How tall is Yousef Erakat

Yousef Erakat's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

Yousef Erakat (aka FouseyTUBE) is an American Youtube Star, who has amassed over 8 million subscribers and topped 1 billion views. He has claimed to stand "5'11" tall.

Yousef Erakat by Adam Hendershott

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5ft 9.56in (176.7cm)
Aaron Zamora said on 17/Jul/21
How tall is Tayler Holder? There’s pictures and videos of him next to Yousef he was on the YouTube vs Tik Toker boxing event. You should start adding tik tokers and more you tubers on this page for example: Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Tayler Holder, Addison Rae, etc. for fousey tube I feel like he’s a bit over listed I would give him 5’9 and 5’10 1/4 in shoes he looks significantly shorter than Logan and Logan paul compared to Bradley Martyn edges him out. I give bradly martyn 6’0 1/2 - 6’1. Maybe add a page for Bradley Martyn I have seen a few others asking for him for a while.
barry 183 said on 16/Jul/21
@c-reddit man
honestly i think he is 3 inch shorter than 6ft 1 1/2 logan paul
C - Reddit Man said on 13/Jul/21
@barry The fact holder tried to claim 6’2” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of in my life
barry said on 26/Jun/21
fousey 177
bryce 172
austin 174
deji 171
gib 171-172
vinnie 178
holder 179-180 (i cant confirm hes that tall but i can confirm hes not 6ft 2)

rob, what do you think
barry said on 26/Jun/21
@2pacalypse nah bryce hall is 5ft 8 max and austin is 5ft 8 1/2 max
2pacalypse wow said on 22/Jun/21
@FoolishKillah, Bryce is 5'9" maybe.. but no more than that.
FoolishKillah said on 12/Jun/21
Rob, this is ridiculous, these two well known youtubers; Bryce hall, and Austin Mcbroom are now claiming 5'11 and 6 ft tall. They should get their own page here, Rob. They're such frauds. They ranges around 5'7 to 5'8 next to 5'9 Fouseytube. Go watch this video here: Click Here
FoolishKillah said on 23/May/21
Rob, How tall do you think Austin Mcbroom and Bryce hall against 5'9 Fouseytube? Austin claims 6 ft and Bryce hall claims 5'9 both wearing normal shoes.The picture was taken from their previous press conference. You can watch it on youtube Rob, the press conference got trending because of the altercation. Here's the sample pic: Click Here
Editor Rob
those guys looked more 5ft 8-8.5 than 9+
Joseph177 said on 23/May/20
Here is a pic. I don't know man. They might even be the same height. Like I said Alex Wassabi have a lot of hair and Yousef is bald so that's probably why Alex looked taller. Alex can be anywhere from 177-179 cm. There is another pic showing them standing together with boxing footwear and they look very similar.

Click Here
Joseph177 said on 17/May/20
Yousef's buddy Alex Wassabi seems to be 179 cm. Not sure if it's because of his hair and Yousef is bald, but he does look taller than Yousef. It will be great if Rob gives him a page. He is a very famous youtuber as well.
Nicholas 5'9.25 said on 17/Apr/20
Hey Rob, there's this youtuber named Aled Wassabi, and google says he's 6 feet tall, and says Roi guava is between 5'5" and 5'7". Looking at these pictures, how tall would you say they are? Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
He might be taller than Yousef, but I have only seen a little of Alex.
He did in fact once claim 5ft 12, so he does seem to go with 6ft as his claim!
MD said on 15/Mar/20

This is too much. Here he is with 5'8" Roman Atwood.

Click Here

Almost 5'10" appears to be too much. He's 5'9" flat, at most.
Jkiller said on 8/Feb/20
5'9.5. 176cm, not anything above.
Murtuza said on 1/Jan/20
He is 5’10” with shoes
cmillz said on 25/Nov/19
Been a long time since I’ve even looked at him, but he’s always seemed closer to 5’9 than 5’10 to me.
TheBat said on 16/Nov/19
5'9.5" would be better.
JamboD said on 22/Oct/19
Rob check this out with Ksi . Click Here Looks taller than Ksi here
Editor Rob
They look kinda close, though maybe Ksi has a bit of leaning into Yousaf.
Glasgowcrew said on 8/Sep/19
Probably a 5'10 guy in shoes 5'11.
Ely said on 16/Jul/19
@Sonny Black

your a little **** dont know where the " claim" is from but on his live stream a few weeks ago he said he was 5 foot 10.... with shoes in the morning he is like 5 foot 11
TheBat said on 28/Jun/19
5'9.5" is much more possible.
eussy peter said on 18/Dec/18
in this image here he looks about 5'10 next to logan who's listed 6'2" Click Here
khaled taban said on 24/Sep/18
Rob , This man isn't that short.He is 5'9.5" at lowest but more likely 5'9.75"/177cm most of the time .
Declan Mclean said on 21/Jul/18
Yea he is 5,9 in my opinion.
Ray man said on 21/Jul/18
Well comparing to how small jj looks next to logan and comparing fousey with
logan its pretty clear that fousey is a little under 5'9.7 i think he wouldn't measure over 5'9.25 may be a 5'9.7-5'10 in the morning but definitely not over 5'9.25
Ray man said on 21/Jul/18
Well comparing to how small jj looks next to logan and comparing fousey with
logan its pretty clear that fousey is a little under 5'9.7 i think he wouldn't measure over 5'9.25 may be a 5'9.7-5'10 in the morning but definitely not over 5'9.25
Fisticuffs said on 14/Jul/18
Rob, check this out;

Click Here

Looks a good 4 inches shorter than Logan Paul here wouldn't you agree?
Editor Rob
Yeah he can look not much over 5ft 9.
Robert Bartleheim said on 25/Jun/18
Rob, you should check out his comparison with Rice Gum: Click Here

Does fousey deserve an upgrade?
Editor Rob
There might be near 3 inches between them, but whether Rice is 6ft 0.5 is still up for debate.
Michael Liftroysen said on 22/Jun/18
Just under 6ft, I measured his height myself since I am a tailor.
FDee said on 27/Apr/18
If he's listed as under 5'10 how can ksi who's smaller than him in a video by at least an inch in a face off be listed as 5'10 1/4 someone's listing is wrong here !
Lenny said on 21/Feb/18
Hmm I think he is more 175.7-176 cm. yes 5"9.5 is a more accurate listing imo
Lenny said on 28/Jan/18
I think he is 174.9cm or 175cm on the dot, he can look 5”10 in shoes sometimes imo
Jake94 (5'9 said on 16/Jan/18
176cm not much over that.
John said on 30/Dec/17
Classic 5'9 guy.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/17
174-5 would be better
cmillzz said on 26/Dec/17
I don't think he's nearly 5'10 like this listing would suggest tbh, seems more 5'9.5 to me. Could be 5'9.25.
Sonny Black said on 25/Dec/17
This guy’s such a ***, he would claim 5’11 lol.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/17
I think 5’9.5 flat would be closer rob
Click Here:
Doesn't look taller than the kid whose a fair bit shorter than mayweather
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
Yes, he gived a new proof Curry isn't 6'3.
Peter181cm said on 16/Sep/17
He is 5'9.5 (176.5cm) max.!
More like 5'9.25 (1.76m)
Maybe 5'9 (1.75m)

But not over 5'9.5 -_-
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Sep/17

His chest has nothing to do with it, unless you're talking about broad shoulders which can sometimes give the impression of being tall from a distance.
Mark said on 12/Sep/17
He has a massive chest that makes him look bigger and wears those Nike shoes that add inch and a half height...typical 5'8 guy who seems about 5'10 with the big chest and those Nike shoes.
Peter181cm said on 8/Sep/17
Typical 5'9 guy trying to claim 5'11 or 6' -_-
Max said on 23/Aug/17
Rob can romanatwood get a page he seems 5ft8 range
Meme Dude said on 17/Aug/17
Lol I thought I remember Fousey saying he was 6 foot in a vid. I thought this site would only have pop stars but I guess YouTube stars are know that too but I still want Ethan Klein on here, I know he's gotta be real with his height.
6ftMamooth said on 27/Jul/17
He looked near 6ft with steph curry assuming curry is a legit 6'3
PewDiePie fan said on 3/Jul/17
Rob can you please do romanatwood I am really curious to know how tall he is
Cameron said on 21/Jun/17
@ Chris Yousef is closer to the camera. Not a great picture for judging height IMO.
Chris said on 31/May/17
5'11 claimer Jesse Wellens with Yousef. Similar footwear, indoors. Click Here
Rob, what would you say is? Next to Casey Neistat, seems anywhere from 5'9-5'9.5 max.
Looks at least a cm under Yosef here, though.
189Night said on 26/May/17
Danny Duncan is listed in his High School Baseball teambook as 5'10.
a knaw knee moose said on 13/May/17
@Jayden V

he stands next to that 5'9 youtuber on a hoverboard that adds probably like 5 inches...
Jayden V said on 12/May/17
LOL this is wrong. He is 180cm.

Click Here here he stands next to 5'9 danny duncun..
Jani said on 11/May/17
This one seems to be fairly accurate. Fousey is very slightly shorter than Vitaly who is about 178-179cm. Fousey is also a tiny bit taller than Pewdiepie (who is 175cm on this site). Sometimes Fousey's footwear is little questionable though (sometimes it looks like he has some heel lifts in his sneakers) so he might be 174cm-175cm.
TJE said on 19/Apr/17
Click Here

Another one with barely 5'8 Roman Atwood. He's got 1.5 inches tops on him and that's before accounting the footwear.
Arthur said on 9/Feb/17
Lol, the current tallest youtuber who has a page is barely 5'10.
Realist said on 31/Jan/17
Lol I am 5'9.75 on my tall leg. I reckon he would be .5cm shorter than I thank goodness for the downgrade
Rollo Tomasi said on 15/Jan/17
Thought he was shorter...
Josh I'm 5'11 said on 1/Jan/17
Rice gum is 6 foot 1 he is a good 3.5 inches over fousey then Alex wasabi claims 5'11.5/6 foot but appears about 5'10.5 and so I put Alex wasabi at 5'10.5 and Laurdiy claims 5 foot 5 but appears just under that so I put her at 5'4.75 and she looks about 5 or so inches under fousey at about 0:45 in this video Click Here
Josh I'm 5'11 said on 1/Jan/17
Rice gum is 6 foot 1 he is a good 3.5 inches over fousey
Nick said on 27/Dec/16
Hey rob I know it's a difficult picture to tell but any guesses on rice gums height he apparently claims "6'2" Click Here
Editor Rob
Nick, he could be a good 3 inches taller than Fousey.
TJE said on 16/Nov/16
Looks at least 7 inches shorter than Tyler Perry.
Aaron Zamora said on 1/Nov/16
@nina- If you watch Alex's blogs he claimed to wear lifts in a vlog including Brock o burn! I believe he's around fouseys height.
Nina said on 30/Oct/16
Can you please do a page for his youtuber best friends Alex wassabi and LaurDIY?

Alex claims he's 5'11.75 but he looks in the 5'10 range, just under 5'11

LaurDIY claims 5'5 but often appears 5'4.
Aaron Zamora said on 19/Oct/16
Rob, what do you think about these pictures? Here's fouseytube next to 6.0 1/2 Steve Harvey Click Here. I believehe looks close to his claim or Steve needs a downgrade. Here is fousey next to 6'4.5 listed Tyler perry Click Here. He looks kind of short next to him. I believe Steve is 6'0 at most.
Editor Rob
he looks a couple of inches smaller...whether they are both standing similar I don't know, but it certainly appears Steve might lose a bit more, suddenly you have 2.5 inches.

That hat of his gives 3cm before you hit his head.
TJE said on 29/Sep/16
More 5'9-9.5 than 5'9.5-10
curly said on 23/Sep/16
Rob, why is he claiming to be 5'11 is that his max height??
Click Here (look at 0:54 seconds)
Also how tall is roman to you
Editor Rob
I think he can look as low as 5ft 9.5, but also at times near 5ft 10, he may be claiming a height in sneakers or just adding an inch.
MD said on 2/Sep/16
Why is he still listed as being nearly 5'10"?
Aaron Zamora said on 31/Aug/16
Fouseytube next to Kevin hart! How tall does he look Rob? Fouseytube isn't standing at his best. Click Here
Editor Rob
can look 5ft 9 range there.
TJE said on 29/Aug/16
What? Yousef was standing closer to the camera. Previous listing is his max.
Aaron Zamora said on 28/Aug/16
Rob, if you jump to minute 6:21 he comes out with Will.I.AM it took me a while to find this video and if you jump the video to minute 8:06 he comes out next to 6'0 listed Common how tall do you believe he really is? Next to common the video is recorded with them side by side in a good angle. Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look quite close to 5ft 10 with Common there, who typically looks near his claim.
Jon said on 19/Aug/16
Click Here

again at 15:39 he doesn't look more than 2 inches shorter than 6ft1-2 Furious Pete

either he's taller , or he wears shoes that give him height or all the people in the internet lie about their heights
Aaron Zamora said on 9/Aug/16
Fouseys footwear are converse as shown in the video.
Aaron Zamora said on 7/Aug/16
In the video you can see fouseys footwear are converse and Ellen has some vans or something like that. Either he's bigger Rob or Ellen needs a downgrade.
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Aug/16
How tall do you think Fouseytube looks next to Ellen? Click Here
Editor Rob
can lok 5ft 10 range, not sure what his footwear really was though.
Max184cm said on 26/Jul/16
Looks 5' 9" - 5' 9.5" more than 5' 9.5" - 5' 10".
TJE said on 23/Jul/16

...Pewdiepie is 5'8-8.25...
Jon said on 22/Jul/16
Click Here

he's taller than 5ft10.5 pewdiepie .
MD said on 23/Jun/16
It really is weird. He's obviously not 5'10".
TJE said on 23/Jun/16
How he's held this listing for this long baffles me. He's no taller than 5'9.5.
Editor Rob
I think the 5ft 9.5 figure is a believable mark for him, I am having one more look at him...
Jamie said on 17/Jun/16
I think 5' 9" range is a better shout. He's shorter than 5' 10" range Vitaly.
Kourosh said on 16/Jun/16
Is this goof even a celebrity to be added on?? it seems he is just a youber punk you have not added many footballers , actors , athletics who are worthy owning a page , instead you giving this goof internet junkie a page? come on rob think about credibility of your website.
Editor Rob
I would prefer if we don't insult people. People do search for this guy's height on the web. Internet famous celebrities should be considered I feel.
Alxr37 said on 8/Jun/16
My guess is 5'9.5 doesn't look much taller than Roman
Johno said on 7/Jun/16
He has his own page? Cool.
Mat said on 7/Jun/16
rob did you really think he was worth adding? i mean there are a lot more famous youtubers than him
Editor Rob
it depends on whether people are interested in a person's height or not.

I think there is interest in many youtubers heights, it's just a matter of which should have a page on their own.
MD said on 7/Jun/16
5'10" is too tall, maybe just by a little, but it's too high a listing.
Aaron Zamora said on 6/Jun/16
Rob, do you think you can ever get a picture with Fouseytube? He does meet and greets every once in a while. That would for sure set everything out.
Editor Rob
unfortunately probably unlikely.
Aaron Zamora said on 5/Jun/16
Fouseytube is coming out in Boo a Madeas Halloween so hopefully in that movie we can have a good comparison of him next to Tyler perry and Bella Thorne.
Mike said on 4/Jun/16
I always thought he was around 6ft lol
Alxr37 said on 4/Jun/16
I'm the video wear he's giving away shoes to people he looks kinda short
Gaza2121 said on 4/Jun/16
Click Here

In this video at 2:45 Vitaly and FouseyTube stand next to each other and Vitaly is about 2 cm, 0.75 inch taller. Now Vitaly is wearing vans in this video and it's unknown of Fouseys footwear, he could be in vans also but he could be in Jordan's too. 176 cm is my estimate
princessdiana said on 4/Jun/16
His friend/neighbor alex wassabi claims he's 5'11.75 but looks about 5'10ish edges out fousey by an inch or maybe a little more barefoot. I'm telling you all fousey is a weird case.
jajamen said on 3/Jun/16
Rob, is 5'9.5 more possible?
Editor Rob
it is arguable for him, I can see how it might be possible.
Alxr37 said on 3/Jun/16
Yeah I don't think he's 5'10 either he looks 5'8-5'9
Mat said on 3/Jun/16
With 5'10 range Vitaly Click Here Click Here

I believe Vitaly edges him a little but we can't be sure from that
truth said on 3/Jun/16
Vitaly looks 5'10 to me, this guy similar or slightly shorter.
TJE said on 3/Jun/16
The shortest 5'10 guy I've ever seen, right up there with Ryan Tedder lol.

He can look MAYBE 5-6 cm taller than Roman Atwood and that's with a 1-2 cm footwear advantage; though he genuinely looks nearer 177 with Floyd Mayweather.
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Jun/16
Rob, I'm not sure if this can help but this is Epic 5 TV he claims 5'10 and here is a clip of him with Fouseytube. Click Here
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Jun/16
I can't believe that he finally got a page! This makes me so happy he really deserves it. I believe that 5'9.25-5'9.75 would be a better fit though.
Mat said on 3/Jun/16
Rob, didn't you say that he is around 5'9?
Editor Rob
he could look around that, but I don't know if he really is as low as that mark, so I started him at 5ft 10.
c-mo said on 3/Jun/16
I thought he must be 5'11 when I watched his videos before I read that he claims it . he looks like a 5'11 guy . I dont understand why you put him at 5'10 rob even though you havent met him :D maybe because if he was 5'11 he most likely would claim 6'0 ? that is something we should take into account because it is very possible that if he was 5'11 he would just say 6'0

maybe he is 180cm in the morning and 178cm at night or something like that so around 179cm seems realistic
MD said on 3/Jun/16
With however tall Roman Atwood is (I see the Youtube page says "barely 5'8" whatever that means):

Click Here
michael hammock said on 3/Jun/16
Its good to see him on here. Please upload more youtubers rob!
anon 174.75 said on 3/Jun/16
@Rob, can you do a page for Vitaly as well?
Strong 5ft9 said on 2/Jun/16
Is he the first youtuber to have his own page?
Editor Rob
there are a couple of female youtubers I believe...but then, maybe eventually the top 100 or so should have a page of their own.
TJE said on 2/Jun/16
5'9.5 would be better

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