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5ft 11.42in (181.4cm)
Lenad said on 30/Jun/09
He looks the same height as Jim Carrey in Batman Forever due to Carreys bad posture and yes I think Kilmer is a strong 6ft0
peteyork said on 12/Jun/09
jf I wear a size 11 uk shoe, 11.5/12 US I am 5'10 3/4, have to say when I buy shoes the guys are normally a couple inches taller if not more. A 10 1/2 US is either 10 Uk or 9.5 Uk both pretty average sizes.
James said on 12/Jun/09
On screen Kilmer can appear 5'11-6'0 or 6'1/2. I can't recall a movie where he has looked a great deal over 6ft
Barry Langcaster said on 9/Jun/09
From most of his films he does in fact apear right around 6' I think some excellent proof is in tombstone when the four of them are walking abreast towards the ok corral, you can easily see the heights in that scene Sam elliot is the tallest around 6'2 Val about 6' Bill Paxton a bit shoter 5'11 and Kurt around 5'10 or so. I too have seen Val in person but I was on higher ground and he was slouched a bit as he was passing by still seemed around 6'.
James said on 8/Jun/09
I woulden't call him very tall. Over average.
Big King said on 7/Jun/09
He looks very tall and athletic. He appeared a legit 6'2" in many scenes but I was surprized when I read 6'0" for him.
James said on 1/Jun/09
Tim says on 1/Jun/09
I have a friend who was working in a hotel where Val was staying, and delivered him room service. She says he was actually rather short - she guessed 5'7" or so. I always think she may have confused Kilmer for Tom Cruise, but she insists it was Val.

It probably wasn't Val Kilmer. No offense or anything.
Tim said on 1/Jun/09
I have a friend who was working in a hotel where Val was staying, and delivered him room service. She says he was actually rather short - she guessed 5'7" or so. I always think she may have confused Kilmer for Tom Cruise, but she insists it was Val.
James said on 28/May/09
No Tom Cruise was probably wearing normal shoes but standing with straight posture because if Cruise is around 5'8 barefoot there did look 3 inches between him and Kilmer.
jf said on 25/May/09
I didn't hear that but it wouldn't surprise me if they were barefoot and Cruise was wearing high heels.
James said on 24/May/09
jf you do realise that Val Kilmer and other actors in Top Gun took of thier shoes and socks to look shorter next to Tom Cruise.
jf said on 24/May/09
"Uther2 says on 4/Jan/09
I don't think Val Kilmer is above 6 ft tall( he wears a size 10 1/2 shoe). I am 5 ft 11 3/4" and wear a 10 to 10 1/2 men's shoe (28-28.5 cm) and I really don't see too many guys at over 6 feet tall wearing anything smaller than this. Of course, you do occasionally find rare exceptions to the rule: The 5 ft 11 Brad Pitt and his size 9.5 shoes comes to mind-- So I suppose it's possible Val could be a 6-1 guy with very small feet."

I'm 182cm and wear size 12s. My fiancee's dad is 6'2" and wears size 9. Anyway, I don't think Kilmer ever hit 6' at his peak. I'd buy 5'11.5" but come on, look at him get in Tom Cruise's grille in Top Gun. I stand near 6'0" and if I got in Cruise's grille it would look more imposing than that. I'd say Kilmer peaked anywhere between 180-182cm. Solid height for a leading actor.
Hugh 190cm said on 21/May/09
I think he is 184cm now.
James said on 19/May/09
Yeah 184cm he might have been?
Hugh 190cm said on 19/May/09
184cm is bang on for Kilmer.
James said on 10/May/09
Sure in Top Gun without shoes on next to Cruise he looked 5'11 in comparison.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/09
6 ft 0.5 in 184 cm
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
c'mon 5ft11 is just silly. 6ft minimum.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
peak 5'11, now maybe 5'10.5 with age and weight
MAMUN said on 28/Apr/09


ikbtops said on 28/Apr/09
Val looks Bruce Willis' height in this picture- 5'11". 6' in shoes. I hope that's not your day-to-day attire!
I'd look a bit frightened too.
Daii said on 21/Apr/09
Kilmer is definitely 6 foot on the dot there. No less than 183 cms, maybe 184. He did look 6 foot in Top Gun next to Cruise
Patricia Morrison said on 19/Mar/09
Jim was an even 6'0, or a hair under (I'm 5'8" myself); I have the mark on my kitchen door to prove it, measured when he was barefoot (and bare everything else too). When I met Val, I clocked immediately that he was noticeably taller than Jim had been, by how I had to reach up a bit farther when he greeted me with a hug and kiss. But he might have had boots on...
Doug said on 8/Mar/09
I;ve ALWAYS seen Kilmer listed as being 6.0.5" 184 cm. That must be his height in shoes as I think he is an inch shorter than this. David Thewlis towered him.
Jake said on 7/Mar/09
Id say 5'11.
Arnie said on 13/Feb/09
Thanks, James.
hollywood said on 12/Feb/09
My father is a furniture mover, and he once moved the set for the film "Willow". He met Val Kilmer, and he said he was a bit taller than Val (my dad is 6'1"), so Val couldn't be 6'. My dad put him at about 5'10".
Mamun said on 9/Feb/09
Thanks for clearing that up Alan R my friend ! I can promise you if you meet
him at a convention he will be nice to you . If not , tell him you will see
Supermun about his bad demeanor . After all I am the leader of Justice
League !


Alan R said on 7/Feb/09
I was joking a bit in my previous post, but those two times he did have an angry look on , but it is true that I really dont know for sure what his demeanor is, I have heard of him being a nice guy too, so as you said Mamun mabey if I see him again he will be in a good mood, this pic= Batman meets Superman or should I say SuperMamun.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/09
Hey Rob, there are two Val Kilmer pages.
Mamun said on 2/Feb/09
I found him as a very nice person too . I hope Alan R can catch him at a
better time ?


Arnie said on 2/Feb/09
Dumb question here: what's the difference between a "strong" 6-0 and a "weak" 6-0?
glenn said on 1/Feb/09
he is nice at premieres and the street too.maybe he isnt nice on his time off.
Dr Almonds said on 31/Jan/09
Ive heard I cant recall from where that val when out in public sometimes has a sour look on his face but I have never heard of him giving people angry looks or bitter sneers, mabey he was just in a bad mood those times you said you seen him Alan R, but from what I heard about him is that he is a calm laid back nice guy but I have never met him myself, and finally about his height looks like a true 6 footer. About vals posture it does indeed apear that he knows this photo is being scrutinized for his height mabey Mamun told him what the pic was going to be used for ?
Alan R said on 30/Jan/09
Seems to be a nasty fellow seen him in person a few times riding a bicycle and another time walking with the bicycle one of the times he had sunglasses on and as I was walking past him he gave me a nasty,angry look both of the times and he was already looking at me before I noticed it was mr holiday with his nasty bitter look, I thought to my self what did I do to him but any way he looked about 6 give or take a centimeter.
TELLEM said on 20/Jan/09
and thats why i said a weak 6'0 james, not 5'11 like frank2 said. and i know that aswell. i have a friend who i thought was my height, but is actually .5 inch over me
TELLEM said on 19/Jan/09
probably a weak 6'0. frank2 said he was his height
Tareq said on 15/Jan/09
Commenting in response to Uther2:
I really do not think that there is a direct co-relation between height and shoe size. I wear US size 11 shoes but I am only 5'10".
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/09
he looks more 5 ft 11.
Lenad said on 13/Jan/09
Actually if Manum took a step back Kilmer looks a solid 6'0.
hassan said on 5/Jan/09
Is it me or does Val look constipated in that picture? talk about military posture LOL
Uther2 said on 4/Jan/09
I don't think Val Kilmer is above 6 ft tall( he wears a size 10 1/2 shoe). I am 5 ft 11 3/4" and wear a 10 to 10 1/2 men's shoe (28-28.5 cm) and I really don't see too many guys at over 6 feet tall wearing anything smaller than this. Of course, you do occasionally find rare exceptions to the rule: The 5 ft 11 Brad Pitt and his size 9.5 shoes comes to mind-- So I suppose it's possible Val could be a 6-1 guy with very small feet.
yoyo said on 27/Dec/08
his peak was 6ft0.5 once. Now a solid rocked 183ish..
Lenad said on 17/Dec/08
Without his hair he looks a strong 5'11 but I'll just trust the estimate from Rob.
Mister Lennon said on 11/Dec/08
Cb, Cruise was wearing big boots or lifts in that movie, Kilmer told that because the director didnt want him to looked so much taller than cruise who was the main role in the movie.

I think that Kilmer is a 6' guy. Maybe a weak one, but 6'.
cb said on 10/Dec/08
Definitely not 6". 181cm at the very best. Compare him to Robert Downey JR. or to Tom Cruise. There is a very good pic with him and Cruise from Top GUN. There are both in the locker room. Conisder, Tom Cruise is never in life above 1,70cm (probably under that, personal guess 1,68cm. Kilmer towers him over 10cm but not more. Sorry I don't know how to upload pics.
TELLEM said on 8/Dec/08
that wouldn't help nothing, because ppl will still argue over it
RisingForce said on 5/Dec/08
Tellem, Glenn saw Sly in sandals which is pretty much as good as barefoot and he had a picture to confirm his sighting that night. I believe he saw Colin Farrell and Robert Redford in mocassins too. That's pretty much barefoot as well. So both Glenn and Frank2 have seen stars liftless. The difference is Glenn's pictures confirmed atleast some of his sighting. Who knows if Frank2 was accurate at judging heights. I think since he did have pictures he should have posted them but edited out his face in the pictures so he could remain anonymous like he wanted. That would have helped us see if he was accurate with his estimates.
TELLEM said on 24/Nov/08
glenn says on 23/Nov/08
whats wrong with anyone believing my estimates? i dont see anyone backing their estimates with proof like mine.frank2 was off on alot of heights and was full of stories.though the stories are most likely real,and i admired him and his background,he had no photographic how you state yourself can cause problems.i noticed your posts were a little against my beliefs lately.thats have a right to that.just dont post like i dont know what im talking about.cause nobody here touches what i bring to the site.

how was frank off on a lot of heights? because he saw them barefoot? and worked close with them? don't u 1st say someone's height estimate then bill it an inch higher years later? 5'7 bryan adams, and now on bruce's page 5'8? so were supposed to believe yours aswell? yet you see them walking around in shoes in the streets...and they're packing lifts (see ne-yo)...i take frank2's and mr. R's over yours because they seem more realistic to me. but i don't always accept their estimates also because of certain evidence. granted they don't have photos on their estimates BUT theres plenty of proof thats backs up their estimate too
glenn said on 23/Nov/08
whats wrong with anyone believing my estimates? i dont see anyone backing their estimates with proof like mine.frank2 was off on alot of heights and was full of stories.though the stories are most likely real,and i admired him and his background,he had no photographic how you state yourself can cause problems.i noticed your posts were a little against my beliefs lately.thats have a right to that.just dont post like i dont know what im talking about.cause nobody here touches what i bring to the site.
TELLEM said on 22/Nov/08
James says on 20/Nov/08
TELLEM do you belive Val Kilmer is 6feet?

yes maybe a half inch to an inch shorter
TELLEM said on 20/Nov/08
James says on 19/Nov/08
TELLEM but he also said that he thought Denzel Washington could be a legit 6ft2 barefoot. Did you see Denzel Washington having 2-3 inches on Val Kilmer in De Ja Vu? Because he could have sworn Kilmer had a bit of an edge on him throughout that movie maybe his hairstly added to the illusion.

so whats ur point? frank2 is bad at estimates? BUT YET you believe glenn's estimates...
TELLEM said on 17/Nov/08
James says on 17/Nov/08
TELLLEM Frank2 did say this guy could be 5ft10 as well.

frank2 said that him and kilmer were looking eye to eye and said he was 5'11..
TELLEM said on 17/Nov/08
de niro looked shorter than usual to me in that movie
Jay said on 15/Nov/08
watched Heat again last night, didn't see 6ft once for this guy. Deniro looked taller then usual in that movie.
TELLEM said on 15/Nov/08
frank2 could have been right when he saw this guy at 5'11
Ian said on 14/Nov/08
Looks 6ft tall, he stands with good posture so no taller.
Alex said on 14/Nov/08
James, I am not big on the whole "stone" measurements because for certain weights in pounds there isn't an exact stone measurement.
Eddy said on 14/Nov/08
he is arround 181cm
but not over this height
Alex said on 14/Nov/08
He has Mamun by a good 3 inches and he's further away from the camera. Val is easily 6'0, likely around 6'0 1/2.

Danimal, maybe today he's 5'11.5 or around there but was taller at his peak.
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
Was he the tallest Batman? Keaton is 5'7 or 5'8 I think, what height was Clooney? Bale must be 6ft aswell.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
5'11 shoeless and 5 10.5 at night...
RisingForce said on 10/Oct/08
He's 6'0" and his cowboy boots gave him a bit of an advantage but Mamun does have the camera advantage.
Hugh said on 9/Oct/08
184-185cm sounds right.
Danimal said on 8/Oct/08
I say 5'11.5"-5'11.75".
Clay said on 7/Oct/08
Alex said on 7/Oct/08
Mamum is closer to the camera by more than a bit and it looks easily 3-4 inches there. Val could be pushing 6'1 if both were at the same level from the camera.
Kara Nachiko said on 7/Oct/08
looks pretty close to 6 ft 1.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
Frank2 ,what kind of footwear you and him were wearing when you met him?
Hugh said on 10/Sep/08
I wouldn't go below 6ft for this guy. Probably closer to 6ft1.
Mr. R said on 6/Aug/08
Val has a starring role in one of the "Tom Cruise is short" stories. Apparently for Top Gun, the director, (Ridley Scott?) was trying to geth the scene when Val and Tom were walking from the planes together. According to Kilmer, the director could not shoot the scene without Cruise looking like a shrimp. Therefore, Val, described as 6 feet tall, had to take off his shoes and socks when acting with Cruise. Of course Cruise was in thick soled boots. Note that when they appear together, none of the shots show their feet!
Frank2 said on 5/Aug/08
When I've seen him we've been eye-to-eye the same height and I'm 5'11".
dits said on 4/Aug/08
i saw him years ago and he definitely looked like a 6 footer,no question.i just saw a pic of his,he's really got a stomach now though.and is it drastic!
Mamun said on 30/Jul/08
Thank you soooo much my good friends for your kind remarks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KInd regards

Brad said on 29/Jul/08
6' in front of me. He's really losing his looks. He's filled out big time in 10 years. SuperMun rocks!
Mamun said on 29/Jul/08
I am not a professional body builder but I love the sport and I also train
other people in BodyBuilding as well as power lifting . An amazing fact about
Powerlifting that you good people do not know ! It can actually make you add
inches to your height instead of what most people around the world believe
that it makes you shorter . I am one good example !


Euan said on 29/Jul/08
wow he has put on weight!
Ronaldo said on 29/Jul/08
If Mamun do powerlifting then I'm a bodybuilder :D
Britney said on 29/Jul/08
Hey Mamun ! are you a body builder?
SuperAnonymous said on 29/Jul/08
Look at Val's posture. Looks like he knows his height is being scrutinized. Why else would he stand in an uptight military pose like that? I see 3 inches differences (remember Val's hair are more poofy than mamun). So if Mamum is 5'8", that makes Val 5'11" tops.
christiansbale said on 26/Jul/08
A piece on the man in question done on the Biography channel had him saying that he was 4'11 when he was 16.
mikec said on 23/Jul/08
this dude looks tall in all the movies i've seen him in(not that many but, batman, kiss kiss bang bang, and the doors) he probaly is 6' but looks like he's like 6'1. well to me he does.
BK_Daniel said on 16/Jul/08
There seemed to be less than an inch difference in height with Denzel in Deja Vu. Maybe over 6 feet isn't likely because he has a very good posture, which gives him the appearence of being taller but he's definetly atleast 6 feet.
Mamun said on 1/Jun/08
Yes and a bit taller !


runt said on 1/Jun/08
Is Mamun 5-8 morning?
John Jay said on 21/May/08
Ok, more like 5'11.75 to 6'.
Theatredistrict NYC said on 19/May/08
Wow he looks and reminds me of my cousin Jeff from up state in this pic they are both putting on weight and stand in the same manner, he is even making a face my cousin would. I would say 5'11 barefoot.
John Jay said on 18/May/08
He might be a solid 6' with shoes, but he could also be 5'11.5 probably some where between that and 6' .......... Wyatt: Doc how in the hell are you? .......... Doc: Wyatt Iam rolling. BatMan: you need help Harvey give it up!
Arnie said on 16/May/08
Val looks like a six footer , could be 5'11 though but I would say more like 6 with regular shoes, and yes he does look somewhat constipated, I think joeman is seeing Val Kilmer mirages, just kidding joe.
Joeman said on 12/May/08
I would say val is nearly 6 with shoes on , I thought I seen him in manhattan a couple of times in the late 90s and he looked just like my height a little over 180 with shoes, but in the Doors and Batman he looked more like a six footer, and in Tombstone he seemed about 5'11 but remember films can add or take off an inch if the part desires it , I think I have seen Val a few weeks ago in
manhattan at riverside park on two occasions, I was looking over to see if it was him and he noticed me looking so I just kept walking, I dont like to bother celebrities, live and let live I say. Between 5'11 and a half and six sounds right, and the second time a few days later it looked just like him sitting on a bench with his wife or girlfreind taking in the spring scenery he had a ball cap and sunglasses on and this time he was watching me walk by and I have a bit of a resemblence to him, mabey he noticed that I thought, it looked like they were people watching, he seems like a nice guy and an excellent actor just watch Tombstone.
tomtom said on 20/Mar/08
leung, look at val's posture and i said between 5'10" and 5'11". i can't see a 5in difference in the pic, but it's just a pic.
Leung said on 19/Mar/08
tomtom, if Kilmer was 5'10" then that would make Mamun 5'5"-5'6"
tomtom said on 19/Mar/08
he looks between 5`10" and 5'11" in the pic with mamum. doesn't mean he is.
Mamun said on 19/Mar/08
No my friends he didn't look over 6 feet when I met Him !


Anonymous said on 18/Mar/08
For me, Val always looked in his movies as a strong 5
mamun said on 18/Mar/08
All I can say is he was wearing cowboy boots which seemed to have a 1.5 inches
sole . I don't know if he had any lifts or not !


Mamun said on 15/Mar/08
All I can say is he was wearing cowboy boots which seemed to me of having
1.5 inches of heels . I couldn't tell if had extra lifts on those or not .
But he was a very nice guy !


Hugh said on 14/Mar/08
Mamun, was Val wearing lifts, looks 6ft1-6ft2 in that photo.
Mamun said on 14/Mar/08
Your wellcome james !
Mamun said on 13/Mar/08
Well My friend James I am closer to the camera which means I have an
advantage when it comes to camera angle . So in a sense I think you can
disregard the advantage of him wearing cowboy boots over my i inch scetchers.
Hope my insight gives you and others here some comfort .


Leung said on 11/Mar/08
James, you are basing your height estimate on one photo and Mamun guessing 5
Ruiu said on 11/Mar/08
Mamun can't be 5'8" then. Even Glenn looks taller than Mamun.
RICHARD said on 10/Mar/08
People ask how did he grow to 6'0 from 4'11. He was 14 or 15 when he entered high school at the height of 4'11 so maybe he grew to 5'-5'6 from ages 15--18 and then grew some more from ages 18-21 to 6'. It is possible for boys to get over 6' before the age of 21 IF they weren't before age 18,as with girls who stop at ages 16-18.
Leung said on 9/Mar/08
The dude is 6ft. James why do you place so much emphasis on a single photo? Jim is correct about photos on many occasions not being accurate for judging height. Also my opinion is that Mamun is not very good at estimating height, no offence Mamun but you are way off with your 5
RICHARD said on 8/Mar/08
Val's height is tricky to me. He didn't look as much as 1 in. shorter than 6'1 Jim Carrey in Batman Forever and he was close in height next to 6' Tommy Lee Jones so 6' for Val looks accurate. He looked like a giant next to Tom Cruise in Top Gun,also.
Jim said on 4/Mar/08
Val is a solid 6ft! Pictures arent always great for showing height
S4M said on 3/Mar/08
HAHAH! Val looks like he's constipated (soflax buddy). Anywho, I think Val wearing some chunky boots and that military posture is pretty intimidating. 5'11 with those boots! NOT 6'0!
Antron said on 3/Mar/08
Yes I saw that, but Val simply looks a bit taller than that. Mamun is clearly forward of Val in the picture, look at their heads... Val looks easily 6ft and change here given that. I supposed he could have really large boots on, but I doubt it.
Antron said on 29/Feb/08
I think Val actually looks a bit taller than 6ft in this picture. I urge people to look at Nick's picture where he simulates Mamun taking a step back. Val looks about 6'1." Now he is wearing boots, so I'll give him an inch and a half over barefoot height. Val is probably not quite 6 flat, but more like 5'11 and change. Think about it. Tom Cruise is walking around in lifts the entire time in Top Gun and Val is solidly 3 inches taller than Tom minimum. Cruise walks around at 5'8" to 5'9" in his helper shoes. Val is 180cm minimum.
SABELLA said on 29/Feb/08
wasn't he 184cm
Marcelo C. said on 27/Feb/08
Rob: My God !! I better shutup then !! But, by the way, you haven
mcmallen said on 27/Feb/08
Saw him at baggage pickup at Albuquerque airport. He had on sneakers and a ballcap he looked 6'0", I am 6'2". He was surprisingly heavy, and had a large mole on his right jaw, didn't look like a matinee idol.
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/08
He looked 6' in De ja vu next to Denzel. If you ask Scarlet errr Melvin, he'd have you beleive that Val isn't over 5'10 though due to his weight gain.
nick said on 27/Feb/08
rob,about an 45 min

Editor Rob
well that's dedication, good work.
Leung said on 26/Feb/08
My opinion is that Kilmer is a 6 footer.

The above photo is not great for judging height for numerous reasons. Kilmer is further from the camera, Kilmer has got the frog neck posture which means his neck is not straight. Apparently Kilmer is wearing cowboy boots but we can not see the shoes in the photo and see what the difference might be between Kilmer
GSP said on 25/Feb/08
"Now there is some posture"

lol..yeah he looks like he has a broomstick up his ass in both posture and facial expression. Add to that Mamum decked out in his regular superman attire and you get pure comedy gold!
nick said on 25/Feb/08
Click Here

Depiction of manum if he took one step back, kilmer looks to be a 6 footer

Editor Rob
how long did you take adjusting that pic?
Alex said on 25/Feb/08
I know in Batman Forever he looked 6'0-6'1.
H-G-H said on 25/Feb/08
In the photo with Mamum he looks at LEAST 6'1"
AAAA said on 25/Feb/08
Now there is some posture
Charliemoto said on 24/Feb/08
too tall compared to 5'8 Mamun, Kilmer looks slight above 186cm in that image if he had cowboy boots, i see 10cm difference.

mamun was probably 176cm in 1 inch shoes, kilmer was 187cm that's about right.

as such Kilmer barefoot is surely 182-183cm.

this image remind me of Glenn vs DiCaprio (in heels)
Mamun said on 24/Feb/08
James that's exactly how tall I think his barefoot height is !


glennis5'7 said on 24/Feb/08
Looks totally 6 feet cause he's acting like he has his back against the wall being measured. I think that if Mun would be in the exact same position as Kilmer he would be an easy 5 inch shorter.
Alex said on 24/Feb/08
Derek, exactly. Val is behind Mamun which is going to make the difference look less.

Editor Rob
that's always the thing. How much effect does it have if one is 3-4 inches closer. Depends on both how close the cameraperson is and how tall the person taking pic is.
Mamun said on 24/Feb/08
Thanks for all the kinds remarks here my friends ! I must also mention this
to my friends here . Val was very nice to me but he was also in cowboy boots
giving him at least .50 inches of height advantage over me .

Kind regards and have a nice day ,

Gil said on 23/Feb/08
Saw him a couple of summers ago on the lower east side and he was wearing flat converse like sneakers- I would say 6'ft is accurate.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
There he trully looks 5'11.5 6'0
derek said on 23/Feb/08
People that are new here have to understand "perspective". Val is behind Mamum, if he was standing equal to him then he would be one inch taller than he appears in the picture, making him 6'ft.
Danimal said on 23/Feb/08
5'11"-5'11.5" MAX
Alex said on 23/Feb/08
Mamun is closer to the camera and Val still has like 3 inches on him. If they were at the same distance it would be at least 4 inches.
OutBenchThis said on 23/Feb/08
He a weak posture from the photo and a significant head tilt but based on other accounts, you would have to go with somewhere between 182cm-184cm for Val. 6ft sounds right.
ed said on 23/Feb/08
Jim Morrison was 5-10 according to the book. I dont think Kilmer is much taller than that according to all of his films and pics.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
lol don't be crazy i've seen him in the summer, he is a legit 6 footer, don't be fooled. check the entourage episode, where he is about 3 inches taller than Adrien Grenier AND he is barefoot (playing the SHERPA). case rested.
OutBenchThis said on 22/Feb/08
What's with Kilmer's head-tilt? Did he know the photo was being used for height comparisons or something? Nice photo Mamun!
Yaspaa said on 22/Feb/08
Mamun,you are not Superman, you are Ice Man, you have frozen val stiff!!
Supermun (cool) is closer to the camera and Val appears to be in military posture(snapped a second later I doubt he would have looked so upright) but his legs suggest otherwise, boasting a relatively relaxed stance. A strong 6' without doubt.
Lebensdorf said on 22/Feb/08
A-ha! I told you in my very first post on this site! Val is only about 5-11. I stood right next to the man. Now you have the picture to prove it.

Don't worry, it's not the end of the world, folks.
Everyone lies about his height.
John said on 22/Feb/08
he looks 5-11, and appears with a good posture.
Alex said on 22/Feb/08
Mamun is closer to the camera guys, thats why it doesn't look as much. Val is 6'0-6'1.
dmeyer said on 22/Feb/08
looks close to 6 ft but he has sly posture
Static said on 22/Feb/08
I just don't know what's wrong..Please Manum doesn't look 5ft9..and Kilmer On that picture looks 5ft11!
Danimal said on 22/Feb/08
Definitely not 6'0" if Mamun is 5'8".
dave said on 22/Feb/08
He is further away from the camera, he would bridge the gap. I see a 6'0'' man at least.
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/08
if he's 6 ft, Manum looks 5'9 in that picture, I said he's 5'11, possibly 5'11.25-5'11.5.
Lynn said on 22/Feb/08
In that pic I see a 5'11" man MAX.
Alex said on 22/Feb/08
Manum is closer to the camera by more than a bit and he still looks 3-4 inches shorter. Val could be pushing 6'1.
miko said on 22/Feb/08
Struggling with 6"0 next to Manum.
Jen Loves Val said on 23/Jan/08
Yeah, Val seems like 5'9 with Tom Cruise at the movie Top Gun. I think Cruise was wearing lifts...
dmeyer said on 5/Jan/08
very similar height with denzel both 6 ft
Jen Loves Val said on 6/Dec/07
He's a six footer! I saw him at the "Alexander" premiere. He used to be so hot, but somehow he gained a bit of weight. That made him look "wider" than he used to be. There's no way he's under 6ft.
Catsman said on 19/Nov/07
I remember when it was announced that he would play Jim Morrison. I was thinking that he would be a bit short for the part. He obviously must have looked short in his films up until then for me to get that impression.
Anthony said on 18/Nov/07
I saw Val yesterdat at Big Apple Comic Con. I didn't get a photo with him. But he's a tall man. 6'-6'1, with his hairstyle adding a bit.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/07
Definitely not over 5-11, based on what his height appears to be on screen. Saw him on the street in LA
Lebensdorf said on 30/Sep/07
I saw Val Kilmer this very evening, at a local Italian restaurant as I popped in to get a little gelato. I'm nearly 6'2''. Honestly, he seemed about three inches shorter than I am. My girlfriend was with me; she can attest. He was standing right next to me, looking at the desert selection. He seems like a real nice guy, by the way. He was making the people he was with laugh.
Alex said on 5/Sep/07
I thought he looked in between 6'0 and 6'1.
AD said on 20/Aug/07
James, as I said before , I always maintained that Val is 6ft ...there's only 2 times I've seen him looking any shorter, first in that advert, and second in the pictures that Melvin posted with Val next to Robert Downey Jnr. I still maintain that he is most probably 6ft, just the 2 times I have mentioned can indicate why some people can think he's below 6ft.
James said on 20/Aug/07
AD He looks a solid 6ft even 6ft.05 so 5ft10 - 11 thats too short.
AD said on 20/Aug/07
Here's the advert that I'm talking about... to me he doesn't appear as tall as he always has, what do you think?
He's a big sport for doing this though!
Click Here
James said on 17/Aug/07
5ft10 to 11 thats kind of low for him, even today he is at least 5ft11.5
AD said on 17/Aug/07
I always thought that Val was at least 6ft...but just seen a cinema ad for a phone company where he's in a western saloon. He's put on a huge amount of weight as people here have mentioned, and really does look more 5'10"-5'11" when he's stood with other people.
James said on 16/Aug/07
AAAA Val did not really look 6ft in Spartan, I mean have you seen the scenes with him and 5ft10 Derek Luke. When stood next to Derek, Val looked 5ft11.
AAAA said on 14/Aug/07
Kilmer has always looked a solid 6', from Real Genius to Spartan. The only time he looked 5'9 was next to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and that was because the had him barefoot in the volleyball scene while Tom was in army boots
TJ said on 14/Aug/07
Dee, Kurt Russell is not 5'7. He's nearer 5'9. Kilmer looked about the same height as Daryl Hannah when she was in heels, and she's around 5'10.
Viper said on 14/Aug/07
Kilmer is way taller than 5-8.
Jason said on 14/Aug/07
lol. Are you trolling? He's 6'0''...
Dee said on 13/Aug/07
There is no way Kilmer is 6'. That must be his basketball height--like Allen, "shorty", Iverson is 6'. Kilmer looks to be about 5' 8" as he is slightly taller than Kurt Russell, who is about 5' 7". All the debates aside, this is a great webstie and good luck to you as you meet and greet many more celebs in search of the all important (feet and inches)!
James said on 6/Aug/07
Val did look several inches taller than Chris O Donell in Batman Forever so I think either 183cm or 6ft.05 would be accurate
The Horse of FUNK said on 1/Aug/07
Leung has it right, both Denzel and Kilmer look a solid 6'.25". In fact Kilmer might even be a solid 6'.05". I've never met him, but I have a friend who has met him in Cali and said Kilmer was marginally shorter than him (friend is 6'1"). So it's pretty much 6'.25" - 6.05" for Kilmer, basically a 184cm guy, and he tends to look it in his films.
Dennis said on 31/Jul/07
He mentioned in a interview that when he put on weight it was painfull for his back, so it could be possible that he looks a little shorter while he's carrying that weight.
Melvin said on 11/Jul/07
Put on a lot of weight. Now he's looking two inches taller than Robert Downey Jr. He's down to almost 5ft 10 / 5ft 10.5
Click Here
RICHARD said on 5/Jul/07
I heard he was 4'11 when he started high school so he must have been 14 or 15. He must have had a growth spurt when he was 17 or 18 and probably kept growing in his 20s. Kevin Costner was also 5'2 when he graduated high school and he's now 6'1
Cat Stevens said on 17/Jun/07
"There's a scene in The Doors where Val lines up in front of a height meter. His head was exactly on the 6 foot mark. But I don't know if he was wearing the Jim Morrison boots or not."

That's correct, and here's the pic:

Click Here
AD said on 15/Jun/07
Have you checked out 'Top Secret' tho?...Val's wearing cuban heeled boots through most of it and absolutely towers over the rest of the cast...which he wouldn't do if he was under 6'
Leung said on 11/Jun/07
you both got it wrong, Val Kilmer and Denzel both look very similar in height.
Mister Lennon said on 11/Jun/07
Wait a moment, what are you talking about? In deja vu, Kilmer looked one or two inches taller than Denzel, not the oppositte. Also, in batman forever, he looked the same height than people like jim carrey or tommy lee jones, who are in the 6 or 6ยด1 range. I would say that he is 6 at least, if not more.
sam 2 said on 11/Jun/07
No way he is 6'. Take a look at Deja Vu with Denzel. D.W. is easy an inch taller, maybe 2 !!! Looking at all his films and compared to other known stars height, I would say 5'10 1/2" max for Val. Great actor, by the way.
Mister Lennon said on 1/Jun/07
In batman forever, Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones looked about the same height.
Eddie said on 1/Jun/07
TheJerk, I agree that pic isn't great.
But Val definitely has smaller head :)).
Not to mention, that Rourke looks much more massive against Val, who I always considered to be a big guy...
TheJerk said on 31/May/07
In that pic Eddie, Val could actually be the taller one. Not a great pic.
robotix said on 30/May/07
Batman Forever looked 6' against Jim Carey's 6'1.5"
Eddie said on 29/May/07
OK, let's see what you will say now. Here's Val standing close to 5'11'' Mickey Rourke:
Click Here
James said on 16/May/07
Dosent always come across as this height since he's always being pared with actors who are short buy wear lifts such Downey Jr and Tom Cruise
Alex (London, UK) said on 5/May/07
Has anyone else seen the movie 'Real Genius'?
Filmed in 1985 so Val would have been 26 years old.
He looks less than 6' in that film AND he goes around barefoot or in sandals quite a lot.
Check that film out and tell me if he WAS six foot back when he was 25 or so - NO WAY!
HellBoundPower said on 3/May/07
If you look at him next to Denzel Washington in Deja Vu, he looks like he has at least an inch on 6'0" Denzel, so I'd say 6'0.5"-6'1".
James said on 10/Mar/07
Certainley doesent look 6feet when stood next to Downey Jnr. Although Downey was probabley wearing lifts throughout that film.
James said on 2/Mar/07
When watching Spartan I noticed that he looked quite a bit taller than most people in that film?. I am guessing most of the cast must have been under 6feet either that or Val must be over this mark.
James said on 2/Mar/07
Looked 5-11 max when stood next to 5-10 Derek luke in the film Sparatan and infact in one scene looked an inch shorter.
glenn said on 27/Feb/07
i actually read 5-9 for kilmer once.saw him as recent as 3 months ago.he was still 6ft.
Shane said on 26/Feb/07
in batman forever he always looked the same or a half inch taller then 5'9 chris o'donnel
Viper said on 21/Feb/07
You could tell he gained some weight in the new movie with Denzel.
Brad said on 21/Feb/07
He's exactly 6'. I stood right next to him at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood. Yes, he has become heavier.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/07
I just dont see 6ft, looks 5'11 to 5'11.5
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
I remember "Real Genious" from '85. He looked tall even against tall actors like William Atherton. I don't know if he's started shrinking yet but I'd say 6'1" at his peak.
mcmallen said on 16/Nov/06
stood next to him at the baggage claim in Albuquerque airport a few years ago. He is about 6' tall, was kind of on the chunky side, and had a huge mole on his right jaw.
antron said on 3/Oct/06
lets check the formatting on this page Rob
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
6ft for Colin looks close huh Rob? I once read 5-9 for Val!
Brad said on 15/Sep/06
They've got Downey on a phone book. Val is 6'.
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/06
in this film they apeared close in height in that movie robert apear 178
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/06
If you watch TOMBSTONE he is always shorter than kurt russell, who is a short guy at around 5'9. They're both wearing cowboy boots so it works. Val is no 6 feet.
MOF said on 16/Jul/06
There's a scene in The Doors where Val lines up in front of a height meter. His head was exactly on the 6 foot mark. But I don't know if he was wearing the Jim Morrison boots or not.
175-177cmandgrowing said on 15/Jul/06
He says 6'0.5'' but I guess him at 5'10... maybe he looks smaller because he is so fat?
RWFender said on 2/Jul/06
5'10 for val? i have never seen a picture of val where he looked anything under 6' you have a picture? everything i see he looks 6' -almost 6'1. he must wear lifts all the time if he really is under 6'.
don said on 25/Jun/06
there is no way, nooo way..hes 6' go with 5'10...and thats pushing it
what do i know anyway said on 21/Jun/06
my wife was in a movie with kilmer (the saint). she is 5'8, and told me he was barely taller than her, shoes or not
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
Ive read 5-9 as well.he is 6ft.
RWFender said on 20/Jun/06
well i recently saw the Salton Sea and Spartan and in both movies he looks a little over 6'...perhaps Downey Jr was wearing lifts or their was some camera tricks taking place?
dmeyer said on 20/Jun/06
he didnt look tall near dawney jr
RWFender said on 20/Jun/06
i think val is a solid 6' 1/2 tall...he really doesnt look less than this to me
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/May/06
I think this guy's a little over 6'. 6'0.5 sounds more accurate. It's pretty consistent with him and most sites don't pretend he's more or less.
Alex said on 24/Apr/06
He does look a good 6'0, maybe even 6'0.5. I've heard sightings of him only being 5'9-5'10. Thats hard to believe.
Bob said on 9/Apr/06
I, too, met Val at LAX when he was married to Joanne Whalley (Doors time). Unless he grea since then, he is no way 6 feet tall. 5'10'' at the most!!
TheJerk said on 24/Mar/06
Barry how tall was he then?
Barry Lane said on 17/Mar/06
I met Val Kilmer on the set of Alexander, and no way was he a six footer.
ross said on 28/Feb/06
take into account his weight gain since his prime,it does matter.I'd say that at his prime when he got out of bed he was a solid 184 maybe even 184.5 which might be why hes hard to pin down.but today i wouldnt be surprised if he is this height when he wears shoes going to shoot a scene...
Ayoub said on 26/Dec/05
I think Mr.Kilmer is 6 ft; there are other stars taller than him; but I think he got a very masculan and attractive body. I have seen German and Swedish people who are 190 cm; but they don't have look as attractive as Mr. Kilmer. Being more than 180 cm does not mean you have a nice body. Mr. Brad Pitt is only 180 cm; but he is more attractive than others who are more than 185 cm.
Thomas said on 24/Dec/05
Jiminy Christmas! Did you not read my earlier post? I've got a serious height complex (guesss that explains why I'm on this site, haha) and have become superb at estimating height as a result. Val Kilmer is no shorter than 6'0" and is in no way taller than 6'1". If I were a betting man I'd throw my money on the 6'0 1/2" spot. Remember, I've met him several times.
JUSTMATT said on 1/Nov/05
I don't think Mr. Kilmer is more than 5.11. I saw many photos of him near 5.8 Robert Downey Jr and the difference between them is a max of 4 inches but if you pay attention you will see that usually Downey Jr is in trainers whereas Kilmer often use boots! Take a look on gettyimages Rob!
Viper652 said on 1/Nov/05
Val only 5-10??? Hes a solid 6 footer for sure.
Joe said on 31/Oct/05
There's a new movie coming out with Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. From the trailer it looked like there was an inch difference between the two of them (Kilmer of course the taller one). Downey must've been wearing lifts.
Mr. R said on 31/Oct/05
Anonymous, it has been well reported that in Top Gun, Val was forced to take off his shoes and socks, while Tom had on boots in all of their scenes together.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
Yeah, but didnt someone say Cruise was in boots and Kilmer was barefoot in the bathroom scene of Top Gun? The lowest I would give Val is 5'11.5 but I have a hard time seeing him as anything but a solid 6 footer
Derek said on 31/Oct/05
I mean, when I saw Top Gun and Kilmer and Cruise were in the bathroom scene, Kilmer looked about 2 inches taller than Cruise. I think Cruise is 5'7" and Kilmer to be roughly 5'10 or 5'11.
Thomas said on 26/Oct/05
I've met him several times (parked his old GTO and his Volvo station wagon, haha). He was wearing normal shoes both times and was standing up straight with good posture. I'm 6'2" and a very good judge of height. An accurate estimate of his height is indeed between 6'0" and 6'0.5" Cool guy to boot.
Gigy said on 20/Jun/05
I would say he is 6'0! Which makes sense, cos in the scene in a movie where he played the blind guy and a lover of a women architect played by Mira Sorvino, who according to info on this site is 175 cm/5'9, he was clearly 9 cm taller than her! And if Mira Sorvino really is 5'9 feet tall, that his height of 6'0 makes sense!
Mr. R said on 19/May/05
But Fran, as I mentioned before, Val has given interviews saying that the director of top gun, tony scott, made him and Anthony Edwards take off their shoes and socks for all scenes that involved little Tom. He however, had on his boots, which gave him a boost in height.
Palladium said on 4/May/05
Well, MR Luis if De Niro was 178 at Heat '95
Mr Luis said on 4/May/05
Robert De Niro was in 1995 5'10 (1.78 cm), I can tell you that for sure.
Val Kilmer was also 2 inches taller than Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever. 6' ft seems to me about right.
Palladium said on 3/May/05
At, Heat he looks only two inches taller than Robert De Niro who is an reall 174, yes he looked like that. Well Val, possibly more like 180 (5'11").
Smoke said on 3/May/05
J. where did you hear him say he was 4'11" going into High School? That is an insane growth spurt indeed! I'm 4 years removed from entering high school and I entered high school at a good 5'8"-5'9", I'm now a shade over 6'1", I've grown 4, maybe 5 inches since then. That is really quite small next to Val! But nah, this guy has never looking anything less than a solid 6 footer.
J. said on 3/May/05
Here's something funny ... I was watching this old after-school special named One Too Many which starred Michelle Pfiffer and Val Kilmer as teens who drink and drive and live to regret it. Anyway, Val Kilmer didn't look 6 feet in that movie but it was filmed sometime in the early '80s and Val has said that he was 4'11" when he entered high school so maybe he just grew 13 inches or maybe ... not. That's a hell of a growth spurt if it's true.
J. said on 14/Mar/05
I have to say that Val Kilmer is the shortest 6 footer that I've ever seen. C'mon, don't let the lifts and camera angles fool you, guys. I don't know if Rob (the editor) will consider this but I remember a really insightful article once in an mainstream entertainment magazine from someone who worked on one of the Batman movies on which Val starred. He commented on Val's lack of height and the use of lifts to reach the 6 feet mark in height. He also alluded to the fact that some of the other actors considered for the Batman role, namely Mel Gibson; Alec Baldwin, are pretty small for the role. And even more telling is this article: Quote from the article: "His appearance was comfortable; orangish color long sleeve shirt with a texture to it and jeans or Docker-like slacks. HE WAS SHORTER THAN I EXPECTED". No way in hell is he 6 feet.
Mr. R said on 14/Mar/05
Several years ago, I saw an article about Tom Cruise, and in commenting on his height, Val said that he had to take his shoes and socks off for the scenes in Top Gun. Val then says that he is a straight up six feet.

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