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hambubger said on 4/Jan/18
@Kazko Bartlemo

You are a "solid" 6'1". I myself am a "weak" 6'1", morning 186 night 184. Don't worry about halves and quarters because they are arbitrary because of height compression during the day.

Interesting thing about height loss during day - I saw a chart which shows height loss during day for slim, medium and obese people. An obese person loses a bit more height than a slim person during the day - 2cm vs 1.8cm or so. But the most interesting part was that while the obese person loses almost all their height by mid-morning, the same amount of height loss is not experienced by a slim person until afternoon. A medium sized person is somewhere in between but closer to the slim person.

So if you are comparing the heights of two people, and you can't compare them straight out of bed, you should take weight into account. Case in point, Obama and Trump. They seem very close in height, but Obama is very slim and Trump is somewhat heavyset - so I'd wager confidently that Trump gets out of bed marginally taller but the advantage is gone by the time he finishes breakfast.
Kazko Bartlemo said on 3/Jan/18
Rob my height in the morning is 187 cm and in the night is 185 cm, am I 6'1 or 6'1 and a half?
Alex 6'3 said on 30/Dec/17
Rob it's right to say, generally, that we losing around 1.2 cm from morning height to afternoon, and 0.5-0.6 mm from afternoon to evening height? That's would be a lost of 1.8 cm in total.
[Editor Rob: on average from afternoon to evening it's more like a 3mm...but it depends on the time you wake up.]
Chris said on 29/Dec/17
Hey Rob, how many hours of sleep do you think you need to get your highest morning height?
[Editor Rob: a full 8 hours, maybe 9 to reach optimal range...but it also depends if you are curled up or lying flat on your back mostly, that might determine whether you hit the highest possible mark.]
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 29/Dec/17
Just some family members I´ve measured:

1997 age 39 195,8cm midday, age 58 194,2m low.

1985 age 36 152cm, age 48 150,3cm, age 68 148,2cm all low
( not genetically small, at age 12 was seriously hit by a drunken cardriver and after 6 month coma never grew in height again)
Usually man height from this generation of both sides of my family is 5´8.5"-5´11".

1990 age 25 192cm, age 52 186,2cm both low - lot spine-problems, herniated discs

169cm late morning, 168cm evening, lot of measurements during her 30´s. Today age 60 she´s 167 late morning, 166cm evening


So, with all the studies, who would´ve thought that the tallest person with the least bodyworkout had the smallest heightloss?

So yeah, strange things happen... genetic is a big part

But Robs Routine is a little piece of gold,
we do it daily.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 29/Dec/17
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 16/Dec/17
Hey Rob it's necessary to stay awake all day to measure the lowest height???

If possible try 90min soccer playing and after that do barbellsquats with your maximum weight Click Here
(I think its veeeery important watching such vids often... to ensure you´re doing the squats right...
my honey sleeps btw...)

You will be under your normal-low right after.

Check up your girlfriend first or you might lose more height than you wanted:)
qifsha the choke kaare said on 29/Dec/17
Rob, if i am 175.4 out of bed, avg daily low 173.4 and extreme low 173.0, what is more accurate, 173.5 or 174? Also how much do you grow on average by 17 yo to peak?
[Editor Rob: if you gain 3cm after turning 17 you are doing better than average, which is less than 3cm.

You seem a solid 173cm, you could claim 174 as you might find by 18 that is your low mark.]
Commas said on 29/Dec/17
Hey rob, I’m normally 6 foot throughout the day but due to a lot of physical labor lately I’ve noticed a decrease in my height. Are there any exercise techniques to regain my posture? This wouldn’t bother me but my spine feels more tense than usual.
[Editor Rob: I would buy a chin-up bar and incorporate some basic hanging to help decompress the spine. You can also do some other little exercises with a bar, like knee raises or other stretches, which might help a little with posture.]
5'9 dude said on 28/Dec/17
Rob, after 8 hours of sleeping I am 178 cm on the nose , and I can measure a weak 175 at the end of the day depending on how active I am maybe drop to 174 , is this normal and will the shrinkage decrease as I get older I am currently 19 years old , and is there any chance I can gain 1-2 cm from healthy diet and exercise? I have already gained 1.2cm at 19 years old , thanks .
[Editor Rob: daily shrinkage decreases, but you won't really see that effect for several decades. Once into 60's and through 70's the gap between morning and evening will get less...of course you are also going to shrink a bit as well.]
rvip85 said on 28/Dec/17
Hi Rob, after 9-10 hours sleeping I wake up and measure 180.4 cm. At night I might go down to 178 cm
What height should I claim and what height you would list me on celebheights?
[Editor Rob: depends on how tall you look, you might look like a 178 or 179 person...posture/footwear could mean you are guessed at either height. ]
183man said on 28/Dec/17
Rob how big is a centimetre? I know you mentioned before that an 2p coin has an diameter 0.5 off an inch, is there any object or thing that becomes close to a centimetre?
[Editor Rob: when you think about mobile phones, most are thinner than 1cm these days, even a typical school pencil is less than 1cm thick too...if you stack 3 £1 coins on top of each other, that is about 1cm.]
Jonnny said on 21/Dec/17
Rob After 9-10 hours sleeping I wake up and measure 178 cm or 5'10.2 At night I go down to 176 cm
What height should I claim and what height you would list me on celebheights?
[Editor Rob: it all depends on how tall a person looks, but say you were a celeb, you might be like Casper van Dien. He said he was almost 5ft 9.5 and then came out quite specifically with 5ft 9.25...which I would say was accurate for afternoon height.

You are probably identical - there's no harm in being specific, especially if you are being honest about it.]
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Dec/17
Maybe it's possible to gain height ...
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 17/Dec/17
I honestly think that a loss of height can be avoided with a replacement disk surgery
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 16/Dec/17
Hey Rob it's necessary to stay awake all day to measure the lowest height???
[Editor Rob: you could hit your low point if you don't drink much, do 5-6 hours of hard work...you might bottom out at your low and not lose much more.]
lastango said on 14/Dec/17
Hey Rob, I'm 5 ft 6 at my lowest before bed, what could I reasonably claim for height ?
[Editor Rob: if you claim 5ft 6 you are very honest and people value honesty in simple things...

but say you measured only once at 11am and got 5ft 6 1/3rd....it wouldn't be wrong to claim it either!]
cmillzz said on 14/Dec/17
Rob, do you think an injury to the neck (such as whiplash or a disc injury) can cause some height loss? And if so, to what extent?
[Editor Rob: yeah I would say some disc injuries can lead to small height loss, but also if they effect other discs over time, then that might accelerate height loss.]
F97 said on 13/Dec/17
Rob I had a friend sleepover at my house today and we decided to measure our height to compare morning with evening.we are both 20 years old bit he is born in march and I in May. Out of bed we both measured exactly 184cm. Around 8 pm I got 182.5 cm bit my friend got 180.4 cm how can he shrink this much?
[Editor Rob: his discs seem to expel more water than yours, it is the quirk of daily height variation...some folk might only lose 1.5, others 3cm!]
Interval said on 10/Dec/17
Rob. You said a lot of these listings might be 1/4 inch taller than their low height. But my question is what if you have a low and a maximum low? What I mean is that most days you will have an average low. But on really bad days you might even be 1/4 inch lower than you are 95 percent of the time. I am usually around 5 ft 10.5. And sometimes I maintain that the whole day and other days I fall to 5 ft 10 1/4 or 1/3. But then on the very worst days I am only around 5 ft 10 at night. When that happens I feel like I shrunk. But that only happens maybe a few times a year, since I measure everyday. It doesn't happen very often but When it does happen, I get worried and feel less confident, but then I'm usually back to normal height in a day or two.

So Jenny is 5 foot 8. What is her low height? And does she have days where she's even a little shorter than she is 95 percent of the time?

So Rob, just to clarify... A lot of these height listings might be 1/4 inch taller than their 10 pm height? So for instance, Taylor Swift might fall to 5 ft 9 sometimes and Adriana Lima might fall to 5 ft 9 and 3/4 sometimes and Charlize Theron 5 ft 9 1/2 sometimes?
[Editor Rob: yes some listings might be 1/4 inch higher than a low mark.]
Alex said on 10/Dec/17
Robb, sorry for asking this because I know that you've answered it before, but I simply can't recall, what time of the day is, in your opinion, the proper time to measure one's height? Or, at least, how many hours after waking up?
[Editor Rob: I think 5-6 hours is a fair time, because it matches up with what might be the average time people in general get measured at.]
Canson said on 9/Dec/17
@Rob: it is odd my father is almost 70 and appears to have lost extremely little in terms of height. He still looks around 6’3.75-6’4 and peak was a legit 6’4. I look 1/2” taller than him back to back at 193.7-194. Maybe he was 6’4 1/8 peak but doubt more than that at a low
[Editor Rob: it's rarer to reach 70 with a small fraction lost, just due to the ageing process. But of course, good health, regular exercise, vitamin intake and even a stretching routine for suppleness could reduce overall shrinkage.]
lastango said on 9/Dec/17
Hi Big Rob, I've got two questions for you : how long do we have to lie down for a nap in the afternoon to recover almost all our morning height ? And how much millimeters is it possible to recover in the afternoon by hanging and stretching at the pull up bar ? Thank you
[Editor Rob: might need 3 hours to get back to morning height...

it's easier lying down for 20 minutes at a slight angle (10-15 degree inclination) to recover about 5mm. The hanging/stretching won't really do much. ]
Johnson said on 8/Dec/17
@Rob why do you consider Jenny 5'8?

I copied her height at home of your video discounting 0.3 cm error

7:30 (Out of bed) 174.2

8:59 173.4

10:43 172.4

14:18 172.0

18:14 172.1

She at home is 1.72 low
You Rob at home are more than 1 cm taller at your low
[Editor Rob: well she's still clearing 5ft 8 out of bed by half an inch at least, so it's not much to give her 5ft 8 even though she dips a cm under the mark...technically I would call her 172 now and 173 10 years ago]
The One123 said on 6/Dec/17
Hey Rob, generally how far from their absolute low are these celebs height listings that you post on this site. I know for all the photos you take, you are roughly near your low but could u say the same for the celebs
[Editor Rob: I'd say the difference from afternoon to evening is quite small, so maybe you could say a lot of listings may well fall a 1/4 inch or so if you were to go with absolute low 10pm height]
Rory said on 28/Nov/17
Rob, how much height would a fit and mobile 66 year old man have lost do you think ?
[Editor Rob: half an inch]
Asche said on 27/Nov/17
@Rob, I know a guy who jumps offs cliffs into water for a living and he jumps from about 100ft sometimes and he goes to many places like this all the time and frequently too, he is only 26 and preferably likes to land on his feet. I have gone with him a few times and sometimes and when you land from that high you can cough up blood and I have seen him do this sometimes, I often wonder if other symptoms could happen like on your back. When he is traveling he spends lots of time jumping off. He tells me he stops when he doesn't travel but I worry for him and for other things like height. He travels about 4-5 times a year and 1-2 month breaks even.

So my question is: If a guy who jumps off insane 100ft (sometimes just 50ft+) cliffs consistently, will he more likely to lose his height earlier and how much would it be if he was about 70 years old? and as far as I know he doesn't do height exercises too.
[Editor Rob: that activity might have compressive forces that cause some discs to bulge, so it's definitely an increased risk of injury and small height loss if he continues.]
Alex 6'3 said on 26/Nov/17
Rob did you notice that the height drop happen always at the same hours? After lunch time you have the first drop, and it is the bigger one, then around dinner time we reach the lowest levels (6-8pm). Actually, you drop height around 6pm even if you're just on the bed doing nothing. Basically we have three heights: top-middle-low, each one last around 5 hours, indeed during the first hours of the night (like midnight) you're taller then dinner time..
[Editor Rob: it follows quite a similar pattern I've found...and level of exertion and hydration can effect how fast we lose that height.]
Chris said on 25/Nov/17
Hey Rob how tall would you say a 175cm guy would be out of bed?
[Editor Rob: might be 176.5-7 range out of bed]
The One123 said on 24/Nov/17
Hey Rob, I wanna know will hunching over on a chair typing for 4 hours straight on a computer help me reach my absolute absolute low. Thanks in advance. I wanna know my minimum lowest possible height.
[Editor Rob: best doing an hour of physical labour, like say lifting weights and rotation of the spine in the activity...if you did it at 4pm and measured after an hour effort, you might be hitting your real low mark.]
Josh said on 23/Nov/17
I've got this exact problem don't know if it's too do with lifting weights. Over years I've clearly been over 5 8 near 5 9. Now I'm only just over 5ft 7 without shoes. Feel shorter and both weight machines and tape meausures clearly have me shorter than I've always been.
[Editor Rob: wouldn't rule out the chance of shrinkage from all the compressive weight lifting moves you have done.]
Pad said on 20/Nov/17
@Rob I wake up at 189.8-190cm in the morning, and before bed I am 188cm bang on, this is off doing nothing all day just being in the house can I claim 188cm?
[Editor Rob: I think claiming 188, given you wake just about 190cm is very fair and people notice honesty in simple things.

If we can be honest about such things as height, weight, it sets a pattern that we can follow through life.]
Blake said on 20/Nov/17
Rob, is your father still taller than you or has he lost more height since the height challenge?
[Editor Rob: not checked in a couple of years now, and probably won't again, I don't think older people need reminding they are shrinking.]
Woowaza said on 20/Nov/17
Rob, I’m just over 6 feet when I wake up. After working all night when I get home I shrink to just about 5’11. This seems like a significant loss of height, is this normal?
[Editor Rob: some people do shrink that much, the average is closer to 1.8-2cm range, so 2.5-2.7 is more than average, but not extraordinary.]
Intevel said on 18/Nov/17
Rob, are you still the same height?

Does a knee surgery always make you shorter? Does that mean that every NBA player got shorter when they had surgeries? Is it possible to maintain after a surgery?
[Editor Rob: some surgery might effect height, but tendon/ligament work might not do much to height.]
CD said on 16/Nov/17
Rob my dad just turned 58 and I measured him on his birthday and he still holds a good 173cm at night. This has been the same for several years now and back in 2011 he had a hospital measurement of 173cm as well. Is it possible he's lost nothing at all even though he's nearing 60? He has an office job but plays golf every weekend and rides his bike regularly (which apparently helps his sciatica, but could it also help his discs??)
[Editor Rob: yes, it looks like he's doing well height wise by barely losing anything noticeable. The age of 60 to 65 is possibly where he might lose his first fraction.]
sully said on 15/Nov/17
Hi Rob , I'm 20 years old and 5'9" tall in the evening. If I lift a 15 pound bag and put it down after about 10 seconds twice daily for 2 years could this cause me to lose height in the long run.
[Editor Rob: I doubt it.]
Myself said on 14/Nov/17
Hey Rob, yesterday i came back to home, was tired and had my back hurting the entire day on the lumbar part while i was walking and was also feeling shorter than usual...I measured myself and was apporiximately 191 cm tall (i'm not sure if i was as low as 190,7 , i also think i had some trouble standing completely straight too), compared to my morning height which is almost always 193,6/193,7....I was quite shocked, also because i felt really short for some reason...Maybe i have a herniated disc? Is it normal that i can go as low as that? Today morning i measured myself at 193,6/193,7, as always, so idk; Maybe yesterday i woke up shorter to begin with (i was lying on the bed about 8,5 hours but slept only about 6 to 6,5 hours)? That's like a 2,7 to 3 cm loss during the day. (although after like a couple of hours sitting i was back at 191,5; my usual lowest i think is about 191,5/191,7)
[Editor Rob: could have just experienced an extreme low, but also some little disc injuries might push you slightly lower.]
Mimi said on 13/Nov/17
Rob what is the average height loss for an 89 year old man?
[Editor Rob: you are talking into the 2.5-2.75 inch range as being quite common by that age.]
Johnson said on 12/Nov/17
@Rob I am 2.3 cm taller out of bed than my evening low

Is it normal my case?

I have read that you are 174.6 out of bed and 173 evening low so you shrink only 1.6 cm.
[Editor Rob: the average shrinkage is close to 2cm, like 1.8-1.9cm.

2.3 is a bit more than average, but not excessively so.

I shrink a little less than average, Jenny shrinks a bit more than average, more like your own shrinkage.]
Canson said on 11/Nov/17
@Hunch: I don’t think you measure correctly if you dip from 6’5 to 6’4 after an hour. I’m the same height as you (not quite 196 out of bed but 195.8 typically) but I only come down to 6’4.75 after an hour (194.9) and 6’4 5/8 after 2 or so hrs then can be 193.7-194 at night no less unless it’s an extreme low but even at that stage it’s usually a solid inch maybe 2.6cm as 193.2 is my absolute low after 20+ hours and being on my feet for at least 4 or 5 hours at night straight probably without sitting. The absolute low I’m not sure 100% could’ve been as low as 193 as I was almost dead on 1 mm above 6’4 but was late at night and a little bit tipsy from being out.
CD said on 10/Nov/17
Rob, my uncle is maybe 5ft10.5 (179cm) now at age 55, but he lives quite an unhealthy lifestyle since he's overweight and smokes, and also his job is quite physically demanding. Is it possible he could have lost like half an inch by now? His own claim in the past was 5ft 11.5.
[Editor Rob: yes, some guys by that age through lifestyle could have lost a half inch or so, some even more...but many can also make it to mid 50's without anything more than 1/4 lost, or even nothing!]
MrCaesar said on 5/Nov/17
Hi Rob. You often say that by 55 usually men lost a "little fraction". But what exactly do you mean with little fraction? How much mm or cm you refer?
Also, on average, when does a man lose his first cm in height? Thank
[Editor Rob: maybe 1/8th to 1/4 inch]
Danny25USA said on 30/Oct/17
Should I list my morning height or evening height as my actual? 5'7.25 and 5'6.5 are my exact morning and evening heights. I typically run long distance daily (and lift occasionally) which contributes to the height loss over a day. PS. Do you think this height is really that short or do most simply embellish their own height which makes it seem worse than it is? Just looking for your thoughts on the matter
[Editor Rob: if you say 5ft 6.5, then most people will see you as honest.

Though in experience, you might not be asked your height that often in life.]
Myself said on 25/Oct/17
Rob, what would be the optimal height you always wished you were?
I wish i was 205 cm morning and 203 end of the day...But i'm still quite surprised that my mother is 168/169 cm (her father was around 185 cm maybe), my father maybe around 6 ft and i'm 191/191,5(evening).
[Editor Rob: the only time I thought about that was usually to do with trying to get photos, being 6 foot would be the optimal height I feel to photograph with celebrities...if I was shorter than 5ft 8 I don't think I would bother.

Someone like 'Big G' who is 5ft 6 and change is too short for photos with celebrities to be as useful.]
Myself said on 25/Oct/17
@Jason (192.5) Tall people of celebheights, You are the only ones that i truly trust, brothers! (jk; giant, tall, average or short, i don't judge a person by that anyway)
Charles said on 24/Oct/17
Hey Rob, I have another height-related question for you if you don't mind. Sometimes, I wake up at 5'10.25. Other days, 5'11.25. I use the same stadiometer to measure my height on each occasion. When I'm at my "low" of 5'10.25, I can feel that the upper section of my thoracic spine is somewhat immobile, that is, I can't contract and extend it (I believe, it sure feels that way) as I normally am able to as long as I stick with my stretching routine.

On various occasions, I have measured comfortably over 5'11 after being up for hours, carrying stuff, exercising, et cetera. Yet, some days (especially if I have taken pain management drugs such as pregabalin and tramadol), I am positively unable to go beyond 5'10.25, even if I have slept for 8+ hours.

Do you think that this is normal daily shrinkage, or is there something more sinister to it? Does anyone else feel "upper thoracic immobility" when at their low? Has anyone here ever waked up at their low after being in bed for hours?
[Editor Rob: maybe there is some sort of seizing in the spine....there's definitely some parts of the day that you might be more flexible than others.

Seems strange though, I might even try to start a simple stretch routine if I were you, like touching ceiling, touching toes a few times a day...]
Sain't 187cm said on 24/Oct/17
Hey Rob, Im confused as to what height to claim on this website, My username says 187cm but I feel like thats high haha. I get out of bed at 6'1 7/8 or 6'2 exactly and shrink to about 6'1 1/4" right before bed give or take a couple mm. Normally when asked I just say a little over 6'1" haha.
[Editor Rob: Saint 186cm might be better.]
Myself said on 23/Oct/17
Hey Rob, if my height is around 193/193,5 cm on the morning and 191/191,5 at the lowest (maybe because i have a long torso), do you think that i should say that i'm 6'4 or 6'3? I think most people overstimate their height (and i did too until recently), and many might even say their height with shoes on (really ridicolous)....So what should i do? ;)
Is there also any way to reduce shrinkage during the day?
I am 20 years old and 3,5 months, i hope i will grow like 1 or 2 cm at least, in the next 2 years...I'd really like to be at least 193 cm at the lowest...Do you think it is possible? (I really don't have much hair compared to people even like 3+ years younger, the hair of my little moustache is becoming longer and maybe in the next...6 or 9? months it will become visible enough...I also shaved it only like 1 or 2 times in my life) And do you think that correcting my light/medium scoliosis (which is more pronounced at the lumbar part of my spine) by hanging and stretching on a bar will help me to achieve that gain?
Thanks for your time.
[Editor Rob: hard to reduce shrinkage, though doing some spine exercises might help over time attain a slightly better ability for the discs to hydrate fuller, so your morning height might edge up slightly.

I would claim 'just over 6ft 3' personally, but at age 20 I think if you gained any more height, it is more unexpected than you being already at final height. ]
Blake said on 20/Oct/17
Rob, if you worked construction as your career (and didn't have any accidents) do you think you would have held on to your heights when your 20 at say 38?
[Editor Rob: I think by 40 if you had a 20 year career in a real physical job, you might lose 3-4mm by then through natural wear and tear.]
Blake said on 8/Oct/17
Rob, I to my surprise for the last couple of weeks have measured roughly 5 ft 9.5 on average out of bed after 7 hours out of bed. Would it be fair to say I was 5 ft 8.75 now?
[Editor Rob: it's probably safe to go with that as your height now.]
Hunch said on 4/Oct/17
@Jason I really can’t explain why. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse!
Jason (192.5) said on 4/Oct/17
Hi Rob, is 2.5cm of height loss extreme for someone of my height? (194.5cm morning 192cm lowest).
[Editor Rob: yes it's quite a normal and expected shrinkage for a few inches over 6ft.]
Jason (192.5) said on 4/Oct/17
@Hunch that is pretty crazy actually. I go to bed at your height (192cm) but wake up at 194.5cm. I thought that was a lot of height loss!
Richard said on 3/Oct/17
Rob forgive me for my ignorance, but when you say " static" Does that mean contraversial?
What is your own opinion ? I personally dont believe they do or could -at least not vert noticable at all. On that note I dont believe a persond height defines them as a human being. I mean, it doesnt measure integrity ,honesty or compassion in a human being. But once again thanh you for your reply. I am just curious as to your own opinion on that.Just never heard anyone mention that.
Richard C.
[Editor Rob: I just mean it is more stable, it won't change as much as our spine, because our arms don't have discs...some bone loss could occur which means the armspan reduces, but compared to our height, it will be minimal.]
Ricardo said on 2/Oct/17
Hi Rob, I have a question for you. is measuring one's height with a book on a tiled floor of a bathroom is rather accurate?. This is because I've made measurements of my height on different surfaces and I've consistently gotten values in the range 178.2-177.7 for my lowest height, yet I don't know which one is my low, because the values obtained on the tiled floor are at the higher end (178.2) while the other values on the other surfaces were varying within the range. I know the difference between the highest and the lowest value is just 5 mm, a negligible value, still I'd like to know your opinion on this.
[Editor Rob: some floors might look level, but there could still be a slight slope, which accounts for a little fraction of a difference in measurements. Sometimes taking the average from different rooms is the best figure to go with.

Using a book is ok, I would personally find a book that had a hard cover and use the spine as the part that measures the top of our heads.]
Richard said on 2/Oct/17
Rob do your arm lenghth shrink also as a person shrinks? Interesred to know this. Ive never heard anumyone say this.??
[Editor Rob: it's pretty static]
Hunch said on 30/Sep/17
I have been tracking my height carefully for a bit now to double check. I’m 6’5” (196 cm) out of bed and my typical low at about 10:00 or 11:00 PM is 6’3.5” (192 cm). However, some days when I am really struggling with my back, I can have an extreme low of 6’2” (187-188 cm) even at 2:00 PM. Is this something that any other individual is known to have? I do have scoliosis and the height loss is noticeably from being physically unable to stand straight even when I try very hard to do so. Also, I go from 6’5” to 6’4” within the first hour of waking. 6’3.5” to 6’4” for most of the day.
9gagger said on 28/Sep/17
Hey rob is it common for people under 6 feet to lose 3cm through the day
I go from 177-174
174 under extreme cases,typically 174.5 is my lowest
[Editor Rob: it's greater than average, but some folk do shrink a full 3cm]
Richard said on 21/Sep/17
Rob,haf to see if you tesponded. As to your reply- neither have I. But this happened. I dont have a valid explanation. But from what I understand the bone decay is necessary for your body to produce the new cells. Also one last interesting note. Imaging of my back and neck were horrible Some yrs ago. I also had 3 tears between my discs in my lower back and in my neck. I hurt my back when I was 19 very badly at work. As for my neck I have know idea what or how that happened. I woke up that way with my neck huting in 2006. Doc told me sometimes that can happen. But I dont know. Maybe the rips or " tares" in my back and neck healed and thats how? Im just ad freaked at this as anyone. But I keep remembering every time science tries to say this is the definitive rule or law( in example : the worlds flat- man cant fly ,etc...- try explaining a t.v. set to a mdieval knight!) Science has been wrong. I mean in a100, a 1000 yrs from now well probably know stuff that right now in 2017 we cant even begin to concieve. Anyway, its happened and Im no closer to understanding as you are. Thanks for replying.
Ricardo said on 20/Sep/17
Hello Rob, I am thinking about buying a portable Stadiometer, which one would you recommend me? one having a very small error! Thanks!
[Editor Rob: depending on country, I would just look at medical supply companies as usually those will be best price. Seca are still one of the better ones and the portable version is only 1/8th inch off (the one I have). Their latest models I don't know, I haven't checked accuracy yet!]
Richard said on 20/Sep/17
Rob Im not kidding,joking or definitely not lying as I think your response indicates tat. I have contacted 2 medical proffesionals who know me and they believe me. They said that this might not be good though. The closest ive come to seeing anything remote was that a brain tumor can cause this. But only in people that are still growing. However I did find a research site that said theres some evidence that if a person has bone decay and something about calcification and that you body still releases hgh ( just in much smaller amounts as you age) and you do also produce stem cells that there was evidence that(( I didnt quite understand all of it) but that bone growth could occur- not at the ends- but rather from between the plates. Look Rob Im no doctor and I knew no one would believe this. But I have to take a pig enzyme to replace the enzyme in my pancreas and I have a over reactive thyroid- hypo. I definitely have bone atrophy also. I startef taking a hgh supplement by the way about 4 months before this happened because I read it could help your joints. I dont know what happened honestly and my wife thought she was shrinking! I dont have a valid explanation for this and I have a funny feeling I wont be around much longer. But I dont expect you to believe me but I cant wrap my head around this either. I do know I am not making this up and quite frankly it scares me. But before you just start assuming people are dishonest why dont you have some" miracle growth" in your soul and start by not trying to amuse youself and your readers at someones expence. I dont blame you for not believing this as it doesnt fit anything that we ,or as we know it. But as I said ,this is crazy and I dont know what to think of it. I dont have any smiley faces on this phone but If I did I would send you back a sad one. With that Rob ill sign out and not come back to this site. You can just chalk it up to " some crazy guy" and ill go back to worrying. Ive been hesitant about going to the National Institutes of Health her in Maryland. Im not a big fan of people probing and inspecting me and saying. are you sure you werent ever that tall already? Man, I dont know. Maybe one day well know or rather science will. Have a good and " normal" life. Mine certaintly became strange. But if you care to , google height increase as an adult research and you might find what I read.
[Editor Rob: it certainly would be an interesting research study for medical professionals. I do know there are some people who suffer from late closure of growth plates, and so have still gained height in late 20's, but age 50 I've never heard of before.
Fernando said on 19/Sep/17
Rob when I was 18 years old and I was 185.5 cm and now I'm 22 years old I measured 184.5 cm I can not find a logical explanation of this, I think it was because in those 4 years I had a great depression and the only thing I did at that time was playing videogames all over day and eat pass from weighing 80kg to 125kg which is what weight nowadays the combination of all those factors will have reduced my height?
[Editor Rob: sometimes you need the exact same setup (room/floor/tape/method) to see if height loss occurs, because 1cm isn't huge, even the time of day can effect it.]
Richard said on 17/Sep/17
Every time I write something it never ends up on here . Do you think im a different person? I just wrote again the other day of an incredible event- at 52 yrs old I jus grew 2.5 inches. This isnt one of those nut claims! Ther could be a significant medical reason for this. By the way, i just started looking at this site when I noticed John Waynes height on here. Youtube vids of him at home etc....he was exactly as he his wife and his secretary claimed. Its funny, people will downgrade everyone else to try and achieve his or what they think someones height is. Thats crazy. Better yet warch his olfer movies. I usef to have movie books that had many pics of the making of movies. For instance when a close up came of randolf scott standing eye to eye in the spoilers, scott wore boots and wayne was in his socks. Thers another scene out on the board walk where they stand eye to eye then wayne walks off. Then you can actually see where they stop the camera and start it again with just scott standing there so he can walk off. There is a sign behind them and you can clearly see the difference in scotts height so he can the walk off. Yeah they did all kinds of little things like that back in the fay. See Greg Palmers bio. He talks about how big he is and how hollywood wantef the heros adversary as big as the heroes for " the showdown" he was called for wayne 5 times and appeated as james arnesses adversary 21 times on gun smoke. Just thought youd be interested to know. But This crazy height increasr Ive had worries me as my health overall isnt great. You can contact me if youd like at. rindycedmond@hotmail.com
[Editor Rob: your epiphyseal plates reopened after lying dormant for 30 years and now at 51-2 they started producing more bone...certainly sounds like a height miracle 😁]
Blake said on 12/Sep/17
Rob, I don't quite understand the difference between a low and extreme low I had a more average day today and I measured over 5 ft 8 3/4 at the end of the day yet the couple of days before I had been feeling sick and barely any sleep and being still for nearly the entire day (im talking a couple of hours for 2 days, food etc and measured 174.2 so what is my low? Is it in between the measurements or is it the height I measured when I was up for basically 2 days?
[Editor Rob: I think if you take a measurement at 7-8pm (after being standing or active for several hours in afternoon) and do it several times over a week, just take the average as your typical low.]
Blake said on 11/Sep/17
Rob, is humans height growth done completely while asleep? I have a theory that more youngsters might grow during summer as firstly they do more exercise on average and in my case from spring to summer I got more than double the sleep I got during the winter
[Editor Rob: yes, when asleep the body repairs and grows during it, which is why exercise (to promote growth hormone production), variety of food (to give our body the right nutrients) and the actual sleep are all important as teens.

Staying up till midnight playing Doom or mario or whatever could have a little impact on our potential growth.]
MrCaesar said on 10/Sep/17
Hi Rob. At what age on average a man start losing height? Can a man reach 55 without losing anything? And if not, how much height can by lost at 55?
[Editor Rob: 50-55 is for many men, a period in which a little fraction is lost, but I feel the 60-65 range is when a majority of men do experience a more noticeable loss.]
Punisher94 said on 4/Sep/17
Hi there, Rob. Great work with the site. I was wondering how long do you think morning height lasts. I have observed myself. Usually after 2 hours I loose a fraction maybe 0,7 cm or a full cm, and then for the rest of the day depending on what I do I can loose another centimetre and a half resulting in a 2,5 centimetre shrink from my morning height to my evening height. Also last year I had mild Anterior pelvic tilt (Lordosis) and by doing exercises and being mindfull of my posture I increased my height by 3-4 centimetres. Do you think that young people can loose height due to posture and then regain it by discipline and sheer will?
[Editor Rob: I believe some people have regained lost height through exercise/posture correction.

The drop off in height in first 3 hours is quite a lot, a good chunk of our daily height lost occurs in those first few hours.]
Jo said on 2/Sep/17
I begin the day at 183 and in the evening I shrink to 181.
Till 4 pm I am 182. Claiming 182 is not wrong isn't it?
[Editor Rob: it's not unreasonable, especially since you can still be near 182 at late afternoon.]
Rubik said on 28/Aug/17
Hi Rob, can the yoga to prevent height loss as well as your height workout?
[Editor Rob: you can take the simple ideas in the height workout and add in knee raises, scissor moves and a few others to work various muscles and keep spine in shape.

Yoga, varied diet with enough minerals as we get older, keeping active by simply getting out there and walking (instead of taking car) all can help.]
Yes said on 23/Aug/17
Rob, does squats decrease your height, and does they make you reach your lowest?
[Editor Rob: there's a lot of strain on discs so they might push you to an absolute low (if measuring after a heavy squat session).

Long term (many years) they could increase chance of disc damage.]
Mimi said on 22/Aug/17
Is it normal for my dad to lose almost an inch of height at 64?
[Editor Rob: about 0.5-0.75 is very normal, 1 inch maybe a little bit above average by that age, but not uncommon. By age 70 1-1.25 inches is a common loss for men. ]
John Davis said on 17/Aug/17
Rob can you retain morning height by hanging from a bar?
[Editor Rob: not really, lying down at regular intervals during the day would help, but it's a bit impractical!]
Criss said on 30/Jul/17
Hi Rob,
I have a dilemma. In the morning a have 184, by the evening I drop to min 182. Is this a 6 footer range?
[Editor Rob: for a good chunk of the day you will be six foot, only maybe last 5-6 hours you are a fraction or so under it.

Many with your morning/night will just say about six foot. Imagine you visited your Doctor at 11am and he said 182.8cm...you would certainly be saying six foot to people.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
I don't stretch unfortunately, which is quite inexcusable. I'm quite naturally athletic, but painfully inflexible. My knees have been arthritic for some time for a variety of reasons, basketball being one of them. That's caused me to drop posture at times and I noticed it affecting my lower back, but I at least do a lot of crunches and sit ups, which does seem to help and I have to start doing dead squats again to strengthen my knees.
Ricardo said on 26/Jul/17
Hey Rob, I have a question for you. And thanks in advance. There was a time, like 1 month ago, during which I measured my height with a hard-cover book everyday after getting out of bed and consistently got 179.7-180.2. Today, however, I measured myself again I got 179 on the dot, did I shrink? or simply am I dehydrated so I am not reaching my top morning height? I started drinking a lot of water again in case the reason is me being dehydrated anyways.
[Editor Rob: time of day may play some role in small differences, especially if doing active work or slightly less hydrated.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Jul/17
That's true, Rob. Outside of genetics, I believe maintaining good posture and staying fit and active has a lot to do with not losing much. You look at someone like Sly who has better posture and in better shape than most half his age and it makes sense he'd be someone who made it to 70 while only losing perhaps 1 cm. Similarly, a guy like Charles Bronson still stood perfectly erect and appeared fit and it wasn't clear he had lost anything by age 70. Chuck Norris is another example. Clearly an active guy with a healthy lifestyle and he didn't seem to lose anything noticeable by early 70s and even now at 77, seems to have lost 2 cm max. But then there's someone like Kurt Russell who isn't in quite the shape of the others mentioned anymore, but has rarely seemed to slouch, which may be why he doesn't seem to have lost much at 66. On the otherhand, someone like Carl Weathers seems near his peak height even at 69, but looks youthful for his age, which may be an indication of good genetics as William Shatner also looks younger than his actual age of 86 and seems to have lost less than you'd expect by that age.

But whatever the reasons in each case, it's quite obvious height loss varies greatly among individuals.
[Editor Rob: when young, I think it pays to get into a habit...even 2-3 minutes a day doing toe stretch and ceiling stretch might help.
I do think if you spend a lot of time in an office chair, it might be worth buying a chin-up bar, and doing 1-2 minutes a couple of times a day hanging to alleviate and decompress your spine.]
Jenny said on 23/Jul/17
Hey Rob, I saw your picture with Anneke Wills from Doctor Who, who you list as 5'6 and it got me wondering, did she lose any height at all? She still looks 5'6 in that picture at 70. If she didn't then she's really lucky.
[Editor Rob: I'm in converse that day and she had a shoe that was thicker by roughly 0.75 inches, so she may not have lost more than 2cm...of course she could seem over 5ft 6 at times in Doctor Who...actually Michael Craze made this claim once:

"I'm 5 foot 7 and Anneke Wills is 5 foot 10"

In heels maybe...]
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jul/17
Here's an important note on height loss. It mentions the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging survey Rob cites above, but emphasizes an important detail

"But averages hide wide variability: Some people lose an inch or more in a single decade, some shrink only after age 60 or 70, and a few don’t shrink at all."

Click Here

There are numerous examples of this. Not only did I notice some maintain their peak height to a pretty advanced age while others lose noticeable height while still young, but I've also noticed people can lose a lot of height at once and then maintain that height for years.
[Editor Rob: yes, some people have good genetics, but also they look after their bodies, ensuring adequate amounts of the right vitamins and minerals, in combination with exercise.

The sedentary lifestyle that many sadly adopt over 50 I believe contributes largely to some losses.]
Mahad95 said on 22/Jul/17
Hello rob my name is Mahad......I measured my self 4 times in gym once twice I was measured 176cm and twice I was measured 175cm but it wasn't any measuring error for sure. But yeah the thing is when I was measured 175 twice I didn't eat or drink anything that morning........if you don't take any glucose in the morning and check height do you shrink??
[Editor Rob: it's possible you were dehydrated a little and so your discs weren't as thick as if properly hydrated.]
Tyson said on 17/Jul/17
Big G maybe will loss 3 inches and should claimed maybe 5'4-5'5.
Colin said on 16/Jul/17
Hey Eob, I have a strange question about my friend. He was 17 years old when I saw him last time and he was about 6'2 in that time because we were in basketball team and I was in the same room in high school when they measured our heights. He is now 24 years old and I haven't seen him in last 7 years almost and he is about 6'4.50-60(1.94cm). Is this really possible according to science-way? From 6'2 to 6'4 after 17? I am 6'2 and he was really taller than me like 2 inches min.
[Editor Rob: yes, it is quite possible, he just had more than average growth after 17...]
Ricardo said on 15/Jul/17
Hey Rob, I have a question to you regarding losing height during summer. Given on a summer day, a person is prone to sweat more often, Is it likely to lose height (from out of bed height to normal low) more quickly throughout the day on a summer day?
[Editor Rob: it's always possible, but we are talking very small fraction.]
Nate said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, perhaps you can help me with this question, I am a 25 year old male.

I've woken up first thing in the morning at 184.7 cm tops and after a bad bad TERRIBLE day i measure myself at 182.0 cm and nothing less. I have over 1 inch of maximum shrinkage throughout the day. On average, i wake up at 184.5 cm and shrink to 182.3. Is this a normal shrinkage? Will i shrink less in the future. What's your take on this?

Thanks Rob.
[Editor Rob: with age, the morning to evening shrinkage will reduce as the discs won't be as thick or retain as much water as they did at age 20...

your shrinkage is within normal range. On a bad day you drop to 182 flat, but I'm sure on some days you might even be 182.5cm.]
Bob said on 27/Jun/17
I was 5'9.5" at my peak. I am now 50 years old and have been lifting heavy (squating/deadlifting) since age 15. I now measure just under 5'8". this is a bit disconcerting. I stretch every morning and even use an inversion table for 1-2 minutes every morning. I have not regained any height and continue to shrink. Is this normal for a former competitive bodybuilder/powerlifter who is otherwise very healthy? I continue to train heavy 4 days a week.
Marcus said on 16/Jun/17
Hey dude! I really liked your website
Andy said on 16/Jun/17
quick question Rob. When measuring, I realized my head is shaped so that it kind of protrudes at the back of it. So if I slightly tilt my head down, I tend to measure a little taller than usual. Is this considered a wrong way to measure?
[Editor Rob: I believe we should hold our heads level and look straight ahead for the measurement.]
Jason said on 14/Jun/17
Hey rob would you say that developing bad posture could cause you to lose a little height PERMANANTLY in your early 20s? I am 21 this year and I started developing pretty bad posture when I was about 18. I have noticed that I have shrunk about 0.5cm (almost 1/4 inch) since then. Granted that my routine has stayed relatively the same (going to college) and both measurements were taken by me in the morning at the same wall. Is this possible? I am talking about a permanent loss solely from bad posture and is there any way I can recover that loss?
[Editor Rob: you could try to regain/correct posture...there are many exercises on posture improvement on youtube, my own tip is the 5-minute height workout which helps me after 8 hours stuck on a computer chair!]
Slothee said on 13/Jun/17
Hi Rob, I've a question.

I saw my uncle who's turning 65 soon and claims he's currently 6'1.5" and that he's been this height forever. But at 64, I find it hard to believe he hasn't really lost any height. His kids have told me he's 6'2" btw.

Do you think his peak height was at least 6'2", or is it possible he hasn't lost anything at his age?
[Editor Rob: a small percentage will make it to mid 60's without any noticeable loss...though he may still have lost a small fraction, which isn't noticeable.

I'd be delighted to hit 65 with only 1/3rd or 1/2 inch lost!]
Im 171CM said on 13/Jun/17
Got to stretch your spine to have your full height potential in my opinion...
Ricardo said on 6/Jun/17
I am a 5'10 guy (out of bed height 179.9-180.1), though I've noticed I reached a morning peak height when I did stretching exercises the night before. These last weeks I've been "studying" my height to know its changes throughout the day, and I've noticed that I loss height quickly as soon as I go out and about, reaching my low 178 quickly. Does losing height quickly has to do with excess of weight, my weight is about 110 Kg, which is certainly too much for my height?
Tim said on 24/May/17
Hey Rob the doctor measured my morning height to be a little over 6 ft 1. What height should I claim if I lose 1/2-3/4 of an inch throughout the day?
Blake said on 23/May/17
Rob, would you say that if I slept 8 hours on my back because I sleep on to the side I would reach over 5 ft 9 because the highest morning height I got was bang on 5 ft 9
[Editor Rob: 1 pillow, on back might get you a solid 5ft 9...but, it can be notoriously hard to sleep the same way, you toss and turn a lot!]
GeminiCastor said on 17/May/17
Hi Rob.
how much does a 57 old man, who is sedentary and work a lot with pc, has lost according to you? Consider that that man isn't active at all. if that can help, this man does not have grey hair and look at least five year younger.
and another question, when did he start to loss height? by 50?
[Editor Rob: I'd expect at least half inch and more like 3/4 inch by that age...if he is fitter and does regular exercise, good diet, then he might still reach 57 with only say 1/4 inch lost.]
Blake said on 14/May/17
Rob, is this an average shrinkage I measure 1/16th of an inch under 5 ft 9 a few minutes out of bed and at my low I measure a milimetre over 5 ft 8.25
[Editor Rob: it's a very typical shrinkage yes. Close to 0.7 inch...]
Unknown said on 12/May/17
How much can lose a man of 5'5" at age 50-60-70-80 at the maximum and at the minimum?
[Editor Rob: you are very lucky if you reach 70 and only lose say 1/4 inch...it is more common to lose closer to 1 inch by then.

Typically a fraction by 50, maybe closer to half inch by 60, 1 inch by 70, 2 inch by 80.]
Im 171CM said on 10/May/17
Is it common to lose a half inch of height during the day or night if you work graveyard shift..
jhose said on 1/May/17
I am 22 years old, I measure 1.74, do you believe that exercising and eating well can achieve a few centimeters?
Scott said on 22/Apr/17
LOL! Meant to say 179.5 cm
Scott said on 13/Apr/17
@ Lawrence: Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't lose height at 30. However, It isn't unheard of. I am 31 and I lost a bit off my normal height.I would wake up at 6' out of bed and go to bed at 5'11.25'' or 5'11'' flat at worst.A couple of years ago, I noticed I was around 5'10.5''or 5'10.625'' in the evening. I thought I made a mistake at first, and I had a nurse measure me and sure enough the rod read 179 cm.
Scott said on 11/Apr/17
My late grandfather used to be about 6'2'' in his youth. In December of 1972, he had a motorcycle wreck and broke nearly every bone in his body. It took two years for him to recover, but he lost height afterwards. His final height, before he passed, was close to 5'9''.
sumdude said on 10/Apr/17
I measured myself for a new passport at the police-station this year(morning height). We have to do it every 5 years where I live. They measure you with a stadiometer just like the Rob uses.
I visit the doctors office often(morning height), I was hoping my measurement at the doctors was wrong, but no. Same result as the measurement at the police station. So, I have lost ~1.1-1.6cm in height compared to myself 5 years ago at the age of 24. I'm 29 now. I have bad posture and have done a few extreme sports, so I guess that's a couple of causes as to why my height is gone. Diet and health is fine otherwise though.
Funny little story, my father was 197cm (morning height) in 1999. At the age of 59, now, he is 191-193cm(morning), depending on hours of sleep. Mechanic on heavy trucks for 41 years. Taken it's toll on his back for sure.
[Editor Rob: much rarer to lose height in 20's, but it can happen through overworking the body or injuries, developing bad posture too might effect it slightly.]
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/17
I live much, too much to home and I pass several weeks 3-4, without go out from house for studying.Also if I have only 25 years old, I have fear that I have a lack of vitamin D, because I don't sunbathe. Since several years (5-6) I sunbathe not much,except in summer where I sunbathe enough on the beach. Could I shrink my height, in this time? I drink a cup of milk everymorning. I am worried. Dear Rob, Is it possible shrink at 25-30 years old, for a lack of vitamin D for few sun?
[Editor Rob: Even on overcast days there is still sun rays, of course it's less intense.
I doubt you have shrunk...some foods have vitamin d, some cereals also have it included.]
TK said on 1/Apr/17
Dear Rob, I'd be very grateful for some advice: am only 18; recently broke my foot, now out of cast. The leg which was in the cast is slightly longer than the other leg, and I am 1 cm shorter. Is this most likely a result of bad posture??
[Editor Rob: TK, your legs may simply be 1cm difference. If it is only a few mm that is nothing to be concerned about, but if 1cm, maybe a small dr scholl orthopaedic insert you wear in one shoe to balance your discrepancy is worth looking at.]
Judd said on 31/Mar/17
[Editor Rob: yes very reasonable, if I was 75 and only lost 2cm I wouldn't be unhappy!]

Rob in your opinion it's possible to guess a peak height of an aged person comparing to pictures (one of him/her young and one of him(her aged)and keeping attention to his/her proportions?
For example if i take a picture of a person took when he/she was young and i check that his/her head was 1/7 of the body then i can check how is the proportions head/body currently...it's a reliable method in your opinion?
[Editor Rob: it is much harder to guage height on a single photo than it is with references. A 5ft 8 man who was slim, small head could be photographed so he might look tall, and a 6ft man quite bulky with loose clothing may appear 5ft 7!

Knowing how much someone has shrunk is also another difficult task. it is easier to see in person I think, sometimes you can see the curvature in their upper back which can help.]
Alexander said on 30/Mar/17
Hey friends, could you tell me how many centimeters grew since the age of 17?
Lawrence said on 28/Mar/17
Hello Rob, do man start to lose height by age of 30? I am 25 years old and I am 6'2.75. Will I lose ant height when I will be 30 years old or 35 , 40 years old?

Or height loss is mostly starts at 50 for man?

Note: I am not lifting heavy weight or bodybuilding. I am sprinting,swimming,playing basketball and exercise my body mostly and having Calcium, D, C vitamins Normally.
[Editor Rob: at 30 it is highly unlikely to lose height. By 40 maybe some have lost a little bit, but at 50 there are more men who lose height. At 60 you are very lucky if you only lose 2-3mm.

Yes, keep eating good diet, the odd vitamin supplement may be fine, but you can get most of what you need from varied diet.]
Richard said on 28/Mar/17
Clint Eastwood was NEVER 6 FEET4 ! At most 6 1 . maybe with boots and his hair he was six four. That claim is rediculous. I met him once and I'm 6 feet. He was about a half inch taller than me. Hollywood is something!
Judd said on 27/Mar/17
Rob 2cms loss at half-70s from peak is reasonable?
[Editor Rob: yes very reasonable, if I was 75 and only lost 2cm I wouldn't be unhappy!]
Blake said on 25/Mar/17
Rob, do you have potential on a rough day to be under 173cm what sorts of activities could do this?
[Editor Rob: on an extreme day I might go to 172.8-9, but not been under really extreme conditions to test. I mean being dehydrated has potential to knock a couple of mm from anybody!]
Martha said on 24/Mar/17
I have a friend who says her grandmother loss 12" in height. She was 6' and less 5' when she died. Is this remotely possible? I mean no one mentioned anything about her having legs amputated, which might explain it.
[Editor Rob: there are some medical conditions which can cause extreme spinal curvature/degeneration, and the person might lose a foot, but it is much rarer.]
Singh said on 22/Mar/17
I wake up exactly 5'10 and shrink down to 5'9 3/8 by nighttime. Sometimes 5'9.25. Can I claim 5'10?
[Editor Rob: if you told people 5ft 10 'first thing' that isn't unreasonable, at least they'd know you might shrink to closer to 5ft 9 at night.]
CastorGemini said on 20/Mar/17
Hi Rob. Out of bed i'm 176,5 and before bed i'm 174,4.. what can I claim according to you?
[Editor Rob: saying 175cm is perfectly reasonable, or almost 5ft 9.]
DruceLee said on 19/Mar/17
Out of bed: 180,5
Most of the day: 179,4
Before bed: 179,1
Extreme low may be few mm below 179.
What height should i claim?
[Editor Rob: I'd just go with 179 5ft 10.5]
180guy said on 7/Mar/17
8 pm - 180.5 cm barefoot

Can I claim 5'11
[Editor Rob: yes, I think it's perfectly fine saying 5ft 11.]
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
@Christian: your legs aren't excessively long for your height that's about average. I'm a 35-36 and am almost a full inch shorter wake up 195.8 (6'5.08) and go to bed at 193.9 (6'4.33). I only usually lose 3/4" most days whereas others if I go to the gym I can come down to 193.7 or even 193.2 if on my feet late night. You likely if you were to go out at night could get down as low as flat 6'5" if you are already losing 7/8" as is. Which is why I was wondering why you claim 6'6" (I personally wouldn't if that were me would just say 6'5" as the befits are not in it to be that tall really).
Yes yes said on 1/Mar/17
Hey Rob!

My uncle turns 65 in June this year and on his passport 2005 isch, I think, it says he's measured at 189 cm. So let's go with that his peak height 189 even tho he always says he's 190 lol which he can appear a lot of times.

How tall do you think he's now?
He doesn't have the best posture in the world but still pretty decent. Sometimes he can appear as low as 6'1" but other times he can appear HUGE and can look to be over 6'3" these days. I remember the summer of 2016 when we were exiting the market and in Sweden all stores have tapes on the wall right beside the exit where it says how tall you are and watched my dad walk past, his shoes gave him about 1,5 cm and he walked with a hunched back and when I looked at the tape it said 6'2" spot on.

What do you think Rob? I would bet he's still very close to 6'2.5" these days. :)
[Editor Rob: at 65 he may yet have escaped with only 1cm maximum lost...but displays at times more loss due to poorer posture.]
berta said on 22/Feb/17
haha yeah maybe thats true :P but yoga is the best thing i think. i really am 0,5 cm taller than i was 5 years ago asnd i think that can be because of yoga and then bodybuilding on side of that. This is something people should try. I have the last months tried and make my back as strong as possible and doing only row ecxercise and then for lower back that machine where youhave your legs back and your head down and then lift yourself up and down. i think you get what i mean. And really heavy like holding 60 kg when i do it. The cool thing is i have held track on my evening height and i can say my back is extremely strong now.some days my evening height have been in the 197,1 range and my morning height is about 197,8 and somedays little under that. somy tips for guys that will hold there height during the day and not loose more than a couple of millimeters, make your back muscles as strong as possible. And to get result i mean that you really need to get bodybuilder strong. Its not something many can do i guess but for the guys that already train give it a shout. But dont do deadlift if you do that you will be shorter even if you have strong back muskles. but excersices where you have at most 50 kg that you lift wont make you shrink. I remmeber when i was 16 years old i could be lets say 197 in the morning and then just lift things that weight maybe 20 kg for 15 minutes and i would have been down to my absolute low wich was maybe 195,6 back then. if i do semething like that now i will loose about 1-2 mm only even from my morning height. And then slowly loose the other couple mm during the first like 5 hours and after that it stopps
berta said on 11/Feb/17
just saw the video above about height workout. Best tips is really pull ups and hanging and then som eyoga poses like downward dog.
[Editor Rob: most people can't really manage a pull-up.]
Inteval said on 11/Feb/17
Hey rob my experiment with the inversion is still producing similar results. Before the inversion I would be 5 ft 11 in the mornings and 5 ft 10.25 before bed. Now I'm 5 ft 10.75 in the mornings, but 5 ft 10.5 before bed.

So even though I'm a quarter inch shorter in the morning, I'm a quarter inch taller at night. So am I shorter or taller?
Hamad said on 10/Feb/17
Hi Rob, I'm 172 flat in the morning, 169.7 in the evening, and 169.5 at night. Is 5 ft 7 a legitimate claim?
[Editor Rob: you can claim about 170cm, almost 5ft 7 at worst...since a big chunk of the day you are 5ft 7, only for last few hours, you fall under, I think it's fine to say 5ft 7.]
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
Haven't posted here since last year, gonna be a LONG post reporting back my own findings in the hope that they can help anyone who finds themselves on this page. I'm 176/176.5 out of bed, 174 and a bit during the day and a flat 174 before bed (have on occasion measured down to 173.5 if I've been to the gym and lifted heavy or if I've been slouching and or being just generally horrible to my spine/body for a couple of days but this is very rare).
Like a lot of these posts here I was hoping to try and squeeze out 1 or 2 cm's in my early 20's when I started paying attention to my height but I'm about to turn 25 so I can safely rule that one out now.
There is zero you can do if you've done growing and you want to INCREASE your height. Also as Rob says don't put all your hope into thinking that you will still grow in your early 20's as you are just setting yourself up for potential failure. I have personally seen this happen with a friend so it DOES happen but for me I think I was done growing by my late teens. BUT you can maximise and retain what height you do have!

Rob's advice is on point. Drink plenty of water! I'm talking at least 3 litres a day. Increased bathroom breaks are annoying but I really do feel like this is imperative.
Glucosamine does work as in it did RETAIN some of my morning height (obviously don't take it expecting to grow) but after a while I just got sick of taking it for the relatively minuscule effect (in the whole scheme of things) so I stopped.
Exercise, well you should be keeping fit anyway!
Yoga/Stretching and correcting/holding proper posture. Now THIS (along with water) is the most important part. Before I started a daily stretching/yoga routine I was a 174cm in the day guy who would drop down to 173cm as my low (3.5cm height loss from morning to night yikes!). Combined with TERRIBLE posture I most likely dipped into the 5'7" range at night. After about six months of incorporating a stretching routine and learning how to hold my body properly (for the first time in my life) I've seen a definite and obvious improvement! Disclaimer: My posture was absolutely terrible, had a high degree of anterior pelvic tilt etc. so I may have had more to "gain" than others.

So in summary correcting posture, stretching and staying well hydrated does actually work! (obviously). Again when my posture was horrible I likely stood shorter than 173 and looked like a 5'7" range guy at night but correcting it has made all the difference. You've just got to stick with it. I know it's only a cm (173 evening to 174 evening) but incorporating all of the above has helped my overall body/health, the benefits weren't just height based. I also feel a lot more confident and secure with who I am as well as opposed to when I started and I was very insecure/unhappy. Just go for it.
Rick said on 29/Jan/17
Hey Rob, my height is same as yours 5'9 in the morning and 5'8 before bed. Is it possible to increase with exercises or natural ways after age of 21? Like 1 inch or 2-3 cm, what do you think?
[Editor Rob: Rick, I think if you have the time, it is something you could test for 6 months.]
petra said on 27/Jan/17
hey Rob do you think glucosamine can help retain morning height..I'm 179.8 in the morning and 177.5 at night do you think it can stop me from dropping below 178
James said on 26/Jan/17
Hey Rob. If I'm 178 cm out of bed, 176.5 cm in the afternoon and around 176 at night, maybe a little bit over, is 5'9.5" a legitimate claim?
[Editor Rob: James it's not unreasonable to go with that figure.]
Inteval said on 25/Jan/17
Hey rob. With the inversion I'm having conflicting results. Normally I'm 5 foot 11 in the mornings but 5 ft 10.25-4 at night. After using the inversion for a few days I'm 5 ft 10.75 in the mornings but am 5 ft 10.5 at night each night. So even though I'm a quarter inch shorter in the morning, I'm only losing 1/4 inch in the day. And I'm sitting and driving a lot, so I don't know why this is. Could the inversion table make you able to maintain height better during the day?

Anyways, inversion takes up about 6 feet. Think about it if you have any space in your living room or garage. It's relaxing.
J.Lee said on 22/Jan/17
Hey Rob, I just got an inversion table. What I don't understand is I was a quarter inch shorter the next day when I woke up, after using it 10 minutes the night before. Can an inversion table make you temporarily shorter when you first adjust to it?

Also, Rob, am I allowed to change my username to something else?
[Editor Rob: yes change your name if you want, but don't have 10 names 😵 😳 1 is enough.

I'd need to test inversion table myself, but I have no room for such a thing, so can't say why you experienced a little loss!]
hambubger said on 22/Jan/17
Kevin, I lose the same amount of height - morning 187, before bed down to an alarming 184.5 cm.

I am a heavy guy and I wonder if this is why I lose an entire inch during the day (and most of it by lunchtime). What about you?

Also why does Rob give for example 184cm celebs anything from 6'0.25" to 6'0.75"? Why isn't the cm/in conversion done automatically?
[Editor Rob: all heights are stored in feet inches. The nearest whole cm value is displayed beside it.]
Timothy said on 21/Jan/17
Hello, Rob thank you very much for this information first of all. Do you think will it ever be possible to increase height naturally after age of 21? I mean, except bone lenghten surgery. Do you think will there be other methods to increase height after age of 21 in future? Maybe in 20 years or so... What do you think about this topic?

I did a lot of sports and had good diet when I was a child and in my teenager days. My father told me when I was born, doctors measured the baby height and they've said ''This kid is going to be like 6'2 (1,88) range in his 20s''. I am now 22 years old and I am full 1,88-1,89. My out of bed height is 1.90 full. So I think everything is about genetics because I had good diet and exercised even and did a lot of sports like swimming when I was a child. I think exercises won't make anyone taller or having good diet in their 1-20. its all about genetics and we can only add 1-2 cm max on it with sports in teenager years.
[Editor Rob: you never know with advancements in science. They may well find a way to generate new bone.

But I think in the future (whether 50 or 100 years), it will be gene engineering which will mean taller desired heights can be achieved.

The only problem is if everybody could become tall, then there is no basis for that...everybody essentially becomes more average.]
Tarik said on 20/Jan/17
Hi Rob. I've noticed what appears a small increase in height. I've been taking glucosamine and chondroitin for about 6 weeks and my morning height has increased to 177.1cm from about 176.6cm. Will have to monitor the measurements to see if it's down to error but I think it's an actual increase.
[Editor Rob: in some people it can give a few mm's boost to the discs, in some it won't...certainly means you might be a more comfortable 175cm at night.]
Yes yes said on 13/Jan/17
Rob, how will you react the day you wake up and measure yourself and see that you're not 5'8" anymore? ;P
[Editor Rob: I will snap the tape measure in half!

no, I would be happy to live long enough to even be as short as 5ft 6, I will take being 85 and 5ft 6 over dead in a coffin!]
Blake said on 13/Jan/17
Is it possible to recover lost childhood height? I was very sickly constant illness for a while till around 8, do you think I recovered this height now as I have since that age played sport and had no eating issue since?
[Editor Rob: I've read a research paper once talking about 'catch up' height, where the body in later teens can still catch up to genetic potential as long as it's being well nourished etc.]
Kevin said on 8/Jan/17
Hello Rob, when I wake up in the morning at 8.00 a.m I measure myself by using aerosol and I'm full 190 cm in the morning out of bed. In the afternoon, I'm around 189-188,5.

At night, (11.00 pm - 00.00 am) I am 187,5 if I had so much pressure on my spine and my back and if I sit on the chair for so many hours. Sometimes 1.88 at night or 1.87,8.

What height should I claim? Can I say 189 or 188? I am losing an inch (2,5 cm) in a very long day. Is that normal and is there a way to decrease the shrink effect?
[Editor Rob: Kevin, claiming 188 seems fine to me.]
Peter said on 7/Jan/17
Last question Rob
I had a foot injury when i was 18 (I fell from the tree). I have 5 non metal nails in the foot.I am 25 now and walk perfectly. The foot feels strong. Do u think there is some effect on height variation throughout the day?
[Editor Rob: Peter, I doubt it is effecting you too much, maybe a couple mm or so.]
Tarik said on 7/Jan/17
Hi Rob, I've measured myself a couple times in the morning and range between 176.4cm-176.7cm and the after a day's 12 hour work shift (which involves a bit of walking and lifting) I go down to my lowest height which is 174.8cm. What height or range could I claim.
[Editor Rob: Tarik, claiming 5ft 9 seems fine to me, or just say 175cm]
Rory said on 7/Jan/17

What age on average would a man lose his first mm in height ?
[Editor Rob: I think it will vary, but typically at 47-48 many might lose the first tiny bit, by early 50's on average a few mm's.]
jose luis said on 4/Jan/17
Hi rob, I have a doubt I am 184 cm (6'0.5 ") in the mornings and at night I am 183 cm (6'0") what is my official height?
Lexi said on 3/Jan/17
is it possible at 22 years old? Click Here
What can we do for don't lose height?
[Editor Rob: at her age it seems impossible, maybe she mismeasured.

But, I did do a video showing the simple tips to help maintain and reduce shrinkage as you get older...Click Here]
Pete said on 31/Dec/16
Hey Rob
Does eating vitamin C make vertebral discs stronger? If they are stronger, i should shrink less throughout the day?
[Editor Rob: Pete, I don't know if it would have much impact, but I've read about glucosamine being able to help discs a tiny bit.]
Josef said on 30/Dec/16
Hi Rob!
Ive measured myself at night few months ago and i was 176 on the nose.
Now after a neck surgery(broken 7th vertebrae.) i measure 2cm less.
Even though i measured myself right after the accident and the surgery and my height didnt change at all.
But after few months after using my neck protector i shrinked 2.3cm when im almost recovered and my new vertebrea are reformed.(not fully for sure)

What the fu.k is that happened man. Im 26 years old. How is this possible?
Can i somehow regain my lost height?maybe i just have to wait a bit more to recover.
I almost cant accept this -from average height i went below when im so young without a fully maturized skeleton.
Maybe my bad posture? Through the wearing of the neck collar.

Anyway,i started stretches again. Few years before i had success with them(i growed an inch once!).
Rob do you think through some spine lengthening and posture improving(i have a very very poor posture after wearing this thing)
i can still reach 5ft9 at night? I would be very happy if i at least gain a ~cm, and stay on average.

I can tell you the shrinkage is fellable and made me very sad. Because if i were an old man. But seriously ive grown a bit few years back,ive a very good bone structure and never would have thought this could happen at my age. Even now i dont know where did i lose this inch from.I do not have an explanation. Maybe you have.
[Editor Rob: Josef, unfortunately it seems as though your spine has suffered a bit, but if I was in your position I'm not actually sure what I'd do - I'd probably be cautious and not want to risk doing anything which could make matters worse.

I certainly have read about people breaking bones in neck/back and losing height, so you aren't alone.]
Hapgood said on 27/Dec/16
Hi Rob, this answer may also answer a question that Francesco asked on 12/21/16 about how much height a man should lose on average by age 55. You answered a 1/3 to a 1/4 inch on average. I think in (most) cases that's a good answer, however there are exeptions to every rule. I will be turning 55 in early March 2017 in late December 1979 I was measured on a stadiometer [at PEAK ADULT HEIGHT of 66.5"] 139 lbs at age 17 years, 10 months. Please note that 37 years later in late December 2016 at age 54 years, 10 months I was also measured by a stadiometer at 66.5" 150 lbs. (the exact same PEAK ADULT HEIGHT 37 years apart.) Possible Reasons: ■ good back, ■ good knees, ■ good posture, ■ good health, ■ good sleep on a high quality mattress. ■ Working insde desk jobs/ light work vs. heavy grinding factory work.
[Editor Rob: I'd be delighted myself to hit 5ft 8 at 50 and would bite your hand off for 5ft 7.75 at age 60...]
Francesco said on 26/Dec/16
and another question.. at what age does a man start losing his first mm in height? do you think that at 50 a man can be still at his peak height?
[Editor Rob: many men will hit 50 and not lose anything, usually they have had decent posture, reasonably fit.

But there will be a big chunk who hit 50 and have started to lose a few mm's...they won't really notice, nobody would probably be able to tell that small 1/4 inch.]
Pierrick said on 26/Dec/16
Rob I'm 182 out of bed, 180, sometimes 179.7 at night. Wich height should I say about me ? Can I say 5'11 ???
[Editor Rob: Pierrick, about 5ft 11 might be something you can say...if Metric, simply 180cm]
Yes yes said on 25/Dec/16
Rob, with the thought of my dad being 6ft tall and that he was 5'5 at 15, how tall do you think I'll be at 21? I'm 5'11 1/8 in the morning and 5'10-5'10 1/4 at night and I'm 16.
My mom is 5'2 and my brother is 6'2.5 (He's 20). I remember asking earlier this year how tall he was he was 16 when finished 9th grade and he answered 5'9 1/2 but he also said there was a chance that he was 5'10 3/4.

So let's assume that he was 1/3-1/2 inch taller than I am at 16, do I have a good chance of reaching 6'2?
[Editor Rob: I did see a photo you posted, I would say you looked a typical 16, so not under or overdeveloped...I wouldn't worry much and just get on with being a teenager and only measure a few times a year.

Worry and stress may not be a good thing for growth.]
Francesco said on 25/Dec/16
hi Rob. with 1/4 and 1/3 do you mean 0,5 and 1 cm?
[Editor Rob: between 0.5 and 1cm yes.]
Jas96 said on 21/Dec/16
Hi Rob, never really got time to measure myself straight from bed or during the day only in the evenings I've measured myself at 5'9" after being awake 12 hours and doing a typical 9hr shift working at a supermarket working the stock so I never sit down would my average height be around the 5'9.5" mark? And could I claim that. Thanks!
[Editor Rob: Jas, there's a chance you might hit 5ft 10 or very close to it within 30 seconds of waking and be 5ft 9.5 at 10-11am]
Francesco said on 21/Dec/16
Hi Rob.
how much height do you think a man has lost by 55 on average? consider a man who doesn't have sport and have a sedentary job for 8 hours a day..
[Editor Rob: Francesco, between 1/4 and 1/3rd inch I'd say by early to mid 50's.]
Berta said on 18/Dec/16
I am around 197,7 in the morning and if i fint lift Weight on the gym i am 196,9 in the Evening some days even 197 and the days i hit the gym i go Downs to 196,7. I thing i Lopes that little height is because i have trained heavy since 15 but not in a way that Will harm My back. I claim 196 . Should i claim 196 ore 197 i feel like lying if i claim 197 and are a couple mm under on a bad day haha
Mike said on 15/Dec/16
Out of bed my height is like 185.5 too 186cm (somewhere inbetween). During the day I hit about 185 - 184.9 cm. Now at 4pm I hit about 184.5 - 184. Stays at that level till' I go too sleep. Which Height should I claim 185cm or 184cm? Thanks for reading Rob.
[Editor Rob: if you say 184cm Mike, nobody is ever going to think you aren't that height.

Say 185, it's a slight roundup, but many in your position might go with that mark too.

personally I'd go with 184.]
same said on 4/Dec/16
if i were a celebrity and measured 3/8ths inch would you rate me up or down?
[Editor Rob: depends on the time of day, but sometimes you could end up on the 1/2 inch mark if 3/8th.]
Leonardo 1.73m said on 30/Nov/16
My plan: (5'7 isn't a bad height)

At 70: 172cm
At 80: 171cm
At 85: 170cm
[Editor Rob: I think if you live to 85, it should be celeration itself, regardless of height....I'd love to live that long.]
Leonardo 1.73m said on 29/Nov/16

How many loss a man until his death? (85 years old aprox)
[Editor Rob: Leo, at 85 I'd expect 2.5-3 inches of height being lost. If only 1-1.5 you have done remarkably well.]
Leonardo 1.73m said on 29/Nov/16
Is possible loss 1 inch until the death?
[Editor Rob: if you died at 80 it is likely you would lose 1-3 inches (or even more in extreme cases) of height. If you reached 70 and died, you might lose anywhere from 0.5-2 inches]
E.S. said on 20/Nov/16
Rob, do most of these average height studies publish when measurements are taken? Wouldn't they have pretty different findings depending on the time of day that people or measured or would it cancel out with a large enough sample?
[Editor Rob: some very specific studies might, but a general study will have varying times...on average I'd expect it to be late morning to lunch range.]
Benjamin Fritz said on 12/Nov/16
Which height should I go with?
The clock was 10 am today when I measured myself and I got rougly 5'10.75 - 5'11 when I was standing with my front against the wall and I had been awake for 2 hours but I was just lying in my bed.

But, here comes the funny part, a couple of minutes later I measured myself with my back against the wall and I only got 5'9.5 and I always get a shorter height with my back against the wall (Note: I measured myself with a Samsung Galaxy J5).

Plus that everytime I measure myself I always seems to get a too short height cuz when I measure myself at home my eye level is too high for that height and when I walk past the lines on the wall in my videos it looks like I'm taller and in school etc, there's a girl who said that she's 5'10 flat and that was over a year and now we're all 16 years old and it feels and looks like I'm about 0.5 inches taller than her.

A couple of days ago I got around 5'10 at 11pm so which height should I go with do you think?

I always say that I'm 5'10 when someone asks me but it feels like it's too short but my friend who said he was 6'1 this summer has his eye level at the end of my forehead sometimes and sometimes my eye level is at his nose.

Thank's for reading this! :)
[Editor Rob: Benjamin, I'd buy a big aerosol can (1 pound in poundland) like xantox and redo the measurement facing the wall about lunchtime.

Sometimes trying to measure yourself with back against a wall is more error prone, so it's much easier facing a wall.]
Bert91 said on 10/Nov/16
Hi Rob

When I wake up I'm about 5'8 - 5'8.25 and at the end of the day i'm 5'7.25-5'7.5

Which height should I claim?
[Editor Rob: about 5ft 7.5 range I'd personally go with.]
Benjamin Fritz said on 8/Nov/16
Hi Rob! I'm 16 right now and I'm 5'10 (I was 5'10 when I measured myself at 11pm today), my father is 6ft is my mom is 5'2 and my brother is 6'2 3/4.

Do you think I can reach 6'1-6'2 at 21?

My father told me he was 5'5 at 15 and my brother said he was 5'9 at 15 and that he was a little bit under 5'11 at 16.

By the way I LOVE your site! :)
[Editor Rob: there's still a chance of hitting 6ft, it might be useful to remember your brother's height at around your age, that could be a good indication of whether you could potentially get over 6ft by 20.]
S.J.H said on 7/Nov/16
Rob, my dad a was 5'11 peak height and 5'10.5 now and he already loss this 0.5" since 11years back i first visited this site and his now 61 and still holds a strong 5'10.5 when measure so could he be lower if he reach up 80s?

Because my grandfather was 84 and strange that he only loss posture more than height (look 5'8) but when get measure he still 177cm same time at his 70 birthday and a peak at 5'10 he doesn't loss much height my dad and i was surprising at it. My dad worried he would loss more height than my grandfather when another decades gone
[Editor Rob: probably 5ft 8.5-9 range by early 80's for him.]
John said on 6/Nov/16
Hi Rob, my morning height is like 183,5-184cm.
My evening height is like 182,7 cm.
Why would you say its my height?
[Editor Rob: John, just go with 183cm as your height.]
Jennie said on 4/Nov/16
Hi Rob. When shrinking starts at an older age, do women shrink faster than men? How much can the average 55 year old woman expect to have shrunk from her peak height? I am guessing somewhere around 3/8 - 1/4 inch.
[Editor Rob: a 55 year old might have typically lost a good 1/2 inch maybe a bit more, but some may lose barely anything or even an inch.]
Word1234 said on 30/Oct/16
Hey rob, how accurate is taking an aeresol can and using a tape measure in comparison to using the stadiometer?
For example, I measured myself with an aeresol can and measured 5'8 exactly at 12pm.
Then a week later I went for a physical and my doctor measured me at 10am and I was measured 5'7.25.
I have watched your videos and noticed when you measure yourself you lightly tap the stadiometer so it softly touches your head, when I was at the doctor there stadiometer wasn't lightly touching the top of my head it was more like dropped on my head and I felt as if it was pushing down rather than resting. Would this have a greater impact? Are my walls so slanted that I can achieve 5'8! So confused!
Thank you!!
[Editor Rob: because it is plastic, if you overtap it once it starts hitting your skull, then it might bend slightly and undermeasure...that might happen in your case.

I still feel it is good to try using some sort of aerosol can, but even then, if your floor slants slightly or your walls aren't vertical at 90 degrees, there's always a chance of slightly different measurements than what your true height is.

If you had several walls, or friends house with better walls, it might be useful to test on these other walls..]
a wonderer said on 27/Oct/16
Ice, you are wrong with your list about Austria.
coolguy11 said on 11/Oct/16
I measured my girlfriend at 9:00 PM and she was 5'6" and 1/4" Can she claim to be a legitimate 5'7"?

I measure 5'11" first thing in the morning at only 5'10" later in the day. Can I claim to be 5'11"?
[Editor Rob: if she drops that low, I wouldn't call her 5ft 7, maybe 5ft 6.5 she could claim.]
Judd said on 8/Oct/16
Rob it's possibile that a man of 75 years (male) recorded a loss of 0,5-0,75" from his peak if his body conditions are good (any injuries) and his posture is good?
[Editor Rob: he would be beating the average by the same amount...it is very possible, but the proportion who only lose half inch or so by mid 70's is smaller than the the proportion who will lose between 1 and 2 inches by that range.]
Alex said on 29/Sep/16
Hi Rob,

I§ve measured myself right out of bed and I§m always between 5ft 8in and 5ft 8.25 in. I§ve also measured my height right before going to bed and here is the strange part: on weekends and holidays I'm 5ft 7.5in (or a few milimeters more), but on weekdays I'm barely 171 cm or even 5ft 7.25 in. I know it§s still 171, but half an inch seems quite a lot considering it§s my lowest height. I have to mention that on weekdays I usually carry a laptop (which is about 4-5 lbs) in my backpack and I walk about 1 hour with it (30 min from my house to school and 30 min from school to my house).

My question is: do you think that the extra weight I carry (because of my laptop) could be the responsible for the extra 1/4 inch that I lose on weekdays??

I'd appreciate your answer!
[Editor Rob: the extra weight could effect things a little fraction. I know when I carry stuff in a backpack and have checked my height, I will hit my low quicker - sometimes at 1pm I'm down to my low after carrying shopping home in my rucksack!

another little factor that may effect our fluctuations is hydration - becoming a bit dehydrated may result in hitting your lowest height quicker.]
Jm19 said on 28/Sep/16
Hello Rob,

I measure 5ft 10 out of bed but by the end of the day I measure about 5ft 8.5! I am overweight (17.5 stone) do you think my weight is the major cause of my height loss throughout the day?

Thanks a lot!! Love this website!!!
[Editor Rob: you are not that much overweight...it's a helluva loss from morning till evening, I mean I'd expect a 6ft 6-8 guy to possibly shrink that.
Ice said on 27/Sep/16
ROB my Job requires me standing and hunching over for a long time do you think I have a lower night height because of this ?
[Editor Rob: long-term it might effect your height, possibly accelerate any losses.

If I were you I'd try some basic daily stretching to counteract the effects of your job. Reach for the sky, touch toes...really simple stuff.]
trilln4real said on 8/Sep/16
Hello Rob,

right out of bed i measure at 172cm. After a long day at work, sainsburys, right before bed i measure at 170cm. I recently changed my diet, started drinking 1.5 gallons of water per day, started taking glucosamine pills, working out, and doing 5 minutes of hanging excercises, pull up bar excersises and also thinking about going to a chiropractor to help with my terrible posture and straighten out my back.

do you reckon over a period of time, lets say 6-12 months, i can improve my morning and late night height? How much do you reckon i could gain?

Thanks and keep walking tall like Rob Paul haha !!
[Editor Rob: I'd say don't be disappointed if you only managed an extra cm overall.
I would definitely give that routine at least 6 months and then assess your morning/evening again to see if it has improved. If it has, then do another 6 months.]
TTstar said on 7/Sep/16
Hi Rob! Can sore muscles at the back cause you do shrink more? I noticed that i measure a little smaller (3mm) since my backmuscles got a little sore last week.
[Editor Rob: it may effect your posture and inhibit your ability to stretch up as tall as you normally can.]
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 5/Sep/16
[Editor Rob: yes that is quite long for your height, 34-6 might be a more common range near 6ft 4-5.]


How about my arms Rob? My wingspan is only 76" (6ft4), which is a bit below average for my height, but my arm length (the tip of my middle finger to my shoulder) is 34.5" (88cm). Is that rather long or short for my height? NFL's Cam Newton is around my height and he has an arm length of 33 3/4" (86cm) Click Here
[Editor Rob: with a narrower ribcage/shoulder width, armspan of 6ft 4 might still appear long, like in your case.]
Xhavier said on 3/Sep/16
Here are the statistical averages of height / pant leg inseam

Male Height Average Pants Inseam
5ft 0in 26.0 in
5ft 1in 26.5 in
5ft 2in 27.0 in
5ft 3in 27.5 in
5ft 4in 28.0 in
5ft 5in 28.5 in
5ft 6in 29.0 in
5ft 7in 29.5 in
5ft 8in 30.0 in
5ft 9in 30.5 in
5ft 10in 31.0 in
5ft 11in 31.5 in
6ft 0in 32.0 in
6ft 1in 32.5 in
6ft 2in 33.0 in
6ft 3in 33.5 in
6ft 4in 34.0 in
6ft 5in 34.5 in
6ft 6in 35.0 in
6ft 7in 35.5 in
6ft 8in 36.0 in
6ft 9in 36.5 in
6ft 10in 37.0 in
6ft 11in 37.5 in
7ft 0in 38.0 in
7ft 1in 38.5 in
7ft 2in 39.0 in
7ft 3in 39.5 in
7ft 4in 40.0 in
7ft 5in 40.5 in
7ft 6in 41.0 in
7ft 7in 41.5 in
7ft 8in 42.0 in
7ft 9in 42.5 in
7ft 10in 43.0 in
7ft 11in 43.5 in
8ft 0in 44.0 in
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Aug/16
I meant 37" inseam, not 36.
[Editor Rob: yes that is quite long for your height, 34-6 might be a more common range near 6ft 4-5.]
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Aug/16
I wake up at 198.4cm (6'6 1/8'') and go to bed usually at 196.2cm (6'5 1/4''). It has been said that the average person lose 3/4" from morning to night, but I'm not average-heighted, so it's understandable to lose 7/8th of an inch over the course of the day. And my inseam is 36", so I would say my legs are slightly long in proportion to my height.
Gerry said on 24/Aug/16
As a reference for your Rob, based on you being 5ft 8in, if you stood beside me, you would be at the middle of my mouth (I meant to have this on the previous post), which is similar to most of the guys that you had beside you that you list at 6ft 4in, but 5ft 9in is at the bottom of my nose, and its 6.5in from there to the top of my head which would most likely lead more to 6ft 3.5in. So just curious as to what you would list me at, and sorry for the delayed postings and long winded posts.
Gerry said on 24/Aug/16
Hey Rob.

Yes, it is quite the shrinkage, and further to your comment, chances are I do have thicker than normal discs that hold a lot of water and expel more throughout the day.

But to add an extra component to it, because of my muscle/ligament/bone/joint condition (in short my bones outpaced my muscles and left my incredibly rigid (hyper-inflexibility)), I technically am not ever going to be at my full height because if I could straighten my legs and have my spine corrected (it's on a bit of an angle (but unnoticeable on the outside)), I would be six inches taller.

Also if they could correct my overly rounded shoulders, I would have a 6ft 11in arm span instead of a 6ft 6in arm span (which used to be longer since as of 1995 I was 6ft 1in tall with a wing span of 6ft 7in and I wasn't done growing yet back then).

When I graduated high school I had an 11pm height of 6ft 4in and considered myself to be a solid 6ft 4in tall, and possibly even 6ft 4.5in tall, since in basketball I would have been listed at 6ft 6in after I was measured in my 1.5in basketball shoes at a little over 6ft 5.5in and then was measured at a later date around the same time frame in a pair of 1in dress shoes at 6ft 5.5in, but with all of my shrinkage that has already occurred and continued to re-occur since that time, and the fact that I have not been keeping up with my prescribed stretches for quite some time, I no longer consider myself that.

Additionally, once i shrank below a 6ft 4in afternoon and/or evening height, whether it was a strong 6ft 3.5in or 6ft 3.75in, doctors would write down 6ft 3in, so they would technically round me down from 192.5 cm to 190.5cm, and then round that down to 190 cm, so that is something I initially found frustrating. But oh well, it could be worse.

Most people have refused to believe me when I say that I am 6ft 3in/6ft 4in, even though I am in a medically documented study and in published book at 6ft 3.5in, and insist that I am 6ft 5in, 6ft 5.5in, or 6ft 6in. Overall my height has been somewhat of an obsession and frustration of mine ever since I was a 6ft grade 8 student, but for the most part, I have gotten over it, and in my current decade of life have been more annoyed because there are too many people that I have met that are using inflated basketball player-like heights, and need to be more realistic about their own height, and stop lying about it, as far as I am concerned, .

However, although my passport says 6ft 4in, and I was told to round up to 6ft 4in on acting resume, I consider myself to have had a peak height of 6ft 4in, an overall listed height of 6ft 3.5in, and a current height of 6ft 3in due to my more recent shrinkage, but when anyone asks me, "how tall are you?", unless I feel like rounding down, I answer 6ft 3in/6ft 4in, a little over 6ft 3in, or sometimes I answer 5ft 7in for fun :) , but usually I answer with my most regular consistent natural answer of 6ft 3.5in.

So I am curious Rob, taking everything into consideration, what would you put as my peak height, current height, and overall height - i.e. how tall would you list me at if I were a celebrity on this site?
[Editor Rob: I'd have went with your peak height somewhere around 6ft 4.5, now maybe a bit under 6ft 4...

I wonder though, if you started a simple program of 3 minutes hanging and basic stretching (reach for stars, touch tip toes) for a few months, whether your height improved a bit more and you regained some which seems to have been lost.]
Gerry said on 23/Aug/16
Hey Rob.

Although I have a condition that has already caused me to shrink and then attempt to re-stretch back to where I shrank from, three times so far in my life (I am only 35 years old), since I get a kick out of your site, and further to this height loss discussion thread, in recent years, I have taken a few occasions where I measured myself over an 18 hour period, and wanted your thoughts as to the daily shrinkage, and what height(s) you would consider me to be.

2010: 6am: 6ft 6.5in, 9am: 6ft 5in, 12pm: 6ft 4.5in; 3pm: 6ft 4in; 6pm: 6ft 4in; 9pm: 6ft 3.5in; 11pm: 6ft 3.5in

2011: 6am: 6ft 4.5in, 9am: 6ft 3in, 12pm: 6ft 3in; 3pm: 6ft 3in; 6pm: 6ft 3in; 9pm: 6ft 3in; 11pm: 6ft 3in

2013: 6am: 6ft 5.5in, 9am: 6ft 4in, 12pm: 6ft 3.5in; 3pm: 6ft 3.5in; 6pm: 6ft 3.5in; 9pm: 6ft 3.5in; 11pm: 6ft 3.25in

2015: 6am: 6ft 6in, 9am: 6ft 4.5in, 12pm: 6ft 3.5in; 3pm: 6ft 3.5in; 6pm: 6ft 3.5in; 9pm: 6ft 3.25in; 11pm: 6ft 3in

2016: 6am: 6ft 4.5in, 9am: 6ft 3.5in, 12pm: 6ft 3.5in; 3pm: 6ft 3.25in; 6pm: 6ft 3.25in; 9pm: 6ft 3in; 11pm: 6ft 3in (and I had a couple of times it was as low as 190 cm/6ft 2.75in)

[Editor Rob: as I said, it seems an extraordinary shrinkage, something I would love to witness, because that amount of shrinkage would be visible to many people. Maybe you have discs that are thicker than normal or hold a lot of water and then through the day expel much more than ]
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
In my 30s, I notice about 1/4" difference (loss) which may have to do with hydration or even back issues
Mario amabile said on 14/Aug/16
Ei Rob, inthe morning i'm 6ft 1.5 , during the day i'm something between 6ft1 and 6ft1.25 and before to sleep during the night i'm 6ft0.75, which is my height or which height i can say to other people?
[Editor Rob: about 6ft 1 is perfect to say.]
Gerry said on 7/Aug/16
And now I present a lot of shrinking
Heights throughout the day:
Out of bed: 6ft 6in
3hrs later after gravity sets in: 6ft 4.5in
6 hr mark: 6ft 4in
9 hr mark: 6ft 3.5in
12hr mark: 6ft 3.25in
15hr mark: 6ft 3in
18hr mark: 6ft 3in

When I graduated high school I was 6ft 4.5in at the 9 hour mark and 6ft 3.5in at the 18 hour mark. The above results are me at age 35.

[Editor Rob: I think if this were true, it would make a great study as I've never heard of that much shrinkage ;)]
George said on 3/Aug/16
Is it weird for a man being 25, losing 7 cm in height since 16? If in 16 I was like 175 cm and 113 kg, but now 168 cm (maybe 169 cm in the morning) and 52 kg? Also I was 172 cm by the time I used to weigh around 75 kg, at 21.

I'm not crazy, but it happened. Others who knew me from before and had to see me for a long time, noticed I'm being visibly shorter as well. And neither some strange disease occurred, according to recent medical exams.

I don't know if it had to do with massive weight loss, or just God heard my prayers. Actually I don't feel well being tall, I find it awkward looking down on others, so I was keep praying getting shorter (yes I believe in God.).

I just wanted someone else's opinion. Also my feet shrank like 3-4 European Sizes. (From 43-44 to 40)
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 25/Jul/16
Rob is it possible for men too be 6ft 3in in his 20s and shrink too 5ft 6in in his 80's going from 6ft 3in too 5ft 6in would be a lot of height too lose that is a 9 inch height loss what's the biggest height loss you heard of.
[Editor Rob: extremely unlikely, but there may be cases of people who lost 8 inches, those who lose more might suffer condition which means spinal collapse! ]
Kourosh said on 22/Jul/16
Thank you rob for answer. My shrinkage varies from 1.8 to 1.5 cm but on average i wake up at around 177.6 fresh out of bed and at night i am 176 cm on the nose take or give a mm. i hope my height shrinkage is withing normal range?!

I usually sleep for 6 hours , if i sleep up to 8 hours , does this mean my morning height will be taller like 178 cm or more?
[Editor Rob: if you got 8-9 hours, well hydrated night/day before and managed to sleep mostly on your back you may hit your highest which could be a couple of mm or so taller than normal morning height range.

1.6-1.8cm is a very common range of shrinkage.]
Broman said on 22/Jul/16
Hi Rob, I'm 23 and was 5'9 flat and got a bit obsessed with wanting to be the same height as my brother. I managed to increase my morning & night height by 2cm from sleeping on the floor and taking glucosamine! Crazy I know! I'm now within 1cm of my brother. So I succeeded I guess.

I now range from 178.5cm - 177.5cm, do you think my night height still counts as 5'10? I mean it's 3mm off and 4mm above 5'9 3/4..

[Editor Rob: it's enough to be consider roughly 5ft 10]
Merky said on 20/Jul/16
I remember reading about height loss and thinking it was bull, but then when my Aunt visited from Canada she looked about 3 inches smaller than I remember. Either I had grew (unlikely) or she had lost quite a lot!
Kourosh said on 18/Jul/16
Rob, i lose about 1.2 cm within 45 min after waking up. is this normal? you only lose a cm after 1 hour after bed i saw your height shrinkage video on youtube
[Editor Rob: if you have a bigger overall shrinkage, then 1.2 is within a typical range, I think some may lose less than 1cm, others a bit more...some men or women can shrink 2.5cm and be under 6ft.]
Heylo said on 4/Jul/16
I go down 1.2-1.4 cm after a a whole day. My height is 178.2 in the morning and 177cm or sometimes 176.8 in the evening. Is this normal? I saw some comment about the average shrink though the day being almost 2cm. What could make some people shrink less?
[Editor Rob: it means your discs don't lose as much fluid (seeps out) during the day. 1.2 is less than average, nearer the lower range of the scale.

I think the older you get the smaller the morning-evening shrinkage can become.]
truth said on 1/Jul/16
@Ice lol so wrong. Please just think before yo start posting kid.
Vance said on 9/Jun/16
Rob, How much should a man expect to loose of height at 52?
[Editor Rob: 1/4 to 3/8ths of an inch might be common.]
J.Lee said on 7/Jun/16
Rob does knee surgery make you shorter?
[Editor Rob: if it takes away cartilage or bone then it would, but it depends on the type of surgery.]
Pamela said on 4/Jun/16
Hi Rob should I be concerned I'm 42 and have recently notice a change in my height I was 5'5 so the other day I measured myself after friends and family have been commenting on my shrinking over the last couple of months and I now measure 5'1
[Editor Rob: if you've lost that amount then I would suggest asking for a Doctor's appointment and then if he hears you've lost a few inches he will likely get x-rays and tests done to determine if your spine is degrading badly.

There are some conditions where big losses can occur.]
delancey said on 1/Jun/16
Hey Rob, I'm 176 and a half in the morning and a flat 174cm before bed (174 and a bit for most of the day). Just wondering does a 2.5cm daily loss seem normal for a healthy 24 year old male? Reason I ask is that it seems a lot to lose for someone my height as I already stretch daily (as part of my every day fitness), I don't slouch and also definitely drink more than an adequate amount of water. I'm just a bit concerned that I'm losing that much for a guy of my height/age. Any further ideas on how I could maybe minimise it?
[Editor Rob: about an inch is a fraction more than average, but many lose this, even Jenny (my partner) lost a full inch most of the time.]
Hephaystos said on 1/Jun/16
Rob, in my previous question i asked you how i guess a person height if i'm eye to eye with him. you answered that he's "1 cm within of me", what does it mean? that he could be 1 cm shorter or taller than me? sorry but i'm not a native speaker
[Editor Rob: because different people might have higher/lower eyelevels, looking eye-eye is a rough guide. They may well be fairly similar, but they could even be a fraction taller/shorter.]
Hephaystos said on 23/May/16
Hello Rob, a question. my 57 years old uncle who is very sendentary and work a lot at computer since his 30's (so not standing straight with his back almost all day), how much height could have lost in cm? another question. how do i guess his height if i'm in front of him? we are more or less eyeleveled.
[Editor Rob: if you are eye to eye he really will be within 1cm of you.

He could have lost 1cm, it would be more unlucky if he lost 2-3cm at his age.]
SportsHeight said on 17/May/16
Rob, what can a fit healthy guy in his 20s who's around 6'0.5" in the afternoon realistically expect for height loss going forward, assuming he eats and drinks well, stays fit, maintains good posture, and stretches regularly? When would he start to lose height and how much would it be at 50/60/70/etc.?
[Editor Rob: I would expect by 50 for him to have lost a little fraction, but to most people it won't be noticeable.

By 60 he might get away with just between 1/4 and 1/2 inch...I'd say 1/4 inch if he maintains fitness and does regular stretching and eats decently.

The 60-70 zone is where a lot of people start to really notice losses. I would still expect overall between 1/2 and 1 inch lost even for a relatively fit and healthy guy by age 70.
MrTBlack said on 17/May/16
Hey Rob, my Dad claimed he was 6'1,5" when he was in his 20s but his physical in his late 40s said 5'11.75" and now it says 5'11". I'm thinking his peak height was probably more like 6'0-6'0.5" and 6'1.5" was his height in shoes?
[Editor Rob: yeah that sounds more like it, unless he really lost a fair chunk through his 40's. Some people develop bad habits and posture and by the time they get near 50 they have lost height not only in terms of bone density/cartilage loss, but also the curve of their spine has altered.]
NFL said on 16/May/16
Would you say NFL combine heights are as accurate as it gets? FWIU, Players are measured between 9am and late afternoon. So a guy like Derrick Henry who measured 6'2 5/8 recently, his morning height would be about 6'3 and his average/afternoon height would be about 6'2 1/2, correct?
[Editor Rob: I would say the database is probably 99% accurate...there will be some errors, be it the reading was wrongly taken (like the guy called out 3/4 and he was on the half inch mark etc...but those should be a small amount.
Also data entry error - always a chance of some errors creeping in through typing.

As for the time, it certainly won't be evening measurements, I'd say on average though the players will have been up a couple hours so have already lost a chunk of height...might be like a 10am type measurement.]
/fit/ said on 3/May/16
hey, question here bro

I notice to lose about 0.5cm everytime i go over a week without stretching

Am I right or is it just normal that my height can differ day to day at the same time?
[Editor Rob: the stretching might be helping you retain a little bit extra, so I would try to keep doing it.]
Francis94 said on 26/Apr/16
Hi rob. How much height do you think a man have lost at 55? On average
[Editor Rob: about half inch maybe...sometimes a bit less or more depending on various factors like job, overall health, injuries etc.]
slothee said on 25/Apr/16
If my dad is 5'6.5" at 57, what do you think his peak height likely was? (assuming he's shrank at all)
[Editor Rob: probably nar 5ft 7 ]
dave said on 18/Apr/16
I am 24 years old and i started to jog for like 6 months i saw a 1.5cm increase in my height. Prior to this i have not been exercising for years. How is this possible?
[Editor Rob: certainly strange, but then maybe somehow it helped your height a bit!]
Canson said on 12/Apr/16
Rob: you mentioned this a while ago but was it your morning or evening height that increased with age?
[Editor Rob: evening height hasn't really changed, but I did at one point get a few mm higher morning measurement. Typically in the past (10 years ago) I'd get 5ft 8.6 range, but for a few years got 5ft 8.75 range, sometimes a tiny bit more (using tape measure and wall measurements).]
plus said on 8/Apr/16
Out of bed height is useless. Early morning height comes off soon. Nobody will notice because the other person who see you also are in morning height around you. It feels the same, except very tall people who can appear taller yet compared to normal people
Ice said on 3/Apr/16
ROB Ive been drinking a lot more water lateley , and Im pretty sure my morning height measurments have gone up a bit . But how long would it take to fully rehydrate the discs ?
[Editor Rob: maybe a number of days keeping well hydrated let's your body rehydrate properly]
KJD said on 1/Apr/16
hey rob, for example: a celebrity would say: "I'm 5 feet 11 out of bed"...would you list him at this height (assuming of course he looks like it in person)? i have another question...the height you reach out of bed, is that the "maximum final height" of growth or the height you reach after 5-6 hours after waking?
[Editor Rob: maybe half inch or three quarter inch under their morning height, unless they actually said something like 5ft 11 out of bed and 5ft 10 at night, then maybe 5ft 10-10.25]
Hi said on 28/Mar/16
Rob, who do you think is taller in this picture of us? Can you guess how tall? Here is the Link Click Here
[Editor Rob: the guy on the right can appear taller in that photo, but not much]
Mr S said on 25/Mar/16
@Rob: I know a lot of articles say that height loss begins at around age 30 but that seems a bit too young unless they mean mms. At what age would you expect the average person to have any real hight loss, like 1cm?
[Editor Rob: there was a long-term study on loss and pretty much the average losses were: By age 40 Men: negligible Women: few mm's By age 50 Men: 0.5cm Women: 1-1.5cm By age 60 Men: 1.5cm Women: 2.5-3cm By age 70 Men: 3cm Women: 5cm]
Fer said on 18/Mar/16
Rob, My height straight out of bed is 173-173.5 cm and my height at night is around 171.6-172 cm. What would be my real height?
[Editor Rob: both heights are real, it's just nobody really sees you at your early morning height, but most people see each other at the height after being up several hours (which is much closer your low height). I think if people went with a mid-day or evening that is fine...if you ever say your morning height, best to tell people '173 in the morning'. Then, there's no confusion.]
Ice said on 10/Mar/16
Your height and how youll feel next to young / middle aged men in Austria who are white / balkan / black :

5'10 and under : youll be absoluteley humbeled
5'11-6'0 : youll feel short
6'1-6'2 : youll struggle to appear average
6'3 ish : youll feel average
6'4 : youll feel above average
6'5 : youll feel tall
6'6 and above : youll feel strongly tall
Ice said on 8/Mar/16
ROB a couple of weeks ago I measured 189.1 cm each morning , after a good night sleep of roughly 8 hours . The last couple of weeks Ive been waking up each single night , and staying awake for like 10 minutes , in this time I loose about 0.5 cm of height . And I sleep like 7.5 hours each night , since the beginning of these mild sleep problems . Since then , my morning height measurments have decreaced , I only measure 188.5 - 188.6 !Could this have something to do with not getting a good night sleep of 8 hours , without interruption ? Im only 18 so I really dont think I permanentley shrank . Thanks .
[Editor Rob: it is unlikely you have shrank...but it might be your body isn't as well hydrated as it had been. That might account for a few mm's...as can the position of your body whilst sleeping.]
Kartik said on 29/Feb/16
Thanks Rob...
Verona Rios said on 28/Feb/16
Rob, I would very much appreciate your opinion on that: my sister was measured 175.4 cm three mornings in a row and 173 cm sharp by he time of bed the same days (all the times with a stadiometer). What height in centimentres should she officially claim (in centimetres)? Thanks for anwering
[Editor Rob: if she says 173cm nobody will ever say 'you don't look it'...in fact I would bet many would guess her 174-5 range... it's really up to her. Say 173 or 174. 174 is more like an average of her morning/evening.]
Kourosh said on 27/Feb/16
Dear Rob today i notice something , i woke up fresh out of bed and i was right around 5'10 (177.6 cm) but after 3 hours i measured myself again and i was only 176.2 cm. why i did lose so much of height in just 3 hours? is this normal?
[Editor Rob: the younger you are, the better or 'spongier' your discs may be...so it's not uncommon when 18-25 to have a greater overall morning-evening shrinkage than when you reach 50's or 60's. In your case, it isn't anything extraordinary...the first few hours of being up and about will result in a fair whack of your morning height diminishing.]
Kartik said on 20/Feb/16
Hey Rob, my height straight out of the bed is 184.5cm and my night height is 182.9cm. what would you say my true height is??
[Editor Rob: you are a strong six footer, a 183cm range man]
Judd said on 9/Feb/16
Rob how may be the loss of a person (in cms) of 75 years old who has not particularly back problems and made a lot of sport activities during his 10s,20s and half 30s?
[Editor Rob: for a male about 1-1.25 inches I'd say...he may still lose more depending on factors such as diet, whether he smokes/drinks and how active he keeps from 50-70 range. I'd recommend keeping active as you get over 60...too often it's easier to jump in a car, but even walking sometimes to the store will help.]
MB said on 7/Feb/16
After age of 80 does shrinking stops or how much do you shrink each decade after 80? Suposse I am 6 feet at 40, by age of 100 I'll be 5'8" or what?
[Editor Rob: you can keep shrinking...if you reached that age, I'd expect 3-4 inches lost.]
Tishah said on 1/Feb/16
Hi, I'm 20yo F, and I used to measure at 165cm. In a year (when i was 18/19), I lost 20kgs, and now I weigh 48kgs, but my height has also decreased. I'm now 160cm. I know this is correct as I used proper measuring scales and did it almost every day out of pure boredom when working in a health clinic. Other people have also noticed my decrease in height, and it's obvious when looking at photos. Is weight loss associated with height loss? I just thought it was a bit strange to be shrinking so drastically at age 20. Thanks!
[Editor Rob: it shouldn't make a difference...5cm is an extreme amount of difference between those measurements. I couldn't explain it, unless there was something that changed with the measuring rod...]
TheTruth said on 31/Jan/16
Rob, how much height does a male loose during the day on average in centimeters?
[Editor Rob: on average it is in the 1.8-1.9cm range]
N said on 25/Jan/16
Hi Rob, my morning height is 174-173.7 and my night height is 173, but when I come back from school my height is only 172, what should I go with?. I turned 18 last month, so is it possible to grow 1-2 cm? or I stopped growing? Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: I'd say 173cm is ok to claim, or just 5ft 8. At 18 it can be a coin toss as to whether you are completely finished or maybe still 1-2cm left in the tank.]
Brian said on 22/Jan/16
Hey Rob. Yesterday morning straight out of bed, I measured 5'11 7/8" and then about 8 hours later, I measured at 5'11 1/16". Do you think it is fair to claim 5'11 1/2" as my height?
[Editor Rob: it's what many people do, go with the average range. At worst you are about 1cm below your claim, so nobody really will spot that. if it was an inch maybe they might.]
James said on 15/Jan/16
Isn't morning height your real height instead of your height in the evening? Yes, the spine compresses temporarily over the course of the day. However, most people give their weight in the morning after getting out of bed as their real weight, so why should it be any different for reporting one's height?
[Editor Rob: we all have a morning-evening range. If everybody agreed to give their morning height then we'd use it, but most people never get measured first thing out of bed.]
Ian C. said on 14/Jan/16
Is the height loss gradual or abrupt? My guess, having done no research, is that it is abrupt. I am 64, and know something about the robberies that befall you as you age, and things just go. One day, for example, you have an unlined face, and then suddenly you notice that you have wrinkly eyes. Stuff like that. I'm guessing in the case of somebody like Clint Eastwood that he was very close to his young adult height until he was nearly seventy, and then his spine went extra curvy on him. That would be the way to bet.
[Editor Rob: I think it can happen in spurts ]
Hi said on 12/Jan/16
Rob, My height straight out of bed is around 173-173.5 cm and my height at night is around 171.9 or 172 cm. What would be my real height?
[Editor Rob: I'd say you fell into 'almost 5ft 8' range, possibly a bit like Tom Cruise.]
nasir said on 12/Jan/16
im very tall 6foot please help lose my height
M said on 7/Jan/16
If person is healthy and lives healthy, height loss occurs after 60.
Garrett said on 1/Jan/16
Rob, my height straight out of bed is 6'2.5" and evening height is generally a bit above 6'1.5". Is this amount of height loss normal? It seems a bit much to me, I am 16.5 years old and do not consume enough water, if that is a factor. I also lose the first half inch in about an hour out of bed, and spend most of my day around 6'1.75", if not a bit under. What height should I claim?
[Editor Rob: it's very normal to lose 0.75-1 inch. you could always go with about/almost 6ft 2 as a claim.]
Clark said on 29/Dec/15
So Rob men start losing height in their 30s (I couldn't imagine say a 35 year old being much shorter than their peak)? That seems a bit strange since most men don't completely finish growing until their early 20s
[Editor Rob: I think it would be more like late 30's an age that some very small losses could start to occur. They could be earlier if you have injuries or jobs that involve a lot of wear and tear on cartilage, but we are still talking a small amount. The majority should make it to 40 without barely a loss.]
datguy said on 25/Dec/15
Hey rob, Out of bed I measure a little over 5'10 but by the end off the day right after a workout I'm 5'9.25 Do you think it's ok for me to claim 5'9.5?
[Editor Rob: yeah that is perfectly reasonable to claim.]
FrankIta said on 24/Dec/15
Hey Rob. I have two question. 1) my dad is 54. how much height do you think he has lost till now? and second question.. since i was 15 i had a 1500/1800 kcal/die diet with a lot of sport. do you think this could have negatively affected my height growth? i was 168cm back then and now at 22 i'm 176cm.. i'm as tall as my dad, while my mom was 163/165 cm. thanks
[Editor Rob: diet can play a role in whether we reach our true genetic potential, but how much is unknown. You could be talking a fraction, or with malnutrition 1-3 inches. At 54 the average loss for a man is a fraction. It isn't impossible he was near a cm taller in youth, but then many guys can get to early 50's without any loss...getting to early 60's without any loss is harder. The majority will have lost a fraction at least by then.]
KJD said on 21/Dec/15
Hey Rob, I'm 180,6cm out of bed and my evening height is 179,6cm; could I claim 5ft 10.75in (roughly 180cm)?
[Editor Rob: it's not much shrinkage, so saying 180cm is perfectly fine.]
Jordan said on 18/Dec/15
Hi Rob, I measure in at 179cm in the morning and 177cm at night (8am and 10pm). Would it be fair to say I'm 5'10"? Or is it better to use the evening height? I want the most accurate number ideally when using it for BMI or TDEE however. Also, after doing squats or Deadlifts I can measure under 176cm! But this always returns to 179cm in the morning, do you know if this is normal?
[Editor Rob: extreme circumstances can make us shrink to an 'absolute low'. For instance, doing an intensive sport like tennis/soccer/football or big weights. Measure straight after and your discs have been put under a helluva lot of pressure, so will have compacted a fraction more than usual. In your case I'd say that you were 'about 5ft 10 or almost'. If I was saying the metric value, I'd just say 177cm though - nobody then will think you are lying, because people half expect others to lie a bit about height...]
Jhl90 said on 15/Dec/15
Hello rob would you say being overweight can cause a big fluctuation in height ? I'm 22 and straight out of bed I measure 5ft 10.25 but by the time I go to sleep I'm 5ft 8.75 .. I'm 17 stone but quite muscular on top with a fat midriff.
[Editor Rob: seems a huge amount to lose at your height. I don't know about the excess weight, you're not exactly huge at 17 stones.]
madison ogren said on 24/Oct/15
im 5'7 and i dont like my height its so agervating i want to be like 5'2 or something because i want to be able to wear heels whenever i want without people looking at me weird.
[Editor Rob: there is no problem with being 5ft 7. Even Jenny (my partner) said she would have liked to be taller than 5ft 8, her sister is 5ft 9 and even she said she'd have liked to be 5ft 11...]
Dan said on 12/Oct/15
Hi Rob! I'm not sure exactly how tall I should say I am... Could you help me please ? If I measure myself first thing out of bed, I am 195,5 cm. At noon I am 194,5 cm. At the end of the day, after a good workout, I reach 194 usually. And my absolute lowest is 193,5 cm. What height should I claim? Should I go with 194? Thank you very much!
[Editor Rob: I think saying 194cm is the option I'd use if I was that tall.]
John said on 5/Oct/15
The measurements that I took were always in the hallway on the laminate flooring, although not always at the same spot but they were less than a metre apart so I can't see much difference in the sloping. Yet again today another person at college said I looked shorter, as if I'd shrunk. I'm really unsure what to do about it now as it's not just a one off occasion where one person made one comment about my height. Do you recommend I get this checked out in some way?
[Editor Rob: I'd say if you had any back pain then maybe look into it, as slipped discs or disc problems could cause a fraction difference...if not, maybe it's worth trying some basic stretching for a few months then remeasuring and seeing if it was posture-related.]
Smith Western said on 4/Oct/15
Hey Rob does being obese mean that you lose more height during the day? does weight affect how much height you lose??
[Editor Rob: I've never seen any study trying to examine it, but if there is any effect I think it is for extreme weights like 10 stone overweight, not 3-4 stones overweight.]
Felix said on 4/Oct/15
Hello Rob, two months ago I have been measured twice, at the end of the day (and after workouts), at 180.5~181cm. But then, last saturday I decided to measure myself against a wall just after I woke up, and I got surprising 184,3cm (indeed I never felt I was that height, it was a positive surprise). How tall do you think I really am? Do I shrink 4 cms during the whole day? My personal opinion is that this is quite a lot, idk, maybe I am 182cm and the weight of bags make pressure upon my spine. By the way, since I am only 19, do you think there's chance for me to grow until a full 6'0? Can I claim to be these 6ft tall? Is this range 181~183cm a good height for a brazilian?
[Editor Rob: 4cm is a huge amount, but some guys do shrink 3cm, and the younger you are, the more the discs in the spine can rehydrate/expand to a fuller amount. You are tall in Brazil, the average is still nearer 173 than 181-2cm.]
John said on 3/Oct/15
Hey Rob, my concern is increasing for my height. At 16 I was a solid 5ft10 throughout the day and now at 17 3/4 years old, by evening I have dropped notably below this mark (1/3rd to 1/2 of an inch). I'm fully aware of height loss throughout the day and I take this into consideration. I also always measure carefully as I know about mismeasurments. A few days ago, a girl and I both decided to compare our heights again barefoot. She is the same year as me in college but older. 3-4 months ago, I was roughly 3/4 of an inch taller than her when standing up straight and looking into the mirror as well as measuring standing back to back (as done in your celeb photos). This measuremeant was actually around 11pm. Now, she's 1/4 of an inch bigger than me. This is highly unlikely for a girl who's actually very nearly 18 to grow nearly an inch, especially considering her height already. Both these height comparisons were done on an even surface. As well as that, on the same day a guy in the year below said to me how I'm not that tall anymore and that I don't look as tall. This isn't the first time someone's said this to me. It's starting to get to me and affect my confidence. So I was wondering if there is any possible condition or disease that may have caused this, even if it is an unlikely cause. Thanks for the reply in advance :)
[Editor Rob: it seems a strange occurence. While injuries can knock height off and dehydration can knock a fraction, your case seems to be unique. It's not impossible a girl near 18 could gain height, some still do... also, with measurements, it really can give differences even if we think the wall/floor looks straight. I did a Video last week showing that carpet really can knock a good chunk of height from your measurement...but also if you watch my second measurement and then the third, that is still a big difference...just a slightly sloping floor can knock a 1/4 or 1/3rd from your height!]
Michael said on 2/Oct/15
Is it normal to Shrink over 3cm over a daily basis? I am overweight
[Editor Rob: the average is nearly 2cm, so 3cm is a fair bit more than average, but not extreme...4cm is more in the extreme range, you'd expect that if the person was very tall though.]
Ray said on 30/Sep/15
Can stress affect height? I have been stressed because of circunstances for around last month, I measured myself yesterday and i found that my lowest was around 0.25-0.5 inches lower than usually. I am sure this is not due to age because i am young, but i am not sure if i will recover the height loss...
[Editor Rob: it seems an awful big difference. I really can't think how stress would make you shrink more, unless it was somehow effecting your hydration levels or your ability to stand as tall as you used to stand.]
John said on 29/Sep/15
Thanks, my guess is that tall people have longer legs than spine, but that might not always be the case. My sisters ex boyfriend was 6ft 3" and me 5ft 9" and yet we were the same height when we sat down, so he had long legs. I assume that if tall through long legs then the height is little effected with age compared with a shorter person as if both have the same spine height then both will lose height at the same rate through the spine. Interesting concept though and thanks once again for your good response.
John said on 28/Sep/15
Do tall people lose much more height than shorter people as they grow older?
[Editor Rob: proportionally I think when you have longer spine you have more chance for greater loss.]
Magic said on 10/Sep/15
If I drink poor water less 1 liter during day ,do I shrink faster? 3 cm loss after 5 hours for example! Rob , do you suggest to drink 2 liters everyday for loss less water of the spinal column and so shrinking more slow?
[Editor Rob: when the body becomes dehydrated it uses water content from within, like soft tissues...so being dehydrated a lot might mean your discs lose more height than normal and you shrink more than if you were better hydrated through the day. I'd advise taking regular drinks of water.]
Paolo said on 5/Sep/15
Since I turn 18 Ive only been measured at 8 at night after being up since 7 in morning......i was 5'11.5 Is it safe for me to say i,m 6 feet if people ask my height? Thank you
[Editor Rob: you could go with almost/about 6ft, half inch round-up isn't that great a deal for most people. A chunk of the day you will be near 6ft anyway. ]
Anon* said on 2/Sep/15
Thank you for your answer Rob, it was very helpful.
R. Oli said on 1/Sep/15
Hey Rob I've viewed this site for a little and I've recently had a problem. I measured myself at a little over 6'1 yesterday morning, but now I'm 5'11.5. I'm only 15 and I'm pretty sure I'm going through a growth spurt. Is it possible to shrink 1.5 inches in a few days without proper sleep or something? I had home work to do and stayed up until 1 am due to assignments and I had to get up at 6. Yesterday I went from 6'1 to 6'0 yesterday now today I went from 6'0.5 to 5'11.5. What's going on?
[Editor Rob: you might shrink just over an inch from out of bed to night, but maybe you got 5ft 11.5 at your absolute lowest mark. I wouldn't measure too often, just every once in a while. I think people can end up measuring too often and then worrying about not growing.]
Anon* said on 29/Aug/15
Hi Rob. Do you think exercises like pull ups are good for fighting height loss as we age? I feel it helps my posture, back and core muscles in general. Also, I've read that you don't think heavy lifting is good for the spine; Is 100kg squat/deadlift too much pressure on the spine once every week or so? Not that I've reached that squat target yet!
[Editor Rob: if you are doing heavy lifting for years, it can raise the risk of longer-term problems, but occasional heavy lifting might not have as much impact. Certain lifts involving bending of the spine are the ones that could cause excess pressure and over time cause disc damage. The problem can be sometimes one disc that has issues could have a cascade effect and other discs end up with issues. If you do lifting, I'd incorporate some bar work and hanging as well with helping decompress the spine. Also chin/pull-ups and some other core (knee raises or leg raises) exercises on a bar are the kind of basics I've been telling people and what I'm doing myself. ]
Anton said on 29/Aug/15
Thank you vers much about your answer Rob! I have another challenge here for you: Click Here Considering the guy on the right is 195 cm, how tall would you say the guy on the left is? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: wouldn't have said anymore than 175cm]
Guy said on 26/Aug/15
How quickly does height start dropping once someone has risen from bed? I am 6'1.75" or sometimes a bit more immediately out of bed and 6'1.5" only about 20 minutes later. Conversely, by late afternoon I'm around 6'1.35" and then it takes several hours for me to drop to about 6'1" even right before bed. Is a loss of a quarter inch in 20 minutes normal and does the loss tend to be most dramatic in the morning?
[Editor Rob: it's quite normal to lose a big fraction within the first hour of being out of bed.]
fred said on 24/Aug/15
by the time I go to the doctor's office which is afternoon usually I have lost an inch or 3/4 of an inch at least..throughout the whole day from morning to night I have lost about 1 1/2
[Editor Rob: that's a lot of height to lose. I'd expect somebody very tall to lose over 1.25 inches, but an average height man losing over 1 isn't as common.]
Anton said on 4/Aug/15
Hey Rob, I'm really very interested by an answer here please. With this picture : Click Here How tall do you think the guy next to Bill Clinton is? Thanks for the answer Rob!
[Editor Rob: if this is Bill of recent years then he's nearer 6ft I believe, so I wouldn't say the guy was much over 5ft 8 range.]
Simon said on 4/Aug/15
Rob, how much height is lost by age 58...on average?
[Editor Rob: a quarter or 1/3rd of an inch for a man might be normally expected by that age, for a women maybe 3/4 an inch]

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