along with Karlie, Toni has to be like the only supermodel in the industry to have her height downplayed.
Jan said on 18/Jan/16
Toni has to be 185/184. There's only half an inch difference between her and Karlie. Toni walked the runway together with Adriana Lima at some new York fashion show and she towered Adriana by 3 inches or more. And Adriana towers over the vs angels that claim 5'9. Toni is definitely a littler over 6 feet tall. Possibly 6'1.
Allie said on 27/Nov/15
I stand corrected.. a user on the Fashion Spot stated that "Women's Management Board listed her at 5'11.5", this was in June 2008, never mind. She did not grow past 18 and if she did, it was half an inch max. But according to them she was around 5'9-10 when she was 14-15 so she did some major growing within a year or two.
Allie said on 25/Nov/15
If Karlie is gonna be lsited at 187, I think Toni Garrn should be 184. No way is there a inch and a half difference between the two. No way.
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 23/Nov/15
Her morning height is very close to 6'
ikonen said on 16/Nov/15
Toni is 6ft.. Next to Karlie Kloss she looks like half an inch shorter....
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
I think this listing is spot on. Toni and Karlie always look nearly identical in height
Jen said on 9/Nov/15
Toni looks a solid 185cm. She looks identical in height to 187cm Kloss most of the time, maybe a half inch shorter no more.
Allie said on 9/Oct/15
Hm, I think Toni Garrn is a true 6 ft or very close to it. Taryn Davidson is probably 184 since I hardly saw any difference between her and Karlie Kloss. And Karlie is 185.
Allie said on 2/Oct/15
Okay Rob. I agree. She can pass off as 6 ft. But just asking, would you peg Taryn taller than 6 ft? I saw a picture where Taryn and Karlie were boots, and Karlie barely edged her out! If Karlie is 6'1-6'1.5 range, would you say Taryn could be 6'0.25-6'0.75 range if Toni is an honest 6 footer?
Editor Rob
not looked as much at taryn really.
Judd ISR said on 22/Sep/15
Rob in your opinion she really could be 5'11.75"? IMO she looks an honest 6' few times...
Allie said on 21/Sep/15
I'd agree with that Rob. She doesn't look that much shorter than Karlie Kloss and she clearly looks 6 foot range with Cara and Leo. Do you think 5'11.75cm would be the perfect listing? Can appear 6 ft/weak 6 footer but can appear 5'11.5 at times?
Editor Rob
she may well be in that zone, but there's a lot of times I think she can pass for what she claimed.
Allie said on 19/Sep/15
Rob, maybe downgrade Toni Garrn to 182? Here's Women Management says she's 5'11.5:
Click Here

Here's her with Taryn Davidson. Here's Taryn's profile which says 6 ft:
Click Here

And here they are together. Taryn's taller than Toni. Taryn's even bending one of her legs.. and in the other one, same event, and look Toni's standing straighter but still slightly shorter:

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
it is probably reasonable to argue she can look 5ft 11.5 a good chunk of the time, she also can pull of the 6ft mark a fair amount...
Allie said on 17/Sep/15
Well, at least Women Management upgraded her to 5'11.5. Never 6 ft though because that's just too scary! 6 not 5!
Allie said on 17/Aug/15
Now I remember. Toni was 5'10 when she started I believed. Then Storm probably didn't brother updating.
ova said on 1/Aug/15
solid 185cm or even 186. She is a giant.
Skye said on 13/Jun/15
I don't get why they would list Toni Garrn as 5'11 when I saw a link that listed 5'11 Ana Beatriz Barros as 6'0.
Height183 said on 4/Apr/15
What on earth did she see in Leo, apart from his Wallet and the publicity. Some things in life are supposed to stay a mystery I guess.
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/15
Why not compare her with 6'1.5 Karlie Kloss? Doesn't look under 6'1 and edge out 182cm?Leo by 4-5cm. Shes 6'1 not 6foot
Jason said on 28/Jan/15
Toni definetly has more than that on Leo. Im sorry but she has at least an inch on him, arguably even more. In every single picture they look to be a noticeable height difference apart. If she has any less, the differnece would not be noticeable. So, Leo is lik 180 and she is 183. I think so at least
Judd said on 23/Jan/15
IMO Toni has 0,8" on Leo, so if Leo is 5'11.25" (as i think) then Toni is a lègit/true six footer!
Chris said on 12/Jan/15
Women have smaller heads than men so they'll look taller when the same height as another man because of proportions
Dmeyer said on 12/Jan/15
She has to be 6ft if leo is 5'11.25-11.5
newguy said on 11/Jan/15
Same height as me 5'11.75 rob when girls and guy's are the same why does the girl look taller when standing next to them
Editor Rob
on average a lady has a slightly higher eyelevel and slightly higher chin level. So their head in relation to the body looks smaller, maybe giving a bit of an overall taller impression than the equivalent man, who could also be a bit broader and with a bit longer head, the proportions look a little different, not as tall...
James said on 11/Jan/15
In a television interview on German tv she was comparing her height with the anchor man. She was in heels a few inches taller tham him (1.82 m) and said that sge wad used to say she is 1.80, but that she really is 1.83 meters. Also next to Karlie Koss she is only a shred smaller. So 6 ft (1.83) is correct.
Judd said on 11/Jan/15
[Editor Rob: 182 or 3 is possible, I think though she is more worthy of 6ft than just say a 5ft 11 listing.

I think there're no doubts about that she's clearly closer to 6' than 5'11...
I think between her and Leo there're 0,8" or 2 cms...5'11" if she's 5'11.75" or 5'11.25" if she's 6'0"
Judd said on 11/Jan/15
Rob I am sure at 95% that she's a legit member of the 6'0" club, however sometimes she does look not a full 6'...she could belong to 5'11.75" club in your opinion?
Editor Rob
182 or 3 is possible, I think though she is more worthy of 6ft than just say a 5ft 11 listing.
Tunman said on 10/Jan/15
She's listed as low as 5'10 while Cara Delevingne got a similar listing.Had they stood together,we would have a good laugh as Cara won't hit her eyelevel.
Listing outside Celebheights really sucks.
Hmmm,gives further hope for guys like G to be recognized as 5'8 quite easily
Editor Rob
there is one photo I saw Here, I don't know if Toni as at her fullest or not, but still, it's a big half inch that :) Good news for G, as if that's half inch, then he really was only at most about 0.2 inch smaller than me, so once again G being 5ft 8 is fact!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
Why would they downgrade her two inches? Is 5'10 the ideal and 6' too tall for ideal?
trav said on 10/Jan/15
Them tall girls rock
MaryAnne said on 10/Jan/15
She's true 6footer next to Karlie and Jourdan. Can you please add Jourdan and Joan too?
Height183 said on 10/Jan/15
I don't think she's 6'0'' but it doesn't matter, she's still Hot AF!..
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
His posture wasn't great there though, that's a better comparison Click Here Yeah I think she does look about 6 ft.
Editor Rob
it's hard to tell in paparazzi shots like that, but with other models I think toni does look more 6ft range than 5ft 11 or a ludicrous 5ft 10 from Storm.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
He definitely has a type doesn't he? His list of exes is like a Victoria's Secret catalogue! Lucky b*****d!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/15
Rob this one's a real eye opener Click Here !! Her heels don't look big either!!
Andrea said on 9/Jan/15
Most of the pics of her and Leo are walking photos or, in any case, not "ideal" to compare them but from what i've seen i'd say she's easily an inch taller than Leo... Of course, there's a good chance Leo is not over 5'11 flat!

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