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Peak: 6ft 5.31in (196.4cm)
Current: 6ft 4.76in (195cm)
James said on 19/Jun/07
Saw Jurrasic Park 2 last nigt and he seems no more than 6ft4 maybe a 194cm. My evidence to back up my claim is 1. In a scene with him and Peter Stratomre who on this site is listed as no more than 6ft3 on this site, when they both sqaure up eye to eye there seems to be only a one inch possibly a half an inch. 2 Wathcing him beside Jeff Goldblum throughout the film there seems to be no difference between them at all. Maybe Vince has a cm on Jeff max and if anything Jeff actually looked a smidge tallr than Vince. 3 In the Guinness book of World Records 2007 in the celebrity section when he is standing infront of a height chart he is stated as being 6ft4 inches. 4 Sure he says he is 6ft5 but celebrities do lie about thier heights.
dmeyer said on 11/Jun/07
vince is no less than 6'4.75 195 cm and likely 6'5 i met himhe is over 6'4 under 6'6
razor said on 11/Jun/07
stood next 2 him in photo i am 6'6 (201cm) he looked a few cm shorter than me so i reckon he is about 6'5 (197 cm)
moi said on 6/Jun/07
he looks very tall near viggo mortensen in the Hitchock remake. 196 is right for me.
Alex said on 2/Jun/07
Vince is NOTHING under 6'4. Shortest I could see him is 6'4.5.
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
oh and jericho, 6 foot 3 and 140 pounds is very skinny. i am the same height as you and weigh exactly 100 pounds more than you.
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
viper you are really an annoyance. why do you discredit so many people? vince vaughn is one celebrity i have encountered through work and he in fact is 6 foot 5. i see you all over this site and all you do is try to take inches from these people, and in this case you are supposing he is only 6 foot 1??
Martin said on 25/May/07
"The "Guinness World Records" stated that he is 6'5, so there is no way in hell that he is not 6'5, period, end of the story." - What is it that you guys can't get? Guiness would never measure wrong in cases like this, so this discussion is over...
5'11.5 guy said on 24/May/07
6'1 is just ridiculous. He's the same height as 6'5 Craig Kilborn, maybe a little taller.
Viper said on 18/May/07
Ive read in person estimates as low as 6-1 for Vince. Would be funny as hell If hes been wearing monster lifts this whole time. :)
ryan said on 17/May/07
since jeff is old he cud have shrunk to 6.3 and 3/4 and vince might be just 1/4 taller making him 6.4. he does only look 2 inch taller than rock , whom i personally believ is only 6.2 and he is not taller than seann william scott by 4 inches in run down movie, bt i actually believe william is only 5.10.5 as he looks 2.5 inches shorter than chris klien in american pie 2.
Anthony said on 15/May/07
Vince looked marginally taller than Jeff even without the lean IMO. I think Jeff is more 6'4.5-6'4.75.
RAY said on 15/May/07
not every time in history we take the height of a star he claims, i give him 6.4, he cud have told his height in shoes, and if u see vince pic with vaugh in goldblum page u ll see goldblum leaning which makes hima inch shorter so he 's a strong 6.4 .225
5'11.5 guy said on 6/May/07
6'3 claims are a joke for this guy. He is 6'5.
irwin said on 5/May/07
vince is 6'5, he is going to be taller than timberlake who is listed at 6'1 but is probably only 5'11, vince is a big guy though 6'5 definetely
dev said on 17/Apr/07
he said in wedding crashers he was 6 feet 5 i heard someone state he looked 6 foot 7 that's a bit of an exaggeration , i agree with 6'5
Chip said on 8/Apr/07
I know that at the Kid's Choice Awards, he towered over Justin Timberlake, who is about 5'11.5. Vince is about 6'5"-6'6".
Cat Stevens said on 21/Mar/07
The "Guinness World Records" stated that he is 6'5, so there is no way in hell that he is not 6'5, period, end of the story.
Ade said on 13/Feb/07
Alex and Mask, the book has Vaughn, Eastwood and if my memory serves correctly, Christopher Lee all at 194 cm. Now, for Vaughn and Lee, that seems plausible. But Clint? He was 6'4" maybe 30-40 years ago. He's around 6'1" now. Strange.
Alex said on 5/Feb/07
Ed, Owen looks only 5'9 with Vince. Vince's head is at least 9 inches so puts Owen at 5'9-5'9.5.
ed said on 5/Feb/07
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson:
Click Here
mask said on 8/Jan/07
Yes Alex you're right in the italian edition of the book the height given for mr Vaughn is 194 cm or 6'4 1/2"
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
In the Guiness book of world records 2007 I was looking at in the store and in the entertainment section it was talking about some tall actors/actresses and had a height chart with a couple and Vince was in shoes and was only 6'4. I find that hard to believe. 6'4 bare minimum barefoot but no way that short in shoes. Now they could have taken his barefoot height and put him in shoes in the photo but those charts and pictures can be modified somtimes so you don't know for sure.
J. said on 16/Nov/06
He's a big guy but not muscular or especially macho, hence why you don't see him in more action roles.
Jordan said on 16/Nov/06
Cantstop25- I watch the pre draft every year hosted my Mike Mayok and they measure the players barefooted, which by the way Ben roethisberger cam in at 6'4.5 which he was rounded at 6'5 on the roster. Ex. If a player is 6'4.25 he will be rounded to 6'4. If a player is 6'4.75 he will be rounded to 6'5. If the player comes in at 6'4.5, it is his choice whether he gets rounded up or down.
Korben said on 16/Nov/06
Yeah 6'5 is pretty much perfect for him, a little taller then goldblum, bit taller then snoop. Hes really big when you think about it, but hes never really mentioned for being massive, wonder why. In dodgeball he really didnt look that much smaller then some of ben stillers trainers. Suprised he isint in more action films, guess hes already established as a comedian, and a damn good one.
j said on 14/Nov/06
The Guinness book of records says that he is the tallest leading actor along with Chrisopher Lee at 6'5'', and they would not get it wrong.
Viper652 said on 12/Nov/06
Cantstop, they are not in shoes heights. Ive seen video of them measuring these guys and they are always in barefeet.
Viper652 said on 6/Nov/06
Brady is a flat 6-4 at the very least barefoot. Your friends are wrong.
Jordan said on 6/Nov/06
yeah Brady once said when he was asked to dance " I'm a 6'5 white guy, what do you expect" he stated that he was 6'5 so he's gotta be at least 6'4. Peyton on the other hand is at least 6'5, maybe bigger.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 5/Nov/06
Friends told me who met Peyton is 6'6.5 in shoes Tom Brady is a 6'3.5 i beelive peyton being that tall but i always thought brady was a solid6'4
dmeyer said on 5/Nov/06
i met vince he look about 195 cm
Viper652 said on 3/Nov/06
Manning looked close to 6-6 in the pro bowl pictures from last year. I cant explain it.
Jordan said on 2/Nov/06
Actaully Peyotn Manning is over 6'5. I have heard numerous time anouncers list him as 6'6. I think Mike Mayok said he was measured at 6'5 1/4, so he was rounded to 6'6.
Anthony said on 26/Oct/06
After seeing that pic with Tom Brady, it's hard to imagine him as anything less than 6'5 even. Brady himself is over 6'4 (6'4.25, I believe), and Vince looks at least an inch taller than him.
Alex said on 25/Oct/06
I was watching Pyscho the remake on TV yesterday with Vince Vaughn and he looked a 6'5er to me. 6'4 and change at the least. He's over 6'4 I am sure of.
Alex said on 25/Oct/06
Jordan, yea I'd say I am strong for my weight which aint light either.
Jordan said on 18/Oct/06
Alex you are strong considering your only 195-200lbs. I actaully lost some weight, the other night I was 228. I one was 244. I'm getting slimmer but i havemt grown taller in awhile. I'm 17 ( almost 18) remember.
Viper652 said on 18/Oct/06
I wish I had larger wrists and a larger bone structure running through my forarms.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
Viper, my wrist is 7 inches flat.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
My max bench is 275lbs. Not too much but its not a little. If you looked at me you may guess I can max 300lbs or a little more as some thought so. My max squat I never tried but I can get 315lbs for 8-10lbs so I'd say probably 365-375lbs max squat. Max deadlift I'd guess around 325lbs probably.
Jordan said on 15/Oct/06
Alex I think my bicep is 14.75 unflexed but I have not measured it latly--but John's bench press is scary. I can do 325 max on bench. But John your a animal.
john said on 13/Oct/06
Sorry banana-men, just talking man talk.
banana-men said on 13/Oct/06
what the cracks people here talking about lifting weights?? this is a celebrities height comments web site not celebrities weight lifting site!
john said on 13/Oct/06
Since you guys are on the topic, I'm 5'10" and weigh 235lbs. I'm 35 years old and have been lifting weights since I was 15. My bicep is 18 inches flexed and unpumped. I also can bench 405lbs and squat over 500lbs. My bench in proportion is better than my squat. My upper body developed easier than my lower.
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Better to have an extremely fast metabolism than a really slow one. Ive put on some decent lean mass naturally over the years but my metabolism is still fast and I will always be lean. I think a part of that is my bone size is really small. My wrists only measure out to be 6.5 inches.
Derek said on 11/Oct/06
I envy all you guys. You and your big muscles. I'm 6'1" and only 150. I'm on the thin side but I'm healthy. Just an extremely fast metabolism. I have no control over it.
Alex said on 10/Oct/06
Jordan you're pretty big. What is your bicep measurement unflexed and unflexed?
I am 6'0 1/4 and 195-200lbs and my bicep is 14.5 unflexed and goes to 15.5-15.75 flexed and 16 inches with a pump.
Alex said on 10/Oct/06
I am not too sure how much Vince Vaughn weighs though. He's 6'5 so even if he's thin the guy is going to be 200-215lbs but he is more thicker but not chubby or fat though. 230lbs at least I'd say.
Jordan said on 4/Oct/06
Anthoney--no dude if your 15 you got at least another 3 years of growing to do. I am 17 and 5'10 1/2 and 232lbs and play footabll as a FB/LG and my weight has risen since I was 15 but also grew a little taller since I was 15. You will prolly get 4 or 5 inches taller then you are now.
Anthony said on 3/Oct/06
Vince to me looks 230-235. I myself am only 5'6 and 178 pounds (I've been trying to get down to about 160). I spent every day wishing I was taller. I'm only 15 and I'm already asking my parents if I could start wearing lifts.
Scareface said on 3/Oct/06
Fifgtingirish--he is currently on the team still but does play tight end. And actaully I thought I was 294, but 2 days ago I weighed in at 302lbs.
FIghtingIRISH said on 29/Sep/06
Scareface, I think I knwo who you are but I am not goign to say your name on the internet. Was the tight end you were referring to named Anthony Fasano? HE is in the NFL now adn he wiegsh 258 lbs.

you should bear in mind that athletes are much more fit then say a vince vaughn and muscle weighs more then fat.
Cantstop25 said on 29/Sep/06
yeah you might be right I have not really seen him recently, but I heard he has been gaining weight. Though in dodgeball he barely looked north of 200
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/06
I dont know Cantstop, Vince has really blown up lately.
Cantstop25 said on 28/Sep/06
vince appeared slgihtly shorter then kilborn in old school probably because vince was wearing clown shoes and they add basicly nothing in height.

and to jericho im sorry im looking at my previous comment and i ma nto trying to sound mean, im just saying I remeber when I was 6'3" I weighed 170 and I was mad skinny. that was my freshman year of highschool, by my senior year I was over 6'4" and wieghed anout 240, I want really fat I was solid (played tight end, adn center on the basketball team)

as for vinces weight, definitely not 240 prob more around 220-230 range which is still big. thoguh a lot of it depends on bone structure, so who knows how much he weighs.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/06
Jamal Duff, the big black guy in dodgeball is listed on imdb as 6'8" throughotu the movei you can clearly see that he is taller then vaghn by quite a bit, however look at this pic Click Here

the man to the right of him is named brandon molale and he is listed is 6'5"
thsi pic he is clearly taller then brandon molale who is listed at 6'5", now there is clearly about 5 inches between them.

so yeah Vince is atleast 6'5" because he was nto towered over by jamal as much as brandon was.
Scareface said on 27/Sep/06
I'm 6'4 and weigh in at 294. I played offensive tackle for notre dame and my best freind on my team is 6'5 and around 240. He looks a bit thinner then vince.
Cantstop25 said on 26/Sep/06
"Vince is a legit 6'5.You guys must be huge! Im 6'3 and weigh in at 148 and that looks about normal weight."

no you dont
Jericho said on 25/Sep/06
Vince is a legit 6'5.You guys must be huge! Im 6'3 and weigh in at 148 and that looks about normal weight.
Viper652 said on 24/Sep/06
Vince could be 250-255.
gggd said on 22/Sep/06
i am "6'5" and i weigh 240 no one can tell i look thin and vince looks bigger ( fatter ) than me so i would say atleast 255
stefan said on 1/Sep/06
wow, you guys really pulled me out of height / weight depression! (I'm 6'0 and weigh 150 Ibs)! THX!
Alex said on 5/Aug/06
Larry, I am over weight even in the large frame at 195lbs but I don't go by that stuff since most of it doesn't make sense.

About the big guy in the picture after going from 210 to 260 he then got up to 295lbs some months after than overdosed then took months to get down to 210lbs again then now is 190lbs!
Larry said on 4/Aug/06
Alex - Yeh, he looks about my size. At 262 I wasn't really fat, but I DO feel better at 235. :-) Believe it or not, I think the charts say I should weigh about 210 lbs at 6'5" with a "large" build. :-)
Jordan said on 3/Aug/06
I dont know about my weight. I'm 17 and 5'10 3/4 and weigh in at 235. I was this weight for football and cant seem to loose it. I was still pretty athletic at 235 but now its all fat. I think that Vince is just getting old and cant keep in shape. I can hardely do it at age 17.
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
Larry you're at a good weight for your height. Here is a picture of me and my friend from September 2004. He stands at 6'5.5 and then he weighed 260lbs in this picture before he got to 295lbs 5 months later. He started at 210lbs in July 2004 then ended up at 295lbs in February 2005. He overdosed on creatine then lost all the weight and now is 205-210lbs, pretty much where he started before he gained it all. Are you close to his size in this picture now?

Click Here
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
Just being 6'5 you're going to weigh around 200lbs even if you're pretty thin so if you're medium build you'll be at last 220lbs or so. Vince looks 225 at least to me.
sam said on 27/Jul/06
Yeah, the Break-Up era Vince must weigh in the 240+ pound range. He may have been around 200 pounds during the Swingers era.
Larry said on 27/Jul/06
Viper652 - He might weigh more. I THOUGHT I weighed myself at 226 last week, but the nurse weighed me at 237 yesterday on a calibrated scale. Vince is certainly not skinny. :-)
Viper652 said on 26/Jul/06
That picture with Tom Brady pretty much convinced me that hes 6-5. You cant really argue against an actual measurement of a football player. Larry, Vince looks like he weighs a lot more than just 210.
Larry said on 26/Jul/06
It looks to me like Vince has about about the same porportions that I do (at 195-196 cms). I'm probably 15 pounds heavier, but I'd guess he's 210 or a bit more.
kerry said on 25/Jul/06
He is 6ft5 too tall!! i was always think and estimate that his about 6ft4(1.93m) and no more or less.. So i think his height was round up for an inches is common for hollywood celebrities..
Gary said on 24/Jul/06
I watched Dodgeball with Vince and Ben Stiller. Vince is absolutely huge. He has to be almost a foot taller than Stiller. No way Vince is less than 6'5". Stiller has these enormous muscles and Vince still looks like he could break him in half. Wow, is he tall!
Jordan said on 22/Jul/06
NFL heights work different. Mike Mayak said something like if a Player is 6'4 1/4 he will be rounded to 6'4. If the Player is 6'4 3/4 he will be rounded to 6'5. If the Player is 6'4 1/2 it is his choice whether he wants to be listed as 6'4 or 6'5. Tom Brady in this case was measured at 6'4 1/4 so that is his real height. Vince is a full 6'5. Nothing more. Nothing Less.
Jordan said on 22/Jul/06
Thanks for your opinion
Viper652 said on 21/Jul/06
Tom Brady is a legit 6-4. Great evidence there that Vince looks a solid 6-5.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jul/06
i kno vince is a solid 6'5 but i honestly think tom Brady is only like 6'3 maybe 6'3.5, have him stand next to the supposed 6'5 peyton Manning he looks like a kid by Peyton( i also think peyton is possible 6'6)
Jordan said on 16/Jul/06
He is a full 6'5, even though tom brady is slanting, you can see if he would stnd up Vince would still be taller then him. Tom Brady was measued at 6'4 1/4 before he was drafted in the NFl.

Click Here
HollywoodSaint said on 30/Jun/06
Damn this guy gets around! Seems that everyone and their brother, girlfriend and uncle has met him. Same here- I worked with him on The Wedding Crashers, where I played one of his groomsmen in a wedding. Vaughn is the ONLY actor/celebrity I've seen in 5 years in Hollywood who actually looks taller in real life than he does onscreen- it's usually just the opposite. He's at least 6'5", but if I were a betting man I'd say 6'6"- definitely a big boy. he reminded me of a combination of Lurch and Elvis.....
Albert said on 27/Jun/06
I saw Vince at the Hollywood Race Track a few weeks back and I would say he's a soild 6'5. Tall dude!
Gramps said on 27/Jun/06
Keep in mind that door frames on TV/movie sets are usually smaller than real life.
Viper652 said on 26/Jun/06
I measured a door in my place once and it came out to 6-7 I think, but the slight raise off the floor is an inch so the total is 6-8.
Jolayne said on 26/Jun/06
Having just seen Breaking Up, I'm a bit confused. Supposedly Vaughn is 6'5" and Vincent D'Nofrio is 6'4" but in their scene where Vaughn hugs Vincent, Vaugh appears to be 3 - 4 inches taller, then just clears the door way which should be 6'8" to 7 ft. Wouldn't it be fun to REALLY know??? Obviously the only thing clear is that Vaughn in taller than D'Nofrio and they both qualify for the monkier "BIG VINNIE"!
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/06
In my house the door frame where the baseboards reach is about 7-0 whereas the doors are about 6-9 with a sligh raise off of the ground. 6-8 w/o a raise.
Alex said on 16/Jun/06
The doorways at my house are 6'5.5 and one is 6'7. My house is older though.
Anthony said on 11/Jun/06
In "Wedding Crashers" he says he's 6'5 when he's dancing with a girl. She asks him how tall he is and he responds "6'5".
D.J. said on 10/Jun/06
Most standard doorways are 6'8" but at my school, they are 6'10". I would say 75% of the doorways are 6'8".
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
Alex, arnt doorway frames between 6-8 and 6-10?
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Vince looks a solid 6'5 pretty much all the time I see him. When I first saw him in Pyscho I didn't know he was that tall but I knew he was a tall guy as his head was a bit above the doorway frames which are going to be 6'5.5-6'6.

Jason, when did he say 6'3? I've never seen that before. He could have just been messing around. no way he looks even near 6'3. Hes def a 6'5 guy.
Viper652 said on 9/Jun/06
Yeah, thats possible I guess.
Jason said on 8/Jun/06
I could see him at something like 6'3 3/4''. The guy has said he's 6'3'' before - did you see it?
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
I cant see Vince below 6-4 Jason.
Jason said on 5/Jun/06
Vince has said he's 6'3'' before, so he might really be something like 6'3 3/4''.
Stacey said on 5/Jun/06
My boyfriend is 6'2'', and he ran into Vince Vaughn on Michigan Avenue. He's for sure 6'5''.
Gonzalo said on 1/Jun/06
In the Jeff Goldblum page you could see a pic of Vince and Jeff, and Vince looks slightly taller, so 6`5 sounds right. He is big!
Alex said on 28/May/06
Viper, thats crazy then with him being sighted anywhere from 6'0-6'6. Thats a pretty big gap. Thats just about the difference between me and my friend. I do think Vince is a legit 6'5 but I've seen some pics where he has looked a bit under, like 6'4.5. 95% of the time he looks a solid 6'5. I think some just like downgrading celebs.
Viper652 said on 23/May/06
ER, you would be surprised. Ive read a few 6-1 sightings for Vince on the net. Which is nuts. From what Ive personally seen hes been sighted anywhere from 6-0 to 6-6.
J. said on 22/May/06
1997 Rolling Stone feature:Click Here

"Goldblum, 6 feet 5 inches, instantly bonded with the 6-foot-4 inch Vaughn".

A Cosmo article also from '97 describes Vaughn as '6 foot 4 1/2": Click Here
J. said on 22/May/06
The Rock says this about Vince Vaughn: Click Here
"Vince Vaughn is one of the few actors in Hollywood who is taller than I am! He’s 6-foot-5, and looking up at this Jewish character dressing like a pimp, it's so funny."

(Also, the poster who posted on May 22nd, is not me).
J said on 22/May/06
He is definately 6'5' as he is in the Guiness Records with Christopher Lee as the tallest leading actors. And they would be careful with their accuracy!!
Anonymous said on 19/May/06
He has to be 6'6 at least. Look at this, he absolutely towers over the Rock:
Click Here
ER. said on 19/May/06
So you're saying Vince barefoot is about 6'2.5" ?! That's crazy. He's one of the most solid 6-5 actors I've seen.
rj said on 19/May/06
My friend and I met Vince Vaughn at a bar in Toronto and we had some drinks with him. In his shoes he is 6'4". Have you noticed that Hollywood adds 2 inches to every tall actor and three or four to every short actor?!
Gonzalo said on 19/May/06
Lou, your picture isn´t good enough to compare their heights. From what I remembered they were identical in height. And it is easy to think that: they are both very tall guys
lou said on 13/May/06
mmm to be honest vince really looked taller than jeff at least by an inch take a look rob
Click Here

[Editor Rob: they are on forestry ground I think for most of that movie, in the beginning you can compare them when they are on flat ground near a van I think....not seen it for a good few years]
Gonzalo said on 9/May/06
He was as tall as Jeff Goldblum in Lost world, not taller. He is at least 6`4
hero said on 8/May/06
he was taller than jeff in the lost world...
David said on 8/May/06
Vince looks about the same height as Jeff Goldblum in 'The Lost World', so 6'4'' sounds about right
Rob3 said on 29/Apr/06
Vince Vaughn was in my neighborhood Shooting a Movie, in River Forest Illinois..not to long ago, I Had the chance to shake his hand when he was on the street, I'm 6'5 and I felt he was a lil taller than I was, But its makes sense cause your eyes are not on the top of your Fore-Head, So I think he is the same height as I am....

He's a legit 6'5.
Ujane, Moscow said on 23/Apr/06
even if Vince 6ft 3(yeah, it`s impossible,but imagine) still he looks like pure 6ft 5in without any mother$&*$in` shoes as smb guessed!
Erin said on 17/Mar/06
When I met Vince this past summer, I couldn't even begin to estimate his height; I was barely up to his chest. 6'5" sounds pretty good; that gives him 14 inches on my 5'3" (or an even foot on my height in smallish platforms). However, when the difference is that huge precision is difficult.
weekly said on 11/Mar/06
I saw him in Dodgeball movie where also appeared Jamal Rush who is 6'8. I would say that there is 3 inches difference between these two guys which confirms VV's 6'5.
Vincent said on 14/Feb/06
I just googled Vince Vaughn height and found this site. I looked it up because he came to my high school today to participate in a drunk driving speech and promote some movie, breakup or something. Anyways, I was no more than 10 feet behind him for a few minutes, and I will tell you he is AT LEAST 6'5. I am tall, the tallest kid in my school, at 6'3 with no shoes, and Vaughn was a legitimate 2 inches on me. There is seriously no argument.
Alex said on 13/Feb/06
Wilson is more about 5'10 though putting Vince at 6'5.
CoolJ said on 12/Feb/06
Only problem is Owen is taller than 5'9... the 6'5 here is probably correct, or within a cm.

[Editor Rob: when Vin stands with Pitt posture he looks like a solid 6ft 5 guy...]
dmeyer said on 12/Feb/06
i met vince he looks 6'5"
Viper652 said on 12/Feb/06
Vince looked no taller then 6-4 next to 5-9 Owen in Wedding Crashers. Its possible that Vince is calling his height with shoes.
Height Tracker said on 18/Jan/06
Marc, the only problem with that analysis is that Owen Wilson really isn't 5'11". He's more in the 5'9" range.
Marc said on 16/Jan/06
OK for elio here is more proof. I'm 5'10". There is a guy at my shcool who is 6'5". I come up just above his lip. Owen wilson (5'11") comes up just under Vaughn's nose, therefore Vaughn has about 6 inches on him. The guy at my school has about 7 inches on me.
raymond said on 12/Jan/06
this actor really seems to be in the6'5-6'6 range,cant be under that...
someone said on 10/Jan/06
I saw him in LA last year- he walked right next to me. He's at least 6ft 6, probably like 6ft 6,5. I think he understates his height, because even male actors can be "too tall", and he probably doesn't want to play the usual "big guy" roles, just like tim robbins.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 9/Jan/06
so y u messin wit my type error Elio y u tryin 2 start trouble in the movie the girl asks him how tall r u and vince says 6'5, but I feel 4'0.
Gramps said on 7/Jan/06
While I do believe Vaughn is 6'5", I think any heights mentioned by characters on TV or films are worthless. Keep in mind it's a character taliking, not the actor himself. Plus, It may just be the writer saying " 6'5" " or whatever, without actually knowing (or God forbid, measuring) the actor's height.
elio said on 7/Jan/06
"she asks How tall r u and Vaughn replies Oh I', 6'5, but I feel 4'0 with u. So yea hes defently 6'5 "

Wow... if it says that in the movie then it MUST be true! :)

I agree, he does look 6'5" next to everybody. You should never take heights given in films without question though.
Marc said on 6/Jan/06
In Wedding Crashers he tells agirl he feels tiny in her arms. She asks ,"Wait... How tall are you?" His Response: "6'5", but with you, I fell 4 feet.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 6/Jan/06
I jus watched Wedding Crashers and in a scene while Vince is dancin with a girl he says I feel so small in ur arms(The Girl is very small compared to Vince) then she asks How tall r u and Vaughn replies Oh I', 6'5, but I feel 4'0 with u. So yea hes defently 6'5 i'd say plus he towers over everyone in the whole movie.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
in dodgeball vaughn is not really towered over by jamal and he is 6 foot 8 so he must be pretty tall.
bigD said on 30/Nov/05
Conan o'brian said "vince vaughn is like, six five," if i can remember the quote right. conan seems to be always talking about height, same with letterman, and that kilborn guy.
asap said on 21/Nov/05
tom is 6-4 ive seen him too he's not too much shorter than i am and im 6-5 he was looking eye to eye with me
TomBrady said on 18/Nov/05
Tom Brady is 6'4" what u talkin bout ... ull have to meet him , to believe it , i have and im 6'2" and hes got those 2" over me ...
=rod said on 17/Nov/05
will farrell is "6,3" wich is stated in elf and vince is "6,5" stated in wedding crashers ... plus i seen vince at a gas station i got atogragh and he was neck and neck with me and im 1/4 of an inch shy of "6,5" ... ok ok he was a tiny bit taller than me
Danimal said on 15/Nov/05
I remember having read on about 3 years ago, that Vince Vaughn was listed at 6'6", but has since that time been since listed at 6'5". About him being a "big dude" as Tri put it, well, that's only in the last few years. Vince was quite thin in Swingers, Made and Psycho and started branching out weight wise shortly after that...
MaryJane said on 2/Nov/05
My husband and I met Vince in Las Vegas. He is 6'5" cause my husband is just a wee bit taller at 6'6". And that's that... they were the tallest guys in the room and yes, Vince is a very nice guy!
Viper652 said on 27/Oct/05
No,couchscout says Tom Brady is a legit combine 6-4.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 26/Oct/05
I heard Tom Brady's really jus 6'3 possiblly 6'2.5 not the actual 6'4 he's listed at but in the pros they put every1 up 1to2 inches in height.
Tri said on 25/Oct/05
My buddy and i were at a party in LA a few years back and Vaughn came in and stood stand next to my pal. My pal is 6'3-6'4 barefoot and he felt short and small next to Vaughn. Not only is Vaughn tall, but he's a Big dude. Seemed like a cool guy.
Lauren said on 10/Oct/05
I recently saw him after his Wild West Comedy tour in Cleveland....THE MAN IS 6'5. I reached up to hug him and boy was it a reach. He had to bend down to hug me, and I'm 5'7. He is really tall. Seriously. And he looks really REALLY good in person.
Viper652 said on 10/Oct/05
Tom Brady is 6-4
smokeblower said on 9/Oct/05
He is as tall as Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots.
jack said on 30/Sep/05
those guys are just crazy,talk about somebody they dont know,i met vince in l.a. and i can tell you that he's one tall guy,6'5 is correct, why? becuase i have seen him in person.
Ujane said on 29/Sep/05
Hey! Are you a lil bit mad? Or just got a headache at the moment? Do u know that Kid Rock is only 6 feet 1 in claimed on this site? no,you dont? I `m not surprised...look there! So, if Vince 2in bigger, he must b 6feet 3in. If u still hesitate u shd watch the latest comedy wit Vaughn and Owen Wilson(179cm). there vince just half a head and a lil bit more than he is 190cm max! Now you see?
master said on 29/Sep/05
this guy is tall for sure,i mean just see the difference betwen him and the rock,then is correct,vince is at least 6'5,putting the rock in his really height 6'3.5 vince really look about 1.5-2 inches taller than him.
J. said on 6/Sep/05
Some press from 1999:,3858,3847242-103408,00.html

"He's suddenly getting noticed, as you tend to when you're six foot three and have a Mother who's exactly the same size."

So, we learn that his mother is 6'3". Is he using special shoes to gain the other two inches? Other is the writer underestimating his height?

[Editor Rob: probably underestimating. Vince always looks a 6ft 5 to me...]
absent said on 3/Sep/05
He really looks it. link
TheMan said on 30/Aug/05
Vince is deffently 6,5 and looks it with ease. Even if he loses height throughout the day whatever he's still 6,5. So he's a solid 6,5 very tall.
mcFan said on 25/Aug/05
The Rock says he's 6'4.5 in Vaughn looks 2 inches taller than him so something is wrong. Is the Rock really 6'3 because I don't think Vaughn is taller than 6'5.
Marlo said on 8/Aug/05
I just saw Vince in person in chicago. I was w. my boyfriend, who is 6'3, and Vince was taller. He has to be at least 6'5
cantstop25 said on 27/Jul/05
the man is a solid 6'5" he was on carson daly and he had a good 4 inches on carson. I dont know how tall carson is though but he seems like a tall guy
Fersilva5 said on 27/Jul/05
He was taller than goldblum in jurasic park 2, i saw a video from last Oscars when he's with Vin Diesel and Vin look really short besides him, i think Vin is 5'11 or 6'0 and Vince is at least 6'5
Viper652 said on 26/Jul/05
Vince cant be 6-3, hes 2 inches taller then the Rock in Be cool. Im not sure what Ferrel's height is, could be anywhere between 6-1 and 6-3.
robert said on 26/Jul/05
Why do you think Will Ferrell is only 6'2" from Old School? He's never looked beneath 6'3" to me and Vince Vaughn has never looked less than 2 to 1 1/2 taller than Ferrell from what I've seen.
Shaun Nowland said on 25/Jul/05
I disagree because you can see that Will Ferrell is 6'2 when vince is in the movie
Old School. Vince is 6'4 tops or 6'3.5.
J. said on 24/Jul/05
I personally think the guy is more 6'4" than 6'5" myself. And I think the Owen Wilson's height was manipulated to look closer to Vaughn because Wilson is 5'10" if he's lucky.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 23/Jul/05
Vince mite not look that tall on Owen cuz Owen's more like 5'11 or 5'11.5 also he could of been on an apple box
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/05
He didn't look all that big standing next to Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers.
sam said on 22/Jul/05
You should never go by those "life size" cardboard-cutouts. I saw one several years about that made Michael Jackson look 6'2". Ferrell has always said he's 6'3"(+) and Vaughn has always said he was 6'5", and if you see them with other actors, you can see that these heights are accurate.
Viper652 said on 21/Jul/05
Well, I just watched Be Cool and I cant see Vince being 6-1, hes 2 inches taller then the Rock in every scene. Rock is 6-2.5, so that would make Vince 6-4.5, or at the very least in between 6-4 and 6-5.
anonymous said on 21/Jul/05
Ha, Will Farrel is probably only 6'1" I remember when Elf was out in theaters. They had a life size poster board of Will in Elf Clothes Standing in front of a height scale. The height scale showed him as 6'3" At that time I wasn't 17.5 years old and was about 6'0.5" in my shoes. I was just as tall as he on the poster. BTW he was flat footed.
dmeyer said on 26/Jun/05
i worked with him he is aleast 6'5''
Ball-A-Hallic said on 25/Jun/05
Vince gotta be 6'5 if not 6'4.5 b-cuz Will Ferrel's 6'3 n Vince is taller than Will so u kno he's no 6'0 hes 6'5 or 6'4.5 tops
Viper652 said on 25/Jun/05
Ive read some Encounters on other Message boards where they say he is 6-1. He is anywhere from 6-1 to 6-5 It seems. Hard to say
cantstop25 said on 24/Jun/05
cmon there is no way that he is 6' so youre saying then that will ferrel is 5'10" and luke wilson is 5'6"-5'7"
J. said on 29/May/05
An really intresting little tidbit (

I was in Hollywood outside the Burgundy Room and I saw Johnny Knoxville come out and walk off, Steve O emerged a bit later to smoke and talk to some weird girls. Then we went across the street to the Velvet Margarita and I should have sensed that our theatrical entrance through big velvet curtains was a clue that we would meet the person who made that look good in Swingers. Later on outside while I was talking to some really short “actors” everyone starts whispering that Vince Vaughn is here. I was kinda out of it after drinking several redbull and vodkas so I walked up to him and introduced myself. We chatted. Not for long. He was with this girl who was short and like a hipster/scenester, they kept making out. She wasn’t that cute. There were some whisperings that she was a huge star or something, her
name was Lauren. I talked to them some more, and that was the night. I didn’t think he was all that tall, maybe like 6 foot. Which I guess is tall in hollywood. Kinda chubby in the face, attractive, but old."

Also, his offical bio reads: ' An actor whose strong features and sinewy 6'4" physique make him appear to have been chiseled from a slab of testosterone, Vince Vaughn is Hollywood's closest human approximation of a Chevy pick-up. '
Ball-A-Hallic said on 24/May/05
Vine Vaughn gotta be 6'5 cause u could jus c he's very tall and i knew since Will Ferrell was 6'3 and Vince was bigger he had 2 be 6'5.
Wizerd said on 18/May/05
He really is that height, just look at Be Cool, you can hes a tad taller than the Rock who is 6"4" !! He really is a tall actor!
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/05
When I was in high school in 2003,Vince Vaugh was my "Principle for Today". I saw him in a small classroom, and he is a good 6 ft 4 to 6 ft 5

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