Height Loss

Whilst celebrities have access to everything money can buy, unfortunately, like us mere mortals, they can succumb to the rigours of ageing, including height loss.

Studies have been done in the past on typical loss of height but results I've seen vary. A recent study revealed the following: "To determine the magnitude of height loss that accompanies ageing, longitudinal studies are required. The authors studied 2,084 men and women aged 17-94 years enrolled from 1958 to 1993 in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Ageing, Baltimore, Maryland. On average, men's height was measured nine times during 15 years and women's height five times during 9 years. The rate of decrease in height was greater for women than for men. For both sexes, height loss began at about age 30 years and accelerated with increasing age. Cumulative height loss from age 30 to 70 years averaged about 3 cm (1.18 inches) for men and 5 cm (1.97 inch) for women; by age 80 years, it increased to 5 cm for men (1.97 inch) and 8 cm (3.15 inches) for women"

Another study which covered a 20-year period of nearly 8000 men showed men lost on average 0.66 inches (1.67cm), with samples in the initial age range being 40-59 and final height 20 years later taken when they are 60-79.

Sometimes the results of shrinking can be drastic, other times celebrities barely shrink at all. The reasons for loss of height can range from bad posture (hunching), osteoporosis resulting in fractures, surgeries like knee and hip replacements, curvature of the spine. Some noticeable cases of stars shrinking are Ann Miller (5ft 7 to 5ft 3), Clint Eastwood (6ft 3.5 to under 6ft), Hulk Hogan (6ft 6 to 6ft 3), Dave Prowse (6ft 6 to barely over 6ft), Sylvester McCoy (Almost 5ft 6 to 5ft 2), James Garner (6ft 2.5 to under 6ft), Charlton Heston (6ft 3 to under 6ft). I will usually give a peak/current height for celebrities who are still in the public eye. If they've retired from acting and are out of the spotlight, I will just leave at their peak height.

In the video below, I measured my Father (age 86) and Mother (age 77) to show how much height they lost by that stage in their lives.

My partner Jenny has also suffered Height Loss by her 50's. In her 30's through to early 40's she was a strong 5ft 8 like myself, but now has lost close to an inch. Like my Father, Jenny has kyphosis in her upper spine, which I believe has been accelerated by the type of craft work she has done over the last decade.

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BlueRedC said on 22/Jul/22
Rob I am curious, the other day I was standing up for 1 hour and 30 minutes straight when I was already at my low height and my height was shorter by 1/8 after that 1 hour and some of standing.

Was that shorter 1/8 measurement due to me standing
Is it an absolute low height?
Editor Rob
That sounds like you've headed towards absolute low.
dreus23 said on 21/Jul/22
Hey Rob. I just measured 172.6 cm, which I think is almost 5'8 on the dot. The time of measurement was around 21:20 or so, and I've been awake since 06:30 in the morning. I haven't been that physically active since I came home from work around six hours ago though. Is it ok if i claim 173 cm or 5'8? Maybe 172-173 cm?
Editor Rob
You've got no worries claiming 5ft 8 or 173
Rii said on 21/Jul/22
Hey rob, i wake up at around 179.6 and sleep at around 177.3 is this normal and btw i claim around 179 and everyone is okay with it is that the right claim or should i claim a lower height?
Editor Rob
It's a fraction more shrinkage than average. A 178 claim based on what you say is fine.
Jasim said on 21/Jul/22
Hello Rob, I wanted to ask you, would it be fair to claim 5'5 or 165 cm if my morning height is 165.9 cm and my usual night height is around 164.2. Although some days it can go down as low as 163.8 especially if dehydrated and have been awake more than 20 hours, but usually it's 164.1-164.3 range at night before bed. Also my height after 2-3 hours of being awake is 165-165.1 cm.
Editor Rob
About 5ft 5 might be ok.
The 6'0.00001 Inch Man said on 21/Jul/22
Hey Rob, I notice that very very old people (age 80+ and especially into their 80s) lose a lot of height from stooping, but most people in late middle age to early old age who have lost 1-2 inches don’t look that odd. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost well over 2 inches, but pictures of him on the beach in a Speedo now vs. when he was young, he doesn’t look like he has a freakishly short torso compared to when he was young. Which is weird, since he’s lost 6cm and already had a very short torso at his peak — surely he would look strange now?

Is it me or does it seem that the first inch or two of height loss is distributed between the entire body, with more of the extreme old age height loss being mostly spine?
Editor Rob
There could some loss in hips/legs, but the majority will be in Torso.
Will123 said on 19/Jul/22
Rob, I want to build muscle but I don't want to lose that much in height. What exercises do you recommend that could build muscle and not result in spinal wear and tear that leads to height loss? And what exercises shouls I avoid?
Editor Rob
Deadlifting is something that might raise the risk of problems later down the line, but there are many guys who do a lot of weights and don't shrink. I would read up on more experts in gym exercise.
Person6ft said on 19/Jul/22
Rob, Do you know how much is the difference of the morning height between 6hours sleeping time and 8~9hours sleeping time?
Editor Rob
For me it can be 2mm sometimes between say 6-6.5 and 8-9 range.
thatmanoverthere said on 14/Jul/22
Rob, what is the average height loss for men before turning 60? Just curious because my dad seems to have gotten shorter.
Editor Rob
Many will experience some loss by then, half inch would be typical.
Max-T said on 13/Jul/22
Hi Rob, I’m an early 30s guy, 185cm morning/183 later. In your opinion if I pulled out all the stops, eg:

Glucosamine daily
Ditching the weights in exchange for calisthenics
Hanging/stretching exercises
Core strengthening
Weight loss (I’ve a good 10kg to lose)
Improved posture

and kept this up for a year, is it possible that I could maintain 184cm as my low height? Maybe even improve my morning height by a fraction? I should do all this anyway just to improve my health but it’d be nice to “gain” a centimetre in the process too.
Editor Rob
This would make a good experiment. What you suggest certainly could maximise posture and achieve optimum height.
Vibram said on 12/Jul/22
I'm at my tallest ever at 43 (178.3cm morning, 177.0 night). At 25 I was 177.1cm morning, 176cm night. I measured correctly on stadiometre. I get told I look early-middle 30's. Could I maintain this height until my early-mid 60's?
Editor Rob
Avoiding injuries, lifestyle, diet and exercise could all be a factor in whether you maintain it to 65 or not.
Histhename said on 9/Jul/22
Hey Rob, I feel that lots of exercises and sports have stress on the body. Are there any forms of exercises which don't increase the chance of height loss?
Editor Rob
It's longer-term high impact (on joints) and big loads (on spine) like deadlifting that can raise risk of earlier height loss.
Canson said on 3/Jul/22
@Poker: that’s a perfect claim
Poker9384 said on 1/Jul/22
Hey Rob I wake up 6ft 9/16 to 5/8 then 6 hours later I am 6ft and by the end of the day I am Usually 5'11 13/16-14/16

Is 6ft A fair Claim?
Editor Rob
Considering your range, 6ft is a Confident claim. Nobody is going to be challenging your claim!
Histhename said on 30/Jun/22
Other than osteoporosis, does heels play a role? Just wondering so I stop wearing lifts inside my shoes if it does.
Editor Rob
Long-term heel (lifts) might create problems with joints, or at least raise the odds of issues that can contribute to a bit more height lost.
Histhename said on 30/Jun/22
Hey Rob, do you reckon that women lose more height as they get older because they wear heels which can be bad for the body?
Editor Rob
osteoporosis plays a role and 80% of those with it are women.
Strong 5'9 said on 28/Jun/22
Is it normal to be taller AFTER working out? My low at night is 175.2,but if I do squats, deadlifts etc I get to 175.7! I know it should be the opposite, but in my case it may be due to having slight anterior pelvic tilt, as it gets "corrected" for a while after working out.
Editor Rob
That's something I've never heard! Usually a lot of force on our discs will make them shrink closer to their thinnest range.
Harald said on 28/Jun/22
How should i sleep to get the max morning height?
Editor Rob
I found 1 pillow, no partner in bed, 8-9 hours and on back got me to my high range...
Homer said on 28/Jun/22
Hi Rob, I'm 17 and currently stand in at 174 cm( nighttime height 10pm) I usually wake up at 177 cm
Out of bed, is it fair to claim 5'8".
Editor Rob
About 5ft 9 seems a fairer claim, considering you wake at 177...that's a big variation in morning to night.
hishaam said on 23/Jun/22
Hi rob, when I wake up i am around 5'10.5 or slightly taller then before bed I am 5'9.5 or a bit less what height should I claim? Also i am insecure about height loss at an older age do you think I could still be over 5'9 after 60?
Editor Rob
With those stats, about 5ft 10 is probably a fair enough claim.

As we age, there are some things like keeping active, ensuring diet is good (including ample vitamin/minerals) which might help a little with shrinkage.
Histhename said on 23/Jun/22
You seem to be good at maintaining your height. Do you reckon that occasionally hitting your legs/knees on objects by accident could cause height loss? Or just natural things like falling down by accident, lifting heavy stuff etc.
Editor Rob
Accidents can cause height loss, especially those effecting the spine/neck. But also maybe with some types of accidents, it effects your posture too.
Histhename said on 20/Jun/22
Makes sense! Are you still the same height as you were in your prime or have you lost a couple of mm?
Editor Rob
I have managed to maintain just over 5ft 8 in the evening for as long as the site has been running.
Histhename said on 19/Jun/22
Fair enough. I saw your video where you measured 175.5cm in the morning from a couple of years back. And then I saw your 2019 morning height measurement in 2019 at almost 43 years old where you measured 175.2cm. Does that mean you've lost height? and what is your morning height these days?
Editor Rob
One of the old stadiometers (blue) adds a couple of mm.

Our morning height can vary a few mm depending on position of sleep and length.
Rapha said on 18/Jun/22
Hi Rob

I wake up around 188 cm and go to bed at close to around 186 cm at night. Would you say that 187 cm is a fair and honest claim for me?
Editor Rob
That's a figure you'd probably get recorded if you went for a physical at like 11am, so it's fair enough.
Histhename said on 14/Jun/22
Hey rob, why is it that most wrestlers have a current and peak height when some of them are quite young whereas a lot of actors who are similar age to wrestlers just have a current height?
Editor Rob
Even though wrestling might have stories and scripts, you can't fake a lot of these impacts they take...and over years, it will cause earlier losses in some guys.
sami shabir said on 12/Jun/22
Any chance of growing taller after 18?
Editor Rob
People still grow, but every year after turning 18, the percentage who grow drops hugely.
jayp said on 12/Jun/22
hi rob can i ask you this question im unsure on this i measured my height yesterday at almost midnight which was 15.5 hours out of bed having gotten up at 8.30am and in bed half past midnight that night meaning 8 hours in bed likely less of actual sleep i didnt really do much this particular day when i measured whilst at home other than some cleaning of the flat however i do stand quite a bit when using the laptop rather than sitting sorry for the long story i measured twice with a small chopping board looked even thats all i had to use the first measurement i measured a couple mms over 175 and the second 175cm i still dont believe im this tall especially if i did more in the day activity etc so perhaps im 5'8.5? cheers
Editor Rob
You're in the best position to consider if the measurement and method is accurate.

A board does help flatten out the area you stand on, and as long as the wall is looking perpendicular and you are ensuring the object is centre of your skull and actually touching it, then it's going to be a reasonable figure you get.
Flare said on 11/Jun/22
Rob, what is the lowest value a person could measure at their low, right before bed, to still be listed 5'10.5?
Editor Rob
It could be 1/4 to 1/3rd range
Michael Tran said on 11/Jun/22
Hi Rob

I am 21 years old now
My out of bed height is 179.6 throughout the day I'll shrink down to 177.6 which is a 2 cm shrinkage. I work full time on a packing industry (about 40 hour a week) which means I stand up most of the time packing pallets by lifting, stacking and pulling with different sizes of boxes for almost 10 hours. I would say I'm very active, I usually go for running and jogging a lot. By the end of my run I would lose 2 cm, is it normal? Would it be fair enough for me to claim 178/ 5ft 10, what do you think?

Editor Rob
Yeah, no issues claiming 5ft 10 or 178cm
Aj2hip said on 9/Jun/22
Hey Rob hope all is well, it’s been nearly 2 years since my last update, I now wake up at around 182cm-183cm range and my low height in the evening is 181cm. What should I claim?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 is what I might go with.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jun/22
Hi Rob,

I’ve had my hip replacement and consequently lost quite a bit of height. Although I was probably never more that 5ft2 in the afternoon, a 2” height loss does seem a little severe at my
age. Do you think that if I really make the effort to look after myself, I can prevent any further height loss? The thought of being below 5ft is quite scary, and it’s even coming out in my dreams.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not too late to halt this confidence-impairing process. Thanks Rob!
Editor Rob
I would try to keep up a diet that is varied and ample.

Of course the more sedentary lifestyle, the greater the risk of more shrinkage with time, so again, keep active.
Abdul177cm said on 8/Jun/22
@ 982saharan

Stick with 5’8 3/8.
982saharan said on 6/Jun/22
Hey Rob,
First thing out of bed I'm 5ft 9, throughout most of a casual day I'm about 5ft 8 ½ then my extreme low after putting too much strain on the spine is 5ft 8 and maybe a bit. What do I say my height is?
Editor Rob
It's quite close to my range. Although I just go with 173cm, other people with this height range might go right down the middle and claim 174cm or 5ft 8.5.
Madariss said on 6/Jun/22
Hey Rob, Im 168.3 out of bed, 166.7 the whole day and 166.3 at night.
What height should I claim? Am I what you would call a weak 5’6?
Editor Rob
Yes, that is a weak 5ft 6 range, maybe 167cm is a figure you could tell people.
HA123 said on 5/Jun/22
Hi Rob, when measuring yourself with a stadiometer , how crucial is it for it to be stable as the one that I use at my local gym the seca 213 has the stabsliser facing the front instead of at the back, so it as always wobbles when I take my height. Would I be losing a little bit of height?
Editor Rob
That little plastic stabiliser should really be facing away from the stadiometer towards the wall, so that there's not much wobble when you are measuring.
sayansaha962 said on 20/May/22
My morning height is 172.2 cm and my absolute low is is 170.5 cm but more over all the day i stay over 171 so what should I claim
Editor Rob
I'd stick with 171cm as a height claim.
Paul K said on 19/May/22
Hey Rob,

I am exactly 5'11" (180 cm) when I wake up in the morning. Can I claim this as my height, seeing as it is a real measurement, or would it be better to say I'm 5'10" 1/2 (179 cm) like I (probably) am in the evening?

Editor Rob
Personally I don't, but a proportion of visitors to this site will claim their morning height or if they are like you, about 5ft 10.5 for a good chunk of the day, round up.

Maybe "almost 5ft 11" would cover your range.
user185 said on 17/May/22
Hi Rob, what should my lowest height at night be to be able to claim 5ft 10 ?
Editor Rob
Even if you drop a fraction under, maybe as low as 5ft 9.5, I feel if you claimed 5ft 10 I wouldn't bat an eyelid at you.
Eriks175 said on 17/May/22
Hey Rob, I am about 176.7 out of bed and at my extreme low 175. Would it be fair to claim 5’9 despite dipping slightly below on a rare occasion?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 is extremely fair claim.
Hygy Gyyyy said on 17/May/22
Hey rob, i measure my height usually at night and its 5 10 (177.8) after a hard day but today i reached an all time low of 5 9 and smthn (177 cm) could i be measuring my height wrong, i wake up at above 179.5 not really sure by how much but definitely i dont reach 180 cm and claim 179 is it a fair claim?
dreus23 said on 17/May/22
Hey Rob. I just measured a bit over 170 cm. Last time I measured, which was a couple months ago, I measured a tad bit under 169 cm. The measurements were done roughly at the same time

During the measurements a couple months ago, I believe I stood between 169 cm and 170 cm. Now, I measure between 170 cm and 171 cm. Should I claim 170 cm? And do you think I should've claimed 169 cm before?

Also, if I had a profile on here, would you say I'd be billed at 5'6 ¾ and 5'7 respectively? Thanks
Editor Rob
It would depend on what I guess as, but I think at the moment you should claim 170cm
Saram said on 10/May/22
Hey Rob, My absolute low after working out twice (boxing) in a day is 177.2, what would you say i can claim as my true height?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 is fair
Pulkit jain said on 4/May/22
Hey rob, if I get out of bed at 174.3cm and go to bed at 172.4 what should I claim as my height?
Editor Rob
173cm is a fine claim
AverageAl said on 3/May/22
Hi Rob! I wake up at pretty much 179cm on the nose. After going for a cycle for an hour or so then walking to the local shops and back, I was 177.5 just after lunch. A typical evening low may be slightly under that, 177.2 or so. Would you say I'm more of a 5'9.75"/177 guy or a 5'10"/178 guy?

Also, would you say the following scenario might push towards an extreme low? Cycling to work and back with a heavy backpack, a round trip of about 45 km? Thanks!
Editor Rob
I'd say you could claim 5ft 10. I might say you are slightly weak 5ft 10
t.canaveira said on 2/May/22
Hey Rob, if I get out of bed at 173.3cm and my lowest height after a gym session is 170.5cm. Is claiming 171.5 or 172 okay? What would I be listed here? Cheers mate!
Editor Rob
Under 171 seems like your extreme low, but typically you seem 171 range at a low.

So a 172 isn't too unrealistic. Or 5ft 7.5 if using feet and inches.
Cheems said on 2/May/22
Hey rob. I get out of bed at 175.3 Cm and before bed I am 173.8 cm.
Will it be fair to claim 5’8.5”?
Editor Rob
Yeah it's the kind of range which fits a 5ft 8.5.
Happily5.7 said on 26/Apr/22
Hey rob, I generally get out of bed aag 171.5 CM, and my before I go to sleep is 169.3 cm, can I claim, 5"7 , if yes would u categorize me as a weak 5"7 or a strong one?
Editor Rob
I'd say you are a weak 5ft 7, however you have a greater shrinkage than average, so I think it's fair enough to claim about 5ft 7.
Jooo said on 19/Apr/22
Hi Rob. I get out of bed at 5’10.5, then spend the day slightly over 5’10, and go down to 5’9.75 at night, would it be fair to claim 5’10.5”?
Editor Rob
Some people go with their morning height. Personally I don't claim it, but if I were I'd say 5ft 10.5 in the morning.
Kevin said on 17/Apr/22
Hi Rob, I'm exactly 6'1" out of bed, 6'0.5" 4 hours out of bed, and 6'0.25" at night.

Is it fair to claim 184cm in metric?
Editor Rob
Yes, I think 184cm is a good claim.
Antonhy said on 22/Feb/22
Hi Rob, my morning height when i wake up after good sleep (9-10 hours) is 181cm and when i stay at home i go down to around 179cm at night, however when i go to school my height is dramatically going down at night even sometimes to 177.5cm do you think my scoliosis and back issues can affect my day loss or is it just my posture?
Editor Rob
We can shrink more than normal on days with great exertion on our spines, but that's a big drop to 177.5. Maybe some of that extra shrinkage is down to posture issues.
Tom C said on 20/Feb/22
Hey Rob. If I’m not 180cm/180.5cm right out of bed, but drop to 178.1cm in the evening/nighttime - what should I say is my accurate height to people? Thanks bud
Editor Rob
Many people would go with middle value like 179cm
Black Ice said on 18/Feb/22
Hey Rob, I am 5’11.5 out of bed and 5’10 3/4 in the evening/night.

Should I claim 5’11 flat?
Editor Rob
Yes, I'd say 5ft 11 claim is fine.
BoobleGooble said on 16/Feb/22
Hey Rob! I know you get this a lot but
I'm 176.7-176.9 out of bed and 175-175.1 at low.What height would i get listed on this site if i was a celebrity?
Editor Rob
You might just get 5ft 9 flat, but it would also depend ultimately on how you appeared either in tv/film/photos or in person.

There is always a margin of error with guessing height. Sometimes it can be narrow and you might be certain a person looks 5ft 9-9.25 after seeing a lot of them...then other times it might be you've only seen them a little and thought 5ft 9-10 range.
Nick1996 said on 16/Feb/22
Hi Rob, it's me again
Today i did new measurements and this came out:
Out of bed: 186,5
After 4 hours: 185.5 range
After very intense workout and 6k steps: 184
Before bed after sofa (10k steps tot) 184.5
Can i still claim 185?
And i would like to ask, is it right to consider the average height as the one to claim? Thanks again
Editor Rob
Based on these stats, claiming 185cm seems fine by me.

Not that anybody needs my approval 😄

I'm not the Height Police!
dreus23 said on 12/Feb/22
Hi Rob. I measure around 172.5-173.1 cm in the morning and then at night around 169-169.5 cm. I've tested it quite a few times these last few days to make sure it's accurate. Is it fair for me to claim 171 cm, or even 171.5 cm? I definitely feel closer to the latter throughout the day

I turned 17 around a month ago. I've grown 6.5 cm in 6 months, after not growing for almost two years. How much more do you think I could grow? Dad's 173 cm (very similar to your height), and mom peaked at 160.5 cm. If I'm lucky, could I reach 5'9?

Editor Rob
You have a greater shrinkage from morning to evening than average....at the moment claiming 171 seems ok. Maybe you can still gain a little bit more
MaximusPrime04 said on 11/Feb/22
I ask because I worked for 3:30 pm to midnight and when I got home without laying down I measured 5’9.5, I would say that was an extreme low seeming I was carrying furniture for that time, is it fair to claim 5’10 if my usually low is 5’9.7? And I wake up 5’10.3.5.
Editor Rob
If your typical low is just a fraction shy of 5ft 10, it's fair to be claiming that. You might find an extreme low for yourself is nearer 5ft 9.5, but still, enough to be about 5ft 10.
MaximusPrime04 said on 11/Feb/22
what is a 5’10 persons all time low?
Alessio Pozza said on 11/Feb/22
Hi Rob, sorry if my question is similar to many others but i'd like to receive your opinion
Out of bed height: 186,5
Height after 4 hours awake: 185.5
Late afternoon height after weight workout and 3,5 km: 184.7 (lowest)
Nighttime height before bed, after 7 km total(10000 steps in a day) and netflix evening on sofa: 185/185.2

With these stats, in metrical, can i claim 185 cm?
Thank you!
Editor Rob
Definitely claim 6ft 1 if asked, 185 would be a very comfortable claim in metric.
KobexKyrie24 said on 10/Feb/22
Hi Rob, If I am out of bed at 186.5 cm and in bed at 184.2 cm how tall would that make? 6’1? 6’0 3/4?
Editor Rob
You might fall into the almost/about 6ft 1 range, or at least claim that.
Nick1996 said on 9/Feb/22
Hi Rob how are you? I tried to do your experiment of shrinkage during the day. My morning height out of bed is nearly 187 cm. Precisely 186.8/9. Mi height at 6 pm, after Gym and workout (i am a very active guy) is about 185 cm, between 184.8/9 to 185.1/2 i would say. Then, in evening/night before bed i gain few millimeters and i am about 185,5/7. If i claim 185 cm is correct? What would you claim? With iphone i am always 186 (no counting hair) and even with the doctor's stadiometer. Thank you
Editor Rob
6ft 1 is what I'd claim, 185cm definitely is a very solid claim more evening range.
Jibin said on 6/Feb/22
Hey Rob is it possible to grow after turning 20
Editor Rob
Possible, but you are talking a minority who actually gain height after their 20th birthday.
Abdulrahman said on 5/Feb/22
Hi Rob, my height shrinadge isn’t that much, my usually morning height is 176.5 cm, and after an hour I drop down to 175-7-8 range. And typically in the end of the day I measure about 5’9 like
And my loweast after training or after a long day is 175.0 or 174.9

Can I just claim 5’9. Because it covers the height I am for the rest of my days.
I am btw 18, and my dad grow stedy until he aged 21 or about it.

So could I grow up 1-3 inches more
Editor Rob
If you gain any height from now, maybe take that as a bonus compared to the majority of 18-19 guys who will not gain.

It's perfectly fine claiming Five nine.
Roberto Barra said on 31/Jan/22
Hi Rob, My name's Rob too!
My morning height out of bed is 189 cm and 187.2-4 at night, depending on how much I walk or stand up during the day
What height should I claim?
Thank you!
Editor Rob
You could go with 6ft 2 or about 6ft 2
Tobi k. said on 27/Jan/22
Hi Rob. My morning height out of bed is 179.6 cm, and 178-178.3 cm during the day my lowest height on the evening/night is 177.7cm-178cm. What height should I claim?
Editor Rob
I might be tempted to stick with the 178, although a 179 claim is more like an hour out of bed.

Some folk will happily go with 179cm with your stats, and I doubt there's many who are going to be challenging it.
Tinder 6'1 said on 25/Jan/22
184 cm in the morning, about 182 cm in the evening. Would have been 1-2 inches taller if it weren't for lumbar scoliosis. Put 6'0 on my Drivers License. Is it okay to claim 6'1 on Tinder tho? Probably hit over 6'1-6'2 in shoes anyway.
Editor Rob
I'd stick with a 6 foot claim.
haroldgreen741 6'1 1/8(185.7cm) said on 25/Jan/22
Hi Rob,
I have a friend who is measured at 190.5cm in the morning and at evening, he is measured 188.8-188.9cm tall. What height should he claim?
Editor Rob
Almost 6ft 3 is a possible claim.
TonyCutillo said on 22/Jan/22
Hey rob. Im an 18 year old male. My dad is 5’8 and my mom is 5’3. When I wake up right out of bed I am 178.75cm. (5’10.375) Right before I go to bed I am 176.8cm.(5’9.6) and usually never drop lower than that. My absolute lowest height recorded was 5’9.5 (176.5cm) one time but it was at 5pm and I woke up at 6am that day for school and I was also 16. My eye level is a little above 5’6 at my high, at my low my eye level is 5’5 3/4.Im taller than every 5’9 guy ive ever met by it seems to be an inch. In some cases its more because the guy is obviously about 5’7 and lying. Im slightly taller than my best friend who told me multiple times he is 5’9 1/2. He never changes his answer. He's an honest man. But on the other note I have a friend who told me he is 6 feet tall, i said “no way in hell” he then said “yeah the doctor measured me at 5’11 3/4” but he does not seem much taller than me or even noticeably taller and he also definitely doesnt look almost 3 inches taller than my 5’9 1/2 friend. One time we were in his basement and me and him stood next to each other in the giant wall mirror, it looked like me and him were about the same height, we were both standing up pretty straight. I think hes only about a 1/4-1/2 inch taller than me. Not sure why he would lie and then specifally claim 5’11 3/4, very wierd. All of that is making me very confused about my height now i’m just not sure what height to claim…
Editor Rob
It could be he was measured by the Doctor, but he failed to mention it was in shoes.
thatmanoverthere said on 21/Jan/22
Hey Rob, what would you say is a typical difference between a normal and an extreme low? A quarter inch or thereabouts?
Also, my extreme low is around .7 inches less than my maximum morning height. Would you say this is still a normal amount for someone who is around 6 feet tall (extreme low about an eighth of an inch under 6 feet)?
Editor Rob
Yeah I think close to a 1/4 inch for real extreme low.
Jeff Nordfors said on 20/Jan/22
Greetings, Rob!

If I measure in at 184.3 cm in the morning and drop down to 182.6 cm during the day, what height should I be claiming?
Editor Rob
I might go with 183cm if asked.
thatmanoverthere said on 19/Jan/22
Rob, how unusual is it if my extreme low is about 3 fourths of an inch less than my maximum morning height?
Editor Rob
The average shrinkage isn't far off that value.
A random guy said on 19/Jan/22
Hey Rob should I keep my weight according to morning height or night height ?
Editor Rob
If tracking weight I'd stick to the same time of day, maybe go with a morning weigh-in
TJE said on 18/Jan/22
Rob, I measure 5'11.5 first thing in the morning. At night I typically measure around 5'10.625, but some nights after a long day I can measure as low as 5'10.375. What can I claim?
Editor Rob
Many guys with your variation would claim about 5ft 11.
Leon Evans said on 16/Jan/22
What would give yourself if asked your height
Morning 6’0.25
Night 5’11.5
Editor Rob
If I had no interest in height and simply attended an appointment and was measured, I might come in 5ft 11.75 range and maybe say almost 6ft.
Wihar said on 16/Jan/22
Hi, Rob. I'm about 179-179.5 cm (5'10.5" - 5'10.75") in the morning and about 178 cm (5'10") in the evening. Can I claim 179 (5'10.5")? Is my daily height loss normal or too small?
Editor Rob
It's more an earlier in the day claim.

'About 5ft 10.5' might cover your kind of range which falls under it.
Bigbang80 said on 15/Jan/22
Hi rob. Tonight I measured myself with a book as you showed us in your video and I was right on 176 cm. I think that im 178-178.2 cm in the morning. What height do you think I should claim 5ft9 or 5ft10 ??
Editor Rob
What about 5ft 9 and a half?

It's a good fit for your range. At night you are still a very strong 5ft 9er.
Lukas k said on 12/Jan/22
Hi rob. I’ve never measured my morning height but in the evening the lowest I’ve measured is 188-188.5. What height should I claim
Editor Rob
You are likely 190cm range out of bed, I doubt any shorter. So if you attended a clinician appointment at 11am and had a measurement done, you would be 189cm and there is no problem claiming that figure.
Raymoz said on 10/Jan/22
Rob I’m 180.5cm in the morning and 178.5 lowest what should I claim !
Editor Rob
179cm is what I might go with.
Sharlo said on 8/Jan/22
Hey Rob I am 187 in the morning and 184 at night what heigh should I claim.
Editor Rob
6ft 1
Henry97 said on 6/Jan/22
Rob you think what is the height loss in best conditions of a man who is 80? 0,5”, 1”?
Editor Rob
A great height loss at age 80 would be 0.75-1 inch, a typical loss might be closer to 2 inches.
Henry97 said on 6/Jan/22
So if today is almost 6’1 (a weak 185cm) then with no back problems when was young he might have been a 6’2 guy?
I repeat that this person is in good conditions with back and has no osteoporosis problems so his height loss might be caused only by his vertebral disks loss…
Editor Rob
Yeah that sounds feasible
Jibin said on 6/Jan/22
Hey Rob I am 186.7cm out of bed and 183.7cm before bed what height should I claim ?
Editor Rob
3cm variation is more than average. 185cm might be a fair claim, almost 6ft 1
Henry97 said on 5/Jan/22
Hi Rob what might be the height loss (from his peak) of a man who is almost 80 year old now and is 184,5/185cm tall?
He maybe was almost 6’2 on a good day? This person has no back problems or bad posture he can still keep the best posture…
Thank you
Editor Rob
He might still be 6ft or thereabouts
george dylan said on 3/Jan/22
hi rob,
i wake up at 5'10.5 and normally dip to 5'9.75 at night and at my lowest 5'9.5. is it fine to claim 5'10 since im mostly 5'10 throughout most of the afternoon?
Editor Rob
I think if somebody clears a figure like 5ft 10 by half inch out of bed, then it's perfectly reasonable going with that 5ft 10.
186cmnight said on 2/Jan/22
Hi Rob, is a 2.5cm height loss throughout the day average for a male over 6ft? I find i lose that most days, with calmer days maybe being 2-2.2cm and extremely spine strenuous days sometimes losing 2.7-2.9cm roughly.
Editor Rob
WIthin the typical range. 3cm would be a greater than average shrinkage.
Suhas said on 1/Jan/22
One more question Rob. I am 5'9 roughly throughout the day. My mom is 5'4 and my dad is 5'10.5. I am 16 close to 17. I had a 6 inch growth spurt from 5'0 to 5'6 when I was almost 13. Then I grew 0.5 inch. Last year i grew from 5'6.5 to 5'9. How tall would you guess me to be when I finish growing?
Editor Rob
On average I'd expect you could still reach your Father's range, maybe a chance of slightly taller.
Canson said on 1/Jan/22
Magiks said on 3/Oct/21
Hi Rob

I am 195.9/196cm out of bed & shrink down to 194 by nighttime what height should I claim. I usually just say 6’4/6’5.
Editor Rob
Almost 6ft 5 covers the kind of range you fall into

We’re almost identical. I’m 195.5-.7out of bed and 193.6-.8 in the afternoon. Usually 6’5 and 6’4.25 respectively. May have lost 1/8” or a couple mm as I turn 40 on Wednesday. I usually just claim 6’4”
Suhas said on 1/Jan/22
Hi Rob, I have used a plastic and metal tape to both measure my height. The plastic gets me at about 5'9 through the day, while the metal gets me to 5'8.5. However, I have objects in my house that are measured to their correct height by the plastic tape, and a bit shorter by the metal one. or example, my fridge is 5'10.5, according to the website. The plastic tape measures it at 5'10.5 but the metal tape measures it as 5'10. So should I claim the height with the plastic tape or metal tape?
Editor Rob
I would always try to use a metal retractable tape measure, unless the very end of it was damaged or there was kinks/bends in it.

The odds are that the metal one you use is accurate.
Ranm said on 11/Oct/21
Hi Rob, if my low at 10 pm is 175.5 and my morning high is about 177, can I claim 5'10?
I'm noticably taller than most 5'9 people I meet
Editor Rob
I wouldn't claim 5ft 10, but stick with 176cm, as that covers the kind of height range you are.
Van?oBa?je said on 10/Oct/21
Hey Rob

I am 185,5cm tall out of bed and 183,8cm before bed.What would you claim and how tall would I be on this site?
Editor Rob
184cm personally, but if you said about 185 it's fair too.
brian g. said on 10/Oct/21
Hi Rob. My morning height out of bed is 179.7cm and my lowest height on the evening is 177.9cm-178cm. What height should I claim?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 is a solid claim for your height.

If you wanted to go with roughly the middle (and metric), then saying 179 is also an option.

As long as you claim a height you measure barefoot, you're doing better than half of folk who inflate their height.
Ryan D. said on 5/Oct/21
Hi Rob,

my morning height is just over 179cm, in the evening I drop down to 177,5-177,2cm the lowest, depending on how long I was on my feet. Would that qualify for a 5'10 ranking on your site?

Best regards
Editor Rob
I think you are within your rights to claim 5ft 10
Magiks said on 3/Oct/21
Hi Rob

I am 195.9/196cm out of bed & shrink down to 194 by nighttime what height should I claim. I usually just say 6’4/6’5.
Editor Rob
Almost 6ft 5 covers the kind of range you fall into
Awais said on 27/Sep/21
Hey Rob,

If my lowest height throughout the day is 5’8.25” such that I pretty much never dip below that mark (so I don’t even ever dip as low as 5’8.125”), what height would I most likely be listed at on this site (if I was a celebrity) were you to meet me? Since 5’8.25” is my absolute lowest throughout the entire day, I imagine I’d probably be listed at 5’8.5”? Or would I get listed at 5’8.25”?

Editor Rob
Could depend what you looked like in person, but 8.25 or 8.5 is more than likely, sometimes if not so sure I might round to the 1/2 inch mark like 8.5
Michael Tran said on 24/Sep/21
Hi Rob

I am 20 now and my morning height is around 178.5 out of bed, thoughtout the day and evening I’ll drop down to 177.8-177 cm, depends what I’m doing. Plus I almost work everyday 10 hours lifting and bending a lot. Is it fair to claim myself 5’10?
Editor Rob
Yeah I'd say about 5ft 10
Majstor Zoka said on 22/Sep/21
Hello Rob,
I am 20 and I my height is 176cm, my dad is 189cm and mother is 165cm (afternoon height). Acording to this I should be a bit taller (maybe about 181-184cm)... Is there still a chance for me to grow some inch more? Or height of my parents are actually not importaint for my height?
Editor Rob
Take any more growth as a bonus after turning 19
Cameron 4 said on 21/Sep/21
Hi Rob, I'm around 5'10.5 at night, 5'10.5-5'10.75 in the afternoon and in the morning 5'11-5'11.25.

What height should I claim?
Editor Rob
Almost/about 5ft 11
shaqdiesel said on 21/Sep/21
Rob if I wake up a shade over 6'0.75'' is it fair to claim 6 foot?
Editor Rob
Yes of course
Xavier Britton said on 18/Sep/21
Hi rob, I’m 16 and got listed at the doctors at 3 in the afternoon at 5’10-3/4. Is my morning height closer to 5’11.5 or 6 ft?
Xav said on 18/Sep/21
Hey rob, I’m 16 was measured at the doctors at 3 in the afternoon at 5’10 3/4. Am I close to 6’0 as my morning height or 5’11 1/2?
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 11.5 first thing in morning
Mladi said on 15/Sep/21
Hey Rob, I have a couple questions. In the morning immediatly out of bed after a good sleep I am 175.1cm and at night after being active I am exactly 173cm. What's the most fair claim?
And is it possible to grow till 25 if I start doing a good nutrition maybe? How much cm is possibble?

Thank you!
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5 is what many would claim
Ricardo Torres said on 15/Sep/21
Hi Rob, I just turned 20, and my height is 177.5 cm 4 hours out of bed, so go with that and round to 178 cm. My dad grew 1.5 cm from 20 to 22 and he is 179.5 cm currently from a peak 180.2 cm. I just want to be a solid 178 cm. Any recommendations?
Editor Rob
Maybe still a chance of another final cm, considering your Dad gained. I'd simply keep up exercise regime and ensure eating well and check in a year's time again.
Caleb Jones said on 11/Sep/21
Hey Rob, in the morning I am 186.45cm and in the afternoon I am 184.2. Is it safe to say that I can go with being 185cm (6’1). Quick Note: In Addition I used my measurement tape to measure myself, chin moderate level, posture straight and standing tall.
Editor Rob
185 is a reasonable mark to tell people.
ray46 said on 7/Sep/21
Hey Rob, I seem to be 178.2-178.3cm at my low. Should I just say 5'10? also I don't drink much water am I falling to my low too quickly due to dehydration? as I don't drink much water and I seem to drop to my low quite quickly.
Editor Rob
We lose height quicker in first few hours, and slowly over course of day less and less height is lost.

5ft 10 would be a very confident claim if you hold 178cm. Some guys would even go with 5ft 10.5 as you would be near that at 11am or thereabouts.
cam6789 said on 7/Sep/21
Hi Rob, i'm 5'10.25-5'10.5 at night and 5'10.75-5'11" in the morning what would be a fair claim?
Editor Rob
Personally I'd stick with 5ft 10 and a half.
Psuedo said on 7/Sep/21
Big Rob, if I wake up around 178.7-179cm at 7AM, and a flat 177cm around 2-5PM, and a hair underneath 177cm usually before bed, (176.5 at my ABSOlUTE worst). This is after a day at school carrying a heavy backpack on my back, a lot of moving.

Would I get a 177cm or 178cm listing?
Editor Rob
It might be a toss up between a 5ft 9.75 or 10 listing...
Yanat Mengisha said on 5/Sep/21
Hi again,
I realise I was measuring myself wrong. I am 178.3/178.4 at a low but I get to my low pretty fast i.e. 5/6 hours and I don’t shrink anymore due to glucosamine.
What would I be listed as since i am probably that figure for most of the day?
Editor Rob
There is a chance you could just get put on 5ft 10.5
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 2/Sep/21
Hello Rob, I am a high school student who has a very "lower then straight posture". I've been measured in May 2021 at an astonishing 5'8.5 But Apparently, I have recently went up to 5'9.5 To further explanation, I recently began working out, and during school hours I am carrying at least a 2 pound bag on my back for a majority of 7 hours of my day. If my posture brings me down to 5'8.25 as measured during the stance, and taken into account that I also work out lifting close to 200 pounds.

Would I go from the newly measured 5'9.5 to the measured stance of 5'8.25 on average as a daily day to day basis?
Editor Rob
Go with the height you measure when standing at your tallest.

If you have a natural stance that is 173-4cm range, there is room to continue working on posture and maybe you could then stand naturally at 5ft 9 (with better posture)
Nobody123 said on 28/Aug/21
Hey Rob what's up! I have a question for you. My morning height is 184.5 cm out of bed. At about 1 pm my height after a 2.5 km walk is about 183.7. After workout at night ive measured myself couple minutes ago i was 182.8 cms tall. And by the way i am 18 y/o and 2 years ago i was measured at digital stadiometer like 30 mins after i got out of bed and i was measured at 184.0 cms. I wanted to ask you which height would i have on your site 🤣 if i was a celebrity? And which height would you claim if you were me? And im big fan of you btw!
Editor Rob
Personally I would go with 183cm as my claim...as a celebrity there is a chance though you could end up being listed as a 6ft and 1/4 inch guy.
Unknown1 said on 27/Aug/21
How much height could you lose just 10-15 minutes after getting up?
Editor Rob
a couple of mm is possible
Buster tuglas said on 25/Aug/21
Rob what are your thoughts on the us and Uk using a mix of self reported (licensed height) and doctor height being used for the average? My experience men always fib on there license and I myself and afew other people I know have been measured in shoes at the dr. With the average male height being 5/9.3 I find it likely closer to 5’8.5-5’9 all things considered
Editor Rob
Some of the studies done by UK Health and CDC in America do take height without shoes as the basis, and those seem to end up with about 5ft 9 as average range.

But yeah, some folk do get a Doctor appointment and then measure in shoes...
Buster tuglas said on 25/Aug/21
Rob I’m 5’10 and 3/8 in the am and can get as low as 5’9 1/2 before I go to bed around 10pm(usually closer to 3/4 or 7/8) am I a text book weak 5/10? What should I claim?
Editor Rob
about 5ft 10 would cover your range.
I mean if you say 5ft 10 to people, I don't think many are going to be raising an eyebrow at the claim...
Ethan Haxic said on 24/Aug/21
Rob when I measured myself out of bed today I was exactly 5’7 11/16 (171.926 cm) and at night I measured 5’7 (170.18 cm). My eye level is also exactly aligned with 5’3 on my tape measurer.

If I truly wanted to be the most specific, would it make sense for me to claim 5’7 1/4th?
Editor Rob
Strong 5ft 7 range, so 5ft 7 and change is a fair claim, 5ft 7.5 also a figure many with your stats might end up saying.
RJT said on 22/Aug/21
@Editor Rob

On average, how much do we lost height starting from 60 through 70s? Barring any injuries.

How much your dad lost and how old is he?
Editor Rob
Women would lose a bit more than men.

between 1/2 to inch is a common amount to lose in that decade from 60 to 70.
Dinomatter said on 21/Aug/21
Which height should i claim, i’m 6’4.25 when i wake up and a bit over 6’3.5” in the evening, is it safe to claim 6’4”
Editor Rob
About/almost 6ft 4 covers your range.

Some would go with just 6ft 4, a proportion might go with their low (though generally it's a minority).
Ro said on 15/Aug/21
I surprisingly have little shrinkage, I go from 184.3cm in the morning to 183.0 in the evening. Would it be appropriate to claim 6.0.5? My morning height goal is 185cm with shrinkage to 184, I just started using gravity boots with weight and taking glucosamine. Do you have experience with that?
Editor Rob
That's not much different from the previous commenter who has 1.5cm shrinkage.

1.3 is less than average for sure, but if it were less than 1cm that would be much rarer. Many fall in 1.5-2.5cm range for shrinkage.
Tim Barnard said on 15/Aug/21
Hi Rob, if I measure 183.5cm an hour out of bed and measure 182.0cm in the evening, what height should I claim?
Editor Rob
About 6ft is a fair claim.

But in metric, well imagine you got measured at 11am...you are likely 182.5cm range? Some would just go with 183cm, others might round to 182...it really is a personal choice.

the main thing is claiming a height you actually can measure barefoot. If you do that, it's more honest than what half the people out there are claiming for their heights.
Yanat M said on 14/Aug/21
Hi rob,
After a hard day at work standing on my feet not drinking water etc I measured 178.4cm on a regular day I’m 178.7cm. So what would be the right claim? 5”10.5
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 seems a good enough claim
San97 said on 13/Aug/21
Rob what should I say my height is if I’m measured as 174cms in the morning after drinking water and 172cms by the end of the day !? I mostly say 173cms or 5ft8 !! Is that a good claim and 5’9 with shoes
Editor Rob
I'd say 5ft 8 or 173cm if asked.
Eusman said on 12/Aug/21
Heh, Rob. How much height can someone lose due to dehydration?
Editor Rob
Bad dehydration may cause your body to start to use up some of the water content within soft tissues (like discs)...it could be a big fraction in some situations.
Jake said on 12/Aug/21
Hey Rob, is it possible for someone to lose height by gaining weight? Maybe 20-30 pound weight gain? Possibly due to extra spinal compression?
Editor Rob
I think with larger gains, maybe there is an increased chance of this extra weight effecting posture or discs and thus measuring a fraction shorter.
5ft16yellowbelly said on 30/Apr/21
Hi Rob, would one regain their daily height loss by sitting in an arm chair in evening or would they have to lie flat ie go to bed.
Editor Rob
You'd need to really lay back so the discs aren't under much pressure
FLD said on 30/Apr/21
Hey Rob, my height in the morning barefoot is 175 cm and 173 cm at night. But this whole week I have been doing extremely intense labor at home which took a toll on my back and didn't drink enough liquids. Well I decided to measure my self and I was shocked to see that I only measured 170 cm. Never in adult life have I measured below 173 cm even after a hard day. I have measured 174 cm barefoot at the doctors office, my own stadiometer, my own wall measurement which was all done correctly. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a tiny short freak. By the way I'm only 26. Did I damage my height? Is this permanent? Please Rob, I would really appreciate your response because i'm really worried that this is not normal. Once again I really appreciate your response.
Editor Rob
I know 1cm under normal low is a kind of extreme, but going to near 3cm is something I've never heard of...bad dehydration can cause the body to look for water in places like soft tissues.

I'd take it easy and rehydrate and check your height again after a couple of days to see if it recovers. The other possibility is some sort of disc injury, even one that means you aren't quite able to stand as tall as you thought for a measurement.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 17/Dec/20
Hello Rob.

I have a friend, who once was 7 feet tall, and more then likely 23o pounds to 290 pounds, that was 1978, and He is now older. We were both born in 1951, we are both at the age of 69 now.

I brought up that his morning height, evening height, and night height varies. He visited the doctor recently and measured 6'10.5, he heavy lifted in the same construction cite as me for 29 or the 32 years I worked.

If He once was 7'0, how much height do you believe he can lose throughtout the day during his prime of working and lifting 200 pound blocks of wood? and how much do you believe he loses throughout the day now at 6'10.5?
Editor Rob
He might lose 1.5 inches, maybe even a bit more.

As you age, the morning-evening total shrinkage can reduce too, so he might not have as great a variation in height.

Would be interesting if he ever managed to take a morning height nowadays.
shermarkner-Somali said on 15/Dec/20
Hey Rob I have excellent news,,,My Height increased by 0.5 again this September I was in May 187.2cm in morning and 183.7cm in evening which is 3.5cm of shrinkage ultimate lowest height for that.Now Since September 15 this year I am now 0.5cm Taller I am now 187.7cm in morning max and lowest height I have measured is 184.2cm barefoot.So far my height increased by 1 cm I was back in 2019 186.7cm in morning and always 183.2cm barefoot before bed.So far my height increased 1cm do you think I can grow more to maybe 199.5cm.??? I am now 25 year old and grew so far 1cm.also if my height is 184.2cm barefoot during the day and 187.7cm in morning should I be claiming 1.85cm or 1.86cm.???
Editor Rob
at the moment, 186 seems a good claim!
razoul said on 15/Dec/20
Hi Rob I am 16 and big fan of you!
I am 171.9 in the morning and 170cm flat at 5pm (carrying a heavy bag pack), on a good day I am never under 170.2. Would I be officially 5 foot 7?
I measure myself against a wall and put a ruler to compress my hair, with a mirror in front, would these results differ if I go to the doctors
Editor Rob
yes I'd say you are a 5ft 7 guy
Griffin said on 15/Dec/20
Hey Rob, my height once I wake up is about 6’2.8, throughout the day I get down to 6’2.25. What would you say my height is?
Editor Rob
Could always say 6ft 2 and a half
youssef A elsawy said on 15/Dec/20
i wake up in the morning at 184.4cm and at the end of the day it falls to 181.6, what should i claim? am i tall for a 16-year old??
Editor Rob
At the moment you could say 182 or 183, whatever you feel comfortable with.

May still grow though!
Michael F said on 14/Dec/20
Big Rob, my morning height is exactly 178 cm. Height before bed is usually 175.5-176cm. What height would you give me if I was on this website? Cheers
Editor Rob
depends how you look, I'd think you probably pull off 176cm or 5ft 9.25 listing
John Mellows said on 11/Dec/20
Hey Big Rob, İf my out of bed height is exactly 175.1 cm and my lowest height is 173.2, what would be my height written in this website ?
Editor Rob
it would depend how tall you look in person or with other actors. It is quite possible you could end up 5ft 8.5 listing
Antoine said on 10/Dec/20
Rob, out of bed Im 179,5 and in the evening Im 177,5. What should I claim ?
Do you think Im taller than Norman Reedus ?
Editor Rob
if measured you might just edge him a fraction...I think in your case saying about 5ft 10 is ok.
Zakaria11 said on 10/Dec/20
Mr. Rob, can you tell me about my height according to your vision. My height in the morning ranges between 190.2 cm and 189.9 cm, after the afternoon my height is between 188.2 cm and 188 cm and in the evening my height ranges between 187.7 cm and 187.5 cm, and the shortest height that I can measure is 187.35 cm (all measure barefoot)
Editor Rob
I'd say you were a comfortable enough 6ft 2 guy, 188cm
Oded said on 7/Dec/20
Hey rob,
The average height in countries around the world based on the morning height or the evevning hieght ? Lets take USA for instance.
Editor Rob
well I can speak for the UK average.

The national health survey involved practitioners visiting people and taking (amongst many other bits of info) their height, which is supposed to be without shoes and standing tall...so on average you'd expect it to be height after being up for several hours.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 5/Dec/20
Rob,in the morning out of bed my height is 171.5 cm almost every day, (sometimes in a good day 171.7-172 cm), And then after many activity my height between 170-170.2 cm. My question is how tall my real height on celebheight version ?. Please respond.Tq
Editor Rob
well it would depend how tall you seemed...you might pull off looking a solid 5ft 7 or 7.5 with other people and end up listed 5ft 7.5!
Tengo said on 5/Dec/20
Hey rob, my morning height is (180.3-180.7) night(178,4-178.8) can i claim 179.5 ?
Editor Rob
I would personally go with a 179cm claim. Some guys might go with 180, others "179/180"
nick_n said on 4/Dec/20
Hey rob paul! I submitted a comment on your YouTube channel a couple days back, and got a response from you, but there was very slight error in the figures I wrote.
So i'd love to clarify it again ! Hoping to get a response from you!
If the average figure of my height straight out of bed, and my height 10 hours after waking up, ((out of bed+10 hours after waking ip height)/2), is anywhere from 161.4 cm's to 161.45 cm's, on an average day (not on a more stressful day, neither on a less stressful day), and the average figure could go any where from 161.35 -161.4 cm's when there is more stress (depending on the level), and it could go from 161.5 -161.55 cm's when there's less stress. I round up a little claim 162 cm', which I feel comfortable claiming, It's still not such a bad claim right ?
Thank you, greetings!
Editor Rob
It's not so 'bad' a claim as you are just rounding a small fraction.

I think you will be fine if you tell people 162cm for your height.
Daniel Fredricks said on 3/Dec/20
Hey Rob, how many hours do you have to be standing to reach your lowest height? I seem to shrink 3/4 of an inch 6-7 hours out of bed. Is this normal?
Editor Rob
sometimes I can get towards low by 5-6 hours if I'm doing hard work, but generally about 8-9 hours can get you to low range...really can depend on what you are doing during the day.
Progking said on 3/Dec/20
Hey Rob 2 hours out of bed i am 185 cm or a tad over, afternoon 184 range or 6'0.5+, and maybe a little under 184 at night(6'0 3/8). Is it fair for me to claim 6'1 to people or should i consider myself a solid 6'0.5 guy?
Editor Rob
it would be your morning height you are claiming, which many people do.

Adding 'in the morning' is something worth considering.
Rettez said on 3/Dec/20
Hey Rob, I recently was measured at the doctors and I was about 174.3 cm tall. This was about a little over an hour after getting out of bed but I was walking around the entire hour before being mesaured. Is it fair enough to claim I'm a solid 173 throughout the day?
Editor Rob
yeah, for a large chunk of the day 173-173.5 range.
Dreamer said on 28/Nov/20
Hey Rob, I'm 183.6 cm in the morning and 182.4 cm at night? Do you think a weak 6 foot is a fair claim?
Editor Rob
maybe about 6 foot is a fair claim
BBoi said on 24/Nov/20
Hey Rob, I'm about 173-174cm in the morning but I drop to 171-172 at night. Can I claim 5'8?
Editor Rob
maybe about 5ft 8 is a good way of describing your range.
Gian123 said on 24/Nov/20
Rob, my height measuring with a tape measure is between 181cm to 182.5cm (at night and in the morning respectively), should I claim 181.5cm? on a good day I'm 182 in the afternoon.
Editor Rob
it's ok to go with 182cm especially since you are still that mark in afternoon!
Jonathan Libert said on 24/Nov/20
Hey Rob, I usually wake up at about 182.5 cm and shrink to the 181 cm at night. Can i still claim 182 cm.
Editor Rob
if you wish!
Eve Sanders said on 23/Nov/20
I am 178.4cm on most nights after being busy throughout the day.
What height should I claim?
Editor Rob
179cm could be a fair claim
Jackthe6'2 said on 23/Nov/20
Hey Rob. Is it normal to get measured 2-3mm less than my evening height(lowest) after 1.5 hour fast-paced walking outside? Like 6.5km/h.
Editor Rob
yeah, the walking might have pushed you down to absolute low range
Jonathan Hirsch said on 20/Nov/20
Hi Rob, I'm bang on 191cm tall upon waking up and around 189cm before bed especially after a long day, can I claim 6ft3?
Editor Rob
about/almost 6ft 3 could be fair
Michael X. Xu said on 19/Nov/20
Hey Rob, i find my daily max height loss is about 1.8 cm, did many times of experiment. some comments here seem to say wild about 2.3 cm or even more, i dont think so, i recall in your youtube clip you said it is 1.8 cm for you too, i think it is common and universal, most guys claiming shrink more than that are definitely over-marking their peak height out of bed, i used to do that too.
Editor Rob
1.8-1.9 is a common range, but people do shrink less or more...Jenny shrinks a bit more than 2cm
Arthur Morgan said on 18/Nov/20
I wake up 180cm but I’m about 178.5 at night can I still claim 5’11
Editor Rob
Maybe say almost 5ft 11?
Joe9 said on 16/Nov/20
Hi Rob. If I wake measuring 178.5 cm and shrink down to 176.5 at night. What height should I claim ?
Editor Rob
I'd go with 177cm
Jackthe6'2 said on 15/Nov/20
Hi Rob. If I drank alcohol without drinking enough water, can this dehydration cause my morning height to be 1/4 inch less than every day? I'm normally 6'2 1/2 in the morning, today I got measured 6'2 1/4. Note that I also slept with a poor posture, on my stomach(it feels like it compresses my spine when I lay on my stomach), which can also be the reason.
Editor Rob
could be a combination of awkward sleeping position and some dehydration
J2Frenzy said on 13/Nov/20
@Jdubbz often taking photos helps. I had a photo with my ~5’7.5 cousin about 6 weeks ago. Now I noticed from his entrance into my home that he has thick trainers (and standing next to my wall of various measurements he hit the 5’9 marks). I originally thought he was up to my eye level in the photos, which confused me because even in those shoes I was looking over his head. On looking at the photos again, he was cheekbone high in the shoes.
Jdubbz said on 11/Nov/20
@6'3 Julian:

Something similar happened once with me and my buddy. We were both drunk at the time and started talking about height, then he asked how tall I was. When I answered, he said "there's no way you're 6'6, 6'3 at best. He claims to be 5'11 or 6'0 depending on the occasion (I'm guessing he's 5'11 or 5'11.25) and is around my lower nose area, so I told him that he's 5'8 at best if I'm 6'3 at best. We stood in front of a mirror later on, and he changed his guess real quick. Dunno how he thought a 7" difference was more like 4", but oh well. The alcohol couldn't have helped with his perception.

I'm not referring to my friend since he's a good dude and his senses were impaired at the time, but my guess is that most people who downplay or inflate other people's heights do so just to boost their own ego. Inflate to convince themselves that they're taller than they really are, or downplay others to convince themselves that the other person is insecure and lying about their height

That's one of the reasons I always take "I met a celeb and he/she was x'x" at best" or "I met a celeb and he/she was AT LEAST x'x"" type anecdotes with a grain of salt. A lot of people suck at guessing the heights of others, and let their bias influence their perception in either direction. Not everyone has Rob Paul's gift of impartial and accurate height judgment!
Jdubbz said on 11/Nov/20
@6'3 Julian:

I just checked, and at my low I'm exactly 3" under my of my doorways as well. My doorways are 6'8.75 (205.1cm) as opposed to 6'6 though, so that matches my actual measured low of 6'5.75. Your estimation should be pretty accurate too. On another note, it's also pretty interesting how much doorway height varies across the world. I'd be constantly bumping my head on them where you live, but here I'm not even close.
Flesh said on 6/Nov/20
If I am currently 177cm tall (man), and 16 years old, is there any chance I'd be 179 or even 180cm by the time I'm fully an adult (maybe 18 years old)?
Editor Rob
yeah you may well end up 179 range
Goran7 said on 3/Nov/20
Hello Rob, I'm 19 and I'm 175cm in the morning, during the day I am 173.1-173.8cm. Before the sleep I am 172.7cm. What height should i claim? And what height could i reach by the age of 25? Thank you. :)
Editor Rob
Take any further growth from now as a bonus. I'd say you are a good 173cm man
GTB172cm said on 3/Nov/20
Hello Rob, I’m 174cm at 9am and 172cm at 9pm, can I claim 173cm?
Editor Rob
I think a 5ft 8 or 173 claim seems fair to me. If you went for a physical at 11am, you'd be marked down at 173cm in your records for sure.
Wojak said on 1/Nov/20
Hi Rob, when measuring height should I factoring the thickness of my hair?
Editor Rob
Unless you have say braids, then as long as you tap down an object and can feel it touching your scalp, that means the hair is flat.

One reason I say use a can is the coldness of the can is easily felt on our scalps so we know it's touching.
Aj2hip said on 31/Oct/20
Hi rob, I’m 181cm-180.8cm out of bed, Throughout the day I’m about 180cm-179.7cm and my evening height is around 179.1cm-178.8cm so I lose about 3cm. Is it safe to claim 180cm?
Editor Rob
I think that's a fair mark to give people
Drens1001 said on 29/Oct/20
How tall guy, if (166.5cm) girl is just under his nose?
Editor Rob
Might be near 185cm range, maybe touching 186cm
J2Frenzy said on 29/Oct/20
I’m 190 out of bed and 188 into bed. Am I 188.5 by this site’s standards? What do I claim?
Editor Rob
188 or 189, whatever you feel comfortable saying.
It would depend how tall you looked with actors and maybe your own claim.
Say you were a Jack Coleman or lance Reddick type guy...they might be 188cm at worst and can look over 6ft 2 flat so get a fraction over 6ft 2.
Secx said on 28/Oct/20
Hi Rob, I'm 178 out of bed, and slightly over 176 (like 176.2-3?) at night. Can I claim 177?
Editor Rob
It's your middle figure between morning and night, which is a reasonable claim if asked.
8991bg said on 27/Oct/20
Hey Rob, yesterday I got up at like 10AM. Got my height measure at noon, was 175.5. Had to go back to the same place at night, got my height measured there at 174.5. What height should I claim?
Editor Rob
I think claiming 175 seems a good compromise.
J2Frenzy said on 27/Oct/20
Settle an argument: if I’m 6’2.25 around late afternoon/early evening and 6’2.5 just before lunch am I more likely to wake up at 6’3 or go to bed under 6’2?
Editor Rob
You are more likely to be 6ft 3 out of bed
Edshot said on 26/Oct/20
Hi Rob, I measured at around 182.3 or 4 cm out of bed, What height should I claim in feet and inches?
Editor Rob
You are a solid 5ft 11, I think if you told people 181cm, that'd be fine
Dana Waters said on 25/Sep/20
I am 178.2/178.3cm (absolute low) after 14 hours of moving about, going to work etc.
1. What should I claim?
2. What would you estimate my morning height as?
3. What would be male equivalent be?
Editor Rob
Out of bed a chance of hitting 181cm (or near it).

If you claimed 178cm, I'm sure many folk would be surprised, 179 might be a fair claim, equivalent to 192cm male
JD1996 said on 24/Sep/20
Hey rob If I’m 202.3 cm when I wake up in the morning and 200.1 cm before bed, what height do you think I should claim in imperial and metric?
Editor Rob
Personally I'd just round to about 6ft 7, 200 or 201, I think when people hear 200cm, it's a figure they will rarely hear somebody say.
louiMB said on 22/Sep/20
Hey Rob, when I my check my eye height at night 11 pm ,standing nice and tall ,it's 150.1 to 150.3 cm's, but when I stand in a forced straight posture ,my eye level can go upto ,150.4-150.5 cm to 150.6 cm's. Does that mean I'm atleast 161 cm's to 162 cm's at night?
Editor Rob
sounds like you'd be at least 161 range, possibly between the 1 and 2
Nicholas Graham said on 22/Sep/20
Measured myself again this morning 190.5cm I use a level and wall with a tape measure. My absolute low height at the end of the day is 6'2 1/8" but most of the day I hover around 6'2 1/4"-6'2 1/2". I just measured my eye level after being up for a hour and its 5/10 1/8" or 178.1cm. I'll measure my eye level at the end of the day and let you know. Also, im 280lbs
6'3 Julian said on 22/Sep/20
@Chinedu some idiot claimed I was 5’11 and stood me next to his 6’1 mate, who I had 2 inches on. It goes both ways cause I’m normally guessed as 6’3 or 6’4
6'3 Julian said on 21/Sep/20
@RJT 6’2.5 is my extreme low. I’m probably just under 6’3 most evenings. Also we measured how far I was under the 6’6 doorframe and it was 3 inches. This was at 1pm so it’s about how most people view me. I often get guessed as being 6’4
Chinedu said on 21/Sep/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

Reminds me of a guy I met before the lockdown. He was claiming 6ft tall but standing close to him, he was shorter by 1.5 inches. When I told him I was just over over 6ft, he tried convincing me I was 6'2 and not 6'. I made sure i got him measured that day so he could atleast lie next time with the truth in mind 😁
RJT said on 20/Sep/20
@6'3 Julian

Well I'm not doubting you but personally I'd prefer to measure mine standing against a measuring tape or stadiometer to gauge my height down to the closest 1/8" or milimeter in metric. I meant 1/4" or even 1/2" will be hardly noticeable at a glance or if based only on estimation against object but under measurement tape or stadiometer, trust me it will seem like such a wide gap.

I'm also like you at bedtime I measure 6'2.5" but I claim about 6'3. Personally I'll only claim 6'3 if I'm never under 190.5cm at late afternoon or fall slightly under it only at bedtime or during extreme low case, but it's just me. Ultimately it depends on the person after all.
Ehsan Jabar said on 20/Sep/20
Rob my out of bed height is 186.4cm and my height goes to 184.8cm within 5-6 hours out of bed and before going asleep it is 184.4cm what height should I claim
Editor Rob
Fair for a 185cm claim
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Sep/20
Same like how I often get guessed taller than I really am. Like Rob said, people inflating cause them to inflate others.
Ehsan Jabar said on 19/Sep/20
Hi Rob I'm 20 years old and my out of bed height is 186.3cm however within 5 hours of waking my height drops to 184.8cm and before bed it lingers around 184.4-184.5cm. i seem to get to my low pretty quickly.

Is my height tall? And is it fair to say I'm 6'1
Editor Rob
It might be fair to say about/almost 6ft 1
Russell Chung said on 19/Sep/20
If my night time height is 172.2cm or 172.3cm how tall would i be in the morning?
Editor Rob
174 up to 174.5 range is quite likely
Maxwell Johnson said on 19/Sep/20
Rob I am 5’9 exactly out of bed. What height is realistic for me to claim?
Editor Rob
Many would go with the height they measure - so at 11am you are probably 5ft 8.5, so it's fair to claim it.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/20
Oh no! I have to go on tiptoe now to see if there's a teabag in my mug when I've boiled the kettle! 🍵

It's little giveaways like this that told me I'd lost height during the lockdown. They say what goes up must come down, and that's fine when applied to weight gain 👅, but I'd like to think that the opposite applies to height loss. Yes, it's out with the glucosamine and stretching exercises all the way for me now, until I'm back up to 61"!
Tom Jones said on 15/Sep/20
Rob, I have a morning/evening height of 186.5/184.5cm. What height do I claim metrically and can I claim 6’1?
Editor Rob
About 6ft 1 is a fair claim
Chinedu said on 14/Sep/20
Good evening Rob.

It just amazes me that with an evening height of 6ft and a quarter. A lot of people (who are also height conscious) ALWAYS guess me at 6'1.
I've never been guessed my real height talk less of being guessed under it.

I don't have a small head and I wear flat shoes often.

What do you think might be the reason. I will really like to know?

Is there anything you think I might be doing that's affecting my appearance physically. I will like you to please tell me so I can continue doing whatever it is😁

Editor Rob
It can be that some people inflate their own height so are basing your height off their own inflations.
6'3 Julian said on 14/Sep/20
@RTJ I was standing under a doorframe at my dad’s house, he made a comment on how I’m nearly as tall as it, and we measured how much shorter I was. I was 3 inches shorter than the doorframe, which was 6’6. That puts me at 6’3. I go with that claim because it was measured at 1pm
RJT said on 13/Sep/20
@ 6'3 Julian & @Nicholas Graham

You measured in stadiometer or with measurement tape with object on tophead against wall or just estimation based on pic?

Y'all got over 177cm (5ft 9 3/4) eyelevel at afternoon or night? I feel like we're similar height.
Holend said on 12/Sep/20
Hi rob I want to ask you , do you consider over 5'5 or 165.6 barefoot very short for male like noticeably short or just short and normal in global, I want reality from you it doesn't hurt. 😊
Editor Rob
It's short in many countries, but in some big ones, like India, it's within the average range
6'3 Julian said on 12/Sep/20
What would you list me as? I measure 6’2.5 right before bed and am 3 inches under a 6’6 door frame at 1pm (hence why I claim 6’3). I also weigh about 212 pounds at 9.4% body fat if that helps
Editor Rob
If you looked that height in person or with others you would get it, but if you passed for nearer 6ft 3 maybe you'd get 2.75 or 3...it ultimately depends what a person looks.

Their claim is interesting of course, especially if they state fractions!
Mark Philips said on 11/Sep/20
Hi big Rob. I wanted to ask you my real height. I am 175.4 exactly in the morning and at the night right before I get in the bed I am 173.3. What do you think I should claim ?
Editor Rob
Technically if you said 174cm to people, that would be a reasonable figure.
Joe Dumars said on 11/Sep/20
Hi Rob my height in the morning is 176 cm and night before bed is 174.5 cm. Fair to call myself 175? My height seems to be catching up after giving up steroid cream for eczema... I was measured 171.5 in the morning a year and half ago. Doctors should really warn about the side effects of corticosteroid usage during puberty, I have read that it even stunts height growth and bone age. Scary stuff.
Editor Rob
I grant you the power to claim 175 👍
Nani said on 9/Sep/20
Hi rob my height in the morning first thing 167.3 and at 10 pm on a active day 165.3 but when I lay down in bed for 15 or 10 minutes my height is 165.8
So whats the height you will give me on this web site I mean my real height!
Editor Rob
You might get the kind of middle figure of 166cm, but it also depends how tall somebody looks.
Shermarke-Somalian said on 8/Sep/20
Hey Rob I have recently been measuring my height and what I have found out is I seem to lose 3.5cm quickly during the day,,My maximum height is 187.5cm but shrink 3.5cm and my ultimate low is 1.84cm barefoot.I wake up every morning measuring 185.5-186-186.5cm and only seem to recover 1-2cm upon waking up.at home I always seem to be 1.84cm barefoot and with flip flips I am exactly 1.85cm,,with shoes on I am exactly 1.86cm so what heights should I be claiming.???
Editor Rob
I'd go with about 185cm if you are asked your height.
Nicholas Graham said on 8/Sep/20
Hey Rob, I measured myself everyday this past month. Right out of bed I am 190.3-190.4cm and only a few times I was 190.5-190.6. My low height everyday was 188.4 and maybe 188.3. On a heavy day of walking and activity I get as low as 188.1cm so I lose between 2-2.3cm a day. In fact today I woke up measured myself around 10:00am I was 190.4 and after 10 hours of walking around my downtown area not relaxing When i got home i measured 188.45cm. Can I average 190.4 and 188.3 and tell people I am 189.3cm/6’2.5’’? Also on another wall in my house my max morning height was 191cm and my low was 188.6cm so if I average these 2 i get 189.6cm. Checked these with my level and they both were exact level.
Editor Rob
Going with average range like 189cm seems fair for you.

Some guys I've heard say six two/three and I take it as they lie between those marks, like yourself. If you go with 6ft 2 and a half, that's a good figure to say.
jayp said on 6/Sep/20
would someone who has a active job for example a construction worker lose more height throughout the day or not lets say they lose 2cm or average amount from out of bed to before bed would this work cause more or not?
Editor Rob
Yeah, any job like construction, building/trades could get you to your low quicker and on many days to absolute low range.
Jv said on 4/Sep/20
Hi Rob,
I’m 18 and I’m 173.6 in the morning and 171.6 before bed
Since 5ft 8 is 172.7, can I still claim 5ft8 or is that wrong ?
Editor Rob
About/almost 5ft 8 isn't a bad claim...or 172cm if giving metric
HA123 said on 3/Sep/20
Hi Rob, I measured myself at around 2pm as 187.6cm. Am i ok to claim 6 ft 1.75 as my official height?
Editor Rob
yeah I'd go with that mark
6'3 Julian said on 3/Sep/20
Rob, does obesity cause height loss? I’ve lost 20ish pounds this year (went from a chubby 232 to a muscular 212) and I feel a lot taller. Is this just me having weird perception or did it actually make me grow?
Editor Rob
In very large weight gains, it may effect height, but 20-30 pounds I doubt has any difference.

Maybe the act of improving fitness results in better posture and slightly taller measurement for some people?
6'3 Julian said on 2/Sep/20
My dad is 52, 174cm/5’8.75 exactly and weighs 95-97 kilos/210/214 pounds. Taking this into account, how believable is his claim that he was “5’10, sometimes almost 5’11” in his prime?
Editor Rob
Unless he's been a wrestler or a worker that has done in his joints, it seems hard to believe at that age he's shifted over an inch
RohanBanerjee said on 1/Sep/20
Hi editor rob hope you are doing well.I have been facing some problem with my height especially so say I am 5 ft 11 some say I am just 5 ft 11.30 ..but I checked myself right out from bed 6 ft little bit more very less after four hours it shrinks a little bit around 5 ft 11.65 after then goes to around 5 ft 11.40 at noon and in the evening 5 ft 11 inches even before going to bed Ian 5 ft 11 inches now sir rob what will be my exact height what I am going to say what's your opinion I do need your suggestions. Should I just go with my evening height or my average height
Editor Rob
Many people with your stats would go to a physical and get measured near 5ft 11.5 before lunch, so it's fair to just go with that.
Chandrakant kunwar said on 31/Aug/20
My morning height is 178.7 cm, evening 177.6 cm and night height before bed is 176.7 cm then what is my true height
Editor Rob
Personally I'd just go with 178cm
Rory said on 28/Jul/20
Rob, if my Dad at age 69 is a strong 5ft11 and is pretty fit and has a good diet etc, how tall would you guess he was in his 20s ? To me in the last ten years his height hasn't really changed I don't find,not noticeably anyway. Posture has worsened but still looks similar to how he always did when he stands fully.
Editor Rob
Maybe almost 6ft if he has remained fit and reasonably healthy. You are lucky if you get to 69 with just half inch of height being lost.
Pena said on 28/Jul/20
My mornimg height is 179-179,5 and evening height 177,2-177,5. I claim to be 5'10 or 177,5cm.
Editor Rob
about 5ft 10 is fair
Chinedu said on 28/Jul/20
Good morning Rob. I'm 20 years and I measure 185 - 185.5 out of bed but at my low I never ever go below 183.1. In the evening like around 5pm am around 183.5.

What would you claim if you were me? And will I be considered tall?
Editor Rob
I'd call you a tall guy in most countries.
Say I had not much interest in height, and got measured at the Doctor's - I'd likely be near 184 and then claim that figure.
slothee said on 27/Jul/20
Rob, the CDC has 5’9 5/8” (176.9cm) as the average height for a 20 year old American man. Do you think this is inaccurate due to many measurements taking place in the morning? Would the real average (afternoon/evening) height be lower (e.g. 5’9 1/4-3/8” (176cm)) instead?
Editor Rob
It might represent a before mid-day overall average. If you go by afternoon, it might be more 5ft 9 3/8ths
Lawrence Clark said on 26/Jul/20
Rob, my dad who is 61 years old measures 185.5 at a low. What would have been his peak height in his 20s and 30s? 6’1.75?
Editor Rob
188 isnt out of the question entirely, but 187 is likely
FiveEightJake said on 25/Jul/20
Rob what's the best way to hold onto your height as you age or is it purely genetic based? I couldn't find a video where you talk about minimising height loss, is it just keeping active and stretching?
Editor Rob
Keeping active and including some weekly exercising, regular daily walking, simple stretching (just to keep supple) and decent diet are all factors I'd do as I age.

Plus I'd avoid cigarette's completely.
RJT said on 24/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I took pictures of me measuring with tape and would like your honest opinion about it

Click Here (this one the tape was maxed at 189cm or about 6'2 3/8)

Click Here (this one the tape was maxed at 189.5cm or 6.2 5/8)

Both pics were taken minutes from each other, about 4 hours after woke up.

Excluding hair, do I clear at least 6'2 1/2 in your opinion?

Might not be standing at best cause I was holding tape with left hand and phone at right hand, but did hard to stand straight and not tilting my head.
Editor Rob
Considering 173 is about end of nose, yeah you could be a 6ft 2.5 range guy.
Jeddy said on 23/Jul/20
Hey rob if I wake up at slightly under 192cm and go to be at around 189.5 cm roughly can I claim 6ft3 ? Is that a normal height loss for a 19 year old ?
Editor Rob
Yeah, that's within typical range of morning/evening you'd expect and saying about 6ft 3 seems a fair figure.
Mark O' Connor said on 23/Jul/20
Hi Rob WIth my range 191-189cm (With the max I get 191.5cm and 189.4cm on a good day), will I be at the same level as someone like Routh and Welling?
Editor Rob
I'd expect you would look similar range in person if near those two.
Caris said on 22/Jul/20
Hi rob just wondering if you have flat back syndrome does this mean you gain height ? And if fixed would there be height loss ? Thanks
Editor Rob
If exercises are done which target the posture/curvature issues then I think some height could be regained through correcting the problem. It might not be a big amount though.
Derick said on 22/Jul/20
Hi Rob!

I wanted to know if i possibilty stunted my growth. I am turning 19 next month and I am 176 cm but my body portions are off. I have short legs and a small head with small hands and feet.
I do have a history of bad health since I was a kid. I was diagnosis with IBS since I was 13 and I never really went outside and do excersices although I did have a good diet and sleep. My dad is 6 feet and my mom is 5ft 2. So if i didnt stunt my growth, could it be most of my height was determined by my mom's genes or i truly did stunt it and is it still possible for me to grow at this age?
Editor Rob
Based on parents, 5ft 9 range is probably within the kind of range a Doctor might have predicted.

However, there are some factors like diet/environment/ill health during childhood and teen years that might inhibit (even if only a few cm) our genetic potential.
Jozhtuna said on 22/Jul/20
hey Rob, my morning height is 181.5cm, after playing intense basketball for 2 hours in the morning, and walking through the rain lugging a few items to go home, my height is 179cm in the afternoon. Just wondering will my height creep back up to the 180cm mark after resting, and is that height shrinkage normal? thank you!
Editor Rob
If you take a glass of water and eat a meal and relax for an hour on your sofa, I would expect you would creep into 179.5 range at least
RJT said on 22/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I measured again and again and it seems I made small mistake, my tallest at morning is at 190.2cm or 6'2 7/8 because my eyelevel's distance to the top of my head is 12.5 cm or almost 5 inches. I asked my brother the other day at night and I measured exactly 188cm or 6'2 flat, my eyelevel's height was 175.5cm give or take at the time, so my eyelevel's distance to my top head is 5 inches. My eyelevel at the time I measured 190.2cm at morning was 177.7cm give or take (Higher than 177.5cm but lower than 178cm) I did hard to stand and look straight, not tilting my head.

I'm usually between 189.2cm (6'2.5) to 188.6cm (6.2.25) after afternoon and my absolute lowest is at 188cm (6'2 flat) at night. But that might be my lowest because I also measured 6'2.25 often at night.

I want to ask that you put Brandon Routh and Welling at 6'2.5 while you put Affleck at 6'2.25, what separate Routh/Welling to Affleck? Is that what their 'average' height's estimation would be after afternoon?

So after looking at my stats, would you categorize me at guys like Welling/Routh or Affleck?
Editor Rob
You might be similar to Affleck in person...guys like Routh/Welling could still hold near 2.5 at night, whereas I didn't think Affleck could hold onto that range.
Mone Kamishiraishi said on 21/Jul/20
Hi Big Rob,

I am 181.9cm after 15 hours being awake, can I claim 6 feet?
Editor Rob
I think saying 6ft is ok for you, maybe 'about 6ft'
Hoddis2199 said on 21/Jul/20
Hey rob!morning measurements are 182.1cm and around 180cm before sleep,a smudge over it.can I claim it to be 6ft?
Editor Rob
Personally I wouldn't claim it. 181cm might be fair.
Me.T said on 21/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I breeze over 5’11” quite comfortably in the morning, closer to 181 than 180, five hours after I wake up I’m about 179.5 so a little bit above 5’10.5” (though I have been measured 180.5 at about mid-day by a doctor before). I live a very active lifestyle (Muay Thai and callisthenics) and sometimes get as low as 178.4 in the evenings before bed, which is still Over 5’10”. When people ask my height I say I’m about 180 or 5’11”. Should I lower this, am I being unreasonable in this claim/what would you put me as on your site. I notice a lot of the time guys who are a cm or so taller than me claim 6’1” and Try to tell me I’m 6’0”, obviously I’m a way off that barefoot but I still feel dishonest saying 5’11”. Thanks.
Editor Rob
Claiming 5ft 10 is a little round down. 'Just over' 5ft 10 covers the kind of range you are for a decent portion of the day.

I'd never adjust or fake my own height to appease people around me who inflate theirs.

If someone asked my height, I'd say it like it is.
Bobby Green said on 19/Jul/20
Hey Rob after commenting recently I decided to measure again and saw that my low after about 16-17 hours of walking and after sports is about 180.5 cm (usually 181). Also, I was wondering whether measuring the “height” of ur eye level with a tape measure and then adding the height u have from the eye to the top of head (with a ruler) would be accurate? For me it’s been pretty accurate however I wanted to check with you.
Editor Rob
It's always best just getting the object on top of our heads to take a reading
Mone Kamishiraishi said on 19/Jul/20
Hi Big Rob,

I don't usually reach my absolute low height after exercising (i.e 10km run, playing football or tennis for 2 hours). However, I do usually reach my absolute low height if I did not sleep well last night (or if I only slept for less than 3 hours), if I am sick, and also if I spent the whole day walking in my house the whole time (barely having any time to sit down and rest, only meal times perhaps). Is this common?
Editor Rob
You might find in some situations (ilness, lack of sleep) that hydration levels could be less than ideal, so you might find yourself hitting your absolute low range.
Texm said on 17/Jul/20
Hi Rob. Great site!..Am 181/2cm in the morning and last thing at night i am 179.6..just over 5ft 10 and a half. 4pm i am 180cm. I've always claimed 5ft 11 but now think i should claim 5ft 10?? Whats also weird and what i've noticed is so many inflate their height. Was standing chatting to a guy at a party and he said he was 5ft 10 and i had at least 2/3 inches on him..he said you're 6ft aren't you i said no 5ft 11..he said you cant be. We both had on flat shoes
Editor Rob
Don't claim 5ft 10, that would be too low.
Maybe you could go with 'almost/about 5ft 11' if you want to indicate you fall under it.
Simon01 said on 15/Jul/20
Hey Rob I usually wake up at around 6'1 or 185.5 but sometimes measure as low as 182.5 granted this is an extreme low and once I've sat down a bit I'm usually back up to 183.5 but I'm just wondering how or why it seems to fluctuate so much?
Editor Rob
On couches/sofas, sometimes the spine can be more relaxed and recover a few mm's.
RJT said on 15/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I want to report that after many times measuring myself at the morning, the tallest I've gotten was 189.7cm or just tiny bit under 6'2 3/4. After few hours or so I've shrank to be about 188.6cm to 189.2cm so around 6'2 1/4 - 6'2 1/2. My lowest at night is just above 188cm mark. Can I still say 6'2 half with these stats?

I've also noticed that due to my bad posture, if I stand in my usual relaxed posture (Hunched posture), my eyelevel is only around 174.5 cm or under 5 ft 9, and if I stand tall my eyelevel is around 176.5cm or 5 ft9 1/2, that's a big 2 CM difference! At morning my eyelevel is 177.5 cm or around 5 ft 10.

I also noticed that I have what looks like anterior pelvic spine, where my pelvis is rotated forward, which then made my back look curved and affect my posture badly, I look like this even after forcing my posture to stand tall. (Left one)
Click Here

It is said that human can regain about 1/2 inch to 2.5 inches if we can fix it depend on how bad our pelvic tilt is, which possibly could make me well over 6'3! As you can see from my previous statement, I regained 2cm or 3 quarters of inch just by correcting my posture, which is already bad due to anterior pelvic tilt.
Editor Rob
Maybe 'over 6ft 2' or 'just over 6ft 2' is a claim you might make?
lam johnson said on 13/Jul/20
Rob what height would you give me

7am (first thing) - 6'3.5/75
10am - 6'3.25
12pm - 6'3.15
2pm - 6'3
5pm - 6'2.9/85
7pm - 6'2.85
10pm - 6'2.85/75
Editor Rob
Fair to call you a 6 foot 3 man.
Shazz said on 13/Jul/20
@rob, to be extremely accurate using a cylinder and mark against a wall in my socks, i am precisely 5”11.656. Exactly at my extreme low.

I dont think its fair for me to be going around saying 5”11 when im literally close to an inch over it at an extreme low measurement. Wing span is around 6”5 as well and am very long limbed; im not built like a 5”11er imho.

What do you think though? Is it ok to say 6 ft? Im positive at a more fair time of measurement id be like 5”11.75+
Editor Rob
Very few would round down to 5ft 11...maybe some females might do it though.
Shazz said on 13/Jul/20
Hey @rob, if im 6”.5 out of bed, sometimes even a tad over by a mm or two, and 11 hrs being awake right after some intense heavy lifting and walking i am around 5”11.6, can i claim 6”?
Editor Rob
Say you got measured 11am at the Doctor's...you are likely almost 6ft then so it would be fair to just say about 6ft. If you went with low, then 5ft 11.5...
Sam89 said on 13/Jul/20
Hi Rob, trust u well. I have a straight out of bed height of 172.5cm and a final bedtime height of 170.4cm after a full day at work. What height should I claim? Thanks
Editor Rob
171 might be a height to claim. Personally I wouldn't go with 172, although if you went with feet/inches maybe 5ft 7.5 is also a reasonable height to tell people.
Bobby Green said on 12/Jul/20
Hi Big Rob, I’m a little over 183cm in the morning and 181 after an active day. What would my height be on this website and I wanted to ask if it’s ok to round to nearest inch when stating height (in my case 6ft since I’m around 182.2 at 2pm).
Editor Rob
yeah, you might end up at 182cm
Jackrjrrjkrjk said on 11/Jul/20
I'm also a distance runner and just turned 18. Do you think I have any more growing? If so, how much more?
Editor Rob
At 18, the percentage of those who gain height drops off quite sharply each year till early 20's when it's a tiny percent. Whilst there's still a chance to gain at 18, I think I'd take any further growth as a bit of bonus.
Luiz said on 11/Jul/20
Hi Rob . Considering this .
Out of bed (8 am) : 176.8
Before bed (12 pm) : 174.7
Most part of the day my height varies between 175.2 - 175.7 cm .
Do yo think claiming 176 cm is a lie?
Editor Rob
it's fair enough going with 176, it's more a 9-12am height range for you.
Jackrjrrjkrjk said on 11/Jul/20
Hi Rob,

Out of bed, I stand 6'3". My low is 6'2.25", and between them; I stand 6'2.5"—6'2.75".

Is claiming 6'3" unreasonable?
Editor Rob
6ft 2.5 might be a good figure to go with, or 'almost 6ft 3'
E.a.m said on 10/Jul/20
Hey Rob.I'm 170 cm in the morning and I become 169.5 in the evenings. At night i'm 168.5. What height should I claim?
And what height you would put me in this site?
Editor Rob
169cm is a fair claim and listing for you.
Marouane 90 said on 3/Jul/20
Mr. Rob, I want to know my height in the morning. I am 190.1 centimeters long, and 187.9 centimeters in the evening. On average, my height is between 188 and 188.3. Can I say that my height is 6 "2'1/8
Editor Rob
I'd just go with 6ft 2 range, some guys might say 'over 6ft 2' if they measured say 6ft 2.25-2.5 at 10-11am which you may well manage.
RJT said on 3/Jul/20
Hey Rob thanks for keep answering my question(s). It's too bad that I didn't find your website earlier...

I was 182cm near 6ft already at 14 in middle school, but now at best I'm only 6'2 1/2 (Only grow 2 half inches) at afternoon, pretty disappointed because most people around me at the time commented I'd grow well into 6'4-6'5 range.

I think I have a a bad posture and horrible body flexibility, for example I can't even touch the floor from standing position and can't reach my legs too in sitting position. I've had this issue ever since elementary school afaik and I'm not fat, about 190lbs.

Do you think it affects my measured height or even my true potential maximum height? Now I'm 27 and haven't been growing for years. Maybe if I could fix my posture and flexibility, I can gain half inch or so to become legit 6'3?

Thank you Rob.
Editor Rob
It would be interesting to do a stretching routine. Maybe over a month, improve flexibility and posture and then see if you can measure slightly taller as a result.
It would show you did indeed have some 'hidden' height in reserve.

I've read quite a bit from people doing yoga/pilates over the years that they seem to have measured a fracton taller after taking that up...
Rem said on 30/Jun/20
Hi Rob. I worked on my spine doing atretchings during this last couple of years, and i have managed to grow 2.5cm from 18 to now that i am 22. Do you think that having scoliosis may have afected my height previously? I mean now i get a good posture not only measuring myself, but in every moment of the day. I was about 172 on the nose at night when 18 yo and now i am 174.5 at my lowest (it depends on the day but i never go below that mark).
Editor Rob
Maybe your routine helped you achieve a final little boost...and also the benefits of stretching for posture as well.
RJT said on 30/Jun/20
Hi Rob I have question, I have measured myself at night many times using measurement tape, in photo it looks like my night height is only at 187cm mark but when I actually max it to 188cm on the tape, and then I did the salute pose from 188cm mark, it always touched part of top of my head! I did hard not to look up and stand straight. What's strange is that no matter how many times I tried, my eyelevel at night seem to be at 175cm mark, maybe 175. 5cm at best (Which seem low for my height) . Is it fair to say I'm at least 6'2 1/2 at afternoon and maybe even 6'2 3/4 at morning?
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if standing tall you weren't 6ft 2.75 out of bed.

Might be worth trying to check one day, if you do it within 30 seconds of wakening up, you'll catch your tallest height.
Fio said on 29/Jun/20
Hello, Rob, probably a really dumb question: when I've stood up/walked around for a decent amount of time and measured my height, it is (let's say after 8/9 hours of being awake) 6'3.85 or bang on 6'4", but when I go sit down and re-measure (after an hour or so), I'm a touch over 6'4" (like 1/8th over). Is that normal? Always thought sitting decreases your height.
Editor Rob
Walking and being upright probably got you to a low range, then your discs recovered a bit.

Some sitting positions can put more pressure on our spines than others...on a couch is less taxing than sitting upright in a chair, which is less taxing than sitting in a car seat (with all the vibrations on our joints) for a couple of hours.

Asu said on 27/Jun/20
Hi rob i hope ur doing well.
My morning height is usaully between 181 to 181.5cm depending on sleep and my normal low is 179.6cm but after a long run or weight training i can hit extreme low of 179. What height should i claim and if i was on the site what height would you have me listed at?
Editor Rob
It always depends on how somebody looks as to what they get listed.

You might fall into almost 5ft 11 category
Lawrence Clark said on 27/Jun/20
Rob, my morning height is 186.2cm and night height 184.2cm. Can I claim 185 or 6’1”?
Editor Rob
Maybe go with almost 6ft 1
G.Heinrici said on 26/Jun/20
Hi Rob. I shrink 1inch during a normal day. Can I reduce it to 1-1.5cm?
Editor Rob
Unfortunately it is something that is harder to alter, though some people have said glucosium sulphate tablets seemed to help their evening height a few mm.

It's impractical for most people to have a small lie down for 20 minutes every few hours...
Rimbaud said on 24/Jun/20
Hi Rob, i read that you said a measurement five or so hours out of bed is fair to claim, does that include time sat down or does it have to be five hours on your meet? Cheers
Editor Rob
We still can lose height sitting down...it places some strain on our spines, some chairs more than others. But yeah, just 5 hours of being up is a fair range.
Brobro said on 23/Jun/20
Hey Rob, there’s a significant curve in my low back when I stand up as tall as I can due to hyperlordosis. If I fix it can I gain some height. I could send more info and x ray if that’s allowed. Thanks
Editor Rob
Might be worth reading up on the topic and seeing any videos on youtube, as if you can correct curvature (or improve it) you might measure a bit taller.
Man of culture said on 22/Jun/20
Hey rob, what do you think about laying down measurement, how much of an error i can expect from it i constantly get 5ft 11.25 at 6 pm at night and 6ft or 6ft1/8 in morning, at home I've been measured a lot of different readings due to uneven wall and surfaces and in doctors i've been measured 182,181,180 plz tell me my exact height claim

And plz tell me how much inch of error can we get if our wall slope looks slightly like this [)]
Editor Rob
I would always state height when measured standing up, although it is interesting to see if your lying down height is slightly longer. Potentially you could get a fraction more, but it depends on how you stand for a measurement.

I stand well for a measurement, so my lying down height isn't that much different. I did an old video.
TL said on 20/Jun/20
Hi Rob, my height out of bed is around 184.7cm and my night height is at 182.7cm what should i claim? 183?
Editor Rob
If you go with 183, not many are ever going to think you're not that tall. Personally, with those stats I'd claim 183 too.
Solid work Rob said on 19/Jun/20
Hi Rob. Why do women shrink more? Cheers!
Editor Rob
osteoporosis is a major reason.
Latasha said on 18/Jun/20
What's the difference between standing tall or not?
Editor Rob
It depends.

If we are talking about height measurements, then sometimes a person will stand well, but could still stretch up another few mm to their maximum height.

If it's a natural pose compared to a measured (standing tall) pose, it might be a fraction or even in some cases an inch or more for those with poor natural stances.
Elder said on 18/Jun/20
Hi Rob, if I measure at 171.1 5-6 hours out of bed, what would be my low?
Editor Rob
Could still fall a couple mm shy of 171, but it's probably fair to just claim 171!
RJT said on 18/Jun/20
Hi Rob, I measured max 189 at morning around 4.30 am and then did another test at 6.00 am and I shrank to 188cm. Did another test at 6.30pm and shrank again to 187cm. What I found is that the eyelevel height also shrank by about 1cm each test. You think its normal?

What height you think I should say my height?
Editor Rob
Well, I think it's natural that as you fall a cm in height, your eyelevel drops 1cm too.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jun/20
⭐ You know you've lost height when, every time you go to the kitchen, you know you'll have to go on tiptoe or stand on something to reach cups you used to be able to reach without any trouble at all! ⭐

Sharanya said on 17/Jun/20
Hi Rob. I know I posted here last December but just another quick question. I recently measured myself at night (9-10pm) and I stood 166cm barefoot. What height would you end up putting me on this website (12-1pm)?
Editor Rob
5ft 5.5 probably
Nik Ashton said on 17/Jun/20
@ Greg - Cool idea! 😎💡!
Lawrence Clark said on 17/Jun/20
@Rob, if someone measures 184.3cm at 22:30 at night what would they get on this site and what should they claim?
Editor Rob
It always depends on how they look against others, at least those who you have a good idea, but their height claim is given consideration.
Greg said on 17/Jun/20
@Rob that would be cool average visitors height you should run a poll. Maybe even do it average visitors height by name or something that’s sounds like a good idea! My guess would be that the average male celeb heights visitors height would be something like 5’10 range.
Lover_thorn3 said on 15/Jun/20
Is it bad to not shrink much? My morning height is only 181cm and my before bed height is still Just barely 180cm

Also do we know if women shrink more than men im a girl and i only shrink like 1-1.1cm
Editor Rob
Shrinking 1-1.1cm is on the low end of shrinkage range. Near 2 is common...3cm is like 1-1.cm, more uncommon.
Alice Bennett said on 15/Jun/20
Rob, if I’m 169.5 cm in the evening around 9 pm, which height do you think I should claim?
Editor Rob
Just go with 170cm
Andy5'91/2 said on 15/Jun/20
Is it normal to lose a full inch? I wake up at 5’10.5 most of the day im about 5’9.6 and before bed im 5’9.5
Editor Rob
Jenny is closer to losing a full inch than myself. The average is closer to 1.9cm from the studies I've seen. Would be interesting to see what the average was for visitors to this site, as many would have tested their morning height.
idkwhy said on 15/Jun/20
I’m 176.7cm at 2-3pm-ish. How tall do you think I am in the morning?
Editor Rob
If not over 178cm range I'd be surprised.
John Paul said on 28/Mar/20
@Big Rob, if I wake up first thing in the morning as 5'9 and 1/8.. what would you put as my height on this site assuming i lose an average amount?
Editor Rob
You might end up at 5ft 8.5

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