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Peak: 6ft 3.12in (190.8cm)
Current: 6ft 2.6in (189.5cm)
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Complex says on 18/Oct/08
I don't think he goes under 6'3. In semipro he announces himself at 6'5, I dunno why a 6'3 would try to inflate,

Its a basketball movie genius. so of course there gonna inflate his height.
anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
he is 6 foot 3. In anchorman he was taller than steve carrel by nearly 30cm. He was also an inch or two shorter than vince vaughn.
Complex said on 18/Oct/08
I don't think he goes under 6'3. In semipro he announces himself at 6'5, I dunno why a 6'3 would try to inflate, but in the bonus features of blades of glory they talk about how hard it was for ferrell and heder since they were over 6, they said "average skaters are 5'10 and these actors are 6'1 and 6'3" in reference to Heder and Ferrell, he's 6'3, he always seems tall!
bouchard said on 28/Sep/08
ive meet will a number of times and so one day i asked him and he sayed he ws 6-3.5
Clay said on 25/Aug/08
LOL Ola that is just beyond stupid. I know you said ''looked'' by why bother even saying it? And Will didn't edge out the Rock at all, just may have looked that way with his hair.
superwomen! said on 28/Jul/08
"editor Rob", If u could do me a favor and maybe try to add
"Andrei Arlovski's" height to your list too? He is a MMA fighter with "UFC/Affliction Banned" his height is always bouncing around from 6'3-6'4.. and they even had him at 1.81m & 1.91m back in the has been bugging me for a while now.. I'm not sure if UFC is like WWE and exaggerates the height's for more hype. hope to here a professional opinion Thankx!
Superman said on 27/Jul/08
Why no Chris Kattan height listed?

Editor Rob
somebody got a link to the roxy sketch with tom hanks, the one with height chart...I can't remember how tall he looked again, maybe I'll have a look again and add him.
Viper said on 24/Jul/08
Ola, whats funny about that is Will edged out the Rock on Saturday Night Live. I guess that makes Rock 5-10-5-10 1/2? lol
Derek said on 23/Jul/08
Ola says on 22/Jul/08
"looked 5'11 since he was no way taller than jay leno at the tonight show"

Get off the crack man. He's 6'2.5" minimum.
brucybaby said on 23/Jul/08
I've said it before, I see him in the gym every day... The guy is between 6'2 and 6'3...
Viper said on 22/Jul/08
Ola, thats impossible.
hpg said on 6/Jun/08
Looks shorter than Sasha Baron Cohen, who is also listed 6'3" here.
dmeyer said on 29/Apr/08
robbins is nearer 6 ft 5 to 6 ft 5..5
Anonymous KinG said on 28/Apr/08
6ft4.5 tim robbins had a good 2in on him.. will is 6ft2.5 not 6ft3. can be peak at 6ft3 but a weak one..
JackieTreehorn said on 25/Apr/08
looks slightly shorter than the NFL measured Kalil (6-3) in his NFL Draft Short.
glenn said on 18/Apr/08
not a great job at all today with all the competition and now ghetto trash in my i make little rather not get into details.nicest?
glenn said on 17/Apr/08
no,i didnt know that about gunner.i met him.but who hasnt? he is common convention trash.doesnt mean i dont like him though.just my day ill reveal terms i use.that others copy.and some i borrowed myself.its the lingo of autograph dealers and such.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
i know doesnt make sense.but i heard that tall men do wear lifts.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
wow.didnt know that.
Duhon said on 16/Apr/08
I've never heard those rumors. I dont see why a 6'3" guy would need to look an extra inch or 2 taller? borat's height is not really integral to his comedy.
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
ive never seen cohen.he is nice,but doesnt like to pose.maybe will had foot advantage whenever i saw him.
glenn said on 15/Apr/08
thats interesting james.i could swear will was 6-4 myself or more.
Dude said on 11/Apr/08
Well Ofcourse your not an elf your 6'3 and had facial hair since 15
(Elf quote when Ferrel talked to the snowman)
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
my problem with john and alot of celebs is that make that they make up new rules.he told me and my friend that he doesnt take photos with people.and never did.which is a complete lie.i know plenty of people who posed with him before 2005.
glenn said on 28/Mar/08
its obvious i thought james.people should be grateful for their sucssess and who put them worried when nobody wants your photo or autograph.not when they do.
glenn said on 27/Mar/08
i see the guy all the time and never approach him,cause 2 pics,maybe 3 is all i need from this loser.its the way he ignores my peers that sickens me.
Leung said on 27/Mar/08
Fame does change people, some remain humble and down to earth, but some get massive ego. I can
dmeyer said on 23/Mar/08
i met will all i can say he is over 6 ft 2 and under 6 ft 4
anonymous said on 23/Mar/08
i never saw two inches between michael clarke duncan and will farell in taladegah nights. the difference was about an inch.
Anonymous KinG said on 23/Mar/08
ferrell looks only 6ft2 beside 6ft4 michael clark duncan..
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/08
Will may be 6'3" in real life, but if his character describes himself at 6'5" in Semi-Pro, I wouldn't fret. After all, when Fred Gwynne was in "The Munsters" the cast often described Herman Munster as being 7'3," despite the fact that he was just under a foot shorter.

In the meantime, dig the contrast between Will Ferrelll and Amy Adams from "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."

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sam said on 19/Mar/08
Glenn, is Ferrell's reputation as the worst autograph-signer in Hollywood correct?
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/08
in person looks over 6 ft 2 under 6 ft 4 6 ft 3 seems right
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/08
looked minimum 190 max 191 cm
nate said on 13/Mar/08
i know, i know. maybe 6-3.5?
Jamie said on 11/Mar/08
6ft5 is laughable he's 6ft3 max
nate said on 9/Mar/08
in semi pro he described himself as 6-5.
Leung said on 3/Mar/08
I was watching A Night at the Roxbury and I am fairly convinced that Will Ferrell is not a solid 6
Jake Is Back said on 27/Feb/08
I actually thought he was every bit as tall as Sacha Baron Cohen in Talledega Knights, and just under Michael Clark Duncan. So he's 6'3", or at least 6'2.5" (which is possible I guess). Talk of less than that can't be right when he is just about as tall as MCD.
Dennis said on 26/Feb/08
Click Here

Will Ferrell speaks of his height as just under 6'9 in this interview, haha.
runt said on 7/Feb/08
I just heard an interview with Dana Carvey in which he explained that even though he does a patented Bush Senior, Will played Bush Senior and Dana played Bush Junior in a sketch only because Will is 6-4 and Dana is 5-8. Maybe Dana is really 5-7
chris175 said on 2/Feb/08
at 5-9 somedays i feel really short, like everyone is 6 foot or something, but then other days i feel quite tall, i have never been told im tall though, just that im "a good height" but i defo think that 5-9 is average. 5-11 in my eyes is ideal and 6-0 and over is tall.
chris175 said on 1/Feb/08
will ferrell was in northern ireland a week ago and i was fornunate enough to meet him, just said hello, nice guy. he is 6-3, any smaller claims are due to his bad posture at times, my 6-6 friend was with me and had a couple of inches on will, and footware seemed similar. its a pity i nevr had my camera to take a pic to show you guys. im 5-9 and i felt tiny beside the two of them lol.
Danimal said on 31/Jan/08
Actually, I had the video of supposed 6'3" Sasha and Will and Sasha has at least 2" on Will the entire time. That pic you provided is WAYYYY off. Either Sasha is 6'5" or Will is 6'2".
runt said on 31/Jan/08
He doesn't stand up straight. He'd be the same height as Sascha Cohen (6-3) if he would
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ancient Aztec guy said on 29/Jan/08
He is probably at least 6'3" because he did look a fair bit taller than 6'1" Fred Willard in Anchorman.
Viper said on 12/Dec/07
Duncan looks no taller than 6-2 3/4 - 6-3 to me. He has consistently looked shorter than 6-3 3/4 Dwayne Wade.
kenji said on 10/Dec/07
somethings wrong with Big T below.. well the fact height is will ferrell is 188~189only, sacha baron cohen is 191 and clarke duncan is 193..
amazing grace said on 7/Dec/07
leung I am with you it makes Will 189 6 2.5 which he seems especially in blades of glory
Leung said on 2/Dec/07
Big T,
I also loved Talladega Nights, the foot race is my favourite scene in the movie, it was so funny.
With regards to the actors heights, I think you are wrong in saying that Ferrell, Cohen, and Clarke are the same height. Clarke is clearly the tallest of the three actors. Ferrell and Cohen are similar in height but it does look as though Cohen is slightly taller by about 0.5
Big T said on 2/Dec/07
Having seen Talladega Nights about 5000 times (it's on repeat on the TVs at work) I strongly believe that Ferrell, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Michael Clarke Duncan are all the same height.
Anthony said on 26/Nov/07
The line's actually "since you're fifteen." But yeah, I watched "Elf" last night and I was going to point out that line.
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/07
in elf the snowman says to him, "you're six foot three and you've had a beard since you were twelve."
keekster said on 19/Oct/07
yeah - i've met will ferrell, he's really tall - certainly 6 3
sam said on 15/Oct/07
Brother_h, "Borat" (Baron Cohen) is actually 6'3".
dmeyer said on 14/Oct/07
i met ferrell he is over 6'2 like 6'2.75 to 6'3
brother_h said on 13/Oct/07
idk will ferrel looks shorter now. like 6'1 or barley 6'0. borat is 6'2 and is taller than him. i always thought he was 6'2, he looks it. i wish i could see for myself. im 6'1 so that might help.
starfish said on 23/Sep/07
I agree with leung except for one thing will had 2.5 inches on the guy "Buster" because the height difference in stranger than fiction is the same as me and my buddy I'm 6'3 and he's 6'0 and theres a Bigg difference
Brah said on 3/Sep/07
If Will Ferrell looks at least an inch taller than Jim Carrey, whose listed 6'1.5" by Rob:

Click Here
Leung said on 22/Aug/07
I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night and Ferrel does look 6’2.5”-6’3”. I noticed that the “Buster” guy from Arrested Development is pretty tall, around 6’1”.
dmeyer said on 21/Aug/07
didnt look under 189 cm in person and likely 190 191 cm but he looks a bit shorter than cohen so 6'2.5 to 6'2.75 fits him
Viper said on 20/Aug/07
I always thought Ferrell was 6-3, but now Im not sure. He could have been always 6-2-6-2 1/1 maybe. He might have had a footwear advtange with Rock, but that possibility seems low.
l0ck n l0ad said on 20/Aug/07
Oh I see, but anyway I think you misunderstood what I was saying initially. I was saying no matter how tall Ferrel is now days, I do believe Ferrel was a full 6'3" peak height (or possibly just a franction under), as opposed to quite a few people here saying he's looking more 6'2" than 6'3" nowdays, I wanted to remind them he was around the 6'3" mark at his peak.
About the SNL well if the Rock's 6'2" I guess Ferrel must have been at least 6'2-1/2" there.
Viper said on 18/Aug/07
Ferrell had a half an inch to an inch on Rock.
l0ck n l0ad said on 18/Aug/07
I don't know I haven't seen them both on SNL, was Ferrel significantly taller?
Viper said on 18/Aug/07
If hes 6-2, then how did he look taller than the Rock on SNL?
l0ck n l0ad said on 17/Aug/07
Surely recent evidence points out that Ferrel is closer to 6'2" rather than 6'3" (he's getting older), I agree, but I do believe this guy was 6'3" or just a fraction under, maybe 6'2-3/4" at peak height?
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
He doesnt even look 6-2 1/2 there. No taller than 6-2 flat.
qwerty said on 11/Aug/07
Yeah, there's no way he's a full 6'3". I think 6'2.5" is more appropriate.
Viper said on 4/Aug/07
Ferrell looks nothing over 6-2 with Kalil. And both look to be wearing similar footwear. Thats pretty good proof right there.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
i met hin i think 190 cm fits him
Mark said on 1/Aug/07
definetly not 6'3". kalil's measurement is spot on because it was taken at the nfl combine (instead of grossly inflated roster heights), and ferrel was a tad shorter. hes 6'2.5" - 6'2.25"
vtec said on 30/Jul/07
ferrell looks 6'2" with ryan kalil (measured 6' 2 3/4") in this video. around the 1:36 mark.

Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 27/Jul/07
Yep Viper, I think that's the case. Cohen is dressed up very formal over there, with possibly high heeled leather shoes. On the other hand Ferrel is dressed over there more casual in jeans and a jacket, I can only assume he's wearing trainers. Footwear advantage is what it's about I recon.
Viper said on 16/Jul/07
Cohen was over an inch taller than Ferrell at the MTV movie awards. Maybe Cohen had a footwear advantage?
Leung said on 15/Jul/07
Will Ferrell does look a legit 6'3", but his posture might not be as straight as Borat.
Leung said on 19/Jun/07
In Talledega Nights I noticed that Sacha Baron Cohen is slightly taller than Ferrell, so if Borat is 6’3” then I’d say Ferrell is 6’2.5” otherwise Cohen must be taller than 6’3”.

Most of the main characters in Talledega Nights are tall, imagine if Farrell had tried to get Tom Cruise in the movie, it would have been mission impossible because Cruise would have looked at the cast and thought to himself that these guys are giants.
johndoe said on 11/Jun/07
In a scene from his upcoming movie, he looked to have a good 2.5" on John Heder. Ferrell is definitely over 6'2".
Viper said on 5/Jun/07
I actually saw more than 1 inch between them. Closer to 2 inches.
runt said on 5/Jun/07
Kevin Nealon is listed as 6-4 in this site and in the few skits where I saw the two, I couldn't see a height difference.
Duhon said on 4/Jun/07
I saw that too, he looked at least an inch shorter than 6'3" cohen. either cohen downplays his true height (could pass for 6'4" easily, especially how he stands next to guys like will) or will is 6'2".
Viper said on 3/Jun/07
He might only be 6-2 at best. Sasah Baron Cohen had 1-2 inches on him at the MTV movie awards.
Jason said on 20/May/07
timber says on 30/Mar/07
''He said he was 6-1 1/2 as a freshman, and "grew to 6-3" . Isn't it possible he didn't grow past 6-1 1/2?''

He meant he was 6'1 1/2'' as a freshman in high school.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/07
Jim Carey looks no more than 6-1 standing next to a 5-10 1/2 measured NFL player on his page. Ferrell really does look only 6-2 with him.
timber said on 19/Apr/07
Hmmm, Carrey's posture isn't great in that pic. If he stood straight I think he would be the same height as Ferrell.
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
Maybe Carey is the 6'2 he claims. I can't see ferrell under 6'3. He always looks tall
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/07
Jim Carrey being listed as 6'1.5, from this pic i would say that the difference between Carrey and Ferrell is 1 inch tops

Click Here
timber said on 8/Apr/07
he appears slightly shorter here than director Marc Forster, who is listed at 6`2 (188 cm):Click Here
Ball-A-Hallic said on 8/Apr/07
alwyas thought he was 6'3 but i can see him being 6'2 or 6'2.5
timber said on 30/Mar/07
He said he was 6-1 1/2 as a freshman, and "grew to 6-3" . Isn't it possible he didn't grow past 6-1 1/2?
anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
He seemed to straighten himself out as much as possible when he saw me.
anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
Maybe 6`2 1/4, but no more.
anonymous said on 29/Mar/07
May have been posture, but he just seemed to be looking up at me.
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
If hes only 6-2 then that would make the Rock just 6-1, as Will had over an inch on the Rock on Saturday night live.
anonymous said on 28/Mar/07
i just met him like two minutes ago (really). I am 6`3, and there is no way he was as tall as me. He is not 6`3, he is at best 6`2. Maybe a hair over.
S.J said on 27/Feb/07
He didnt Look Mutch Taller then John C Reilly
on a Video From the Oscars
On Youtube
Anthony said on 16/Feb/07
He's at least 6'3 IMO. Baron Cohen is 6'3.25. I'd day Will is 6'3 1/2.
dmeyer said on 16/Feb/07
i think he is 190 cm flat i met him wish is pretty tall already
Derek said on 14/Feb/07
Looks a shade shorter than Sacha Baron Cohen. Probably 6'2 1/2"-3/4".
Liberachi16 said on 13/Feb/07
hey just about everyone looks bigger up close. 6'3 is straight up.
Litalien said on 28/Jan/07
again ferrel vs carey Click Here
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/07
i met ferrel and after looking at pics he could be 190 cm 6'2.75
Jay said on 24/Dec/06
He's 6'3 for sure, nothing more nothing less, Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat/Ali G) is 6'3 aswell and they were the exact same height in Talladega Nights.
Glenn said on 3/Dec/06
Conan is 6-4.6-3 for Will always sounded short to me.
sleuth said on 2/Dec/06
Definitely the same height as Conan O'brien, whatever that really is.
sam said on 22/Nov/06
I agree that Sacha (not sasha!) is about the same height as Ferrell, not distinctly taller.
Jake W. said on 21/Nov/06
He didn't look smaller than sasha. He's probably 4" taller than Tom Hanks. 6'3" is correct.
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
i think he is 6'3 but no more since he looked smaller than sasha
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
tom has his head up so more 2 to 3 inches taller than hanks
ed said on 9/Nov/06
Sacha Baron Cohen (6'3'') and Will Ferrell:
Click Here
James said on 5/Nov/06
Will is 6'3". He looked about an inch shorter than Conan on his 10th Anniversary Special (on a flat stage). But I agree, he can look bigger.
Anthony said on 4/Nov/06
I agree with Glenn. As I stated below, I used to think he was 6'5 until I saw him with Vince Vaughn.
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
Will always seemed bigger than 6-3 to me.
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/06
it is dificult to judge height when people stan on gross it is easier when people are on the same floor i only met farrell in gross same thing for the rock the floor wasnt stable at first he gave me the impression he was 6'1.5 and then 2 minutes latter 6'3.5 so i guess i cant judge acuratly when i am standing on gross like one times on gross i shaked will hand and he gave me the impression he was only 2 inches taller than me
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/06
in some scene were nicole was wearing 0.5 in heels and he was wearing 1 in he realy towerd over even when she was in heels he was taller so rob might be right 179 for her but sometimes realy looks 5'11 to 6 compare to other actors
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/06
at 5'11 +1.5 in heels 6'0.5 he seemed a good 3 inches taller i 1.2 sneakers so 6'3.5 to 6'4 in shoes
Cantstop25 said on 29/Sep/06
with 6'5" tim robbins

Click Here
Mr. E said on 23/Sep/06
Will looks to be 6'3" as many of the guys around him are less than 5'10".....I think Rob is right on here....
gorgie.k7m said on 18/Sep/06
179cm nicole kidman wearing a flat shoe stand next to will who wore an inches shoe looks only about 8~9cm over kidman in bewitched.. i did say that will is a 6ft2max in shoe.. a 6ft1(186cm) barefoot only.. yah..beside owen wilson in wedding crasher while he stand next to 178 owen looks just 8cm about taller.. 186cm is right.. 6ft3 was a big laugher joke.. the more he would be 6ft1max.. 6ft2 could put as his peak height..
stan said on 23/Aug/06
Will Ferrel is 6'3 1/2 and has stated this many times, rob will u consider changing him
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/06
after watchig pics he might be 191 cm like 6 ft 3.25
Brucybaby said on 20/Jul/06
He goes to my gym in Los Angeles... The guy is between 6'2 and 6'3... I see him every day!!
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jul/06
yea i say will's a solid 6'3 and mike ditka i'd ay he's 6'1.5 now a days maybe earlier years he was like 6'2 or 6'2.5 and got listed at 6'3 from his days in Chicago(as a player), but i'd defently say 6'1.5 for mike.
Mr. R said on 26/May/06
I met Mike Ditka at the crap tables in Lake Tahoe a few years ago. He is between 6-1 and 6-2.
don said on 17/May/06
i was just watching kicking and screaming right.... he was about 3/4 of an inch taller then mike ditka..whos supposedly 6'3
Stretch said on 18/Apr/06
Why do most posts diminish celebrity heights? Will Farrell was at a well known Orange County Ca. restaurant at the same time my wife and I were dining. I'm 6' 5" and he was (at most) an inch and-a-half shorter than I. Nice guy too.
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
i am 5'11.5" and i was wearing 1.5" heels =6'1" and will was steel a good 3 inches on me so around 6'4" in shoes i think will is in the 190 192 cm range
bikagyura said on 7/Feb/06
He's clearly taller by about an half inch or more than 6'3
Pete said on 25/Jan/06
Thank you. So many people claim to have met other celebs on here its ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/05
whats the point in saying his 6'1" its blantently obvious to see his taller then that, he towers over 6ft luke wilson in old school, and is near 6'5" vince vaughn. So hes 6'3" plus , why come on here and say you saw him when you clearly have not.
CelebHeights Editor said on 6/Oct/05
In he says: "I was 6-foot-1 1/2 as a freshman so of course I had the varsity basketball coach drooling over me"..."I grew to 6-3 so I ended up as a forward"
CelebHeights Editor said on 5/Oct/05
From SacTicket, "I saw a news story recently that said I'm 6-foot-4. I'm creeping up, like in the high school football programs where you give yourself 15 more pounds. In three years I want to be 6-foot-5 in stories. And I'm gonna do the opposite of these kids like LeBron James who are coming out of high school and going into the NBA. I'm gonna be the first 36-year-old white guy who tries to make it in the NBA"
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/05
i worked with him even shaked his hand he is no less than 6 foot 3 in he looks way taller than nicole even when she wears hells he steel lookd 2 in taller
mcfan said on 23/Aug/05
I think he's 6'3.5 just like he claims. It is impossible for him to be 6'1 as indicated below. He skies over Nicole Kidman by 5 inches or so.
Heightster said on 11/Jul/05
Saw him in 1" sandles. He's 6-1 MAX.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 1/Jul/05
Also in ELF the snowman says to Buddy(Ferrell)"Your 6'3" n some other stuff

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